Sunday, June 27, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 11

After showering, Kat left Jackie London’s house to walk to school. Feeling newly fearless, she had asked for a ride, but Jackie had demurred, worried that someone would see them arriving together.

She happened to be walking by Kelly Ann’s just as Kelly came out the door, so they started walking together. “You look beautiful today,” said Kat. “And that ass! Like a ripe peach.” She reached out and squeezed Kelly’s butt.

“Cut it out!” hissed Kelly Ann, looking around to see if anyone was watching. “What’s gotten into you, Katrina?”

“Call me Kat.”


“It just suits me better, OK? And you know damn well what’s gotten into me. It’s gotten into you, too. In and out and in and out.”

Kelly shook her head disapprovingly, but couldn’t suppress a grin. “You’re something else, you know that?”

At lunchtime Kelly was alone in the bathroom near the gym when Kat came in. Kelly was standing at the sink drying her hands, and Kat walked up to her friend and wrapped her arms around her from behind. “Let me lick your pussy,” she whispered in Kelly's ear. “We can go right over there and no one will be the wiser.”

Kelly pushed her away. “Get ahold of yourself.”

Kat shrugged. “You know where Olivia is?”

But Olivia was eating with a group of people so Kat, feeling frustrated, walked over to Jackie London’s office. Jackie wasn’t there, but her door was unlocked and her laptop was on the desk. There were no windows in the office, so Kat closed the door behind her and started looking for lesbian porn. After a few minutes she found a video of a schoolgirl in uniform dominating her teacher. She tied the teacher’s hands behind her back with a belt, spanked her, fucked her with a strap-on, and made her eat pussy. Kat had two quick orgasms watching this, and intentionally left it open on the desktop when she went to class.

The afternoon passed quickly, and in cheerleading practice Kat found herself staring at Adriana – Ana for short – one of the few dark-skinned girls in their school. Adriana was a senior and her parents were from the Dominican Republic. She was universally acknowledged as having the best body among the cheerleaders, with a magnificent ass that made men follow her down the street wherever she went, and had what the girls on the squad called “Beyonce hair.” Watching her move, the way her hips shook and her butt swayed when she danced, Kat knew she had to have her.

But today would not be the day. After practice Kat found a text from her mother: “Worried about u. come str8 home.” She had known she was pushing her luck by coming home so late and leaving in the morning without checking in, and while she was slightly annoyed with her mom for treating her like a kid, it was good to know she was paying attention.

Kat spent a quiet evening at home to appease her mother and fell asleep early, the sleepless night finally catching up with her. But she was up before dawn, feeling refreshed and horny, her head full of images from the porn she’d watched the day before. She ate a quick bowl of cereal and walked briskly to Jackie London’s house. The door was unlocked again, and this time the cheerleading coach was still asleep.

Moving around quietly, Kat found a belt, and by the time Jackie woke up, her hands were already bound behind her back. Kat gagged her with a pair of panties and sat astride her on the bed. “Did you like the present I left you yesterday?” she asked.

Jackie nodded submissively, still not quite sure what was going on, but happy to see Kat and not feeling inclined to struggle. Kat flipped her over on her stomach and slapped her hard on the ass. “You’re a bad, bad girl, aren’t you? Sleeping in the nude!” Kat spanked her again. “And you’re a bad teacher, too!” Slap. “Fucking your students! Bad!” Slap.

There was no way Kat could have known this, but Jackie had always loved being spanked, and also loved being talked dirty to. Kat’s treatment had her juices flowing profusely right away, and this did not escape Kat’s attention. She slapped Jackie’s ass as hard as she could. “And now your pussy’s getting wet! You are just shameless!”

Slipping one finger inside Jackie’s slippery cunt, Kat looked around the room for likely hiding places. She had to squint her eyes because there was still very little light at this time of the morning, but she spotted a drawer on Jackie’s dresser that was slightly ajar and walked over to it, drawing a dejected sigh from the gagged teacher. But Kat’s wish was granted: There was a strap-on in the drawer, and she immediately set about getting into it. She took her time about the process, though, enjoying the look on Jackie’s face as she realized what was about to happen.

