Friday, June 23, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 44

In the morning, Luisa volunteered to make breakfast. She went to the fridge and took inventory while Annabel made coffee. Carla sat down at the kitchen table, yawning, stretching, and rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

All three were still naked. They’d spent the night together in Carla’s bed, twined together in a warm cocoon. Luisa and Carla had made no move to dress before coming downstairs, and Annabel had followed their lead. It was late enough in the morning to already be quite warm, so there was really no need to cover up.

When Luisa closed the refrigerator door and turned back around, her nipples were rock-hard from the cold. Carla had an impulse to go over and suck on them, but she knew where that would lead, and she didn’t want to do anything that would delay breakfast. Her stomach was rumbling.

They were all pretty hung over, and everyone was grateful when the coffee was ready. As she sipped the hot liquid Annabel kept having flashbacks to the previous night. At times she hadn’t known whose pussy she was eating, or who was licking or fondling her; it all kind of blurred together into one big ball of pleasure. She was still tingling between the legs.

Luisa had put on an apron to keep oil from spattering on her as she cooked, but her plump rear end was still on display. Annabel couldn’t help staring at it as it swayed, its owner moving to some rhythm playing in her head. It really was, Annabel thought, the most magnificent rump she’d ever seen.

Annabel felt a hand on her knee and realized that Carla had been watching her watch Luisa. She immediately began to blush, as if she’d been caught at something, but Carla was entirely pleased. Annabel’s inner lesbian was really starting to express herself.

After eating they lingered over coffee, chatting quietly and looking out at the water. It was an extraordinarily beautiful day, even by Malibu standards. Then Annabel began to clean up as Carla took Luisa by the hand and led her from the room.

Annabel cleared the dishes and wiped the counters, humming to herself, hangover now a thing of the past. She had just sat the clean frying pan down in the dish drainer when Carla appeared.

Without a word Carla took Annabel in her arms and gave her a big, open-mouthed kiss. Their boobs pressed together and Carla reached both hands around to squeeze her stepmother’s ass. Then Carla released Annabel, grabbed hold of her collar, and led her upstairs.

In Carla’s bedroom Luisa was tied hand and foot to the bed. She was positioned sideways so her head was toward the window and her spread legs faced the door. Annabel’s pussy began to lubricate as she anticipated what was about to happen, but instead of leading her to the bed, Carla deposited her on the chair against one wall.

Carla lashed Annabel’s wrists and ankles tightly to the chair, then ball-gagged and nipple-clamped her. Annabel was helpless to do anything but watch as Carla approached the bed and leaned over to kiss Luisa upside-down.

They made out slowly and sweetly, nibbling each others’ lips, tongues darting and probing. Then Carla shifted forward and pushed one breast into Luisa’s mouth, closing her own lips over one of Luisa’s stiff nipples.. Annabel let out a muffled moan, feeling the liquid begin to pool between her legs, but powerless to move.

Carla and Luisa’s tongues traced down each others’ bodies as Carla stretched out, and then they were 69ing. Luisa slurped away aggressively as Carla teased and tested, lapping at Luisa’s inner thighs, gently kissing and blowing on her clit. When Carla penetrated Luisa with one finger, Annabel could see the muscles clench around it.

After a few minutes Carla sat up and held on to Luisa’s tits while grinding down on her face. Annabel watched Carla’s expression change as her orgasm approached, and then it hit her and she moaned, letting all her weight sink down onto Luisa. Everything was quiet until a muffled cry escaped from between Carla’s legs; Luisa couldn’t breathe and was starting to suffocate.

Carla mercifully climbed off her and stood up. After taking a minute to drink water from the cup on her bedside table, she clipped the leash onto Annabel’s collar. “Luisa, dear,” said Carla. “Would you like some attention over there?”

“Siiii,” groaned Luisa, whose pussy was throbbing with need. “Yes, please.”

“Annabel, you’d like to help her out, wouldn't you?” Annabel, still ball-gagged, merely nodded. Carla pulled out the gag, untied Annabel’s hands and feet, and used the leash to pull her to her knees. Annabel started to crawl toward the bed but soon felt the leash tighten, arresting her progress. She looked back over her shoulder at Carla, who was grinning wickedly, deeply enjoying torturing the two of them. Keeping a firm grip on the leash, she gradually slackened it inch by inch as Annabel pulled forward, straining to reach the juicy wet cunt in front of her.

When she finally got there, seemingly hours later, she was eager and voracious. Carla watched with satisfaction as her stepmother dove into her friend’s crotch. Luisa came once almost immediately, then again as Annabel finger-fucked her while licking and sucking her clit.

After the second orgasm Annabel became aware of movement behind her, then grunted as Carla plunged a strap-in into her. Carla leaned down to kiss Annabel, licking the pussy juice from her lips, then pushed her head back between Luisa’s legs.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter Chapter 43

After taking a minute to recover, Annabel climbed out of Carla’s lap and stood there looking a little wobbly on her feet. Carla took off the strap-on and spread her legs; she was soaking wet, lips gaping, obviously in need of attention. Annabel immediately sank to her knees and got to work. Carla smiled; her stepmother's training was really coming along very well.

Katya and Courtney watched for a minute, then leaned in to help by stimulating Carla's breasts while Annabel ate her pussy. Lucia, Kim, and Monica, having thoroughly sated themselves, sat looking on. Everyone's attention was on Carla, which only made her that much more excited; aroused as she was, she came almost right away. No one moved for a few seconds, then Carla took hold of Annabel’s collar and pulled her back in for another go.

When Carla had been serviced to her satisfaction, it was time for dessert. Everyone had been too full to eat it earlier, but they had worked up appetites now. For the next 20 minutes or so the room was filled with naked girls quietly eating gelato; the only sounds were spoons clinking on plates, “Mmmmm”s of enjoyment, and the occasional murmured word of praise for the chef.

Inevitably, some of the frosty chocolate concoction fell on someone’s breast, and someone else leaned down to lick it off. Soon all hell had broken loose again. By the time they were done, Annabel’s pussy was raw, her tongue was tired, and her whole body was a sweaty, sticky mess. She sat back and drank the rest of her wine as Katya, then Kim, dressed and said their goodbyes.

Carla asked Monica to give Courtney a ride home. She was pretty sure that they would end up spending the night together, and she hoped they would; Monica and Courtney would make a cute couple, she thought. Courtney could use the kind of firm hand that Monica would provide.

That left just Carla, Annabel, and Luisa. The three of them cuddled up together under a blanket to watch a movie, Carla in the middle. For awhile they were like any three friends innocently watching a movie together, except that they were naked under the blanket. But there was a sex scene about halfway through the movie, and Carla felt her appetite start to revive. One of her hands found its way between Luisa’s legs, the other between Annabel’s.

After fingering both women for awhile, Carla brought her hands to her mouth and ostentatiously licked them clean. Then she put one hand on Luisa’s head, one on Annabel’s, and brought them together in a kiss. This, of course, brought them close to Carla’s chest, and Carla encouraged them to move their attention to her throbbing-stiff nipples.

Lifting the blanket up over Annabel and Luisa’s heads, Carla picked up her snifter of brandy and sat back to enjoy her nightcap.


Friday, June 16, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 42

When Annabel returned from the kitchen carrying a glass of wine, Courtney was on her knees lapping at Katya’s clit as Katya bounced up and down on Carla’s strap-on. Annabel sat down and decided to keep the wine for herself; she took a long, deep drink and looked around the room.

A few short weeks ago, she’d had no idea that such decadence existed, much less that she would be participating in it herself. To her right, Luisa had removed her strap-on and was now stretched out on the couch with Kim eating her pussy and Monica sitting on her face. To her left Katya was sweating and grimacing as she sat down forcefully into Carla’s lap, taking the full length of the dildo inside her.

There was no mistaking the moment when Katya came; her whole body shook and she let out a resonant, deep-throated moan that was like nothing Annabel had ever heard before. When it was over Katya rolled off and lay still on one side of the couch with a far-away look in her eyes.

Courtney wasted no time in stripping off her jeans and panties and mounting the strap-on. As she began to grind up and down on the plastic cock, boobs bouncing inside her tight T-shirt, Carla looked out from behind her and met Annabel’s eyes. In another example of the telepathy that had been developing between them, Annabel knew what Carla wanted from her without having to be told. She put her glass down and walked over.

Pulling Courtney’s T-shirt up and off, Annabel bent down and began to lick and suck her tits. Her nipples were rock-hard and tasted faintly of vanilla. After making a thorough exploration of that area Annabel began to move south, tracing her tongue down Courtney’s sternum and belly. She paused to kiss and lick Courtney’s navel, then continued downward, running her nose through the younger woman’s soft brown pubic hair. 

The smell of female arousal was strong down there; Annabel took a deep breath and savored it before extending her tongue to lick Courtney’s inner thighs. Courtney trembled, moaned, and grabbed onto Annabel’s shoulders for balance. Annabel took a taste of Courtney’s pussy, finding it creamy and delicious, then started to home in on Courtney’s clit. It was a matter of hitting a moving target, as Courtney was now rapidly moving up and down on the shaft of the strap-on.

