Friday, January 29, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 126

After three days at her grandmother’s house, Adriana felt like she was starting to lose her mind. The house was full of people for the holidays, and there was no privacy – she even had to share a bedroom with her mother and her aunt, for God’s sake. Every night all the adults got drunk and there was a loud argument about something or other. She needed a break.

So after breakfast she bundled up and went for a long walk. There was a large park in the neighborhood and she ambled all around it, enjoying the fresh air and quiet. It was cold enough that very few people were out, and she mostly had the place to herself. After a couple hours of this she felt a great deal calmer.

On the way home she decided to stop by the house that her cousin Antonio shared with his wife Gabriela, whom everyone called Gabi. It was just a few blocks away from her grandmother’s house, in a direct line from where she was now. She rubbed her hands together and imagined enjoying a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate in the relative peace of Tony and Gabi’s house.

When she rang the doorbell, though, no one answered. She waited a bit and tried again; still nothing. She had rung a third time and was about to give up when Gabi finally appeared at the door. She was still in her bathrobe, though it was almost noon, and her eyes were puffy as if she’d been crying. Brightening visibly at the sight of her visitor, Gabi smiled at Ana and invited her in.

“What’s up, cuz?” asked Ana as they walked into the kitchen. Gabi and Tony had been together since high school, and Ana considered Gabi her cousin even though they were not related by blood. “Something bothering you?” They had seen each other on Christmas Day, but since it had been so busy and crowded, this was their first chance to really catch up.

Gabi didn’t answer right away; instead she picked up the kettle, added some water to it, and put it on to boil. When she turned to the side, Ana could clearly see the rounded contour of her belly; she was seven months pregnant with her and Tony’s first child.

Sighing, Gabi sat down next to Ana. “It’s Tony,” she said. “He’s kind of freaking out. He says he’s not sure if he’s ready to be a dad.” She looked down at her swollen stomach. “Well, he’d better get ready.”

“You guys been fighting?”

“Some. But mostly he just hasn’t been here. He’s been out running around with his friends a lot. Or so he says.”

“You think he’s cheating on you?” asked Ana, concerned.

“I don’t think so,” answered Gabi. “But it’s hard to be sure when he’s gone all the time. I guess I just don’t know anymore.” One small tear was running down the left side of her face, and she wiped it away, smiling wanly at Ana. “So what’s up with you?”

Just then the kettle started whistling, and Ana jumped up to make tea for the two of them. She told Gabi about school, cheerleading, some of the TV shows she’d been watching.

“You have a boyfriend?”

Adriana paused. Should she try to explain? No, it was too complicated to get into. She just shook her head and said, “No, not right now.” Changing the subject, she asked, “What’s it like to be pregnant?”

“Sometimes I love it,” she said. “I feel strong and powerful and, like, full of life, you know? Other times I feel weak and sore and tired.” Then, looking down at herself, she added, “And sometimes I feel fat and ugly.”

“I think you look beautiful,” said Ana, and it was true; Gabi’s skin, which was a lighter brown than Ana’s, was glowing. Her black hair had never looked thicker and more lustrous. And knowing Gabi’s figure as well as she did, Ana couldn’t help noticing that Gabi’s breasts were a good cup size bigger than they normally were.

“Thanks,” said Gabi affectionately. “You’re sweet.”

They adjourned to the living room, where Ana volunteered to give Gabi a shoulder rub. Gabi responded strongly, almost moaning with pleasure at every squeeze. It was clear that she hadn’t been touched for awhile. Ana used her strong hands to work out all the kinks in Gabi’s neck and shoulders, glancing down a couple times at the sides of Gabi’s boobs peeking out from under her robe.

Ana, too, was feeling a little needy. It had only been a few days since her evening with Kelly and Sally, but it seemed like much longer. Her mind wandered back to that night, and a smile crept across her face as she thought of the two redheaded cousins.

And then, suddenly – she was not exactly sure how it happened, had made no conscious decision to do it – she was kissing the back of Gabi’s neck. The effect was like touching a flame to paper soaked in gasoline. Gabi let out a long, low exhale that was almost a sob, and reached behind her to grab Ana around the neck. She pulled Ana over the back of the couch, almost onto her lap, and they kissed deeply and passionately.