Still on her stomach with her hands bound behind her back, Jackie inched her way to the edge of the bed, where Kat ungagged her and brought the tip of the strap-on to her lips. Jackie opened her mouth and sucked it down obediently. Kat found herself really enjoying looking down and seeing that pretty head move back and forth on the phallus jutting out from between her legs. It was a very powerful feeling. It was an even more powerful feeling when she spun Jackie around, pulled her up onto her knees, and plunged the dildo into her. The loud, involuntary moan that came out of the teacher was quite a beautiful thing. Kat gave it to her with everything she had, really losing herself in the moment, almost knocking Jackie right off the bed at one point.

She eased up a bit after that, and when she reached around and stroked Jackie’s clit, the teacher came like she’d had 50,000 volts run through her. She actually bit through her own lip a little bit, and when Kat leaned down to kiss her she tasted blood. She liked the taste, though, and even sucked the bleeding lip for a long moment. This was exactly the sort of thing they told you not to do in health class, she realized, but then she thought hell, in for a penny, in for a pound. She wasn’t going to neglect the last scene of the movie, so she pulled off the strap-on, climbed onto the bed, and presented Jackie with her extremely wet pussy. Jackie set to work on it eagerly, gratefully, and a little awkwardly with her hands tied behind her back. It took awhile for her to get Kat off but neither of them minded; the world seemed far away and they had a nice, leisurely time of it.

Afterward Kat untied her teacher and they lay entwined on the bed for a long time, gathering their energy for the day ahead. Then they showered rather more quickly than they had the day before – it was almost time for school.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 10

Kelly Ann had not been exaggerating about Katrina. She was evolving rapidly, and after the experience with Jackie London, she had returned home late in a state of feverish excitement. Her attempts to sleep had proved fruitless, tormented as she was by visions of beautiful women in every permutation of sexual congress. Nothing else in her young life had ever suggested to her that such ecstasy existed in the world. An infinite number of possibilities had opened up before her, and she was impatient to explore them.

Gripped by restlessness, she snuck quietly out of the house in the wee hours and wandered through the deserted streets. The air was warm and friendly and the moon was almost full overhead, bathing everything in a calm gray light. Katrina walked and walked without ever feeling tired or worried. By the time hints of sunrise began to show in the sky, she had decided a few things.

She had never really liked her name; it didn’t seem to fit her somehow, in a way that she couldn’t quite articulate. And then that stupid hurricane had come along and ruined it once and for all. It occurred to her that shortening it to Kat made a huge difference. Kat was short, sharp, decisive; that was what she wanted to be called from now on.

Second, she decided that the guilty feelings she had been having over her recent sexual adventures were stupid. She had long realized the hypocrisy of the town’s value system, which talked a good game about abstinence and saving yourself for marriage, but in practice turned a blind eye to certain kinds of premarital sex — like that between cheerleaders and their football player or other high-status boyfriends. It was tacitly recognized, though never of course spoken, that no teenage girl could hold on to a guy like that without giving it up to him.

It all seemed like a big lie to her now, and she felt with the clear certainty of the young that nothing that felt so incredibly good could be wrong. People could call her anything — dyke, slut, whore, bitch, cunt — but they didn’t know what she knew.

As the sun was rising she unexpectedly found herself outside Jackie London’s house. She knew the place well because of the many squad functions that Jackie had held there. Acting on autopilot, without really thinking about it, she walked up to the door. She tried the doorknob and found it unlocked; this was not too unusual in their town, which took pride in its low crime rate. She pushed the door open; the house was dark, except for orange-yellow light coming from the kitchen.

Without stopping to think, as if in a dream, she made her way into the kitchen. There was Jackie London in a white terrycloth bathrobe, standing over her coffee maker with her back to Kat. She had had a long night also; everything in her life had been called into question by her surrender to decadence at Jessica’s house, and she had a terrible hangover to boot. She had managed a couple of hours’ unconsciousness but was not at all happy to hear the alarm sound. Nonetheless, determined to maintain the routine that kept her sane, she had forced herself to get out of bed start her morning coffee.

