Sunday, December 2, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 67

Always the polite hostess, Jessica agreed. As Janice helped her into the strap-on she thought about Rose and Rebecca, wondering if she might get to fuck one or both of them later on. It seemed like almost too much to ask for, so Jessica decided to put it from her mind, concentrate on the task at hand, and hope for the best.

Once the artificial cock was securely in place, Janice dropped to her knees to suck it. She made quite a production of the “blowjob,” licking up and down and around, using both hands, and skillfully making most of the enormous shaft disappear into her mouth. Rose and Jane watched attentively as Janice lifted her mouth off the dildo with a loud pop, spun around, and bent down to present her rear end to Jessica.

Jessica reached down to pry Janice’s pussy lips apart and poised the tip of the strap-on between them. She teased Janice for awhile, trailing the cockhead around her vulva and brushing her clit with it, before pushing the first few inches in. Janice grunted and braced herself, arching her back to get a better angle.

At this point Marie and Rebecca appeared from upstairs, and all four of the other women sat or stood around watching the pas de deux between Jessica and Janice. It was like a combination wrestling match and dance performance – Jessica leading the way, setting the rhythm, confident and masterful; Janice responding, using her hips to gain maximum friction, crying out like an animal as she was penetrated deeper and deeper.

After climaxing twice – the second time with screams that would’ve made a passer-by think someone was being murdered inside – Janice sprawled out on her back on the floor. “Thanks, I needed that,” she said.

Jessica stood looking around the room. She locked eyes with both Rebecca and Rose, feeling uncharacteristically indecisive. How far was too far in this situation? It was entirely possible these girls were virgins, after all.

Rebecca solved Jessica’s dilemma for her by walking over and laying down on the couch. She spread her legs and looked right into Jessica’s eyes with an expression that left no doubt about what she wanted. (In truth she was not a virgin, for reasons that she preferred not to discuss. But at the moment she was glad, because she wanted this very badly.)

Even so, Jessica took her gently, easing in little by little. Almost immediately Rebecca’s eyes rolled back in her head and she began to pant: “Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus. Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus.”

Then her voice was muffled as Rose’s pussy settled down onto her face. Jessica shook her head. So thoroughly corrupted, so quickly. It was almost a shame.

* * *

Gina and Olivia knew that this would be their last night together for awhile, as starting the next day Gina would have her kids with her. So Gina made a special dinner and afterwards they were sitting in the living room when Olivia saw a shopping bag she didn’t recognize. “What’s in the bag?” she asked.

Gina blushed. “I did a little more shopping today.”

Olivia started looking through the contents and it soon became clear what kind of shopping: She found handcuffs, leather restraints, nipple clamps, a blindfold, and a strap-on. “Oh, my,” whispered Olivia, coloring a little herself.

Olivia looked up at Gina and their eyes met. What followed had a feeling of inevitability, as if they had worked out in advance every detail of what was going to happen. Gina stood and undressed slowly and deliberately, stripping off her dress, then her bra and her panties. When she was naked Olivia stood and approached her. After a long, soft kiss she spun Gina around and cuffed her hands behind her back.

Next came the blindfold; when it was on Olivia lowered Gina to her knees and sat beside her. She carefully applied the clamps to Gina’s erect nipples, drawing a sharp intake of breath from the older woman each time.

Pulling off her top and bra, Olivia brought Gina’s mouth to her chest, guiding her to one breast, then the other. Gina suckled hungrily; she was definitely excited at this point, Olivia could smell that for sure.

Suddenly breathing heavily, Olivia stripped off the rest of her clothes and spread her legs. She pushed the blindfolded woman’s head down between her legs. Knowing that Gina couldn’t see her, Olivia was rougher and more forceful than she would have been normally; the rush of power made her extremely wet, and Gina eagerly lapped up the nectar dripping from her crotch.

Olivia moaned loudly and mashed her pussy into Gina’s face until the combination of Gina’s nose, tongue, and lips brought her to orgasm. Then she pulled away and stood looking down at her friend, lover, and former employer. Gina was bent over, slowly wiggling her hips from side to side, clearly in need. Olivia placed one foot between Gina’s legs so Gina could hump it, which she did gratefully, rubbing her wet pussy up and down Olivia’s shin.

Meanwhile Olivia reached for the strap-on. It took her a minute to figure out how to work the harness and when she did she spent a minute just playing with it, flicking it with her finger and watching the unfamiliar shape bob up and down between her legs. Then she sat back down on the couch and brought Gina’s head to the dildo. Gina licked all the way up the length of the shaft and took the tip into her mouth, then slowly swallowed more until she started to gag. Olivia reached down to finger herself with one hand as she enjoyed the sexy sight of blindfolded Gina sucking her plastic cock. With she other she tugged at the nipple clamps, drawing a series of desperate-sounding little groans from Gina.

Still Gina was circling her butt in the air, and finally Olivia decided it was time to give her what she needed. Olivia stood and circled around behind Gina, knelt down, and lifted the tip of the strap-on to Gina’s pussy lips. Gina wasted not a second, immediately sliding backward to impale herself on the shaft. Worked up as she was, Gina took her fucking eagerly and loudly, pushing back with her hips until her pussy lips were pressed against Olivia’s crotch. When it seemed that Gina was about to come, Olivia held her hips tight and finished her slowly, prompting a long, sustained climax accompanied by gasps, cries, and helpless moans.

Olivia wasn’t done yet, though. After giving Gina a minute to recover, Olivia took the older woman by the hand and led her upstairs to the bedroom. There she uncuffed Gina’s hands, laid her out on the bed face-up, and used the leather restraints to tie her arms and legs to the bedposts. This time she removed the blindfold and looked Gina in the eyes while fucking her, gently at first then building to a crescendo so intense that Olivia feared the bed would collapse.

Afterward Gina lay staring up at her young friend with a dreamy look in her eyes. Her ex-husband had been good in bed, but had never made her come like that. Never would she have guessed that it would take an 18-year-old girl to truly satisfy her.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 66

After returning home that night, Sara Valentine went for a long walk around the neighborhood, reflecting on all that had happened to her over the last few days. First she had surrendered herself to Kelly and Kat; then she had let Kat and Lexi treat her like a servant and sexual plaything in her own house. Then today she had taken part in a mini-orgy in her classroom with four cheerleaders. What might happen next?

Unbeknownst to her, just at this moment she was right in front of Jessica Braden’s house, and preoccupied as she was she almost walked straight into two young women who were walking the other way. Sara apologized and continued on her way, but after taking a few steps she found herself turning and looking behind her. They were really very attractive girls, one with dark hair and glasses, one with light brown hair in a ponytail. As Sara watched the dark-haired girl leaned over to whisper something in the other girl’s ear and they both giggled.

This was Rose and Rebecca, who had managed to convince Rose’s uncle that another visit to this area would be a good idea, that there was a soul they were making progress toward saving. Hearts pounding, they made their way to Jessica’s door and rang the bell.

Jessica was just finishing her first martini of the evening and was pleasantly surprised to see the two girls on her front porch. She had hoped they’d get the chance to finish what they’d started, and although she wasn’t sure it would ever happen, she’d spent a fair amount of time over the previous couple days planning exactly what she’d do if the opportunity arose.

Setting the girls up in the living room with glasses of lemonade, Jessica excused herself for a few minutes. When she returned, she was accompanied by Marie and Jane — both naked, hands cuffed behind their backs, and wearing leather dog collars with leashes attached. Jessica held one leash in either hand as her two servants crawled on their knees beside her.

“I don’t believe you got a chance to meet my pets the other day,” said Jessica. “This is Rose and Rebecca, bitches. Aren’t they cute?”

Marie and Jane both nodded agreement. “They are very obedient pets, ” said Jessica. Pointing to Marie, she said, “Head on the ground, ass in the air,” and Marie complied. To Jane, Jessica barked “Lick her,” and Jane bent down to thrust her face into Marie’s crotch.

