Thursday, August 31, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 61

As they walked out of the yoga studio Dylan invited Annabel and Carla to her house for a cup of tea, and they readily accepted. As she drove Carla frequently reached over and fondled Annabel’s breasts or crotch with her free hand; both of them were in a highly excited state.

Inside, Dylan went into the kitchen to make the tea. Both Carla and Annabel needed to pee; Carla went first, and after leaving the bathroom she wandered around the house for a minute, then found her way to the kitchen.

Dylan was bent over the kitchen table studying some piece of mail that was sitting there. Her ass looked deliciously plump and juicy in the tight yoga pants, and Carla quietly crept up behind her. Wasting no time, Carla slid one hand between Dylan’s legs and cupped her crotch.

Letting out a soft sigh, Dylan sank down onto the table and opened her legs. Carla rubbed her through the fabric of her pants for a minute, then took hold of the waistband and pulled the pants down around her knees.

Dylan squirmed and moaned as Carla’s hand slipped between her naked thighs. Annabel had by now appeared in the doorway and stood watching as Carla penetrated Dylan with her index finger. Dylan let out an involuntary “Mmmmf” sound and wriggled around a little more, moving her hips to impale herself further.

Next Carla pulled Dylan’s pants all the way off, letting them drop to the floor and spreading the redhead’s legs wide. Dylan's pussy was a beautiful sight: glistening wet and pink, fringed with red hair, gaping slightly open and begging for attention. Unable to wait another second, Carla dropped to her knees and ran her tongue all the way up the length of Dylan’s slit.

“Fuck,” said Dylan, and repeated the word several more times as Carla aggressively tongue-fucked her. Just then, though, Carla realized than Annabel was in the room. Scooting over to one side, she gestured for Annabel to join her.

Annabel knelt down and Carla kissed her hard on the mouth, sharing the taste of Dylan’s juice with her. Annabel sucked Carla’s tongue like a good little lesbo slut.

Breaking the kiss, Carla gripped the back of Annabel’s head and pointed it toward Dylan’s crotch. Then she stood and walked around to the other side of the table. Carla bent over to kiss Dylan upside-down, chewing on her pillowy lips and reaching both hands out to squeeze her tits.

Straightening up again, Carla stood for a bit watching Annabel lap at Dylan’s pussy. Her skills had definitely improved; Dylan was writhing on the tabletop, face contorted in pleasure. Carla pulled off her own top, then Dylan’s, and  bent down again to suck Dylan’s nipples while smothering Dylan in her cleavage.

This was a very pleasant state of affairs but the itch between Carla’s legs was growing unbearable. She stood up once more, popping her left breast out of Dylan’s mouth, and reached down to push her pants down around calves. Hastily shimmying the rest of the way out of them, she lifted herself up onto the table and straddled Dylan’s head.

After that the only sounds in the room were slurping noises and soft moans that gradually built to a crescendo. Dylan came first, then Carla, then Dylan again, and so on until they’d both finally had enough.

Stretching contentedly, Carla climbed down from the table and walked over to the fridge. Inside there was a six-pack of cold beer and though it was still kind of early in the day, she went ahead and took one.

Annabel, meanwhile, sat back from between Dylan’s legs and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, looking a little dazed. Dylan, recovering from several powerful orgasms, sat up on one elbow and looked around the room blinking. Carla’s magnificent naked body was silhouetted against the window facing the back yard; above her head sunlight shone through the brown glass of the beer bottle as she tipped it up. She took a long swig and let out a satisfied “Ahhh.”

“Could you grab me one of those?” asked Dylan. Carla nodded. Dylan then turned her head to look down at Annabel, who was still kneeling there in her yoga clothes, as if awaiting further instructions. Accepting the beer from Carla, Dylan stood up from the table and took Annabel by the hand. After helping her to her feet, Dylan led Annabel to the living room.

There Dylan sat Annabel down on a comfortable chair and kissed her. Annabel kissed back hard with a mouth redolent of Dylan’s own juices.

