Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 59

Taking Annabel by the hand, Blair led her in a bow, then kissed her on the cheek. “Thanks for playing,” she said. “You’re a good sport.”

Annabel looked down at Carla and Kim, who had stood up from their chairs and were applauding enthusiastically. Although she had just been punished, exposed, and molested in public; though she’d 69ed with a virtual stranger while hanging upside-down from the ceiling; now, suddenly, she felt self-conscious. She blushed and turned away from the crowd. Catching sight of herself in the mirror, she realized that her skirt was still hiked up around her waist, and hastily tugged it back down.

As Annabel approached the side of the stage Carla came forward to help her down the steps. Carla’s eyes were blazing with excitement; she had been quite inspired by what she’d seen. Taking Annabel by the arm, Carla led her right past their table toward the door; Kim fell in behind. They went out the door and through the parking lot to the car, where Kim took the wheel while Carla and Annabel got into the back.

Pushing Annabel down onto the back seat, Carla hastily lifted her own skirt and pulled off her panties. As they pulled out of the parking lot Carla climbed atop Annabel, smothering her stepmother with her wet pussy. As they got onto the freeway she pulled up Annabel’s skirt and leaned down to begin slurping at Annabel’s sopping-wet cunt. They continued to 69 all the way home.

When they finally pulled up in front of the house, they quickly adjourned inside, where Annabel got to live out her fantasy from earlier in the day: Kim sat on her face while Carla fucked her vigorously with a strap-on.

Afterward Kim begged to be fucked as well, and Carla obliged, bending her over and taking her from behind. For awhile Annabel just watched in a languid, post-orgasmic haze; sex seemed like some remote, abstract idea that she had only a vague interest in. But eventually she started to feel that familiar tingle between her legs and climbed back onto the bed, spreading her legs and presenting her pussy to Kim for attention.

Carla grinned at this, happy with the way that Annabel had progressed from being completely passive to sometimes showing initiative, while still remaining completely obedient. She pounded into Kim hard, pushing the Asian girl’s face into Annabel’s crotch with every thrust. Kim started panting, then making her little squeaking noise, then came like a freight train, falling forward onto Annabel.

Finally Carla outfitted Annabel with a face dildo and had her kneel down. Taking hold of the shaft, Carla pushed the dildo into herself, biting her lip as the head penetrated her. She took it long and slow, luxuriating in the sensation, coming several times before pushing Annabel away.

Sitting back in her chair Carla lit up a joint and took a deep, contemplative draw. She passed it to Kim, who toked and handed it along to Annabel. Still coughing, Kim said, “I really need to get going.” She hugged and kissed Carla and Annabel, and was still blowing kisses as she disappeared out the door.

For awhile Carla and Annabel just sat there, smoking and gazing out at the ocean and the night sky. Getting high usually made Carla horny, but at the moment she was far beyond that. Looking down at Annabel, she wondered again how her stepmother could ever go back to the life she’d been living before. It didn’t seem at all possible; things were going to have to change, and it wouldn’t be easy.

But not tonight. Tonight, everything was fine. Annabel leaned her head on Carla’s thigh as Carla took the last puff and ground the joint out in an ashtray.


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 58

After removing her fur coat and carefully setting it down on a small table, Blair gently touched the cool surface of the ruler to Annabel’s rump. Just for a second Annabel imagined that this had all been a put-on — she wasn’t really going to be publicly punished by this woman she’d just met. Then, in one swift motion, Blair lifted the ruler and brought it down on Annabel’s ass with a loud smack.

Annabel yelped, more from surprise than from pain. In fact as Blair continued to spank her, it transpired that the ruler didn’t really hurt that much, although it made a satisfying noise and turned her butt bright red. Blair, sensing that Annabel was a newbie, had mercifully chosen an instrument of punishment that would be visually and aurally satisfying without being overly painful.

In between blows on the rear, Blair gave Annabel little smacks on the inner thighs that gradually moved closer and closer to her crotch. Annabel’s pussy grew hotter and hotter until it felt like she had a glowing ember between her legs, throbbing with need and desperate for attention.

Blair took her time with the spanking, playing to the crowd, and finished with a series of heavy whacks that made Annabel whimper, for the first time, in genuine discomfort. Then she put the ruler down and walked over in front of Annabel, coming close so that she was looking down into Annabel’s naked, wet pussy. Giving a good spanking always made Blair so excited, and apparently the recipient was pretty worked up too.

Leaning forward, Blair ran her tongue across Annabel’s inner thigh. Annabel trembled and stiffened, straining slightly against her bonds. Then she groaned as Blair’s tongue stabbed between her pussy lips. It felt huge inside her, like it was pushing up (actually down) against her stomach.

Blair stepped forward a few inches and planted her feet in a wide straddle so that Annabel’s head was between her legs. Her musky odor flooded Annabel’s nostrils, making Annabel’s head swim even more than it already was. After a few seconds Blair reached down and pulled the strip of fabric covering her crotch to one side. It was clear what she wanted, and Annabel wanted it too. There was no point being coy about it now, with Blair’s pubic hair tickling her nose. Annabel extended her tongue and began to lick Blair’s pussy for all she was worth.

The crowd watched raptly as the two blondes, one hanging upside-down, pleasured each other. Blair’s body was mostly hidden from the audience by Annabel’s, but they could see pretty much everything in the mirror. Carla and Kim craned their heads for a better look; Carla licked her lips and put a hand on Kim’s knee, while Kim reached down and began to rub herself.

Blair and Annabel were both massively aroused, so it wasn’t long before they both came, more or less simultaneously. Blair was taken by surprise by the force of the climax that hit her; her knees buckled, and she might have fallen if she hadn’t held on to Annabel for support. Annabel had already been lightheaded and now found herself in a fugue state, hovering somewhere between consciousness and oblivion.

It was a pleasant place to be, though, so she was a little disappointed when Blair untied her feet and turned the platform so she was on her back again. After unfastening Annabel, Blair helped her to sit up, then stand. For a minute Annabel stood there onstage, skirt still hiked up around her waist, wobbling on her heels and smiling shyly as a huge wave of applause washed over her.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 57

They had been waiting for the better part of an hour and were on their third round of drinks — good strong drinks, too, not your usual nightclub pour — when the music went down and a spotlight was switched on. In the sudden brightness Annabel could now see that the entire wall behind the stage was covered by an enormous mirror, which made it seem like there was a second club over there with identical patrons.

A figure appeared at the back of the stage and began to walk toward them. It was a woman, of course — a tall, imperious-looking blonde in her late 30s or early 40s with the physique and demeanor of an Amazon. Her outfit, a floor-length fur coat hanging open over a black leather bikini, would have looked preposterous on almost anyone else. But on her it was staggeringly sexy. She also wore heels even taller than Annabel’s, but unlike Annabel she walked with complete self-assurance.

The crowd applauded as she stood before a microphone at the front of the stage. “Welcome, everyone,” she said, and there was another, louder round of applause. “How is everyone tonight?” There was a chorus of cheers, yells, and whistles. “Glad to hear it. Well, as always, let’s begin with the audience participation part of the show.”