Rose and Rebecca just sat watching, nervously sipping their lemonade. Jessica let things continue this way for a minute, then yanked back hard on Jane’s leash, pulling her head up from between Marie’s legs. Then she handed Jane’s leash to Rose and Marie’s to Rebecca and said, “Do with them as you please. I have to run out for a minute, but I’ll be back.”

With that Jessica strode purposefully out the door and into the street, having decided that she really wanted to get Janice involved in the unfolding action. She could just as well have called but for some reason really wanted to see what would happen in her absence.

It took Janice a minute to answer the door, and when she did she was dressed in a bathrobe. “I was just taking a bath,” she said. “What’s up?”

“I have something you’re not going to want to miss,” said Jessica, and from the look on her face, Janice could tell she was right.

“Give me a minute.”

About 90 seconds later Janice had slipped on shorts and a T-shirt and was following Jessica back across the street. In the living room they found Rose on the couch, naked from the waist down, legs spread wide as Jane ate her hungrily. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning softly but urgently. As Jessica and Janice entered, Rose’s eyes slid open but she didn’t really seem to see them; she appeared to be focusing on something far, far away.

It took them a minute to find Rebecca, who had taken Marie to one of the bedrooms. Marie was on the bed in a very awkward position with her arms pinioned beneath her as Rebecca tongued her slit with the slow, deliberate demeanor of a connoisseur. This girl has done this before, was Jessica’s immediate thought. But then you never know, she reflected; some people are just naturals.

Jessica and Janice stood in the doorway watching the young girl pleasure Marie, who writhed on the surface of the bed. But Rebecca’s skirt had ridden up around her waist and the sight of her cute little white panties was driving Janice to distraction. Janice knelt down behind Rebecca, pulled the crotch of her panties aside, and slid a finger in, feeling the girl squirm in response. Then she leaned over to take a taste and she and Rebecca moaned in unison.

Leaving them to it, Jessica returned to the living room, where Rose was emitting a high-pitched whimper as Jane sucked on her clit. Jessica eased off her pants and panties and sank down onto the corner of the couch. Opening her legs, she slowly pulled Rose toward her and guided the girl’s head to her crotch. Rose was completely malleable in this condition. Jessica dipped a finger into her own wetness and then pushed it between Rose’s lips until Rose began to reflexively suckle it; from there it was very easy for Jessica to get Rose to start licking her.

For a while the house was filled with soft moans and sighs that built slowly to a crescendo; then a wave of orgasms ran through the building; then it was quiet again. Rose rested her head on Jessica’s lap; Jane sat back on her haunches, wiping her face, which bore a crinkled smile. The mood of peaceful contentment lingered for several minutes.

Then Janice appeared in the living room carrying her favorite strap-on from Jessica’s collection. “Will you do me, Jess? I’ve been needing it really bad.”

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 65

Kat stripped off her skirt and panties and climbed up onto the desk, lowering her pussy onto Sara’s waiting mouth. Holding on to the teacher’s breasts for support, Kat ground down hard, trying to coat Sara completely with her juices. Meanwhile Lexi and Ana knelt by the desk. Each of them taking one of Sara’s legs, they opened her as wide as she would go, then slowly they kissed and licked their way up until they met in the middle. Then they shared a wet kiss and bent down to tongue the teacher’s slippery cunt.

Sara began to moan loudly, and might well have attracted unwanted attention if the sound hadn’t been smothered by Kat’s crotch. The treatment she was receiving from Lexi and Ana distracted Sara from what she had been doing, making Kat momentarily annoyed; but then again, Kat reflected, it was hard to blame her. So finally Kat took matters into her own hands, fingering herself while rubbing her clit on the teacher’s nose and chin until she was finally able to get herself off. When Kat raised herself up to savor the orgasm pulsing through her, Sara’s head lolled to one side, her tongue hanging out and a then stream of drool running down one side of her chin.

Seeing this, Kelly Ann, who had been watching contentedly until now, motioned to her friend and she and Kat switched places. Kelly watched a climax ripple visibly through Sara as she lifted herself onto the desk and took up the position Kat had vacated. When Sara failed to respond in the way that Kelly wanted, Kelly slapped her face, hard. That got the teacher’s attention – she stuck her tongue out obediently and Kelly rode her face as Ana and Lexi her come again, then a third time.

At this point Sara seemed to be barely conscious, so Kelly scooted forward and sank down onto one of her breasts. Kelly quite enjoyed the feeling of the warm flesh pressing into her as she rubbed herself to orgasm. Afterward Kelly jumped off and for a minute they all stood looking down at the slumped form of Sara Valentine, skirt bunched up around her waist, juice-smeared mouth frozen in a lewd grin.

But Sara’s work was not yet done; Adriana had already undressed from the waist down and plopped down in the teacher’s chair to await her turn. Kelly and Lexi gently helped Sara to rise from the desk, then to kneel on the floor before Ana. Ana spread the lips of her freshly shaved pussy and looked down happily at Sara, quite enjoying this feeling of power over the former authority figure. “Eat me, bitch,” she said in a breathy growl of a whisper.

Ana’s pussy tasted spicy and intoxicating, and Sara burrowed into it with renewed energy. “Fuck,” panted Ana, biting her tongue to keep from crying out. Eager to somehow get involved, Lexi straddled Sara and ground against the teacher’s backside, trying desperately to get some friction on her clit. Seeing this, Ana invited Lexi to climb up onto her lap. Being thin and light, whereas Ana was fleshy and solid, Lexi fit easily into the available space.

This gave Sara two wide-open cunts right in front of her, and she was forced to use her mouth and both hands to try to give them the proper attention. Ana gripped Lexi’s tits and bit her neck as the teacher worked away.

With diligent effort, Sara managed to get both girls to come almost simultaneously as they French-kissed deeply and passionately. Three minutes later, the cheerleaders had dressed and gone, leaving Sara Valentine naked on the floor to pull herself together as best she could.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 64

On Tuesday Senior English was the last class before lunch. Sara Valentine was slightly more composed than she’d been the day before, but anyone who was paying attention – as Kat certainly was – noticed that she spent the entire class sitting behind her desk. This was uncharacteristic for Ms. Valentine, who liked to stand up and wander around the classroom as she engaged in discussions with the students.

Kat smiled to herself because she knew exactly what was going on. Before leaving Sara’s house the night before, Kat had gone through her closet and found the shortest skirt in it, a black tube skirt that Sara had bought in a moment of boldness but never actually worn in public. Tossing it onto the bed, Kat had told the teacher, “Wear this to school tomorrow.” Turning to go, she had added, “No panties.”

After telling herself all night and over breakfast that she would do no such thing, Sara was surprised to find herself dressing as instructed. She wore a very conservative high-necked top as if that would somehow compensate and went to school extra-early, hoping that no one would see her. Fortunately she had made it to the classroom without running into anyone except a cleaning lady, who seemed preoccupied.

All morning she had remained seated behind her desk, feeling nervous lest she for some reason be required to stand up. She prayed there would not be a fire drill, today of all days.

When the bell rang the class filed out, except for Kat and Kelly (Lexi, as a transfer student, was in a different English class). After making sure that the door was closed, they approached Sara’s desk. Kat motioned for the teacher to stand. “Let’s see.”

Her face reddening, Sara stood. Seeing the skirt, Kat nodded and said “Good girl.” She reached one hand under the skirt to confirm that Sara was naked underneath, sliding it through the teacher’s fur and briefly cupping her pussy. Then she straightened out the skirt and turned to go. “Wait for us here after school,” she told Sara. “Practice will be short today.”

With that she and Kelly went to lunch, leaving Sara with a dilemma: she was hungry and needed to pee. Fortunately she had some granola bars and peanuts in her desk. After eating she poked her head out into the hallway and seeing no one around, she quickly scurried to the ladies’ room, which fortunately was close by. Adriana happened to be in there applying lipstick in the mirror. Sara got in and out quickly, but Ana did not fail to notice her unusual attire.

