Friday, September 23, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 48

On Saturday Kat decided to drive into town. She wanted to pick up a ball gag and a collar that she had in mind for Ms. Valentine – for whatever reason, she felt very confident that the English teacher would come around.

When Kat walked into the sex shop the same cashier was behind the counter as the last time, the sexy goth girl with crimson-red hair. Kat hadn’t forgotten that this girl had written her a note and gifted her with a pair of nipple clamps, and that too had been in the back of her mind when deciding to make this trip.

Kat walked up to the counter and the girl smiled in recognition. “Well hello again,” she purred.

“Hi,” said Kat, smiling back and feeling suddenly shy. “Ummm...”

“I’m Lucy,” said the girl behind the counter, holding out her hand, which Kat took.


“Hi Kat. I hoped I might see you again. What can I help you with?”

Lucy helped Kat pick out a ball gag and a beautiful leather collar studded with white crystals and a matching leash. When she rang up the purchase the price was much lower than Kat expected, not that she was complaining.

Lucy looked Kat up and down. Her body language was very open and available, and Lucy had half a mind to try out that gag and collar on her right now. But just then a couple walked into the store, so Lucy changed tacks. “How long are you in town for?” asked Lucy. Despite her slightly daring hair color, Kat had “suburbs” written all over her, as far as Lucy was concerned.

“I’m not sure,” Kat answered honestly.

“Well, I get off at 6,” said Lucy. “Why don’t you come back then, we’ll go get a drink?”

“OK, ” said Kat, her heart suddenly beating rapidly. Something about Lucy really excited her, made her feel a little weak in the knees. She left the store as Lucy attended to the new customers.

Feeling happily dazed and anxious, Kat walked around window shopping for a while. She got a latte at a cafe and browsed in a bookstore. She called home and left a message that she’d be spending the night at her uncle’s – just in case – hoping her mother wouldn’t call to check. Just before 6 she went into the bathroom, fixed her hair and put on some lipstick, and returned to the sex shop.

Lucy was just locking up. Together they walked around the corner to a door marked simply “#9.” Inside was a dimly lit bar. Kat paused at the door.

“I don’t have an ID,” she told Lucy.

Lucy smiled at Kat’s naiveté. “No one’s going to card you here, sweetheart, believe me.”

Lucy took Kat by the arm and led her to the bar. The bartender, a cute brunette with big brown eyes, walked over to them polishing a glass. “Hi, Lucy,” she said. “Who’s this?”

“This is Kat,” answered Lucy. “A very good customer of mine.”

“Nice to meet you,” said the bartender, extending her hand. “I’m Casey. What’ll it be?”

Before Kat could answer, Lucy spoke up. “Is there any of that absinthe left?”

Casey grinned. “Officially, no. But for you....”

A minute later two small glasses of a bluish-green liquid were sitting in front of them. Following Lucy’s lead, Kat sipped hers; it was a strange taste, bitter like licorice, but with a trace of sweetness as well. The second sip was a little better, and the third better still.

Kat looked around nervously. She was out of her element here; she’d never spent any time in bars. But Lucy was doing her best to make the new girl feel at home: standing close to her, putting a hand on her back and occasionally her butt, whispering in her ear.

Soon a new customer arrived and stood on Kat’s other side, a straight-laced-looking woman in her late twenties with dark hair and glasses. She was dressed very conservatively, but the outfit did nothing to disguise her enormous breasts. Kat immediately pictured herself suckling on them. She took another sip of her drink, feeling the alcohol warm her belly as other forces were warming her nipples and pussy. Suddenly every possibility seemed open; she was sure it was going to be an exciting night.


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