She picked up a glass bowl that had been sitting on a stool to her left and plunged one hand inside. After a few seconds she pulled it out and held up a number to the crowd. “72,” she said.

Everyone in the crowd looked around to see who was wearing that number. It took Annabel a few seconds to figure out that it was her. People started applauding as more and more eyes turned to look at her, and Carla jerked her head in the direction of the stage. Finally Annabel understood that she was expected to go up there.

Heart pounding, Annabel stood up and began to make her way toward the stage. She moved slowly because she was having trouble walking on the warehouse’s uneven floor, but it seemed like she was being dramatic, and the crowd ate it up.

There were steps at stage right and Annabel walked up to them, then paused. They were high enough that she didn’t feel sure she could climb them. The woman onstage came over to offer a hand, and with her assistance Annabel was able to make it up.

The woman leaned toward Annabel to be heard over the din of the crowd. “What’s your name, sweetheart?” When Annabel told her she said, “I’m Blair. It’s nice to meet you. You’re new here, hmmm?” Annabel nodded. Blair took her by the hand and led her to the other side of the stage. “Lay down for me here, would you?”

Blair indicated a sort of platform with obvious places for her head and feet. Annabel stretched herself out as desired; the surface was hard but not uncomfortable. Blair lifted Annabel’s hands over her head and bound them to the platform with built-in restraints. She then maneuvered a few levers and the platform began to move, lifting and then rotating. When it stopped moving Annabel found herself upside-down with her feet in the air, facing away from the audience, but still able to see them in the mirror.

Only the part of the platform supporting the top half of Annabel’s body had moved, so her loose legs were sticking straight up into the air. But with her yoga-built core strength she had no problem supporting herself in that position until Blair clicked each of her ankles into metal cuffs that were hanging from the ceiling.

Annabel’s dress was tight enough that even in this position — hanging upside-down with her legs apart — it hadn’t budged an inch. Blair now began to roll it slowly up — or actually down — over her thighs. Annabel felt herself being exposed inch by inch. Soon the dress was up around her hips, meaning that she was naked from the waist down — or in this position, the waist up — with her backside facing the audience and her pubic hair clearly visible in the mirror.

Feeling the blood begin to rush into her head, Annabel squinted at the mirror, trying to find Carla and Kim among the crowd. When she finally located them she saw Carla lean over and whisper something in Kim’s ear, and they both laughed.

Blair, meanwhile, had opened a trunk at the side of the stage and begun to rummage through it. After a minute she emerged holding a metal yardstick. Suddenly realizing what that meant, Annabel gulped. Seemingly every day she was debased in some new way. Now she found herself hanging upside-down, her nether regions exposed, about to be punished in public for no reason by a complete stranger.

Playing to the crowd, Blair waved the ruler through the air, watching it bend and bobble. That looks like it’s going to hurt, thought Annabel; but despite this, or maybe because of it, she felt her pussy moistening.

Looking over at her stepdaughter again, Annabel found herself wondering if she’d really been chosen at random, or if Carla had prearranged this. She never did find out.


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 56

A low red sun was hovering on the horizon as the three of them climbed into Carla’s car — Carla and Kim in the front, Annabel in back. As they pulled out of the driveway Annabel slunk down in the seat, feeling self-conscious about how she looked.

Seeing this, Carla told her to sit up. “You look gorgeous,” she said. “Stop hiding.”

About 45 minutes later they pulled into a parking lot next to a warehouse on the outskirts of Van Nuys. Although it felt like the middle of nowhere, there were quite a few cars in the lot and a bunch of people walking toward the warehouse. Upon closer examination they were all women of various ages, many of them wearing eye-catching outfits, some practically naked.

Annabel sat for a few seconds wondering where they were and what was happening, then was snapped out of her reverie when Carla opened the door next to her, leaned into the car, and clipped the leash onto her collar. Carla tugged on the leash and next thing she knew Annabel was being led across the parking lot, wobbling on her high heels, blushing bright crimson at being paraded around in public this way.

But then she noticed that she was not the only one on a leash — there were two others nearby. Looking around at the crowd, Annabel saw that all shapes, sizes, and colors were represented, but every single one of them seemed somehow glamorous. There was a certain pride in the way everyone moved, including those who — like Annabel — were in a subservient role.

As they entered they stopped at a table that held a stack of papers. Carla picked one up for herself and handed one to Annabel. It was a single double-sided sheet covered with very small print, with a place for a signature at the bottom.

“What’s this?” asked Annabel.

“Just a standard waiver,” said Carla, with a nonchalant shake of her head. “Nothing to worry about. Just sign it.”

Annabel hesitated for a moment. Her father had always told her never to sign anything without reading every word of it first. She looked up from the paper at Carla, who gazed back at her impassively. Then again, her father wouldn’t approve of any aspect of the situation that she currently found herself in. Shrugging, Annabel sat the paper down and added her signature.

When they handed in their signed sheets, the girl behind the table gave each of them a necklace with a number on it. Carla and Kim both immediately put theirs on, so Annabel followed suit; they were numbers 71, 72, and 73.

From the outside the warehouse had appeared rundown and abandoned, but inside it looked like a nightclub, though a sparsely decorated one. There was a bar to their left and a darkened stage to the right; the space between was occupied by tables, each with a single candle burning on top. That seemed to be about the only light there was; the dimness gave the room an atmosphere of romantic mystery.

They found a table and Kim went to get drinks while Carla sat Annabel down, snapped off her leash, and laid it down on the table. Annabel looked around wondering what people must be thinking of her, a mature woman who was clearly the sexual plaything of two younger girls. But no one seemed to be paying attention to her; in fact the club had a surprising air of normality, despite the many collars and restraints visible, the number of women dressed in leather, rubber, or vinyl.

Music was playing on the sound system, and a few people were dancing. Carla and Kim chatted eagerly, looking full of anticipation, as Annabel studied the stage. It was hard to see clearly in the low light, but it seemed to hold various pieces of mechanical apparatus that she could not begin to guess at the function of. She sat there tapping her fingers, sipping her drink, wondering somewhat nervously what the night might have in store.


Monday, July 31, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 55

Annabel woke up squishy wet between the legs. She must have had a sexy dream, she thought.

She gazed over at Carla, who was sleeping next to her, mostly uncovered. Annabel was very tempted to lean down and start sucking Carla’s nipples, but then Carla rolled over onto her side facing away, and Annabel saw that they were not alone. Kim was snoozing away on Carla’s other side, and Annabel realized that there must have been more activity in this bed after she’d fallen asleep.

For a minute Annabel felt a little put out, wondering what she had missed. But, she told herself, there was still the whole day to look forward to.

After sliding out of bed Annabel put on her robe and went downstairs to make some tea. She was so horny that she thought about masturbating, but she really wanted to fuck somebody, so she kept herself distracted with web surfing until Carla and Kim finally appeared, still gloriously naked, just before noon.

To Annabel’s disappointment, though, neither of them appeared interested in sex, even after Annabel let her robe fall open and sat with her legs spread. Instead, they had bowls of cereal and headed out to the deck, where they spent most of the afternoon sunbathing in the nude. Annabel joined them for awhile, hoping that something might kick off, but neither Carla or Kim made a move, and Annabel was still a little too shy to initiate anything herself.