Carla wandered into the living room after them and sat down to watch as Dylan stripped off Annabel’s top and bra. She squeezed Annabel’s plump breasts with both hands, then leaned down to lick and suck them. Annabel moaned and leaned back in the chair; she was ever so ready to get a little attention.

After giving Annabel’s boobs a thorough going-over, Dylan reached down to pull off her yoga pants. When they were down around her knees Dylan was suddenly hit by the powerful scent of Annabel’s arousal. It was so strong that it made her swoon momentarily, holding on to Annabel’s leg for support.

Carla looked on with amusement, sipping her beer, as Dylan recovered herself and slid Annabel’s pants the rest of the way off. Annabel opened her legs to reveal a shiny wet cunt and the look on her face, Carla thought, was priceless — so abject, so needy. She was ready to beg if she needed to, but she didn’t — Dylan wasted no time bending forward and getting to work.

With her head down between Annabel’s legs, Dylan’s ass was directly facing Carla. Just for the heck of it, Carla walked over, sank down onto one knee, and laid a solid open-handed smack on each of Dylan’s butt cheeks. Looking back over her shoulder, Dylan grimaced, then smiled; then she took a swig of beer and went back to eating Annabel’s pussy.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 60

The next morning dawned exceptionally clear and bright. Annabel woke up still vibrating from the many, many orgasms of the day before; for awhile she sat up in bed and watched the sun glitter on the ocean outside the window. But she had too much energy to sit still for long, so after a few minutes she went downstairs, put some coffee on, and did a few easy yoga poses.

When Carla awoke and wandered down the stairs in her bathrobe, she was greeted by the lovely spectacle of her stepmother bending and stretching clad only in a pair of cutoff shorts. Annabel’s boobs bounced delightfully and her face radiated contentment — until she caught sight of Carla watching her and began to blush.

“Don’t stop on my account,” said Carla, stepping into the kitchen and pouring herself a cup of coffee. Annabel did a couple more poses because Carla had told her to; but she felt self-conscious and soon stopped.

After they had breakfast Annabel excused herself to get ready for her 10:00 yoga class. Carla was tempted to tell her that yoga class was cancelled today, that she was going to stay home and lick Carla’s pussy for an hour instead. But after thinking about it for a minute, she changed her mind and decided that it was long past time for her to learn more about this whole yoga thing.

Annabel was amazed when Carla said that she’d never been to a yoga class before. Carla shrugged. “I’m not into all that crunchy granola stuff,” she explained. And this was still true, but spending time with Annabel and Dylan — combined with what she’d seen in San Francisco — had piqued her interest.

Carla didn’t own yoga pants so she borrowed a pair from Annabel. They were a little tight but she looked fantastic in them; she inspected her ass in the mirror over her shoulder and nodded approvingly. She matched the black pants with a black halter, while Annabel wore electric blue pants and a white tank top.

At the studio, Annabel had to show Carla how to set up, a rare instance of her telling her stepdaughter what to do. Looking around, Carla couldn’t believe what she’d been missing out on. The room was full of beautiful women in revealing clothes, all of them fit and healthy, glowing with life; even the older ones looked great. There were also a couple of men there, but they seemed to blend into the background.

Dylan was up toward the front, facing away from them. She had on paisley-patterned yoga pants and a spaghetti-strap top that showed off her exquisitely toned shoulders. Carla had never realized that shoulder blades could be so sexy. Dylan’s red hair was up, revealing a graceful, elegant neck. In her mind’s eye Carla sank her teeth into that neck, wrapping her arms around Dylan from behind, cupping the redhead’s tits...

Carla felt her temperature rising as her imagination started to get revved up, but then her reverie was broken by a voice behind her saying “Hello, everyone.” She turned toward the voice and saw that it belonged to a tall, thin, absolutely drop-dead-gorgeous Indian woman. “Sorry I’m a little late,” she said. “My name is Asha and I’ll be substituting for Sarah today.”