But eventually she managed it, and soon after Courtney came violently and fell back against Carla. When Courtney climbed off it was Annabel’s turn; she straddled Carla and positioned the tip of the dildo against her pussy lips. She took a deep breath as the bulbous head penetrated her, then exhaled slowly as she let herself sink all the way down onto the thick phallus.

Annabel closed her eyes and savored the sensation of being completely full. She felt Carla’s hands cupping her breasts from behind, Carla’s fingers teasing her nipples, Carla’s lips brushing her neck. She gently raised up until only the head remained inside her, then abruptly let herself fall; Carla met her with a thrust of the hips that drove the dildo in even deeper than before.

A mouth closed on one of her nipples; Annabel looked down and saw the top of Courtney’s brown-haired head. Then a tongue was exploring her crotch; Annabel caught a glimpse of Katya’s blond mane moving down below. “Oh, God,” Annabel whimpered, biting her lip, “so good....”

When the orgasm hit Annabel felt herself clench and then release, every last bit of tension, fear, and worry leaving her body. There were tears in her eyes and then she was laughing, every inch of her body vibrating with the purest pleasure. She looked at Carla, who was gazing up at her affectionately, and thought: I am the luckiest woman alive.


Monday, June 12, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 41

Carla sipped her drink and surveyed the situation. Katya was leaning back on the couch, moaning and panting as Annabel’s tongue burrowed into her. Annabel, in turn, was being licked from underneath by Monica. In this position Monica’s fancy dress was all askew, revealing her thighs and occasionally flashing her panties.

As Carla looked on — cuddling up against Luisa, who looked on wide-eyed — Kim joined in. She dropped to her knees, lifted the bottom of Monica’s dress, and pulled her panties off. Eager as a kid in a candy store, Kim spread Monica’s legs and leaned down to feast on the dark-skinned girl’s pussy.

After watching for a few minutes, Carla took Luisa by the hand and led her upstairs to the bedroom. There the two of them made out and groped each other for awhile — getting reacquainted with each other’s bodies — before equipping themselves with strap-ons and returning downstairs.

When they walked back into the living room, things had been reconfigured; Annabel and Katya were 69ing on one couch, Monica and Kim on the other. It was such a beautiful sight, Carla was hesitant to disturb it. But just then Annabel looked over at her and momentarily turned her attention from Katya’s pussy. Seeing the long, thick dildo dangling from Carla’s crotch, Annabel’s mouth fell open; moments later it was completely full as Carla drove the shaft of the strap-on into her throat.

Luisa, meanwhile, went over to the other couch and started fucking any hole she could find, starting with Kim’s pussy. When Kim started making her characteristic squeaking noise, Luisa moved to silence her by shoving the dildo into her mouth. After a minute Luisa pulled out and  plunged into Monica’s cunt, leaning over and contorting herself to get her head between Kim’s legs and take a taste.

Carla now angled herself so she could penetrate Katya from behind. Katya looked back over her shoulder and muttered something in Russian that translated roughly as “Fuck me hard, you bitch.” Carla grinned and complied, wrapping one arm around Katya’s thigh and pushing in deeper.

Just then the doorbell rang. This caused Carla to panic for a second, thinking that maybe her father had unexpectedly returned home. Then she realized that of course he wouldn’t ring the doorbell, that it had to be Courtney, who had said that she had other plans but indicated that she might turn up at some point during the evening.

She used her leverage to turn Katya to one side, allowing Annabel to escape from underneath. Annabel unclipped the leash and took a few seconds to straighten her dress before going to answer the door. It was indeed Courtney, who had been out to dinner with her parents. She cocked her head, taking in Annabel’s smeared lipstick and JBF hair, and wondering what might be going on inside.

Annabel smiled sheepishly as she invited Courtney in. When they got to the living room, Carla was now sitting on the couch with Katya bouncing up and down on her cock. Lucia was giving it from behind to Monica, who had her face buried in Kim’s crotch. Annabel went to fetch a glass of wine for Courtney, who stood there trying to figure out where she fit in.


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 40

The dinner was a great success; all the guests praised the food effusively and sincerely. Carla reveled in the moment, feeling like a queen as she ate, drank, and received compliments.

Annabel stood by throughout the meal, refilling water and wine glasses, and occasionally running to the kitchen to fetch something. She didn’t get to eat until after everyone else had finished, when she helped herself to leftovers while cleaning up. The food was indeed incredible, and all the better because she had been forced to wait and watch for so long.

She had just put the last of the dishes into the dishwasher when Carla appeared, casually twirling Annabel’s leash in one hand. Patting Annabel affectionately on the rump, Carla looked around the spic-and-span kitchen and nodded approvingly. It was time for the the next phase of the evening.

Carla clipped the leash into Annabel’s collar and had her get down onto her hands and knees. Walking tall and proud, Carla led her crawling stepmother out of the kitchen, down the hallway, and into the living room, where their guests awaited.

The atmosphere had changed from dinner party to just plain party. Music was playing, and Katya had lit a joint and passed it around, filling the room with a hazy layer of smoke. Katya was still drinking vodka, while the others had switched to rum, brandy, or tequila. They had been talking quietly among themselves, but all conversation stopped when Carla led Annabel into the room.

At that moment Carla realized that though she’d thoroughly visualized the entrance, she hadn’t planned what to do next. Improvising, she said, “Annabel here has just been telling me how beautiful and sexy she thinks you all are, and how she’d like to do anything she can to make you happy.” She paused a beat. “Anything at all.”

No one seemed quite sure how to respond, and nobody said anything for a few seconds. It was Katya who finally spoke up. “I’ve been wanting to suck on those titties all night.”

Carla handed the leash to Katya, who pulled Annabel close and sat her up on her haunches. Pulling  Annabel’s top down to release her breasts, which sprung out like they had a life of their own, Katya scooted forward and began to suck one while squeezing the other. 

Everyone else just watched for a minute until Monica, who was sitting closest, decided to get involved. She sank down onto her knees and reached over to lift Annabel’s skirt from behind. Annabel gasped as Monica’s hand began to gently rub her wet pussy through her panties.

Katya now pulled her own T-shirt off and brought Annabel’s head to her chest. Confident that things had been properly set in motion, Carla went to pour herself a drink. By the time she returned, Annabel was on her knees with her face buried in Katya’s pussy, while Monica was on the ground on her back, slurping away eagerly at Annabel’s cunt from beneath.

Smiling, Carla sat down next to Luisa and leaned back to enjoy what she had wrought.


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 39

Just as Annabel was about to step out onto the deck, the doorbell rang yet again. At the door this time was someone she didn’t know: a petite Latina with long, lustrous black hair and intelligent, penetrating dark eyes.

“Hi,” she said. “I’m Lucia. I’m a friend of Carla’s.”

“I’m Annabel. I’m....” She trailed off, realizing how hard it would be to explain. “Anyway, come on in.” She led Lucia out to the deck, where the others were drinking and talking.

Seeing Lucia, Carla immediately flashed back to the summer between high school and her freshman year of college. She’d been drinking in a lesbian bar in Hollywood, using a fake ID as she often did in those days. Way down at the end of the bar was a woman drinking alone, her face mostly hidden behind her mane of black hair. There was something very alluring about her, and Carla found it hard to not keep looking in her direction.

In those days Carla was still a little shy, at least around older women. She’d never actually picked up anyone in a bar, because she’d never had to; women flocked to her, and all she had to do was choose among them. But there was something about this particular woman that fascinated her. Carla kept getting little glimpses of her face; she had a quiet dignity, as if she was perfectly content to be alone. This, too, made Carla hesitant to approach her.

Carla sat there through one drink, then another, before she finally screwed up her courage and went to talk to the mystery woman. Once they were face to face, Carla realized that she knew this person — it was Ms. Santos, the Spanish teacher at Carla’s high school. Carla had taken French, so they hadn’t known each other well, but they’d passed each other in the hall plenty of times.

It had not escaped Carla’s attention that Ms. Santos was a very attractive woman, with a gorgeous face and a great body that she was not shy about showing off with short skirts and tight tops. In fact, more than once Carla had found herself having daydreams about the sexy Spanish teacher. She’d gone so far as to think about transferring to Spanish class, but after three years of French she was pretty committed to her path. And she’d already been in trouble once for getting involved with a teacher.

In the bar that day the common background gave them something to talk about, and before long it had become clear that the mutual attraction was strong. They ended up going back to Lucia’s apartment and spending the night together, and though they were obviously not a good match — Lucia was relationship-oriented, and Carla was not — they’d seen each other sporadically ever since. It usually happened when Lucia was between relationships, as she was currently.

When they did get together, it was always memorable. Lucia was a very passionate woman with a sex drive that matched Carla’s own considerable appetite. Carla was always glad to see her, and was especially so tonight, with all the possibilities inherent in the group she’d put together.

After greeting Lucia with a warm hug and kiss, Carla excused herself to the kitchen; now that all the guests had arrived, she needed to devote her attention to the food. Annabel found herself pretty occupied serving drinks, and then the hors d’oeuvres that Carla sent out, so she only caught little bits of conversation here and there. But from what she heard, it seemed like every one of these women – no matter what age – was more worldly and sophisticated than she was.

