Friday, June 23, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 44

In the morning, Luisa volunteered to make breakfast. She went to the fridge and took inventory while Annabel made coffee. Carla sat down at the kitchen table, yawning, stretching, and rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

All three were still naked. They’d spent the night together in Carla’s bed, twined together in a warm cocoon. Luisa and Carla had made no move to dress before coming downstairs, and Annabel had followed their lead. It was late enough in the morning to already be quite warm, so there was really no need to cover up.

When Luisa closed the refrigerator door and turned back around, her nipples were rock-hard from the cold. Carla had an impulse to go over and suck on them, but she knew where that would lead, and she didn’t want to do anything that would delay breakfast. Her stomach was rumbling.

They were all pretty hung over, and everyone was grateful when the coffee was ready. As she sipped the hot liquid Annabel kept having flashbacks to the previous night. At times she hadn’t known whose pussy she was eating, or who was licking or fondling her; it all kind of blurred together into one big ball of pleasure. She was still tingling between the legs.

Luisa had put on an apron to keep oil from spattering on her as she cooked, but her plump rear end was still on display. Annabel couldn’t help staring at it as it swayed, its owner moving to some rhythm playing in her head. It really was, Annabel thought, the most magnificent rump she’d ever seen.

Annabel felt a hand on her knee and realized that Carla had been watching her watch Luisa. She immediately began to blush, as if she’d been caught at something, but Carla was entirely pleased. Annabel’s inner lesbian was really starting to express herself.

After eating they lingered over coffee, chatting quietly and looking out at the water. It was an extraordinarily beautiful day, even by Malibu standards. Then Annabel began to clean up as Carla took Luisa by the hand and led her from the room.

Annabel cleared the dishes and wiped the counters, humming to herself, hangover now a thing of the past. She had just sat the clean frying pan down in the dish drainer when Carla appeared.

Without a word Carla took Annabel in her arms and gave her a big, open-mouthed kiss. Their boobs pressed together and Carla reached both hands around to squeeze her stepmother’s ass. Then Carla released Annabel, grabbed hold of her collar, and led her upstairs.

In Carla’s bedroom Luisa was tied hand and foot to the bed. She was positioned sideways so her head was toward the window and her spread legs faced the door. Annabel’s pussy began to lubricate as she anticipated what was about to happen, but instead of leading her to the bed, Carla deposited her on the chair against one wall.

Carla lashed Annabel’s wrists and ankles tightly to the chair, then ball-gagged and nipple-clamped her. Annabel was helpless to do anything but watch as Carla approached the bed and leaned over to kiss Luisa upside-down.

They made out slowly and sweetly, nibbling each others’ lips, tongues darting and probing. Then Carla shifted forward and pushed one breast into Luisa’s mouth, closing her own lips over one of Luisa’s stiff nipples.. Annabel let out a muffled moan, feeling the liquid begin to pool between her legs, but powerless to move.

Carla and Luisa’s tongues traced down each others’ bodies as Carla stretched out, and then they were 69ing. Luisa slurped away aggressively as Carla teased and tested, lapping at Luisa’s inner thighs, gently kissing and blowing on her clit. When Carla penetrated Luisa with one finger, Annabel could see the muscles clench around it.

After a few minutes Carla sat up and held on to Luisa’s tits while grinding down on her face. Annabel watched Carla’s expression change as her orgasm approached, and then it hit her and she moaned, letting all her weight sink down onto Luisa. Everything was quiet until a muffled cry escaped from between Carla’s legs; Luisa couldn’t breathe and was starting to suffocate.

Carla mercifully climbed off her and stood up. After taking a minute to drink water from the cup on her bedside table, she clipped the leash onto Annabel’s collar. “Luisa, dear,” said Carla. “Would you like some attention over there?”

“Siiii,” groaned Luisa, whose pussy was throbbing with need. “Yes, please.”

