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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 110

Serena couldn’t sleep. She’d dropped Annalise off after the game, determined to spend a quiet night at home and get to bed early. Annalise had looked disappointed, but they’d spent the last two nights together, and Serena didn't want to get into some heavy thing; she was enjoying playing around with all the girls in town.

But she found she couldn’t get Annalise off her mind. It was hard to explain. Annalise was attractive, but not the most beautiful woman around, and she was a decade older than Serena. But she had some essential quality that Serena found compelling.

After tossing and turning for two hours, she finally gave up and picked up her phone. Annalise picked up almost immediately.

“Hi,” said Serena.


“I wake you up?”

“No," answered Annalise. “Can’t sleep.”

“Me neither. What you doing?”

“Well..." said Annalise. “As a matter of fact, I was just laying here having a little fantasy....”

* * *

About a half-hour later, Serena pulled up in front of Annalise’s house. It was quiet and peaceful in the neighborhood. She went around to the back, as instructed. The house was totally dark, so she put her phone on flashlight mode and went in through the unlocked back door.

She crept quietly up the steps, not that it was necessary, but she was in character. She was wearing black yoga pants and a tight black turtleneck, and she looked amazing, thank you very much.

Annalise was curled up in bed, eyes clenched shut, a little bit of ambient light illuminating her tranquil face. Serena knew she was not really asleep, but she was doing a very good job of pretending.

For a minute, Serena stood just looking down at Annalise, watching her chest rise and fall. Then she found a robe sash and a belt and in turn lifted each of Annalise’s limp arms – she was still “asleep” – and tied them to the head of the bed.

Next Serena lit a couple of candles to provide some light in the room; Annalise blinked a couple of times and then opened her eyes wide, mock-terrified. “What are you doing?” she said in her best damsel-in-distress voice.

“I think that’s pretty obvious,” answered Serena. “Where’s your jewelry, lady?”

Annalise nodded toward the dresser. “Top drawer.”

Serena went to the dresser, opened the drawer, and after a second turned around holding a strap-on, smirking. “What’s this?”

“That’s a new kind of necklace,” Annalise wisecracked.

“Funny,” said Serena, and reached over to pull off the sheet covering Annalise’s naked body.

“What are you going to do to me?” asked Annalise.

“I have a few ideas.” Moving slowly and deliberately, prolonging the moment, Serena put the strap-on in place over her clothes. Then she climbed onto the bed and wriggled up until she was straddling Annalise, the tip of the dildo pressed against Annalise’s lips. “Open wide.”

Annalise obediently parted her lips and Serena pushed the plastic cock into her mouth. The look on Annalise’s face made Serena smile – she was doing a perfect imitation of a good girl forced to do something bad and loving every minute of it. Moving her hips, Serena forced the shaft of the strap-on as far as she could until Annalise started to gag, then backed off a little, causing a gush of saliva to pour from Annalise’s mouth.

“You’re a sloppy little slut, aren’t you?” said Serena. Annalise nodded and said something incomprehensible. Serena pulled out so she could speak. “What did you say?”

“I said I’m sloppy down below, too.”

Serena reached one hand behind her to feel Annalise’s pussy. It was sopping wet. “I see what you mean.” She moved to between Annalise’s legs and positioned herself so the tip of the strap-on was just touching Annalise’s pussy lips. “Is this what you want?” Annalise nodded. “What are the magic words?”


“Keep going.”

“Please fuck me.”

“That’s a good girl,” said Serena, and inch by inch sank the dildo into Annalise until she was completely full. Annalise let out a long, keening moan that was stopped only by Serena pulling off her top and pushing one breast into Annalise’s mouth.

As a yoga teacher, Serena was both sensitive and strong, and she gave Annalise the fucking of a lifetime. After five or six orgamsm Annalise finally said “Stop.”

So Serena stopped. “Really?” she said.

Annalise shook her head. “No.”

But at last Serena sensed that it was enough. As she pulled out, Annalise let out a long sigh and smiled a crooked grin. “Go ahead, take the jewels, take everything,” she said, giggling.

Instead Serena stood and removed the strap-on, then pulled off her yoga pants. Her naked body looked absolutely magnificent there in the flickering candlelight; Annalise thought it was possibly the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen in her life.

Moving with catlike grace and fluidity, Serena again straddled the bound woman on the bed, keeping her crotch just out of Annalise’s reach. “You’ve got a real pretty mouth,” Serena said. “Want to show me what you can do with it?”

Annalise nodded. Serena knee-walked forward until her pussy was directly over Annalise’s mouth, and Annalise wasted to time getting to work. She licked all around, slurping up the delicious nectar, then shoved her tongue inside as deep as it would go.

