Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 52

Carla invited Dylan to spend the night, but she declined. In the aftermath of their intense and passionate three-way, Dylan seemed a little embarrassed, like she had gone too far. Carla thought that was silly, but she understood that not everyone felt as free as she did about indulging their desires.

Annabel and Carla slept deeply and contentedly, feeling all the closer for having shared this new experience together. Annabel had a sexy dream where her whole yoga class was naked, and woke up wet and horny. But she found herself alone in bed. She threw on a robe and headed down the stairs, smelling the aroma of the strong coffee Carla favored wafting up from the kitchen.

It was another sunny, beautiful day and they were both in ebullient moods. They had no particular plans for the day and were absolutely free to do as they pleased; so of course they decided to go shopping.

They showered, dressed, and headed to the mall. As they walked in Annabel found herself wondering if people could tell just by looking at them that they had a special relationship. Or did they just look like any two women off to spend some money?

One of their first stops was at the lingerie shop, where they were served by an absolutely ravishing young woman in her mid-20s. Her nametag said “Farah” and she had that classic Persian look: dark hair, dark eyes, and smooth, light brown skin. She was very friendly, helpful, even a little flirty. 

At first, Carla and Annabel were the only customers, and Farah was very attentive, handing clothes into the fitting room for them. Carla took advantage of the privacy to fondle Annabel, pinching her nipples, cupping her breasts, and briefly fingering her pussy. She hoped that Farah might walk in on them, but so such luck; the shop was filling up, and Farah found herself dividing her attention between a half-dozen women. 

When they checked out, Farah apologized, saying that her co-worker had called in sick and left her to look after the shop by herself. Carla walked away with several new pairs of panties, while Annabel got a garter belt and stockings that Carla had picked out for her.

They spent the rest of the day shopping for clothes and shoes, taking time for a long, leisurely lunch at an Asian fusion restaurant and mani/pedis at the mall’s most expensive spa. Several times they made trips back to the car to drop off their accumulated packages. They spent a lot of time in fitting rooms, and Carla molested her stepmother every chance she got, with the result that Annabel’s nipples were visibly hard all day and her panties were constantly soaked.

Carla loved watching people watch Annabel, knowing that this beautiful woman who so many lusted after was entirely under her dominion. She fantasized about parading Annabel around the mall naked, collared, and leashed, offering to her anyone who wanted her. Or to anyone Carla thought deserved her, which was something else entirely.

At the end of the day, as they made their way back to the parking lot, they passed by the lingerie shop again. Farah was in the window, bent over, fussing with the window display. In this position her short black skirt was riding up, revealing her strong, shapely thighs and the bottom part of her ass.

For a minute Carla and Annabel just stood and watched, hypnotized by what they were seeing. But Carla’s mind was racing, planning. She craned her head to look into the shop; there were no customers inside. The sign on the door still said “Open,” but closing time was fast approaching.

“Go in there and offer yourself to that girl,” said Carla.

“Huh?” responded Annabel.

“I want you to go in there,” repeated Carla. “Tell her she’s pretty, and offer to lick her pussy.”

Annabel blushed at the mere thought of what was being suggested. “I...I couldn’t....”

Carla’s expression turned cold and hard. “You want to walk home? Do as I tell you.” When Annabel looked like she was about to start crying, Carla took pity on her. “Look, what’s the worst that could happen? She says no, we go home.” Glancing back over at Farah — who had now bent over even more, revealing a bit of thong — Carla added, “On the other hand....”

Annabel felt a surge of electricity between her legs. Taking a deep breath, she gathered her courage, opened the door, and stepped inside.


Monday, July 17, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 51

Maneuvering Dylan in such a way that she was laying atop Annabel, face to face with their boobs pressed together, Carla leaned over to retrieve two pairs of handcuffs from the bedside table. She cuffed Dylan’s left wrist to Annabel’s right and vice versa, slipped a blindfold onto Dylan’s head, and sat back to admire her handiwork. The two older women were now naked, bound, blind, and completely at her disposal.