Back in the classroom Sara breathed a sigh of relief. She was distracted all afternoon but made it through. As the final bell approached she felt both excited and apprehensive, and when the class left she sat alone at her desk, trying to grade papers but not making much progress. Finally about an hour later the door opened and in came Kat, Kelly, Lexi, and Ana.

Kat closed the door behind them. She knew that it didn’t lock, and also was aware that something had to be done about the medium-sized window in the door, which faced the hallway and would make it all too easy for someone to look in. She had a plan, though: They would take turns standing next to the door, covering the window and providing a physical barrier that would keep anyone from walking in on them, or at least slow down any interloper long enough to buy some time.

She and Kelly had already discussed this, and Kelly had agreed to stand guard first. She leaned against the door facing into the room as Kat, Ana, and Lexi approached Sara Valentine.

The teacher’s heart was thudding loudly in her chest. She had a feeling that what was about to happen here would be very risky. Opposite the door the classroom had three big windows that looked out on an open field. The blinds were closed, and the field was in a remote corner of the school that was rarely visited; still, Sara felt exposed and vulnerable. Although she would have had a hard time admitting it, Kelly felt nervous too. She wondered if Kat was starting to take things too far again, exposing them all to unnecessary risks. But at the same time her pussy was throbbing and she wouldn’t have missed this for anything.

Standing next to the desk, Kat motioned for Sara to stand. When she did, Kat quickly spun her and bent her forward over the desk. Lifting the teacher’s skirt, Kat forced a hand roughly between her thighs. “Nice and wet,” noted Kat, “just as I expected.”

Spreading Sara’s legs wide, Kat continued to rub and finger her as she writhed on the surface of the desk. Kat was very much enjoying demonstrating to the other girls the depth of the teacher’s submission. She took her juice-slick hand and jammed it into Sara’s mouth; Sara obediently sucked and licked it, hardly believing that this ripe nectar could have come out of her.

Now Kat pulled off Sara’s top and bra and spun her again so she was on her back on the surface of the desk. Sara lay wide-eyed looking up at the cheerleaders, wondering what they were going to do to her. Whatever it was, she was powerless at this point to prevent it; she was in the grip of a force she couldn’t resist.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 63

Monday was an awkward day at school for Sara Valentine. Her first class that morning was Senior English, and remembering what had gone on between Kat, Kelly Ann, and herself the previous night, she had a hard time concentrating. For the most part she studiously avoided both girls’ eyes but every so often she’d catch a glimpse of one or the other and immediately blush, or feel a distracting tickle between her legs, or both.

Then at lunch she turned the corner into the cafeteria and there was Kat, staring right at her, biting into a peach. A look passed between them that made Sara feel weak in the knees; she stumbled and very nearly fell over. Sitting next to Kat was her fellow cheerleader Lexi, and seeing the embarrassed look on the teacher’s face, Kat leaned over and whispered something in Lexi’s ear. Sara recovered and turned toward the counter only to almost bump into Kelly, who was returning with a tray full of food. Kelly favored her with a huge smile and subtly but unmistakably ran her tongue across her upper lip.

Sara bought herself a salad and immediately retreated to her classroom, where she closed the door behind her, then sat down and picked at her food with a swirl of thoughts running through her mind. Had that really been her last night, offering herself shamelessly, eating pussy like some rampaging lesbian slut? She wondered what would happen next...she half-expected Kat and Kelly to appear here and now, strip her naked, and have their way with her right in the classroom. She was kind of disappointed as the hour wore on and nothing happened...she let her mind wander and got a mental picture of herself sprawled across the desk as Kelly licked her and Kat sat on her face. She was on the point of sliding one hand down her pants when the bell rang and students began filing in for the next class.

When school ended Sara packed her things and went home as quickly as possible. She lived close to the school so before long she was safely in her living room. She kicked off her shoes and stretched out on the couch, staring at the ceiling and trying to settle down her scattered brain. She had been doing that for 90 minutes or more when she was startled out of her reverie by a sound at the front door.

Sara hadn’t locked it behind her, so she’d only just stood up when the knob turned and it opened. In walked Kat, followed by Lexi. They’d come straight from practice and were in their cheerleader uniforms, both still a little sweaty.

Kat grinned at Sara. “Hi, teach,” she said, closing the door with a flourish. “You know Lexi, right?”

Sara nodded.

“We’d like to hang out here for awhile. Maybe you could get us something to eat? And some lemonade or something, practice was tough today.” Sara found herself reflexively obeying; she had turned toward the kitchen and taken a step when Kat stopped her, looking her up and down. “Clothes off, please.”

Sara hesitated for just a moment. This was really not a good idea...she should stop this now while she still could...but the steely look in Kat’s eyes melted her resistance. Sara stripped off her blouse and pants and laid them on the couch. Kat gestured impatiently. “Everything.”

Moments later Sara stood naked before the two cheerleaders, nervously avoiding Lexi’s gaze but somehow unable to escape it. Lexi’s eyes glittered mischievously as she took in the sight of the teacher’s lovely curves and large nipples. “OK, go ahead,” ordered Kat, and Sara flushed bright red as she again turned and made her way to the kitchen.

She poured two glasses of lemonade and got together some bread, cheese, and fruit. When she returned to the living room Kat was laying back on the couch, skirt lifted and panties off, with Lexi’s head buried between her legs. Kat gestured for Sara to put everything down on the coffee table, then pointed toward the corner. Hardly believing what she was doing, Sara walked to the indicated spot and stood watching as Lexi licked and gently bit Kat’s inner thigh. Resting one hand on Lexi’s head, Kat motioned downward with the other and Sara obediently sank to her knees.

Kat casually sipped her lemonade and snacked on the food Sara had brought as Lexi continued to snack on her pussy. A couple times Kat lifted Lexi’s head, fed her a grape or two, then pushed her back down to continue.

Sara could feel the juices trickling down her thighs and it took every ounce of her self-control to stay where she was...but somehow no other action was possible just now. Lexi penetrated Kat with an index finger and started licking eagerly at her clit until Kat began to shake and let out a long, slow moan that took a full minute to rise, peak, and then subside.

Raising her head from between Kat’s legs, Lexi reached for her lemonade and drained it in one gulp. Then she and Kat shared a deep, open-mouthed kiss and Kat whispered in Lexi’s ear, drawing a giggle. Lexi stood and very deliberately peeled off her top, then her bra, then her skirt, then her panties, which she flung away in Sara’s general direction. Sitting down next to Kat, Lexi spread her legs wide, and Sara could do nothing but stare at her juicy, glistening slit. Lexi used both hands to spread her labia, revealing the moist pink gateway inside.

At this point Sara was literally breathless, her mouth hanging open. Just when she didn’t think she could take a second more Kat gestured for her to approach. Sara crawled over on her hands and knees until she was poised between Lexi’s legs. She took a deep breath, drinking in the ripe scent of Lexi’s arousal, her eyes glazing over; then Kat nodded and Sara dove in.

Instantly Lexi began the loud howling that she was notorious for and dug her nails into Sara’s shoulder blades. Distracted by the noise and the task at hand, Sara took no notice of Kat opening up the gym bag she had brought with her, and was taken completely by surprise when the tip of the strap-on pushed between her pussy lips.

Sara braced her hips to meet Kat’s thrust, and soon she was completely impaled. Now it was her turn to moan like a wounded animal. She tossed her head back and briefly met Kat’s eyes. Entranced by their calm liquid blueness, Sara drunk in their beauty for as long as she could before Kat pushed her head back between Lexi’s legs.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 62

Things had just started to get really interesting – Jessica had managed to get Rose to go down on Rebecca, and was moving into position to straddle Rebecca’s face – when there was a loud ringing. Lifting her head from her friend’s crotch, Rose located her phone and studied it for a few seconds.

“It’s my uncle,” said Rose. “He’ll be wondering where we are.”

And with that the moment was over – Jessica knew there was no sense pushing her luck and having this uncle coming snooping around. She helped the girls find their clothes and politely showed them to the door. “Come back any time,” she said cheerfully. “Any time at all.”