Serena reached out to hold onto the headboard and ground herself against Annalise’s face, her boobs bouncing in a nice gentle rhythm. She couldn’t believe how wet she was – poor Annalise’s face was getting soaked, but what did she care? She was a criminal, after all.

The first time Annalise touched her clit she came, hard. The whole bedframe shook in sympathy with her tremors. Annalise slowed down after that, licking all around Serena’s thighs and hipbones, then gradually focusing back in on her pussy, then returning to her clit. Serena climaxed again, this time pounding her fist against the wall, channeling Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction: “I said goddamn.”

Leaning back and putting her hands behind her, in one elegant motion Serena pivoted and flipped to get into 69 position. And there they stayed, pleasuring each other, until they were both completely exhausted. Then, finally, Serena untied Annalise and they curled up together under the covers. Within minuted they were both asleep, the room as silent and serene as could be.

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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 109

Taking Erica by the hand, Jessica weaved her way through the crowd to the bedroom. Once there she opened the trunk where they kept their sex toys, reached in, and pulled out her new special friend. The room had a dimmer switch, so Jessica lowered the light to a nice, romantic level before giving Erica a long, lingering kiss with lots of tongue.

Moving slowly and deliberately, Jessica undressed, got the strap-on ready, and climbed onto the bed. Reclining on her back, she said to Erica, “Just to be clear, I won’t be billed for this, right?”

Erica frowned and shook her head. “No, I’m off the clock tonight.” She looked a little put out – Jessica couldn’t quite tell if she was playing around or really hurt. But in a moment the clouds had passed from Erica’s face and she was all sunshine again, pulling her skirt off over her head and dropping it to the floor.

Jessica flipped the switch on the strap-on and immediately felt a lovely little tingle in her clit. Erica knelt on the bed and leaned down to get a better look at the high-tech dildo. It was buzzing ever so slightly, with just a hint of visible vibration. Erica extended her tongue and touched it to the tip; a slight shiver ran through her whole body, like she’d been given a very mild electric shock.

The texture of the strap-on felt nice, she thought; not like the usual slick plastic. She ran her tongue up and down it and proceeded to give a very convincing pantomime of a blowjob, looking up into Jessica’s eyes the whole time. Jessica enjoyed it so much that she could have sworn the dildo had nerve endings, that she could feel Erica’s tongue on her cock; and she actually did have a small orgasm. Nothing explosive, but more like a feeling of immense warmth radiating out from between her legs.

Jessica closed her eyes for a moment, soaking up the blissful feeling, and when she opened them Erica was standing over her. Bending forward, Erica took the shaft of the dildo in one hand and used it for support as she began to gently lower herself. She felt the tip make contact with her pussy lips and shuddered, chewing on her lower lip. Moving as slowly as possible, feeling each millimeter as it entered, Erica let herself sink all the way down until the full length was inside her.

“Wow, that’s niiiiiice,” she purred, and came almost immediately. Jessica felt Erica’s nails dig into her and flinched a bit; they were sharp. Erica’s face contorted, scrunching up into a tight ball, then relaxed. No sound escaped her lips, though, except a very slight “Unh.”

Reaching down to get a grip on Jessica’s breasts, Erica began to move, gradually raising herself up seven or eight inches, then abruptly letting herself fall so the shaft impaled her. She quickly came again, with similar facial contortions, and this time let out a low, guttural growl.

In the space of ten minutes Erica climaxed half a dozen times, each time a little more loudly, finishing with an epic yowl that must have been heard by everyone in the suite, despite the background noise and music. Erica rolled off and stretched out on the bed beside Jessica, chest heaving, muscles twitching. “That,” she said, “is one magic johnson.”

Jessica switched off and relaxed. It was quiet in the room for a minute, then the door opened and a face poked in. It was Chantelle, her perfect cheekbones beautifully accented by the dim light. “Is everything OK in here?”

Erica grinned at her. “Better than OK,” she said. “Come in here, girl.”

Chantelle stepped in and closed the door behind her. “Chantelle, this is Jessica,” said Erica. “Our charming hostess.”

Chantelle curtsied adorably. “Pleased to meet you.” She was wearing a silver dress that was cut very high on the bottom, barely covering her pubes, and long socks that went up above her knees. This left just a few inches of tantalizing flesh visible on each thigh.

Erica took the shaft of the strap-on in one hand and pointed it straight at Chantelle. “And this is Magic,” she said.

Standing, Erica approached Chantelle and kissed her warmly on the lips, then reached down to lift her dress up and off. Chantelle was naked underneath, so this left her in just the socks. She looked absolutely delectable, Jessica thought. Her mocha skin was perfect from head to toe, her small breasts high and tight. Her black pubic hair was sparse and achingly lovely.

