Friday, May 18, 2018

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 76

When Kim returned to their table Carla wrapped both arms around her and kissed her on the lips. Blair’s smell and taste were strong on her, triggering memories for Carla, who had first been brought to Blair’s the previous summer by an older woman she’d had a brief affair with.

The second time, after they broke up, Carla had come by herself. She was determined to look as sexy as possible in case they ran into each other, and dressed in her tiniest micro-miniskirt and an ultrathin tube top that barely covered her nipples. She remembered that on her way out of the house she’d walked past her father, who did a double-take and looked like he was about to say something; then just shook his head and kept walking.

As she walked through the parking lot toward the door of the club Carla felt nervous. She had been an out and proud lesbian for years, but still the kinky and public nature of what went on at Blair’s was new to her. Her former lover had explained to her that, in order to attend a show there, you had to agree to participate if your number was called. It was not permitted to be just a spectator.

As she signed the release form her heart was pounding. She had a feeling that something was going to happen. Instead of sitting down she lingered by the bar, slowly sipping her drink as she waited for the show to get started. Finally the lights went down and Blair appeared on the stage, dressed in form-fitting vinyl from the neck down. She welcomed the crowd and drew a number; Carla was not surprised to look down and see that same number in her hand.

From that point on things seemed to move in slow motion. Carla began to walk toward the stage, feeling more eyes on her with every step. As she did she watched herself in the giant mirror, and was happy with what she saw. This outfit showed off every curve and left very little to the imagination. She accentuated the sway of her hips, hoping to get every pussy in the place wet by the time she made it to the stage.

Blair helped Carla up the stairs and looked her up and down. She tried to keep her expression neutral, but the look in her eyes said she’d hit the jackpot. Carla looked out at the crowd, feeling a lump in her throat; she was used to being very open about her sexuality, but being onstage was something else altogether.

Then the world was wrapped in darkness as Blair pulled a vinyl hood over her head. The only openings in the hood were two holes for her nostrils and a zipper over the mouth, so Carla was completely blind. For a brief moment she panicked, then she got ahold of herself and told herself to relax, to savor every moment of this experience.

Blair’s hands wrapped around Carla from behind, pulling her tube top down, cupping her tits and pinching her nipples. Carla moaned into the zipper; Blair’s hands were so deft, so sure, so authoritative. She generally preferred to be the one in charge, but in this situation she was happy to surrender herself to the older woman’s will.

Now Blair lifted Carla’s arms up over her head and attached her wrists to a chain that was dangling from the ceiling. She then adjusted the chain so Carla was stretched out to her full length, not straining, but unable to put her weight back on her heels.

There was a wooden trunk on the stage that Blair now flipped open. One by one she pulled out various instruments of punishment, holding each one up for the audience’s approval: a whip, a flogger, a paddle, a cane, a riding crop, and a leather slapper. The amount of applause seemed to increase for each one, and so Blair chose the slapper, a recent acquisition that she hadn’t gotten much chance to use yet.

Holding the slapper under one arm, Blair pulled Carla’s skirt down around her knees. Her tiny white thong didn’t cover much of anything, so Blair left it in place. Taking a step back, Blair paused to appreciate the bound, exposed form of the young woman; a magnificent specimen, she was.

Blind under her hood, Carla had heard the six successively louder bursts of crowd noise, wondering what was happening. Afterward it was quiet, with nothing to be heard save the sound of her own breath. Then she heard something whooshing through the air, and braced herself.

The first whack of the slapper, which came on her left thigh, still took her by surprise. Her leg muscles trembled and she pulled, pointlessly, against the chain holding her hands. From Carla’s thighs Blair moved to her butt, her breasts, her belly, punishing her slowly, precisely, almost delicately; but Carla found that being unable to see heightened all her other sensations. Every blow stung for a few seconds, then dissolved into pins and needles.

Finally Blair kicked Carla’s legs apart and began to whip the slapper back and forth between her inner thighs. Carla bit her lip and groaned; the pain level had increased, but so had the proximity to her pussy. She hoped that a reward might be coming.