“Annabel, you’d like to help her out, wouldn't you?” Annabel, still ball-gagged, merely nodded. Carla pulled out the gag, untied Annabel’s hands and feet, and used the leash to pull her to her knees. Annabel started to crawl toward the bed but soon felt the leash tighten, arresting her progress. She looked back over her shoulder at Carla, who was grinning wickedly, deeply enjoying torturing the two of them. Keeping a firm grip on the leash, she gradually slackened it inch by inch as Annabel pulled forward, straining to reach the juicy wet cunt in front of her.

When she finally got there, seemingly hours later, she was eager and voracious. Carla watched with satisfaction as her stepmother dove into her friend’s crotch. Luisa came once almost immediately, then again as Annabel finger-fucked her while licking and sucking her clit.

After the second orgasm Annabel became aware of movement behind her, then grunted as Carla plunged a strap-in into her. Carla leaned down to kiss Annabel, licking the pussy juice from her lips, then pushed her head back between Luisa’s legs.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter Chapter 43

After taking a minute to recover, Annabel climbed out of Carla’s lap and stood there looking a little wobbly on her feet. Carla took off the strap-on and spread her legs; she was soaking wet, lips gaping, obviously in need of attention. Annabel immediately sank to her knees and got to work. Carla smiled; her stepmother's training was really coming along very well.

Katya and Courtney watched for a minute, then leaned in to help by stimulating Carla's breasts while Annabel ate her pussy. Lucia, Kim, and Monica, having thoroughly sated themselves, sat looking on. Everyone's attention was on Carla, which only made her that much more excited; aroused as she was, she came almost right away. No one moved for a few seconds, then Carla took hold of Annabel’s collar and pulled her back in for another go.

When Carla had been serviced to her satisfaction, it was time for dessert. Everyone had been too full to eat it earlier, but they had worked up appetites now. For the next 20 minutes or so the room was filled with naked girls quietly eating gelato; the only sounds were spoons clinking on plates, “Mmmmm”s of enjoyment, and the occasional murmured word of praise for the chef.

Inevitably, some of the frosty chocolate concoction fell on someone’s breast, and someone else leaned down to lick it off. Soon all hell had broken loose again. By the time they were done, Annabel’s pussy was raw, her tongue was tired, and her whole body was a sweaty, sticky mess. She sat back and drank the rest of her wine as Katya, then Kim, dressed and said their goodbyes.

Carla asked Monica to give Courtney a ride home. She was pretty sure that they would end up spending the night together, and she hoped they would; Monica and Courtney would make a cute couple, she thought. Courtney could use the kind of firm hand that Monica would provide.

That left just Carla, Annabel, and Luisa. The three of them cuddled up together under a blanket to watch a movie, Carla in the middle. For awhile they were like any three friends innocently watching a movie together, except that they were naked under the blanket. But there was a sex scene about halfway through the movie, and Carla felt her appetite start to revive. One of her hands found its way between Luisa’s legs, the other between Annabel’s.

After fingering both women for awhile, Carla brought her hands to her mouth and ostentatiously licked them clean. Then she put one hand on Luisa’s head, one on Annabel’s, and brought them together in a kiss. This, of course, brought them close to Carla’s chest, and Carla encouraged them to move their attention to her throbbing-stiff nipples.

Lifting the blanket up over Annabel and Luisa’s heads, Carla picked up her snifter of brandy and sat back to enjoy her nightcap.


Friday, June 16, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 42

When Annabel returned from the kitchen carrying a glass of wine, Courtney was on her knees lapping at Katya’s clit as Katya bounced up and down on Carla’s strap-on. Annabel sat down and decided to keep the wine for herself; she took a long, deep drink and looked around the room.

A few short weeks ago, she’d had no idea that such decadence existed, much less that she would be participating in it herself. To her right, Luisa had removed her strap-on and was now stretched out on the couch with Kim eating her pussy and Monica sitting on her face. To her left Katya was sweating and grimacing as she sat down forcefully into Carla’s lap, taking the full length of the dildo inside her.