As Asha made her way to the front of the class Carla looked over at Annabel, who shrugged. This was a new teacher to her, as well. Both of them were immediately smitten; their heads swiveled to track Asha as she walked. Her skin was a creamy cinnamon brown and she moved with a lightness and poise that made her seem almost ethereal.

The class started with a series of sun salutations. When everyone bent over, Carla couldn’t make up her mind whether to look at the many asses suddenly presented to her or keep watching the beautiful teacher. She was so distracted that at one point she lost her balance and almost fell over; this drew the attention of Asha, who gave her an encouraging smile and paused for a moment before proceeding with the next pose.

When it came time for the first downward dog, Carla was transfixed by what she saw: row after row of sweet, shapely rumps being thrust into the air. It was so beautiful that it almost brought a tear to her eye. It certainly brought wetness to her crotch, and her nipples — which had been hard since the moment she walked into the studio — stiffened even further. She was starting to feel a little lightheaded and wondered how she was going to make it through a whole hour of this.

A few minutes later they were doing a pose with their legs stretched out behind them and their hands clasped behind their backs. Carla found herself staring straight between the legs of the woman in front of her, thinking about nuzzling her nose into that soft furrow. She was so focused that it took her completely by surprise when she felt a warm hand on her lower back.

She turned her head to see Asha kneeling beside her, smiling beatifically. Carla felt warmth radiate out from the point where the yoga teacher was touching her and permeate her entire body. With her other hand Asha took hold of Carla’s clasped hands and gently lifted them to accentuate the stretch. Carla felt a a gentle, tingling euphoria and was disappointed when Asha let go of her and moved on to another student.

Toward the end of the class they did a pose involving yoga straps, and Carla was again intrigued by this piece of equipment, which seemed so much like bondage gear. A series of quick fantasies flashed through her mind and she felt herself growing increasingly moist and steamy between the legs.

Before they went into Shivasana, Asha talked about the importance of being in the moment, and asked everyone to try to clear their minds. Carla tried to banish all sexual thoughts from her head, and for a brief period she actually succeeded; then an image flashed into her head of Asha standing over her naked, gazing down at her with shining golden-brown eyes.

This picture was still lingering in her head when the class ended. Carla felt very strange, like she was stoned; everything around her was moving slowly, and the murmur of voices in the room seemed like it was coming from somewhere far away. But after a minute her head started to clear and she made a beeline for the front of the room.

After introducing herself to Asha, she asked questions about some of the poses, but only half-listened to the answers. Mostly it was a pretext to stand close to the yoga teacher and establish a line of communication. This was a long-term project at best, Carla realized; but you never knew what might be possible.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 59

Taking Annabel by the hand, Blair led her in a bow, then kissed her on the cheek. “Thanks for playing,” she said. “You’re a good sport.”

Annabel looked down at Carla and Kim, who had stood up from their chairs and were applauding enthusiastically. Although she had just been punished, exposed, and molested in public; though she’d 69ed with a virtual stranger while hanging upside-down from the ceiling; now, suddenly, she felt self-conscious. She blushed and turned away from the crowd. Catching sight of herself in the mirror, she realized that her skirt was still hiked up around her waist, and hastily tugged it back down.

As Annabel approached the side of the stage Carla came forward to help her down the steps. Carla’s eyes were blazing with excitement; she had been quite inspired by what she’d seen. Taking Annabel by the arm, Carla led her right past their table toward the door; Kim fell in behind. They went out the door and through the parking lot to the car, where Kim took the wheel while Carla and Annabel got into the back.

Pushing Annabel down onto the back seat, Carla hastily lifted her own skirt and pulled off her panties. As they pulled out of the parking lot Carla climbed atop Annabel, smothering her stepmother with her wet pussy. As they got onto the freeway she pulled up Annabel’s skirt and leaned down to begin slurping at Annabel’s sopping-wet cunt. They continued to 69 all the way home.

When they finally pulled up in front of the house, they quickly adjourned inside, where Annabel got to live out her fantasy from earlier in the day: Kim sat on her face while Carla fucked her vigorously with a strap-on.

