Friday, January 27, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 8

After Carla had her third orgasm, she sat back in her chair and sighed happily. “You’re starting to get the hang of this,” she said to Annabel. “I might keep you around for awhile.” Annabel grinned like a little girl who’s just been given a gold star. It was clear that she was starting to place a very high value on Carla’s opinion.

Carla had a naturally dominant personality, and over the years there had been no shortage of girls who were willing to be her plaything. But they never lasted more than a month or two; Carla got bored and moved on. Often it was their very submissiveness – the quality that had attracted Carla to them in the first place – that she got tired of. She wanted to be in charge, but she also wanted some pushback to keep things interesting; but it had to be done in a certain way, or she didn’t like it. It was complicated.

And in any case, Carla didn’t really want a serious relationship. She felt that she was too young, and having way too much fun, for anything like that. She was happy to play the field and go where her whims and her libido carried her.

When Carla stood and walked over to get a glass of water, Annabel remained on her knees on the floor, unsure of what to do next. Carla smiled to herself; her stepmother was so obedient and malleable, it was really kind of adorable.

“You can get up,” said Carla. Annabel did, blushing as she suddenly realized how far she had surrendered herself in such a short time. Carla handed her the half-full water glass and she gratefully accepted it and drank it down.

Carla took Annabel by the hand. “Come with me.”

She led Annabel upstairs to the bedroom, where she stripped off the older woman’s bra and panties, revealing stiff nipples and matted blond pubic hair. Wrapping one hand around Annabel”s waist, Carla kissed her stepmother, slowly leaning her weight forward until she pushed Annabel down onto the bed. She pushed one knee between Annabel’s legs and Annabel humped it shamelessly, her pussy desperate for attention after all the time she’d spent servicing Carla.

So Annabel was disappointed when Carla pulled away and stood up. She whined audibly, which made Carla smirk. This woman was really and truly putty in her hands.

Carla walked over to the bedside table where she kept her toys and supplies. She got out a leather restraint and attached it to Annabel’s left wrist. Annabel looked surprised, confused, and a little uneasy, but she didn’t pull her hand away. After fastening the restraint to a bedpost, Carla proceeded to bind Annabel’s other wrist and both ankles, then stood back to survey her handiwork.

Annabel was spread out in an X shape, all four limbs firmly lashed to the corners of the bed. There was only one thing missing, Carla decided. She rummaged through the crowded drawer until she found a set of nipple clamps. Sitting down on the side of the bed, she leaned over and stroked, sucked, and tweaked the nipple closest to her until it was absolutely as hard as possible. Then she snapped on the clamp. 

Annabel bit her lip and whimpered. This was the first time that Carla had taken her over the line into actual pain – although it was mild pain, which at the same time was kind of exciting, and thus not really painful. Her nipple throbbed and tingled, and this vibration translated itself all through her body and down between her legs.

Carla gave the other nipple the same treatment, then returned to the drawer for her favorite strap-on. It was black, thick, and long, with a bulbous head and a soft, leathery texture. Carla wondered if Annabel had ever even seen a strap-on before. Probably not. She was in some ways such an innocent, even though she was almost ten years Carla’s senior.

Positioning herself dead-center in Annabel’s line of sight, Carla loosened her robe, shrugged it off her shoulders, and let it drop to the floor. Her muscle memory was such that she didn’t even have to look while arranging and tightening the harness; she maintained eye contact with Annabel the whole time, enjoying the perplexed, attentive, nervous look on her stepmother’s face.

The strap-on was substantial – at least 10 inches long and commensurately thick – and Carla could see that Annabel was intimidated. She rubbed the shaft a few times, grinning mischievously, giving Annabel a look that said: That’s right, this thing is going inside you. Get used to it.

Carla climbed up onto the bed and let the shaft of the strap-on rest between Annabel’s breasts. She squeezed Annabel’s tits together and moved the dildo up and down between them a few times. Then she pressed the tip of the strap-on against her stepmother’s lips.

“You do know how to suck a cock, don’t you?”

Annabel gulped. She had gone down on boyfriends before – often as not just to get them off her back – and several times in the last year had been called upon to give her husband stress-reducing blowjobs. She couldn’t say she had ever enjoyed it; it was just something you did for your man, and she was nothing if not dutiful. And anyway it wasn’t really about her enjoyment – not with her husband, and not now. Taking the phallus into your mouth was a symbolic act of submission, so Annabel opened wide and let Carla push it in.


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  1. Annabel didn’t know it, but this was a turning point. If she’d put up some resistance, Carla might have relented.
    She was testing Annabel, seeing how far she’d gotten inside her stepmother’s head
    ... it BEGINS
    Even when her back was turned,
    Annabel could feel Carla watching her, eyes boring into her. By the time she was finished cleaning up, she was dripping wet between the legs and her erect nipples were clearly visible through her bra.
    :delicate teasing
    When Carla came she pushed Annabel away but held her there, kneeling on the kitchen floor. After taking a minute to recover, she said, “Again.”
    .I didn’t expect this