She didn’t have long to wait. Sitting down the slapper, Blair loosened the chain and adjusted Carla so she was bent forward at the waist. From the trunk Blair now produced a three-foot-long wooden stick with a nice, thick dildo on one end. Blair pulled the crotch of Carla’s thong aside and slid the tip of the dildo between her legs, pressing it gently against her pussy lips.

Sensing the pressure on her vulva, Carla lifted up onto her toes, angling herself for better penetration. Blair sat down on the trunk and got a firm grip on her end of the stick. She probed into Carla’s slit gently at first, then with one decisive move buried the phallus in her all the way to the hilt.

Carla contracted her leg muscles, pushing back against the invading shaft with all her strength. Aroused and well-situated as she was, it took only a handful of strokes before she felt a climax begin to wash over her. Even so she was eager for more, but to her disappointment she felt the dildo being withdrawn. Blair had other ideas for her.

Loosening the chain still further, Blair brought Carla onto her knees and opened the zipper that had been covering her mouth. Blair’s bodysuit had a crotch zipper, which she now opened as well, spreading her legs slightly and positioning herself near Carla’s hooded head.

Kneeling now, still bound and unseeing, Carla felt the warmth and smelled the aroma of Blair’s crotch just in front of her face. She stuck her tongue out and searched around, finally making contact with the tender flesh of Blair’s pussy. It was creamy and salty, and Carla licked and sucked it greedily, probing deep inside and drinking down the nectar. Blair’s pubic hair tickled her through the nostril holes, but with no hand available she could do nothing about it, so concentrated on finding and sucking Blair’s clit.

Blair gripped Carla’s hooded head with both hands and ground her crotch into the younger woman’s face. For a time everything around them dropped away: it was just two women, one giving pleasure, one receiving. Finally Blair began to shiver, her body wracked by an orgasm that came in stages, each one a little more intense than the one before.

Composing herself, Blair closed her zipper, then pulled the hood up over Carla’s head. After freeing Carla’s hands and helping her to her feet, Blair gestured to the crowd, which obliged her with a cacophony of applause, cheers, and whistles. Adjusting her top and skirt, Carla checked herself in the mirror: She looked good. Slutty, but good.


Friday, May 11, 2018

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 75

No one had said anything for a few minutes; the three of them had been sitting gazing out at the cool blue ocean and the glittering golden sun. Then Kim spoke up.

“So, were you gonna go to Blair’s tonight?”

Carla cocked her head and thought for a second. “Oh, that’s tonight, isn’t it? I had completely forgotten.” She paused to consider. “Yeah, we should go. Definitely.”

An hour later they walked out to Kim’s car together. Carla had dressed Annabel super-femme — slinky white dress, pearls along with her collar, and pouffy blow-dried hair — and herself kind of butch, in blue jeans and leather with her hair slicked back. Kim was wearing a short plaid skirt and white blouse, going for a classic slutty schoolgirl look. With her youthful features she could easily have passed for an actual student, except that no school would allow a skirt that short.

As they approached the warehouse Annabel felt her stomach tighten. Blair’s attracted a regular crowd, which meant that many of the people who were going to be there that night had seen her punished and exposed on their previous visit. Seen her hanging upside-down with her face buried in Blair’s crotch. Thinking about it Annabel felt both self-conscious and aroused; her pussy was soaking wet by the time they pulled into the parking lot.

Carla didn’t leash Annabel this time, but held her by the elbow and guided her toward the door. The three of them sort of looked like a family — mom and dad and precocious teen daughter. Annabel recognized a few faces from the last time; every time she saw one she blushed and looked down, but she could feel eyes lingering on her. It was a relief when they got inside, where it was relatively dark.

Kim and Annabel sat down as Carla went to get them drinks — a beer for herself, a cosmo for Annabel, and a Shirley Temple (spiked with vodka) for Kim. As she poured the drinks the bartender looked over at Annabel, then back at Carla. “That was quite a show the other day,” she said. “One of the best we’ve ever had.”

Carla smiled. The bartender was cute, with big brown eyes, a short black bob, and a compact but voluptuous frame. It might be fun to have her spend some time with them. But there was plenty of time for that later. For now, Carla just nodded and took the drinks back to their table.

