Saturday, December 31, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 53

Standing up, Mimi took a few steps and thrust the strap-on into the Blondes mouth; she sucked it down eagerly, enjoying the exotic combination of tastes. Kat, looking up from underneath, noted that she managed to swallow almost the whole thing. Apparently she was quite talented in that area. As she continued to suck, Mimi unstrapped the harness and nimbly stepped out of it.

At Mimis behest the Blonde stood up from the chair, strap-on still dangling from her mouth. Mimi took her place in the chair; naked now, she opened her legs for Kat, who felt it must be an honor to be chosen to service the mistress. Mimis pussy, she thought, was tremendously beautiful: a perfect vertical slit topped by a very light patch of wispy black hair. Kat kissed her way up Mimis leg and took a minute to lick away the  juice that coated each upper thigh, then very slowly ran her tongue along Mimis lips from top to bottom. Mimi sighed appreciatively and gestured to Mia and the Blonde, who each got into position and began to suck one of Mimis breasts. Lucy, meanwhile, draped herself across Kat from behind, alternating between kissing and licking Kats ears and sticking her tongue in to help Kat with Mimi.

When Mimi came, she came like a freight train; her whole body vibrated and sent tremors through everyone else. Kat thought that shed never seen anyone orgasm so intensely; she wasnt that loud, but her eyes rolled back in her head and for a few seconds she looked dead. Kat wasn’t sure whether to continue, but Mimi answered that question by grabbing Kats head and pulling it back into position. Mimis second orgasm, a few minutes later, was if anything more violent; this time she pushed Kat away into the arms of Lucy and the two shared a long French kiss. Lucy savored the taste of Kats mouth, very happy with the way her new acquisition had pleased the mistress.

* * *

Afterward they all gathered in the dining room for a luxurious meal prepared by Mimis personal chef. If the maid who served them – a cute, skinny redhead – was at all phased by the fact that the Blonde was half-naked, Lucy was completely naked, and Kat was dressed like a fuck slut, she didnt show it. Mimi had slipped into a kimono and put her hair up; sitting at the head of the table, she sipped white wine and described each dish as it arrived.

Kat ate like the hungry animal she was – she hadnt eaten anything for almost 24 hours, and while she hadnt noticed until now, she was ravenous and couldnt get the food into her mouth fast enough. At one point Mimi admonished Kat for poor table manners, though it was apparent from her tone of voice that she was secretly pleased by Kats display of appetite.

Toward the end of the meal Emily appeared and whispered something in her mistresss ear; Mimi nodded in reply. When the maid began clearing the dishes Emily took Kat by the hand, led her to one of the many bedrooms, laid her down on the bed, and climbed on top of her. Their lips and tongues entwined, and though Kat was almost too full for physical activity, she didnt complain as Emily kissed down her neck and sucked the nipples that poked through her bra.

Emily kissed and licked all around Kats belly, hips, and mound, enjoying every inch; Kats young body was a gourmet treat for her. Whimpering softly, Kat opened her legs and arched her back, eager for Emily to pay attention to her pussy. Emily teased Kat for awhile, touching the tip of her tongue very lightly to Kats thigh, vulva, and clit, making the girl writhe and tense, hips straining forward. But eventually Emily lost her self-control and began to devour Kat, who gripped Emilys shoulders so hard it hurt. The bridge of Emilys nose rubbing against Kat’s clit sent her over the edge, and after that she was so sensitive that she came twice again in quick succession.

By the time Emily came up for air, Kat had drifted off to sleep. Emily didn’t mind; she put a blanket across the two of them and curled up for a little nap. They snoozed through the early afternoon and when they woke up Kat returned the favor, slipping off Emily’s panties and paying her slow and careful attention. She had just finished when there was the sound of a bell ringing somewhere in the house. After quickly dressing Emily took Kats arm and led her to a part of the house she hadn’t seen before.

They walked into a large room with no windows; what little light there was came from candles and a few wall sconces. Kat struggled to take in what was going on around her. In one corner Mimi, Mia, and Lucy were smoking from a hookah; a cloud of smoke hovered over their heads. All three had changed clothes from earlier; Mimi was wearing a black leather bodysuit, Mia a pink bikini top and micromini, and Lucy a white babydoll that contrasted oddly with her piercings and tattoos. The cute readheaded maid was there, kneeling subserviently at Mimi’s feet; she was naked now, and Kat noted that her body was slim but alluring, and the carpet matched the drapes.

On a couch in one corner Kat saw Casey with a naked Blonde sprawled across her lap. Casey raised one hand to wave to Kat, then brought it down with a smack on the Blonde’s ass. The Blonde made a noise that was half-groan, half-giggle, then turned to a squeal as Casey penetrated her with two fingers. Kat felt a fresh wave of wetness begin to flow between her legs; she couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 52

Putting one knee in front of the other, Kat made her way over to Mimi and sat down on her haunches, one leg resting against the motionless Lucy. Mimi looked her up and down and commented, “You clean up very nicely.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Kat answered politely.

Again extending her index finger, Mimi hooked it into the chain hanging between Kat’s nipples. By pulling the chain she raised Kat back up onto her knees and leaned over to kiss her. Mimi was a powerful kisser; Kat immediately felt her nether regions tingle and her nipples stiffen, which made the clamps bite in a little more, causing her to involuntarily moan into Mimi’s mouth. Mimi ever so gently bit Kat’s lower lip, then bent Kat’s head back and ran her tongue across the younger girl’s neck, savoring the taste of her skin.

Still holding the chain, Mimi guided Kat’s head to her chest. Her breasts were not large but made nice mouthfuls for Kat, who moved back and forth between them several times, sucking and lightly biting each nipple. Mimi’s flesh was delicious, and Kat would quite happily have kept going, but Mimi tugged on the chain again and brought Kat’s mouth down to the strap-on. The smell there was heady, a mixture of Lucy’s juices and Mimi’s own arousal seeping from between her legs.

Looking up into Mimi’s eyes as Jessica had trained her to do, Kat ran her tongue all over the shaft, then took the head into her mouth. Mimi smiled and put one hand on the back of Kat’s head, pushing it down until she’d swallowed as much of the plastic cock as she possibly could. Just then Kat felt a movement below her – Lucy, finally stirring, had moved between Kat’s legs and was now tracing her tongue along one thigh. When Mimi released the pressure on her head, Kat eased the strap-on out of her mouth and resumed licking it, feeling the warm tip of Lucy’s tongue slip into her.

Kat saw a new look come into Mimi’s face – abruptly she stood and bent Kat forward over the chair. Gesturing toward the couch, Mimi indicated to Lucy that she was just to watch at this point; reluctantly Lucy wriggled out from between Kat’s legs and took a seat.

Mimi wrapped one arm around Kat’s waist and lifted her slightly, raising her ass a little higher. After planting a few small kisses on Kat’s bound hands, Mimi used two fingers to spread her pussy lips and ran the tip of the strap-on up and down her opening. Soaking wet and eager, Kat’s pussy practically sucked the strap-on inside; Mimi stopped halfway in and reached around to tug on the chain between Kat’s nipples, causing her to moan in combined pleasure and pain. Then Mimi slowly penetrated Kat the rest of the way, and just as slowly pulled back until she was almost all the way out.

Kat soon realized that she was being fucked by a true master – or mistress, as the case might be. Mimi mixed long and short strokes, varied speeds, and sometimes stopped moving altogether, leaving Kat grinding her hips to try to get more friction. She brought Kat to the brink of orgasm several times but didn’t let her go over. Lifting Kat’s head and slipping a finger into her mouth, Mimi motioned to the blonde in the plaid skirt, who walked over and sat down on the big chair. (Kat never did learn this woman’s name; she always thought of her as just the Blonde.) The Blonde lifted her skirt – she was naked underneath – and spread her legs; Mimi pushed Kat’s head into her pussy.

Mimi watched Kat work for a minute, then resumed very slowly moving back and forth inside her. She brought Kat again to the brink and stopped; this time she barked at the Asian girl – “Mia!” – who scrambled to comply. Mimi pointed to where she wanted Mia: on the floor between Kat and the chair. Filling Kat with two last powerful thrusts, Mimi nodded to Mia, who ran the tip of her tongue across Kat’s clit. That did it – a volcanic orgasm shuddered through Kat, and she toppled forward into the Blonde’s wet pussy.

No one moved for a minute. Then Mimi pulled out of Kat, exiting her pussy with an audible pop, stood up, and pushed the strap-on into the Blonde’s mouth. Mia, meanwhile, pulled the clamp off one of Kat’s nipples and began to gently suck the poor swollen nub. Kat came to life again and resumed working on the Blonde’s clit, enjoying the sensation of her nose in the soft golden pubic hair.