Afterward Kim begged to be fucked as well, and Carla obliged, bending her over and taking her from behind. For awhile Annabel just watched in a languid, post-orgasmic haze; sex seemed like some remote, abstract idea that she had only a vague interest in. But eventually she started to feel that familiar tingle between her legs and climbed back onto the bed, spreading her legs and presenting her pussy to Kim for attention.

Carla grinned at this, happy with the way that Annabel had progressed from being completely passive to sometimes showing initiative, while still remaining completely obedient. She pounded into Kim hard, pushing the Asian girl’s face into Annabel’s crotch with every thrust. Kim started panting, then making her little squeaking noise, then came like a freight train, falling forward onto Annabel.

Finally Carla outfitted Annabel with a face dildo and had her kneel down. Taking hold of the shaft, Carla pushed the dildo into herself, biting her lip as the head penetrated her. She took it long and slow, luxuriating in the sensation, coming several times before pushing Annabel away.

Sitting back in her chair Carla lit up a joint and took a deep, contemplative draw. She passed it to Kim, who toked and handed it along to Annabel. Still coughing, Kim said, “I really need to get going.” She hugged and kissed Carla and Annabel, and was still blowing kisses as she disappeared out the door.

For awhile Carla and Annabel just sat there, smoking and gazing out at the ocean and the night sky. Getting high usually made Carla horny, but at the moment she was far beyond that. Looking down at Annabel, she wondered again how her stepmother could ever go back to the life she’d been living before. It didn’t seem at all possible; things were going to have to change, and it wouldn’t be easy.

But not tonight. Tonight, everything was fine. Annabel leaned her head on Carla’s thigh as Carla took the last puff and ground the joint out in an ashtray.


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 58

After removing her fur coat and carefully setting it down on a small table, Blair gently touched the cool surface of the ruler to Annabel’s rump. Just for a second Annabel imagined that this had all been a put-on — she wasn’t really going to be publicly punished by this woman she’d just met. Then, in one swift motion, Blair lifted the ruler and brought it down on Annabel’s ass with a loud smack.

Annabel yelped, more from surprise than from pain. In fact as Blair continued to spank her, it transpired that the ruler didn’t really hurt that much, although it made a satisfying noise and turned her butt bright red. Blair, sensing that Annabel was a newbie, had mercifully chosen an instrument of punishment that would be visually and aurally satisfying without being overly painful.

In between blows on the rear, Blair gave Annabel little smacks on the inner thighs that gradually moved closer and closer to her crotch. Annabel’s pussy grew hotter and hotter until it felt like she had a glowing ember between her legs, throbbing with need and desperate for attention.

Blair took her time with the spanking, playing to the crowd, and finished with a series of heavy whacks that made Annabel whimper, for the first time, in genuine discomfort. Then she put the ruler down and walked over in front of Annabel, coming close so that she was looking down into Annabel’s naked, wet pussy. Giving a good spanking always made Blair so excited, and apparently the recipient was pretty worked up too.

Leaning forward, Blair ran her tongue across Annabel’s inner thigh. Annabel trembled and stiffened, straining slightly against her bonds. Then she groaned as Blair’s tongue stabbed between her pussy lips. It felt huge inside her, like it was pushing up (actually down) against her stomach.

Blair stepped forward a few inches and planted her feet in a wide straddle so that Annabel’s head was between her legs. Her musky odor flooded Annabel’s nostrils, making Annabel’s head swim even more than it already was. After a few seconds Blair reached down and pulled the strip of fabric covering her crotch to one side. It was clear what she wanted, and Annabel wanted it too. There was no point being coy about it now, with Blair’s pubic hair tickling her nose. Annabel extended her tongue and began to lick Blair’s pussy for all she was worth.

The crowd watched raptly as the two blondes, one hanging upside-down, pleasured each other. Blair’s body was mostly hidden from the audience by Annabel’s, but they could see pretty much everything in the mirror. Carla and Kim craned their heads for a better look; Carla licked her lips and put a hand on Kim’s knee, while Kim reached down and began to rub herself.

