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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 112

After having some sexy dreams, Kat woke up feeling extremely horny – which was not an unusual occurrence for her, but this was an especially acute case. She had been sleeping on a couch in Jackie’s living room, and on the other couch – perpendicular to hers – Lexi was still snoozing away, naked under a blue comforter.

Sliding off the couch with a blanket still wrapped around her, Kat pulled the comforter down to expose Lexi’s breasts. Her chest rose and fell, rose and fell; her face looked angelic in repose. Kat leaned forward to very softly kiss and lick her nipples, which began to reflexively harden. Lexi let out a little whimper and shifted her position slightly, but didn’t really wake up.

So Kat pulled the blanket down further and kissed her way down Lexi’s torso, across her navel, and down her abdomen to her crotch. When Kat rubbed her nose in the soft blond pubic hair, Lexi curled her toes and whimpered again, still in dreamland.

Lexi’s legs were naturally somewhat open, and Kat eased them a little further apart, then began to gently lick her inner thighs. The skin was exquisitely soft there, but not as soft as the pink flesh between her legs, which Kat now glided the tip of her tongue across. Lexi moaned slightly louder; she was somewhat awake now, aware that something was happening between her legs, though not sure exactly what.

Kat was patient and considerate; she took her time bringing Lexi to a slow-building and delicious orgasm. Then, after generously allowing Lexi a good 30 seconds to bask in the afterglow, she hopped up on the couch and stationed her wet pussy directly over Lexi’s face, clearly indicating that she was ready for it to be licked. Lexi, who was nothing if not fair-minded, was only too happy to oblige.

They were not the only ones having a pleasurable interlude that morning. Jackie and Sara were 69ing in the master bedroom at that very moment. Sara, who was on top, had just had a powerful climax and was resting her head on Jackie’s thigh, not moving. Meanwhile, in the guest room, Olivia, Kelly, and Adriana – who had shared the king-sized bed – were just stirring.

Ana, who was in the middle, woke first and found the other two huddled up against her. She had been sleeping on her left side and Kelly was in front her, butt up against Ana’s crotch, while Olivia was behind her, boobs pressing into Ana’s back. It was a wonderful place to be and Ana stayed in place so as not to disturb anyone; but she did reach one hand in front of her to fondle Kelly’s tits while sliding the other behind her to slip between Olivia’s legs.

They both responded, perhaps unconsciously; Olivia sighed and parted her legs slightly, while Kelly mumbled something incomprehensible and giggled. Ana moved her right hand down to cup Kelly’s crotch and soon she was finger-fucking both girls, feeling them grow wetter by the second. Olivia, beginning to waken, nibbled on Ana’s neck while snaking one arm around to pinch Ana’s nipples. Kelly appeared to still be dreaming, but the look on her face said it was a good dream.

Olivia’s hand traced tenderly down Ana’s ribcage, across her belly – which quivered in response – and down to her crotch. There was an audible squish as two of Olivia’s fingers slipped inside Ana and from there it was a race to the finish. But Ana had a head start and before long Kelly and Olivia came almost simultaneously.

The strength of Olivia’s orgasm took her by surprise – Ana had strong and talented hands – and she completely forgot what she had been doing. But after she’d had a minute to gather her wits she propped herself up on one arm and locked eyes with Kelly. They nodded to each other and together dove under the covers, meeting up between Adriana’s legs. Once there they paid long and careful attention to making sure their sister cheerleader was fully satisfied.

A half-hour later, when everyone in the house had had their fill of pussy, they all gathered for breakfast. Sara made huge piles of pancakes and bacon, while Jackie poured them all mimosas. Technically she could have lost her job for serving students alcohol, but then when she thought back over all the fireable offenses she’d committed that year, it made for quite a long list. And yet here she was, still standing, and having enjoyed pleasures most people couldn’t even conceive of.

They all lifted their glasses and Jackie made a toast. “To the best cheerleading squad there’s ever been,” she said. “And I think, maybe, the best there ever will be. Cheers!”

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 111

Jessica ended up getting trapped in the bedroom for the next two hours. First Chantelle brought a friend in to try out the magic strap-on; then that girl went and brought another friend; then the French girls got involved. Jessica let them do most of the work, but by the time she finally put on a robe and went to the kitchen for ice water, she was pretty spent.

As she stood there sipping the cold beverage, she had to smile at herself. Listen to me complain, she thought. No one wants to hear how hard it is fucking all these lingerie models. It’s good work if you can get it.

There was a loud knock at the front door and since she was close by, Jessica went to answer it. Swinging the door open, she found herself looking at the cute Asian girl from the front desk; standing this close, Jessica could read her nametag, which said “Josie.”

Josie started to open her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Jessica could see that Josie’s eyes were focused on something inside the suite, and turning to look over her shoulder, she saw two girls 69ing on the couch while a third stood next to them, sipping champagne and masturbating. Jessica let Josie watch for a few seconds, then said, “What can I do for you?”

Josie shook her head and refocused on her reason for being there. “I’m sorry to bother you, but we’ve had some complaints,” she said. “About the noise.”

The music was still pretty loud, Jessica realized, and it was getting into the wee hours. “Of course. I’ll take care of it.”

“Thank you,” said Josie, and turned to go. But while her body swiveled, her eyes remained fixed on the scene in the parlor. Jessica could tell that it was exerting a gravitational pull on her, and thought about inviting her in, but somehow the moment just didn’t seem right. Josie at last tore her gaze away and headed for the elevator.