Feeling frustrated and left out, Lucy began rubbing herself, but stopped when Mimi shot her a stern look.   The expression that flitted across Lucy’s face then – the crushed demeanor of a child whose ice cream cone has just fallen on the floor – aroused pity in Mimi’s heart, and she nodded to indicate that Lucy could join in. A huge smile spread across Lucy’s face as she knelt behind Kat and buried her face in Kat’s dripping cunt.

Mia, meanwhile, had unclamped Kat’s other nipple and drawn it into her mouth, flicking the tip with her tongue as she tried to fit the whole breast into her small mouth. After a few minutes of this treatment Kat had another powerful orgasm, this one not as violent, but long and drawn-out and almost traumatic in its effect.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 51

In a few seconds Kat’s eyes started to adjust to the light and she made out the figures of Lucy and the driver standing over her. They helped her climb out of the trunk and for a minute she just stood there wrapped in her blanket, squinting and trying to make out her surroundings. They appeared to be out in the country somewhere: there was lots of open space around, and quite a few trees. The house they were in front of was the only one around, and it was quite large – not tall, but spread out and occupying a lot of space.

Not quite sure what was supposed to happen now, Kat looked around, but the driver had already disappeared and Lucy and Mimi were walking toward the house. Just before they reached it, a figure walked through the door and passed them going the other way – a short woman in her 40s dressed in a black blouse and a long, flowing skirt. As they passed each other Mimi gestured toward Kat and said to this woman, “Get her cleaned up.” The woman nodded.

Approaching Kat, she took her by the arm and smiled. “My name’s Emily, sweetheart. What’s yours?”

At the sound of Emily’s voice Kat instantly felt more relaxed; it had a warm, soothing, motherly tone. Up close she had neck-length, dark brown hair and striking green eyes. “Kat,” she answered.

“Well, come with me, Kat,” said Emily, and led Kat toward the back of the house.

* * *

A few minutes later Kat found herself in a huge bathroom. Emily walked her over to a proportionally enormous shower that had two showerheads, one on either end, and started the water. Unwrapping Kat from her blanket, Emily helped her inside and closed the door behind her. For a minute Kat stood with her eyes closed letting the steaming hot water splash onto her body from both sides; it felt fantastic.

After disposing of the blanket, Emily returned, stripped off her clothes, and stepped into the shower beside Kat. Kat was somewhat surprised at this turn of events, though not displeased. Picking up a bottle of shower gel, Emily squeezed some into her hands and began to scrub Kat down. She did a very thorough job, neither hurrying nor dawdling, though she maybe spent a little longer than necessary on Kat’s breasts, crotch, and ass; Kat didn’t mind in the least. Emily shampooed Kat, rinsed her, then applied conditioner. Although unused to this kind of pampering, Kat found that she rather enjoyed it.

Pulling Kat to one side of the shower stream, Emily shook a brand-new razor out of its package and after applying some shaving gel, shaved Kat’s legs and underarms and touched up around her pubic hair. Afterward they warmed up again under the hot water, sharing a long embrace and a sweet and tender kiss. Kat was ready to surrender to the moment, but Emily had a mission; she turned off the water and opened the shower door to grab a towel for each of them.

Once they had dried off, Emily applied lotion and oil to strategic parts of Kat’s body and shook a little powder into her cleavage. Then they both slipped into luxurious white terrycloth robes and Emily led Kat out of the bathroom and down the hallway to a gigantic walk-in closet. Inside Emily tossed Kat's robe aside and stood looking at her appreciatively. “You have a wonderful body,” she told the younger woman. “This is going to be easy.”

A few minutes later Kat stood looking at herself in a full length mirror: a black lace push-up bra with cut-out nipples making room for nipple clamps connected by a chain; black garter belt and stockings; studded black leather collar and wristbands; and gold bracelets around each bicep. She couldn’t help but grin; she looked gooood. 

Emily applied dark red lipstick and eye shadow and took Kat again by the arm, leading her down a longer hallway and through what appeared to be a library to an ornate wooden door. As a finishing touch, Emily handcuffed Kat’s hands behind her back, pulled open the door, and pushed her through it.

As she stepped into the long and narrow room on the other side, Kat felt Emily’s hands exerting a gentle downward pressure on her shoulders, indicating that she was to kneel. When she had done so, Emily turned and exited through the same door, closing it behind her.

Kat shifted her focus to what was happening on the other side of the room: On a very large wooden chair, almost a throne, sat Mimi. Splayed out in front of her, facing Kat, was Lucy. Lucy’s bottom half was on the chair, in the process of being impaled on the very large red strap-on Mimi was wearing, while her top half rested on the floor; the look on her face was one of wide-eyed ecstasy, almost desperation. Staring into Kat’s eyes, Lucy gripped the floor with both hands and let out a throaty growl as Mimi adjusted the angle of entry with a very subtle movement of her hips.

To Mimi’s left, leaning against the mantel, was a younger Asian girl in a sheer red body stocking. To her right, on a black leather recliner, sat a slightly older blonde – maybe in her 30s – topless, but in a plaid skirt and long striped socks.

Glancing up briefly at Kat, Mimi grinned wolfishly and lifted one index finger into the air. The nail was much longer than those on the other fingers on her hand and painted with a psychedelic black-and-white pattern. Moving slowly and deliberately, Mimi extended the finger and raked the tip of the nail across Lucy’s clit. The reaction was convulsive; Lucy’s body twisted, her top half seemingly moving independently of the bottom half, and her mouth formed into an almost comical “O” shape as she cried out helplessly. 

With another subtle shift of her hips Mimi nudged Lucy forward and she fell off the strap-on and onto the floor, where she lay gasping for breath. Mimi now turned her full attention to Kat. Holding that same index finger up, she crooked it back twice, beckoning for Kat to approach.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 50

Kat spent a restless night in the dark basement. Fortunately there was a little bit of heat coming in, so she wasn’t freezing, but there was no place to sleep except on the hard floor. Even when she did manage to drift off, her sleep was not restful, but populated by a series of dreams that were highly erotic but also dark and strange. In one she was tied to a hospital bed, naked and spread-eagled, as doctors and nurses came and went. In another, she, Kelly Ann, and their mothers were performing some kind of burlesque show on an outdoor stage in front of a huge audience that included both of their families. Kat watched as Kelly came up behind Samantha, unclasped her bra, and pulled it off. Kelly whirled the bra in circles over her head and flung it into the audience, which went wild with applause, then reached around to cup Samantha’s breasts. Kat followed suit, stripping off Betty Ann’s top and tossing it, then taking Betty’s wonderfully heavy globes in her hands.

Kelly was just starting to pull Samantha’s panties down over her hips when Kat woke up. A hint of sun was peeking in through the window and she realized that she needed to pee very badly; fortunately, the chain on her ankle gave her just enough slack to reach the tiny room in the corner that contained a toilet and nothing else. After emptying her bladder Kat just sat for a few minutes staring into the room, reliving the erotic experiences of the previous night. Soon she was rubbing her clit and after having one nice little orgasm, she was hungry for more. It didn’t take long to find one of the strap-ons that had been used on her the night before, so she stretched out on her blanket and began to fuck herself, slowly at first, then faster and faster.

After coming three times, each one more intense than the last, Kat just lay still, staring out the window or at the ceiling. Thinking little if at all, just kind of floating. Finally she heard a car pull up outside, and a minute later the sound of a key turning in a lock. A door opened — not the one Kat had come in through, but the one on the other side of the room – and in came Lucy, followed by a very beautiful Asian woman in a full-length fur coat.

“This is Kat,” said Lucy to the woman, who looked down imperiously at the girl on the ground beneath her. “Kat, this is Mistress Mimi.”

“Stand up,” said Mimi, and Kat instinctively obeyed. “Turn around.” Kat did so, feeling Mimi’s eyes drink in every detail of her naked body, causing her nipples to begin to stiffen and a flow to start between her legs.

“Very nice,” said Mimi to Lucy. “Bring her.”

After unchaining Kat, Lucy wrapped her in the blanket, then led her through the door. They went up some stairs to street level, where a big black Mercedes sedan sat waiting, a blonde with short hair at the wheel. Much to Kat’s surprise, Lucy popped open the trunk and nodded at the driver, who stepped out of the car and helped Lucy lift Kat inside. Just for a moment Kat wondered, why am I letting this happen to me? – and then the trunk closed above her, leaving her in total darkness.

Soon Kat heard the car start and then they were moving. The ride was very smooth, the sound of the engine a distant rumble. She heard a murmur of voices, and what might have been a moan of pleasure;  after awhile, lulled by the rhythm of the road, Kat drifted off to sleep.

Again she started to dream. This time she was in the back of a long stretch limo, dressed in her cheerleader uniform, kneeling on the floor with her hands bound behind her back and a ball gag in her mouth. She was facing the back of the limo, where Jessica sat staring out the window.

