Friday, July 26, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 77

Claire and Olivia were sitting in the kitchen in bathrobes, drinking tea, when a tall Asian woman walked through the door. This got Olivia’s attention right away, because there weren’t many Asians in their area. This woman looked Japanese, whereas Olivia herself was of Chinese descent; she struck Olivia as extraordinarily beautiful, with high cheekbones and piercing dark eyes. Her bearing was imperious, almost haughty; this was definitely not someone to be trifled with.

The woman gave Olivia an appraising glance and said matter-of-factly, “Who’s this, Claire?”

“This is Olivia,” answered Claire. “The model I was telling you about.”

Olivia blushed; she didn’t think of herself as a model, and she certainly didn’t look like one at the moment, in this rumpled robe with her hair all mussed. Technically, though, she could call herself a model now, she guessed. Thinking of some of the revealing photos Tara had taken, she blushed even harder.

“Olivia, this is Mimi,” said Claire. “This is her house.”

Olivia nodded, unsure what to say. Mimi clasped her hand briefly in a friendly but businesslike way and said, “Charmed, I’m sure.” Turning to Claire she added, “Where’s Tara?”

“In the office uploading.” With that, Mimi turned on her heel and disappeared into the house, and Olivia heard Claire let out an audible breath. Their eyes met and a sympathetic look passed between them; Claire shrugged her shoulders and whispered, “She scares me a little bit.”

* * *

A half-hour or so passed, and Olivia sat staring out the window as Claire did something or other on her phone. She was wondering if maybe she ought to get going, but she had nothing in particular to do, and in this kitchen looking out at the beautiful garden was a pleasant enough place to be. Even so, eventually she decided that she couldn’t just hang out forever, and she had just finished changing back into her own clothes when Tara appeared in the doorway.

“Hey Olivia,” said Tara. “Could you come with me for a minute?”

Olivia said sure, though for a moment she felt like she was being called to the principal’s office, like she was in trouble. But she hadn’t done anything wrong – or at least, nothing that had seemed wrong at the time.

Tara led her to the very opposite end of the house and up some stairs. Walking up the steps, idly watching Tara’s ass wiggle in her yoga pants, it suddenly occurred to Olivia that Tara must have shown Mimi the pictures from that day – all of them. The idea was horribly embarrassing – she felt the redness creeping back into her face – and at the same time more than a little exciting.

They found Mimi in a small, dim room dominated by two huge computer monitors. On one of them, Mimi was poring through some kind of spreadsheet; the other held an image of Claire and Olivia taken in the bedroom; a very sexy shot, but one where they still had their clothes on, Olivia noted with some relief.

Turning, Mimi asked Olivia to have a seat and gave her a thoughtful look. “I’m really, really pleased with the photos you guys took for the store. They’re better than I could have expected. I have a release here for you to sign,” she lifted one hand, which held a few sheets of stapled paper, “and then I’ll write you a check.”

Now Mimi rolled her chair over to the other computer and began pressing a button to scroll through the pictures, which gradually became racier; now Claire was sucking Olivia’s nipple through her bra, now she was licking her way down Olivia’s belly. “Now as for these other photos....” Mimi continued scrolling until she came to a shot of Olivia arching her back as Claire nuzzled into her crotch; then she turned to look at Olivia. “They’re simply amazing. I’ve never seen anything like them.”

“I would like to have these for my private collection,” Mimi continued. She reached for a slightly taller stack of papers and held it up. “I have a release here for that as well. These images would be exclusively for my own enjoyment, and that of my closest associates. They would never appear on the Internet or be used for any commercial purpose, I give you my word of honor on that. And of course I would make it worth your while.

“However, if you would not be comfortable with that, I understand. In that case we will simply erase the images right now as you watch.” Here Mimi glanced back at the screen. “Though it would be a shame.” She handed Olivia the two releases and told her, “Read these, think about it. I have a few numbers to crunch.” With that she returned to her spreadsheet.

Olivia tried hard to read and to think, but it was not easy; her pussy was gushing from looking at the pictures, and from this whole situation, really. Her rational mind told her that letting the X-rated pictures of her get out into the world, under any conditions, would be a big mistake. But her emotions told her that to destroy something so beautiful would be a crime. Finally, she said, “I’ll sign.”

Mimi smiled, and something in her smile told Olivia that she had never doubted what Olivia’s answer would be. “Wonderful,” she said. When Olivia had signed both releases Mimi handed her a check and Olivia slipped it into her pocket without even looking at it. “By the way, I’m having a little party tonight, feel free to come by. Bring a friend. And on your way out, help yourself to anything in the closet that fits you.”