Even after years in L.A., Annabel sometimes felt a bit insecure about her origins, thinking that people saw her as a country bumpkin. And being dressed the way she was, playing the role she was playing, wasn’t helping any. On the other hand, in a way being cast as the servant was kind of a relief; this way she could stand aside, listen and observe, without feeling pressure to be involved in the conversation.

At one point Annabel went into the kitchen to see if Carla needed anything. She found her stepdaughter standing over the hot stove stirring a sauce, a lock of hair falling across a forehead beaded with sweat. Reflexively, Annabel went to her and pushed the hair away from her face.

“Thanks,” said Carla, and just for a moment a sincere and disarming smile spread across her face. Then she was all business again. “Food’s almost ready,” she said, jerking her head toward the dining room. “Go set the table.”

Annabel set about arranging the plates and silverware, humming quietly to herself as she worked. She was leaning over the table getting the napkins just so when she sensed a presence near her. She looked back over her shoulder to see Katya, who grinned wolfishly while slipping a hand between Annabel’s thighs. “Don’t mind me,” she purred in her sexy Russian accent. 

Annabel tried to keep working, but she was in such a heightened state of sensitivity that this little bit of touch made her quite agitated. Katya’s hand moved up to rub her pussy through the fabric of her panties, and Annabel whimpered while placing both hands flat on the table for support.

Just then Carla walked in. “Don’t molest the help,” she clucked at Katya. “At least not until the table’s set.” Katya withdrew her hand and Annabel turned beet red, feeling like she’d been caught with her hand in the cookie jar — though it had been Katya who’d had her hand somewhere it didn’t belong. Not yet, anyway.


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter Chapter 38

In the morning Carla informed Annabel that they would be hosting a dinner party that evening. She, Carla, would do the cooking, while Annabel would be in charge of serving the guests. The way she said it, Annabel was unsure if this just meant bringing them food and drinks, or if something more was implied; so immediately her imagination started running wild, fantasizing about things that she might be made to do.

Carla headed to the supermarket while Annabel worked on cleaning and pressing her maid’s outfit, which had gotten badly rumpled in the course of the previous night’s activities. As she did so she daydreamed a scene where she was on her knees in the living room, servicing all of Carla’s friends one after the other as Carla looked on approvingly.

By the time Carla got home Annabel was so worked up that she desperately hoped Carla would take her right then and there. She came into the kitchen in just bra and panties, trying to look alluring, but Carla was all business. She unloaded the groceries and set about doing prep work, enlisting Annabel to chop vegetables.

They worked throughout the afternoon and Annabel came away impressed and excited about the meal, which consisted of pork tenderloin, mushroom risotto, stuffed tomatoes, and homemade chocolate gelato.When Carla set her mind to it, she was a tremendous cook.

When the food was basically ready, needing only to be finished once the guests arrived, Carla told Annabel to shower and dress. Annabel took the opportunity to do head-to-toe maintenance, plucking her eyebrows, shaving her legs and bikini area, and painting her toenails. When she was done she squeezed herself into the maid’s uniform and checked herself out in the mirror. She was pleased with what she saw, and hoped Carla and her guests would feel likewise.

At the same time, she was a bit apprehensive about the night to come. Everyone there would see her as what she was: a woman openly living in sexual servitude to her own stepdaughter in her own home. She had enough of her old self left to realize that this was shameful; she shuddered to think what would happen if her family back home ever found out what had become of her. But this thing was like a runaway train; it was out of her control, all she could do was hold on and see where it took her.

She arrived back downstairs just in time to hear the doorbell ring. Carla was nowhere to be seen, so Annabel went to answer it. At the door was Kim, looking cute and perky in short-shorts and a tube top — not considered dinner-party attire where Annabel came from, but then this was California.

Kim looked Annabel up and down, noting the collar and the outfit. A lot had changed in a short time. Not long ago Annabel had been an ordinary housewife; now she was a collared sex slave. Kim shook her head; that Carla certainly had a gift for getting what she wanted.

Annabel greeted Kim and invited her in, asking if she’d like something to drink. Kim requested a glass of white wine and headed for the back deck, where the heat of the day was just giving way to the coolness of evening.

Annabel did her best to keep Kim company, but they didn’t have much to say to each other. They were almost strangers, even though they’d already been sexually intimate. For the lack of any better idea, Annabel found herself wondering, should I offer myself to her? Is that what Carla would want?

Just then Carla appeared, looking upscale and haughty in a chic, sleek black dress. She and Kim hugged and kissed, then sat down and began to talk. Carla told Annabel to bring her a glass of wine and Annabel complied. She had just set the glass down when the doorbell rang again; Carla looked over at Annabel, making it clear that this was her responsibility.

This time it was Katya at the door. She was dressed much as she had been the first time Annabel saw her, in black jeans, a black T-shirt, and black leather boots. Her eyes were hidden behind large aviator sunglasses. She smiled at Annabel in an aggressively familiar way; remembering their previous encounter, Annabel blushed.

Annabel led Katya to the deck where Carla and Kim were sitting. “Bring our guest some vodka,” Carla instructed Annabel. “There’s a bottle in the freezer.”

In the kitchen, Annabel opened the freezer door and bent over to look inside. She did not immediately see the bottle and had been peering into the freezer for a few seconds when she felt a hand on her ass. She looked up over her shoulder to see Carla gazing down at her. “Back right corner,” she said.

Annabel saw the bottle but took her time about getting it, feeling Carla’s hand rub and squeeze her butt. Then Carla gave Annabel a playful slap on the rump. “Come on, Katya’s waiting for her drink.”

The cold of the freezer had made Annabel’s nipples visibly hard, as Katya noted when Annabel handed her her drink, gazing unapologetically at Annabel’s chest, “Thank you, Carla’s stepmother,” said Katya. “Or are you the maid? I’m confused now.”

“She lives to serve,” commented Carla dryly, and just then the doorbell sounded once again. A minute later Annabel returned with Monica, who had dressed for the occasion in a sequined gown that she’d taken off a mannequin at the shop. It was a little small for her, accenting her already-ample breasts and rear end. Carla, Annabel, Kim, and Katya all found themselves staring at her body until Monica finally said, “Um, what does a girl have to do to get herself a drink around here?”

In the kitchen Annabel glanced out the window at the four young and beautiful women on the deck, wondering what the evening might have in store. After pouring a glass of wine for Monica she adjusted her bosom, flipped back her hair, and went to find out.


Friday, June 2, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter Chapter 37

After dinner, Carla again sat back with a glass of wine, watching Annabel clean up the kitchen in her maid’s costume. When the last dish was done, Carla clipped the leash into Annabel’s collar and led her upstairs to the bedroom. She had an itch that needed scratching.

A minute later Annabel found herself on her knees, hands cuffed behind her back, dildo protruding from her face. She scooted forward, staring right into Carla’s wet cunt, as Carla gripped the shaft of the dildo and guided it to point between her pussy lips.

Carla let out a soft, unusually high-pitched moan as the dildo penetrated her. She slowly took the whole thing in, pressing her pussy against Annabel’s face, then began to move back and forth. She held Annabel’s head with both hands as Annabel did her best to push back against Carla’s force.

After awhile Carla pushed Annabel over onto her back and climbed on top of her, pressing down so the dildo pushed all the way up inside. Just for the heck of it Carla reached behind her to finger Annabel’s pussy; it was soaking wet and welcoming. In this position Carla had one massive orgasm, then another, before rolling off.

Carla very much enjoyed the sight of Annabel laying there on the ground, maid costume disheveled, hands bound behind her back and dildo dangling from her face. She was the very picture of beautiful debasement. Suddenly Carla wanted nothing more than to fuck her stepmother senseless; and the situation being what it was, there was no reason why she couldn’t.

Annabel opened her eyes to see Carla standing over her wearing a strap-on. Her pussy started throbbing; she wanted that inside her more than anything, and she didn’t have long to wait. Carla rolled her over onto her stomach, pulled her up onto her knees, and slammed the plastic cock home. 

As she fucked Annabel from behind Carla reached up and unstrapped the face dildo. After removing it she turned it around and made Annabel suck it, tasting her own juices. Soon Annabel came, moaning loudly and gagging a little on the dildo in her throat.

But Carla wasn’t done with her. Laying Annabel down on the bed, Carla tied her wrists to the bedposts, spread her legs wide, and plunged in once again. Annabel yelled out; from this angle the dildo felt bigger, somehow, and she felt herself being stretched inside.

For whatever reason, Carla felt like she had a point to prove. She kept pounding into Annabel, right through multiple climaxes, and didn’t let up until Annabel looked faint and her eyes rolled back into her head. 

Carla pulled out, stood up, and looked down at her stepmother appraisingly. Annabel’s costume was bunched up around her waist, her whole body was covered with a sheen of sweat, and her face wore the glazed, far-away expression of a thoroughly satisfied woman. Carla was pleased with her accomplishment. She untied Annabel’s hands and within a minute Annabel was fast asleep, breathing deeply and loudly. Carla returned the strap-on to her bedside table and went to pour herself a nightcap.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter Chapter 36

That night, Carla had Annabel wear the French maid outfit while she made dinner. She wore an apron in front to keep it clean, but every time she bent over even a little, the short skirt rode up to reveal her rear end. This provided no end of delight for Carla, who sat at the kitchen table drinking wine and watching her stepmother work.