They pulled up in front of a nightclub and stopped. Jessica typed something into her phone and a minute later a figure appeared at the window: a tall, beautiful black-haired woman in high heels and a short black cocktail dress. Jessica popped open the door and the women slid inside, settling onto the seat next to Jessica. Kat suddenly became aware that music was playing, something French, slinky and bass-heavy.

The black-haired woman reached down into her cleavage and pulled out a wad of bills, which she handed over to Jessica. Jessica ruffled the bills, nodded, and stuffed them into her own bra; then Jessica reached down, ungagged Kat, and used the collar around Kat’s neck to pull her toward the customer.

The woman leaned down to kiss Kat forcefully on the mouth, using lots of tongue; she smelled strongly of alcohol. Then she pulled the top of her dress down, letting her ample breasts pop out. Kat obediently began to lick and suck them; they were quite delicious, redolent of perfume with a trace of sweat. The woman began to moan as Jessica looked on approvingly.

Now the woman hiked up her skirt, slipped off her panties, and spread her legs for Kat. She had a very precise black racing stripe down there pointing toward a glistening wet pussy. Kat nuzzled her nose in the short black hair and licked across the woman’s inner thighs, feeling the muscles there quiver, and teased her this way for a minute before the woman clamped both hands onto Kat’s head and pulled it into her crotch. Then Kat went to work in earnest, pushing the full length of her tongue way up inside, then pulling it out and flicking it across the woman’s clit. The client barked out a moan and lifted her hips to grind against Kat’s face.

Before long the client came hard and slumped back into the seat breathing heavily. When her eyes opened again they were alive with desire, and moving quickly she slid onto the floor and lifted Kat up onto the seat in her place. She lifted Kat’s skirt and finding no panties in her way, dove enthusiastically between Kat’s legs. Seeing the client’s ass thrust into the air, just begging for attention, Jessica unzipped her pants and maneuvered her strap-on through the opening. Moving into position, Jessica took the client’s hips in her hands and penetrated her, pushing her face into Kat’s pussy.

Just then Kat was woken from her dream as the car came to a halt. She had just a few seconds to remember where she was before the trunk popped open and she was blinded by a sudden rush of sunlight.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 49

After awhile Kat lost track of time. It wasn’t that she was so drunk – she’d been sipping slowly the whole night and was just a little tipsy – but the whole experience had a strange, dreamlike quality to it.

At some point she found herself in the bathroom with Lucy, who was giving her a cool, penetrating look. Kat assumed Lucy was going to take her right there. She was ready; her panties were soaked and her nipples were clearly visible poking out from her top. But Lucy just took her by the hand and led her out of the bathroom. However, instead of turning right to go back to the bar, they went left and approached a dark metal door. Lucy fished a key out of her pocket, unlocked the door, and led Kat through it.

They descended a flight of stairs into a dark room where the only light came from a window set high in the wall, just at street level. It was dark outside by now, with just a hint of yellow light coming from a streetlight halfway down the block. Lucy lit a couple of candles and stood considering Kat, the grin on her face now slightly cruel.

“Sweet little suburban slut,” said Lucy. “You’re all juiced up, aren’t you?” She jammed a hand between Kat’s legs, cupping her crotch and feeling the wetness there. Lifting Kat’s skirt, Lucy slipped a finger inside her, causing her to stiffen and groan. Lucy pulled the finger out and pushed it into Kat’s mouth; when it was clean she pulled it away. “Get naked for me, now.”

Excited by the force of Lucy’s personality, Kat found herself perfectly happy to be bossed around in this situation. She scrambled to get her clothes off, tossing them carelessly aside. “On your knees,” barked Lucy, and Kat complied, the juice now running down her thighs. “Hands behind your back.” Lucy secured Kat’s hands with a strip of cloth and also fastened a metal cuff attached to a length of chain to one of her ankles.

The kneeling, nude Kat looked up humbly as Lucy stripped off her jeans, then her black lace panties. Kat was somewhat surprised to find that Lucy was not shaved; in fact she was rather hairy down there. As Lucy approached her Kat saw a forest of brown curls, then an inviting slice of pink and a glint of metal, then nothing at all as Lucy’s warmth and wetness enveloped her. Kat put her full effort into pleasuring Lucy, thrusting her tongue in, licking all around, and sucking Lucy’s clit, loving the tremors that she could feel pulsing through the woman above her.

Kat forgot herself completely in that moment, and some amount of time between five minutes and five hours passed before Lucy finally stepped away, sweat beading on her forehead, looking a little shaky on her feet. Leaning back against the wall, Lucy found and lit a cigarette, gazing for awhile out the window, then down at the wet face of the bound girl before her.

Turning her back on Kat, Lucy disappeared for a minute into the darkest corner of the room. When she returned, a long black strap-on protruded from between her legs. Kat licked and sucked the phallus as Lucy finished her cigarette, then Lucy bent Kat over and lifted her ass into the air.

The floor was cold against Kat’s breasts and face, but in a minute she had forgotten that and gotten into a rhythm, flexing her hips to meet Lucy’s thrusts. After awhile Lucy rolled Kat onto her left side and lifted her right leg high into the air, spreading her wide and penetrating even deeper. Kat let out a loud gasp just as the door opened and Ramona – the woman who’d been next to her at the bar – stepped in.

For a brief interval, Ramona just stood watching Kat get fucked. Then she casually reached down under her skirt and slipped off her panties. Walking over to where Kat’s head was, she carefully placed the back of her skirt underneath her to keep her ass off the cold floor, lifted the front of the skirt, and pulled Kat’s head into her crotch. Kat had to contort herself somewhat to do both things at the same time, but she did it gladly.

When Ramona had come twice, she stood up and retreated to the same corner Lucy had gone to earlier. When she returned, she was equipped with a bright white strap-on at least as big as Lucy’s. Lucy pulled out of Kat and changed sides; the juice-slick black dildo went into Kat’s mouth while Ramona plunged into her pussy.

Ramona was a sweet, gentle-looking girl, but she wasn’t gentle with Kat at all, slapping her ass and ramming into her with surprising strength. It took Kat’s full effort to keep from being moved across the room while trying to avoid gagging as the black cock was forced deeper into her mouth.

After a couple minutes Ramona settled down and she and Kat began moving together, Kat angling and rotating her hips for maximum friction. Just as Kat was approaching what promised to be a massive orgasm, the door opened again and Casey walked in.

Sizing up the situation, Casey wasted no time in getting involved. She hurried out of her clothes and straddled Kat, rubbing her wet pussy across Kat’s back while sucking Lucy and Ramona’s breasts.

Taking charge, Lucy decided to reconfigure everything. Kat went on her back on the floor, arms out to the sides; Casey went on top of her in 69 position; and Lucy and Ramona took turns fucking each girl’s mouth and pussy in turn.

By the time this cluster broke up a half-hour and many orgasms later, everyone was worn out and satisfied. Ramona and Casey dressed and left, and Kat sat waiting for Lucy to unchain her, hoping maybe that her new friend would take her home. Instead, Lucy put Kat’s clothes into her own bag and tossed Kat a blanket. “You can sleep here tonight,” Lucy said. “If you’re good, in the morning I’ll introduce you to Mistress Mimi.”


Friday, September 23, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 48

On Saturday Kat decided to drive into town. She wanted to pick up a ball gag and a collar that she had in mind for Ms. Valentine – for whatever reason, she felt very confident that the English teacher would come around.

When Kat walked into the sex shop the same cashier was behind the counter as the last time, the sexy goth girl with crimson-red hair. Kat hadn’t forgotten that this girl had written her a note and gifted her with a pair of nipple clamps, and that too had been in the back of her mind when deciding to make this trip.

Kat walked up to the counter and the girl smiled in recognition. “Well hello again,” she purred.

“Hi,” said Kat, smiling back and feeling suddenly shy. “Ummm...”

“I’m Lucy,” said the girl behind the counter, holding out her hand, which Kat took.


“Hi Kat. I hoped I might see you again. What can I help you with?”

Lucy helped Kat pick out a ball gag and a beautiful leather collar studded with white crystals and a matching leash. When she rang up the purchase the price was much lower than Kat expected, not that she was complaining.

Lucy looked Kat up and down. Her body language was very open and available, and Lucy had half a mind to try out that gag and collar on her right now. But just then a couple walked into the store, so Lucy changed tacks. “How long are you in town for?” asked Lucy. Despite her slightly daring hair color, Kat had “suburbs” written all over her, as far as Lucy was concerned.

“I’m not sure,” Kat answered honestly.

“Well, I get off at 6,” said Lucy. “Why don’t you come back then, we’ll go get a drink?”

“OK, ” said Kat, her heart suddenly beating rapidly. Something about Lucy really excited her, made her feel a little weak in the knees. She left the store as Lucy attended to the new customers.