They had been among the last to arrive, and it was only a few minutes before Blair appeared onstage. She was dressed, it appeared, as some kind of priest — or at least she was wearing a clerical collar, though the rest of her outfit was decidedly nonstandard. The black top had a cross-shaped cutout that revealed her upper chest, navel, and black lace bra (the latter stuffed to the breaking point with her magnificent breasts). Underneath she wore a black leather skirt with a slit down the side.

“Welcome, everyone. It’s great to see you all here again.” The crowd murmured in response. “Let’s get started. First off, we won’t be doing the lottery tonight. I have a particular look in mind for this scene.” She walked down from the stage and began circulating through the crowd, taking time to check out every woman she passed.

When she got to Carla, Annabel, and Kim’s table she stopped. Pointing at Kim she said, “That’s it exactly. Come with me.” She extended her hand and Kim took it; the crowd applauded as Blair led Kim to the stage.

There was a desk onstage with chairs on either side, and after sitting Kim down on one side, Blair walked around to the other. She sat down and made a signal with her hand. The lights went out for a few seconds and when they came back on, Blair had clearly gotten into character. She had a stern look on her face and was tapping a wooden ruler on her palm.

Staring fiercely into Kim’s eyes, she asked, “What do you have to say for yourself?”

Unsure how to respond, Kim stuttered for a few seconds — “Um, well, I...” — and finally said, honestly, “I don’t know.”

“Sister Mary Agnes told me she saw you smoking cigarettes behind the gym. Are you denying it?”

Kim started to get a sense of where this was going. “I don’t smoke,” said, putting on her best pouty face.

“So you don’t have cigarettes on you right now?” asked Blair. Kim shook her head. “Stand up for me, please.”

Kim did as she was told and Blair stood up and walked around the desk. Undoing the top button of Kim’s blouse, she poked a finger down into Kim’s cleavage and rummaged around in there for a few seconds. Then she bent over slightly and slid her hands up into Kim’s skirt. She spent what seemed like an extremely long time probing, prodding, and squeezing before finally emerging with a pack of cigarettes in her hand — which she had of course palmed earlier. Earlier in life, Blair had for a while made her living as a magician.

Sitting the pack down on the desk, Blair gazed over at Kim with a shark’s ruthless grin. “Hands on the table,” she ordered, and Kim obeyed. Walking around behind her, Blair kicked Kim’s legs apart and bent her over further so her ass was sticking out. The crowd began to buzz with anticipation, and Annabel felt Carla’s hand slide up under her dress and begin to caress her knee.

Blair lifted the hem of Kim’s skirt and tucked it into the waistband, revealing her skimpy pink panties, then pulled them down around her ankles. After having Kim step out of the panties, Blair wadded them up and stuffed them into the younger woman’s mouth.

Now what do you have to say for yourself?”

Playing along, Kim tried to say a few words through her panty gag, which was of course copiously soaked with her juices — she had started lubricating furiously the moment Blair picked her out of the crowd. All that came out of her mouth was a muffled croak.

“I thought so,” said Blair, smirking. She picked up the ruler, took her time measuring the distance, then let fly with a resounding whack that echoed through the room. Kim moaned and braced herself harder against the desk, a little surprised at how much the ruler stung.

By this time Carla’s hand was creeping up Annabel’s inner thigh. The skin there was warm and moist, sticky with sweat and a trickle of girl juice. Annabel was in a highly sensitized state, and every touch of a fingertip on her thigh felt like a small electric shock.

Blair twirled the ruler in her hand theatrically before bringing it down on Kim’s other cheek. At this point Kim closed her eyes and tried to keep herself together. She wanted to put on a good show for the people, and not be a sissy; but that ruler really smarted, and hurt a little more with each blow.

It helped that between strokes Blair started teasing her inner thighs, then the tender flesh of her vulva, with the end of the ruler. Soon her ass and her pussy were both on fire, though in different ways. Kim but her lip and held on.