When they came up for air Ana found herself staring directly into Gabi’s cleavage. She untied the sash of the older woman’s robe and let it fall open. Gabi’s breasts were simply magnificent: full and firm, almost bursting. Her nipples stood up tall and proud. Ana took one into her mouth, and after a few seconds she tasted a strange flavor in her mouth. At first she was confused and then she realized: milk. Well, that was kind of weird...but sexy too...and actually rather delicious. When she released the breast from her mouth, a few white droplets lingered behind.

Ana looked up at Gabi and when their eyes met, an unspoken understanding passed between them. They had crossed a line, and there was no point turning back. Ana moved over to suckle on Gabi’s other tit.

This time, when the warm liquid splashed onto her tongue, Ana went into a sort of reverie. Some deep-seated memories and feelings were being tapped, and for a while she lost track of where she was and what she was doing. When she finally locked eyes with Gabi again Gabi was looking down at her curiously, but also tenderly.

Ana sat up straight and straddled Gabi’s lap, the protruding belly pressing softly against her abdomen. Gabi pulled Ana’s shirt up and off, then unhooked her bra and let it drop. She held and squeezed Ana’s breasts experimentally; it was the first time she’d touched another woman this way in many years. The last time it had been in a threesome arranged by Tony, and she’d felt under pressure to please him. This time she was interested in pleasing only herself. And, of course, Ana.

Gabi leaned forward to suck one nipple, teasing the other with her thumb and forefinger, then switched sides. Ana groaned and wriggled, steadying herself with one hand on Gabi’s shoulder. They kissed again, more softly this time. There was such warmth, such benevolence, in that kiss that it touched Ana. She decided that she would do everything she could to make Gabi feel good, make her forget her troubles.

Ana slid to her knees on the floor between Gabi’s legs. She could almost feel the heat coming from Gabi’s sex; she could certainly smell the arousal rising up from there. Gabi’s pussy lips were just slightly parted, and Ana gently slipped a finger between them, feeling the muscles clench around it. Gabi moaned and leaned back, opening her legs further. After planting a kiss on Gabi’s rounded belly, Ana began to lick all around her finger, probing into Gabi’s hot slit with her tongue.

Looking at the door, Gabi found herself wondering what would happen if Tony were to walk in right then. Most likely he would come over and shove his hard cock into Gabi’s mouth while his cousin ate her pussy. The idea turned her on so much that soon she was coming. Ana sat back on her haunches, taking great satisfaction in watching Gabi quiver and listening to her wail as the orgasm pulsated through her.

Ana did not rest on her laurels, however. As soon as Gabi had settled down, she leaned back in and began to softly lick Gabi’s inner thighs. With her sensitivity heightened post-climax, Gabi spasmed a little every time Ana’s tongue touched her. Working in concentric circles, Ana gradually made her way back toward the center. When she focused in on Gabi’s clit, Gabi came again, more explosively this time.

After a minute Ana was ready to start up again; she was in the zone now. But Gabi gently pushed her away with a look that said “Enough.”  She stood up and went to the kitchen to pour them each a glass of cold water. Watching Gabi walk naked across the room, pregnant belly out in front of her, Ana thought she looked like something out of an old painting.

When they had quenched their thirst Gabi took Ana by the hand and led her to the bedroom. There she unbuttoned Ana’s jeans and slid them down. Gabi reached out and gingerly touched Ana’s crotch through her panties; it was very warm down there, very wet. Then she hooked her index fingers into the waistband of those panties and pulled them down as well.

Giving Ana a friendly push back onto the bed, Gabi tossed the younger girl’s panties and jeans aside, and opened her legs. Ana’s shaved pussy was beautiful, glistening and juicy, obviously dying for attention.

Gabi hesitated briefly. She had eaten some pussy in her time, but it had been awhile. At the moment, though, she was still pulsating from the orgasms Ana had given her; she wanted nothing more than to return the favor. So she took a deep breath and dove in.

Fortunately, Ana was incredibly worked up by this point, so it didn’t take much for Gabi to get her moaning and writhing. Clenching her buttocks, Ana pushed her crotch into Gabi’s face and gripped the bedclothes with both hands. But still, after five minutes, then ten, Gabi couldn’t get her to come. So she rolled Ana over onto her hands and knees and smacked her ass while fingering her. That worked for Gabi, sometimes, when she was having trouble getting off. But while Ana clearly enjoyed it, it didn’t quite take her where she needed to go.

So finally Gabi retrieved her vibrator from the bedside table, knelt down again, and started tongue-fucking Ana from behind – plunging in and out vigorously, not caring that her face practically disappeared into Ana’s butt-crack with every forward thrust – while stimulating Ana’s clit with the vibe.