Feeling happily dazed and anxious, Kat walked around window shopping for a while. She got a latte at a cafe and browsed in a bookstore. She called home and left a message that she’d be spending the night at her uncle’s – just in case – hoping her mother wouldn’t call to check. Just before 6 she went into the bathroom, fixed her hair and put on some lipstick, and returned to the sex shop.

Lucy was just locking up. Together they walked around the corner to a door marked simply “#9.” Inside was a dimly lit bar. Kat paused at the door.

“I don’t have an ID,” she told Lucy.

Lucy smiled at Kat’s naiveté. “No one’s going to card you here, sweetheart, believe me.”

Lucy took Kat by the arm and led her to the bar. The bartender, a cute brunette with big brown eyes, walked over to them polishing a glass. “Hi, Lucy,” she said. “Who’s this?”

“This is Kat,” answered Lucy. “A very good customer of mine.”

“Nice to meet you,” said the bartender, extending her hand. “I’m Casey. What’ll it be?”

Before Kat could answer, Lucy spoke up. “Is there any of that absinthe left?”

Casey grinned. “Officially, no. But for you....”

A minute later two small glasses of a bluish-green liquid were sitting in front of them. Following Lucy’s lead, Kat sipped hers; it was a strange taste, bitter like licorice, but with a trace of sweetness as well. The second sip was a little better, and the third better still.

Kat looked around nervously. She was out of her element here; she’d never spent any time in bars. But Lucy was doing her best to make the new girl feel at home: standing close to her, putting a hand on her back and occasionally her butt, whispering in her ear.

Soon a new customer arrived and stood on Kat’s other side, a straight-laced-looking woman in her late twenties with dark hair and glasses. She was dressed very conservatively, but the outfit did nothing to disguise her enormous breasts. Kat immediately pictured herself suckling on them. She took another sip of her drink, feeling the alcohol warm her belly as other forces were warming her nipples and pussy. Suddenly every possibility seemed open; she was sure it was going to be an exciting night.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 47

Returning from the bathroom to the living room, Olivia moved very quietly up behind Gina, who was facing away from her. The two of them stayed in that position for a minute, almost touching, feeling each other’s presence nearby. Then Gina lifted her head and looked up; their eyes met, and Olivia leaned down to kiss her.

At that moment all their pent-up tension was released. Gina wrapped her arms around Olivia and pulled her down onto the couch. They made out passionately for several minutes, then Olivia released Gina’s surging breasts from her dress and began to suckle on them. Thinking that these breasts had fed the children she used to babysit gave her an extra special thrill.

As Olivia leaned over her, Gina slid both hands into Olivia’s blouse and cupped one breast in each hand while nuzzling her nose into the younger girl’s soft hair. She couldn’t believe how soft Olivia was, how good she smelled. Gina had never made love to a girl, but somehow, when she’d run into Olivia at the supermarket, the idea had popped into her head. Since then it was pretty much all she’d thought about. And now here it was coming true.

With her mouth still wrapped around Gina’s left nipple, Olivia slipped her right hand under the hem of Gina’s dress and between the older woman’s thighs. They were marvelously smooth and silky but well-muscled underneath, and Gina clamped Olivia’s hand between them as she moaned into Olivia’s ear.

Reaching both arms out as far as they would go, Gina felt and squeezed Olivia’s plump yet firm young ass. She took some time to admire the shape of it, lifting the girl’s skirt to get a a better look. Olivia meanwhile had worked one hand down the top of Gina’s white lace panties and through the soft fur to the wetness underneath.

Soon they adjourned upstairs to the bedroom. There Olivia unzipped Gina’s dress and helped her out of it. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and neither was Olivia, who quickly shucked off her blouse and wriggled out of her skirt. That left them both just in panties, and in that condition they embraced, kissing deeply and wrapping their arms around each other, their naked breasts pressing together.

Olivia broke the clinch and sank to her knees. Grabbing the waistband of Gina’s panties, she pulled them down around the older woman’s ankles and pushed her nose right into the magical spot where Gina’s thighs met, the curly hairs tickling her face. Awkwardly positioned and thrown off balance by the shockwave of pleasure that ran through her, Gina stumbled and fell back onto the bed – whereupon Olivia pulled her panties the rest of the way off, spread her legs, and dove in.

Like any good Catholic girl, Gina called many times for Jesus as Olivia pleasured her with tongue and fingers. When she’d made Gina come twice Olivia crawled up beside her and they kissed. Gina was unprepared for the sinful deliciousness of her own juice on the younger girl’s lips; she cleaned them off like she was licking icing off a fork. When she was finished Gina rolled Olivia over onto her back and straddled her.

After feasting on Olivia’s mouth Gina kissed, licked, and bit her ear, then her neck, then started moving downward, lingering at all of the interesting parts. These included not just the breasts – wonderful as they were, with their nipples pointing straight at the sky – but the sternum, the navel, and the hipbones. Girls are so soft, she thought, so sweet, so delicious...what have I been doing all my life?

She ran her lips through Olivia’s sparse, cottony pubic hair and the girl opened like a flower. Her pussy lips were a pale brownish-red and when Gina parted them with a finger, she was bright pink inside. Gina finger-fucked her for a while – enjoying the way Olivia moaned and her hips moved in response, trying to get more inside – then leaned in for an experimental taste. The flavor was mostly sweet, but with a slight sour note that only made it more intoxicating.

Gina started to lick away in earnest, swelling with pride at the pleasure she was bringing to her young friend. She loved the way Olivia arched her back, the way she called out Gina’s name, the way her foot felt against Gina’s back. And when Olivia’s orgasm started to shudder through her, her clit vibrating against Gina’s face, Gina felt a satisfaction she’d never felt before. Making a man come was so easy, there was no challenge to it; this really felt like an accomplishment.

Gina moved up next to Olivia and they lay silently intertwined for a while. Olivia had had a lot of sex in her young life, but no one had made love to her like this before. She felt completely relaxed and secure with Gina’s arms wrapped around her.

Gina, for her part, was suffused with a contentment that made all her problems seem far, far away. It was getting late by now, and they mainly just murmured to each other in the dark until it was time for Olivia to go; she had a curfew. As she watched Olivia dress, Gina was reminded of the fact that her new lover was in some ways still a child, and she felt a pang of guilt; but it didn’t last long.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 46

It just so happened that Kat and Kelly had been assigned to write a short story for English class that week, so working together, they had crafted a story about a high school senior who had a crush on her English teacher. They changed the names but the characters were clearly recognizable as Kat and Ms. Valentine. In the story the teacher also had feelings for the student, but hid them until one day they happened to be in the classroom together. They went through several drafts of the scene where the two finally acted on their passion, trying to make it hot enough to work on Ms. Valentine’s imagination, but not overly graphic or explicit.

On Friday when she was returning the graded stories, Ms. Valentine handed out everyone’s except Kat’s and asked Kat to stay after class to talk to her. Kat and Kelly shared a conspiratorial look as the class filed out, leaving Kat alone with the teacher.

After closing the door, Ms. Valentine walked over to her desk and pulled Kat’s story out of her drawer, looking quizzically at her student. “, Kat...we need to talk about what you wrote here.”

Kat assumed a demeanor or girlish innocence. “Yes?”

“You know that this is very inappropriate. If anyone read this we would both be in trouble, especially me.”

“I’m sorry,” said Kat. “It’s just that you’re so beautiful.”

“Well, thank you, I guess,” answered the teacher, looking down at the paper for a moment. “It’s not unusual for people to have certain feelings for their teachers sometimes. But it’s very important to respect boundaries.”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Kat, frowning. “So you don’t like me back is what you're saying.” For a moment she looked like she was about to cry.

“Kat, I’m a teacher here and you’re a student. And I’m not a lesbian.”

Kat’s eyes immediately cleared. "Haven’t you ever been curious?”

“Well, back in college....” Ms. Valentine started to answer, then checked herself. “This is not a discussion that we should be having.”

“So what grade did I get?”

“I’m giving you a B+, because this was very well written. But don’t put me in this position again, please.”

“OK,” said Kat, and stood to go. Just as she got to the door, she paused and looked back at Ms. V with a twinkle in her eye. “But if you ever change your mind, you know where to find me.” With that she opened the door and strode out.

Shaking her head, Ms. Valentine returned to story to the drawer.

* * *

Olivia was a few minutes late for dinner with Gina Moretti, having spent almost two hours trying on different outfits. She was conflicted in her decision-making. It was possible that this invitation was perfectly innocent. Olivia had no reason to think it was anything other than what it appeared to be, a friendly former neighbor inviting her to dinner. 

But somehow she had the feeling something more was going on. In the end she’d decided to wear a short skirt – but not her shortest – and a a sleeveless black blouse that showed a lot, over which she wore a shawl that hid most of it. She rang the bell and Gina appeared a few seconds later.

Gina looked every bit the hot mom that she was, wearing a nice flower-print dress and an apron, her hands coated in flour. “I’m just finishing dinner,” she told Olivia. “Come into the kitchen.”

