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Alpha Beta Delta Chapter 40 is up

This one is kind of an intermission between acts. I promise more action next time:

Friday, January 5, 2018

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 71

Daisy led Carla and Annabel down the hallway to a small room that had been set up for a different shoot. In the middle of it was a chair like you’d find in a gynecologist’s office, complete with raised stirrups. At the foot of this was a mechanical gizmo that was basically a dark brown, rubbery-looking dildo on a stick connected to a series of gears.

After helping Carla up into the chair, Daisy fastened a series of leather straps around each of her legs. They were soft on the surface but held her tightly, giving her the feeling of being luxuriously restrained.

Holding up a finger, Daisy said “Be right back” and disappeared out the door. Sitting there with her legs splayed open, Carla flashed back to her first visit to the gynecologist — the awkwardness and nervousness, combined with a vague sexual charge. She looked over at Annabel, who felt suddenly motherly, seeing Carla exposed this way — wanting to protect her, or comfort her, or cover her up. But she knew that that was not what was needed here.

After a few minutes Daisy returned wearing a pink nurse’s uniform. This girl sure does love to play dress-up, thought Carla.

Pulling on a latex glove, Daisy said to Carla, “First we need to make sure you’re ready.” Inserting a finger between Carla’s pussy lips, she listened for the telltale squishing sound that would indicate sufficient wetness. When she didn’t hear it, she got down on her knees and leaned in between Carla’s legs.

Daisy took a few laps at Carla’s vulva, then stuck her tongue inside and probed around until she felt the juices begin to flow abundantly. Satisfied with her work, she stood up again and picked up a small box that served as the remote control for the machine. She turned a dial and the dildo moved slowly forward until the tip was right against Carla’s pussy lips.

At this point Daisy stopped the machine and adjusted the chair a little so the angle of entry was perfect. Then she started the machine again and the dildo began to drill into Carla’s cunt, moving simultaneously in a circular motion. Carla gripped the side of the chair and bit her lip as she was penetrated. It wasn’t the biggest thing she’d ever had inside her, but it had considerable girth and went very deep.

Daisy turned the knob the other way and the dildo reversed course, pulling out until only the very tip remained inside. Daisy then made it go in again, out again, in and out, in and out, gradually increasing the speed until the phallus was pistoning rapidly and Carla was moaning helplessly, laying back with her eyes closed as the machine fucked her.

When Carla climaxed Daisy slowed the machine down as far as it would go, but didn’t stop it. It continued a slow, almost hypnotic back-and-forth as Carla caught her breath. Then Daisy slowly sped it up again until Carla came a second time.

This could have gone on indefinitely — it was a machine, after all — but finally Carla opened her eyes, smiled weakly, and said “That’s enough.” Daisy switched the machine off and looked down at her friend, who sighed contentedly. “That hit the spot.”

For a few long seconds it was quiet in the room. It was Annabel who broke the silence, asking somewhat sheepishly, “Could I have a turn?”

Carla and Daisy and looked at each other and giggled. Daisy deftly freed Carla’s legs and she stood up, helping Annabel to climb up and take her place.

Daisy cinched the straps around Annabel’s legs and reached her gloved hand down to probe Annabel’s pussy. No problem there — she was soaking wet; in fact a small pool of her girl juice had already formed on the edge of the chair.

Again Daisy picked up the remote and caused the dildo to move forward until it was pressed against Annabel’s crotch. Carla walked over behind Annabel and reached around to cup her breasts, watching with fascination as the mechanical phallus thrust into her. Annabel gasped, feeling the thing move further and further into her, fearing for a moment that it was going to push all the way up into her stomach.

Daisy twisted the dial and the dildo reversed direction, spinning in the opposite direction as it moved out. As she had with Carla, Daisy gradually built up speed until Annabel climaxed, then repeated the process. At this point Carla took the remote from her and cranked it all the way up. The machine began to whine as the dildo pumped in and out of Annabel’s pussy almost faster than the eye could see.

After maybe 30 seconds of this Annabel came so hard that her entire body appeared to lift visibly off the chair. Trying to catch her breath, she stuttered “I...I...I...”, and Carla could see that she’d had enough. When the machine stopped Annabel began to laugh uncontrollably, shaking all over, until tears came to her eyes and she had to wipe them away. As the laughter subsided she was finally able to speak. “Wow,” she said.