There was no mistaking the moment when Katya came; her whole body shook and she let out a resonant, deep-throated moan that was like nothing Annabel had ever heard before. When it was over Katya rolled off and lay still on one side of the couch with a far-away look in her eyes.

Courtney wasted no time in stripping off her jeans and panties and mounting the strap-on. As she began to grind up and down on the plastic cock, boobs bouncing inside her tight T-shirt, Carla looked out from behind her and met Annabel’s eyes. In another example of the telepathy that had been developing between them, Annabel knew what Carla wanted from her without having to be told. She put her glass down and walked over.

Pulling Courtney’s T-shirt up and off, Annabel bent down and began to lick and suck her tits. Her nipples were rock-hard and tasted faintly of vanilla. After making a thorough exploration of that area Annabel began to move south, tracing her tongue down Courtney’s sternum and belly. She paused to kiss and lick Courtney’s navel, then continued downward, running her nose through the younger woman’s soft brown pubic hair. 

The smell of female arousal was strong down there; Annabel took a deep breath and savored it before extending her tongue to lick Courtney’s inner thighs. Courtney trembled, moaned, and grabbed onto Annabel’s shoulders for balance. Annabel took a taste of Courtney’s pussy, finding it creamy and delicious, then started to home in on Courtney’s clit. It was a matter of hitting a moving target, as Courtney was now rapidly moving up and down on the shaft of the strap-on.

But eventually she managed it, and soon after Courtney came violently and fell back against Carla. When Courtney climbed off it was Annabel’s turn; she straddled Carla and positioned the tip of the dildo against her pussy lips. She took a deep breath as the bulbous head penetrated her, then exhaled slowly as she let herself sink all the way down onto the thick phallus.

Annabel closed her eyes and savored the sensation of being completely full. She felt Carla’s hands cupping her breasts from behind, Carla’s fingers teasing her nipples, Carla’s lips brushing her neck. She gently raised up until only the head remained inside her, then abruptly let herself fall; Carla met her with a thrust of the hips that drove the dildo in even deeper than before.

A mouth closed on one of her nipples; Annabel looked down and saw the top of Courtney’s brown-haired head. Then a tongue was exploring her crotch; Annabel caught a glimpse of Katya’s blond mane moving down below. “Oh, God,” Annabel whimpered, biting her lip, “so good....”

When the orgasm hit Annabel felt herself clench and then release, every last bit of tension, fear, and worry leaving her body. There were tears in her eyes and then she was laughing, every inch of her body vibrating with the purest pleasure. She looked at Carla, who was gazing up at her affectionately, and thought: I am the luckiest woman alive.


Monday, June 12, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 41

Carla sipped her drink and surveyed the situation. Katya was leaning back on the couch, moaning and panting as Annabel’s tongue burrowed into her. Annabel, in turn, was being licked from underneath by Monica. In this position Monica’s fancy dress was all askew, revealing her thighs and occasionally flashing her panties.

As Carla looked on — cuddling up against Luisa, who looked on wide-eyed — Kim joined in. She dropped to her knees, lifted the bottom of Monica’s dress, and pulled her panties off. Eager as a kid in a candy store, Kim spread Monica’s legs and leaned down to feast on the dark-skinned girl’s pussy.

After watching for a few minutes, Carla took Luisa by the hand and led her upstairs to the bedroom. There the two of them made out and groped each other for awhile — getting reacquainted with each other’s bodies — before equipping themselves with strap-ons and returning downstairs.

When they walked back into the living room, things had been reconfigured; Annabel and Katya were 69ing on one couch, Monica and Kim on the other. It was such a beautiful sight, Carla was hesitant to disturb it. But just then Annabel looked over at her and momentarily turned her attention from Katya’s pussy. Seeing the long, thick dildo dangling from Carla’s crotch, Annabel’s mouth fell open; moments later it was completely full as Carla drove the shaft of the strap-on into her throat.

