Sunday, November 14, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 29

The housewives and cheerleaders piled into Jackie and Ella’s cars and drove to Jessica’s, where they pulled up just as Jessica was arriving in her SUV. Marie waved to them from the passenger seat, and when the garage door slid open and Jessica pulled in, the ladies filed into the garage to greet them.

In the back seat of the SUV was an enormous trunk, which Jessica recruited a group including Jackie, Kelly, Kat, and Samantha to carry inside. They sat the thing down on the living room floor and stood regarding it curiously. It was an old-fashioned wooden steamer trunk with several holes drilled in the top. Jessica, meanwhile, had gone to the bathroom and then to the kitchen, and by the time she returned everyone was standing around the trunk wondering what sort of secret it contained.

With a ceremonial flourish Jessica unlocked the trunk and swung the top open. There was a person inside – a woman; she wore a tight-fitting leather one-piece that was cut out to expose her breasts and crotch. Her nipples were pierced and her pussy was shaved. Her head was also bald, and she was ball-gagged and blindfolded, with her hands cuffed in front of her. The word “SLAVE” was tattooed across her neck.

Jessica helped her to her feet and then looked around the room. “Everyone, meet Jane,” she said.

* * *

It was much later that day before Jessica explained how all this had come to pass. She had recently had some financial reversals and had been looking around for new sources of income. Marie had stumbled across a web site where people advertised for unusual arrangements; there she’d seen a posting from a woman whose fantasy was to be enslaved by a strong mistress.

Following up, Jessica and Marie had discovered that the ad was placed by a wealthy widow who was indulging her every fantasy now that a suitable mourning period for her husband had passed. Since her social circle was very conservative and not exactly the place where one would find a dominant lesbian, she had decided to offer $10,000 for one month of service to a mistress who could fulfill her fantasy.

After working out the details Jessica and Marie drove to New York City, where they “broke into” the woman’s apartment during the night using a key they had been sent, tied her up, and informed her that she was now a slave. It had been Marie’s idea to shave not only her pussy but her head, to really reinforce the idea that she was not in control of things, and Jessica had decided that during her service she would be called “Jane,” for Jane Doe.

For the first couple days Jessica and Marie had teased Jane mercilessly, fucking frequently but not letting Jane touch them or herself. When finally, after prolonged begging, Jessica allowed Jane to service first herself and then Marie, Jane attacked them with an eagerness and gratitude that was quite poignant. The next day they took her to a piercing and tattoo parlor where they had her nipples pierced and had the “SLAVE” tattoo applied (it was a new kind of temporary tattoo that would last about a month); then they had her go down on the girl who’d done the piercing, which got the price reduced slightly.

That afternoon they went to the movies. Jane sat between Jessica and Marie dressed only in a raincoat, which Jessica opened during the previews to expose Jane’s naked body. Jessica and Marie fondled and fingered Jane throughout the movie, bringing her to the brink of orgasm many times, but never over. Her soft cries and whimpers were clearly audible in the theater. In their little town back home, this would have been very risky behavior indeed; in New York no one seemed to notice.

In the evening they went to a lesbian bar in Manhattan where Jessica shared Jane around to anyone who was interested. She spent a lot of time on her knees with her face in various cunts, and ended up getting fucked in the restroom by a very large dyke with a very large strap-on as Jessica looked on bemusedly. Jessica and Marie indulged themselves at Jane’s expense in this manner for a couple more days before deciding it was time to bring her home with them. They wanted to keep her naked during the drive without attracting undue attention, and this was how the idea of the trunk had come about.

* * *

“Jane is here to serve, Jessica announced to everyone, “and is available to anyone who wants her at any time. Who would like to go first?”

Everyone agreed that Jackie, who had missed out on the fun at Samantha’s, should get the privilege. Jackie stripped from the waist down and sat down with her legs spread as Marie guided the blindfolded Jane to her. Once she was on her knees and Marie had removed the ball gag, Jane went quickly to work with an intensity that surprised Jackie, who fell back on the couch with one leg wrapped around Jane’s head. As Jane bent over her ass went up in the air and her pussy was fully exposed. This looked like an opportunity to Kat, who was still wearing her strap-on under her skirt, and she did not hesitate to make use of it.

Jessica, meanwhile, suddenly realized there was someone in the room she’d never met before. She introduced herself to Lexi and was immediately taken with the fetching young blonde, offering to give Lexi a tour of the house – a tour that ended in the bedroom, where Jessica began to matter-of-factly undress the new cheerleader. Lexi had almost immediately fallen under Jessica’s spell and did not resist in the least.

Jessica, who was highly sensitized to such things, quickly sensed Lexi’s submissiveness, her need to be controlled and disciplined. Once the girl was naked Jessica tied her hands behind her back with a belt and somewhat roughly pushed her down on the bed, face down and ass up. Jessica picked up another belt and took both ends in one hand to create a strap, which she then brought down hard on Lexi’s sweet little butt.

The spanking continued for several minutes, during which Lexi grunted and groaned but did not complain; indeed, Jessica noted, she took it like she thought she deserved it. Next Jessica started looking around for a strap-on, keeping one eye on Lexi, who remained motionless and helpless, waiting to see what was going to happen to her next. When Jessica penetrated her she began to scream like she was being killed or giving birth, pushing her hips back eagerly to match Jessica’s thrusts. Lexi’s screams attracted the attention of Marie, who came into the bedroom and was quick to get involved, shimmying underneath Lexi and pressing the girl’s face into her pussy.

