Friday, November 10, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 68

In the morning Carla and Annabel slept late and lingered over coffee, then packed up and got ready to go. Before they left they went upstairs to say goodbye to Laura, but found a note on the door saying that she’d been called away for a family emergency. It was signed with a looping “L” and marked with a lipstick kiss.

On the drive they were mostly quiet, listening to music and daydreaming. When they approached the area where they’d stayed two nights before, Carla thought about turning toward the hotel, remembering the lovely evening they’d had there. But she had a strange feeling about it — like if they went to look for the place again, they’d find it had vanished without a trace, as if the whole thing was some crazy dream they’d had. So she just kept on driving.

By this point it was getting late into the afternoon, and after they’d driven for a while more, Carla suddenly found herself feeling incredibly horny. She steered with her left hand while reaching over with her right to fondle Annabel’s breasts, then began exploring underneath Annabel’s skirt.

Before long they were both in such a state that they had to pull over at the next hotel they came to, a totally nondescript place in a sleepy small town. As soon as they got inside they tore each other’s clothes off and tumbled into bed. Afterwards they ordered a pizza and spent the rest of the night watching movies in bed.

It was late the next morning when they finally got back to Malibu. Carla drove slowly up the hill toward the house, just in case...and sure enough, there it was, her father’s car still in the driveway. She hit the brakes, turned around, and headed back down the hill, unsure of where to go.

As they approached the freeway she was struck with an impulse: Why not head to San Francisco? Introduce Annabel to Daisy, see what might transpire? Without a word to Annabel, she pointed the car north and stepped on the gas.

They drove almost straight through, stopping only once, at a truck stop for something to eat and drink and to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately they arrived in the City right at rush hour, and so found themselves crawling through traffic for the better part of an hour before pulling up in front of the building where Daisy’s loft was.

Carla texted Daisy to let her know they were there, and Daisy wrote back, “Come on up! Door’s unlocked.” As they climbed the stairs they heard the murmur of voices; they soon found themselves in what appeared to be an Elizabethan mansion filled with people in period costume, many of them wearing masks. Carla was amazed at how the place had been transformed; a lot of time and expense had gone into the decoration.

Obviously the loft was being used for a shoot — along one wall was a group of people in modern clothes fiddling with cameras and lights. It took them a few minutes to find Daisy, who was wearing a fancy dress with a huge skirt and carrying a walkie-talkie. She was working as a PA on the shoot and greeted them effusively.

“Hey listen,” she said after they’d chatted briefly. “Some of our extras flaked and we need more people. You guys want to be movie stars?”

Carla and Annabel looked at each other, and Daisy could tell what they were thinking. “You can be way in the background, and you’ll have masks on the whole time.”

“Hmm,” said Carla, and pulled Annabel aside for a quick talk. She was suddenly excited about the idea and wanted to do it, but didn’t want to make Annabel do something she’d be unhappy about. So without giving an order, exactly, she let Annabel know how she felt. Annabel listened as she talked and then, while still looking reluctant, nodded her assent.

“OK,” Carla told Daisy, “we’re in.”

Daisy grinned and nodded. “Great, let’s find you costumes.” She led them down the hall to a storage room, rummaged around for a minute, and handed each one of them a mask.

“That’s it?” asked Carla.

Daisy shrugged. “It’s an orgy scene.”


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 67

The look on Laura’s face said that she was badly in need of a spanking, and probably had been for a long time. So Carla gave her one. The smack of flesh against flesh sang out as Laura moaned and trembled, flinching a little with each blow, but then arching her back and lifting her butt to receive the next one.

After a time Carla decided that Laura had had enough, and anyway her spanking hand was getting tired. Now she reached her left hand down to grope the older woman’s breasts – they felt fuller and heavier than they looked – while her right hand slid between Laura’s warm, pliant thighs.

Again Laura arched her back, raising her hips toward Carla. It was clear what she wanted, what she needed. Carla penetrated her with one finger, feeling the muscles clench around it. Laura let out the long, keening wail of a woman who had gone too long without this kind of attention. Her pussy was super-tight; it was all Carla could do to get a second finger inside, then begin to probe her with slow, deliberate strokes.

With her other hand, meanwhile, Carla pulled off Annabel’s gag and brought her stepmother’s head over toward Laura’s so the two of them could kiss. As they did Carla traced that hand down Annabel’s back, over her ass, and between her legs. Brow furrowed in concentration, Carla began to simultaneously finger-fuck Laura and Annabel as their moans echoed through the room.

After a few minutes Carla brought the hand that had been pleasuring Laura to her mouth for a taste, and did a double-take. It was overwhelmingly, indescribably delicious. She had to eat that pussy right now, and forget everything else. Pulling her left hand away from Annabel, Carla gripped Laura by the hips and angled her up so her ass was pointing straight into the air.