When they had gone, Jessica returned to her her movie and masturbated absent-mindedly – not really intending to come – until Marie and Jane returned home, much later than expected. Jessica was in the mood to dole out a little discipline, so she immediately had Marie and Jane strip naked, then cuffed their hands behind their backs and had them kneel over the living room couch. Pulling out her flogger, Jessica prepared to give her two servants the punishment they deserved.

* * *

Adriana was restless that night. Unsure what to do with herself, she had tried to go to bed early, but been unable to sleep. Finally she had climbed out of bed, gotten dressed, and slipped out a window. She wasn’t sure why she did that exactly; she just didn’t feel like explaining where she was going or what she was doing, because she didn’t know.

She spent awhile just wandering the streets, looking at the sliver of moon that was visible, not quite sure what she might be looking for. Then she turned a corner and just happened to be walking past Jackie London’s house when Jackie pulled up in her black SUV.

Jackie had spent the weekend alone at her parents’ cabin in the country, thinking hard about what had happened to her life lately. After a great deal of reflection she had decided to swear off sex with cheerleaders. She worried about what it had been doing to her appetites, that it was causing her to be unable to enjoy the “normal” pleasures in life. And of course she also worried about getting caught, about what it would do to her career and livelihood. On the whole stopping seemed like the prudent thing to do.

And then she pulled up in front of her house and saw Adriana standing on the sidewalk, and her heart immediately started pounding. They exchanged greetings and when Jackie started unloading, Ana offered to help her carry stuff into the house. One thing led to another and the next thing she knew, Jackie was lying naked next to a similarly nude Adriana, spent and satisfied, covered in sweat and girl juice. Part of Jackie felt ashamed at her weakness, but the parts that mattered were purring like a kitten.

* * *

Jessica had just taken a few tentative whacks at Marie’s rump when the doorbell rang. Putting down the flogger, Jessica strode to the front door and looked curiously through the keyhole. For a moment Jessica felt anxious; was it Rose’s uncle, come to make a scene about what had happened? But no, when the automatic porch light kicked on, it revealed a pretty face framed by blond hair – Serena, the yoga teacher.

When the door swung open Serena smiled nervously. “Hi, Jessica,” she stammered, her uncertain body language making her appear smaller than her statuesque six feet. “I, um, just happened to be driving by and thought I’d say hi. Is this a bad time?"

Jessica grinned. “Not at all. Just having a quiet night at home. Come on in.” Jessica turned and Serena followed on her heels to the living room. Jessica watched Serena’s face as she took in the sight of Marie and Jane cuffed and naked, bent over with their asses up; her eyes went wide and her cheeks flushed bright red.

“I was just taking care of an important household chore – keeping these two misbehaving sluts in line. Perhaps you’d like to help?” Without waiting for an answer, Jessica handed Serena the flogger and proceeded to arm herself with the tawse. “You have a preference?” asked Jessica, and when the blonde shrugged, did a quick eenie-meenie-miny-moe before laying a resounding blow on Jane.

Serena joined in by flogging Marie, hesitantly at first but with increasing enthusiasm, enjoying the way the girl’s butt wiggled when she smacked it. After a few minutes they switched and Serena somewhat hesitantly brought the flogger down a few times on Jane’s already bright-red rear. When she stopped altogether for a minute, feeling guilty, Jane looked back over her shoulder and spoke the first word Serena had ever heard her say: “Harder.”

That started Serena gushing between the legs, and she resumed her work with renewed enthusiasm, swinging the flogger with one hand while reaching the other down into her panties. For awhile they got into a nice rhythm where Serena would smack Jane on the ass...Jane would groan in response...Serena would run a finger across her clit...and the cycle would start over again. Finally Serena had a rippling, bone-shaking orgasm that brought her to her knees. Her vision went all blurry for a minute and when it returned it was focused on Jane’s glistening sex. Serena leaned down to taste it, her head swimming as she buried herself in the pungent scent and overwhelming wetness.

When she came up for air Jessica was standing over her wearing a strap-on that dangled just inches from Serena's face. Misunderstanding Jessica’s intent, Serena took the dildo in one hand and ran her tongue up the shaft. Smiling, Jessica let her continue for awhile, impressed with how much of the monster she could make disappear down her throat. Then she handed Serena the other strap-on that she held in her hand. A minute later Serena was pounding into Jane from behind as Jessica fucked Marie; both women were grunting loud enough for the neighbors to hear, or so it seemed because soon Janice appeared, having let herself in upon finding the door unlocked.

Never one to miss an opportunity, Janice quickly stripped and positioned herself on the couch so Marie could lick her pussy as Jane sucked on her tits. By the time this scene played itself out it was quite late and everyone was tired. Janice and Serena made their way home and Jessica curled up in bed with Marie beside her and Jane sleeping at their feet. Elsewhere Kat, Kelly, Sara Valentine, Adriana, Jackie, Olivia, Gina, Ella, Lexi, and Annalise were all turning in. It had been a long day, but a good one.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 61

“I just sent her this,” said Kelly, holding up her phone for Ms. Valentine to see. The lighting was not good but it was clearly a picture of the teacher naked and bound, her mouth agape and her legs slightly parted. “Though I like this one too.” She brushed her finger across the phone and the picture changed to one taken from Kelly’s point of view. The top of Ms. Valentine’s head was visible but the rest was buried in red pubic hair.

Sara Valentine groaned. Not only had she been fooled and used, but there was now visual evidence of her having sex with a student. Though of course no one would be able to recognize Kelly from the photo...unless they knew her very, very well.

Even so, she couldn’t say she honestly wished it hadn’t happened. She watched Kelly’s naked body as the young cheerleader left the room to go downstairs for a drink of water, and she had to admit that more than anything, she just wanted more.

* * *
When Kat finally arrived about 15 minutes later, rested and refreshed from a long nap, Kelly was nestled between Sara Valentine’s legs. Kelly had been keeping the teacher in a state of heightened arousal, licking and fingering her occasionally, but never letting her approach release. Kat drank in the sight with great happiness. She felt on top of the world, powerful and self-assured and deserving of all the pleasure this was going to bring her.

“Well, well,” said Kat. “This is nice, but not quite right somehow.” She licked her lips. “Kelly, you need to get off your knees.” As Kelly rose, Kat fixed Sara Valentine with a stare. “And it’s time for you to get on yours.”

Working together, Kat and Kelly released the teacher from the bed and retied her hands behind her back. Once Ms. Valentine was kneeling on the floor, Kat sat down on the bed. From a pocket she produced a pair of nipple clamps that she fastened onto Sara Valentine’s tender buds. Opening her blouse, Kat used the chain between the clamps to pull Ms. Valentine to her breasts, and the older woman obediently began to lick and suckle them. Kelly participated by reaching out with one foot, running it up Sara’s thighs and toying with her moist slit.

Shifting her weight, Kat wriggled out of her jeans. She was naked underneath and spread her legs for Sara Valentine, who just stared into Kat’s blonde pussy for a few long seconds, panting like a dog. Then Kat took hold of the chain again and drew Sara to her.

At this Sara lost all inhibition and dove headfirst into Kat’s pussy. Kelly continued to tease Ms. Valentine with her foot, tickling her thighs up and down, a couple times intentionally pushing her to one side and watching her struggle to maintain her balance. Then she penetrated the older woman with her big toe, feeling the soft, pliant lips enfold her.

Still holding Sara’s head with one hand, Kat used the other to point Kelly to the bag she had brought with her. Inside was a riding crop that Kelly swished playfully around in the air a few times, sharing a conspiratorial smile with her friend. When she brought it down on Ms. Valentines ass the teachers whole body went stiff. Kats grip was firm, though, and she clamped her thighs onto Saras head for good measure. Kelly continued to punish Saras beautiful rear, mixing it up with smacks on the thighs and bottoms of the feet, until the teacher was finally able to bring Kat to orgasm. And it was not easy – Kat’s tolerance was quite high after the weekend shed had.