Annabel made beef and scalloped potatoes, and the instant she slid the potatoes into the oven Carla was there behind her, wrapping both arms around her and pulling her in tight. She felt Carla’s breasts press against her back as the younger woman kissed and nibbled her neck and ear. Annabel let herself sink back against Carla, who reached both hands around to to cup and squeeze Annabel’s tits.

Untying the apron, Carla pulled it off and used it to bind Annabel’s hands behind her back. She steered Annabel over to the kitchen table and bent her over it. In this position Carla didn’t even need to lift Annabel’s skirt to reveal her butt cheeks; there they were, bright and inviting, practically crying out “Spank me!”

Carla looked quickly around the kitchen for a suitable implement, and her eyes lighted on a heavy wooden spoon. Picking it up, she thwacked it once against her hand just to hear the sound, which reverberated nicely through the empty kitchen. Annabel looked back over her shoulder at Carla, her face a mixture of apprehension and anticipation.

“This is for your slutty behavior earlier,” said Carla before landing the first blow on Annabel’s left butt cheek. “Honestly,” she added, switching to the right, “I can’t take you anywhere.”

They both knew perfectly well that Annabel had been acting in complete accord with Carla’s wishes at every step along the way. But it suited Carla, for some reason, to offer this rationalization for the punishment. Annabel winced and cried out every time the spoon landed on her ass; but with every blow her nipples got harder and her pussy got wetter, as did Carla’s.

Finally Carla reached over, pulled Annabel’s thong down around her knees, and penetrated her with the handle of the spoon. Annabel writhed on the table, her juices running down onto its surface. Carla used her other hand to rub Annabel’s clit until she came explosively, moaning helplessly, a stream of drool trickling from her mouth.

Just then the timer for the potatoes went off. Carla freed Annabel’s hands and, after taking a moment to pull herself together, she stood and went to pull the casserole from the oven. When she turned back around Carla was sitting down facing her, naked from the waist down, legs spread wide. There was a time when Annabel would have found this surprising, even shocking; right now it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. She dropped to her knees and went to work.


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter Chapter 35

It was hot, moist, and musky down between Monica’s legs. Annabel took a deep breath, immediately feeling a little intoxicated by the strong and heady smell.

Monica spread her legs as wide as they would go and moved her hand around to the back of Annabel’s head, pulling her in closer. Getting the message, Annabel extended her tongue and took a taste of Monica’s pussy. It was tangy, tart, and overwhelmingly delicious. All inhibitions forgotten, Annabel feasted on the tender flesh between this virtual stranger’s legs, both of them moaning as Monica’s fingernails dug into her back.

After coming twice Monica pushed Annabel away and sat back to catch her breath. Annabel felt a hand on her head, turning her 90 degrees so that she was staring straight into a nest of dark pubic hair. Carla was standing over her, looking down expectantly.

Annabel nuzzled into Carla’s bush and Carla shifted her weight so she could get her legs apart. Inhaling the now-familiar scent of Carla’s arousal, Annabel burrowed into her stepdaughter’s crotch, thrusting her tongue up between Carla’s pussy lips.

In this position Annabel couldn’t breathe very well and she soon began to feel lightheaded; next thing she knew she was being lifted and deposited face-up on the desk. Monica, dropping to her knees, scooted forward between Annabel’s legs and began to tongue-fuck the older woman. Carla, meanwhile, hopped up onto the desk and straddled Annabel’s head.

Annabel was long past the point of resisting whatever was happening to her; she relaxed and enjoyed the sensations of the moment. None of them were in any particular hurry. Monica found Annabel’s cunt thoroughly delectable and took her time exploring it, licking all around, then penetrating as deep as her extra-long tongue would allow. Carla reveled in the whole scene, riding Annabel’s face as she watched her gorgeous ex-girlfriend eat her stepmother’s pussy.

Several orgasms later, Annabel found herself being turned over onto her stomach. She stretched out languidly as Carla and Monica both donned strap-ons that Monica had stashed in her desk. They took turns fucking the older woman from both ends, leaving her spent and semi-conscious on the desktop as Monica wrapped up their package. “Better give us the cheerleader outfit, too,” said Carla, and they laughed.

Once everything was ready Carla gently roused Annabel and helped her get dressed. Relatively clear-headed now, Annabel felt a little self-conscious as she exchanged hugs and goodbyes with Monica; in the maybe 90 minutes that they’d known each other, Annabel had shown herself to be a shameless lesbian slut completely in her stepdaughter’s thrall. But Monica was genuinely friendly and affectionate, embracing Annabel like an old friend and kissing her on the cheek. “It was really nice meeting you,” she said.

Carla and Monica also shared a long hug and warm, lingering kiss. “See you tomorrow?” asked Carla.

Monica looked at Carla, over at Annabel, back at Carla. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter Chapter 34

Annabel tried to think back to high school. It hadn’t been such a long time ago, but it seemed like another lifetime from where she was now. She pictured a Friday afternoon in her hometown — the teams, the crowd, the marching band...after a minute, she started to feel the atmosphere, the rhythm. She took a deep breath and began to move.

Once she took the first step, it all started coming back to her. She did some kicks, some leaps...waved her pom-poms while spelling out the name of her school...and wound up by doing the splits on the floor. Thanks to all her yoga practice, she could do them better now than she could back in high school.

She’d been so caught up in her memories that she was a little startled to be brought back into the moment by the sound of applause. She looked over at Monica and Carla, suddenly remembering that she was not a teenager on a football field, but a grown woman on the floor of a costume shop.

“Very nice,” Monica. “What do you think?”

“Not bad,” answered Carla. “But I’d like to see it one more time.” She stood up from her chair  and helped Annabel to her feet. “With one little difference.” Bending at the waist, Carla reached down under Annabel’s skirt and pulled her panties down and off. Then she got back into her seat and said, “Take it from the top.”

This time, whenever  Annabel jumped and her skirt bounced, her blond pubic hair was clearly visible. Every time she kicked, she flashed her pussy. And when she did the splits she could feel the tender flesh of her crotch pressed against the carpet.

“Better,” said Carla. “But I don’t know...”

“Yeah,” chimed in Monica, “you’re pretty good, but we have a lot of candidates. How badly do you want to make the team?”

Annabel looked over at the two young women. This whole situation had gotten her very aroused, and she had an inkling of what Monica was really asking her. “Real bad,” she answered.

“Well, come over here then,” said Monica. Annabel began to knee-walk toward Monica was while looking over at Carla, who nodded approvingly. When Annabel arrived, Monica took hold of the ring of her collar and pulled her closer for a kiss.

Annabel loved the feeling of Monica’s lips; they were substantial, juicy, pillowy soft. Monica’s tongue pushed into her mouth and Annabel felt herself melting, surrendering. She was more than ready to give up control and surrender to whatever was going to happen.

Pulling away, Monica stripped off her top to reveal a truly magnificent set of tits topped by thick, dark-brown nipples. Monica pulled Annabel down to her chest and Annabel did not resist. She took each of Monica’s nipples into her mouth, feeling them on her tongue, nibbling on them gently as Monica moaned.

Getting into it now, Annabel tried to take one of Monica’s boobs into her mouth, but she was not up to the task. She opened her jaws as far as she could but still only managed about half of it. Monica appreciated the effort, though, and she stroked the back of Annabel’s head as Annabel moved on to the other breast.

Carla looked on, content to observe for now, as Monica sat up in her chair, lifting her skirt to reveal a skimpy black thong. Then she raised herself up and, in one swift motion, yanked the thong off and flung it away in Carla’s general direction. She spread her legs wide, displaying dark pussy lips that contrasted with the hint of bright pink visible inside.

Annabel had only a moment to gaze into Monica’s cunt — wondering what it would taste like, if it would be different from the ones she’d known so far — before Monica grabbed her by the collar and pulled her in.


Friday, May 19, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter Chapter 33

Late that afternoon, Carla announced that they had an errand to run. Annabel started to undo her collar but Carla waved her off. “Leave it on,” she said. “We’re only going one place, and I know everybody there. Nothing to worry about.”

Nonetheless, Annabel was nervous as they headed down Highway 1. What if someone she knew saw her? Fortunately she didn’t know that many people. And anyway, how could anyone know what the collar meant? It could be just a fashion statement. Fortunately Carla hadn’t made her wear some slutty outfit this time; she was still in her regular jeans and T-shirt.

They got onto Santa Monica Boulevard and headed toward Hollywood, finally pulling up behind a cavernous building with a sign that said “Johnson’s House of Costumes.” Inside Carla led Annabel through a sort of labyrinth that threaded its way among racks and mannequins displaying costumes of every kind, from monsters and military uniforms to superheroes, pirates, and aliens.

In a sort of clearing amidst the chaos they found a young woman sitting behind a desk, thoughtfully tapping a pencil on the desktop. She was really quite striking-looking, Annabel thought: smooth, dark-brown skin; high, regal cheekbones; and big, luminous brown eyes. When she stood up to greet them, she was several inches taller than Carla, and towered a full head above Annabel. She was wearing a tight halter top and short skirt that showed off her generous bosom, narrow waist, and ample, rounded butt.