Eventually Annabel gave up and went to the upstairs bathroom to finger herself, but it didn’t help, just made her that much more aroused. When she stepped out of the bathroom, Carla was standing there at the top of the stairs dressed in nothing but a thin sheen of sweat. A whole fantasy ran through Annabel’s mind in a flash: Carla would order her to her knees, step forward, push Annabel’s face into her crotch and make Annabel lick her pussy right there in the hallway. Then she’d take Annabel into the bedroom, tie her up, and fuck her with a strap-on while Kim sat on her face.

But none of that happened. Instead Carla — oblivious to Annabel’s look of pleading neediness — said firmly, “Get cleaned up. We’re going out tonight.”

Obediently, Annabel showered, shaved, and powdered, then presented herself for inspection. Carla nodded approvingly, then she and Kim worked together to squeeze Annabel into a dress that they’d bought the day before, a skintight leather sheath that showed a lot of cleavage and barely came down to midthigh. With this dress no underwear was necessary, or even possible, but they added a garter belt and Annabel’s highest heels to the outfit.

Between the wobbly heels and the constricting dress Annabel could barely walk, but it wasn’t like she was going to need to get anywhere in a hurry. Kim took her by the arm and led her slowly into the bathroom. Rummaging through the makeup kit she’d brought, Kim brought out dark eye shadow and black lipstick, which she used to complete Annabel’s look.

When she looked into the mirror Annabel barely recognized the bondage queen staring back at her. She looked very sexy and quite formidable, like a whole different person. Kim came up behind her, kissed Annabel on the neck, then gently licked her ear, making her shiver and causing goosebumps to raise on her skin. “You look yummy,” whispered Kim.

Carla and Kim also dressed for the occasion, but their outfits were conservative by comparison. Kim wore a simple white dress, while Carla matched a black leather skirt with a black tank top. In her heels Annabel was almost as tall as Carla, which felt funny.

When Carla saw Annabel stepping gingerly down the stairs, holding tight to the banister for support, her heart skipped a beat. Annabel had never looked so smoking hot, and Carla gave serious thought to blowing off their plans and fucking her stepmother right there and then. She’d wanted to all day but held off to make sure Annabel would be in a heightened state of sexual tension. In the process she’d managed to make herself frustrated too. But she was sure it would be worth it in the end.

Shaking her head, Carla made herself look away and turned toward the front door. As they were leaving Annabel started to remove her collar, but Carla stopped her. “Entirely appropriate for where we’re going,” she said with a devilish grin.


Friday, July 28, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 54

The sun was setting as Carla and Annabel drove home from the mall. They listened to some mellow music, saying little, feeling relaxed and contented. Annabel yawned, stretched, and let her head fall back onto the headrest. Images of their tryst in the lingerie store drifted through her mind; she could still taste Farah on her lips.

After dinner Annabel went into the living room to read while Carla took her iPad out onto the back deck. But after an hour or so Carla found herself thinking back on the day’s shenanigans and getting incredibly turned on.

Heading into the living room, Carla took Annabel’s book out of her hands and sat it down on the coffee table. After stripping Annabel naked, Carla licked her from head to toe, spending a little extra time on the good parts.

Afterward Carla took Annabel upstairs and fucked her good and hard with a strap-on, after which Annabel rolled over and immediately fell fast asleep. Carla was momentarily frustrated — she kind of wanted to have her pussy licked, and thought about waking her stepmother up for that purpose. But Annabel looked so blissfully content laying there that Carla decided to leave her be.

Instead Carla texted Kim — “Need you here. Now.” — threw on jeans and a T-shirt, and headed out to the deck. On the way she poured herself a tall vodka tonic with lime.

Outside Carla sat watching the water and the moon, idly sipping her drink and letting her mind wander. How long was it, she asked herself, since she and Annabel had gotten involved? It seemed like years but had been only weeks. Thinking of the future she realized, dimly, that eventually this summer was going to have to end. Carla would have to go back to school, and what would Annabel do then? Would she be able to go back to the way things had been before?

Carla hoped not. Annabel deserved more, she was sure of that.

After awhile Carla moved back inside and when Kim arrived she found Carla in the living room, shorts down around one ankle, quietly fingering herself. One look in Carla’s eyes told Kim what was wanted of her, and without a word she dropped to her knees and began licking Carla’s pussy.

It only took a minute for Carla to come, sensitized as she was. Taking a deep breath, she pushed Kim away, taking a minute to feel the pleasure tingling through her body. Then she stood Kim up, took her by the hand, and led her upstairs.

In the bedroom Carla broke out her water pipe and they smoked some of the weed that Carla had gotten from Katya. It was great stuff, and within a few minutes they were both high as kites, a hazy cloud of smoke hovering in the air.

Pulling off Kim’s clothes, Carla laid her down on the bed and climbed into 69 position on top of her. For a long interval they ate each other slowly and blissfully as Annabel slept on right beside them.


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 53

Watching through the window, Carla saw Farah straighten up when she heard the shop door open. She stepped down out of the window and walked over toward Annabel; the two of them exchanged greetings and a few sentences passed between them.

From her angle Carla couldn’t see Annabel’s face, but could tell that her stepmother was having a hard time meeting the younger woman's eyes. She was just starting to worry that Annabel had chickened out when she saw Farah’s expression change rapidly — first shocked, then thoughtful, then a broad smile began to spread across her face.

Moving quickly and quietly, Carla slipped inside the shop and closed and locked the door behind her. Farah looked over at her. “I figured you had to be around here somewhere,” she said, walking to the door and turning the sign around to say “Closed.” Gesturing to Carla and Annabel she said, “Come with me.”

She led them to the back of the shop, where there was an office/break room with a desk, couch, and refrigerator. Farah opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of champagne. “We always keep one on chill for special occasions,” she said.

Farah popped open the bottle and poured a glass for herself and one for Carla; Annabel’s mouth would be otherwise occupied for a while. They clinked glasses. “I had a feeling about you two,” said Farah. “I thought you’d be back.”

Sitting down on the couch, Farah rolled up her pink skirt, pulled off her white thong, and leaned back with her legs splayed open. She was surprisingly hairy down there, her pussy almost hidden behind an abundant thatch of curls. But she seemed completely at ease in her body; her manner was totally self-confident, as if random customers offered themselves to her all the time. And maybe they did, thought Carla; she was certainly a delicious specimen.

“Well,” said Farah to Annabel, “let’s see what you’ve got.”

Carla smiled; this was working out better than she could have imagined. She hung back as Annabel stepped forward. Annabel could hardly believe she was doing this, but promises had been made, and Farah’s pussy was beckoning her. She dropped to her knees.

Farah took Annabel’s chin in her hands and leaned forward for a kiss. “I love this job,” she said, more to Carla than to Annabel. “You meet so many interesting people.” She used one hand to guide Annabel’s head down between her legs. 

Annabel took a deep breath and dove in. Here she was again, going down on a virtual stranger. This seemed to be a regular part of her life now, with Carla calling the shots, but it was hard to complain too much; Farah’s cunt was musky, exquisite, and full of flavor.