Olivia looked around for her husband and kids, but they were nowhere to be seen. As they sat in the kitchen drinking red wine while Gina finished the meal, it didn’t take long for Olivia to find out that Gina was divorced now and that the kids were with their father that night. That had to mean something, Olivia thought. She was getting hot in the kitchen anyway, so she took off her shawl and draped it over a chair, letting her assets hang out. Seeing Gina take a long, appraising look at her cleavage, Olivia smiled to herself.

There was no time during their meal, though, when Gina showed any signs of a prurient interest in her young friend. She asked Olivia about her studies, her friends, her boyfriend situation – Olivia answered pointedly that there was none, studying Gina’s face for signs of a reaction – and talked about her kids, who were 11 and 9 now. She said little about her ex-husband; Olivia got the idea that he had cheated on her and that it was still a painful subject that she didn’t care to talk about.

After dessert – a rich chocolate mousse cake that was almost a sexual experience in and of itself – they moved to the living room, lingering quietly over one last glass of wine. The sexual tension in the room was palpable; suddenly they didn’t have much to say to each other. Olivia could see that Gina was fidgety and uptight; was it going to have to be her, the teenager, who made the first move on the grown woman here?

After 10 minutes or so of this, Olivia excused herself to go to the bathroom. There she steeled up her courage. It was time for action.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 45

Thursday after practice Lexi was laying face-down on her bed, still in uniform but with no panties and her skirt hiked up around her waist. She had a pillow over her head and one hand working away frantically between her legs.

She’d invited everyone she could think of to come over and play with her, knowing that her dad was on a business trip and wouldn’t be back till the next morning, but everyone had plans. So Lexi was entertaining herself with a little fantasy.

In her daydream she’d been arrested for some reason that was not entirely clear. (She would return to this fantasy again and again in the coming weeks, and eventually filled in the missing plot point, deciding that she’d been arrested for indecent exposure after cheerleading without panties.) The arresting officer was a beautiful woman, of course, a tall, athletic brunette with her hair tied back in a ponytail and an ample figure that her uniform couldn’t hide.

Looking cool and collected in her aviator shades, the policewoman cuffed Lexi’s hands behind her back and tossed her into the back of the cruiser. In the fantasy Lexi was in her cheerleader uniform, just as she was in real life, with the skirt riding up just enough to show a trace of her blond pubic hair. With her hands tied she was powerless to do anything about it, and when the officer glanced back at her from time to time, Lexi felt a tingle between her legs.

They pulled up in front of the police station and the officer led Lexi inside. It was a pretty small place with just a few desks and no one around. The cop bent Lexi over one of the desks, lifted her skirt, and ran a hand up one of her thighs. It felt wonderful and Lexi adjusted her stance so her thighs were open. Seeing this, the officer took her billy club in hand and traced it up one thigh, then the other, as Lexi squirmed. Lexi panted like an animal as she felt the tip of the club slide between her pussy lips, then push against her clit.

Next the cop forced Lexi to her knees and stood looking down at her. Moving slowly and deliberately, the policewoman pulled off her sunglasses, folded them, and sat them on the desk. After unlacing her boots and stepping out of them, she pulled off her pants, folded them carefully, and sat them on her desk next to the sunglasses. Next her panties – pretty black lace ones that didn’t quite fit with the rest of her outfit – came off and were folded and placed atop the pants. Now the officer leaned back against the desk and opened her legs, her black pubic hair and glistening pink lips just inches from Lexi’s face.

Lexi started to move forward but wasn’t moving fast enough for the officer, who put a hand on the back of Lexi’s head and pulled it into her wetness. In the fantasy Lexi moaned and stuck her tongue inside; in real life her finger was moving faster and faster on her clit.

When the cop had come, digging her sharp nails into Lexi’s back, she pushed the cheerleader away.  Lexi just sat there on the floor looking up, her hair mussed and face smeared with pussy juice, as the officer dressed again just as carefully as she’d undressed. She was just leading Lexi back to the holding cell, where another horny prisoner was waiting, when a noise disturbed Lexi’s reverie.

It was the doorbell. For a minute she tried to ignore it and get back into the fantasy, but when it rang again, Lexi was struck by a pang of guilt. Sometimes her dad got important packages that needed to be signed for, and she knew she really should answer the door. She pulled her skirt down, wiped her wet hand off on a towel, and went to the front door.

It was a woman in her late 30s. Lexi recognized her, had seen her around the neighborhood; she was a widow who lived three or four doors down. Her only son had just started college and she lived alone.

“Hi,” she said, “I’m Annalise, your neighbor. You’re Lexi, right?”

Lexi nodded. “Hi,” she said, suddenly self-conscious, wondering if she smelled of wet pussy.

“I was talking to your dad yesterday and he mentioned he was going to be out of town. I thought I’d bring you something to eat.” She held up her hands, which held a large plate wrapped in tinfoil.

“Come on in,” said Lexi. What choice did she have? It seemed likely that Annalise was interested in Lexi’s dad and was trying to score points. Lexi had to admit she was not bad-looking. In a way she resembled the cop in Lexi’s fantasy, with long dark hair and a nice body, though she was not as tall or strong as the woman in Lexi’s imagination.

They made small talk for a while, but Lexi was distracted, still feeling itchy in the crotch as she pictured Annalise in a blue uniform and aviator glasses, twirling a billy club in her hand. Not wanting to intrude, Annalise excused herself after a few minutes. 30 seconds after the door had closed Lexi was back in her room, pillow over her head, skirt around her waist, and hand between her legs.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 44

Wednesday Jessica went out of town, and when she returned in the evening she was surprised to find Marie – who had seemed moody that morning – with a big, goofy smile on her face. “What have you been up to?” asked Jessica suspiciously.

“Let me show you,” said Marie, taking her mistress by the hand. She led Jessica to the living room couch, put a drink in her hand, and turned on the TV. Sipping the cool martini, Jessica saw that their camcorder had been hooked up to the TV; Marie pressed Play and Jessica sat back to watch.

What she saw was Jane, on her knees in that very living room. She was very elaborately tied, with her arms stretched out to either side by ropes, her torso supported by another lattice of ropes that hung from the ceiling. Moving around, zooming in and out, the camera explored every inch of her bound, naked body. Her ankles were tied about two feet apart by several strands, with another rope leading away from each ankle to somewhere offscreen; she was also ball-gagged and clamps dangled from her nipples. Clearly Marie had spent a lot of time creating this scene; Jessica could see very careful work had been done on the ropes and knots.

Now the camera zoomed in between Jane’s legs. A hand – Marie’s, you could tell from the nail polish – reached down and pried open her pussy lips, slipping a finger inside with an audible squish. After teasing Jane for awhile, the hand disappeared and the camera moved again. At this point Marie had put the camera on a tripod and spent some time composing the shot, which showed Jane’s face in its lower-left third. Soon Marie herself appeared in the background, a blurred figure fumbling with something or other. When she turned sideways to the camera, her silhouette revealed what she had been doing: putting on a good sized strap-on, which cast a visible shadow on the wall behind her.

Turning again toward the camera, Marie came up behind Jane; her face never really came into focus and when she knelt down, stroking the strap-on with one hand, her head was out of frame. The plastic cock looked truly huge at this angle, frightening even. Then the strap-on disappeared, obscured by Jane’s body, but you could tell where it had gone by the look on her face: her eyes bugged out and her mouth was contorted by some combination of pain and pleasure.

The shot stayed like that for 10 minutes or so, the only motion the back and forth of Marie’s hips and the subtle changes in Jane’s expression as the strap-on went in and out, the only sound Jane’s escalating moans through the ball gag and occasionally the slap of her ass against Marie’s pelvis. When Jane came her eyes went wider than ever and she went limp in her bonds.

After that what little you could see of Marie disappeared from the picture; a few seconds later a hand reached down and pulled out Jane’s gag. The strap-on appeared from the left edge of the screen, visibly slick with pussy juice, then began to disappear into Jane’s mouth. Once it was all the way inside, Marie’s hand reached for the camera and the screen went black.

Marie’s little movie had had the intended effect; she soon found herself ordered to kneel and service her mistress, a duty which lately had gone more and more to Jane. Savoring the sweet taste of Jessica’s pussy – to her, the most delicious thing there was – Marie slowly brought Jessica to two powerful orgasms and sat back feeling pleased with herself. The feeling didn’t last long. Wrapping one hand firmly around Marie’s neck, Jessica led Marie to roughly where Jane had been in the movie and tied her in roughly the same position, though less artfully.

Leaving the room for a minute, Jessica returned with one hand leading Jane — who had been napping in the bedroom – and her favorite flogger in the other hand. Handing the flogger to Jane, Jessica told her to punish Marie for overstepping her bounds. Jane nodded and gave the flogger a few practice swings through the air.