And then, suddenly, things changed. Blair dropped the ruler and fell to her knees, burying her face in Kim’s crotch from behind, driving her tongue in deep. The tremor that ran through Kim’s body was visible even from the back row. Carla’s hand had now made its way inside Annabel’s panties, pushing the hem of her dress all the way up around her waist. Exposed as she was, Annabel felt like everyone must be watching her; but when she looked around, she saw that all eyes were fixed on the stage.

Kim came quickly, but Blair didn’t let up. Gripping Kim’s ass with both hands, Blair spread her even wider and pushed in even further. Kim gasped and fell down, somewhat suddenly, onto the surface of the desk. She gripped the sides for dear life as Blair tongue-fucked her, a copious stream of her juice dripping onto the desktop. Then she was coming again, and this time she managed to spit out the gag, emitting a loud wail that echoed through the room.

There was a thunderous round of applause, but the scene was not done quite yet. After whispering something into Kim’s ear, Blair walked back around to the other side of the desk and sat down. Kim climbed off the desk and wriggled underneath it. From this angle the crowd couldn’t see her so they had to imagine what was happening from the look on Blair’s face, which changed gradually from neutral to elated to ecstatic.

Finally Blair pushed herself away from the desk and stood up, smoothing her skirt and catching her breath; though she hadn’t made a sound, her orgasm had been quite intense. She reached one hand down to Kim, who emerged a few seconds later and stood beside Blair. They took a bow together as the audience went wild.

Annabel, who had come at the same moment as Blair, clapped heartily. Carla brought both hands to her mouth and whistled as Kim turned and made her way offstage. When the applause died down Blair looked out at the crowd and said, “Thank you, ladies. There will now be a brief intermission.”


Friday, May 4, 2018

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 74

When Kim arrived about 10 minutes later, Carla was bent over the bound form of Annabel, to all appearances giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. When Carla pulled away curly wisps of white rose up from between them, and Kim realized that she had been breathing smoke into her stepmother’s mouth.

“Hey,” said Carla, and held out the joint that was still smoldering in her hand. “You need to try this. It’s the best.”

Kim didn’t need much convincing; she accepted the proferred spliff, took two puffs, and handed it back. She immediately felt tingly all over, and highly conscious of the proximity of two beautiful women — one of them naked and one of them dressed very provocatively in revealing yoga clothes.

Sitting down on the deck, Kim began to fondle Annabel’s nude body — squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples, stroking her thighs. Annabel groaned and trembled, more than ready for some attention after laying there tied up and blindfolded for what seemed like hours, waiting for something to happen.

Carla sat down and took the last couple puffs from the joint, rubbing herself through her yoga pants as she watched Kim molest her stepmother. Annabel’s pussy was getting visibly wetter by the second, her lips growing puffy and opening like flower petals.

When Kim slid one finger into Annabel’s cunt, then brought to her mouth and licked it, the hankering that Carla had been nurturing all day hit her like a tidal wave. She leapt to her feet and quickly stripped off her top and pants. Even in her haste, though, she took a few seconds to fold them carefully before putting them down on a chair — they were brand new, after all.

Annabel felt the change in the air when Carla straddled her head, then the familiar scent of female arousal filled her nostrils. She began to explore with her mouth, finding first the soft skin of Carla’s thigh, then the tickle of her pubic hair, and finally the tender flesh of her vulva. Carla sighed and let her weight sink down onto Annabel’s face.

Kim, meanwhile, had pried Annabel’s pussy lips apart with her fingers and started to probe around inside with her tongue. It seemed to her that no woman had ever tasted quite as delicious as Annabel did at this moment; Kim craned her head and went in deeper, coating her lips and chin with Annabel’s nectar.

The deck was mostly hidden from the beach below, but a sharp-eyed viewer who happened by just then would have been treated to the sight of Carla writhing atop Annabel, boobs bouncing as she moved up and down on the bound woman’s tongue. But the beach was secluded and it was only rarely that anyone came there.

When Carla was satisfied she stood up. Her legs felt like jello, and just for a second she thought she was going to topple over. But she got ahold of herself and went into the kitchen to get something to drink; she was dreadfully thirsty. When she returned Kim had taken her place on top of Annabel, but facing the opposite direction, toward the house.