As Olivia stood Mimi nodded and winked, saying “Please do come tonight, I’d love to have the chance to get to know you better.” And again she returned to the spreadsheet.

Claire helped Olivia pick out a sleek cocktail dress and several sets of underwear, then drove her home. Olivia was halfway up her driveway before she remembered the check. Fishing it out of her pocket, she was surprised to see that it was for a thousand dollars. Not bad for a day’s work. For a moment then she was troubled – did this make her a whore? No, she told herself, not a whore – a model.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 76

Standing up on the bed, Olivia peeled off her bra, then her panties, and tossed them away onto the floor. She moved to stand over Tara and gracefully lowered herself down until her pussy was poised over Tara’s luscious mouth. Tara raised both hands to pull Olivia’s pussy lips apart and began to tongue her skillfully and energetically. Olivia’s body shook and her breasts bounced as Tara held her around the waist, driving her tongue as deep inside as it would go.

Claire meanwhile had moved down between Tara’s legs and gone to work there. After Olivia came, spasming forcefully, her whole body felt weak; she let herself sink down on top of Tara and spent a minute running her nose through the older woman’s soft, downy pubes. Then she stretched out her tongue and helped Claire push Tara over the brink.

Rolling off, Olivia found herself drifting into a pleasant twilight sleep. When she opened her eyes again, she saw Tara standing beside the bed holding the camera and wearing a strap-on. Claire was on her knees, sucking the plastic cock as she looked up into the camera. When she had gotten a half-dozen or so shots Tara put the camera down, turned Claire around so her chest was on the bed, and took her from behind.

Olivia saw Claire’s mouth contort into an “O,” her hands gripping the sheets, sweat beading on her forehead. For a time Olivia was content just to watch, and then she scooted closer and pushed her crotch into Claire’s face. Tara smiled, and Olivia saw her glance at the camera, then decide to let it go. Instead Tara wrapped her right arm around Claire’s right leg and pulled her farther open, driving the dildo in deeper. Claire grunted and before long she climaxed intensely, panting helplessly into Olivia’s crotch.

Tara looked up at Olivia, grinning like a wolf. Pulling out of the sprawled-out Claire, Tara stood, took one big step forward, and sunk the strap-on deep into Olivia’s mouth. Taken by surprise, Olivia gagged a bit, but soon adjusted and was even able to take down another inch, bringing her lips almost against Tara’s pelvis. Olivia gazed up doe-eyed as Tara fucked her mouth, then abruptly threw her forward across the Claire’s prone form.

Lithe and catlike in her movements, Tara scampered over behind Olivia, gripped her tightly, and plunged into her. With a few quick, decisive thrusts she brought Olivia right to the edge of orgasm; the Asian girl’s eyes began to roll back in her head. But just at the crucial moment Tara held back, letting Olivia dangle right on the precipice.

Groaning with frustration, Olivia reached down to try to finish herself, but Tara caught her hand and pinned it behind her. The other one soon joined it; then Tara held both of Olivia’s wrists with one hand and continued fucking her – but this time slowly, with long in and out strokes. Speeding up a little, she again brought Olivia right to the point of climax, again denied her. Muttering, almost inaudibly, something that might have been “Goddamnit,” Olivia struggled to escape Tara’s grip, but fruitlessly; Tara had all the leverage and her thin arm was surprisingly strong. And truth be told, Olivia didn’t really want to get away; both of them knew that.

Giving up the effort, Olivia let her head fall, and felt something soft tickling her cheek. Claire’s pubic hair. Her head was resting right on the redhead’s pelvis, so just to give herself something to do, Olivia stretched out her neck, nuzzled into Claire’s crotch, and began to lap away gently. Claire moaned quietly and let her legs fall open; she looked half-conscious, at best.

Using her free hand to give Olivia a solid whack on the butt, Tara once again began moving the strap-on back and forth in Olivia’s pussy, as slowly as she possibly could. Gradually she let the speed build up, and just as Olivia got close again, Tara stroked her clit and she exploded – thrashing, screaming, calling for Jesus – then lay still.

As Olivia lay there looking angelic, eyes closed and smiling dreamily, Tara found the camera and took one last shot – a beautiful portrait, just of her face.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 75

Inside, Claire and Olivia returned to the closet to change into bras and panties as Tara set up her camera in the living room. Tara photographed them lounging around on the couches, watching TV, listening to music, reading. Then they changed outfits and Tara took some shots in the kitchen as they made spaghetti.