Kneeling in front of Marie, Jessica picked up the ball gag that was laying nearby and looked the bound girl in the eye. Marie looked about to speak up to defend herself, but Jessica silenced her by putting a finger to her lips. Saying “You know what you did,” Jessica slipped the gag into Marie’s mouth and fastened it around her head.

It wasn’t just using the strap-on without permission, which was definitely a violation; the whole thing seemed over the line to Jessica, who was very wary of creating documentary evidence of her private life, which was all technically legal but still better kept secret. Still, she had to admit it had been good work; after fixing herself another drink, she rewound the tape and started it again as Jane enthusiastically flogged the bound Marie. When it got to the part with the strap-on, Jessica fitted the same dildo onto Jane and invited her to have her way with the French girl. Jessica quite enjoyed comparing and contrasting Marie’s face as she was fucked in real time with Jane’s face onscreen.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 43

On the way home from school, still in uniform, Olivia stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things. In the produce aisle she was surprised to see a familiar face: Gina Moretti, a former neighbor who had hired Olivia to babysit several times. That had been four or five years before; around that time the family had moved across town to a bigger house, and Olivia hadn’t seen them since.

Hi, Mrs. Moretti,” chirped Olivia.

Olivia! My goodness, haven’t you turned out to be a beautiful young lady.” When they’d last met, Olivia had been a skinny adolescent; now she looked like a woman, and the cheerleading outfit made it hard to miss the fact that she was very well-constructed, with a classic shape and long, strong legs.

Thanks, Mrs. M.

I think you can call me Gina now.

Olivia didn’t remember Gina Moretti being this sexy: long dark hair, dark eyes, and a very curvy figure. Of course, she saw things through a very different lens nowadays. They talked for a few minutes until Gina checked her watch and said, “I have to go pick my youngest up from soccer. Listen, why don’t you come out to the house and have dinner and we’ll catch up? How’s Friday?

OK,” said Olivia, and they exchanged numbers and parted ways. The encounter stuck in Olivia’s mind for a while. Mrs. Moretti had looked her up and down in a way that seemed less than casual...or was it her imagination?

* * *

Tuesday morning Marie got a call from Serena. Was she interested in another yoga class, on the house this time?

Of course she was. She made some calls and early that afternoon the ladies started arriving...first Samantha and Betty Ann, then Janice, and finally Ella, who was knocking on the door just as Serena pulled up. At Jessica’s direction they moved some furniture around to make room, and a few minutes later everyone was naked, the first hints of sweat glistening on their skin as Serena led them through some warm-up poses.

After a series of balancing poses, Serena announced that they would need partners for the next few exercises. Taking charge, Jessica paired off Samantha and Janice and took Betty as her own partner. Ella was tapped to help Serena demonstrate the poses; that left Marie without a partner, so Jane, who had been watching quietly from a corner, was now allowed to participate. Marie looked momentarily put out over this development, but knew better than to open her mouth.

Serena and Ella faced each other, put their palms together, and bent forward. For awhile everyone just watched; the sight of the two statuesque blondes together, butts sticking out and breasts hanging, was hard to tear your eyes away from. But eventually the other three pairs mirrored the pose. Next Serena and Ella turned to face opposite directions, pressing their rear ends together, and bent forward so they were looking through their legs at each other. Then they grabbed each other’s shoulders to accentuate the stretch.

The heat in the room was beginning to rise now, both literally and figuratively. For the next pose Serena and Ella laid on their mats face-up with the tops of their heads touching. Gripping each other with their arms, they lifted their legs up over their heads and back to form a sort of square. In this position their crotches were straight up in the air, exposing two pairs of pink lips framed with blond hair. The others did their best to replicate the pose, but it wasn’t easy, especially since they were finding it harder and harder to concentrate.

Untangling themselves, Serena and Ella sat cross-legged on their mats facing each other. They were both slightly sweaty, breathing deeply, flushed, their nipples standing up straight. At Serena’s behest, Ella bent forward over her folded legs until she was able to clasp her hands together behind Serena’s back. In this position her head was between Serena’s thighs just above the knees. Inching forward slightly, Serena placed one foot on each of Ella’s thighs and stretched out across Ella until her breasts were pressed against Ella’s back. None of the other ladies moved a muscle to try to follow suit; instead they just watched, totally enraptured by the physical poetry in front of them.

Extending further, Serena placed one hand on each of Ella’s butt cheeks and pulled her closer; her head was now just inches from the shining prize between Serena’s legs. Ella reached out her tongue and ran it across Serena’s muscular, fully flexed thigh. There was a collective intake of breath in the room. Closing her eyes, concentrating fully, Serena helped Ella to stretch slowly until she was able to glide the tip of her tongue along the opening between Serena’s pussy lips.

Soon all pretense of the yoga class was abandoned, although some unusual poses did ensue. The festivities continued late into the afternoon, leaving everyone stretched, toned, and thoroughly satisfied.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 42

By the time Betty Ann Collins arrived around 10:00, things had gotten well and truly out of hand. She watched her niece, Sally – until recently the shyest and most innocent of girls – as she knelt behind Marie, alternately spanking Marie’s ass and lapping at her pussy. Someone was squirming underneath Sally, her head trapped between the girl’s thighs; judging from the pubic hair, it was most likely Jane. J.J., having secured a strap-on, was plowing into Kelly Ann from behind as Kelly licked Jessica. On the couch, Janice lay on her back, Samantha riding her strap-on as Kat sat on her face. Mother and daughter were politely facing opposite directions, maintaining some sort of plausible deniability.

Shaking her head, feeling a little ashamed but already irresistibly drawn, Betty Ann stripped off her clothes and waded into the action.

* * *

Sunday morning Sally Ann and J.J. both left with their families to return home. Kelly gave her cousin a long, loving hug as they said goodbye, wondering how Sally’s outlook on life was going to be changed by what she had experienced that weekend. Kat and J.J likewise shared a very warm embrace. “Thanks, cuz,” said J.J. “It was a blast.”

In the afternoon, Kelly and Kat got together and went to have their nails done. Leaving the salon just as they arrived was Ms. Valentine, their English teacher. They only exchanged a few words, as Ms. V. said she was late to meet her boyfriend, but both Kat and Kelly later remarked how different the teacher looked from the way they usually saw her. Her brown hair was down instead of up, and she was wearing a low-cut dress that showed off her lovely legs, in contrast to the conservative clothes she usually wore in school. With nothing much else to do, they immediately began to conspire.

* * *

Monday it was back to school. After five days off cheerleading practice was particularly ragged that day; Jackie London made everyone stay late and there was much grumbling in the ranks. Afterwards everyone dressed and left quickly except Lexi and Adriana.

It was not unusual for Lexi to hang around after practice; she was in no hurry to get home to her empty house, and it was a known fact among the cheerleaders that if you were looking for someone to play with after school, Lexi was your best bet. Today Lexi was unusually horny, having spent the whole long weekend with her dad. She loved him and all, but she was very ready for some girl time.

Ana, meanwhile, had been cooped up all weekend with her extended family, sleeping three to a room with no privacy. When Lexi invited Ana back to her house, Ana readily accepted. Once inside they went straight to Lexi’s room, where they started kissing and pawing at each other. Soon clothes started coming off and both girls were breathing hard and getting wet.

Ana stretched out on the bed and Lexi started working her way down the black girl’s body, noticing that Ana’s nipples were standing up remarkably tall, like two little trees reaching for the sky. After savoring them both she moved on, running a trail of saliva down Ana’s belly. Ana’s pubic hair was growing back and Lexi kissed her way through the stubble before parting her legs and licking up and down her thighs.

When Lexi’s tongue touched Ana’s pussy Ana groaned and gripped the headboard with both hands. Eyes closed, blissed out from the sexual contact after days of going without, and still a little groggy from jet lag, Ana was slow to react when Lexi seized one of her wrists and tied it to the bedpost. She blinked her eyes a few times, not quite focusing, as Lexi lashed the other wrist to the other post with a belt.

After tying Ana’s ankles as well, Lexi stood back and surveyed her handiwork. When she’d tied up Jackie London a few days earlier, it had been completely an impulse, something that had popped into her head when she woke up in the morning; she had been surprised what a thrill she’d gotten out of it. She discovered that she liked being in charge, maybe as much as being dominated. She wasn’t sure; further experimentation was necessary.

Climbing up onto the bed, Lexi straddled Ana and pushed her pussy into Ana’s face. Ana started to lap away obediently, surprised but not unhappy to be treated this way by Lexi, formerly the most timid of the cheerleaders. After a couple of minutes Lexi flipped around so they could 69. Ana came first, then Lexi, than Ana again, and then Lexi, after which she rolled off and took a minute to catch her breath.

The second she was untied, Ana was on Lexi, wrestling her down onto the bed. Ana was bigger and stronger and was able to easily subdue the blonde and tie her wrists (not that Lexi struggled all that hard). Deciding to up the ante a little, Ana bent Lexi’s legs back over head and tied them to the bedposts as well, leaving Lexi in a very awkward and exposed position.