When she was satisfied, Kat released Sara, who fell back onto the floor looking dazed. Kat walked over to Kelly Ann and the two shared a long, open-mouthed kiss. Looking down at her English teacher, sitting with her hands still bound and a far-away but happy expression, Kat felt triumphant. She also felt a rumbling in her had been quite a while since shed eaten anything.

Kat untied Sara and a few minutes later Kat and Kelly were sitting at the kitchen table in bathrobes as the teacher, still naked, made them sandwiches. Afterward they ate slowly, deliberately, saying little.

When they were done Kat grabbed Ms. Valentine and spun her around. Removing the belt from her robe, Kat tied Saras hands behind her back and pushed her to her knees. Kats robe had fallen open and reflexively Sara started to lower her head into Kats crotch – but Kat reached out to stop her. 

If you want more, you’re going to have to work for it, said Kat. And with that she and Kelly dressed and went home.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 60

Kat had just arrived back home when her phone rang. She didnt recognize the number, and initially her instinct was just to ignore it. At the moment she wanted a nap more than anything. But at the last possible moment she impulsively changed her mind and picked up.

The voice on the other side was quiet and hesitant at first. Kat?

Yeah, this is me. Whos calling?

Um, its, um, me. Ms. Valentine. Maybe you should call me Sara.

A big, wicked grin spread across Kats face and the tone of her voice instantly changed from vague annoyance to friendly greeting. Well hi! said Kat. To what do I owe the pleasure?

I really need to talk to you, said the English teacher.

Kat looked around quickly to be sure that no one was home, then grabbed a sparkling water from the fridge and sat down at the kitchen table.

What about? asked Kat in as neutral a tone as she could manage.

Well...about what we were talking about the other day. I cant stop thinking about it. In fact I can’t think about anything else.

With that Sara Valentine breathed a big sigh of relief. Getting it off her chest felt better...although she knew that she was headed down a dangerous path. All weekend she had been obsessed with the story Kat had written and what shed said. It had opened some kind of gateway in her mind that she was unable to close. Friday night her boyfriend had tried to initiate sex and shed turned him down, saying that she wasnt feeling well. Saturday night he tried again and this time she did her best to accommodate him, but her heart just wasnt in it; she just kept picturing Kat, her soft lips, her purplish blonde hair, her beautiful breasts. It made her wet but when her boyfriend tried to fuck her she felt a sudden wave of revulsion; she ended up giving him a blowjob and asking him to go home, saying she really wasnt feeling good, she thought she might be coming down with something. When he was gone she got out Kats (and really also Kellys) story and slowly masturbated herself to a mind-blowing orgasm.

But that only made matters worse, and all day Sunday Sara felt in a frenzy. Nothing was going to be able to scratch this itch; she felt like she was going out of her mind. After resisting most of the afternoon she finally went into the school and accessed a database that gave her Kats cell number. Now she was sitting at her desk in the classroom, scarcely able to believe what she was doing.

Kat took a big swig of water, her mind suddenly racing, figuring out how she was going to play this. She had Ms. Valentine right where she wanted her, but her pussy was worn out from all shed indulged in that weekend. That gave her the luxury of patience.

Sure, said Kat. Tell me all about it.

Well, Id really... Sara paused a moment to gather her courage. Id really prefer to talk to you in person.

Kat felt a surge of victory and an electric pulse in her nether regions. Her tone turned cold and commanding. OK," she said, heres what Id like you to do.

* * *

At 8:00 that evening Sara Valentine found herself laying on her bed naked, a sleeping mask over her eyes as a blindfold, her heart pounding wildly. This was all so surreal...she was a dedicated teacher and a respected member of the community...what on Earth was she doing? She tried to rally herself to get up and call this thing off, but she couldnt move. She was completely lost and helpless.

She heard the front door open downstairs and her heart accelerated even more, feeling like it was trying to jump out of her chest. She heard noises from the first floor, then footsteps coming up the stairs. Then she felt a presence...someone was in the room. Sara held her breath. The presence came closer...then soft lips were touching hers, parting them, a tongue darting inside.

Then she felt hands on hers, lifting them...moments later both wrists were tied to the bedposts above her head. The mouth kissed her again, more forcefully this time, then moved down to her neck. Sara surrendered. For better or worse, this was her destiny.

That delicious mouth, so soft and warm, explored her breasts and nipples, causing a desperate churning between Saras legs. The mouth moved down her, brushed through her pubic hair, planted a gentle kiss on her vulva...and then stopped. Sara groaned in frustration, and after that nothing happened for several minutes. Finally she spoke up.

Um, Kat? Are you there? Is everything OK?

Her answer was a breast being pushed into her mouth. The sensation was unfamiliar but agreeable. Sara opened her mouth wide and sucked in as much as she could, feeling an erect nipple tickle the back of her throat. The breast was pulled out and replaced with another.

Then there was movement above her and she felt knees pressed against her side. The smell that followed was familiar but novel...she had tasted her own pussy plenty of times, but never in so concentrated a fashion. She felt hair brush against her nose and took a deep breath, enveloped completely now by the scent of aroused female. Then a soft wetness pressed against her lips. Without thinking, Sara extended her tongue and took an experimental taste. It was strange, delicious, exciting and frightening at the same time.

The body above her settled its weight onto her, and Sara heard a soft moan as her tongue sank deep inside the moist opening. She didn’t have much expertise at this, but from the sounds she heard and the movements she felt, she was able to judge what was working. She licked all around and then found the clit; it kept getting away from her because it was so slippery, but eventually she was able to accomplish her goal. She felt the knees tighten around her as an orgasm vibrated through the soft flesh and a loud, satisfied yell echoed through the room.

Then it was quiet again and Sara felt the body climb off her. Again nothing happened for a few minutes, and again it was Sara who finally broke the silence. Kat?

Hands pulled off the blindfold, and in the dim light it was hard to see the face in front of her, but the red hair was unmistakable.

Actually, Ms. Valentine, its me, Kelly. But Kat will be here soon.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 59

Immediately upon entering the fitting room, Olivia dropped to her knees and lifted Ginas skirt. For a minute she just sat savoring the scent in the vicinity – Gina had been marinating for awhile, and the smell that lingered around her was like smoked salmon coated in honey.

Olivia picked up a pair of slinky white panties and helped Gina step into them. She pulled them into place and leaned back to admire how they looked, then took hold of them and began to work the crotch up into Ginas slit. Gina groaned quietly and leaned back with her eyes closed. Hypnotized by the sight of Gina’s puffy pink lips peeking out around the white fabric, Olivia had completely forgotten where she was until she happened to catch movement in the corner of her eye and saw Claire standing in the doorway, eyes glittering eagerly.

Keeping eye contact with Claire, Olivia reached down and slid a finger inside Gina, feeling the older womans cunt muscles clamp down on her. Gina moaned louder and opened up, bracing herself against the wall and lifting one leg onto Olivias shoulder. For the moment Claire just watched, bringing one hand to her mouth and biting gently on a fingertip. Then Olivia beckoned her with a slight tilt of the head and that was all it took; Claire took one long stride forward and sank to her knees beside Olivia.

Olivia gulped, her head buzzing with the sudden hotness of it all. She looked up at Gina, lost in bliss, then down at Claire, who stared back wide-eyed, her lips slightly parted. Then Olivia pulled the crotch of Ginas panties aside with one hand and used the other to guide Claires head over into that area. Claire cooperatively extended her tongue and touched it gently to Ginas vulva; Gina arched her back and threw her full weight back against the wall, opening her legs all the way.

For a couple minutes Olivia watched as Claire slowly licked Ginas pussy, then leaned in closer and pushed her tongue inside. Only then did Olivia pull down Ginas top and suck one breast into her mouth (or at least as much of it as she could fit). At this point Gina realized that there were two pairs of lips on her and her eyes flew open. It took a moment for her to register what was happening, seeing the familiar dark head just below her and the unfamiliar red-haired one between her legs. Claire lifted her head to look at Gina, her face wet with pussy juice, and briefly Gina felt embarrassed and uncertain. But what was she going to do, pretend she hated it? It felt good – really, really good – so she pulled Claires head back to where it had been and lifted Olivias up for a kiss.