Carla sipped her champagne and watched, feeling proud at how well-trained Annabel was. She was even prouder when, a short time later, Farah — who had been nonchalant at first — was forced to sit her glass down and lean her head back on the couch, trembling visibly as Annabel tongue-fucked her.

There was something haughty in Farah’s bearing, as if being serviced by everyone she came across was simply her just desserts. Seeing this made Carla want to bring her down a notch. Stepping forward, Carla put a hand on Annabel’s shoulder and pulled her back slightly, indicating that she was to slow down.

Bending over, Carla reached down and pulled off Farah’s top, revealing a very expensive-looking black lace bra. She unhooked the bra and tossed it aside, then spent a minute squeezing and fondling Farah’s breasts. They were smaller than hers and Annabel’s, but still quite nice, with thick nipples that Carla pinched and rolled between her fingers.

Farah looked up somewhat dreamily as Carla shucked off her own top and bra, bringing her right breast to Farah’s mouth. Annabel was still down between Farah’s thighs, but taking her time now, paying attention to the younger woman’s thighs and belly as well as her pussy. 

Carla took turns feeding Farah each of her tits, gripping Farah’s head firmly with one hand. When Annabel took a first tentative lick at Farah’s clit, she went completely limp. Taking hold of Farah’s shoulders, Carla rolled her over so she was laying across the couch on her back; and before she could even think of resisting, she had a faceful of Carla’s pussy.

Responding instinctively, Farah extended her tongue and took a big slurp of nectar from between Carla’s pussy lips. Carla let her full weight sink down onto Farah, bending forward and nuzzling her face into the Persian girl’s ample black pubic fuzz. She nodded to indicate that Annabel was dismissed, for the time being at least. 

Annabel picked up Farah’s abandoned glass of champagne and took a long pull. Now it was her turn to watch for awhile. She saw Farah’s black-haired head moving between Carla’s legs, saw Carla penetrate Farah with one finger, then two, then three. 

Farah came first, quivering all over, moaning into Carla’s crotch. Then Carla came, then Farah again. At this point Carla sat up and ground down with all her strength onto Farah’s face, boobs bouncing as she built toward another orgasm.

This one seemed to satisfy her; she climbed off Farah, who lay there looking dazed and disheveled. Carla wasn’t quite done, though. Taking hold of Annabel, Carla sat her down on the couch and positioned her so her crotch was close to Farah’s head. Next, Carla rolled Farah over onto her stomach, grabbed a big handful of her hair, and pushed her face into Annabel’s pussy.

Carla saw to it that Farah pleasured Annabel thoroughly before releasing her. Afterward they polished off the bottle of champagne without saying much. As Carla and Annabel dressed to leave, Farah smiled up at them weakly. “Thanks,” she said. “Come again.”


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 52

Carla invited Dylan to spend the night, but she declined. In the aftermath of their intense and passionate three-way, Dylan seemed a little embarrassed, like she had gone too far. Carla thought that was silly, but she understood that not everyone felt as free as she did about indulging their desires.

Annabel and Carla slept deeply and contentedly, feeling all the closer for having shared this new experience together. Annabel had a sexy dream where her whole yoga class was naked, and woke up wet and horny. But she found herself alone in bed. She threw on a robe and headed down the stairs, smelling the aroma of the strong coffee Carla favored wafting up from the kitchen.

It was another sunny, beautiful day and they were both in ebullient moods. They had no particular plans for the day and were absolutely free to do as they pleased; so of course they decided to go shopping.

They showered, dressed, and headed to the mall. As they walked in Annabel found herself wondering if people could tell just by looking at them that they had a special relationship. Or did they just look like any two women off to spend some money?

One of their first stops was at the lingerie shop, where they were served by an absolutely ravishing young woman in her mid-20s. Her nametag said “Farah” and she had that classic Persian look: dark hair, dark eyes, and smooth, light brown skin. She was very friendly, helpful, even a little flirty. 

At first, Carla and Annabel were the only customers, and Farah was very attentive, handing clothes into the fitting room for them. Carla took advantage of the privacy to fondle Annabel, pinching her nipples, cupping her breasts, and briefly fingering her pussy. She hoped that Farah might walk in on them, but so such luck; the shop was filling up, and Farah found herself dividing her attention between a half-dozen women. 

When they checked out, Farah apologized, saying that her co-worker had called in sick and left her to look after the shop by herself. Carla walked away with several new pairs of panties, while Annabel got a garter belt and stockings that Carla had picked out for her.

They spent the rest of the day shopping for clothes and shoes, taking time for a long, leisurely lunch at an Asian fusion restaurant and mani/pedis at the mall’s most expensive spa. Several times they made trips back to the car to drop off their accumulated packages. They spent a lot of time in fitting rooms, and Carla molested her stepmother every chance she got, with the result that Annabel’s nipples were visibly hard all day and her panties were constantly soaked.

Carla loved watching people watch Annabel, knowing that this beautiful woman who so many lusted after was entirely under her dominion. She fantasized about parading Annabel around the mall naked, collared, and leashed, offering to her anyone who wanted her. Or to anyone Carla thought deserved her, which was something else entirely.

At the end of the day, as they made their way back to the parking lot, they passed by the lingerie shop again. Farah was in the window, bent over, fussing with the window display. In this position her short black skirt was riding up, revealing her strong, shapely thighs and the bottom part of her ass.

For a minute Carla and Annabel just stood and watched, hypnotized by what they were seeing. But Carla’s mind was racing, planning. She craned her head to look into the shop; there were no customers inside. The sign on the door still said “Open,” but closing time was fast approaching.

“Go in there and offer yourself to that girl,” said Carla.

“Huh?” responded Annabel.

“I want you to go in there,” repeated Carla. “Tell her she’s pretty, and offer to lick her pussy.”

Annabel blushed at the mere thought of what was being suggested. “I...I couldn’t....”

Carla’s expression turned cold and hard. “You want to walk home? Do as I tell you.” When Annabel looked like she was about to start crying, Carla took pity on her. “Look, what’s the worst that could happen? She says no, we go home.” Glancing back over at Farah — who had now bent over even more, revealing a bit of thong — Carla added, “On the other hand....”

Annabel felt a surge of electricity between her legs. Taking a deep breath, she gathered her courage, opened the door, and stepped inside.


Monday, July 17, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 51

Maneuvering Dylan in such a way that she was laying atop Annabel, face to face with their boobs pressed together, Carla leaned over to retrieve two pairs of handcuffs from the bedside table. She cuffed Dylan’s left wrist to Annabel’s right and vice versa, slipped a blindfold onto Dylan’s head, and sat back to admire her handiwork. The two older women were now naked, bound, blind, and completely at her disposal.

Carla grabbed her favorite strap-on and equipped herself. She intended to fuck Dylan senseless, but first she wanted a taste of that beautiful red-haired pussy. She crawled down to the foot of the bed, pausing to take a deep breath of the mingled smells rising from between Dylan and Annabel’s legs. Then she spread Dylan’s legs wide, parted Dylan’s labia with her thumbs, and stuck her tongue deep inside.

Dylan whimpered and wriggled, lifting her hips slightly as Carla licked her all over, relishing the taste of her pussy juice. Since she was there already Carla went ahead and fingered Annabel as well, enjoying the way her stepmother writhed in response.