Erica took it upon herself to get Chantelle warmed up. She sucked both tits then dropped to her knees, lifting Chantelle’s left leg and draping it over her shoulder. Chantelle sank back against the wall and closed her eyes, her soft folds opening of their own accord to admit Erica’s tongue.

Once Chantelle nice and wet, Erica took her by the hand and brought her to the bed. With Erica’s support and encouragement, Chantelle positioned herself over Jessica, and Erica held the strap-on in one hand as Chantelle eased herself down onto it. When it was all the way in Jessica reached down and flipped the switch, and Chantelle’s expression immediately changed, her mouth forming a wide-open “O.”

Chantelle lasted longer than Erica had; it took maybe 30 seconds before the first orgasm washed over her. When it did, she raised herself slightly and pivoted 180 degrees, moving into reverse-cowgirl position. Since Chantelle was now facing her, Erica bent over and again licked and bit her nipples.

Showing remarkable flexibility, Chantelle leaned back and braced herself with one hand on either side of Jessica. She ground herself slowly onto the shaft of the strap-on, up and down, up and down; Jessica met her every movement in perfect rhythm, driving up into her again and again. For awhile there was only that; everything else in the world disappeared for them – except for Erica, who now dropped to her knees and touched the tip of her tongue to Chantelle’s clit.

She had been on the edge already, and this sent her over, hard. She came violently, throwing her head back and howling, sounding almost like a wolf or a coyote. Then she fell all the way back onto Jessica and the strap-on popped out, standing tall and proud, pointing straight at the ceiling.

Jessica wasn’t done with her yet, though. After rolling Chantelle off of her onto the bed, Jessica sat up and unbuckled the strap-on. Setting it aside, she sat for a few moments just gazing down at the beautiful creature below her, letting Chantelle catch her breath. Then she moved to straddle Chantelle’s face, leaving no doubt that she expected to have her pussy licked. Chantelle complied politely, lifting her head a little to plant a kiss on Jessica’s labia, then going to work with her tongue.

Seeing Chantelle’s delicious-looking cunt waiting there just a few feet away, Jessica went ahead and let herself tip forward so her full weight rested on the younger girl. She expected that Chantelle would taste wonderful, and was not disappointed. In fact it seemed like possibly the best thing she’d ever tasted. She spread Chantelle’s legs as wide as they would go and jammed her tongue deep inside, simultaneously mashing her own pussy onto Chantelle’s face.

Erica, meanwhile, sat back on the edge of the bed, switched on Magic, and used him to pleasure herself as she watched.


Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 108

The football game was anticlimactic; the team had been having a tough season, and lost this last game badly, going down 17-0 in the first quarter. Kat found her mind wandering – she thought about how much had changed over the last months, looking out at the crowd, counting everyone she’d had carnal knowledge of. Jackie was there, of course, as was Sara. So were Betty Ann, and Janice, and Ella. Serena and Annalise sat together in the bleachers. And then there were her fellow cheerleaders, Kelly, Ana, Olivia, and Lexi. Even a couple of her ex-boyfriends were there, including one of the football players.

Suddenly she felt like a bit of a slut. Well, maybe she was; she shrugged it off. She’d been enjoying herself.

After the game one of their classmates was throwing a party, so the senior cheerleaders showered, changed, and set off together on foot. Jackie had invited the five of them to her house later, for a sleepover to celebrate the end of the season. So all of them took it easy at the party, except for Kat, who drank more than usual and spent most of the evening flirting with Kaci, a cute little thing with brown hair and glasses. Though Kaci was nominally straight, Kat thought she might be a long-term prospect. In her mind, a straight girl was one she just hadn’t fucked yet.

Kat had gotten a reputation as the most active lesbian in the vicinity, and while that made some of the girls treat her coldly or avoid her altogether, it made others curious. Kaci was in the curious category. She didn’t even really know what two girls did together, but she was intrigued by the idea – and by Kat, who carried herself with such brusque self-assurance.

At one point Kaci’s boyfriend came over and put her arm around her possessively. Kat could tell that he didn’t like Kaci talking to her, but since their conversation was perfectly innocuous – centering at that point on the history final they’d both taken – there wasn’t much he could object to. Eventually he was called back to do shots with his friends, and Kat took the opportunity to move closer, whispering right into Kaci’s ear under the pretense of making herself heard.

About 10:00 Kelly came over to tell her that they were leaving for Jackie’s, and Kat waved her off. “Go ahead,” she said. “I’ll catch up with you guys later.” Kelly shrugged and left them to it.

Two greyhounds later, Kat decided that she had done enough to lay some groundwork with Kaci, and leaned in to say goodbye, surreptitiously planting a kiss on Kaci’s cheek. Out in the cold night air, she pulled her coat tight around her and covered the five blocks to Jackie’s house briskly and purposefully.