Olivia reached down to help Claire by rubbing Ginas clit, and in short order Gina started shaking violently, moaning the loudest orgasm Olivia had ever heard her have. Olivia dropped back to her knees to kiss Claire, delighting in the taste of her lover on this strangers lips.

Lifting Claire to her feet, Olivia leaned her against the other wall and politely helped her out of her clothes, glancing periodically back at Gina as she did so. When Claire was naked Olivia started kissing her way down the blondes slim body, keeping one eye on Ginas rapt expression all the while. Claires tits were nice little mouthfuls and her nipples were skinny but stuck out invitingly; Olivia sucked and bit down on each one, causing Claire to squirm and sigh.  Gina reached out and ran one hand across the nape of Olivias neck as she moved down, arriving finally at Claires wispy nest of rust-colored curls.

Olivia paused and looked back at Gina one last time. Did Gina think her a terrible slut now? The excited look in Ginas eyes said no; and in any case it was too late to turn back. Olivia used her nose to nudge Claires legs apart and burrowed between them. Claire tasted wonderful – a subtler flavor than Gina, but fresh, ripe, and little perfumey.

Gina leaned in for a closer look. She was surprised to find that she didnt feel jealous – just excited, wet, even a little proud of how self-assured Olivia was in this situation. Though she was the youngest of the three, if anyone was in charge here, it was clearly her. When she’d had her fill of Claires pussy, Olivia stood and pulled off her T-shirt; she was braless underneath and her nipples jutted out like twin antennae. Taking Ginas head in one hand and Claires in the other, Olivia gathered both to her chest. She brought one mouth to each nipple, then encouraged them to kiss, then brought them back to continue suckling.

At this point Olivia realized exactly what she wanted next and set about arranging it. She stretched out on her back on the bench that had been conveniently provided, and had Claire go down on her while Gina sat on her face. Soon Olivia was making noises shed never made before as Gina ground down on her and Claire lapped away. Gradually Gina sank forward until her tongue was stabbing at Olivias clit.

After that Olivia wasnt conscious of anything for awhile. Next thing she knew she was sitting up on the bench, slumped against the wall, reverberations from half a dozen orgasms pulsing through her. Gina was sitting in a corner smoking a cigarette. Olivia was surprised – shed never seen Gina smoke – but in fact she was an ex-smoker who always kept a pack in her purse just to prove she was over the temptation. Claire was nowhere to be seen. 

Olivia looked over at Gina and smiled. Wow, was all she could manage to say.

Gina took and big puff and responded, You said it, honey.

Just then Claire returned, but there was more to her than there had been before – a nice big strap-on protruded from between her legs. Olivia caught the look on Gina’s face when she saw it and smiled. They hadn’t used a strap-on in their time together, and Olivia imagined Gina was eager for something inside her. In a flash she saw how things were going to transpire:

Olivia would flip over so her knees were on the floor and her tits pressed against the bench, presenting her pussy to Claire. Claire would give Olivia what for as Gina scooted over to kiss Olivia on the mouth, cheek, neck, and ear. When she was content Olivia would take the strap-on from Claire and put it on herself, bring Claire to her knees, and watch contentedly as Claire licked her juices from the dildo. 

Then shed lay Gina back on the bench and spread her legs. Slowly, ever so slowly, shed tease Ginas opening with the tip of the plastic cock, swirling it around and around, sinking in just a millimeter and then pulling it out again. Then shed give Gina the good hard fucking she so clearly needed while Claire watched from below, occasionally sticking her tongue in when Olivia slowed down enough to let her. 

If Claire played her cards right, she might get fucked too. Olivia pictured her on her hands and knees on the floor, getting pounded from behind, every thrust pushing her face forward into Gina’s pussy.

Later on, at home, Olivia might even model her new clothes for Gina, and who knew what might happen then. Suddenly Olivias head was full of ideas.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 58

Gina Morettis kids were with her husband so she and Olivia had spent the whole weekend together, rarely leaving the house or even putting on clothes. The sexual chemistry between them was intense – the more they went at it, the more they wanted. On Saturday alone they had fucked in the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, and the dining room.

Sunday morning Olivia woke alone in Ginas bed, yawning and stretching, feeling well-rested and content. Making her way downstairs, Olivia found Gina in the kitchen, bending over the oven putting in a tray of biscuits. Dressed in nothing but a white apron, Gina looked every inch the Milf that she was. Olivia sidled up behind her and as soon as Gina had safely sat the tray down, she felt Olivia pressing up against her. She smiled and looked back over her shoulder; Olivia reached down to cup Gina’s breasts, enjoying the feeling of the older womans soft, warm rear.

Gina straightened up and leaned back for a kiss; Olivia slid her hands under the apron and pinched Ginas nipples, feeling them stiffen at her touch. After a few minutes Gina spun around to face the younger girl. Her hands were covered with white flour, and soon Olivia was too. Gina bent down to suck Olivias tits and then leaned her back against the kitchen table, spreading her legs and enjoying the light dusting of white flour in her black pubic hair.

Gina ran her nose and lips through the soft fur, pushing her tongue through to touch the skin underneath. Reaching over to dip her hand into the flour jar, she let a fine coating of powder drift onto Olivias thighs, then ran a finger through it, finishing by easing one thumb between the Asian girls moist pussy lips.

Pretty soon they were 69ing on the kitchen table, fingernails digging into each other’s butt cheeks, completely lost in the moment. Later they had biscuits with lots of butter and homemade apricot jam.

After breakfast they showered and decided to finally get dressed and go out into the world (though by mutual agreement, neither of them wore panties). They decided to go shopping at the closest mall, about 15 minutes away. Gina had just received her alimony check and was feeling flush; her husband made good money and had been good about making the payments, at least. She smiled to herself at the idea of spending his money on her young lesbian lover.

Gina ended up buying Olivia a whole new outfit. First a beautiful black cocktail dress that really flattered her shape; it was short enough to be very sexy but not too short to wear in public. Then a pair of matching heels: high enough to lift Olivia’s ass nicely, but not so high that they were awkward to walk on. Then a necklace and earrings, expensive enough to seem indulgent, but not so expensive that they would be a source of worry.

They finished up at the lingerie shop. By now it was getting late in the day, and just a few minutes after they walked in, the girl behind the counter announced that the shop was closing. Seeing the disappointed look on Gina and Olivias faces, however, she relented. “Im going to lock the door, but you guys take your time. Itll take me a while to get ready to close anyway.”

The three of them smiled at each other, and a quiet and slightly awkward look passed between them. Gina knew that Olivia certainly didnt look like her daughter, and wondered what this girl – her nametag said Claire  – thought the two of them were doing shopping for lingerie together. Olivia simply noted that Claire was extremely cute – a slim redhead in her early-to-mid 20s, dressed appropriately for this venue in a light blue bodystocking.

Claire, for her part, had been having an affair with an older woman – the manager of that very store – for more than a year, and immediately suspected that Gina and Olivia were a couple. Their body language said that they were naturally drawn together, but keeping themselves apart for the sake of propriety. 

Gesturing toward the empty store, Claire said, Help yourselves to everything. The fitting room is right behind you. Yell if you need any help. With that, she leaned over the counter to examine some paperwork, and Gina and Olivia resumed browsing.

Years later, Olivia would be surprised to read this very scenario in several erotic stories. At this time she didnt know that it was almost a cliche – she felt very awake and excited, aware of all the possibilities in play as she and Gina made several trips to the dressing room and back. Each time they emerged, Claire was looking up from the counter, always straight at Olivia, her gaze lingering for slightly longer each time. 