When she sensed that Dylan was on the brink of orgasm Carla pulled herself away. Dylan was so delicious that it was hard to stop, but Carla had other things in mind. She got onto her knees and pointed the tip of the strap-on at the gap between Dylan’s pussy lips.

Dylan and Annabel had been kissing on and off all this time, and Dylan moaned into Annabel’s mouth when Carla penetrated her. Holding Dylan’s hips with both hands, Carla gave it to her good and hard, planting one foot on the floor for better leverage. Dylan’s cries rose in pitch, volume, and intensity as Carla kept up a steady rhythm, bearing down a little more with each thrust.

When Dylan came she barked out “Oh, fuck,” then went quiet and limp, letting her full weight sink down onto Annabel. Annabel rather enjoyed the feeling of Dylan’s body pressing down on her. She enjoyed it even more when she felt the shaft of the strap-on pushing into her. Now it was Annabel’s turn to tremble and moan as Dylan kissed and licked her neck and ears.

When Annabel came Carla went back to fucking Dylan. She kept alternating until she was pretty sure both of them had had about as much as they could take. As she removed the strap-on Carla savored the sight of the two naked women laying there docile and sated, glistening with sweat. Only one thing remained on her agenda. 

Removing Dylan and Annabel’s blindfolds, Carla positioned herself so that her crotch was right next to their heads. They both had to contort themselves a little to get to Carla’s pussy, but they did it happily, glad to be able to return some of the pleasure she had given them.


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 50

Back in the house, Carla indicated to Annabel that she was to kneel, and hooked the leash into her collar. Annabel blushed again, wondering what Dylan must be thinking of all this, afraid to meet her eyes.

Carla took Dylan by the arm and led her up the stairs; Annabel followed behind on her hands and knees, watching the asses in front of her sway. Dylan looked back at the pretty blonde, leashed and collared, crawling up the stairs led by her stepdaughter. This was one kinky scene, alright, but there was no pretending it wasn’t turning her on; her pussy was dripping.

Once they reached Carla’s bedroom, she handed the leash to Dylan and took a seat to see what would transpire. Dylan slid the straps of her dress down off her shoulders and let them fall; the dress slipped down to reveal a white lace bra, which Dylan reached behind her to unhook, holding the leash between her teeth.

Dylan’s breasts were round and firm and her nipples stood up proudly. She pulled Annabel to her and tugged upward on the leash, bringing Annabel up onto her knees. 

With one hand Dylan guided Annabel’s head to her chest; Annabel went willingly, inhaling the musky scent of Dylan’s flesh. Carla moved from the chair to the bed for a better angle as Annabel closed her lips around Dylan’s left nipple. Dylan sighed; she was highly sensitized, magnifying every impulse from every nerve. The feeling of Annabel’s mouth on her breast went straight to her head, making her a little woozy.

She sat down on the chair Carla had just vacated, again pulling Annabel to her. This time Dylan guided Annabel to her right breast. Carla sat watching intently, enjoying every second of this, yet also eager for the next step.

It came soon enough. Again holding the leash in her mouth, Dylan lifted her hips and slid her dress down and off, leaving her in only sheer white panties. A hint of red hair was visible through the thin fabric. When she spread her legs, it was clear that the thin strip of fabric covering her crotch was soaked in pussy juice; even from a distance, Carla could smell her wetness.

Annabel took a deep breath. She wasn’t quite sure what to do next. She looked over at Carla, back at Dylan; everyone seemed to be waiting on her to make the next move. So after leaning down to place a kiss on Dylan’s mons, taking a moment to savor the delectable scent rising from between the redhead’s legs, Annabel took hold of Dylan's panties and pulled them off.

Dylan had a gorgeous triangle of copper-red pubic curls. The carpet definitely matches the drapes, Carla thought. For a moment she and Annabel just gaped at the lovely creature before them. Then Dylan again tugged at the leash.

Annabel didn’t need much encouragement at this point. As her head moved down between Dylan’s legs her ass raised up into the air, and Carla reached over to lift her skirt. Dylan leaned back in the chair, opening her legs all the way as Annabel began to lick her.

Standing, Carla planted one foot on the floor between Annabel’s legs in such a way that her shin was pressed against Annabel’s crotch. Annabel gasped and rubbed her pussy against Carla’s leg, leaving a snail trail of wetness on Carla’s skin.

Overwhelmed by the sudden rush of pleasure, Annabel dropped her head. This prompted Dylan to hand the leash to Carla, who yanked it hard to lift Annabel’s head, pointing her once again toward Dylan’s cunt. Doing her best to concentrate, Annabel resumed servicing the redhead while still grinding her own crotch against Carla's leg.

Stripping off her T-shirt and bra, Carla leaned forward slightly to offer her breasts to Dylan. Dylan responded enthusiastically, sucking Carla’s hard nipples and then clamping them between her teeth. But after a minute she lost focus as a climax hit her.

Dylan was highly orgasmic, apparently — her whole body quivered, right down to her eyeballs, and she let out a guttural moan as her head fell heavily onto the back of the chair. For a minute she just lay there staring up at the ceiling with a far-away expression on her face.

When she looked down again, she discovered that Carla had laid Annabel down on the bed face-up, blindfolded and nipple-clamped with her hands bound to the bedposts over her head. Carla was holding Annabel’s legs apart and her pink pussy beckoned to Dylan through the crotchless panties. Carla looked over at Dylan and cocked an eyebrow as if to say, Well, you wanted it — here it is.

Dylan positioned herself at the foot of the bed and bent down to kiss and lick Annabel’s belly, pelvis, inner thighs. Annabel whimpered and her body spasmed with pleasure, but Carla held her firmly, pinning her knees to the bed so Dylan had complete access to her crotch.

Dylan extended her tongue and ever-so-gently touched it to Annabel’s vulva. This time Annabel bucked so fiercely that Carla couldn’t hold her, so Carla gave up and let her go. Her hips and legs thrashed as Dylan tongue-fucked her, slowly at first, then with increasing fervor. Dylan wrapped an arm around Annabel’s thigh, spread her pussy lips, and drove inside, intoxicated by Annabel’s heady taste and smell.

Carla tugged on the chain connecting Annabel’s nipple clamps, adding a little dash of pain to the pleasure she was feeling. Annabel gasped but a second later was moaning again as Dylan penetrated her with two fingers. Carla continued to torture Annabel’s nipples as Dylan fingered her, until finally Dylan began to lap at Annabel’s clit, sending her over the edge.

Releasing the clamps, Carla leaned down to suck one nipple as the orgasm rippled through Annabel’s trembling frame. As Dylan stretched forward to suck the other, her eyes met Carla’s and a look passed between them. There was desire in that look, and mutual recognition, but also a little bit of suspicion — they were still sizing each other up. 

Something about Dylan had gotten Carla’s attention. It wasn’t necessarily that she was resistant, or defiant — she seemed content to let Carla dictate how the situation evolved. But there was some core of strength in Dylan that Carla instinctively took as a challenge. She liked a challenge, though, and looked forward to seeing what might unfold.