* * *

Ella had adjourned to poolside for a smoke with Betty and Samantha, while Janice and Kelly watched Jane with Kat and Jackie and waited their turn. Jane was a highly enthusiastic and skilled pussy-eater, and within minutes had brought Jackie to a shivering climax. Janice took her place, gripping Jane’s head tightly between her thighs and enjoying the smooth feeling of the bald skin.

Kelly Ann, impatient to get involved, lowered her pussy on to Jackie’s face and sucked Janice’s tits as Jane ate her. By the time Jane had gotten Janice off, then Kelly, Ella and the two mothers had returned from their smoke. Working hard and barely coming up for air, Jane had pleasured every woman in the room when Jessica finally returned and consented to remove Jane’s blindfold so she could see who she’d been eating.

The look in her eyes as she saw all the beautiful girls and women in the room was priceless. She had definitely come to the right place; she was going to get her money’s worth and then some.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 28

Like her mother, Kelly Ann had woken up that morning feeling extraordinarily horny. Masturbating before she got out of bed hadn’t scratched the itch; if anything it had inflamed her appetite. The sight of Samantha, looking sexily disheveled with her white robe askew and just-been-fucked hair, got Kelly’s juices flowing immediately.

Kelly followed Samantha into the kitchen, where she was putting the finishing touches on a blueberry pie, and sat down on the counter. The outfit Kelly was wearing reflected her mood: a short denim skirt – no panties – and a tight halter top through which her nipples were poking. This did not escape the attention of Samantha, who grew increasingly distracted as Kelly shifted position several times and her skirt rode up, exposing the lower edge of her red pubic hair.

After finally getting the pie into the oven, Samantha walked over to Kelly Ann, who was sitting right next to the bowl of leftover blueberry filling. She dipped a finger into the sweet, gooey mess and brought it to Kelly’s mouth. Kelly eagerly sucked the finger clean, after which Samantha leaned over to kiss her, savoring the doubly sweet taste of the young girl’s mouth.

Pulling Kelly Ann’s top down, Samantha spread gobs of filling onto the redhead’s taut nipples and had a very pleasant time licking it off. Then she took a big handful of the stuff and spread it all over Kelly’s soft inner thighs and between her legs. After tasting the sticky mixture of blueberry, sugar, and girl juice that now coated her hand, Samantha fed the rest to Kelly, and was just about to bend down to really get to work when the doorbell rang again.

Don’t move a muscle,” Samantha ordered in a very serious tone, holding up one finger for emphasis. At the door was Janice, who Samantha immediately took by the arm and led to the kitchen. There she saw Kelly Ann sitting obediently on the counter, top down around her stomach, skirt hiked up around her waist, with her legs spread and blue goop covering her thighs and crotch. Janice smirked lasciviously. What more could you possibly ask for?

Janice and Samantha knelt in unison and began to clean the pie filling off Kelly’s thighs and crotch. Just at that moment Betty Ann walked into the kitchen in search of a glass of water to quench the thirst she’d been working up in Kat’s room. She was surprised but not shocked to see her daughter there, eyes closed in bliss as the two older women licked away happily. Not wishing to interfere, she filled a glass of water and went to the living room. On the way she saw Kat leading Lexi, who was on her hands and knees, down the stairs by a makeshift leash attached to her collar; the purple strap-on still dangled from Kat’s crotch. At this sight Betty felt a twinge of guilt; she was supposed to be the responsible adult here, and things were getting maybe a little out of hand. But seeing Lexi’s contented smile, she let it go.

Just as Betty Ann disappeared into the living room, the doorbell rang again. Kat led Lexi over to the door and encouraged her to answer it. After a moment’s hesitation Lexi obliged. Fortunately it was not some random neighbor or salesman but Ella, who was momentarily nonplussed by not seeing anyone when the door opened. Then she looked down, saw the naked blonde on her hands and knees, and stepped inside with a wicked grin spreading across her face.

Ella, this is Lexi,” explained Kat. "She’s new on the squad.”

She’s very pretty,” said Ella to Kat, as if she were praising a new necklace.

Very obedient, too,” responded Kat, handing the leash over to Ella and taking the bucket with champagne in it that Ella had been carrying. Ella led Lexi into the living room, greeted Betty Ann, and sat down, bending to kiss the nude cheerleader on the mouth. She could taste clear evidence that Lexi had been hard at work eating pussy. This gave her a few ideas, not that she needed much prompting, and she quickly began stripping. By the time Kat returned with the open bottle and some glasses, Ella was laying back on the couch with Lexi licking her. Kat poured Ella a glass and handed it to her, then knelt behind Lexi.

Betty Ann began to rub her clit as she watched Kat lean over Lexi and pull her head back with the leash. Pushing her purple hair back behind her, Kat kissed Lexi with an open mouth, savoring Ella’s taste on her lips, then pushed her back down between Ella’s long legs. Lexi sucked Ella's clit as Kat plunged the dildo into her. Kat was fucking Lexi hard, pushing her face into Ella’s pussy with each stroke, and Ella, Lexi, and Betty were all approaching orgasm when the doorbell rang yet again.

Betty Ann selflessly volunteered to answer, and opening the door she saw Jackie London. Jackie had ice cream that needed to get into the freezer, so she walked into the kitchen just as Janice, Samantha, and Kelly Ann were untangling themselves. Samantha was reclining on a chair, Kelly was leaning against the counter, and Janice was sitting on the kitchen table with a glazed look on her face. She and Samantha were completely naked, while Kelly still had her top and skirt bunched up around her waist. Jackie’s imagination was starting to get going when the phone rang and Samantha answered it. She listened to whoever was on the other end for a minute, then said OK” and hung up.

That was Marie,” Samantha informed the other ladies in the room. They’re on their way back into town and they want us to meet them at Jessica’s. There’s something they want to show us."