Gina seemed oblivious, focused completely on Olivia, enjoying having her own sexy little dress-up doll. Each time she picked out a pair of panties for Olivia to try on that was skimpier than the pair before; each time Olivia modeled the underwear for her benefactress, for her trouble getting fingered before, during, and after the process; and each time the item went back onto the rack slightly more smeared in Olivias juices. Finally, though, they settled on a simple black thong with a lacy front; then Olivia insisted that they find something for Gina too. Olivia scooped several provocative numbers off the racks and they adjourned again to the fitting room. This time a meaningful look passed between Olivia and Claire as they passed, and Olivia intentionally left the door to the fitting room slightly ajar. 


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 57

With her father out of town again, Lexi had been indulging herself that day. It was cold outside, but she’d turned the heat in the apartment way up and spent the afternoon trying on clothes from her closet and admiring herself in the full-length mirror in the master bedroom. She was not normally a vain girl, but lately she had been getting a lot of exercise and eating right, and at the moment she was feeling very good about her body.

By midafternoon she had tried on most of her dresses, skirts, and blouses and moved on to bathing suits. She had also masturbated twice and was thinking about going for a third round when the doorbell rang. Lexi walked to the front door and peered through the peephole; it was her neighbor Annalise, once again bearing a tray of food.

Lexi paused briefly to consider. She was both hungry and horny. Annalise was a good cook and also very attractive. Was it appropriate for her to answer the door in the green string bikini she was currently wearing? Why not?

She swung open the door and invited Annalise inside.

“Hi, Lexi,” said the older woman. “I made a ton of enchiladas and thought you guys might like some.”

“My dad’s away till tomorrow,” said Lexi, “but come sit down with me.” Turning toward the kitchen, Lexi watched out of the corner of her eye to see if Annalise checked her out, and was pleased to note that Annalise appeared to do a full-body scan of the younger girl.

They sat down together at the kitchen table and Lexi pulled the foil top off the tray; the enchiladas smelled fantastic.

“It’s warm in here,” noted Annalise, taking off the jacket she’d been wearing. Underneath she was wearing a summery dress that was not quite appropriate to the season but showed off her large breasts nicely.

Lexi dipped a finger into the cheese and licked it off absentmindedly. “You want a plate?” she asked.

“Well...” said Annalise. “I might just have one. I haven’t eaten since breakfast.”

Lexi fixed them both plates and sat down across from Annalise. Lexi ate ravenously – she hadn’t realized that she was starving – while listening to Annalise chat pleasantly about her job, her son, her garden. She seemed very transparent to Lexi: a nice lady, but bored, and desperately in need of sexual attention. No doubt she had wanted to fuck Lexi’s dad...but since he wasn’t here....

Her hunger finally sated, Lexi excused herself to go to the bathroom. When she returned she stood looking at the back of Annalise’s head, watching the older woman pick idly at the remains of her enchilada. For half a minute Lexi was conflicted – her brain said no, her pussy said yes yes yes.

In the end it was no contest. Lexi eased up quietly behind Annalise and leaned down to kiss her on the ear. Annalise stiffened, then softened; it was clear that she was eager for affection. Lexi moved around to kiss the older woman on the mouth and at the same time reached down to cup her breasts, which were warm and heavy in Lexi’s hands. Annalise began to pant...Lexi wondered how long it had been for her.

Positioning herself now in front of Annalise, Lexi pulled the top of the older woman’s dress down to expose her tits. Her nipples had very quickly become nice and hard, and Lexi alternated sucking them with leaning up to kiss Annalise, conscious of wanting to take it slow with her, make her feel comfortable. But her breasts were so big and delicious that after a minute Lexi lost herself in them, moving from one to the other, sucking the nipples then stretching her mouth to take in as much as possible – but try as she might, Lexi could not come close to getting one all the way in.

Taking a deep breath, Lexi leaned back and looked Annalise in the eye. There was no pretense between them anymore; they both know where they stood and what they wanted. Lexi flipped up the bottom of Annalise’s dress and slid her black panties down and off. Annalise’s legs fell open; her black pubic hair was neatly trimmed and her crotch appeared to have been freshly waxed; she looked simply delicious, and Lexi did not hesitate to lean forward and take a taste.

Annalise’s pussy lips parted very easily, and Lexi soon found herself sticking her tongue deep inside the older woman, trying to get at the source of the nectar that was flowing from between those legs. Annalise moaned, arched her back, and lifted her feet onto the table, pinching her own nipples as Lexi continued to tongue-fuck her. Lexi gave it her full effort, determined to give Annalise the biggest orgasm she’d ever had. Then it happened – Annalise gripped Lexi’s head between her legs, her whole body throbbing rhythmically. When Annalise finally released her Lexi looked up mischievously, feeling like she’d really achieved something, and deserved a reward in return.

Lexi stood and Annalise removed her bikini top, then spent a long time suckling the younger girl’s smaller – but nonetheless delightful – tits. As she sucked Annalise slowly untied Lexi’s bikini bottom and slipped it off, gradually working one finger inside. Eventually Lexi ended up on the table, legs spread wide, glistening young slit begging for attention. Annalise hadn’t licked a pussy for a long time, since college, but no one had to draw her a picture – she knew what to do. It helped that Lexi was tremendously responsive, thrashing and moaning as soon as Annalise touched her.

Before long Lexi was approaching orgasm, screaming in a way that made Annalise worried if the other neighbors would hear. But there was no sense holding back now – Annalise fucked Lexi with a thumb while licking her clit, and then Lexi was writhing and shuddering as she came, arms flung back over her head.

Afterward the two of them just relaxed for awhile, eating Ben & Jerry’s and talking quietly. They could have been any two girlfriends, except that one was pushing 40 and one was 18; and that soon the ice cream came out of the carton and started being licked off various body parts; and eventually they ended up 69ing in Lexi’s bedroom. But other than that, it was just your average day.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 56

Just as Jessica had predicted, Ella’s party turned out to be a staid and rather dull event, despite the presence of Marie and Jane serving drinks and hors d’oeuvres in bondage gear. It wasn’t until after the last guest had left that things started to get interesting.

It was Ella’s husband's birthday and she had planned a special treat for him. After saying goodnight to the last couple, Ella locked the door, returned to the living room, and instructed Marie and Jane to clear off the big table that all the food had been sitting on. As they worked Ella settled her husband down on the sofa with a drink in hand and reminded him of the ground rules: He could look but not touch. Ella hadn’t technically cleared this idea with Jessica, but knew that Jessica wouldn’t mind as long as her property wasn't damaged.

When the table was clear Ella paused for a moment, considering how to proceed. She sipped from her glass of wine, looking back and forth at the two women at her disposal, then over at the expectant face of her husband. Sitting her glass down on the coffee table, she walked over and pulled off Jane’s form-fitting rubber top, then her bottom. When Jane was naked Ella had her climb onto the big table and stretch out on her back. Ella then used some scarves that were hanging nearby to tie Jane’s wrists and ankles to the table legs. Jane’s pubic hair was now short hair rather than stubble, forming a perfect triangle; she was positioned so that her open legs pointed right toward Ella’s husband.

Ella leaned back against the wall and beckoned for Marie to approach. When she was close Ella had her drop to her knees. Ella pulled her dress down to expose her breasts and pulled Marie’s head to them. Marie needed no encouragement – she had been in the mood for hours with no action – and started eagerly suckling Ella’s pert, mouthful-sized tits. Ella too was more than ready, and soon she lifted her skirt and pulled her panties aside so Marie could start licking her cunt. Jane lifted her head and gazed over longingly, powerless to get involved, her pussy gushing moisture.

Ella reached down to pull off her panties and then pinioned herself back against the wall, spreading her legs wide, her recent yoga practice helping her maintain her balance. Marie dove back in, driving her tongue up inside Ella, her nose rubbing against the blonde’s clit. Before long Ella came, shuddering, her long nails digging into Marie's back.

Marie sat back and gazed up at Ella expectantly, her face smeared with juice, a stray golden pubic hair dangling from her nose. Ella took her by the hand and stood her up, walking her over to the table where Jane was tied.