“Hi Monica,” said Carla, and they embraced. Carla and Monica had a history. They’d gone to high school together and, during senior year, had a passionate affair that lasted for several months. Carla still considered Monica the most beautiful girl she’d ever dated. Monica’s father was black and Native American and her mother was from India, and she’d gotten the most fortuitous selection of genes from each side.

But they were both dominant personalities and in the end, they just hadn’t been a good match. They still kept in touch, though, and Carla knew that Monica spent every summer working for the family business, this shop.

“Hi Carla,” responded Monica sweetly. “How are you?”

“I’m good,” answered Carla, and they spent a minute catching up. Finally Monica inquired what brought her in to the shop today, and Carla gestured toward Annabel. “I’m looking for a French maid costume for her. Something sexy.”

Monica nodded, looking Annabel up and down, eyes lingering only briefly on the collar around her neck. “I know just the thing. Back in a flash.” With that, she disappeared into the warehouse, leaving Carla and Annabel alone. Carla pulled Annabel close and kissed her on the lips, long and hard, making Annabel’s nipples start to stiffen and her pussy start to moisten. They separated just as Monica returned carrying a frilly black-and-white lace costume.

Carla helped Annabel off with her T-shirt and jeans, leaving her in just bra and panties. Annabel felt a bit embarrassed being exposed this way in front of a stranger, especially since a customer could walk in on them at any time. (Unbeknownst to her Monica had just locked the front door, as it was closing time anyway, and she felt like some privacy might be good.)

“No need for the bra,” said Monica. “The costume has a framework built in.” Carla unhooked Annabel’s bra and pulled it off, leaving her jutting nipples uncovered. Being exposed this way only made her more excited, making her condition that much worse. There was a definite sexual tension in the air, and Annabel wondered what these two strong, lovely young women might have in mind for her.

Monica and Carla worked together to get Annabel into the costume, which was very tight and constricting, with an extremely short skirt that ended just below her butt. Her breasts were shaped and lifted by the bodice, displaying a substantial amount of cleavage.

Carla emitted a low whistle. “Very nice. You have stockings and a garter to go with it?”

“Naturally,” replied Monica, plunging into the stacks one again. Carla took the opportunity to fondle Annabel’s ass, which was highly accessible in this outfit. Monica returned a minute later, and soon long black stockings and a matching garter belt were added to Annabel's ensemble. She could see herself in a mirror in the corner, and she had to admit that she looked smoking hot, if a little depraved.

“Perfect,” said Carla, “we’ll take it.”

“Cool,” responded Monica. “You want it packed up, or will she wear it out?”

Carla considered. “Better pack it up. We don’t want to start a riot.” She and Monica both laughed, and Annabel began to change as Monica and Carla whispered to each other.

“So that’s...” began Monica.

“My father’s wife, yeah,” nodded Carla.

Monica shook her head. “You're incorrigible.”

Annabel had just stripped back down to her panties and was about to start dressing again when Carla spotted a blue-and-white cheerleader outfit on a mannequin to the left of where they were standing. Suddenly a light bulb went on in her head.

“Hey Annabel,” she said, looking over at her stepmother. “I bet you were a cheerleader, weren’t you?”

Somewhat reluctantly, Annabel nodded. She had in fact been a cheerleader in high school, dated a football player, the whole nine yards.

“Why don’t you try that on?” said Carla. “You don’t mind, do you?” she asked Monica.

“Certainly not,” answered Monica, walking over to the mannequin to get the costume for Annabel. It fit like a glove, and Carla smiled wickedly at her stepmother, handing her the pom-poms that the mannequin had been holding. “Do a cheer for us,” she instructed.

Annabel blushed. “I guess I remember...something,” she said hesitantly.

“Wait, wait,” said Monica. She pulled her chair out from behind the desk and sat it down next to another chair that faced where Annabel was standing. “Here’s the scene. We’re the, like, captains of the cheerleading team,” she said to Carla. “And she’s the new girl auditioning.”

“Ooh, good one,” said Carla, and she and Monica sat down and looked over at Annabel expectantly.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 32

In the morning all three of them had breakfast together. Carla and Annabel grinned covertly at each other, thinking back to the previous night’s assignation, as the man of the house read his email.

As they ate he announced that he would be going overseas to finalize the merger he had been working on, and probably wouldn’t be back for a couple of weeks. Annabel did her best to look disappointed. Carla made no such pretense, her mind already racing ahead to what they might do during that time.

Annabel knew that he would want a kiss goodbye, so she gave him one — after rinsing her mouth out with mouthwash to cover the taste of his daughter’s pussy.

When he drove away Annabel walked into the kitchen, where Carla was still sitting at the table sipping coffee. The expression on Carla’s face was not what she expected — it was a cold and stern look, and Annabel knew immediately that she’d done something wrong. It took her a few seconds to figure out what it was, and when she remembered, she immediately bolted upstairs and retrieved her collar.

Once properly collared, Annabel turned around to find Carla smiling at her, leash in hand. Carla clipped the leash to Annabel’s ring and led her down the hall, allowing her to walk instead of crawl this time. 

Once they were in the bedroom, Carla wasted no time stripping Annabel naked, cuffing her hands behind her back, and pushing her down onto the bed. Carla gave her stepmother a few good whacks on the rump just on general principles, then got into her favorite strap-on and made Annabel suck it. She loved the way Annabel looked up at her, all sweet and doe-eyed, as the shaft disappeared into her mouth.

Spinning Annabel around, Carla pushed her legs apart with one knee and plunged into her. Relieved to no longer have to be quiet, Annabel let out an uninhibited howl of ecstasy. She only increased in volume as Carla gave her a good, sound, thorough seeing to.

Pleased with her efforts, Carla took off her strap-on and traded it for a face dildo, which went onto Annabel. Sitting back in a comfortable chair, Carla spread her legs and used the leash to pull Annabel to her. Once Annabel was kneeling on the floor in front of her, Carla grasped the shaft of the dildo and guided it into her cunt.

Carla grunted as the thick plastic cock pushed into her. Annabel once again had a close-up view of Carla’s private parts as she used Annabel to pleasure herself. Holding Annabel’s head with both hands, Carla anchored both feet on the floor and ground her hips forward until she had an intense, shivering orgasm, then another, then another.

Afterward Carla got back into bed and fell asleep. Annabel washed the toys they had used, then went downstairs to clean up from breakfast. It felt, strangely, like life was back to normal.


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 31

Moving carefully and quietly, Annabel slid her dresser drawer open and reached inside for the collar. She tiptoed out of the room, gently shut the door behind her, and walked slowly down the hall.

Flickering light was streaming from a crack in Carla’s door; Annabel paused there and fumbled with her collar, dropping it once before finally getting it fastened around her neck. She could still hear her husband snoring down the hall.

Taking a deep breath, Annabel opened the door and stepped inside. Carla was sitting up in bed with a tablet in her lap, wearing a black lace bra with the covers pulled up around her waist. Her eyes glittered in the candlelight as she looked over at Annabel with an expression that said “What took you so long?”

Pushing the door closed behind her, Annabel pulled off first her pajama top, then the bottoms, and let them fall to the floor. Carla lifted the corner of the sheet beside her in invitation. Annabel walked over to the bed and slid in next to Carla; it was delightfully warm and delicious-smelling under there.

Carla set the tablet aside and took Annabel in her arms for a long, wet, passionate kiss. For the moment they were like any two lovers reunited after some time apart. Annabel felt her nipples begin to stiffen, her pussy begin to moisten, and a fluttering sensation in her stomach.

Pulling her bra off, Carla hooked a finger into the ring of Annabel’s collar. She pulled Annabel’s head down to her chest and Annabel eagerly went to work. The sensation of Carla’s soft flesh in her mouth was comfortably familiar now; she suckled like a happy baby until Carla tugged on the ring to move Annabel down under the covers.

Down there Annabel was completely enveloped in Carla’s smell, feel, and taste. She felt at home, safe from the world, with the comfort of a definite purpose: to make her stepdaughter feel good. To this end she applied her fingers, her mouth, and all the knowledge she’d recently acquired.

Inching over to one side, Carla reached out to penetrate Annabel with one finger, then two. She brought the fingers to her mouth and licked the juice off. Delectable. Hungry for more, she turned Annabel and adjusted her own position so they could 69. They licked each other slowly and tenderly at first, then with increasing fervor, and didn’t let up until each of them had come several times.

Afterward they lay side-by-side in quiet contentment. Listening closely, Annabel could hear her husband snoring in the distance. He would probably sleep straight through till morning, but even so, she knew that she would have to get back. She stayed a little while longer, then kissed Carla softly on the lips and slid out from under the covers. Carla understood the situation and made no move to stop her.

After getting her pajamas back on, Annabel crept down the hall back to her own bedroom, removing her collar on the way. She replaced the collar in the drawer and eased back into bed, and in minutes she was off in the land of dreams.


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 30

Annabel woke up late despite having gone to bed early. It was an uncharacteristically gray day outside, and she didn’t feel particularly motivated to leave the warmth and comfort of Carla’s bed. Instead she wrapped herself up in the covers and lay staring out the window, trying to remember the details of a crazy dream she’d had involving some kind of medical procedure. But she couldn't quite catch it and eventually she forced herself to get up.

On the way to her room to get her robe, Annabel caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, naked except for her collar. It gave her some comfort to see it there, made her feel less lonely.