So when she turned and saw Kat lurking in her doorway, she blinked hard several times. This had to be a dream; there was no way the blond, ethereal object of her long-standing, recently consummated lust was here in her kitchen at 6 in the morning. It just did not compute.

But the illusion did not dissolve. Instead Kat came forward into the light and took on substantial form. Her eyes were red, she looked tired, disheveled...and yet beautiful beyond words.

They wrapped their arms around each other and shared a long, warm, almost chaste kiss. Then Jackie sat Kat down and set about cooking eggs for the two of them. They shared breakfast and coffee in peaceful silence, not feeling like anything really needed to be said. Once they were finished, Jackie gathered up the dishes and took them to the sink. When she turned back around, Kat was standing right next to her. The blonde cheerleader reached down and undid the belt of Jackie’s robe, letting it fall open, and reached inside to caress one of Jackie’s breasts.

Jackie looked up at Kat. The cheerleader was taller than her teacher now; Jackie could remember when that hadn’t been the case. She such an amazing creature, a goddess, worthy of worship. Jackie sank to her knees and helped Kat out of her skirt, then her panties. That blond-fringed pussy, that fountain of delight, what a joy it was...Jackie reveled in its smell and taste, paid tribute to it with her fingers and tongue, until Kat trembled and nearly fell.

Then Kat laid her teacher down on the kitchen table and returned the favor, bringing Jackie to three magnificent orgasms as her juices dripped on the surface of the table. Afterward they showered together, soaping each other lovingly and reverently as the morning sun shone through the bathroom window. The day was just beginning.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 9

Thursday after cheerleading practice Kelly Ann wandered over to Jessica’s house. Marie let her in and led her to the kitchen, where Jessica sat at the table behind a pile of financial papers. She glanced up at Kelly, who immediately apologized. “If this is a bad time....”

“Not at all,” answered Jessica, “I was ready to knock off anyway.” Just then Kelly noticed that behind Jessica, a woman in her mid-30s with dirty blond hair was on her hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. She was naked except for a studded dog collar around her neck. Seeing the look on Kelly’s face, Jessica told her, “Oh, yeah, that’s Iris. She lives down the block. She likes to clean my kitchen for some reason. Iris, this is Kelly Ann, one of those cheerleaders I was telling you about. Isn’t she pretty?”

Iris looked up and nodded, licking her lips as she drank in the sight of Kelly’s curves. Kelly thought she was attractive in a slightly worn-out way, and liked the way her pendulous breasts hung down beneath her.

“If you do a good job I’ll let you lick her pussy later,” Jessica said. Then, to Kelly, she said, “Let’s go out on the patio. You want something to drink?”

Kelly had an iced tea and Jessica a martini as they sat enjoying the cool evening air. Kelly had something on her mind, though. “I think you’ve created a monster,” she told Jessica.

“What do you mean?”

“Katrina! She won’t keep her hands off me. Every time nobody’s around she starts fondling me. Yesterday we were the only ones in the girls’ room, and she asked if she could go down on me in one of the stalls. She’s out of control.”

“So ask her to stop,” said Jessica.

“When I ask her to stop, she does, but I’m afraid she's going to do something stupid and get us all in trouble. Listen to this — yesterday, after practice, I went to Ms. London’s office to invite her to the party this weekend like you asked me to. The door was closed so I knocked, and a voice told me to come in — but it wasn’t Ms. L, it was Katrina, I mean Kat...that’s the other thing, she’s been telling everybody to call her Kat now, says it suits her new personality better.”

“Hmmm, interesting,” Jessica responded thoughtfully. “And then what happened?”

“I go in and Kat’s sitting behind the desk with a funny look on her face. I ask where Ms. L is and she points under the desk. So I walk around and Ms. L is on her knees down there eating Kat out.”

“You were scandalized?”

“Well, it got me really hot, actually, and I ended up joining in. But she started it.”

“So you’re worried and you want me to talk with her?”

“Would you mind?”

“Not at all. Why don’t you two come over a little early tomorrow and I’ll have a word. Meanwhile, though, that story’s got me a little worked up. I’m going to go get Iris.”

