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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 126

After three days at her grandmother’s house, Adriana felt like she was starting to lose her mind. The house was full of people for the holidays, and there was no privacy – she even had to share a bedroom with her mother and her aunt, for God’s sake. Every night all the adults got drunk and there was a loud argument about something or other. She needed a break.

So after breakfast she bundled up and went for a long walk. There was a large park in the neighborhood and she ambled all around it, enjoying the fresh air and quiet. It was cold enough that very few people were out, and she mostly had the place to herself. After a couple hours of this she felt a great deal calmer.

On the way home she decided to stop by the house that her cousin Antonio shared with his wife Gabriela, whom everyone called Gabi. It was just a few blocks away from her grandmother’s house, in a direct line from where she was now. She rubbed her hands together and imagined enjoying a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate in the relative peace of Tony and Gabi’s house.

When she rang the doorbell, though, no one answered. She waited a bit and tried again; still nothing. She had rung a third time and was about to give up when Gabi finally appeared at the door. She was still in her bathrobe, though it was almost noon, and her eyes were puffy as if she’d been crying. Brightening visibly at the sight of her visitor, Gabi smiled at Ana and invited her in.

“What’s up, cuz?” asked Ana as they walked into the kitchen. Gabi and Tony had been together since high school, and Ana considered Gabi her cousin even though they were not related by blood. “Something bothering you?” They had seen each other on Christmas Day, but since it had been so busy and crowded, this was their first chance to really catch up.

Gabi didn’t answer right away; instead she picked up the kettle, added some water to it, and put it on to boil. When she turned to the side, Ana could clearly see the rounded contour of her belly; she was seven months pregnant with her and Tony’s first child.

Sighing, Gabi sat down next to Ana. “It’s Tony,” she said. “He’s kind of freaking out. He says he’s not sure if he’s ready to be a dad.” She looked down at her swollen stomach. “Well, he’d better get ready.”

“You guys been fighting?”

“Some. But mostly he just hasn’t been here. He’s been out running around with his friends a lot. Or so he says.”

“You think he’s cheating on you?” asked Ana, concerned.

“I don’t think so,” answered Gabi. “But it’s hard to be sure when he’s gone all the time. I guess I just don’t know anymore.” One small tear was running down the left side of her face, and she wiped it away, smiling wanly at Ana. “So what’s up with you?”

Just then the kettle started whistling, and Ana jumped up to make tea for the two of them. She told Gabi about school, cheerleading, some of the TV shows she’d been watching.

“You have a boyfriend?”

Adriana paused. Should she try to explain? No, it was too complicated to get into. She just shook her head and said, “No, not right now.” Changing the subject, she asked, “What’s it like to be pregnant?”

“Sometimes I love it,” she said. “I feel strong and powerful and, like, full of life, you know? Other times I feel weak and sore and tired.” Then, looking down at herself, she added, “And sometimes I feel fat and ugly.”

“I think you look beautiful,” said Ana, and it was true; Gabi’s skin, which was a lighter brown than Ana’s, was glowing. Her black hair had never looked thicker and more lustrous. And knowing Gabi’s figure as well as she did, Ana couldn’t help noticing that Gabi’s breasts were a good cup size bigger than they normally were.

“Thanks,” said Gabi affectionately. “You’re sweet.”

They adjourned to the living room, where Ana volunteered to give Gabi a shoulder rub. Gabi responded strongly, almost moaning with pleasure at every squeeze. It was clear that she hadn’t been touched for awhile. Ana used her strong hands to work out all the kinks in Gabi’s neck and shoulders, glancing down a couple times at the sides of Gabi’s boobs peeking out from under her robe.

Ana, too, was feeling a little needy. It had only been a few days since her evening with Kelly and Sally, but it seemed like much longer. Her mind wandered back to that night, and a smile crept across her face as she thought of the two redheaded cousins.

And then, suddenly – she was not exactly sure how it happened, had made no conscious decision to do it – she was kissing the back of Gabi’s neck. The effect was like touching a flame to paper soaked in gasoline. Gabi let out a long, low exhale that was almost a sob, and reached behind her to grab Ana around the neck. She pulled Ana over the back of the couch, almost onto her lap, and they kissed deeply and passionately.

When they came up for air Ana found herself staring directly into Gabi’s cleavage. She untied the sash of the older woman’s robe and let it fall open. Gabi’s breasts were simply magnificent: full and firm, almost bursting. Her nipples stood up tall and proud. Ana took one into her mouth, and after a few seconds she tasted a strange flavor in her mouth. At first she was confused and then she realized: milk. Well, that was kind of weird...but sexy too...and actually rather delicious. When she released the breast from her mouth, a few white droplets lingered behind.

Ana looked up at Gabi and when their eyes met, an unspoken understanding passed between them. They had crossed a line, and there was no point turning back. Ana moved over to suckle on Gabi’s other tit.