Spreading Laura’s labia with her thumbs, Carla drove her tongue inside, eager as she’d been for her first taste of pussy way back in her early teens. Laura gasped and braced herself against the floor, surprised by Carla’s sudden aggressiveness. Her heart began to pound and her breath came in short, staccato gasps.

Annabel, feeling left out, now rolled over and repositioned herself so that her spread legs were resting on either side of Laura’s head. Carla, grinning, took hold of Laura’s hair and guided her toward Annabel’s crotch. Soon Laura was lapping away at Annabel’s cunt as Carla continued to tongue-fuck her from behind.

Then Laura was coming, gripping Carla’s head between her thighs. Carla could feel Laura’s heartbeat in her ears, accelerating and then slowly tapering off as the climax passed. Coming up for air, Carla pressed her thigh against Laura’s crotch, gently pushing her forward until she resumed licking Annabel’s pussy.

Carla continued to play with Laura’s luxurious brown/blond hair as Annabel writhed on the floor, hands still tied behind her back, pushing into Laura’s face until an orgasm finally hit her. Her whole body shuddered and she fell limp to the ground, legs akimbo, wet slit glistening in the candlelight.

Pushing the hair back off Laura’s face, Carla leaned down to kiss her, enjoying the taste of Annabel’s juices on her mouth. She looked a bit disheveled now, her previously impeccable hair sticking out in several directions, but was all the sexier as a result. Carla helped her to her feet, pulled her dress up over her head, and tossed it away.

This was Carla’s first glimpse of Laura’s fully naked body, and she took a moment to appreciate it; it was slim but shapely, with narrow hips and perfectly formed boobs capped by copper-brown nipples. Keen now to show off her own body, Carla stripped off her t-shirt and shorts and thrust her chest out proudly as Laura looked her up and down.

Finding her wine glass, Carla took a sip while pondering her next move. Looking over at Annabel, who gazed up at her with heavy-lidded eyes, she was suddenly struck with an inspiration.

Standing Annabel up, Carla untied her wrists and let her rub them for a minute to get the circulation back. Meanwhile Carla dug through her suitcase until she found the items she wanted. Not long after, Annabel was laying face-up on the bed with thick phalluses protruding from both her pelvis and her face.

Carla indicated to Laura that the first choice was hers, then watched as Laura’s eyes flitted back and forth between the strap-on and the face dildo. Finally Laura stepped forward, gripped the shaft of the strap-on in one hand, and climbed up onto the bed.

Straddling Annabel’s hips, Laura gently rubbed the tip of the dildo against her vulva. Carla honestly wondered if she’d be able to fit that thing inside her. It seemed impossible, but Laura’s expression was resolute as she began to sink down onto it.

Carla watched intently as the thick, bulbous head disappeared into Laura’s snatch. Laura gritted her teeth and her eyes rolled back in her head, but she continued to engulf the massive shaft until her pussy lips were pressed against the harness. Carla was impressed. It’s always amazing, she reflected, what a properly motivated woman can accomplish.

Laura began to roll her hips, stimulating herself on the hard surface of the dildo, making it move around inside her as she leaned on Annabel’s ribcage for support. Seeing Laura’s face transfigured by the pleasure she was feeling, Carla began to feel an urgent itch.

Clambering up onto the bed, Carla knelt over Annabel’s head, grasped the face dildo in her hand, and impaled herself on it. She let out an involuntary grunt as she did so — though not as long as the strap-on, this dildo was girthier, and she could feel herself being stretched. She took a deep breath, held it for a few seconds, and then let it out, enjoying the feeling of fullness. Now Carla reached out to hold Laura by the shoulders as they both moved up and down on their respective poles, gazing steadily into each other’s eyes.

Seeing Laura’s tits swaying there, Carla decided that she needed to taste them. This was easily accomplished, and as she moved her mouth back and forth from one to the other, she could feel a monumental climax forming somewhere deep inside Laura. She let it build, and build, and then — while continuing to lick and suck Laura’s nipples — she reached down and brushed Laura’s clit with her fingertip.

That did it. Laura’s whole body went stiff, her face wrenched, and she seemed to be about to let out a bloodcurdling scream; instead all that escaped was an enormous sigh, and then she visibly relaxed, going limp and leaning forward against Carla.

Carla brought Laura’s head to her chest and raised a little further up onto her knees, trying to get the right angle of penetration. Laura compliantly began to suck her tits, but after a couple of minutes Carla was starting to get frustrated. The dildo felt good inside her but she couldn’t...quite...get there.

She grunted and Laura looked up into her eyes, seeming to intuitively understand. Lifting herself up off the strap-on, Laura bent forward at the waist and leaned down between Carla’s legs. She extended her tongue and searched out Carla’s clit, which was a moving target. But she soon found it and stayed with it as Carla took one, two, three last strokes and erupted into a ferocious orgasm, groaning “Fuuuuucccck” as the spasms shuddered through her.