Jessica picked up a leash from a nearby table and disappeared into the kitchen. When she returned a moment later Iris was on the other end of the leash, walking on hands and knees. She started to crawl over to Kelly Ann, but Jessica stood where she was and the leash ran out of slack before Iris got there.

Iris turned back to Jessica with a distressed look. “But you said....”

“I said if you did a good job. But your job’s not finished yet, is it?”

Iris sat back on her haunches, looking pouty. After rummaging through a drawer for a few seconds, Jessica produced a plastic apparatus which she fastened onto Iris’s head. It had a ball gag on one side that went into Iris’s mouth, and on the other side was a long black phallus that now protruded from her face. Jessica also picked up a riding crop which she handed to Kelly. “Whip her while she fucks me,” she instructed the cheerleader. “She enjoys it, the slut.”

Jessica pulled off her skirt and panties and positioned herself on the couch with her legs spread wide. Then she pulled on the leash until Iris’s head was between her legs. Jessica positioned the head of the dildo between her pussy lips and Iris pushed forward, entering her. Kelly Ann looked on hesitantly, reluctant to actually use the crop, but Jessica gestured to her impatiently. “Give it to her, Kelly. She wants it. She can come just from that.”

Kelly Ann raised the riding crop high in the air and brought it down hard on Iris’s naked ass. Iris moaned through the gag and started face-fucking Jessica faster. A little thrill ran through Kelly, not quite like anything she’d ever felt before. She whipped Iris again, harder, and finished by running the crop down between Iris’s legs. They continued like that for a while, Kelly raining blows on Iris’s butt, breasts, and inner thighs as she continued to penetrate Jessica with the dildo and her moans built to a crescendo. Finally Jessica and Iris came simultaneously, Jessica digging her nails hard into Iris’s shoulder, Iris grinding her clit against the crop as Kelly held it between her legs.

Afterward, good as her word, Jessica removed the dildo from Iris’s head and told Kelly Ann to pull up her skirt and take her panties off. Still holding the leash, Jessica let out the slack bit by bit as Iris strained to get at Kelly’s red-furred crotch, which was dripping wet and desperate for attention. Jessica enjoyed tormenting her neighbor for a minute more, then released her grip on the leash. Iris dove hungrily, almost angrily, between Kelly Ann’s legs and rammed her tongue as far up into the cheerleader as it would go. Reflexively Kelly brought the crop down again on Iris’s already-red rear end.

Jessica made a trip to the kitchen and refreshed her drink, then returned to the living room and sat down to watch the show. Just then Marie appeared and curled up naked on Jessica’s lap to watch with her.  Kelly Ann pushed Iris to the floor, straddling Iris’s face while reaching behind her to penetrate the older woman’s pussy with the handle end of the riding crop, as Jessica sat back and sipped her martini, gently fingering Marie with her other hand and smiling wickedly at what she had wrought.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 8

Jessica knew that the moment of truth had arrived. Glancing back over her shoulder at the pool, she saw that Marie had crawled up onto the side of the pool and was laying back with her legs spread as Kelly Ann licked her pussy. Olivia was floating on an inflatable raft as Katrina stood beside her, sucking her tits and fingering her.

Jessica downed the dregs of her martini, put her glass down, and stood up. “Well, Jackie, it’s been great to meet you. I’m going to go out there and have sex with those girls now, because I can. They’re all over 18 and it’s a free country. You probably shouldn’t, though, because of your ethics, which I really admire. It’s too bad, because we could all have a really great time together. I understand, though, I really do. You can go ahead and let yourself out when you’re ready.”

With that, Jessica turned and strode toward the pool, shedding her clothes as she went. By the time she reached Marie and Kelly Ann she was naked, and without hesitation she knelt and sat her pussy down forcefully on Marie’s face.

Jackie remained frozen in her chair, paralyzed, not quite believing what was transpiring here. Her brain had shut down, stuck in an unresolvable paradox between her duty to do something about this inappropriate activity — or at least get the hell out of there — and her sex drive, which was revving higher than it ever had before. Nothing she saw in the next hour moved her from that spot...

...not Katrina on her knees between Kelly and Marie, moving eagerly back and forth between one pussy and the other...