After thinking for a moment, Ana left the room and made her way downstairs to the kitchen. After rummaging around for a minute – glancing back several times at the front door, suddenly paranoid that Lexi’s dad would return home unexpectedly – Ana found just what she was looking for: a nice, firm squash about eight inches long and three inches around.

Back in Lexi’s room, Ana closed and locked the door behind her, grinning wolfishly at her helpless, spread-eagled victim. After pushing the vegetable into Lexi’s mouth to give her a sense of its size, Ana spread Lexi’s pussy lips and eased the tip in. Lexi let out one of the uninhibited screams for which she was becoming famous, and Ana quickly penetrated her the rest of the way. There was no sense in holding back now; Ana gave Lexi a good, hard fucking and Lexi howled like an animal. If Lexi’s dad came home now, he would probably think his daughter was being murdered; but they would have to cross that bridge if and when they came to it.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 41

The girls were ravenously hungry by the time they returned from their swim to the campsite. Little was said as they prepared and ate lunch. Even J.J., fearless as she was, and Kat and Kelly, brazen as they had become, felt a little shy about what had just happened.

They had a long, leisurely lunch, after which Kelly had another brilliant idea. She took Kat aside and whispered in her ear; Kat nodded in agreement, new possibilities already unfolding themselves in her mind.

* * *

When the doorbell rang, Jessica arrested her hand in midair. She was finally getting around to giving Marie the punishment she so richly deserved for the way she had acted the last few days. The French girl was on her knees in the living room, ball-gagged with her butt in the air and her hands tied behind her back, another rope pulling her wrists up toward the ceiling. She was in a very awkward position, her ass bright red, as Jessica halted the riding crop in its motion, wondering who might be at the door. To her left Janice reclined on the couch, watching the action as Jane knelt between her legs.

Opening the door with the crop still in her hand, Jessica found Kat, Kelly, and two girls she’d never seen before – though one of them was a dead ringer for Kelly. Jessica invited them in and led them to the living room, where they found the scene more or less as it had been. A wicked grin spread across J.J.’s face as she saw the bound Marie and the naked Janice with Jane’s head clamped between her legs. Sally Ann’s heart started beating a mile a minute and she felt the urge to flee – until Jessica approached her and looked her in the eye. Something in Jessica’s blue eyes immediately captivated and calmed her, and she raised her hand to meet the one Jessica extended.

“I’m Jessica,” she said. “And you are...?

Sally Ann, hypnotized, said nothing. “This is my cousin,” piped up Kelly. “Sally Ann.

A pleasure,” said Jessica, and Sally managed to nod in response.

J.J. introduced herself and Jessica offered them a seat. “This is Janice,” she said, “and Marie,” lashing out with the riding crop to land an emphatic blow on the latter’s rear end. About Jane, who was still occupied between Janice’s legs, she said not a word.

Gesturing with one hand, Jessica told the girls to be seated, then untied Marie with a few deft moves and pointed her toward the kitchen. “Fix us something to drink. How about mint juleps, we have some mint, don’t we?

Pulling out her ball gag, Marie answered, “Yes ma’am,” and walked into the kitchen without looking up from the floor.

So what have you girls been up to?” asked Jessica.

Camping,” said Kat, and a nervous giggle ran through the other three girls.

Really? Sounds like fun. Where did you–

Jessica was interrupted by a loud moan from Janice as she came and pushed Jane away. Jane looked up her mistress inquiringly, her face visibly glistening with Janice’s juice. Without missing a beat, Jessica shifted gears from small talk to serious business. “Does anyone have any use for the services of a pussy-licking slut? Because one is now available.

The four girls giggled again and looked around at each other until J.J. slowly raised her hand. “Me.

Jessica nodded to Jane, who crawled over to where J.J. was sitting and assumed the position in front of her. J.J. looked down curiously at the naked, dog-collared woman with the “Slave” tattoo and a few days worth of hair on her head. Kat, always helpful, reached over and pulled her cousin’s skirt up around her waist. J.J. sat up slightly so Jane could pull her panties off and then spread her legs, a little embarrassed but also excited to be the center of attention, feeling her pussy rapidly moisten.

Marie returned just then with a tray full of drinks, and everyone accepted one including Sally, who was struggling to absorb everything that was going on around her. She took a taste from her glass; it was minty and sweet, and helped her calm down and breathe as she looked around the room. Janice, naked, was sipping her drink and watching J.J. and Jane. Kat was stroking J.J.’s nipple with one hand while the other snaked its way between Kelly’s thighs. Jessica was drinking and watching while nonchalantly running her hand through the wet furrow of Marie, who stood at attention next to her.

Just then Kat’s phone rang and she looked at it. “My mom,” she said, and stepped out to the pool area to take the call. Kelly Ann scooted over into her place, pulled off J.J.’s shirt, and started sucking J.J.s nipples. J.J came violently soon after, but Jane – as she had been trained – didn’t let up until J.J. physically pushed her away after having a second, even bigger orgasm.

Slumping back onto the couch, J.J. looked down at Jane and said “Thank you.

Jessica spoke up immediately. “You’re thanking the wrong person, sweetheart. And in the wrong way.” She gestured to Marie, who leaned over so that Jessica could whisper in her ear. After a minute of this, Marie nodded, walked over to J.J., and held out her hand. J.J. took the offered hand and stood to follow Marie over to where Jessica was sitting. 

Leaving J.J. for just a moment, Marie returned with a pair of handcuffs that she used to fasten the dark-haired girl’s hands behind her back. Putting a hand on J.J.’s shoulder, Marie pushed J.J. to her knees, then knelt beside her.

Leaning forward, Marie pulled off Jessica’s pants and panties and spread her legs, then guided J.J.’s head to right where Jessica wanted it. Kat returned from her phone call just as J.J.’s tongue touched Jessica’s cunt and stood watching, hypnotized, impressed by the way her cousin made Jessica squirm and grunt. When Jessica was satisfied with J.J.’s work, she lifted J.J.’s head, kissed her, and whispered something in her ear. J.J. whispered something back, and they had a quiet conversation that lasted a couple of minutes, after which Jessica stood and started rummaging through a drawer.

A few seconds later she pulled out a blindfold, which she put on J.J., then bent J.J. over and tied her with her hands lifted toward the ceiling just as Marie’s had been. Next she reached into the drawer again and came up with two strap-ons. Naughty J.J. had asked for exactly this treatment, and Jessica was all too happy to indulge her. She threw one strap-on to Janice and they both equipped themselves.

As Jessica and Janice fucked the bound J.J. in the mouth and pussy – and Kat, Kelly, and Marie sat nonchalantly with drinks in hand – Sally Ann sat bug-eyed, stunned, completely out of her depth. The things that were happening were beyond her conception, but she was gushing wet between the legs. With her mistress otherwise occupied and no one else paying attention, Jane of her own volition crawled over and stripped off Sally’s jeans and panties. Sally made no move to resist, and she felt Jane’s tongue push its way inside her as Jessica and Janice traded orifices. J.J. was moaning and howling as they plunged into her, working against her bonds to no avail. She had no real desire to get away, of course, but the pleasure she was getting from this was explosive.

The doorbell rang and Marie answered it, returning with Samantha Bowman, who stood for a moment surveying the goings-on. There was her niece in bondage, being penetrated at both ends. There was her daughter, laying back on the couch as Kelly fingered her and Marie sat on her face. And there was young Sally Ann being serviced by Jane. Well, the damage was done, Samantha figured; she might as well indulge herself. She walked up behind Jane and looped one finger into Jane’s collar.

Pulling Jane away from Sally’s crotch, Samantha took Sally’s hand and helped her to her feet. After kissing Sally’s mouth, Samantha pulled the girl’s top off so that she was completely naked, then led her to the dining room table and arrayed her spread-eagled on its bare surface. Samantha pulled up a chair and had a seat between Sally’s open thighs. She shouldn’t be doing this; but since she was, she was going to do it right.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 40

Kat hooked her fingers into the waistband of Sally Ann’s pajama bottoms and pulled them off. Kelly and J.J. had gone completely silent, either done with each other or, more likely, taking a little rest. In the quiet Sally’s heavy breathing was clearly audible as Kat spread her legs.

When Kat’s tongue touched her pussy, Sally went stiff as a board and dug her hands into the ground for support. She didn’t make a sound, though, and remained completely mute as Kat licked her thoroughly, then parted her lips and found her clit. Kat was inspired, intoxicated, feeling the pleasure reverberate through the redhead’s body. It was a spiritual experience, almost; Kat forgot herself completely, her own ecstasy and Sally’s becoming as one.

