Sunday, November 29, 2020

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 98

The first to leave the party was Jude, who had simply had all the pleasure her body could take. Plus she’d had a long week and exhaustion had caught up with her.

There was a break in the action as everyone said goodbye to her. Carla walked her to the door and they gave each other pecks on the cheek. “I hope to see you again,” said Carla, and she meant it.

Jude smiled. “Well, first thing is I’m going to sleep for about 50 hours. But I’ll be in touch.”

Dylan left not long after; she’d gotten up super-early that morning and was wiped out. Annabel decided to get a head start on loading the dishwasher, and Katya sweetly volunteered to help her. That left Carla alone with Constance and Caprice.

Carla fixed a round of drinks and sat down to chat them up. She was very curious about the nature of their relationship, but didn’t feel like she could come right out and ask. So she started asking them general questions about themselves, hoping to get a feel for what the situation was.

At first they seemed hesitant to share information about themselves, but as the conversation went on they began to open up. Constance, in particular, seemed to welcome the opportunity to talk to someone who wouldn’t judge her. Eventually the story that began to emerge was this: Constance had been Caprice’s mother’s girlfriend for a couple years, about a decade previously. They had broken up and Caprice’s mother had gone back to dating men; Constance had been her only lesbian lover.

Then about a year ago Caprice’s mother had died suddenly of a heart condition, shortly after Caprice had graduated from college. Constance had attended the funeral, and the unspoken attraction that had long existed between the two of them had evolved into overwhelming pull that took them both by surprise. They’d been together ever since.

Caprice’s mother had been wealthy, and Caprice had inherited it all. As a result they lived quite well, though Constance worked only part-time as a graphic designer. But despite the fact that it was Caprice who had the money, Constance was unquestionably the dominant one in the relationship, and this arrangement suited them both perfectly.

When she went to the kitchen for ice, Carla was unsurprised to find that the dishwasher-loading had been paused while Annabel, on her knees, fucked Katya with a face dildo. Carla gave Katya a kiss on the forehead, got her ice, and left the room, motor revving and mind churning with ideas.

* * *

Carla offered to give Constance and Caprice a tour of the house, and they gladly accepted. Constance could tell from the look in Carla’s eyes that she had something in mind, and after this pleasant interval was more than ready for whatever it was.

The tour ended in Carla’s bedroom, where Carla said to Caprice, “This bed is super-comfortable. You should try it.” Caprice obliged, stretching out all of her limbs, closing her eyes, and sinking into the extra-soft mattress. She could sense movement in the room, and was only a little surprised to feel first her wrists, and then her ankles, being tied to the bed.

Keeping one eye on Constance to gauge her reaction, Carla lifted Caprice’s skirt and pulled down her top to reveal her breasts. They were quite large relative to her frame, so much so that you might almost think they were fake; but Carla could tell at a glance that they were 100% real. They shook like jelly with every little movement she made.

Carla fished a pair of nipple clamps out of her bedside table and snapped them on to Caprice’s tender pink nubs. Then she grabbed her pinwheel and began to stimulate the bound girl, starting at her feet and moving up.

Constance took a seat and watched contentedly as Carla slowly tortured her young lover. Caprice gazed up at Carla doe-eyed and submissive, looking impossibly beautiful as she writhed and moaned softly.

Finally Carla couldn’t wait another moment. She pulled off the clamps and began to suckle on Caprice’s magnificent boobs, stretching her mouth to take in as much as possible. After getting her fill, Carla began to move down. She spent a good long time kissing and nibbling Caprice’s baby-soft inner thighs before diving in — which she did with gusto, intoxicated by the scent and taste of the girl’s succulent pussy.

At this point Constance decided it was finally time to get involved. Walking over to the bed, she bent forward and penetrated Carla with her tongue. 

* * *

Once the dishwasher was loaded, Katya decided that it was time for her to head home, and headed off in search of Carla to say goodnight. She found Carla ardently strap-on fucking the bound Caprice as Constance rode the younger woman’s face. Suddenly Katya had a new sense of energy, and she leaned in to lap at Caprice’s clit as Carla pounded away.

After awhile Annabel began to wonder where everyone had gone, then heard moaning from upstairs and went to investigate. Going up the stairs she passed Katya coming down; she had finally had her fill and was heading home. “Are you sure you’re OK to drive?” asked Annabel.

Katya smirked and raised one eyebrow. “Please, darling. I know my dosage. I’m a professional.”

Annabel giggled and they kissed each other goodbye. When Annabel got to Carla’s bedroom she found Caprice still tied to the bed, but Carla and Constance were sitting across the room, each holding a hose of Carla’s favorite hookah. A cloud of haze hung in the air.

“Where have you been?” Carla asked with a bit of an edge in her voice.

Annabel was taken aback by her tone. “I was... um... downstairs... I was....” Eventually she just trailed off. It had really been more of a rhetorical question, anyway.

In truth, Carla’s mind was spinning fast, trying to figure out what to do next. She knew that opportunities like this didn’t come around every day, and was determined to make the most of it. 

Suddenly she flashed back to the vision she’d had when they’d first seen Constance and Caprice in the restaurant. She would never have a better chance to make it a reality than she did right now.


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