At one point Tara had Claire take her top off and stand facing the stove as Olivia stood next to her, reaching down into the pot to sample a strand of spaghetti. It was a highly erotically charged moment, especially when Olivia looked down at Claire’s ripe, rounded tits, the nipples standing up tall and proud. Looking up, she met Tara’s eyes, and the older woman gave her a knowing smile. Then Tara leaned back down to the camera and snapped off a few shots, licking her lips with satisfaction, obviously delighted at the results she was getting.

When the spaghetti was done they decided to sit down and eat, Claire still topless. As she was taking her last bite a big dollop of tomato sauce fell off her fork and landed on her right nipple. She and Tara exchanged a glance, and moving quickly Tara retrieved her camera and recorded the moment for posterity. Smiling, staring straight at the camera, Claire lifted her own breast with one hand and slowly licked it clean.

For a second Olivia thought she was going to faint; Oh my God that is so fucking hot, she thought. She had already been horny and now she felt like she had a temperature of about 110. Tara looked up from the camera and swallowed audibly. “OK,” she said, “let’s move to the bedroom.”

On the way Claire and Olivia visited the closet for another costume change, and this time Olivia yielded to the impulse to lean down and suck Claire’s rock-hard nipples. Claire did not resist, but neither did she reciprocate, instead slipping into black lace panties and bra as she handed Olivia an identical white outfit.

The master bedroom was cavernous, dominated by a canopy bed that looked like something out of 1001 Arabian Nights. Tara arranged the two girls in a state of artful repose on the bed and took some shots. Then she began moving them around with verbal commands. For a while she had them lay on opposite sides of the bed, which was almost like being in two different time zones. Olivia looked over at Claire; she was achingly lovely, her skin glowing in the soft light, her red mane spilling across her back. In her mind’s eye Olivia saw Claire spread her legs, pull the crotch of her panties aside, and slide an index finger into her gushing-wet pussy.

“Move closer,” Tara instructed. The girls scooted closer and Tara clicked a few shots. “Closer.” Click, click, click. “Closer.”

Now they were pressed against each other, spooning. Olivia could feel Claire’s nipples pressing against her back. She was breathing heavily, her own nipples painfully hard against the bra, juice flowing freely between her legs. Claire kissed her on the shoulder and she moaned; a few seconds later Claire had rolled her onto her back and Olivia felt Claire’s lips on hers, Claire’s tongue pushing into her mouth.

As Claire licked down Olivia’s neck and began to suck her nipples through the bra, Olivia was dimly aware, somewhere in the back of her mind, that Tara was still taking pictures. In the moment, it felt perfectly normal and natural. She may not have been thinking entirely rationally, or indeed thinking at all. One of Claire’s hands glided up her inner thigh and cupped her crotch, and she felt a moan rumble through her throat that sounded like it was coming from someone else, somewhere far away.

Claire licked her way down Olivia’s stomach and across her hipbones and thighs. Arching her back, Olivia felt Claire’s tongue pressing into her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties; then Claire moved the fabric out of the way and Olivia felt herself being penetrated.

Looking up, Olivia could vaguely make out, as if through a haze, the shape of Tara, operating the camera with one hand as the other hand moved around inside her pants. Then Claire’s tongue brushed the tip of Olivia’s clit and Olivia cried out, gripping Claire’s head with both hands and grinding against her.

Slowly, by degrees, without ever stopping her work on Olivia, Claire shifted position so that she was on top of Olivia in 69 position. Following Claire’s example, Olivia first kissed and licked her through the black lace, then rearranged her panties to get a taste of the real thing. She closed her eyes and feasted joyfully on Claire’s soft flesh and the nectar flowing from it.

A few minutes later, Olivia sensed something moving near her, and opened her eyes to see Tara, camera in hand, taking close-ups of her tongue-fucking Claire. A flash went through Olivia’s mind – this image on the Internet, and what that would do to her life – and something in her imploring look must have gotten through to Tara, who smiled gently and put the camera down. Tara leaned forward to kiss Olivia, sucking her lips and tongue, tasting Claire on her. Releasing Olivia, Tara ran her tongue across Claire’s slit, and a powerful shudder ran down the length of the redhead’s body.

Now Tara stood and stripped slowly as both girls watched patiently. Her body was taut, elegant, slim with an almost boyish quality, but unquestionably a woman’s body. Her nipples were not wide but very long, and her black pubic hair was wispy and delicate. Tara climbed onto the bed and spread herself out full-length, gazing sweetly into Olivia’s eyes, and without a word being spoken Olivia knew what was wanted.