When Sally came Kat felt the power of the orgasm rip through her like an electric shock, accompanied by a very quiet, muffled, but delicious whimper. Kat savored for a minute – kissing Sally’s nipples, naughtily slipping one juice-slick finger into Sally’s mouth – before diving in again. Keeping her right on the brink, Kat gave Sally a series of explosive orgasms, and by the time she came up for air Sally was unconscious. There was just enough light to make out the sweet and innocent but unmistakably satisfied smile on her face.

* * *

Kat awoke the next morning to the first hints of sunshine and a very pleasant sensation between her legs. Sally Ann, who was very susceptible to guilt in all its forms, had woken up feeling guilty for a new reason: because she had received so much pleasure while giving none. She pulled off Kat’s panties and for awhile just lay staring into Kat’s crotch. She’d never seen a vagina close up like this before,  and found it fascinating, beautiful. Tentatively, Sally extended her tongue and ran it across Kat’s vulva; Kat encouraged her with a sigh and shifted positions to give Sally better access.

Kelly, meanwhile, had risen early, feeling gloriously refreshed and alive. She’d made coffee and decided she would treat Sally and Kat to steaming cups served in their tent. But as she approached, through the tent’s mesh window she made out the surprising sight of her cousin’s head nestled between Kat’s legs. Kat met Kelly’s eyes and shrugged her shoulders, indicating by her expression that she too was surprised by this development. Shaking her head, Kelly took the coffee and left them to it.

Doing her best to respect Sally’s privacy, Kat tried to be quiet, but a long, low moan accompanied the orgasm that Sally finally coaxed out of her. She lifted Sally’s head from her crotch and kissed her, absolutely loving the way her own juices tasted on Sally’s lips. It was going to be a beautiful day.

* * *

The experience of that night and morning had a powerful effect on Sally Ann. Conflicted as she was over these sinful acts, there was no way she could tell herself she hadn’t loved it. Her whole body was glowing, and the world looked different somehow, brighter. She appreciated the beauty of the nature surrounding her – and of the lovely ladies she was with – in a new way. As they ate breakfast no one could fail to notice the luminous smile that never left Sally’s face.

By the time they finished breakfast the sun was high in the sky. The four girls decided to hike to a nearby lake, and by the time they got there it was warm enough to think about going for a swim. Without bathing suits, skinny-dipping was the natural option, and even Sally hesitated only briefly before peeling off her clothes and diving in.

The water was cold but after a while they got used to it, and all four had a good long swim. J.J., the strongest swimmer in the group, pointed to a bank maybe 100 yards away and challenged everyone to a race. Only Sally accepted, and the two of them took off at top speed with Kat and Kelly watching. It was close, with J.J. reaching the bank just barely ahead of Sally, after which the two of them laughed and playfully splashed each other.

Afterward Sally floated for a while, gazing thoughtfully at the sky, while J.J. climbed onto a nearby rock and stretched out to bask in the sun. Maybe 10 minutes later, Kelly nudged Kat and gestured toward the shore where their cousins were. They could hardly believe what they saw next. Sally, dripping wet and naked, crawled up onto the rock next to J.J. Without a word being said, as if acting out a script, they began to kiss. Kat put an arm around Kelly as Sally and J.J. made out slowly and passionately. Then J.J. abruptly broke the kiss and spun around so that she and Sally were both on their sides but facing opposite directions; moments later they were 69ing, right there in front of God and everyone.

Kelly and Kat stood rooted in place, transfixed, for a few minutes before they looked each other in the eye and took off swimming. After that all bets were off, all inhibitions shed; it didn’t matter who was related to whom; it was all love, it was all pleasure, it was all good.



Saturday, July 16, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 39

For an excruciatingly long time Kelly lay listening to her cousin’s breath, waiting until she felt confident Sally Ann was asleep. Then she slipped off her pajama bottoms for better access and began to quietly finger herself. She tried her best to be discreet, biting her lips in an attempt to be silent, but it felt so incredibly good that a few small moans escaped her lips. A light sleeper, Sally Ann soon regained consciousness and in the dim light coming through the window Kelly was clearly visible under the covers, her hips lifted up off the bed, her eyes closed and a look of intense concentration on her face.

Sally Ann watched for longer than she felt she should have, then clamped her eyes shut and pretended to be asleep until Kelly, a half-hour and several orgasms later, finally rolled over and went to sleep. Feeling guilty but dizzyingly aroused, Sally Ann couldn’t stop herself from sliding one hand down her pajamas. She was sinfully wet down there, and allowed herself to explore her pussy as much as she ever had before regaining her senses and jamming both hands firmly under her pillow. The smell emanating from her fingers drove her slightly crazy until she was finally able to drift off some time later, unfamiliar thoughts and feelings swimming through her head.

* * *

Kelly woke up the next morning with a brilliant idea. She immediately called Kat. “Let’s go camping.”

Kat was skeptical. “Isn’t it a little late in the year for that?”

“The weather’s been pretty warm,” countered Kelly. “And we’ll have the place all to ourselves, I bet.”

Kat thought it over, considering the possibilities that such a scenario might offer. “OK. I’ll talk to J.J.”

Putting down her phone, Kelly went downstairs, where her parents, Sally Ann, and Sally’s parents were all at the breakfast table. Pouring herself some orange juice, Kelly calmly announced, “Sally and I were thinking about going camping with Kat and J.J. tonight, is that cool?”

Kelly’s dad, an avid outdoorsman, immediately endorsed the idea. Sally’s folks agreed; this was just the kind of wholesome activity that they wanted their daughter to do more of. Although they were glad that Sally was an obedient and devout girl, they worried sometimes about her becoming isolated.

Samantha fixed Kelly with a look, but she was hardly going to voice her reservations in this setting. Sally, for her part, just stared doe-eyed at her cousin. She was a little flummoxed by Kelly’s statement, since they had never discussed this idea, but she didn’t care to speak up.

By noon the four girls were on the road, with two tents, a stove, some firewood, and a more than ample supply of food in the back. As expected, they found the campground deserted, and spent some time surveying before deciding which campsite they liked best. After setting up camp they went for a hike, returning late in the afternoon hungry and cheerful.

After dinner they started a fire; by now it was getting dark and a little cold. They sat by the fire for awhile making s’mores and talking quietly; it was a clear and beautiful night. As time wore on and night fell, Kelly Ann and J.J. began moving closer and closer together, especially after they started taking nips from a flask full of brandy Kelly had brought.

Eventually, even unsuspecting Sally couldn’t avoid noticing that something was going on between Kelly and J.J., who omitted several girlish squeals of delight as they fondled each other. Unsure of how to act, Sally announced that she was tired and would be turning in. This idea was eagerly seconded by Kelly and J.J., who were more than ready to get into the tent they were sharing (this had been the arrangement they decided on that afternoon, with Kat and Sally sharing the other tent). After brushing and flossing, Sally went into the tent, changed into her pajamas, and slipped into her sleeping bag. Kat meanwhile attended to the fire, making sure it was out, while Kelly and J.J. adjourned to their own sleeping quarters.

They were quiet at first, but not for long. By the time Kat had stripped down to her panties and T-shirt and eased into her sleeping bag, the sounds of Kelly and J.J. making love were clearly audible. Both girls moaned loudly, making little attempt to be quiet or subtle. Picturing them going at it, Kat felt herself begin to moisten; she wondered what Sally was thinking right now. Laying on her side, Sally was facing away from Kat, though she was close enough for Kat to smell her hair.

There was just enough moonlight for Kat to make out the shape of Sally Ann’s head and the elegant curve of her neck. She stared at that neck for a long time, mustering all her willpower as the sounds of female pleasure echoed through the empty campground, but eventually she couldn’t resist any longer. She had to risk it. Scooting forward, she wrapped one arm around Sally and kissed her neck, then gently bit it. Kat felt Sally’s body go completely stiff, then relax a little, but she didn’t move away or resist. Kat moved up Sally’s neck to her ear, which she blew in and then gently tongued. Sally’s body relaxed even more; Kat could feel her opening up.

Kat rolled Sally onto her back and kissed her on the mouth. She was sweet and delicious, with soft, plump lips. Kat spent long minutes just kissing her, warming her up, melting away any last traces of resistance. Only then did she begin to work her way down. Pulling off Sally’s top, Kat savored the baby-powder flavor of the redhead’s breasts, certain that she was the first person ever to taste them. At that moment she heard J.J. scream; probably Kelly was sucking on her clit.

Taking her time, still not quite believing that this was actually happening, Kat trailed her tongue down Sally’s belly. At this distance she could smell the strong scent of arousal rising from between Sally’s legs; this good little Christian girl was very turned on, there was no doubt about it. Working mostly by feel – there was very little light now – Kat unzipped Sally’s sleeping bag and opened it all the way, then pressed one hand against the crotch of Sally’s pajama bottoms, feeling the wetness seeping through. “Jesus Christ,” Kat whispered, then realizing what she had said, added “Sorry.”