Afterward Carla climbed off and went to look for some water. She was suddenly incredibly thirsty. In fact they all were; for a while the three of them sat together, contentedly drinking ice water. There didn’t seem to be much left to say. Eventually Laura excused herself, got dressed, and kissed Carla and Annabel goodnight. There was no room for three people on the narrow bed anyway.

Annabel brushed her teeth, lay down on the bed, and was asleep within minutes. Carla stayed up a while longer, staring out toward the ocean; you couldn’t see anything, but you could hear the surf, and that was good enough for now.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 66

Carla woke up the next morning feeling absolutely certain that it was going to be a special day. All she had to do was ride the wave, let things happen, and maybe give them a little push here and there.

After having coffee and some eggs that Laura had thoughtfully left for them, she and Annabel headed out again to the beach. And again, after laying out in their swimsuits for awhile, they ended up sunbathing in the nude. The weather was absolutely perfect: sunny and warm, but with a cool breeze blowing in off the ocean that kept them from overheating.

In the early afternoon they decided to adjourn back to the house for a snack and a nap. And maybe, Carla thought as she watched Annabel’s naked ass sway down the path ahead of her, something more. This time they had started walking back without covering up. As they approached the house Carla hoped to see Laura peeking through a window, but there no sign of her.

Laura had also left some grapes and melon which they took to bed with them, playfully feeding each other and licking the juice from their fingers. When the fruit was gone Carla climbed up to straddle Annabel’s face, then bent down into a nice 69. After two orgasms each they fell asleep for a bit.

When they woke up Carla heard footsteps from upstairs, and knew immediately what needed to be done. She had Annabel get dressed and go upstairs to invite Laura to have dinner with them that evening. While Annabel was gone she stretched a little and made more coffee.

After a few minutes, Annabel returned, reporting success in her mission. Carla gave her a kiss and a long, lingering hug; catching a glimpse of them in the mirror, she noted what an unusual situation this was, for her to be naked while Annabel was fully clothed. Usually it was the other way around.

They had coffee and drove to the nearest grocery, where Carla went a little crazy, buying enough meat and vegetables for a half-dozen meals. When they got back to the house it was getting late in the afternoon, but before getting ready to cook, Carla made sure that they both looked exactly the way she wanted them to. For Annabel that meant a skimpy blue string bikini that showed off her ample tits and ass. For herself Carla chose her shortest cutoffs and a cropped t-shirt that came down to just below her breasts, with no bra underneath.

Intending to do everything outside, Carla moved the food and necessary equipment to a table in the shade. Even this late in the day, it was still quite warm, with collected heat seemingly radiating from every nook and cranny. After setting Annabel to work chopping onions, Carla put some music on and opened one of the several very nice bottles of wine she had brought.

As if drawn by the sound of the cork opening, Laura appeared. She was wearing a loose but flattering sundress whose light color set off the brown of her bare arms and feet. Carla thought that she looked even more beautiful than she had the day before; she was glowing, almost.

“Hola,” said Laura, “como estas?”, and Carla and Annabel answered in their best pidgin Spanish. After that they switched to English, and for the next couple hours they talked, cooked, and drank wine as the sun gradually set. Everything felt incredibly natural and easy; there was no reason to be in a hurry, and no reason to delay either.

For Carla, the whole scene began to feel like deja vu, like she knew exactly what was going to happen next. Every once in a while she and Laura would lock eyes, and some kind of communication seemed to pass between them, like they understood each other on some fundamental level and were just reconfirming what they already knew. Occasionally she caught Laura’s gaze lingering on Annabel’s body, which had never looked better than it did right now: tan and ripe and rounded in all the right places.

By the time the sun had fully set, all the wine was gone and there was a definite electricity in the air. Laura volunteered to go upstairs for another bottle while Carla and Annabel collected the trash and moved the dirty dishes inside.

While she was in her apartment Laura got a phone call, so it was 15 minutes or so before she returned downstairs. She found the apartment lit by flickering candlelight, piano tango music drifting through the air. In the corner of the living room, Annabel was bent over a chair, ball-gagged with her hands tied behind her back.

Laura and Carla exchanged glances. A smile curled the corner of Laura’s mouth and she shrugged as if to say, “I expected as much.” The bottle of wine she’d brought was a screwtop, and she popped it open as Carla got glasses. Laura poured each of them a glass and after sipping they kissed, softly and sweetly at first, then with force and passion.

Breaking the clinch, Carla took Laura by the shoulders and sat her down on the chair that was against the wall behind her. Laura sat sipping her wine as Carla walked over toward Annabel and got down on one knee.