...not Jessica stretched out on a lounge chair with Olivia riding her strap-on and Kelly sitting on her face...

...not Marie and Olivia 69ing, slurping at each other so loudly it sounded like waves lapping on the shore...

...not even the sight of Katrina face down and ass up, wailing like a banshee as Jessica held her arms behind her and pounded the strap-on into her.

Finally, Jessica gathered the four younger women around her and they conferred in quiet tones, occasionally glancing over at Jackie London, who still sat gripping the sides of her chair as if a gale-force wind was trying to blow her away. Then Katrina broke from the pack and walked toward the house. From Jackie’s point of view, it was almost a cliché image from a movie: the beautiful naked girl walking toward her with the pool in the background, pushing her wet blond hair behind her, her firm young breasts jutting proudly forward.

Approaching the paralyzed teacher, Katrina leaned down and kissed her forcefully with a mouth covered in girl juice. Jackie stiffened momentarily, then relaxed a little and returned the kiss. Katrina began to move down Jackie’s body, unbuttoning her blouse and pulling her bra aside to suck on her tits. By the pool Jessica, Kelly, Olivia, and Marie watched with quiet focus.

Soon Katrina was pulling Jackie’s pants off, then spreading her legs. Katrina looked up brazenly at her coach before leaning forward to kiss, lick, and bite her way up Jackie’s inner thighs. She stuck her tongue into Jackie’s pussy through her panties, and the teacher gasped and let her head fall back on the edge of the chair, closing her eyes as the pleasure washed over her. When she opened them again she was staring straight into Kelly Ann’s auburn-red bush, whereupon Kelly shifted forward a little and gripped the teacher’s head between her legs.

It had been a while for Jackie, and the delicious smell and taste of Kelly’s cunt was almost too much for her to take. She reached up with one hand to spread the girl’s lips and rubbed her face all around in Kelly’s wetness. Meanwhile Olivia had joined Katrina between Jackie’s legs, and together they removed the teacher's panties and set about pleasuring her in earnest.

Jackie found and sucked Kelly’s clit and felt the cheerleader’s knees buckle as an orgasm ripped through her. Then Kelly started to pull away; Jackie tried to grab onto her, but she was gone, replaced by Jessica’s strap-on, which had so recently been inside Olivia and Katrina. Fully into the spirit of things now, Jackie immediately wrapped her lips around it and sucked it down as deep as she could.

Jackie experienced more pleasure that night than she’d ever had in her life, so much so that in the morning she’d have a hard time remembering the details. But one moment would forever stick in her head: being fucked vigorously from behind by Jessica and feeling her head pulled down into Marie’s pussy as the three cheerleaders performed one of the cheers she had taught them.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 7

As Kelly Ann walked down Katrina’s driveway, she took out her phone, took a deep breath to steel her nerves, and called Jessica.

“Hello, sweetheart,” purred Jessica’s husky voice. “How are you today?” Coming out of Jessica’s mouth, even that innocent question sounded dirty, and Kelly found herself wondering if Jessica somehow knew what had transpired between Katrina and herself. I wouldn’t put it past her, Kelly thought.

“I’m great,” answered Kelly Ann, and it was true. She had just had a long session of sweaty, uninhibited lesbian sex with one of her best friends; she was positively glowing with illicit pleasure. “Hey, Ms. London, our cheerleading coach, was asking about you today,” Kelly told Jessica.

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, she wants to meet you, find out who this generous woman is who loves cheerleaders so much.” Kelly smiled to herself as she realized the double meaning of what she’d just said.

“So what’s she like?” asked Jessica.

“Well, let’s see...early thirties, dark hair cut kind of short, a little boyish actually but cute. She’s nice but tends to keep to herself. She also teaches history.”

“Is she married?”

“Uh, no, definitely not.”

“I see,” said Jessica, mentally creating a profile of Ms. London. Almost certainly a lesbian, probably some people at the school understood as much but didn’t talk about it. She lived quietly and was sexually frustrated, took the coaching job because she liked being around young girls in cheerleader outfits, but was too smart and self-disciplined to risk crossing that line. But could she be tempted into it? Possible scenarios immediately began to unfold in Jessica’s mind.