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 49

As the time for Dylan’s arrival approached, Annabel found herself growing more and more nervous. What would Dylan think of the strange relationship between Annabel and her stepdaughter? What if she disapproved? This was not part of Carla’s circle, but an outsider. What if she told someone, who told someone, who told someone else, until the whole world knew?

She found herself half-hoping that Dylan would cancel, but then she heard a car approaching, and saw Dylan park and start walking toward the house.

Annabel took the opportunity to check herself one last time in the full-length mirror. After spending half the afternoon making Annabel try on practically everything in her closet, looking for just the right outfit, Carla had put Annabel in one of her own skirts — a black-and-white-striped mini — and a white camisole top. She also had on heels and black stockings that came up to just above her knees, leaving a nice expanse of bare thigh. Underneath she was wearing her crotchless panties and cut-out bra.

The doorbell rang and Annabel scurried to answer it, her heart pounding. She opened the door to find Dylan holding a bottle of wine, looking radiantly lovely in a tight, low-cut green dress. They exchanged greetings and Annabel could tell that Dylan’s eyes were immediately drawn to her collar. Seeing Dylan see the collar, she blushed furiously.

That afternoon, Annabel had asked Carla if she might please be excused from wearing the collar when Dylan came over. When Carla just stared at her, Annabel had backed off right away, mumbling meekly, “Never mind.”

Annabel led Dylan to the kitchen, where Carla had again taken charge of the meal. She was in front of the stove stirring a pot of sauce when they entered.

“Dylan, this is my stepdaughter Carla,” she said. “Carla, this is Dylan.”

Carla quickly sized up the newcomer. She was even more beautiful than Annabel had described, with long, slightly wavy red hair, alabaster skin, and a perfectly sculpted set of curves. Her dress displayed a substantial but tasteful amount of cleavage — enough to show off without bragging.

“Nice to meet you,” said Carla, wiping her hand on her apron and extending it. She herself had dressed straightforwardly in black jeans and a blue tank top, content for now to let Annabel outshine her. The way they were dressed, Carla looked like the mature woman, Annabel like the young girl just out of her teens.

“Nice to meet you too,” answered Dylan. “It smells wonderful in here.”

“Thanks,” said Carla. “I learned to cook from my Italian grandmother. I’ll never be as good as she was, but I keep trying.” They both laughed. “Annabel,” she added, “get our guest something to drink.”

Carla’s tone was mostly neutral, but with just enough of an edge to get Dylan’s attention — it was pretty clear who was in charge here. She was dying to know about the collar, but figured things would become clear soon enough.

The meal was a little less virtuosic than the one Carla had made for the party a few days previously, but still delicious and satisfying. Afterwards they adjourned to the deck, where they stood by the back railing staring at the ocean. A nearly full moon hung in the sky and was reflected in the water, bathing the three of them in white light.

They seemed to have run out of things to say, and it had been quiet for a few minutes when Carla turned to Dylan and asked, “So what are your intentions toward my stepmother?”

Dylan furrowed her brow. “Um, what do you mean, exactly?”

“Do you want to fuck her?”

Dylan was momentarily taken aback by Carla’s directness. She looked over at Annabel, back at Carla, then answered honestly. “Of course.”

“Aren’t you a married woman?”

“My husband knows that I play around with women when he’s gone. We have an understanding.”

“So that’s what this would be?” asked Carla. “Play?”

“Well...yeah,” answered Dylan. “Is there something wrong with that?”

There were a few seconds of heavy silence, then Carla said, “You can kiss her.”

Again, Dylan was momentarily taken aback. The nerve of this girl! Then she looked over at Annabel, who stood there wide-eyed, waiting to see what was going to happen. She looked so lovely and so vulnerable; her nipples were poking out from her top and she was nervously playing with a strand of hair. Dylan stepped forward and pressed her lips against Annabel’s.

This time Annabel didn’t resist or pull away, but kissed back with all her heart. The kiss was sensuous, thrilling, overwhelming; Annabel felt a little lightheaded and rocked backwards on her heels, only to find Carla pressing against her from behind.

Carla pulled Annabel’s top up and off. Her erect nipples were jutting out through the cut-out bra, and Dylan leaned down to take one in her mouth. Annabel moaned and let her weight sink back against Carla, who reached down to hold Annabel around the waist. Dylan tasted the other nipple and then went back and forth between them, kissing, licking, and nibbling.

“Let's take this inside,” said Carla.


Friday, July 7, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter Chapter 48

When she came Annabel lost her balance and flopped over onto the floor so hard that Carla was worried she might have hurt herself. Annabel insisted that she was alright, though. “Nothing wounded but my pride,” she said, echoing a phrase that was a favorite of her father’s.

Carla helped Annabel up and led her upstairs. At the top of the stairs Annabel excused herself for a few seconds and ran into her room. When she returned, her collar was back in its rightful place. Carla smiled widely. “Good girl,” she said.

They adjourned to Carla’s room and went at it every which way: pussy-licking, 69, strap-on, face dildo. Carla was pleased to see that Annabel was really starting to shed her inhibitions. In fact it was she who’d gone into the drawer and gotten the face dildo, then dropped to her knees in front of Carla.

Afterward they were both starving and neither had the energy left to cook, so they decided to go out. After a quick shower they headed to Carla’s favorite sushi place. The food seemed to take forever — possibly just because they were so hungry — but when it came it was fantastic.

Annabel couldn’t remember when she’d been so happy. Here she was with her beautiful stepdaughter/lover, eating a delicious meal, body still buzzing with sexual ecstasy. Sighing with pleasure at almost every bite, she put away the sushi like it was going out of style.

Carla was no slouch in the sushi-eating department either. She remembered hearing once that anyone who liked sushi also liked to eat pussy. It was certainly true in her own case, and apparently in Annabel’s as well.

When the sushi was gone they both sat back, sighing contentedly. They’d overordered but the food was so good that they’d finished it anyway.

Carla was happy too, though a part of her was suspicious of anything that resembled cozy domesticity. She reminded herself that she was, after all, in charge of this situation, and that it didn't have to be anything she didn’t want it to be. 

As they lay in bed together that night, Annabel finally did something she’d been wanting to do for awhile now: Plucked up her courage and told Carla about Dylan. Carla’s reaction was immediate and decisive: “Well shit, invite her over to dinner. As soon as possible. Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner?"

Carla was pleased for two reasons. First, because Annabel was now going out into the world and reeling in women that she’d never have found otherwise. Second, because Annabel had known better than to fuck anyone without her permission.

The next day was not one of Annabel’s normal yoga days, but she went to the studio anyway, hoping that Dylan would be there too. She arrived just as the first class of the morning was starting, but was disappointed to see no redheads in the crowd. 

Afterward she dawdled at the studio’s juice bar, keeping one eye on the door. She had just about given up when Dylan appeared. They smiled at each other and hugged; Dylan sensed immediately from Annabel’s demeanor that something had changed.

After a minute of small talk Annabel blurted out, “Can you come to dinner tonight?” Then, realizing that she needed to clarify, she added, “With, um, me and my stepdaughter.”

As it happened, Dylan’s husband had been away on location all week, so she was not just horny but lonely. She happily accepted the invitation, even though she would rather have had Annabel to herself.