After having coffee and toast she took a long bath and then a shower. After that she mainly just moped around the house. She tried reading a book, then a magazine, then watching TV; nothing could hold her interest for long. She was just laying on the couch staring at the ceiling when she heard the sound of an engine.

Going to the front window, she peeked out the curtains and was thrilled to see Carla pulling up in front of the house. But she didn’t want to seem like she had been sitting there waiting, so she grabbed her magazine and went into the kitchen. She sat down at the table with the magazine open and tried to look nonchalant.

A minute later Carla appeared carrying a duffel bag and smiled over at Annabel, happy to see that she was wearing her collar as instructed. Setting the bag down, Carla hooked a finger into the ring on Annabel’s collar, lifted her to her feet, and kissed her hard on the mouth.

Carla was in no mood to play games. She'd been on her best behavior during her visit to Frieda’s and she was horny as hell. She led Annabel up the stairs by her collar and quickly began to strip her, squeezing her tits and sucking on her nipples. Annabel gasped as Carla’s nails dug into her butt cheeks, then moaned as Carla lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down, and began to finger her.

It was just getting good when a high-pitched whine split the air. It was the sound of a high-revving engine approaching, and Carla and Annabel stopped what they were doing and looked at each other. They both knew what that sound meant: Annabel’s husband, Carla’s father, was home again.

Carla sighed. That man really did have an amazing sense of timing. Annabel scrambled to get her clothes back in place, then took her collar off, momentarily unsure what to do with it. She finally put it in the top drawer of her dresser and covered it with a scarf, then walked as calmly as she could down the stairs, trying once more to look casual.

* * *

Again that night Annabel found herself laying in bed next to her husband’s snoring form. Again they’d gone out to an expensive dinner; he was in a celebratory mood because there had been a breakthrough in negotiations on a big merger he’d been working on for months. He ordered bottle after bottle of champagne and Carla and Annabel both drank their share, slyly eyeing each other across the table.

After finishing their entrees they excused themselves to go to the ladies room. Inside, Carla followed Annabel into a stall and fondled her as Annabel moaned softly. Carla pulled up her skirt and pushed Annabel down between her legs; she was naked underneath and despite the cramped conditions, Annabel obediently started licking her.

But Carla couldn’t really relax and enjoy herself under these circumstances, and after a few minutes she decided they’d better get back. She pulled Annabel up and kissed her, enjoying the taste of her own pussy on Annabel’s lips. Annabel washed up and fixed her lipstick and they returned to the table. They had a delectable chocolate mousse cake for dessert.

When they got back home Carla immediately disappeared upstairs. Annabel busied herself in the kitchen, emptying the dishwasher and tidying up, while her husband poured himself a brandy nightcap and sat down to watch golf on TV. When she’d done all she could Annabel walked into the living room yawning and stretching exaggeratedly. “I’m beat,” she said. “Think I’ll turn in.”

He nodded at her and quickly returned his eyes to the TV screen. Annabel brushed her teeth, changed into pajamas, and climbed into bed, doing her best to look asleep. Her husband appeared about an hour later; he fell heavily into the bed and rested one hand on Annabel’s butt, making her flinch, but went no further than that. Soon he was snoring away noisily.

For what seemed like an excruciatingly long time Annabel lay there in a state of indecision. Her body wanted to get up and go down the hallway to Carla’s room, but her brain was telling her to stay where she was. As time passed and the snoring grew louder, her mind started to change. It might have been five minutes later, or it might have been an hour, when she finally slipped out from underneath the sheets and stood up.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 29

After breakfast Annabel headed to the yoga studio. She was early for class, so she set up her space and sat on her blanket to wait, keeping one eye out for Dylan.

The class filled up steadily but there was no sign of the shapely redhead. Annabel had just about given up hope when Dylan finally appeared, just as class was about to start. Fortunately the space right behind Annabel had remained open and Dylan took it, waving hello just as the teacher called out the first pose.

Several times during the class Annabel could feel Dylan’s eyes on her. Or at least she thought she could; maybe it was all in her imagination? This thing with Carla had her mind working in a different way. Before it would never have occurred to her that a woman in her yoga class was looking at her, maybe lusting after her.

After class Dylan invited Annabel to go for coffee and Annabel, flattered, accepted. They went across the street and got a table outside; it was a gorgeous day out, sunny with a nice cool breeze floating through the air.

Dylan asked Annabel a few questions about herself, and Annabel asked a few in return. Dylan, unlike Annabel, was a native Angeleno; she’d been born in Torrance. As they were talking Annabel noticed for the first time that Dylan was wearing a wedding ring. Annabel sort of wanted to ask about her husband, but then decided to wait until Dylan brought it up, and she never did.

As they were walking away from the coffee shop Dylan cocked her head and asked Annabel, “So, do you want to come over to my house?”

Annabel looked back at her, not quite sure she what was being asked. There was a glimmer in Dylan’s eye, but her expression was neutral; was this an invitation, or a proposition? After a few seconds of indecision, Annabel shook her head. “No, I’d better be getting home.”

Dylan shrugged. “OK, maybe next time.” She leaned over and kissed Annabel on the cheek, and Annabel kissed her back. As she walked to her car Annabel’s stomach was fluttering. What, she wondered, would Carla think about all this? Did Annabel dare tell her?

* * *

The rest of that day seemed to drag on forever. Annabel couldn’t really get herself interested in reading, or housecleaning, or TV, or any of the other things she usually did to pass the time. At 5:00 she finally broke down and popped open a bottle of wine. She took the bottle and a glass, grabbed some bread and cheese, and went out onto the deck.

Of course she found herself thinking about Carla. She wondered if Carla thought about her at all when they were apart. Probably not, Annabel thought; probably she was too busy doing fun and exciting things that Annabel had no clue about.

This line of thinking was just bringing her down, so Annabel used techniques she’d learned in yoga class to focus on her breathing, trying to clear all extraneous thoughts out of her head. Concentrating on the rhythm of the waves beneath her helped; so did the wine.

Next thing she knew the bottle was empty, the food was gone, and it was getting dark. She made her way inside, drank a big glass of water, and once again called it an early night. Without really intending to or thinking about it, she turned left instead of right at the top of the stairs, and drowsily tumbled into Carla’s bed instead of her own. Enveloped in Carla’s scent, she fell into a contented slumber.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 28

Carla woke up feeling well-rested, refreshed, and ready for action. But Courtney was curled up with her head resting on Carla’s shoulder, and Carla let her sleep on, pondering possible plans for the day.

A few minutes later Courtney stirred and, realizing where she was, looked a little sheepish. Straight girls like her, after all, didn’t wake up naked next to another female.

Reading Courtney’s expression, Carla spoke up. “Courtney, this ridiculous....” She searched for the right word. “This charade of yours has to stop. Admit what you are. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

Carla pulled off the sheet that was covering her and spread her legs, revealing a ripe pink pussy glistening with arousal. “Look at this,” she said to Courtney. “Isn’t it beautiful? Don’t you want to taste it?”

Courtney gulped. On the one hand, it was still very hard for her to admit she was a lesbian. She had been in denial so long that it was second nature by this point. On the other hand...her mouth was watering looking at that delicious cunt.

It was true, she realized. Who was she fooling? Certainly not Carla, who understood her better than she understood herself. There was no point resisting anymore. Courtney rolled over and crawled down between Carla’s legs.

Just then Carla looked over at the doorway and saw Annabel peering curiously from around the corner. Carla gestured for her to approach and had her climb up onto the bed. Soon Annabel was sitting on Carla’s face as Courtney licked her. So far the day was going very, very well.

* * *

Later that morning, after Courtney had gone home, Carla got a message from her friend Frieda in San Diego. Frieda’s family was going out of town for a couple days and she wanted Carla to come down and hang out. They had a beautiful house on the water, so Carla readily accepted.

Frieda was a platonic friend, not a lover, so it didn’t really make sense for Carla to bring Annabel along. And anyway this seemed like a good time to let Annabel miss her a little bit. So when Carla took off in the midafternoon, Annabel was once again left to her own devices.

After watching Carla’s car disappear around the bend, Annabel decided to finally take a shower. She had been enjoying the cloud of sex-and-sweat smell that enveloped her, but now she was beginning to feel kind of grimy.

In the bathroom she took off everything except for her collar and stood for a minute looking at herself in the mirror, thinking. Was she supposed to take the collar off to shower? She figured that she was; it was way too nice of an item to get wet. After spreading out a hand towel on the counter, she removed the collar and carefully laid it down.

She took a long, hot shower, daydreaming, thinking of all that had transpired in recent days. She pictured Courtney tied spread-eagled on the dining room table and shook her head; she’d never have imagined that such things would one day take place in her home.

The first thing Annabel did after drying off was to put her collar back on. She checked herself out in the mirror again. Her exercise regimen was really paying off; she was tight and toned, with a narrow waist that accentuated her hips and bust. She turned and inspected her rear end. It had just the right amount of meat on it these days — when she slapped it, it jiggled pleasingly and then quickly came to rest.

After dressing, she cleaned up what remained of the previous night’s mess and generally tidied up around the house. She read for awhile, made herself dinner, watched a movie, and went to bed early.