Upon arriving at the delightfully warm house she found Kelly, Olivia, and Ana in the kitchen, popping popcorn and making brownies. After pouring herself a tall glass of cold water, Kat walked through the door that led to the garage, where Jackie and Lexi were playing ping-pong. She was surprised to see Sara Valentine there as well, sitting on a stool watching the game. They all greeted Kat but again she felt a bit of frost coming from Jackie, so after a couple points she went back into the house.

The other three girls had settled into the living room with snacks and were discussing what movie they might want to watch. The conversation had gone on for 15 minutes with little progress when Jackie appeared, ping-pong paddle still in hand, with Sara trailing right behind her.

Jackie fixed Kat with a serious stare. “Kat, there’s something I’d like to discuss with you.”

Kat felt a lump in her throat. She still thought of Jackie as an authority figure, despite everything, and this didn’t sound promising. “Um, sure,” she answered. “What?”

“Sara and I have been talking, and I think you owe her an apology,” said Jackie. “For how you’ve treated her.”

“Really?” said Kat. She thought quietly for a few seconds, and then added, “Well, I guess I can see your point.” Looking at Sara, she said, “I”m sorry, Ms. Valentine.”

Jackie shook her head. “That’s not what I had in mind.”

A funny feeling began to creep over Kat. Something exciting might be happening here. All the other cheerleaders were watching her, including Lexi, who had just come into the room.

“Well....” said Kat, “what were you thinking exactly?”

“Stand up,” said Jackie, and Kat obeyed. Jackie handed the paddle to Sara and walked over to Kat. Spinning Kat around to face the couch she’d just stood up from, Jackie pulled off Kat’s T-shirt, then her bra, her jeans, and her panties. Producing a pair of handcuffs from an end table, Jackie cinched Kat’s hands behind her back, pulled her down to her knees, and bent her over the couch.

Jackie gestured to Sara, who started to walk toward them, then stopped, shaking her head. “You do it for me,” she said, holding the ping-pong paddle out to Jackie.

“If you say so,” Jackie answered, taking the paddle. Kneeling behind Kat, she gently touched it against one butt cheek, measuring the distance. Then there was a loud “thwack” as the first blow landed.

Kat yelped, feeling a sharp pain but also a strange kind of satisfaction. She did feel a little guilty, she had to admit, about some of the things she’d been doing lately; it actually felt good to do some penance.

Jackie took her time about the punishment, alternating cheeks, enjoying the way Kat’s ass jiggled slightly after each whack and then settled down. The other girls watched intently; this was better than any movie they could have watched.

When she felt that the point had just about been made, Jackie looked back at Sara and jerked her head. Sara had been standing there drinking a glass of wine, which she now sat on the coffee table, then reached down and pulled off her skirt. She was naked underneath, the slightest hint of pink visible under her ample brown curls.

Sara crawled onto the couch and spun around so that Kat’s head was between her legs. Jackie used one hand to push Kat’s green-haired head forward into Sara’s crotch – not that she needed to; Kat was amped up and ready to go. She ran her tongue along the length of the English teacher’s slit from bottom to top, lapping up the juice that was gathered there.

Jackie, meanwhile, laid on a few more good smacks just for good measure. Kat’s rear was nice and red now, almost the same color as the rubber on the paddle. Jackie flipped the paddle around and rubbed the handle between Kat’s legs. Kat let out a long “Mmmmm” and was momentarily distracted from Sara’s pussy; so Jackie gave her one good smack with a bare hand and pushed her head back down in there.

Putting the paddle down, Jackie reached again into the same end table and pulled out a strap-on. After harnessing up she got into position behind Kat, eased the cheerleader’s legs apart with one knee, and plunged in. The other girls offered their encouragement; “Fuck her good,” said Olivia, and Ana added, “Punish that cunt.”

Sara came hard, letting out a high-pitched whine and clamping Kat’s head between her legs. Then they changed positions, with Kat now laying on the couch on her back. For a few minutes Sara just watched as Jackie first fucked Kat’s mouth, then spread her legs and penetrated her again; whereupon Sara sat on Kat’s face and rode her, gripping her tits for support.

This went on until Sara came again and fell forward onto Kat. She reached out her tongue to touch Kat’s clit and the circuit was completed; Kat spasmed violently and let out a belly-deep, keening moan. Jackie pulled out and sat back, reaching down to finger her own pussy, as Kat and Sara lay motionless, spent and drenched in sweat.

For a few minutes it was quiet in the room, until Lexi’s voice broke the silence.

“Um, I think I really need to apologize too.”