Annabel walked away feeling proud of herself for being so assertive and excited about that evening, but also wondering — as she so often had lately — what exactly she was getting herself into.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter Chapter 47

When the party finally broke up and Diana and the actresses took off, Carla went to bed but found herself tossing and turning, unable to sleep. She went to the liquor cabinet and poured herself a glass of straight vodka, hoping it would help her sleep. When that didn’t work she had another. By the time she finally managed to drift off, she had done some serious damage to the bottle.

This morning Daisy had taken off to work — she worked part-time as a barista to cover her modest expenses. Carla scrounged around the kitchen for something to eat but came up empty. So she headed out to a cafe and by the time she got there, she had come to a decision: She was going home immediately.

It cost her a pretty penny to change flights, but very rarely did she not do what she wanted to do because of money. It was the upside of having the father that she did. She took a cab to the airport, hangover beginning to clear now that she had some food and coffee in her. It was good to be heading home.

* * *

Back at the house, Annabel decided to keep her collar off and lay out in the sun for awhile, see if she couldn’t fade that tan line a little bit. Carla wasn’t due back for another day, so she’d never know. Feeling bold, Annabel pulled off her top and laid out on a lounge chair wearing nothing but her yoga pants.

After awhile she  drifted off to sleep, so she never heard Carla’s car approaching the house. The sound of the front door startled her awake, though, and realizing immediately what was happening, she dashed for the house to get her collar. But it was too late — Carla was standing there in the hallway in front of her.

“Hi,” said Annabel, overjoyed that Carla was home, but worried about having been caught collarless.

“Hello,” responded Carla coolly. Then she reached out and grabbed Annabel around the neck where her collar was supposed to be. “What the hell is this?”

“I, um...” stammered Annabel. “There’s this tan line and....”

Carla held up her hand. “I don’t care.” In truth she was relieved at having been handed a pretext on which to punish Annabel. She was mad at her stepmother for making her feel the way she felt, distracting her from what should have been a great time in San Francisco, and prompting her to cut her trip short. She didn’t want to admit to Annabel or to herself how strong her feelings were becoming.

She pulled Annabel roughly into the living room, stripped her pants off, and bent her over the ottoman. After using Annabel’s yoga pants to tie her hands behind her back, Carla opened her suitcase and pulled out the cane she’d been given. She swished it back and forth the air a couple times so Annabel could see. 

Annabel gulped. This was a fearsome-looking implement, and while she trusted Carla not to injure her, she was afraid it was really going to hurt. When the first blow landed on her ass, she knew she had been right.

* * *

When it was over, and Annabel lay sprawled across the ottoman with both butt cheeks glowing bright red, Carla took pity on her and went to get some lotion. This was by far the hardest that she’d ever punished her stepmother; every blow had carried all the force of her frustration and confused feelings. Afterwards, with all the aggression purged from her system, she felt much better.

Annabel felt better too, in a way. The caning had hurt like hell, but somehow the severity of the punishment felt like evidence of how much Carla cared about her.

Coming back into the room, Carla sat down on the floor and began to rub lotion on Annabel’s ass. “I actually like the tan line,” she said. “Anywhere you go, it tells anyone who has eyes to see that you belong to me. Keep it.”

Annabel nodded. The lotion felt fantastic on her poor tortured derriere, and it felt even better a few minutes later when Carla put the lotion down, spread her legs, and began to finger her. 

Carla was always amazed at how wet girls got when you gave them a good spanking. It’s just something in our nature, she guessed. Annabel moaned and writhed on the ottoman as Carla finger-fucked her, then bent down and licked along the back of Annabel’s left leg from the back of her knee up to her ass. 

Carla kissed and licked all around Annabel’s butt, which was still warm from the caning. Then she nibbled for awhile on Annabel’s inner thighs, nipping playfully at the satiny-soft flesh there. Annabel kept moving around, trying to get her pussy in contact with Carla’s mouth, and after a minute Carla let her. She stuck out her tongue and took a nice, deep slurp of the nectar flowing from between Annabel’s pussy lips.

“My God,” she thought, “that’s fucking good.” She dove into Annabel’s crotch with such complete abandon that Annabel soon found herself with her head resting somewhat awkwardly on the floor as Carla’s tongue bored into her from above.


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter Chapter 46

Annabel woke up early but stayed in bed for a good while, unmotivated to start the day. Eventually she went downstairs and had breakfast, then showered before heading out to yoga class.

When she took her collar off to shower, she noticed that she was developing a tan line underneath it. Worried that people would wonder why she had a tan line there, she thought briefly about skipping yoga. But she was so desperate to get out of the house that she decided to go ahead.

After class Annabel again walked out with Dylan, and Dylan again asked her over. Annabel hesitated for a long moment and then, thinking about the empty house and the long empty day stretching out ahead, accepted.

“Great!” said Dylan, flashing a big smile. Annabel still wasn’t sure if Dylan just wanted her for a friend, or if she had something more in mind. But she was going to find out.

Annabel got into her car and followed Dylan for about ten minutes to a house in an upscale, quiet suburban neighborhood. Dylan made them tea and they sat under a big umbrella in her garden, talking. Dylan asked Annabel a lot of questions about herself and Annabel answered as honestly as she could, though of course when she talked about Carla, she didn’t disclose the true nature of their relationship. One thing Dylan didn’t ask about was the tan line around Annabel’s neck; she saw it, and wondered, but was too polite to mention it.

After an hour or so they went back inside. Dylan excused herself for a minute, saying that she had to check her email, and invited Annabel to make herself at home. Annabel wandered around admiring the house; it was beautifully furnished and impeccably maintained, but probably a lot less trouble to keep up than Annabel’s own house. She was studying the pictures on the living room wall —  including a photo from Dylan’s wedding, with her looking about 10 years younger — when she heard Dylan’s footsteps coming back into the room.

When she turned around Dylan was standing right behind her. A look passed between them, and next thing she knew Dylan was kissing her.

Dylan was an excellent kisser, with wonderfully soft, pliant lips. Annabel wanted to keep kissing her for a long, long time, but found herself pulling away.

Dylan frowned. “What's the matter, don’t you like me?”

Annabel shook her head, deeply regretful that she’d hurt Dylan’s feelings, feeling tears well up in her eyes. “It’s not that. I’m really flattered. It’s just ... I can’t.” Seeing that Dylan was looking at her, expecting more, she added, “It’s hard for me to really explain. It’s complicated.”

Dylan shrugged. “Well, I’m not trying to make you do anything you don’t want to do. But you should know that I think you’re beautiful and sweet and sexy as hell. I hope you’ll change your mind.”

Annabel nodded and smiled, touched by the kind words. “Well, um, I guess I’d better be going.”

“OK,” said Dylan. “This isn’t going to make things weird between us at the yoga studio, is it? I'd like for us to be friends, whatever else happens.”

“Sure,” said Annabel, and they hugged. Feeling the warm, delicious pressure of Dylan’s body against hers, Annabel again regretted what she was passing up. But then she thought of Carla and realized that, in her own mind at least, she had no choice. She broke the hug and headed for the door.

