Monday, October 3, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 49

After awhile Kat lost track of time. It wasn’t that she was so drunk – she’d been sipping slowly the whole night and was just a little tipsy – but the whole experience had a strange, dreamlike quality to it.

At some point she found herself in the bathroom with Lucy, who was giving her a cool, penetrating look. Kat assumed Lucy was going to take her right there. She was ready; her panties were soaked and her nipples were clearly visible poking out from her top. Instead Lucy took her by the hand and led her out of the bathroom. But instead of turning right to go back to the bar, they went left and approached a dark metal door. Lucy fished a key out of her pocket, unlocked the door, and led Kat through it.

They descended a flight of stairs into a dark room where the only light came from a window set high in the wall, just at street level. It was dark outside by now, with just a hint of yellow light coming from a streetlight halfway down the block. Lucy lit a couple of candles and stood considering Kat, the grin on her face now slightly cruel.

“Sweet little suburban slut,” said Lucy. “You’re all juiced up, aren’t you?” She jammed a hand between Kat’s legs, cupping her crotch and feeling the wetness there. Lifting Kat’s skirt, Lucy slipped a finger inside her, causing her to stiffen and groan. Lucy pulled the finger out and pushed it into Kat’s mouth; when it was clean she pulled it away. “Get naked for me, now.”

Excited by the force of Lucy’s personality, Kat found herself perfectly happy to be bossed around in this situation. She scrambled to get her clothes off, tossing them carelessly aside. “On your knees,” barked Lucy, and Kat complied, the juice now running down her thighs. “Hands behind your back.” Lucy secured Kat’s hands with a strip of cloth and also fastened a metal cuff attached to a length of chain to one of her ankles.

The kneeling, nude Kat looked up humbly as Lucy stripped off her jeans, then her black lace panties. Kat was somewhat surprised to find that Lucy was not shaved; in fact she was rather hairy down there. As Lucy approached her Kat saw a forest of brown curls, then an inviting slice of pink and a glint of metal, then nothing at all as Lucy’s warmth and wetness enveloped her. Kat put her full effort into pleasuring Lucy, thrusting her tongue in, licking all around, and sucking Lucy’s clit, loving the tremors that she could feel pulsing through the woman above her.

Kat forgot herself completely in that moment, and some amount of time between five minutes and five hours passed before Lucy finally stepped away, sweat beading on her forehead, looking a little shaky on her feet. Leaning back against the wall, Lucy found and lit a cigarette, gazing for awhile out the window, then down at the wet face of the bound girl before her.

Turning her back on Kat, Lucy disappeared for a minute into the darkest corner of the room. When she returned, a long black strap-on protruded from between her legs. Kat licked and sucked the phallus as Lucy finished her cigarette, then Lucy bent Kat over and lifted her ass into the air.

The floor was cold against Kat’s breasts and face, but in a minute she had forgotten that and gotten into a rhythm, flexing her hips to meet Lucy’s thrusts. After awhile Lucy rolled Kat onto her left side and lifted her right leg high into the air, spreading her wide and penetrating even deeper. Kat let out a loud gasp just as the door opened and Ramona – the woman who’d been next to her at the bar – stepped in.

For a brief interval, Ramona just stood watching Kat get fucked. Then she casually reached down under her skirt and slipped off her panties. Walking over to where Kat’s head was, she carefully placed the back of her skirt underneath her to keep her ass off the cold floor, lifted the front of the skirt, and pulled Kat’s head into her crotch. Kat had to contort herself somewhat to do both things at the same time, but she did it gladly.

When Ramona had come twice, she stood up and retreated to the same corner Lucy had gone to earlier. When she returned, she was equipped with a bright white strap-on at least as big as Lucy’s. Lucy pulled out of Kat and changed sides; the juice-slick black dildo went into Kat’s mouth while Ramona plunged into her pussy.

Ramona was a sweet, gentle-looking girl, but she wasn’t gentle with Kat at all, slapping her ass and ramming into her with surprising strength. It took Kat’s full effort to keep from being moved across the room while trying to avoid gagging as the black cock was forced deeper into her mouth.

After a couple minutes Ramona settled down and she and Kat began moving together, Kat angling and rotating her hips for maximum friction. Just as Kat was approaching what promised to be a massive orgasm, the door opened again and Casey walked in.

Sizing up the situation, Casey wasted no time in getting involved. She hurried out of her clothes and straddled Kat, rubbing her wet pussy across Kat’s back while sucking Lucy and Ramona’s breasts.

Taking charge, Lucy decided to reconfigure everything. Kat went on her back on the floor, arms out to the sides; Casey went on top of her in 69 position; and Lucy and Ramona took turns fucking each girl’s mouth and pussy in turn.

By the time this cluster broke up a half-hour and many orgasms later, everyone was worn out and satisfied. Ramona and Casey dressed and left, and Kat sat waiting for Lucy to unchain her, hoping maybe that her new friend would take her home. Instead, Lucy put Kat’s clothes into her own bag and tossed Kat a blanket. “You can sleep here tonight,” Lucy said. “If you’re good, in the morning I’ll introduce you to Mistress Mimi.”



  1. Mistress Mimi good name choice kind of like Mariah Carrey before the kids.

  2. Not that is an interesting twist. I think I like it.

    Will Mistress Mimi be into latex clothing also?

  3. Seems to become a new experience for Kat. Please continue soon.

  4. Mimi sounds like she would be like a sugar mama.

  5. Would be nice to read a new part. Hope you find time to write it soon.