Carla untied the bottom of Annabel’s bikini and tossed it aside. After briefly caressing Annabel’s rump, Carla lifted her hand and brought it down firmly on the left cheek. Annabel shuddered and moaned into her gag; her ass was still raw from the caning the night before, so even though Carla spanked her relatively gently, she was soon whimpering pathetically.

When Laura stood and approached them, she had a fire in her eyes. Carla expected that she might want to spank Annabel herself. Instead, she took Carla by surprise for the first time that night. Kneeling down next to Annabel, Laura bent forward, lifted her dress, and presented Carla with her naked ass.


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 65

When Carla and Annabel woke up the next morning, Yasmin was gone and the sun was just peeking over the walls of the valley outside. They were hung over but not debilitatingly so; after quickly showering they set off in search of breakfast. The hotel once again seemed to be completely abandoned, but they did find some coffee and pastries in the lobby, so they helped themselves and before long were back on the road.

They only had a few hours to drive so they took their time, both of them having occasional flashbacks of the previous night’s delights. An amazing meal followed by a threesome with an mysterious, beautiful woman...already this trip was turning out well.

They crossed the border before noon and kept heading south along the coast. In midafternoon they arrived at their destination, which was even more impressive than it had looked online — a quiet, secluded beach framed by sparkling turquoise water.

They were renting the bottom half of a duplex; their hostess, whose name was Laura, had told Carla to knock on the door of the top unit when they arrived. She did so, and after a few seconds the door was answered by a woman in her 30s with big, dark brown eyes and a sly smile.

Carla was taken aback. In the blurry picture she’d seen online, Laura had looked awkward and frumpy. The woman standing in front of her was something else altogether. She had unusual but striking features and wavy hair that was either blonde with brown streaks or brown with blond streaks. Carla was immediately smitten.

Opening the door,  Laura invited them in and introduced herself, pronouncing her name in the exotic way: “Lao-ra.” Carla found herself uncharacteristically tongue-tied. Laura, fortunately, was very talkative, keeping up a steady stream of patter as she welcomed them and brought them glasses of watermelon-infused water. Before they left Laura’s apartment to see their own unit, Carla took a look around for any signs of a husband, boyfriend, or roommate; but as far as she could tell, this was the home of a single woman.

As Laura showed them around Carla found herself listening but not really hearing; Laura had a lovely voice with a charming accent, but Carla was much more interested in the way she moved. She was skinnier than Carla usually liked, but she just had a way about her; she was lithe and long-limbed, with a dancer’s grace.

Carla felt disappointed when Laura finished the tour and left them alone; her mind was whirling, plotting, strategizing, devising scenarios. But for the moment she let all that go. It was a beautiful day and after bringing in their suitcases, she and Annabel decamped for the beach. Initially they wore bathing suits but the beach was so quiet and deserted that after a few minutes Carla stripped naked, and Annabel followed suit.

When the sun was going down they wrapped themselves in towels and returned to the apartment. As they walked up Laura was standing in the bay window facing the water. Had she been watching them, Carla wondered? She hoped so.

As they passed Carla favored their hostess with a big smile, but Laura quickly turned away, looking preoccupied. Carla shrugged. There was time.

She and Annabel dressed and walked down the beach to the nearest town, where there was a restaurant that Laura had recommended. They had a wonderful dinner and several margaritas; at the nearby liquor store Carla bought a bottle of tequila to take home, cracking it open and sipping as they strolled home along the suddenly cool seashore. As they approached the house Carla looked for Laura in the window, but there was no sign of her; a light was on in her bedroom, however.

Carla was in a strange mood that night; Annabel could sense it, and was a little apprehensive. Her suspicions turned out to be well-founded; it wasn’t long before she found herself naked, face-down on the bed, wrists lashed to the headboard.

Meanwhile Carla stood over her suitcase, inspecting the implements of discipline and other toys she had brought. After a minute she picked up her cane. She wanted, more than anything else, to make Annabel scream as loud as possible for the benefit of their upstairs neighbor. She didn’t even bother to offer a pretense for the punishment; she just wanted to do it, and that was enough.

Starting slowly and almost gently, Carla gradually built up the intensity of the beating. Annabel’s moans reverberated through the quiet house, which was sparsely adorned and thus had excellent acoustics. At one point Carla leaned down, whispered the word “Louder” into Annabel’s ear, and brought the cane down on the older woman’s rump with a decisive crack.

After that Annabel didn’t really feel the pain anymore. It became kind of therapeutic for her, filling her lungs with air and then letting it go in a series of full-throated howls. When the caning was over her whole body was tingling, almost crackling with electrical energy.

Putting the cane aside, Carla equipped herself with a strap-on and made Annabel scream in a whole different way. All the while she imagined Laura listening to them upstairs, and wondered what she might be thinking.