And that did the trick. Ana came like a freight train, one of those orgasms that comes in stages, a series of detonations that left her limp. She sprawled out face-down on the bed and Gabi sat down next to her, softly stroking her hair.

When Ana finally opened her eyes and looked up, it hit her: Wow, I just fucked my cousin’s pregnant wife. For a moment she almost felt guilty; some ingrained, old-fashioned part of her was trying to tell her this was wrong. But she shook it off. They had had a great time together, and who did it hurt? Gabi felt good, Ana felt good, and Tony need never know.

They dressed and had lunch together, then hugged goodbye. They were intimate in a new way now, Ana could feel it in the way they touched. Plus she still had the taste of Gabi’s pussy on her lips. She savored it as she walked down the street, back toward her grandmother’s house.


Friday, January 22, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 125

Minutes later Jane and Marie found themselves on their knees, handcuffed and blindfolded, bent naked over the couch to await punishment. They had submitted to being bound without comment or complaint; they knew perfectly well that using the strap-on without Jessica’s permission was against the rules. Probably, Jessica thought, they wanted to be punished. Fair enough; they would get their wish, and then some.

Going through her implements of discipline, she eventually decided on a riding crop. Then she glanced over at Celeste, who was sitting there looking back and forth between Jessica and the two bound women. Inspired, Jessica found a second, identical riding crop and handed it to Celeste. A look of alarm mingled with excitement spread across Celeste’s face as she realized what was being asked of her.

Jessica warmed up with a few waves through the air, making sure the crop was close enough to Marie and Jane for them to hear. Celeste did likewise; she was left-handed, Jessica noted.

Positioning herself next to Marie, Jessica pointed Celeste toward Jane. After lining up precisely, making sure of her aim, she landed a nice resounding thwack on Marie’s left butt cheek. Then she looked expectantly over at Celeste, who seemed hesitant.

Jessica understood – it felt like she and Celeste were in some kind of communication with each other, language barrier or no. On the one hand, Jane and Marie had been nothing but kind to Celeste, who had only the vaguest idea of what they were being punished for. On the other hand, they clearly expected, even welcomed, this punishment; and being blindfolded, they would never know a thing. Jessica waited patiently until Celeste appeared to make up her mind and landed a mild, almost tender blow on Jane’s butt.

Jessica answered with a slightly harder swat to Marie’s right cheek. This time Marie cried out, a breathy gasp that was two parts pleasure, one part pain. Sensing the challenge, Celeste hauled off a little further this time, making a reasonably solid impact on Jane’s rear. Jane let out a little “Ugh” and shook her head, but that was all. She wanted it harder, Jessica knew.

Changing pace, Jessica ran the tip of the crop up and down Marie’s inner thighs, then gave her a few soft taps right on her crotch. Celeste followed suit with Jane. Then Jessica steadied herself and got serious. She traced the crop along the length of Marie’s spine, lifted it high into the air, and brought it down with a crack that echoed through the room. Marie yelped, and a nice glowing red mark appeared on her derriere.

Celeste mimicked Jessica’s movements exactly, leaving a similar – if somewhat pinker – spot on Jane. From there they got into a good rhythm – first Jessica, then Celeste, then Jessica again. The blows grew harder and the moans from Jane and Marie grew louder until both asses were luminously crimson.

Jessica dropped her crop and reached down to feel between Marie’s legs. She pulled her hand back sopping wet, took a little taste, and then shoved her fingers into Marie’s mouth for cleaning. Celeste, again, did exactly as Jessica did, except with the opposite hand.

Standing, Jessica stripped. A punishment always got her excited, and she was ready for some relief. She positioned herself on the couch in front of Marie, as Celeste did the same in front of Jane. Jessica gripped Marie by the ears and pulled her head in. Jane, smelling Celeste’s pussy directly in front of her, needed no encouragement; she dove in on her own.

For awhile Jessica and Celeste just leaned back and enjoyed. Jessica smiled at the younger woman, then leaned over to kiss her. The kiss sent a surprising electric shudder through both of them, like the completion of a circuit.

Eventually Jessica decided that though Marie was doing an excellent job as usual, her itch wasn’t quite being scratched. She went back into the bedroom and returned with two face dildos, fastening one onto the head of each blindfolded woman. Then she held Marie’s head again and situated herself so the tip of the dildo was aimed right between her pussy lips. Celeste balanced one hand on top of Jane’s head and arranged herself similarly.