Carla grabbed her favorite strap-on and equipped herself. She intended to fuck Dylan senseless, but first she wanted a taste of that beautiful red-haired pussy. She crawled down to the foot of the bed, pausing to take a deep breath of the mingled smells rising from between Dylan and Annabel’s legs. Then she spread Dylan’s legs wide, parted Dylan’s labia with her thumbs, and stuck her tongue deep inside.

Dylan whimpered and wriggled, lifting her hips slightly as Carla licked her all over, relishing the taste of her pussy juice. Since she was there already Carla went ahead and fingered Annabel as well, enjoying the way her stepmother writhed in response.

When she sensed that Dylan was on the brink of orgasm Carla pulled herself away. Dylan was so delicious that it was hard to stop, but Carla had other things in mind. She got onto her knees and pointed the tip of the strap-on at the gap between Dylan’s pussy lips.

Dylan and Annabel had been kissing on and off all this time, and Dylan moaned into Annabel’s mouth when Carla penetrated her. Holding Dylan’s hips with both hands, Carla gave it to her good and hard, planting one foot on the floor for better leverage. Dylan’s cries rose in pitch, volume, and intensity as Carla kept up a steady rhythm, bearing down a little more with each thrust.

When Dylan came she barked out “Oh, fuck,” then went quiet and limp, letting her full weight sink down onto Annabel. Annabel rather enjoyed the feeling of Dylan’s body pressing down on her. She enjoyed it even more when she felt the shaft of the strap-on pushing into her. Now it was Annabel’s turn to tremble and moan as Dylan kissed and licked her neck and ears.

When Annabel came Carla went back to fucking Dylan. She kept alternating until she was pretty sure both of them had had about as much as they could take. As she removed the strap-on Carla savored the sight of the two naked women laying there docile and sated, glistening with sweat. Only one thing remained on her agenda. 

Removing Dylan and Annabel’s blindfolds, Carla positioned herself so that her crotch was right next to their heads. They both had to contort themselves a little to get to Carla’s pussy, but they did it happily, glad to be able to return some of the pleasure she had given them.


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 50

Back in the house, Carla indicated to Annabel that she was to kneel, and hooked the leash into her collar. Annabel blushed again, wondering what Dylan must be thinking of all this, afraid to meet her eyes.

Carla took Dylan by the arm and led her up the stairs; Annabel followed behind on her hands and knees, watching the asses in front of her sway. Dylan looked back at the pretty blonde, leashed and collared, crawling up the stairs led by her stepdaughter. This was one kinky scene, alright, but there was no pretending it wasn’t turning her on; her pussy was dripping.

Once they reached Carla’s bedroom, she handed the leash to Dylan and took a seat to see what would transpire. Dylan slid the straps of her dress down off her shoulders and let them fall; the dress slipped down to reveal a white lace bra, which Dylan reached behind her to unhook, holding the leash between her teeth.

Dylan’s breasts were round and firm and her nipples stood up proudly. She pulled Annabel to her and tugged upward on the leash, bringing Annabel up onto her knees. 

With one hand Dylan guided Annabel’s head to her chest; Annabel went willingly, inhaling the musky scent of Dylan’s flesh. Carla moved from the chair to the bed for a better angle as Annabel closed her lips around Dylan’s left nipple. Dylan sighed; she was highly sensitized, magnifying every impulse from every nerve. The feeling of Annabel’s mouth on her breast went straight to her head, making her a little woozy.

She sat down on the chair Carla had just vacated, again pulling Annabel to her. This time Dylan guided Annabel to her right breast. Carla sat watching intently, enjoying every second of this, yet also eager for the next step.

It came soon enough. Again holding the leash in her mouth, Dylan lifted her hips and slid her dress down and off, leaving her in only sheer white panties. A hint of red hair was visible through the thin fabric. When she spread her legs, it was clear that the thin strip of fabric covering her crotch was soaked in pussy juice; even from a distance, Carla could smell her wetness.