Daisy decided that she needed to have a go as well. She unstrapped Annabel, who gingerly rose from the chair and stood up with Carla’s assistance. After undressing Daisy climbed on and Annabel took charge of securing the straps while Carla fiddled with the remote, getting more of a feel for its workings.

When Daisy was in place Carla moved the dildo toward her, made the necessary adjustments, and twisted the dial. Daisy yelped as the thing filled her up. She’d thought she knew what to expect, but it took her a minute to get used to it.

Carla had enormous fun playing with this toy, fucking Daisy slower then faster, slower then faster, building up to a crescendo that had Daisy howling and crying for Jesus. She held onto Annabel, who was standing beside her, as one orgasm after another rippled through her. Finally she fell back hard onto the chair and waved her hand in the air to indicate that she’d had enough. Carla, smirking, switched off the machine and sat the remote down.

Moving rather slowly, holding on to each other for support, the three of them walked to Daisy’s bedroom. They fell into the king-size bed together and, after sharing a round of murmured goodnights, drifted off quickly and slept like babies.


Friday, December 15, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 70

After a break the director began the process of filming close-ups. The extras were not required for this part of the shoot, so after watching for a few minutes Carla and Annabel left to get some dinner. Watching people fuck, it turned out, could actually grow boring.

There was an Italian restaurant that Carla liked just a few blocks away, so they walked there in the fading twilight. After dinner they went to a bar with a great view of the bay and had a drink that turned into two, then three.

When they got back to the loft everyone was gone but Daisy, who’d been neatening up around the place wearing nothing but a long white T-shirt. When Carla and Annabel walked in she looked over at them with a gleam in her eye. She’d been smoking a joint while she worked, which always made her horny, and though it had only been a couple hours since she last had sex it seemed like weeks.

She proposed that the three of them do their own little scene for the movie — but with no cameras, just for fun. Carla and Annabel were game, so Daisy explained what she had in mind, then disappeared to get into costume.

Carla and Annabel took their clothes off and snuggled up together on one of the couches, pulling a blanket over them and pretending to be asleep. A couple minutes later Daisy walked in wearing a maid’s uniform and carrying a feather duster. The idea was that Carla and Annabel were rich ladies who had fallen asleep after participating in the orgy, and Daisy was the maid who’d come to clean up.

After dusting here and there, playing to an imaginary camera, Daisy bent over the coffee table next to where Carla and Annabel were. Carla’s eyes popped open and, seeing the sexy maid in front of her, she reached out and flipped up the back of Daisy’s skirt. When she squeezed Daisy’s ass Daisy looked back at her, counterfeiting an expression of shocked surprise.

Curling one hand around Daisy’s thigh, Carla pulled her over to the couch. There just happened to be a pair of handcuffs on the coffee table, and after relieving Daisy of her duster, Carla cuffed her hands behind her back.

Pulling down the front of Daisy’s uniform, Carla tickled her nipples with the duster. Annabel’s eyes were open now and she watched as Carla picked up the nipple clamps that were also conveniently on hand and snapped them on to Daisy’s erect nubs. Carla then bent Daisy over the couch and orchestrated a kiss between her and Annabel.

Sitting back, Carla drank in the beautiful sight of her stepmother and her friend having a moment together. This was one of life’s great simple pleasures, watching two girls kiss, soft lips meeting, tongues exploring.

It was Daisy who finally broke the kiss, working her way down Annabel’s neck with gentle pecks and nibbles. Annabel arched her back, thrusting her chest forward, and soon Daisy was there, licking and sucking her nipples.

Carla teased Daisy’s pussy with the handle of the duster as she opened her mouth wide and attempted to swallow one of Annabel’s breasts. It was much too big, but she made a noble attempt, leaving a large patch of saliva that showed how far she’d gotten.

Now Daisy resumed her trip downward, trailing her tongue along Annabel’s belly, across her hipbones, and down her pelvis. Annabel moaned and let her legs fall open, revealing a soaking wet, needy-looking pussy.

There followed a lengthy period of Daisy attempting to pleasure Annabel as Carla did everything possible to distract her — spanking her ass, pulling on the nipple clamps, penetrating her with the duster handle. Daisy soldiered bravely on and finally her efforts were rewarded as Annabel had a slow-building but powerful and long-lasting orgasm.