Carla sat sipping cool water as she watched the Asian girl grind down repeatedly onto Annabel’s face. At first Kim was gripping the arms of the chair; then she rested her hands on Annabel’s thighs; then she slowly let herself topple forward until her head was between the older woman’s legs. She just couldn’t get enough of Annabel’s pussy, apparently.

And who could blame her? Carla slid down off the chair onto her knees and crawled the few feet over to where the other two were. She lifted Kim’s head and they kissed, sharing the taste of Annabel that was all over Kim’s lips. Then they worked together to bring Annabel to one, two, three gigantic orgasms.

When Kim finally climbed off her the look on Annabel’s face was priceless: dazed and cross-eyed, smiling stupidly but contentedly. Carla untied her and all three of them adjourned inside. Annabel got out some crackers, cheese, and fruit as Carla popped open a bottle of white wine.

As they sat down at the kitchen table the sun was just beginning its long, slow descent toward the horizon. Nibbling her food and sipping her wine, Carla looked back and forth between the gorgeous scenery and the two lovely naked ladies sitting next to her. She sighed contentedly. Sooner or later, she was sure, new desires would make themselves known. But right now everything was perfect just as it was.


Friday, April 27, 2018

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 73

Several hours later, when Carla and Annabel were finally dressing to leave, Carla asked, “So what do you call this stuff?”

Katya smiled. “The grower told me he calls it “Mighty Aphrodite.” You maybe want some to take home?”

“Hell yeah,” answered Carla. “How much do you have?”

“Well, I need to save some for myself. But I could sell you an ounce.”

“Deal,” said Carla.

As they completed the transaction, Katya looked over at Annabel and said, “Your... stepmother?” Here she paused, and Carla nodded to indicate she had it right. “She is becoming quite talented with the tongue, no? She has been getting a lot of practice?”

Carla grinned mischievously. “I try to keep her in shape.”

Annabel was simultaneously embarrassed at being spoken of in such crude terms, and thrilled at the compliment Katya had given her. She had certainly learned a lot about how to please a woman. She wondered, was this a skill she would be using for the rest of her life? Or was it a short-term thing? The future was murky.

At the moment she felt pleasantly lethargic. As they drove home she sat back in the seat, enjoying the night and not thinking about much. Back at the house they brushed their teeth, tumbled together into Carla’s bed, and were asleep within minutes.

* * *

When Annabel came downstairs in the morning Carla was already sitting out on the deck, wearing nothing but sunglasses, with a glass of orange juice in one hand and her vape pen in the other. Annabel had to smile to herself; she was constantly envious of her stepdaughter’s ability to enjoy life to its fullest.

As Annabel put on water for tea, Carla came up from behind and wrapped one arm around her. “Morning,” she said, kissing Annabel behind one ear.

Annabel sighed. “Good morning,” she said. “It’s nice to be home.”

Carla offered Annabel a draw on the pen but she demurred. Carla shrugged and took another hit herself. She didn’t often wake-and-bake, but every once in a while it could be a wonderful thing.

After breakfast they got dressed and headed into Santa Monica. There were still a couple of hours before yoga class, but Carla had a hankering to do some shopping. Annabel suggested that she should drive, and though Carla knew she would have been fine behind the wheel, she didn’t argue the point. It was nice to be chauffeured, anyway; Carla sat gazing contentedly out the window, puffing occasionally on her pen, as Annabel drove them into town.

They ended up hitting pretty much every shop in town, looking for the sheerest, sexiest yoga pants on the market. Carla finally settled on a light gray pair that were barely more than pantyhose; the outlines of her pubic hair were clearly visible underneath. She bought the same pants in magenta for Annabel, whose blond bush was less obvious but still detectable. Annabel felt a little self-conscious, but Carla wanted her to wear them, so that was that.

They each also got a new top: Carla a black crop with a hole that displayed cleavage, Annabel a knit sweater top that showed off her toned shoulders. They enjoyed watching heads turn as they walked to the yoga studio. Even by L.A. standards, they were something to see.

