Thursday, August 31, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 61

As they walked out of the yoga studio Dylan invited Annabel and Carla to her house for a cup of tea, and they readily accepted. As she drove Carla frequently reached over and fondled Annabel’s breasts or crotch with her free hand; both of them were in a highly excited state.

Inside, Dylan went into the kitchen to make the tea. Both Carla and Annabel needed to pee; Carla went first, and after leaving the bathroom she wandered around the house for a minute, then found her way to the kitchen.

Dylan was bent over the kitchen table studying some piece of mail that was sitting there. Her ass looked deliciously plump and juicy in the tight yoga pants, and Carla quietly crept up behind her. Wasting no time, Carla slid one hand between Dylan’s legs and cupped her crotch.

Letting out a soft sigh, Dylan sank down onto the table and opened her legs. Carla rubbed her through the fabric of her pants for a minute, then took hold of the waistband and pulled the pants down around her knees.

Dylan squirmed and moaned as Carla’s hand slipped between her naked thighs. Annabel had by now appeared in the doorway and stood watching as Carla penetrated Dylan with her index finger. Dylan let out an involuntary “Mmmmf” sound and wriggled around a little more, moving her hips to impale herself further.

Next Carla pulled Dylan’s pants all the way off, letting them drop to the floor and spreading the redhead’s legs wide. Dylan's pussy was a beautiful sight: glistening wet and pink, fringed with red hair, gaping slightly open and begging for attention. Unable to wait another second, Carla dropped to her knees and ran her tongue all the way up the length of Dylan’s slit.

“Fuck,” said Dylan, and repeated the word several more times as Carla aggressively tongue-fucked her. Just then, though, Carla realized than Annabel was in the room. Scooting over to one side, she gestured for Annabel to join her.

Annabel knelt down and Carla kissed her hard on the mouth, sharing the taste of Dylan’s juice with her. Annabel sucked Carla’s tongue like a good little lesbo slut.

Breaking the kiss, Carla gripped the back of Annabel’s head and pointed it toward Dylan’s crotch. Then she stood and walked around to the other side of the table. Carla bent over to kiss Dylan upside-down, chewing on her pillowy lips and reaching both hands out to squeeze her tits.

Straightening up again, Carla stood for a bit watching Annabel lap at Dylan’s pussy. Her skills had definitely improved; Dylan was writhing on the tabletop, face contorted in pleasure. Carla pulled off her own top, then Dylan’s, and  bent down again to suck Dylan’s nipples while smothering Dylan in her cleavage.

This was a very pleasant state of affairs but the itch between Carla’s legs was growing unbearable. She stood up once more, popping her left breast out of Dylan’s mouth, and reached down to push her pants down around calves. Hastily shimmying the rest of the way out of them, she lifted herself up onto the table and straddled Dylan’s head.

After that the only sounds in the room were slurping noises and soft moans that gradually built to a crescendo. Dylan came first, then Carla, then Dylan again, and so on until they’d both finally had enough.

Stretching contentedly, Carla climbed down from the table and walked over to the fridge. Inside there was a six-pack of cold beer and though it was still kind of early in the day, she went ahead and took one.

Annabel, meanwhile, sat back from between Dylan’s legs and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, looking a little dazed. Dylan, recovering from several powerful orgasms, sat up on one elbow and looked around the room blinking. Carla’s magnificent naked body was silhouetted against the window facing the back yard; above her head sunlight shone through the brown glass of the beer bottle as she tipped it up. She took a long swig and let out a satisfied “Ahhh.”

“Could you grab me one of those?” asked Dylan. Carla nodded. Dylan then turned her head to look down at Annabel, who was still kneeling there in her yoga clothes, as if awaiting further instructions. Accepting the beer from Carla, Dylan stood up from the table and took Annabel by the hand. After helping her to her feet, Dylan led Annabel to the living room.

There Dylan sat Annabel down on a comfortable chair and kissed her. Annabel kissed back hard with a mouth redolent of Dylan’s own juices.

Carla wandered into the living room after them and sat down to watch as Dylan stripped off Annabel’s top and bra. She squeezed Annabel’s plump breasts with both hands, then leaned down to lick and suck them. Annabel moaned and leaned back in the chair; she was ever so ready to get a little attention.

After giving Annabel’s boobs a thorough going-over, Dylan reached down to pull off her yoga pants. When they were down around her knees Dylan was suddenly hit by the powerful scent of Annabel’s arousal. It was so strong that it made her swoon momentarily, holding on to Annabel’s leg for support.

Carla looked on with amusement, sipping her beer, as Dylan recovered herself and slid Annabel’s pants the rest of the way off. Annabel opened her legs to reveal a shiny wet cunt and the look on her face, Carla thought, was priceless — so abject, so needy. She was ready to beg if she needed to, but she didn’t — Dylan wasted no time bending forward and getting to work.

With her head down between Annabel’s legs, Dylan’s ass was directly facing Carla. Just for the heck of it, Carla walked over, sank down onto one knee, and laid a solid open-handed smack on each of Dylan’s butt cheeks. Looking back over her shoulder, Dylan grimaced, then smiled; then she took a swig of beer and went back to eating Annabel’s pussy.

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