Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 60

The next morning dawned exceptionally clear and bright. Annabel woke up still vibrating from the many, many orgasms of the day before; for awhile she sat up in bed and watched the sun glitter on the ocean outside the window. But she had too much energy to sit still for long, so after a few minutes she went downstairs, put some coffee on, and did a few easy yoga poses.

When Carla awoke and wandered down the stairs in her bathrobe, she was greeted by the lovely spectacle of her stepmother bending and stretching clad only in a pair of cutoff shorts. Annabel’s boobs bounced delightfully and her face radiated contentment — until she caught sight of Carla watching her and began to blush.

“Don’t stop on my account,” said Carla, stepping into the kitchen and pouring herself a cup of coffee. Annabel did a couple more poses because Carla had told her to; but she felt self-conscious and soon stopped.

After they had breakfast Annabel excused herself to get ready for her 10:00 yoga class. Carla was tempted to tell her that yoga class was cancelled today, that she was going to stay home and lick Carla’s pussy for an hour instead. But after thinking about it for a minute, she changed her mind and decided that it was long past time for her to learn more about this whole yoga thing.

Annabel was amazed when Carla said that she’d never been to a yoga class before. Carla shrugged. “I’m not into all that crunchy granola stuff,” she explained. And this was still true, but spending time with Annabel and Dylan — combined with what she’d seen in San Francisco — had piqued her interest.

Carla didn’t own yoga pants so she borrowed a pair from Annabel. They were a little tight but she looked fantastic in them; she inspected her ass in the mirror over her shoulder and nodded approvingly. She matched the black pants with a black halter, while Annabel wore electric blue pants and a white tank top.

At the studio, Annabel had to show Carla how to set up, a rare instance of her telling her stepdaughter what to do. Looking around, Carla couldn’t believe what she’d been missing out on. The room was full of beautiful women in revealing clothes, all of them fit and healthy, glowing with life; even the older ones looked great. There were also a couple of men there, but they seemed to blend into the background.

Dylan was up toward the front, facing away from them. She had on paisley-patterned yoga pants and a spaghetti-strap top that showed off her exquisitely toned shoulders. Carla had never realized that shoulder blades could be so sexy. Dylan’s red hair was up, revealing a graceful, elegant neck. In her mind’s eye Carla sank her teeth into that neck, wrapping her arms around Dylan from behind, cupping the redhead’s tits...

Carla felt her temperature rising as her imagination started to get revved up, but then her reverie was broken by a voice behind her saying “Hello, everyone.” She turned toward the voice and saw that it belonged to a tall, thin, absolutely drop-dead-gorgeous Indian woman. “Sorry I’m a little late,” she said. “My name is Asha and I’ll be substituting for Sarah today.”

As Asha made her way to the front of the class Carla looked over at Annabel, who shrugged. This was a new teacher to her, as well. Both of them were immediately smitten; their heads swiveled to track Asha as she walked. Her skin was a creamy cinnamon brown and she moved with a lightness and poise that made her seem almost ethereal.

The class started with a series of sun salutations. When everyone bent over, Carla couldn’t make up her mind whether to look at the many asses suddenly presented to her or keep watching the beautiful teacher. She was so distracted that at one point she lost her balance and almost fell over; this drew the attention of Asha, who gave her an encouraging smile and paused for a moment before proceeding with the next pose.

When it came time for the first downward dog, Carla was transfixed by what she saw: row after row of sweet, shapely rumps being thrust into the air. It was so beautiful that it almost brought a tear to her eye. It certainly brought wetness to her crotch, and her nipples — which had been hard since the moment she walked into the studio — stiffened even further. She was starting to feel a little lightheaded and wondered how she was going to make it through a whole hour of this.

A few minutes later they were doing a pose with their legs stretched out behind them and their hands clasped behind their backs. Carla found herself staring straight between the legs of the woman in front of her, thinking about nuzzling her nose into that soft furrow. She was so focused that it took her completely by surprise when she felt a warm hand on her lower back.

She turned her head to see Asha kneeling beside her, smiling beatifically. Carla felt warmth radiate out from the point where the yoga teacher was touching her and permeate her entire body. With her other hand Asha took hold of Carla’s clasped hands and gently lifted them to accentuate the stretch. Carla felt a a gentle, tingling euphoria and was disappointed when Asha let go of her and moved on to another student.

Toward the end of the class they did a pose involving yoga straps, and Carla was again intrigued by this piece of equipment, which seemed so much like bondage gear. A series of quick fantasies flashed through her mind and she felt herself growing increasingly moist and steamy between the legs.

Before they went into Shivasana, Asha talked about the importance of being in the moment, and asked everyone to try to clear their minds. Carla tried to banish all sexual thoughts from her head, and for a brief period she actually succeeded; then an image flashed into her head of Asha standing over her naked, gazing down at her with shining golden-brown eyes.

This picture was still lingering in her head when the class ended. Carla felt very strange, like she was stoned; everything around her was moving slowly, and the murmur of voices in the room seemed like it was coming from somewhere far away. But after a minute her head started to clear and she made a beeline for the front of the room.

After introducing herself to Asha, she asked questions about some of the poses, but only half-listened to the answers. Mostly it was a pretext to stand close to the yoga teacher and establish a line of communication. This was a long-term project at best, Carla realized; but you never knew what might be possible.

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