As they set up their spaces Carla kept an eye on the door. The teacher had not appeared as of yet, and Carla fervently hoped that Asha would come walking in. At this point her high had settled down into a slow, simmering buzz and a pleasant warmth, stimulating but not insistent, was radiating from between her legs.

Annabel looked around for Dylan, but she was nowhere to be seen. Catching sight of herself in the mirror, Annabel was impressed with how good she looked in the new clothes, and amazed at how exposed she was. Was it even legal to walk down the street looking like this?

Then Asha appeared in the doorway, and Carla gaped. She looked even more beautiful than she had the last time, and seemed to float into the room without touching the ground. She must be an incarnation of some goddess, thought Carla, then inwardly made fun of herself for thinking that way. You must be high.

The class was more challenging than the first one Carla had attended, and though she considered herself to be in good physical shape, she had a hard time keeping up. At one point, as everyone else was doing a downward dog, Carla sank onto her knees to rest. Looking around the room at all the rounded butts being thrust up into the air, Carla smiled and shook her head. How had she missed out on this all these years?

Carla sensed Asha’s eyes on her, and turned to meet the Indian woman’s gaze. Did Asha know, she wondered, the kind of thoughts that were going through her head as she ogled these gorgeous female forms? Carla didn’t generally believe in ESP, but it seemed quite possible that Asha might be a mind-reader.

A look passed between them, but Carla couldn’t tell exactly what was being communicated. Then the moment was over; Asha turned away and told the class to sink into child’s pose.

After class Carla wanted to talk to Asha but she was surrounded before Carla could get there. The next class was about to start and the room was crowded with people, so Carla reluctantly turned to go. But before leaving she took a last, lingering look at the stunning yoga teacher, drinking in Asha’s smooth brown skin; her big brown eyes; her luxurious black hair; her perfectly toned and proportioned body. Carla promised that one way or another, she would find a way to get to know this woman better.

Back at home, Carla was in an indulgent mood. She stripped Annabel’s yoga clothes off, blindfolded her, and led her out onto the deck. Laying Annabel out on a deck chair, Carla used the yoga straps she’d bought that morning to tie Annabel’s wrists to the chair. Then she bound Annabel’s ankles with a couple of bungee cords that were sitting nearby.

Struck by an idea, Carla got her phone, took a picture of her naked, bound stepmother, and sent it to Kim. Just the photo, no message or anything — but Kim would get the idea. Then Carla decided to roll a joint. The pen was nice and convenient, but sometimes there was nothing like a good old-fashioned smoke. She got her bag of weed and her rolling papers and sat down to wait.


Friday, January 19, 2018

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 72

In the morning, after a pleasant round of mutual pussy-licking, Carla, Annabel, and Daisy went out for breakfast. Carla was antsy; she was feeling ready to be back home. After thinking for a while, she had the bright idea of calling her father’s assistant, under the pretense of looking for him. Within two minutes she had the information she wanted: Her father had left for Brazil early that morning.

So after finishing their meal Carla and Annabel climbed into their car and headed south. Traffic was light and they made good time, arriving back in Malibu in the late afternoon. The house was a mess, with empty beer bottles everywhere and a kitchen full of dirty dishes. Sighing, Carla decided that she would make the most of the situation — she would have Annabel strip, then sit down to watch her work.

Looking over at her stepmother, Carla realized that she’d forgotten about Annabel’s collar. But Annabel hadn’t; it was right there on her neck where it was supposed to be. Carla smiled and kissed her on the cheek. “What a good girl you are,” she said. After that she changed her mind and decided to help Annabel clean up.

Just as they were finishing up Carla got a text from Katya. She’d just gotten a new shipment in, she said, and it was the best stuff she’d ever had. Did Carla want some?

Indeed she did; she’d run out of weed days before, and though now you could just go out and buy it in a store, she’d been a loyal customer of Katya’s for years and intended to keep it that way. She and Annabel drove out to Katya’s just before sundown.