This time, when the warm liquid splashed onto her tongue, Ana went into a sort of reverie. Some deep-seated memories and feelings were being tapped, and for a while she lost track of where she was and what she was doing. When she finally locked eyes with Gabi again Gabi was looking down at her curiously, but also tenderly.

Ana sat up straight and straddled Gabi’s lap, the protruding belly pressing softly against her abdomen. Gabi pulled Ana’s shirt up and off, then unhooked her bra and let it drop. She held and squeezed Ana’s breasts experimentally; it was the first time she’d touched another woman this way in many years. The last time it had been in a threesome arranged by Tony, and she’d felt under pressure to please him. This time she was interested in pleasing only herself. And, of course, Ana.

Gabi leaned forward to suck one nipple, teasing the other with her thumb and forefinger, then switched sides. Ana groaned and wriggled, steadying herself with one hand on Gabi’s shoulder. They kissed again, more softly this time. There was such warmth, such benevolence, in that kiss that it touched Ana. She decided that she would do everything she could to make Gabi feel good, make her forget her troubles.

Ana slid to her knees on the floor between Gabi’s legs. She could almost feel the heat coming from Gabi’s sex; she could certainly smell the arousal rising up from there. Gabi’s pussy lips were just slightly parted, and Ana gently slipped a finger between them, feeling the muscles clench around it. Gabi moaned and leaned back, opening her legs further. After planting a kiss on Gabi’s rounded belly, Ana began to lick all around her finger, probing into Gabi’s hot slit with her tongue.

Looking at the door, Gabi found herself wondering what would happen if Tony were to walk in right then. Most likely he would come over and shove his hard cock into Gabi’s mouth while his cousin ate her pussy. The idea turned her on so much that soon she was coming. Ana sat back on her haunches, taking great satisfaction in watching Gabi quiver and listening to her wail as the orgasm pulsated through her.

Ana did not rest on her laurels, however. As soon as Gabi had settled down, she leaned back in and began to softly lick Gabi’s inner thighs. With her sensitivity heightened post-climax, Gabi spasmed a little every time Ana’s tongue touched her. Working in concentric circles, Ana gradually made her way back toward the center. When she focused in on Gabi’s clit, Gabi came again, more explosively this time.

After a minute Ana was ready to start up again; she was in the zone now. But Gabi gently pushed her away with a look that said “Enough.”  She stood up and went to the kitchen to pour them each a glass of cold water. Watching Gabi walk naked across the room, pregnant belly out in front of her, Ana thought she looked like something out of an old painting.

When they had quenched their thirst Gabi took Ana by the hand and led her to the bedroom. There she unbuttoned Ana’s jeans and slid them down. Gabi reached out and gingerly touched Ana’s crotch through her panties; it was very warm down there, very wet. Then she hooked her index fingers into the waistband of those panties and pulled them down as well.

Giving Ana a friendly push back onto the bed, Gabi tossed the younger girl’s panties and jeans aside, and opened her legs. Ana’s shaved pussy was beautiful, glistening and juicy, obviously dying for attention.

Gabi hesitated briefly. She had eaten some pussy in her time, but it had been awhile. At the moment, though, she was still pulsating from the orgasms Ana had given her; she wanted nothing more than to return the favor. So she took a deep breath and dove in.

Fortunately, Ana was incredibly worked up by this point, so it didn’t take much for Gabi to get her moaning and writhing. Clenching her buttocks, Ana pushed her crotch into Gabi’s face and gripped the bedclothes with both hands. But still, after five minutes, then ten, Gabi couldn’t get her to come. So she rolled Ana over onto her hands and knees and smacked her ass while fingering her. That worked for Gabi, sometimes, when she was having trouble getting off. But while Ana clearly enjoyed it, it didn’t quite take her where she needed to go.

So finally Gabi retrieved her vibrator from the bedside table, knelt down again, and started tongue-fucking Ana from behind – plunging in and out vigorously, not caring that her face practically disappeared into Ana’s butt-crack with every forward thrust – while stimulating Ana’s clit with the vibe.

And that did the trick. Ana came like a freight train, one of those orgasms that comes in stages, a series of detonations that left her limp. She sprawled out face-down on the bed and Gabi sat down next to her, softly stroking her hair.

When Ana finally opened her eyes and looked up, it hit her: Wow, I just fucked my cousin’s pregnant wife. For a moment she almost felt guilty; some ingrained, old-fashioned part of her was trying to tell her this was wrong. But she shook it off. They had had a great time together, and who did it hurt? Gabi felt good, Ana felt good, and Tony need never know.

They dressed and had lunch together, then hugged goodbye. They were intimate in a new way now, Ana could feel it in the way they touched. Plus she still had the taste of Gabi’s pussy on her lips. She savored it as she walked down the street, back toward her grandmother’s house.


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