Luisa, meanwhile, went over to the other couch and started fucking any hole she could find, starting with Kim’s pussy. When Kim started making her characteristic squeaking noise, Luisa moved to silence her by shoving the dildo into her mouth. After a minute Luisa pulled out and  plunged into Monica’s cunt, leaning over and contorting herself to get her head between Kim’s legs and take a taste.

Carla now angled herself so she could penetrate Katya from behind. Katya looked back over her shoulder and muttered something in Russian that translated roughly as “Fuck me hard, you bitch.” Carla grinned and complied, wrapping one arm around Katya’s thigh and pushing in deeper.

Just then the doorbell rang. This caused Carla to panic for a second, thinking that maybe her father had unexpectedly returned home. Then she realized that of course he wouldn’t ring the doorbell, that it had to be Courtney, who had said that she had other plans but indicated that she might turn up at some point during the evening.

She used her leverage to turn Katya to one side, allowing Annabel to escape from underneath. Annabel unclipped the leash and took a few seconds to straighten her dress before going to answer the door. It was indeed Courtney, who had been out to dinner with her parents. She cocked her head, taking in Annabel’s smeared lipstick and JBF hair, and wondering what might be going on inside.

Annabel smiled sheepishly as she invited Courtney in. When they got to the living room, Carla was now sitting on the couch with Katya bouncing up and down on her cock. Lucia was giving it from behind to Monica, who had her face buried in Kim’s crotch. Annabel went to fetch a glass of wine for Courtney, who stood there trying to figure out where she fit in.


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 40

The dinner was a great success; all the guests praised the food effusively and sincerely. Carla reveled in the moment, feeling like a queen as she ate, drank, and received compliments.

Annabel stood by throughout the meal, refilling water and wine glasses, and occasionally running to the kitchen to fetch something. She didn’t get to eat until after everyone else had finished, when she helped herself to leftovers while cleaning up. The food was indeed incredible, and all the better because she had been forced to wait and watch for so long.

She had just put the last of the dishes into the dishwasher when Carla appeared, casually twirling Annabel’s leash in one hand. Patting Annabel affectionately on the rump, Carla looked around the spic-and-span kitchen and nodded approvingly. It was time for the the next phase of the evening.

Carla clipped the leash into Annabel’s collar and had her get down onto her hands and knees. Walking tall and proud, Carla led her crawling stepmother out of the kitchen, down the hallway, and into the living room, where their guests awaited.

The atmosphere had changed from dinner party to just plain party. Music was playing, and Katya had lit a joint and passed it around, filling the room with a hazy layer of smoke. Katya was still drinking vodka, while the others had switched to rum, brandy, or tequila. They had been talking quietly among themselves, but all conversation stopped when Carla led Annabel into the room.

At that moment Carla realized that though she’d thoroughly visualized the entrance, she hadn’t planned what to do next. Improvising, she said, “Annabel here has just been telling me how beautiful and sexy she thinks you all are, and how she’d like to do anything she can to make you happy.” She paused a beat. “Anything at all.”

No one seemed quite sure how to respond, and nobody said anything for a few seconds. It was Katya who finally spoke up. “I’ve been wanting to suck on those titties all night.”

Carla handed the leash to Katya, who pulled Annabel close and sat her up on her haunches. Pulling  Annabel’s top down to release her breasts, which sprung out like they had a life of their own, Katya scooted forward and began to suck one while squeezing the other. 

Everyone else just watched for a minute until Monica, who was sitting closest, decided to get involved. She sank down onto her knees and reached over to lift Annabel’s skirt from behind. Annabel gasped as Monica’s hand began to gently rub her wet pussy through her panties.

Katya now pulled her own T-shirt off and brought Annabel’s head to her chest. Confident that things had been properly set in motion, Carla went to pour herself a drink. By the time she returned, Annabel was on her knees with her face buried in Katya’s pussy, while Monica was on the ground on her back, slurping away eagerly at Annabel’s cunt from beneath.

Smiling, Carla sat down next to Luisa and leaned back to enjoy what she had wrought.