Annabel took a deep breath. She wasn’t quite sure what to do next. She looked over at Carla, back at Dylan; everyone seemed to be waiting on her to make the next move. So after leaning down to place a kiss on Dylan’s mons, taking a moment to savor the delectable scent rising from between the redhead’s legs, Annabel took hold of Dylan's panties and pulled them off.

Dylan had a gorgeous triangle of copper-red pubic curls. The carpet definitely matches the drapes, Carla thought. For a moment she and Annabel just gaped at the lovely creature before them. Then Dylan again tugged at the leash.

Annabel didn’t need much encouragement at this point. As her head moved down between Dylan’s legs her ass raised up into the air, and Carla reached over to lift her skirt. Dylan leaned back in the chair, opening her legs all the way as Annabel began to lick her.

Standing, Carla planted one foot on the floor between Annabel’s legs in such a way that her shin was pressed against Annabel’s crotch. Annabel gasped and rubbed her pussy against Carla’s leg, leaving a snail trail of wetness on Carla’s skin.

Overwhelmed by the sudden rush of pleasure, Annabel dropped her head. This prompted Dylan to hand the leash to Carla, who yanked it hard to lift Annabel’s head, pointing her once again toward Dylan’s cunt. Doing her best to concentrate, Annabel resumed servicing the redhead while still grinding her own crotch against Carla's leg.

Stripping off her T-shirt and bra, Carla leaned forward slightly to offer her breasts to Dylan. Dylan responded enthusiastically, sucking Carla’s hard nipples and then clamping them between her teeth. But after a minute she lost focus as a climax hit her.

Dylan was highly orgasmic, apparently — her whole body quivered, right down to her eyeballs, and she let out a guttural moan as her head fell heavily onto the back of the chair. For a minute she just lay there staring up at the ceiling with a far-away expression on her face.

When she looked down again, she discovered that Carla had laid Annabel down on the bed face-up, blindfolded and nipple-clamped with her hands bound to the bedposts over her head. Carla was holding Annabel’s legs apart and her pink pussy beckoned to Dylan through the crotchless panties. Carla looked over at Dylan and cocked an eyebrow as if to say, Well, you wanted it — here it is.

Dylan positioned herself at the foot of the bed and bent down to kiss and lick Annabel’s belly, pelvis, inner thighs. Annabel whimpered and her body spasmed with pleasure, but Carla held her firmly, pinning her knees to the bed so Dylan had complete access to her crotch.

Dylan extended her tongue and ever-so-gently touched it to Annabel’s vulva. This time Annabel bucked so fiercely that Carla couldn’t hold her, so Carla gave up and let her go. Her hips and legs thrashed as Dylan tongue-fucked her, slowly at first, then with increasing fervor. Dylan wrapped an arm around Annabel’s thigh, spread her pussy lips, and drove inside, intoxicated by Annabel’s heady taste and smell.

Carla tugged on the chain connecting Annabel’s nipple clamps, adding a little dash of pain to the pleasure she was feeling. Annabel gasped but a second later was moaning again as Dylan penetrated her with two fingers. Carla continued to torture Annabel’s nipples as Dylan fingered her, until finally Dylan began to lap at Annabel’s clit, sending her over the edge.

Releasing the clamps, Carla leaned down to suck one nipple as the orgasm rippled through Annabel’s trembling frame. As Dylan stretched forward to suck the other, her eyes met Carla’s and a look passed between them. There was desire in that look, and mutual recognition, but also a little bit of suspicion — they were still sizing each other up. 

Something about Dylan had gotten Carla’s attention. It wasn’t necessarily that she was resistant, or defiant — she seemed content to let Carla dictate how the situation evolved. But there was some core of strength in Dylan that Carla instinctively took as a challenge. She liked a challenge, though, and looked forward to seeing what might unfold.


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 49

As the time for Dylan’s arrival approached, Annabel found herself growing more and more nervous. What would Dylan think of the strange relationship between Annabel and her stepdaughter? What if she disapproved? This was not part of Carla’s circle, but an outsider. What if she told someone, who told someone, who told someone else, until the whole world knew?

She found herself half-hoping that Dylan would cancel, but then she heard a car approaching, and saw Dylan park and start walking toward the house.