Jessica eased forward and grunted as the shaft pushed into her. A few seconds later Celeste bit her lip and gasped “Oh, merde” as she too was penetrated. Jessica found Celeste’s hand and held it as they sat side by side being dildo-fucked by the bound and blindfolded women in front of them. She fumbled for her riding crop, which was sitting on the floor, and used it to smack Marie’s ass a couple more times. “Harder,” she barked, and gave Jane a couple whacks for good measure.

Soon they were building up to orgasm. Jessica felt it hit Celeste, then it seemed to jump over into her, then they were vibrating in sync. She held Marie’s head still and let the wave wash over her.

“Fuck,” said Jessica.

“Oui,” answered Celeste.

Afterwards Jessica removed Marie and Jane’s blindfolds. Their eyes were full of pleading, and at this point she was ready to throw them a bone. She looked over at the strap-on sitting in the corner; but just to give them what they had originally wanted would be rewarding misbehavior. Then she remembered that in the other room she had two of those dildos with suction cups on one end. They didn’t get used very often, as they were kind of inconvenient, but they seemed perfect for this situation.

She retrieved them and stood one up on either end of the coffee table. She nodded to Marie and Jane, who looked at the dildos, then back at her, then at the dildos again. Then they both shrugged and each one picked a side.

Jessica poured a glass of cognac for herself and one for Celeste, and they sat back to watch as Marie and Jane each somewhat awkwardly tried to mount one of the dildos. It was hard for them to keep their balance with their hands cuffed behind them, but they were very determined and eventually managed to impale themselves on the thick shafts. It was not a very dignified process, but they didn’t care – their cunts were burning with need after all they’d been through.

Standing, Jessica shifted her glass to her left hand and picked up a riding crop with her right. She circled Jane and Marie, smacking each ass in turn as they bounced up and down on their respective dildos. Soon Jane and Marie were both sweating, crying out alternately in pleasure and pain as they struggled to stimulate their clits without toppling over.

Finally, taking pity on them, Jessica dropped her crop, sat down her glass, and stationed herself directly between Marie and Jane. She extended her arms and began to gently rub both girls’ clits. They both went rigid, lifted straight up on their knees, then sat down hard on their dildos one last time. Their orgasms were long and intense, and afterward they slumped forward, spent. Jessica uncuffed them and helped them up, giving each one a kiss on the forehead.

By now it was quite late. It had been a long day, and a good one. This time they all four crowded into one bed together, which made for a bit of a tight fit, but no one seemed to mind.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 124

On Monday Jessica decreed that it was time for a shopping expedition. Celeste needed new clothes and seemed like she would be fun to shop for, so the four of them piled into the car and drove to the mall.

This being the day after Christmas, it was tremendously crowded, and they were forced to park far away and walk. Almost immediately Jessica noticed the reaction that her entourage drew from passers-by; men looked on with undisguised lust, women with naked envy, possibly lust also. It continued as they walked into the mall, heads turning left and right; two men walking in opposite directions collided and glared at each other.

They set about finding a new wardrobe for Celeste, the three of them buzzing around her, suggesting things for her to try on. Seemingly everything she tried on looked amazing; she was just one of those people who made clothes look good. They spent a lot of time in dressing rooms, passing clothes in and out, debating what went best with what.

At one point Jessica went off on her own to get coffee, and waiting in line she saw a familiar face: Tanya, from yoga class. Jessica hadn’t thought about her for awhile, but seeing her here, was struck again by how gorgeous she was – perfect face, long brown hair, big blue eyes. Her superb body was currently hidden under unflattering sweats, but Jessica remembered its contours quite vividly from studying it at length in the yoga studio.

“Hi, I know you from yoga,” she said. “Jessica,” she added, and extended her hand.

“Yeah, I recognize you,” said Tanya, smiling sweetly. “Tanya.”

The line was long, so they had some time to talk. Jessica laid on the charm as thick as she could, telling funny stories, throwing in subtle flattery here and there. She wasn’t sure exactly what she had in mind for Tanya, but was curious what might be possible.

As they walked away from the coffee stand with their steaming cups in hand, Tanya said, “Listen, we’re having a cocktail party at my house tonight. A fundraiser for the homeless shelter. Why don’t you drop by?”

Jessica smiled. The door was open just a crack. “I’d love to.”