Katya answered the door in a black string bikini with a big, blissful smile on her face. Annabel was struck by how different this was from the first time they’d come there. Then Annabel had found Katya intimidating; now she was like an old friend. In fact the whole atmosphere of the place had changed; more windows were open, some clutter had been removed, and slanting evening light was streaming in from above.

After hugging them both Katya sat them down and packed her favorite water pipe with the new product. “This is the sexiest shit I’ve ever smoked,” she said. “I mean, it’s just....” At a loss for words, she gestured at the pipe. “Just try it.”

Carla took a big hit, held it as long as she could, then exhaled. The effect was instantaneous; looking over at Katya, then at Annabel, Carla realized that she wanted to fuck both their brains out immediately.

“See what I mean?” said Katya. Carla handed the pipe back to her, but instead of bringing it to her mouth, Katya clamped it between her legs. Looking over at Annabel, Katya purred, “Come here, machekha.”

Annabel obediently rose and stepped toward Katya, who pushed her down onto her knees. Taking the lighter in one hand and Annabel’s head in the other, Katya simultaneously lit the pipe and brought Annabel’s mouth to the stem. She held it there until Annabel had inhaled a good lungful. Once released, Annabel coughed and breathed out an impressive cloud of smoke.

The minute that this whole operation had taken had seemed like an eternity to Carla. She was not feeling patient at all. Standing, she untied Katya’s bikini top and pulled it off. Katya’s boobs, rounded and full with stiff, dark brown nipples, looked mouthwateringly delicious. But instead of sucking them herself, Carla found herself guiding Annabel’s head to Katya’s chest.

It was almost like it didn’t matter which one of them was doing it. When Annabel’s lips closed around Katya’s left breast, Carla swore she could taste it in her own mouth. And she was very high, to be sure, but she also felt like she was experiencing something real, something true.

Unbuttoning her jeans, Carla slid her left hand down into her panties and began to rub herself. Copious juices were flowing, soaking her panties and allowing her finger to slip easily inside. Annabel had now moved on to the other breast and Katya was leaning back on the couch, enjoying the older woman’s ministrations.

Using her right hand, Carla reached down and untied the strings on either side of Katya’s bikini bottom. It fell forward to reveal a thatch of brown pubic hair and a glistening pink slit. Carla gently nudged Annabel’s head downward until it was between Katya’s legs. When Annabel stuck her tongue out to taste Katya’s pussy, Carla felt a sweet, tangy sensation in her own mouth.

Katya brought lifted the water pipe to her lips and fired it up as Annabel licked her, slowly at first and then with passion, jabbing her tongue inside like a cock. At this point Carla couldn’t take it for another second. She hastily stripped off her jeans and panties and climbed up onto the couch, positioning herself so that Katya could eat her out. Which Katya did, eagerly and without hesitation, after setting the pipe aside.

When Annabel touched Katya’s clit she came immediately, holding Annabel’s head and rubbing her cream all over Annabel’s nose and mouth. Carla climaxed soon after; in her sensitized state it didn’t take much. She groaned and held onto the back of the couch for support as the spasms wracked her body.

Once she’d recovered and climbed off Katya, Carla realized that Annabel was the only one of them still fully dressed. That didn’t seem right, so she quickly pulled Annabel’s dress up and off, then relieved her of her bra and panties. Katya and Carla looked at one another and nodded.

Carla tied Annabel’s hands behind her back with a length of cord while Katya located a pair of strap-ons. Once they were harnessed up Carla and Katya stood looming over Annabel, who took turns servicing each of them with her mouth. When Carla felt ready she bent Annabel over, took aim, and drove the dildo home.

Katya stood watching as Annabel gasped and moaned, enjoying the way her tits bounced as Carla fucked her. Suddenly Carla decided that it was very important for Annabel to be made to taste her own pussy, so she pulled out and moved around to Annabel’s mouth. Katya took her place between Annabel’s legs, and together they pounded the blonde into a state of satisfied exhaustion.

Afterward Katya and Carla sat side-by-side on the couch, passing the pipe back and forth. They also took turns with Annabel, who spend the rest of the evening on her knees serving at the whim of the two younger women. There was no longer any sense of urgency to the encounter; the night was still warm and none of them had anywhere to be.