Blair and Annabel were both massively aroused, so it wasn’t long before they both came, more or less simultaneously. Blair was taken by surprise by the force of the climax that hit her; her knees buckled, and she might have fallen if she hadn’t held on to Annabel for support. Annabel had already been lightheaded and now found herself in a fugue state, hovering somewhere between consciousness and oblivion.

It was a pleasant place to be, though, so she was a little disappointed when Blair untied her feet and turned the platform so she was on her back again. After unfastening Annabel, Blair helped her to sit up, then stand. For a minute Annabel stood there onstage, skirt still hiked up around her waist, wobbling on her heels and smiling shyly as a huge wave of applause washed over her.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 57

They had been waiting for the better part of an hour and were on their third round of drinks — good strong drinks, too, not your usual nightclub pour — when the music went down and a spotlight was switched on. In the sudden brightness Annabel could now see that the entire wall behind the stage was covered by an enormous mirror, which made it seem like there was a second club over there with identical patrons.

A figure appeared at the back of the stage and began to walk toward them. It was a woman, of course — a tall, imperious-looking blonde in her late 30s or early 40s with the physique and demeanor of an Amazon. Her outfit, a floor-length fur coat hanging open over a black leather bikini, would have looked preposterous on almost anyone else. But on her it was staggeringly sexy. She also wore heels even taller than Annabel’s, but unlike Annabel she walked with complete self-assurance.

The crowd applauded as she stood before a microphone at the front of the stage. “Welcome, everyone,” she said, and there was another, louder round of applause. “How is everyone tonight?” There was a chorus of cheers, yells, and whistles. “Glad to hear it. Well, as always, let’s begin with the audience participation part of the show.”

She picked up a glass bowl that had been sitting on a stool to her left and plunged one hand inside. After a few seconds she pulled it out and held up a number to the crowd. “72,” she said.

Everyone in the crowd looked around to see who was wearing that number. It took Annabel a few seconds to figure out that it was her. People started applauding as more and more eyes turned to look at her, and Carla jerked her head in the direction of the stage. Finally Annabel understood that she was expected to go up there.

Heart pounding, Annabel stood up and began to make her way toward the stage. She moved slowly because she was having trouble walking on the warehouse’s uneven floor, but it seemed like she was being dramatic, and the crowd ate it up.

There were steps at stage right and Annabel walked up to them, then paused. They were high enough that she didn’t feel sure she could climb them. The woman onstage came over to offer a hand, and with her assistance Annabel was able to make it up.

The woman leaned toward Annabel to be heard over the din of the crowd. “What’s your name, sweetheart?” When Annabel told her she said, “I’m Blair. It’s nice to meet you. You’re new here, hmmm?” Annabel nodded. Blair took her by the hand and led her to the other side of the stage. “Lay down for me here, would you?”

Blair indicated a sort of platform with obvious places for her head and feet. Annabel stretched herself out as desired; the surface was hard but not uncomfortable. Blair lifted Annabel’s hands over her head and bound them to the platform with built-in restraints. She then maneuvered a few levers and the platform began to move, lifting and then rotating. When it stopped moving Annabel found herself upside-down with her feet in the air, facing away from the audience, but still able to see them in the mirror.

Only the part of the platform supporting the top half of Annabel’s body had moved, so her loose legs were sticking straight up into the air. But with her yoga-built core strength she had no problem supporting herself in that position until Blair clicked each of her ankles into metal cuffs that were hanging from the ceiling.

Annabel’s dress was tight enough that even in this position — hanging upside-down with her legs apart — it hadn’t budged an inch. Blair now began to roll it slowly up — or actually down — over her thighs. Annabel felt herself being exposed inch by inch. Soon the dress was up around her hips, meaning that she was naked from the waist down — or in this position, the waist up — with her backside facing the audience and her pubic hair clearly visible in the mirror.