That night she had a weird dream. Carla had tied her naked to the bed — that part wasn’t so weird anymore. But instead of doing anything to her, Carla left the room and returned a minute later with a TV news cameraman. A reporter appeared, then another cameraman; soon the room was full of people with cameras and reporters talking into microphones.

Annabel couldn’t hear what they were saying, but it was obvious that they were talking about her. She felt horribly embarrassed knowing that she was being broadcast, that her family back home could see her current state of sexual servitude. But at the same time it was terribly exciting; when she woke she had to rub herself to orgasm before she could get up and start her day.


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 27

By the time Courtney had finished another glass of red — they were drinking Pinot now — she was raring to go again. They had all been sitting around the living room, naked, drinking and watching some random movie. Carla had been itchy between her legs the whole time — her pussy hadn’t been touched since she had fucked Courtney in the dining room. But she knew that Courtney would get around to it soon enough.

Seeing the way Courtney was looking at her, Carla — who had been sitting with her legs crossed — opened them wide. Courtney needed no further urging. In seconds she was on her knees with her face buried in Carla’s crotch. Shifting positions, Carla was just barely able to reach the shopping bag containing another recent purchase, a brand-new riding crop. She handed it to Annabel and pointed to Courtney’s rear end.

Annabel blushed. Being punished was one thing; that she was getting used to. But dealing it out was another thing. Inflicting pain was not in her nature. Seeing Annabel’s hesitation, Carla spoke up. “Come on now. She wants you to spank her. Don’t you, Courtney?”

Courtney looked up, saw Annabel, saw the crop. “Do it,” she said, and went back to work on Carla’s pussy.

Thus encouraged, Annabel reached out and gently touched Courtney’s rump with the end of the crop. Carla shook her head. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” she said scornfully.

Steeling herself, Annabel hauled off and tried again. This time the blow landed with an audible crack; Courtney flinched and Carla nodded approvingly. Annabel was surprised at how excited she felt; spanking Courtney thrilled her in some deep-down place she hadn’t known existed. 

As Annabel laid into Courtney with a vengeance, she felt her pussy getting wet. Carla, sensing this, reached over and began to finger her stepmother. Courtney continued to gobble Carla’s pussy, interrupted only occasionally by the riding crop biting into her flesh.

When Courtney’s ass was glowing red, Annabel left off the spanking and began to explore Courtney’s crotch with the tip of the crop. Courtney moaned and tried to rub her clit against the implement’s thin shaft. Inspired, Annabel turned the crop around and penetrated Courtney with the handle.

Carla smiled. Annabel was learning fast. She was turning out to be a most satisfactory slave, obedient but also with some initiative. Carla decided that this summer she would pull out all the stops, live out all her fantasies; the only limit was her imagination.


Monday, April 24, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 26

Walking around behind Courtney, Carla covered her eyes with the blindfold and tied it behind her head. One by one, Carla removed each item of Courtney’s clothing, taking some time to feel her up in between. When she was naked Carla stretched her out on the dining room table and used the rope to tie her ankles and wrists to the table legs.

Carla disappeared out the door and Annabel stood looking down at the bound, naked form before her. This was a new experience for her, to be walking around free while someone else was tied up. It was exciting but a little disorienting. After pondering briefly, Annabel decided to take advantage of the situation; after all, Courtney would never know, would she? She reached down to stroke Courtney’s nipples, then traced a finger through the bound girl’s heart-shaped nest of brown pubic curls.

Just then Carla returned carrying a shopping bag. She had a couple of new toys she wanted to try out. First there was a face dildo with a ball gag on the other side; Carla pushed the ball into Courtney’s mouth and tied the harness around the back of her head. Then there was the new vibrating strap-on, which Carla attached to Courtney’s pelvis.

When Carla was finished Courtney was sporting two long, thick phalluses, one protruding from her crotch, one from her face. Carla straddled Courtney’s head, indicating that Annabel should mount the strap-on, which she did. Soon they were both pleasuring themselves on their respective shafts. Carla enjoyed watching the progression of expressions on Annabel’s face as she rode the vibrating dildo: first her mouth went slack, then her eyes rolled back in her head, then a look of complete and utter bliss transformed her features.

Carla decided that she wanted to experience that herself. She let Annabel work herself to climax, then told her to climb off. Sitting up so the face dildo popped out of her, Carla knee-walked down the table and positioned herself over the strap-on. Holding it by the base, she slowly lowered herself down until her pussy lips were pressed against the harness.

Carla sighed; the vibrating cock felt fantastic inside her. She moved herself up and down, pausing at the top and bottom of every stroke. Looping a finger through the ring on Annabel’s collar, she pulled her stepmother closer. They kissed and then Carla pulled Annabel’s head down to her chest. Annabel obediently licked and sucked Carla’s rock-hard nipples, then Carla yanked on her collar again, pulling her down lower.

With Annabel licking her clit, Carla was able to come three times in rapid succession, after which she declared herself satisfied. She stood up, removed the strap-on from Courtney, and put it on herself. She spread Courtney’s pussy lips and poised the head of the dildo between them.

After teasing Courtney with the tip for awhile, Carla abruptly drove her hips forward, impaling Courtney on the massive shaft. Courtney moaned through her gag and pulled on the ropes holding her to the table, but she was tied so tightly that very little movement was possible.

Carla told Annabel that she should climb up onto the table and take advantage of the face dildo. Annabel hesitated; this was all so new and strange to her. Suddenly she felt a little guilty about taking advantage of Courtney this way — though clearly Courtney was enjoying it, mewling like a kitten as Carla pounded into her.

Annabel was still thinking when she felt the impact of the paddle on her rump. “Go!” said Carla, and Annabel scrambled to obey.

Closing her eyes, Annabel ground herself down on Courtney’s face. Suddenly she was pulled forward as Carla once again tugged on her collar. Soon she found herself stretched out across Courtney with her head between Courtney’s legs.

Carla pulled out of Courtney and pushed the juice-slick dildo into Annabel’s mouth. Annabel struggled to accept it and was just staring to gag when Carla withdrew and jammed it back into Courtney’s cunt.

Annabel watched from inches away, fascinated, as the dildo went in and out, in and out of Courtney’s pussy. Sensing that her assistance was wanted, Annabel extended her tongue and touched it to Courtney’s clit; immediately she felt Courtney spasm beneath her. That got Annabel going, and soon she was coming too. She closed her eyes and suddenly her mouth was being penetrated again.

Reopening her eyes, Annabel gazed up at Carla, who had a look of mischievous glee on her face. Again she slid the dildo out of Annabel’s mouth and resumed fucking Courtney. They kept at it this way for awhile, with both Courtney and Annabel having numerous orgasms.

When Carla finally untied Courtney, removing the blindfold and face dildo, she had a glazed, far-away look on her face. After a minute she sat up and looked around, blinking, as if trying to remember where she was. Then Carla helped her to her feet and she stood there looking wobbly, like a baby deer taking its first steps.

Carla glanced over at Annabel, who also looked a little shaky, then back at Courtney. They were both positively glowing with post-orgasmic euphoria. Smiling, Carla put an arm around each one and the three of them adjourned to the living room for another glass of wine.


Friday, April 21, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 25

Courtney went after Annabel like a woman who’s been stranded in the desert, desperate and dying of thirst, and finally finds water. She cleaned off the ice cream, licked and sucked both nipples, then dropped down between Annabel’s legs. She pushed Annabel’s legs apart, revealing a glistening pink pussy peeking out from between two strands of black fabric, and stuck one finger inside. Soon Annabel was slumped back in her chair with mouth hanging open, moaning helplessly as Courtney tongue-fucked her.

Carla looked on, somewhat bemused, as Courtney devoured her stepmother’s cunt. “Yeah,” she thought, “you’re so straight.” She decided that Courtney deserved to be punished for being such a hypocrite, so she went into the living room and got her new paddle.

When Carla returned to the dining room, Courtney’s face was buried so deep in Annabel’s crotch that she had no idea what was coming until the first blow landed on her rear end. Taken by surprise, she paused briefly in her ministrations to look back at Carla. Then she smiled sheepishly and went back to work.

Carla lifted Courtney’s skirt, pulled down her panties, and resumed spanking her bare ass. Seeing no reason to hold back, Carla let all her years of irritation be felt in the force of the impact. Courtney flinched a little every time the paddle landed, and let out the occasional grunt, but could not be distracted from her pussy-eating. She probably would have stayed down there all night if Carla hadn’t finally pulled her away and kissed her, tasting Annabel’s juices on her lips.

“Annabel, clear this table,” ordered Carla, and Annabel scrambled to obey. Carla poured Courtney and herself fresh glasses of wine and they sat back to watch as the scantily-clad blonde transferred the empty plates and leftovers to the kitchen.

When the table was clean Carla patted her lap and Annabel obediently sat down on it. Carla sat sipping her wine, stroking Annabel’s nipples and then her crotch, thinking, planning her next move. She looked over at Courtney, who she knew was putty in her hands at this point; Courtney returned her gaze expectantly, wondering what was coming next.

When Carla made up her mind she whispered something into Annabel’s ear, and Annabel leapt up and disappeared from the room. She returned a minute later with a blindfold and some rope. Courtney assumed that these were for Annabel, but she was wrong.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 24

“Well, what are you waiting for?” asked Carla. “Answer it.”