Daisy deserved a reward for that, Carla thought. She had spotted a strap-on sitting on a side table nearby, and now she picked it up and equipped herself. Standing up, she dangled the dildo in front of Daisy’s face. It was black, long, and thick, and Daisy’s eyes traced it as it bobbed up and down, left and right. She opened her mouth submissively and Carla pushed the tip inside.

Taking hold of the back of Daisy’s head, Carla began to fuck her mouth, flashing back to what she’d seen earlier in the evening. What was it like, she wondered idly, to suck a real live cock? Was it better? Feeling suddenly competitive, she shoved the whole length of the strap-on down Daisy’s throat, making her gag.

Pulling out of Daisy’s mouth, Carla walked around behind her, spread her legs, and drove the dildo home. Daisy gasped at the ferocity of the sudden penetration, and began to pant as Carla put all her strength into a no-holds-barred fucking. Pushing Daisy’s head into Annabel’s stomach with every thrust, Carla didn’t let up until she’d come hard three times. When she was finished Daisy lay sprawled across Annabel’s legs, eyes glazed and mouth twisted into a crooked grin.

After a few minutes they all adjourned to the kitchen for a glass of white wine. Annabel and Daisy were both quite content, but while Carla was outwardly calm, her pussy was was throbbing and her mind was racing. She needed something — something different, something special. When she expressed this to Daisy, Daisy nodded and said, “I have just the thing.”


Friday, December 1, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 69

Amid a tumult of voices, Carla and Annabel took up their positions on a divan toward the back of the room. All around them were masked couples, threesomes, and groups in various states of undress, talking casually as if this were any dinner party or workplace.

Suddenly one voice rose above all the others: that of the director, who shushed the crowd so he could issue some last-minute instructions. The women who were with male partners were told to use their hands and mouths to make sure that the men had good, solid erections before the cameras rolled. Carla and Annabel looked around, both appalled and fascinated, as this process took place.
When he was satisfied with the state of things the director yelled “Roll camera!” and then, a few seconds later, “Action!”

And action there was: Suddenly they were in the middle of an orgy, bodies writhing and entwining, the air filled with the sounds of moans and flesh against flesh.

Carla snuggled up against Annabel from behind, threading her right hand underneath and using it to squeeze and fondle Annabel’s breasts. Her left hand slid along Annabel’s flank, over her hips, across her pelvis, and down between her legs.

Clearly, Annabel was super-aroused by the situation; she was sopping wet and the moment Carla’s hand touched her pussy, her whole body went rigid. She leaned her head back against Carla, closed her eyes, and opened her legs wide.

Looking over at the cameras, Carla saw that one was pointing straight at them. It was pretty far away, so they probably wouldn’t be very visible, but it still excited Carla to think that he stepmother’s naked cunt was being captured on video. She pried Annabel’s pussy lips apart with her fingers and slid one of them inside, then another, gripping Annabel tightly with her other arm.

As she finger-fucked Annabel Carla surveyed the scene around them. Many of the groupings consisted of two or more women with a single man, which seemed unfair. There was a lesbian threesome happening on the other side of the room, and Carla watched them for awhile. All three of them were beautiful — one blonde, one brunette, one redhead — but they just seemed to be going through the motions. Carla suspected that they were strictly lesbians-for-hire.

Closer to them, Carla caught sight of Daisy being double-teamed by a pair of Scandinavian-looking guys with enormous cocks. Daisy, it had to be said, was a bit of a slut; she herself had said, on more than one occasion, “I’ll fuck anything that moves.”

The two men looked like brothers, or even twins, with long blond hair and phalluses that appeared to be at least a foot long. Carla looked on wide-eyed as Daisy took one giant prick in her mouth and the other in her pussy. This was not the kind of sex that Carla personally enjoyed, but she had to admit it was titillating to watch.

Gripping Annabel’s head with one hand, Carla guided it down between her legs. Annabel resisted slightly, conscious of being in public and on camera, but Carla was insistent and she quickly yielded. Annabel obediently began to lick Carla’s pussy as Carla tweaked her own nipples and continued to watch Daisy being stuffed full of throbbing meat.

After a few minutes Carla came, shivering all over as her clit twitched. Pulling Annabel’s head up, Carla kissed her and licked some pussy juice off her face, then sent her back down to continue.