Feeling the blood begin to rush into her head, Annabel squinted at the mirror, trying to find Carla and Kim among the crowd. When she finally located them she saw Carla lean over and whisper something in Kim’s ear, and they both laughed.

Blair, meanwhile, had opened a trunk at the side of the stage and begun to rummage through it. After a minute she emerged holding a metal yardstick. Suddenly realizing what that meant, Annabel gulped. Seemingly every day she was debased in some new way. Now she found herself hanging upside-down, her nether regions exposed, about to be punished in public for no reason by a complete stranger.

Playing to the crowd, Blair waved the ruler through the air, watching it bend and bobble. That looks like it’s going to hurt, thought Annabel; but despite this, or maybe because of it, she felt her pussy moistening.

Looking over at her stepdaughter again, Annabel found herself wondering if she’d really been chosen at random, or if Carla had prearranged this. She never did find out.


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 56

A low red sun was hovering on the horizon as the three of them climbed into Carla’s car — Carla and Kim in the front, Annabel in back. As they pulled out of the driveway Annabel slunk down in the seat, feeling self-conscious about how she looked.

Seeing this, Carla told her to sit up. “You look gorgeous,” she said. “Stop hiding.”

About 45 minutes later they pulled into a parking lot next to a warehouse on the outskirts of Van Nuys. Although it felt like the middle of nowhere, there were quite a few cars in the lot and a bunch of people walking toward the warehouse. Upon closer examination they were all women of various ages, many of them wearing eye-catching outfits, some practically naked.

Annabel sat for a few seconds wondering where they were and what was happening, then was snapped out of her reverie when Carla opened the door next to her, leaned into the car, and clipped the leash onto her collar. Carla tugged on the leash and next thing she knew Annabel was being led across the parking lot, wobbling on her high heels, blushing bright crimson at being paraded around in public this way.

But then she noticed that she was not the only one on a leash — there were two others nearby. Looking around at the crowd, Annabel saw that all shapes, sizes, and colors were represented, but every single one of them seemed somehow glamorous. There was a certain pride in the way everyone moved, including those who — like Annabel — were in a subservient role.

As they entered they stopped at a table that held a stack of papers. Carla picked one up for herself and handed one to Annabel. It was a single double-sided sheet covered with very small print, with a place for a signature at the bottom.

“What’s this?” asked Annabel.

“Just a standard waiver,” said Carla, with a nonchalant shake of her head. “Nothing to worry about. Just sign it.”

Annabel hesitated for a moment. Her father had always told her never to sign anything without reading every word of it first. She looked up from the paper at Carla, who gazed back at her impassively. Then again, her father wouldn’t approve of any aspect of the situation that she currently found herself in. Shrugging, Annabel sat the paper down and added her signature.

When they handed in their signed sheets, the girl behind the table gave each of them a necklace with a number on it. Carla and Kim both immediately put theirs on, so Annabel followed suit; they were numbers 71, 72, and 73.

From the outside the warehouse had appeared rundown and abandoned, but inside it looked like a nightclub, though a sparsely decorated one. There was a bar to their left and a darkened stage to the right; the space between was occupied by tables, each with a single candle burning on top. That seemed to be about the only light there was; the dimness gave the room an atmosphere of romantic mystery.

They found a table and Kim went to get drinks while Carla sat Annabel down, snapped off her leash, and laid it down on the table. Annabel looked around wondering what people must be thinking of her, a mature woman who was clearly the sexual plaything of two younger girls. But no one seemed to be paying attention to her; in fact the club had a surprising air of normality, despite the many collars and restraints visible, the number of women dressed in leather, rubber, or vinyl.

Music was playing on the sound system, and a few people were dancing. Carla and Kim chatted eagerly, looking full of anticipation, as Annabel studied the stage. It was hard to see clearly in the low light, but it seemed to hold various pieces of mechanical apparatus that she could not begin to guess at the function of. She sat there tapping her fingers, sipping her drink, wondering somewhat nervously what the night might have in store.