Somewhat sheepishly, given the way she looked, Annabel went to the door. Carla’s guest was a very pretty young woman about her same age with brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses.

“Hi Courtney,” said Carla. “This is Annabel.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Courtney matter-of-factly, as if this was a totally normal everyday interaction, as if Annabel had not answered the door dressed in nothing but a bra that revealed her nipples and skimpy panties that her blond bush was peeking out from underneath.

“You too,” said Annabel.

“OK then,” said Carla, “now that we’ve got the preliminaries out of the way, let’s get a bottle open.”

Carla had known Courtney for years; they had been in the same high school class. But they had a strange relationship. They had slept together quite a few times over the years, but Courtney still insisted on maintaining that she was straight. She came from a very conservative family and was in a deep state of denial about her sexual identity, Carla thought. But every time she got a few glasses of wine in her, she ended up in bed with a girl; Carla herself had been the beneficiary of this phenomenon on more than one occasion.

Just the other night, at a friend’s party, Carla had run into Courtney for the first time in a while. Courtney had been drinking white zinfandel and they’d ended up fucking in one of their host’s spare bedrooms. The thing of it was, because Courtney expressed her true desires so infrequently, when she did, she really went all out. Carla had never had her pussy licked like Courtney did it; the girl was a tiger in the sack. And she was super-cute besides, with yummy tits and a sweet little rump.

Still, Carla found herself continually annoyed by Courtney’s saying that she was straight. She didn’t like that Courtney couldn’t be true to herself, and resented the fact that she acted like being lesbian was wrong. Carla flew her dyke flag proudly and looked down on people who didn’t. She was happy to tell anyone, anywhere why she liked girls better than boys; it seemed perfectly obvious and natural to her.

Even so, her recent experience with Courtney made Carla think it would be worthwhile to get Courtney and Annabel together, open a few bottles, and see what happened. In truth she was pretty sure what would happen, but the fun was in the details.

For starters Carla opened a nice bottle of burgundy; no white zin was going to be drunk in her house, even if it did help her get laid. She poured a nice tall glass for Courtney and slightly smaller ones for Annabel and herself, and they stood around talking in the kitchen as Annabel finished cooking.

During dinner Carla noticed that Courtney’s gaze kept wandering over to Annabel’s nipples, which were fully erect throughout the meal. Courtney finished her wine and Carla refilled it; soon they had killed the first bottle and started on a second. The more Courtney drank, the more she fixated on Annabel’s boobs; not that Carla could blame her, as they were quite stunning in that bra.

For dessert they had ice cream, and Carla couldn’t resist playfully dabbing a little onto one of Annabel’s nipples and leaning down to lick it off. Then she put a little on the other nipple and looked over at Courtney, who was well into her third glass by now. Courtney licked her lips and hesitated just a second before lunging at Annabel’s chest.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 23

By the time Annabel was finished servicing Carla, her pussy was on fire. She remained on her knees hoping that Carla would see fit to lick her, or fuck her, or something. She was prepared to beg if she had to.

Instead, Carla stood up and unhooked the leash from Annabel’s collar. “I have a friend coming over in a little bit, so I’m going to get cleaned up while you go downstairs and whip us up a little something.” Annabel obediently stood to go. As she was walking out Carla said, “And when I come down I want to see you looking exactly like this. Hear me?”

Annabel nodded, looking down to where her erect nipples protruded from the bra. She bit her lip, wondering what further events the day might hold.

The kitchen was not particularly well-stocked at the moment but she managed to scrape together some fish, potatoes au gratin, and a salad. When she caught her reflection in the window, she was amazed at what she saw: A collared slave slut in crotchless panties and a nipple-less bra. The sensible part of her was saying “Good lord, girl, cover yourself.” But there was no denying that she looked hot.

Annabel entered into a sort of daydream where she imagined that she was Carla’s wife. Carla came home in a business suit and Annabel met her at the door, dressed exactly as she was dressed now, with a cold martini in her hand. Carla sat down on the living room sofa to sip her drink as Annabel took off her shoes and rubbed her feet. Then she began to make her way upward.

When she got to Carla’s crotch she unzipped the zipper and a thick black strap-on popped out. Annabel licked and sucked it as Carla finished the last of her martini, after which Carla threw Annabel roughly over the ottoman and fucked her senseless.

Carla smiled devilishly when she came down and saw Annabel standing at the stove rubbing her pussy. She was secretly delighted but pretended to be mad. “Did I say you could touch yourself?” Annabel shook her head, looking guilty. “Come with me.”

Carla took Annabel to the living room and bent her over the very ottoman she had been picturing in her fantasy. From a shopping bag Carla produced another of her new acquisitions, a fur-lined paddle. For a minute she rubbed it gently against Annabel’s rear end, then she hauled off and gave Annabel a solid “thwack” on the left butt cheek. It was followed by a matching blow on the other cheek, then she went back and forth until Annabel's ass was glowing a nice warm red.

Carla stuck a hand between Annabel’s legs to feel how wet she was. Very. She coated one hand with juice and made Annabel lick it off. Annabel’s eyes were full of pleading, and Carla was tempted to do her right then and there. But at that moment the doorbell rang.


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 22

On the ride home Annabel wondered: If Carla had used her to get a better deal from Katya, did that make her a whore? She supposed that it did; the idea was at once mortifying and oddly thrilling.

The sun was going down as they pulled up in front of the house. Carla dropped Annabel off and headed right out again — she had plans for the evening. 

Inside, Annabel walked around the house in a bit of a daze, still a bit stoned and just generally discombobulated by all that had happened. After awhile she heated up some leftovers and went to eat in front of the TV.

More and more it seemed that, when Carla wasn’t around, Annabel didn’t quite know what to do with herself. She sat there watching show after show until almost midnight, but barely paid attention to any of it. More often she was thinking of Carla, wondering where she was, what she was doing, who she was with. Annabel hated to admit it, but she felt jealous.

After brushing her teeth Annabel got into bed, where she tossed and turned, images and sensations from the day running through her mind. She had to rub herself off more than once before she could finally fall asleep.

In the morning she tiptoed down the hall and peeked into Carla’s room; nobody home. Someday, maybe, she’d find out where Carla went and what she did all night.

After breakfast Annabel headed to the yoga studio. In the hallway she ran into Dylan, and this time she was actually able to carry on a conversation. It was just chitchat about the weather and the yoga teacher, but still it made Annabel happy; Dylan was sharp and funny and easy to talk to.

In class Dylan set up next to Annabel, and more than once Annabel found herself distracted by the beautiful body beside her. Dylan’s yoga pants were very tight and very sheer, and at one point during a Warrior pose Annabel was pretty sure she caught a glimpse of red pubic hair.

Afterwards they walked out together and stood for a minute on the sidewalk. Dylan pointed down the street and said, “Well, I’m over here. See you next time.” Annabel said goodbye and watched her walk away, feeling like there was something she was supposed to say or do, but not knowing what it was.

Back home, Annabel got her book and stretched out on a deck chair to read. She had just come into the kitchen for a glass of lemonade when Carla appeared, loaded down with two handfuls of shopping bags. “I’ve been shopping,” she said, rather unnecessarily. She tossed her head in the direction of the living room and said “Come with me.”

In the living room Carla put her bags down and started pawing through them. She looked over at Annabel and said, matter-of-factly, “Get undressed.” Annabel took off her shorts and T-shirt, looking over at Carla expectantly. “All the way,” ordered Carla.

Once Annabel was naked, Carla produced what at first appeared to be an ordinary pair of black lace panties. But when Annabel put them on, it became apparent that they were open at the crotch, leaving her pussy exposed.

Next Carla helped Annabel into a matching black lace bra that had openings in the middle of each cup for her nipples. Annabel sometimes had trouble bra-shopping, but this one fit perfectly. Carla nodded her approval. “I thought you were a D-cup.”

From another bag Carla fished out a black leather collar with alternating metal studs and what appeared to be diamonds. Annabel wondered how much she had paid for it. On the front was a metal ring like the one on a dog collar, and next to it was stitched the letter “C.”

“This is for you,” said Carla, brushing back Annabel’s hair and fastening the collar around her neck. “I want you to wear this whenever you’re here at the house. It’s a reminder of who you belong to.”

Instinctively, Annabel objected — not to the implication that she was now Carla’s property, but on practical grounds. “But your father....”

Carla waved her hands. “Fine, you don’t have to wear it when he’s here. But otherwise I don’t want to see you without it.”

Annabel blushed at the realization that she was going to do it. She was going to do Carla’s bidding without question. She couldn’t help herself.

Carla got out the leash she’d bought, a six-foot length of black leather, and hooked one end to Annabel’s collar. She started to lead Annabel from the room, but after a few steps she stopped, looking back with a stern expression. It took a few seconds for Annabel to figure out what Carla wanted; when she did, she dropped immediately to her hands and knees.

“Good girl,” said Carla. She led the crawling blonde down the hallway and up the stairs to her bedroom, where she sat down, lifted the plaid skirt she was wearing, and slipped off her panties. Spreading her legs and settling into a comfortable position, Carla tightened the leash inch by inch, bringing Annabel to where she could make herself useful.