Saturday, June 19, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 8

Jessica knew that the moment of truth had arrived. Glancing back over her shoulder at the pool, she saw that Marie had crawled up onto the side of the pool and was laying back with her legs spread as Kelly Ann licked her pussy. Olivia was floating on an inflatable raft as Katrina stood beside her, sucking her tits and fingering her.

Jessica downed the dregs of her martini, put her glass down, and stood up. “Well, Jackie, it’s been great to meet you. I’m going to go out there and have sex with those girls now, because I can. They’re all over 18 and it’s a free country. You probably shouldn’t, though, because of your ethics, which I really admire. It’s too bad, because we could all have a really great time together. I understand, though, I really do. You can go ahead and let yourself out when you’re ready.”

With that, Jessica turned and strode toward the pool, shedding her clothes as she went. By the time she reached Marie and Kelly Ann she was naked, and without hesitation she knelt and sat her pussy down forcefully on Marie’s face.

Jackie remained frozen in her chair, paralyzed, not quite believing what was transpiring here. Her brain had shut down, stuck in an unresolvable paradox between her duty to do something about this inappropriate activity — or at least get the hell out of there — and her sex drive, which was revving higher than it ever had before. Nothing she saw in the next hour moved her from that spot...

...not Katrina on her knees between Kelly and Marie, moving eagerly back and forth between one pussy and the other...

...not Jessica stretched out on a lounge chair with Olivia riding her strap-on and Kelly sitting on her face...

...not Marie and Olivia 69ing, slurping at each other so loudly it sounded like waves lapping on the shore...

...not even the sight of Katrina face down and ass up, wailing like a banshee as Jessica held her arms behind her and pounded the strap-on into her.

Finally, Jessica gathered the four younger women around her and they conferred in quiet tones, occasionally glancing over at Jackie London, who still sat gripping the sides of her chair as if a gale-force wind was trying to blow her away. Then Katrina broke from the pack and walked toward the house. From Jackie’s point of view, it was almost a cliché image from a movie: the beautiful naked girl walking toward her with the pool in the background, pushing her wet blond hair behind her, her firm young breasts jutting proudly forward.

Approaching the paralyzed teacher, Katrina leaned down and kissed her forcefully with a mouth covered in girl juice. Jackie stiffened momentarily, then relaxed a little and returned the kiss. All of this seemed beyond her control now. Given all that had happened, could anyone blame her for surrendering to the moment?

Katrina began to move down Jackie’s body, unbuttoning her blouse and pulling her bra aside to suck on her tits. By the pool Jessica, Kelly, Olivia, and Marie watched with quiet focus.

Soon Katrina was pulling Jackie’s pants off, then spreading her legs. Katrina looked up brazenly at her coach before leaning forward to kiss, lick, and bite her way up Jackie’s inner thighs. She stuck her tongue into Jackie’s pussy through her panties, and the teacher gasped and let her head fall back on the edge of the chair, closing her eyes as the pleasure washed over her. When she opened them again she was staring straight into Kelly Ann’s auburn-red bush, whereupon Kelly shifted forward a little and gripped the teacher’s head between her legs.

It had been a while for Jackie, and the delicious smell and taste of Kelly’s cunt was almost too much for her to take. She reached up with one hand to spread the girl’s lips and rubbed her face all around in Kelly’s wetness. Meanwhile Olivia had joined Katrina between Jackie’s legs, and together they removed the teacher's panties and set about pleasuring her in earnest.

Jackie found and sucked Kelly’s clit and felt the cheerleader’s knees buckle as an orgasm ripped through her. Then Kelly started to pull away; Jackie tried to grab onto her, but she was gone, replaced by Jessica’s strap-on, which had so recently been inside Olivia and Katrina. Fully into the spirit of things now, Jackie immediately wrapped her lips around it and sucked it down as deep as she could.

Jackie experienced a lot that night, so much so that in the morning she’d have a hard time remembering the details. But one moment would forever stick in her head: being fucked vigorously from behind by Jessica and feeling her head pulled down into Marie’s pussy as the three cheerleaders performed one of the cheers she had taught them.



  1. loving this series it just gets better and better cant wait for the next instalment

  2. Best line ever !!!! The second paragraph :3 <333333

  3. I fucked myself so much that now I can't cum.....
    It's irritating.