Ella bent Marie over the table so Jane could lick the nectar off her face; Jane complied eagerly and obediently. Then Ella pushed Marie across Jane and lifted her onto the table – Ella was surprisingly strong for such a thin woman – so the two were in 69 position. Very much enjoying acting as puppet master, Ella pushed Marie’s head down into Jane’s crotch, then opened the zipper between Marie’s legs so her pussy was exposed. Ella fingered Marie as Jane licked her from below, causing Marie to squirm, arch her back, and moan deliciously.

Now Ella removed her finger and slipped it into her mouth, glancing over at her husband, who sat staring wide-eyed, looking stunned. Disappearing into the bedroom for a minute, Ella reappeared wearing a black strap-on and brandishing a riding crop. After watching Marie and Jane 69 for awhile – they were going at it in a frenzy now, completely oblivious to the world around them – Ella brought the crop down firmly on Marie’s ass. Marie yelped and paused just a moment to look back at Ella, then went back to eating Jane’s cunt, only to go rigid as Ella penetrated her.

This arrangement continued until Marie came violently, her whole body shaking, then went limp. Ella withdrew from her and slipped the strap-on into Jane’s mouth. After giving Marie a minute to recover, Ella sat her up so that she was smothering Jane’s face. Untying Jane’s legs, Ella bent them back so that her ass was sticking out, and proceeded to give her several good solid whacks with the riding crop.

Positioning the tip of the strap-on between Jane’s pussy lips, Ella teased her with a few short strokes, the plunged in forcefully, drawing a helpless groan from Jane that was muffled by Marie’s crotch. Holding Jane’s legs together to narrow her canal, Ella fucked her mercilessly, reaching over with the crop to stroke Marie’s clit. In a few minutes Jane and Marie climaxed simultaneously, prompting a satisfied smile from Ella, who waved her riding crop in the air miming a conductor.

Untying Jane’s hands, Ella helped her down off the table, then hopped up to take her place. At Ella’s behest Marie and Jane knelt beside the table and took turns sucking the strap-on and Ella’s tits. Conscious of trying to put on a show, Ella stretched out her long legs and teased the wet pussies beneath her with her feet; but soon the itch between her legs grew too strong, and she tore off the strap-on and spread her legs wide.

Putting one hand on Marie’s lovely dark locks and one on Jane’s peach-fuzzy dome, Ella guided both heads down to her crotch and stretched out across the table to receive the pleasure she had coming to her. The spectator in the room was forgotten for the moment, but you weren’t going to hear him complain.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 55

Riding home in the limousine, Kat again drifted in and out of consciousness. The sun was going down outside, but Kat couldn’t see it, even though she had been allowed to ride in the back of the limo this time instead of the trunk. She was blindfolded and handcuffed to Lucy on one side and Casey on the other side; every so often one of them reached over with a free hand to fondle Kat’s breasts or play with her pussy. As a result she was in a constant state of low-level arousal and the dress she was wearing – a red-wine-colored dress cut low on top and short at the bottom – was out of place and disheveled.

Kat thought back to when the already surreal day had started to turn really strange. Mimi had beckoned her over and invited her to take a draw from the hookah. Kat had hesitated for a moment, unsure what she might be getting into, but the situation had seemed to encourage decadence. The smoke was sticky, sweet, and a little musty; Kat took too much and coughed for a minute, but immediately the lights in the room looked brighter and the music that was playing seemed to slow down, acquire new beats in between the beats she had heard previously. Mimi smiled at her, and the smile was the smile of a big cat about to pounce; Kat knew that she was about to be taken, and felt her knees weaken.

Mimi nodded to Lucy and Mia, and each took one of Kat’s hands. They led her over to a large circular table and laid her on top of it, fastening her wrists and ankles into restraints built into the tabletop. Lucy flipped a lever and with practiced efficiency she and Mia flipped the table so that its surface was vertical rather than horizontal, then spun it so that Kat was upside-down. Mimi liked having a new conquest in this position, where she could taste them without in any way compromising her dominance.

Cupping Kat’s dangling breasts in both hands, Lucy massaged the nipples with her thumbs, then tweaked them with her fingers until they were at maximum hardness. Kat let out a small sigh that turned abruptly to a gasp as Mia snapped on a nipple clamp. When both sides were clamped, Mia looped the chain between them back behind Kat’s head, bringing them to a tension point that pulled Kat’s nipples down and out. Then Lucy and Mia stepped away.

Licking her lips, Mimi approached the bound cheerleader. Kat could hardly have been called an innocent at this point, with all that she had experienced in the last few months, but in this position she radiated an innocent vulnerability that Mimi found utterly delicious. Mimi ran her hands up and down Kat’s body, savoring her youthful softness. Kat’s pussy, just inches below Mimi’s face, was glistening with liquid, her lips puffy and slightly parted, with just a hint of the inner pink exposed. Mimi was torn; she wanted to devour it, but at the same time she wanted to prolong the anticipation endlessly, make Kat whimper and beg.

Mimi traced a finger experimentally down the length of Kat’s crevice; it made a soft squishing sound and opened slightly more. This had the effect of arousing Mimi tremendously while also strengthening her resolve. She spent the next 15 minutes teasing Kat mercilessly, touching every part of her body, returning to the sensitive areas just often enough to keep the girl in a state of fevered expectancy.

Finally Kat let out a long, loud exhale and groaned “Please, please, please....”

“You said the magic word,” purred Mimi, pushing one finger all the way inside Kat and pulling it out coated with juice. She took a taste from her fingertip and fed the rest to Kat, keeping the finger there until it was totally clean, then finally felt ready to indulge. Bending her knees slightly and craning her neck forward, Mimi penetrated Kat forcefully with her tongue, gulping in a big mouthful of her nectar.

Now Mimi seemed to go into a frenzy, burying her face in Kat’s crotch and staying down there for several minutes. When she finally came up for air, she had a faraway look in her eyes. She beckoned to Mia and Lucy, who scurried obediently to their mistress’s side. Mimi whispered something into Lucy’s ear, whereupon Lucy left the room. Then she turned the other way to whisper to Mia, and Mia started to lick Kat’s juices from Mimi’s face.

When Lucy returned she was wearing a long black face dildo, and Mimi resumed licking Kat as Lucy knelt behind her. Mimi bent over slightly to give Lucy access, and Lucy thrust the dildo up between her mistress’s legs and into her pussy. Mimi tongued Kat more slowly this time, teasing her, occasionally paying attention her clit but not letting her come. Kat, for her part, was desperate to get to Mimi’s pussy, which was now just inches from her face, but bound as she was she just couldn’t quite make it.

Bit by bit, though, the force of Lucy’s fucking from behind pushed Mimi forward until Kat was able to fully extend her tongue and touch it to Mimi’s clit. This seemed to complete a circuit; Mimi immediately began to tremble with a powerful orgasm, and she sucked Kat’s clit into her mouth, quickly making the younger girl come as well.

Mimi took a step sideways, looking a little wobbly on her legs and uncharacteristically uncertain of herself, and sat down. Lucy slid forward on her knees and pushed the face dildo into Kat’s mouth.

Later Kat’s table was turned horizontal again, and everyone in the room gathered around to play a little game. The table was spun around like a lazy susan, and when it stopped, whoever Kat’s head was pointing to climbed up onto the table and sat on her face. Some of them leaned down to 69, and Lucy on her turn fucked Kat’s pussy with the dildo, but everyone got at least one turn. When they were done with her Kat just lay there dazed as everyone left the room.

Finally Emily appeared and unchained Kat from the table, then led her again to the bathroom where they had first cleaned up. Again Emily scrubbed Kat tenderly, then led her to an enormous wardrobe where she was allowed to choose a dress for herself. Once she was dressed Emily led her to the limousine, where she was blindfolded and handcuffed to Lucy and Casey. She rode back to the city between the two of them with Mimi sitting across from them facing backward, enjoying the spectacle of the three girls bound together.

When they returned Kat to her own car, she was uncuffed and the blindfold removed. Everyone said goodbye and Mimi leaned over to kiss Kat on the cheek. “I hope you enjoyed yourself,” said Mimi. “I’m sure we’ll meet again.”