Jessica went to turn the music down; no one was dancing anymore, anyway. A few people had left, and those who remained seemed to be otherwise occupied. There was a cluster of naked bodies in the corner of the living room, soft moans and sighs now audible over the quiet background music.

As she walked into the parlor, Jessica saw that the head at the bottom of the 69 she’d seen belonged to Jane. The ass facing her did not look familiar, but she gave it a nice slap anyway. Its owner turned to look at Jessica – she was a striking brunette with glittering blue eyes – smiled, then dove back between Jane’s legs. Jessica slid two fingers into the brunette’s pussy, locking eyes briefly with Jane, who grinned sheepishly. The she brought the fingers to her mouth and licked off the juice. Delicious. And yet she was strangely uninterested in sex at the moment. For the time being, she’d had enough.

In the next room she found a poker game underway between Mimi, Tara, Erica, and another woman who they introduced as Debra. Taking a seat, Jessica asked them to deal her in. Tara started dealing the cards, but Mimi was looking at her strangely, and she realized, Oh, right, money. She found her wallet and extracted a few bills, added them to the pile of cash that Mimi indicated. Mimi counted her out a stack of chips and pushed them across the table.

Within a couple of hands it was obvious that Mimi and Jessica were the only serious players there. Mimi had been taking it easy up to that point, playing just for fun; but now she was focused and intent. Jessica felt a little silly playing poker in a bathrobe, but that didn’t stop her from being a formidable opponent. The other women stayed in the game to be social, but mostly folded at the beginning of every hand.

Mimi went on a nice run where she won five hands in a row, ending up with most of the chips on the table in front of her. But then the luck changed and Jessica started winning, until she had twice as many chips as Mimi. The next hand was a big one, and Mimi caught an ace on her last card to win it; after that they were pretty much dead even.

The following hand was seven-card stud, and six cards in, the others had folded and Mimi and Jessica each had a pair of jacks showing. Jessica also had a pair of nines in the hole, so she was feeling pretty confident, but Mimi was betting right along with her. The pot kept growing and growing, and Jessica wondered what Mimi had; she was a pretty good bluffer, and might be trying to buy the pot.

Erica dealt the last down card, and Jessica got a third nine to give her a full house. She had a good poker face but might have been grinning as she pushed all her remaining chips into the middle. Mimi followed suit and then said, “Well, I’d really like to raise you, but....” she trailed off. “How about this? Tomorrow we have a visit planned to our favorite house of ill repute. How about you come along with us – you and your, um, staff – and the loser foots the bill?”

Jessica thought for a few seconds, trying to read Mimi’s eyes. Then she said “OK, you’re on,” and they flipped over their cards. Mimi also had a full house, but with three eights. Mimi threw up her hands and smiled wryly. “Well, so it goes. It’s getting late, so I guess we’ll be going.” She stood up and stretched. “Tara, could you go find our wayward Blonde?”

After locating her coat, Mimi handed Jessica a business card and said, “Eight o’clock tomorrow. We’ll pick you up.”

“OK,” said Jessica, and they embraced, not exactly warmly, but sincerely. After that Mimi and her entourage left, as did the rest of the remaining guests. Seeing a couple of tasty specimens that she had not gotten to enjoy, Jessica let out a small sigh of regret; but you can’t have everything, she told herself.

She had just turned toward the kitchen when there was a knock at the door. She thought probably someone had forgotten something, but upon opening the door she found Josie from the front desk. “More complaints?” asked Jessica.

Shaking her head, Josie stepped inside and closed the door behind her. “I just finished my shift.” Jessica smiled. It was obvious from the look in Josie’s eyes what she wanted. Jessica took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom, Marie and Jane falling in behind them. Once there, Jessica pulled off Josie’s uniform shirt and skirt, then unclasped her bra and let it fall to the ground. She had a lovely body, with elegantly formed, handful-sized breasts and an exceptionally narrow waist.

Jessica sat her down on one of the beds and reached down to pull off her panties. She was nervous, Jessica could tell – a good girl who never did things like this. She was risking her job by fraternizing with guests. So Jessica was determined to make it worth her while. She had her girls warm Josie up – Marie sucked her tits while Jane ate her pussy, then they switched places, while Jessica sat by the head of the bed, stroking Josie’s hair and occasionally kissing her on the forehead and mouth.

When Marie made Josie come she shook and moaned most adorably, then said politely, “Thank you.” Jessica picked up Magic from where he had been recharging, slipped off her robe, and got into harness. As she approached the bed Josie looked at her wide-eyed, seeming a little scared. For a moment Jessica wondered if she might be a virgin, but the dildo slid in easily enough. Josie braced herself with her heels and raised her hips to take it in, the apprehensive look on her face replaced by one of raw desire.

As the shaft sunk to its hilt Josie grunted, a primitive sound that belied her refined appearance. But after that, as if she’d reminded herself to be quiet, her cries became soft and breathy. It didn’t take long for her to orgasm and when she did she gripped Jessica tightly, quivering all over and biting gently into Jessica’s neck. After that she came three more times in quick succession and then was still; as she pulled out, Jessica could see that Josie had fallen fast asleep.

After removing the strap-on and kissing Marie and Jane goodnight, Jessica climbed in next to Josie and pulled the covers up over the two of them. Marie and Jane took the other bed, and that long and eventful day finally came to an end.