“Bring her over to my house tomorrow at 7.”

“OK,” answered Kelly, sure that something was going to happen that would complicate all their lives, but powerless to put up any resistance.

* * *

Kelly Ann knocked on Jessica’s door the next evening at 6:55, unwilling to risk being late again, although the punishment she had received the last time had turned out to be quite enjoyable. Ms. London stood behind her, looking very professional in a dark gray pantsuit.

Jessica herself answered the door and ushered them in, and Kelly introduced them: “Jessica, this is Ms. London.”

“Jackie,” said Ms. London, extending a hand. “It’s a real pleasure to meet you. I can’t tell you what a difference your generosity will make for our program.”

Jessica smiled and shook her hand. “Well, Kelly Ann here can be very convincing. Now have a seat. I just mixed some martinis, can I bring you one?”

Jackie London hesitated. She probably shouldn’t drink here in front of a student. But then would their hostess, and benefactor, be insulted if she refused? Finally she said “Sure, that would be great.”

“Wonderful. Kelly, why don’t you go have a swim while Jackie and I talk?”

* * *

Jackie sipped her drink and tried to concentrate. Knowing that Jackie was a history teacher, Jessica had engaged her in a conversation about Marie Antoinette. This was a subject Jackie knew quite a bit about, but she was having a hard time expressing herself because she kept getting distracted by what was happening over Jessica’s shoulder.

Kelly Ann had walked out to the pool, where Marie, Olivia, and Katrina all were sitting on lounge chairs. At first they just sat and talked. But then over a period of 15 or 20 minutes — long enough, anyway, for Jessica and Jackie to polish off one martini and start in on another — they one by one stood up, casually and unhurriedly stripped naked, and jumped in the pool.

Jackie knew immediately that something dangerous was happening, but she was frozen in her chair. It had been Marie who stripped first, and Jackie was riveted by the sight of her tan, lithe body with its high-set breasts and neatly cropped patch of black pubic hair. She had never seen this woman before but there was something deeply familiar about her. Olivia was next; she stood facing away from them as her skirt hit the ground, revealing her magnificent young ass. This really sent Jackie’s heart racing; one of her students, naked right there maybe 20 yards away! She knew she should leave right away, but her stomach was tight and her head was light; she thought if she stood up she might pass out. Instead she tried to calm herself by taking a long swig of her drink, which did nothing to help the situation.

But when Katrina stood up, Jackie nearly had a seizure. She had always fancied Katrina; well, really fancied all of the cheerleaders, Jessica was absolutely right about her. She was not a pedophile but she had a healthy libido and these were beautiful girls. But Katrina was special; never in her career had Jackie been so attracted to one of her students. She didn’t do anything about it, partly for ethical reasons, and partly because she valued her job and her standing in the community. But here Katrina was, pulling off her T-shirt, revealing a set of tits that were every bit as mouth-watering as Jackie remembered. Yes, she had snuck a peek in the locker room from time to time; she was only human.

Katrina was facing toward them but didn’t seem to see them, gazing off into the middle distance as she wriggled out of her jeans and stood there for a moment in just her panties, the setting sun catching her at a striking angle. Then she pulled off the panties, threw them haphazardly over one shoulder, and executed a graceful swan dive into the pool.

The last to go was Kelly, who took her time getting her clothes off, standing for a minute in her underwear staring right into Jackie London’s eyes. This was not the Kelly Ann that Jackie knew; something had changed about her, and it made her even sexier than she had already been. Soon she too was naked, and once she was in the pool Jackie took her first breath in quite a while. She closed her eyes and talked to herself inside her head: You are strong, she told herself. You can handle this.

But when she opened her eyes the girls had paired off, Kelly with Marie and Katrina with Olivia, and were kissing gently but passionately while entwining their naked bodies. Jessica, meanwhile, carried on as if nothing was happening, though she knew exactly what the girls were doing because she had planned it all out carefully. Jessica stared deeply into the poor teacher’s eyes, enjoying the delicious torment that she was being put through, and feeling the outcome already well in hand.