Annabel took the opportunity to check herself one last time in the full-length mirror. After spending half the afternoon making Annabel try on practically everything in her closet, looking for just the right outfit, Carla had put Annabel in one of her own skirts — a black-and-white-striped mini — and a white camisole top. She also had on heels and black stockings that came up to just above her knees, leaving a nice expanse of bare thigh. Underneath she was wearing her crotchless panties and cut-out bra.

The doorbell rang and Annabel scurried to answer it, her heart pounding. She opened the door to find Dylan holding a bottle of wine, looking radiantly lovely in a tight, low-cut green dress. They exchanged greetings and Annabel could tell that Dylan’s eyes were immediately drawn to her collar. Seeing Dylan see the collar, she blushed furiously.

That afternoon, Annabel had asked Carla if she might please be excused from wearing the collar when Dylan came over. When Carla just stared at her, Annabel had backed off right away, mumbling meekly, “Never mind.”

Annabel led Dylan to the kitchen, where Carla had again taken charge of the meal. She was in front of the stove stirring a pot of sauce when they entered.

“Dylan, this is my stepdaughter Carla,” she said. “Carla, this is Dylan.”

Carla quickly sized up the newcomer. She was even more beautiful than Annabel had described, with long, slightly wavy red hair, alabaster skin, and a perfectly sculpted set of curves. Her dress displayed a substantial but tasteful amount of cleavage — enough to show off without bragging.

“Nice to meet you,” said Carla, wiping her hand on her apron and extending it. She herself had dressed straightforwardly in black jeans and a blue tank top, content for now to let Annabel outshine her. The way they were dressed, Carla looked like the mature woman, Annabel like the young girl just out of her teens.

“Nice to meet you too,” answered Dylan. “It smells wonderful in here.”

“Thanks,” said Carla. “I learned to cook from my Italian grandmother. I’ll never be as good as she was, but I keep trying.” They both laughed. “Annabel,” she added, “get our guest something to drink.”

Carla’s tone was mostly neutral, but with just enough of an edge to get Dylan’s attention — it was pretty clear who was in charge here. She was dying to know about the collar, but figured things would become clear soon enough.

The meal was a little less virtuosic than the one Carla had made for the party a few days previously, but still delicious and satisfying. Afterwards they adjourned to the deck, where they stood by the back railing staring at the ocean. A nearly full moon hung in the sky and was reflected in the water, bathing the three of them in white light.

They seemed to have run out of things to say, and it had been quiet for a few minutes when Carla turned to Dylan and asked, “So what are your intentions toward my stepmother?”

Dylan furrowed her brow. “Um, what do you mean, exactly?”

“Do you want to fuck her?”

Dylan was momentarily taken aback by Carla’s directness. She looked over at Annabel, back at Carla, then answered honestly. “Of course.”

“Aren’t you a married woman?”

“My husband knows that I play around with women when he’s gone. We have an understanding.”

“So that’s what this would be?” asked Carla. “Play?”

“Well...yeah,” answered Dylan. “Is there something wrong with that?”

There were a few seconds of heavy silence, then Carla said, “You can kiss her.”

Again, Dylan was momentarily taken aback. The nerve of this girl! Then she looked over at Annabel, who stood there wide-eyed, waiting to see what was going to happen. She looked so lovely and so vulnerable; her nipples were poking out from her top and she was nervously playing with a strand of hair. Dylan stepped forward and pressed her lips against Annabel’s.

This time Annabel didn’t resist or pull away, but kissed back with all her heart. The kiss was sensuous, thrilling, overwhelming; Annabel felt a little lightheaded and rocked backwards on her heels, only to find Carla pressing against her from behind.

Carla pulled Annabel’s top up and off. Her erect nipples were jutting out through the cut-out bra, and Dylan leaned down to take one in her mouth. Annabel moaned and let her weight sink back against Carla, who reached down to hold Annabel around the waist. Dylan tasted the other nipple and then went back and forth between them, kissing, licking, and nibbling.

“Let's take this inside,” said Carla.