As Annabel’s tongue probed around inside her, Carla switched her attention back and forth between Daisy and the three girls across the room, who had now busted out strap-ons and seemed to finally be getting into it. The blonde was sandwiched between the redhead and the brunette, who took turns leaning across to suck each other’s tits as they drove their artificial cocks home.

Just as Carla had her second orgasm, the guy who had been fucking Daisy’s mouth pulled out and shot a jet of white cream onto her chest. Carla had no personal experience with semen, but she’d seen plenty onscreen, and this sure looked like a lot; it thoroughly coated both of Daisy’s breasts.

Carla turned her attention to the three girls for a minute, then looked back at Daisy. She now had the other man’s cock in her mouth, gripping the shaft with her hand as her lips moved up and down on the tip.

Soon Carla came again, and this time so hard it took her by surprise. Squeezing Annabel’s head between her legs, she fell back onto the divan. Through heavy-lidded eyes she looked over at Daisy as the second guy came. This time Daisy swallowed most of the load, but when he pulled out a thin stream of cum dribbled down her chin.

Carla was struck with an impulse to make Annabel go over there and lick it off. But then the director yelled “Cut!”, and everything came to a halt.


Friday, November 10, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 68

In the morning Carla and Annabel slept late and lingered over coffee, then packed up and got ready to go. Before they left they went upstairs to say goodbye to Laura, but found a note on the door saying that she’d been called away for a family emergency. It was signed with a looping “L” and marked with a lipstick kiss.

On the drive they were mostly quiet, listening to music and daydreaming. When they approached the area where they’d stayed two nights before, Carla thought about turning toward the hotel, remembering the lovely evening they’d had there. But she had a strange feeling about it — like if they went to look for the place again, they’d find it had vanished without a trace, as if the whole thing was some crazy dream they’d had. So she just kept on driving.

By this point it was getting late into the afternoon, and after they’d driven for a while more, Carla suddenly found herself feeling incredibly horny. She steered with her left hand while reaching over with her right to fondle Annabel’s breasts, then began exploring underneath Annabel’s skirt.

Before long they were both in such a state that they had to pull over at the next hotel they came to, a totally nondescript place in a sleepy small town. As soon as they got inside they tore each other’s clothes off and tumbled into bed. Afterwards they ordered a pizza and spent the rest of the night watching movies in bed.

It was late the next morning when they finally got back to Malibu. Carla drove slowly up the hill toward the house, just in case...and sure enough, there it was, her father’s car still in the driveway. She hit the brakes, turned around, and headed back down the hill, unsure of where to go.

As they approached the freeway she was struck with an impulse: Why not head to San Francisco? Introduce Annabel to Daisy, see what might transpire? Without a word to Annabel, she pointed the car north and stepped on the gas.

They drove almost straight through, stopping only once, at a truck stop for something to eat and drink and to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately they arrived in the City right at rush hour, and so found themselves crawling through traffic for the better part of an hour before pulling up in front of the building where Daisy’s loft was.

Carla texted Daisy to let her know they were there, and Daisy wrote back, “Come on up! Door’s unlocked.” As they climbed the stairs they heard the murmur of voices; they soon found themselves in what appeared to be an Elizabethan mansion filled with people in period costume, many of them wearing masks. Carla was amazed at how the place had been transformed; a lot of time and expense had gone into the decoration.

Obviously the loft was being used for a shoot — along one wall was a group of people in modern clothes fiddling with cameras and lights. It took them a few minutes to find Daisy, who was wearing a fancy dress with a huge skirt and carrying a walkie-talkie. She was working as a PA on the shoot and greeted them effusively.

“Hey listen,” she said after they’d chatted briefly. “Some of our extras flaked and we need more people. You guys want to be movie stars?”

Carla and Annabel looked at each other, and Daisy could tell what they were thinking. “You can be way in the background, and you’ll have masks on the whole time.”

“Hmm,” said Carla, and pulled Annabel aside for a quick talk. She was suddenly excited about the idea and wanted to do it, but didn’t want to make Annabel do something she’d be unhappy about. So without giving an order, exactly, she let Annabel know how she felt. Annabel listened as she talked and then, while still looking reluctant, nodded her assent.

“OK,” Carla told Daisy, “we’re in.”

Daisy grinned and nodded. “Great, let’s find you costumes.” She led them down the hall to a storage room, rummaged around for a minute, and handed each one of them a mask.

“That’s it?” asked Carla.

Daisy shrugged. “It’s an orgy scene.”