Saying goodbye to Tanya, Jessica found Marie, Jane, and Celeste waiting for her with a huge pile of clothes. They headed for the checkout counter, where the total was high enough to make Jessica blink a couple times; they could afford it, but it was more than most people would spend on clothes in five years. She shrugged and handed her credit card to the clerk.

Next they headed for the lingerie shop, where they spent a delightful hour with a beautiful redhead whose nametag said “Claire.” They bought a bunch of things for Celeste, and Jessica let Marie and Jane pick out a few treats for themselves as well.

Back at the house Jessica started thinking ahead to the cocktail party. Should she go alone or take someone with her? After awhile she decided to bring Celeste; they had bought her a black cocktail dress that would be perfect for the occasion. Yes, she wouldn’t be able to talk to anyone, but maybe that would be an advantage; she could stand there with a glass of champagne in hand, looking alluring and mysterious.

Jessica informed Marie and Jane of her decision, instructing them to help Celeste get ready for the party. She could see in their eyes that they were not pleased, but they both nodded obediently, if a bit sullenly.

They had a couple of hours in the meantime, so Jessica sat down at the dining room table to start catching up on the mail. She had been at it about half an hour when Marie sat down across from her.

“Celeste has been talking about her family in Haiti,” said Marie. “She hasn’t been able to send them any money like she intended to. I was wondering...maybe we can do something to help them?”

Jessica nodded. “Yeah, of course.” She was a little annoyed at herself for not having thought of it earlier. Within half an hour she was able to get online and wire a substantial sum to Celeste’s mother.

When she was informed of what had happened Celeste came to Jessica, knelt in front of her, and tenderly kissed her hand. Jessica reacted by lifting Celeste to her feet and giving her a long, hard hug.

* * *

The cocktail party turned out to be less boring than Jessica might have expected. The vibe she got was of generally well-behaved people letting their hair down. The booze flowed freely, the music was good, and there were plenty of people dancing. It was a great house, spacious and well-decorated.

At one point Tanya came up to say hi. “And who is this?” she asked, glancing over at Celeste – who looked simply smashing in her tight black dress. Marie had done a nice job on her makeup, including tasteful use of blue eyeshadow, and touched up her hair.

“This is Celeste,” answered Jessica. “She’s...staying with me for awhile.” Jessica volunteered no more information that that, and nothing more was asked.

Later in the night Tanya’s husband, a tall, athletic, Nordic-looking type, came up and started flirting with them. He was nice enough about it, though – sly and not too aggressive – so Jessica humored him. He tried to chat up Celeste, who smiled and nodded as if she understood what he was saying. Eventually Tanya appeared and gently but firmly steered him away, shrugging apologetically.

Soon after that the party started to break up and Jessica sensed that it was time to go. Tanya thanked her effusively for coming and gave her a big hug; Jessica milked it for all it was worth.

Back home the house was dark except for a single light in the living room. A strange feeling came over Jessica; something was up here, her intuition told her. So instead of pulling into the garage as she usually would have, she parked at the curb and let herself in through the front door.

Sure enough – she found Jane bent over the ottoman in the living room, panting and moaning as Marie strap-on fucked her from behind. Jane’s eyes were closed and Marie was too focused on her task to see Jessica come in. But when Jessica cleared her throat, they both saw her and the look in their eyes said it all: Busted.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 123

Jessica woke up early, feeling extremely well-rested after having slept most of the previous day as well as all night. Looking over at Celeste, who was sleeping next to her illuminated by the first rays of morning light, she remembered the events of the previous evening and sighed contentedly. She stretched and yawned, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes with both hands.

She slipped quietly out of bed and put on her robe, intending to make herself a cup of coffee. On her way to the kitchen she stopped and peeked in on Marie and Jane, who had been relegated to the second bedroom when Jessica chose Celeste to share her bed. They had not been too happy about it, Jessica knew, though they were smart enough to keep their displeasure to themselves. Now they were contentedly snuggled together in bed, Marie’s head nuzzled into Jane’s shoulder.

A few minutes later, cup of coffee in hand, Jessica went back to the bedroom. She hung up her robe and slid back under the covers, soaking up the wonderful warmth of Celeste’s body heat. Celeste stirred slightly and moaned quietly, pressing her butt against the side of Jessica’s thigh, but did not actually wake up.

After a few sips of coffee Jessica started to really wake up, and started to get ideas. She reached down and began to casually play with Celeste’s breasts, feeling the smooth skin and gently tweaking the nipples. The coffee was delicious, but Celeste’s tits looked even better; Jessica set her cup down and leaned over to taste them. Celeste whimpered and sighed, but still didn’t come to consciousness.

Jessica had been with her share of black girls, but Celeste’s skin had a different, exotic flavor, redolent of ripe fruit and cinnamon. Intoxicated, Jessica slowly licked her all over: shoulders, neck, ribcage, belly. Celeste gradually became more awake but only reached full consciousness when Jessica spread her legs and kissed her soft inner thighs.

Opening her eyes, Celeste lifted her head and saw what was happening between her legs. It suited her just fine, so she let her head fall back on the pillow and her eyes close again, enjoying the sweet sensations of Jessica’s lips and tongue exploring her most sensitive places.

Jessica took her time, teasing, probing, playing. Celeste was highly responsive; every time the tip of Jessica’s tongue touched her pussy, her whole body quivered. Jessica stretched out the process for as long as possible. For awhile she just blew warm air on Celeste’s clit; when she licked it again, Celeste exploded, gripping Jessica’s shoulders with both hands and screaming French curse words.

When Jessica went to start up again, Celeste gently pushed her away. Jessica thought she understood; sometimes the first orgasm was so good, you just wanted to leave it alone. So she climbed up and stretched herself out full-length on top of Celeste, letting her full weight press down on the younger woman. Celeste was more than strong enough to support her; they kissed and then lay quiet, enjoying a moment of peaceful repose.

* * *

It was Christmas Day, but under the circumstances they were completely unprepared – no tree, no presents, no cookies or candy. It was a gorgeous day out, cold but sunny, so they bundled up (Celeste borrowing one of Marie’s coats) and went for a long walk. Afterward they ate Chinese food at the only restaurant in town that was open. By the time they got home again the weather was turning, and they were happy to get back inside the nice warm house.

Jessica’s mind was working overtime. She had a scene in mind, and she set about making it a reality. As it began to unfold, she realized that it was taking on the form of a religious ritual. That had not been her intention at the start, but when it started to happen she rolled with it.

In a bedroom lit by candles, Jessica had Marie and Jane strip Celeste naked, stretch her out on the bed, and bind her hand and foot to the bedposts. Marie and Jane were both wearing dark robes and suddenly Jessica realized: I am the high priestess, those two are my acolytes, and Celeste is the new initiate.

Jessica had Jane fetch Magic the strap-on and help her on with it. For a moment she just stood there stroking it, considering, watching Celeste’s eyes. Then she ordered Jane and Marie to drop to their knees and lick and suck it, which they did dutifully. Only when they were done did she flick the switch to turn it on.

Telling Jane and Marie to step aside, Jessica strode over to the bed and lay down on top of Celeste. They kissed; Jessica felt Celeste’s rock-hard nipples pressing into her ribs; Celeste felt the length of the dildo against her belly. Then Jessica put her weight on her knees and aimed the strap-on at Celeste’s pussy lips. She rubbed the tip between them, producing some delightful little squishing sounds, then began to push in.

When she was all the way full Celeste inhaled dramatically and then let out a long, slow exhale. Jessica could feel the vibration connecting them. Celeste’s eyes glazed over and her lips pursed as a deep, powerful moan escaped her diaphragm. She tugged briefly at her bonds and then, realizing there was no point, relaxed into the experience.

Jessica threw all of her considerable expertise into giving Celeste the maximum possible pleasure. She delayed Celeste’s first orgasm as long as she could and when it arrived, she pulled out and let the strap-on rest, buzzing quietly, on Celeste’s thigh.

Only then did Jessica feel the tingling in her own clit. For a long moment she savored the feeling, looking down at the bound beauty beneath her. Then, feeling suddenly energized, she plunged back in again and began to fuck Celeste with abandon. She pounded away right through Celeste’s second and third orgasms as Celeste screamed and struggled to meet her thrusts.

Finally they came together. Jessica grunted and fell forward, her head coming to rest on Celeste’s shoulder. She reached down to switch off the strap-on; it was enough. Maybe too much. No – just right.

When Jessica rose she saw Jane and Marie sitting there, looking up at her with pleading eyes. They both probably could use a good fucking, she realized. But she didn’t have the energy to do anything to help them right now. She loosened the harness and let the strap-on fall to the floor, then left to find the bathroom.

Glancing out the window she saw that it had started snowing. The streetlight down the block cast a soft light over a fresh, untouched blanket of the purest white.