* * *

Carla woke up late in the morning feeling hung over and regretful. The night had started off well, with Daisy and Carla hanging out with the four women from the porn shoot. Diana, the director, took a real shine to Carla, telling her that she should do a scene for them, that she’d look great on camera. Carla was flattered and said she’d think about it.

But Carla wasn’t sure she liked the idea of appearing in internet porn. For one thing, if her father saw it, it might actually get her disinherited. He had more or less tolerated all her misbehavior up to this point, but he was pretty old-fashioned in certain ways. And also, flamboyantly promiscuous as she was, Carla still had a strong sense of personal privacy.

Daisy’s initial invitation had been for a drink, but inevitably that turned into two, then three. Diana was aggressively cozying up to Carla, who appreciated the attention, but really wanted an opportunity to get closer to Alison, the gorgeous Eurasian domme. 

At one point Diana insisted on making a gift to Carla of the cane that had been used in the shoot. Daisy, who was drinking the most of anyone, immediately jumped up and said that she wanted to be caned. She lifted her skirt, pulled off her panties, and bent over the couch to present her ass.

Carla was game. She picked up the cane and stood up, taunting Daisy by touching the cane gently to her rump, measuring the distance. Then she began to punish Daisy, but went pretty easy on her, just trying to put on a good show. Daisy moaned theatrically, making out like she was being hurt worse than she was.

Eventually Carla lost interest in the punishment and used the tip of the cane to tease Daisy’s pussy. The atmosphere in the room had changed; the sexual charge was palpable. With this group of sexually active lesbians, it didn’t take much to set off an orgy, and that was what transpired.

In the free-for-all that followed, Carla got her chance to fuck Alison, but ended up disappointed. Alison was sexy and skilled, but somehow Carla’s heart wasn’t in it. Her mind kept drifting, much to her annoyance, back to Malibu.


Monday, June 26, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter Chapter 45

Luisa left in the early afternoon and Carla followed shortly after, off to spend a couple days with friends in San Francisco. This left Annabel alone in a house that suddenly seemed very quiet.

She spent most of the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the aftermath of the party. There was a lot to be done but she actually rather enjoyed it; periodically she would pause and think of something that had happened the previous night. Twice she had to stop and rub herself to orgasm before carrying on.

Once the house was clean she heated up some leftovers, opened a bottle of white wine, and sat down in the living room, eating and drinking and reminiscing. But after a half-hour of that she grew restless. She flipped on the TV but didn’t really watch, repeatedly refilling her wine glass and pacing around the house, occasionally walking out to the deck and looking out at the water and the sky.

Without Carla there to give some structure to her existence, time seemed to just stretch out endlessly. She had no idea of how to fill it, none that seemed interesting, anyway. The night before the house had been so full of life, and now it seemed like the loneliest place in the world.

For a minute she thought about getting in touch with Kim, or Monica, or even Katya, and begging them to come over. But then she realized she couldn’t even if she wanted to — she didn’t have any of their numbers. They were Carla’s friends, not hers. This made her want to cry. Why didn’t she have any friends of her own? What was wrong with her?

Carla, meanwhile, had arranged to stay with her friend Daisy in San Francisco. Daisy lived almost rent-free in an amazing loft in the SOMA district. The only catch was that it was owned by a company that made adult films, who would occasionally use the loft for shoots.

This was how Carla came to find herself sitting in Daisy’s living room watching three pretty girls fuck. Daisy told her that sometime the directors and actors didn’t want observers on the set, and sometimes they didn’t mind. Tonight the latter was the case, so Daisy and Carla had hung around the loft as the director — a tall, short-haired blonde in her early 40s — discussed what they were about to shoot with the three actresses.

The scene would begin with the three of them doing yoga together. Then the older of the three actresses — an absolutely stunning Eurasian in her late 20s — would get the other two into cobra pose, with their hands behind their backs, and tell them to close their eyes. She would use yoga straps to tie their hands behind their backs and proceed to dominate them — making them lick her pussy and each other’s, spanking them with a cane, and fucking them with a strap-on.

This was all discussed very professionally and matter-of-factly. The two younger actresses — one brunette and one redhead — appeared to be somewhere between 18 and 21, and Carla could see in their eyes that they were excited by the idea of being dominated by this enchanting creature. She found her eyes constantly drawn to the Eurasian, who in addition to being beautiful had intelligent eyes and a magnetic presence.

As they talked the cameraman and soundman — both neat-looking, easygoing types, not the mulleted sleazebags Carla might have expected — set up their equipment and rearranged the furniture. From their demeanor throughout the shoot, completely focused and indifferent to what was going on before them, Carla assumed that they were gay.

Carla and Daisy sat in a corner away from the camera and watched as filming got underway. The scene was super-hot, there was no doubt about it; the three girls were really into it, and they were all gorgeous with great bodies. But Carla found herself restless and distracted. She kept thinking about Annabel instead of paying attention to the naked bodies writhing on the floor in front of her, which was really not like her.

When the shoot was over the cameraman and soundman packed up and left. Daisy invited the director and the actresses to hang around and have a drink, and they accepted. At the end of the shoot they had filmed a “behind the scenes” where the three naked, sweaty girls talked about what they’d done. In the process Carla learned that the older one was named Alison, and the other two were Jenna and Taylor. Carla hoped she might be able to get to know Alison better, and tried to focus on that rather than her stepmother, who was 400 miles away.


Friday, June 23, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 44

In the morning, Luisa volunteered to make breakfast. She went to the fridge and took inventory while Annabel made coffee. Carla sat down at the kitchen table, yawning, stretching, and rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

All three were still naked. They’d spent the night together in Carla’s bed, twined together in a warm cocoon. Luisa and Carla had made no move to dress before coming downstairs, and Annabel had followed their lead. It was late enough in the morning to already be quite warm, so there was really no need to cover up.

When Luisa closed the refrigerator door and turned back around, her nipples were rock-hard from the cold. Carla had an impulse to go over and suck on them, but she knew where that would lead, and she didn’t want to do anything that would delay breakfast. Her stomach was rumbling.

They were all pretty hung over, and everyone was grateful when the coffee was ready. As she sipped the hot liquid Annabel kept having flashbacks to the previous night. At times she hadn’t known whose pussy she was eating, or who was licking or fondling her; it all kind of blurred together into one big ball of pleasure. She was still tingling between the legs.

Luisa had put on an apron to keep oil from spattering on her as she cooked, but her plump rear end was still on display. Annabel couldn’t help staring at it as it swayed, its owner moving to some rhythm playing in her head. It really was, Annabel thought, the most magnificent rump she’d ever seen.

Annabel felt a hand on her knee and realized that Carla had been watching her watch Luisa. She immediately began to blush, as if she’d been caught at something, but Carla was entirely pleased. Annabel’s inner lesbian was really starting to express herself.

After eating they lingered over coffee, chatting quietly and looking out at the water. It was an extraordinarily beautiful day, even by Malibu standards. Then Annabel began to clean up as Carla took Luisa by the hand and led her from the room.

Annabel cleared the dishes and wiped the counters, humming to herself, hangover now a thing of the past. She had just sat the clean frying pan down in the dish drainer when Carla appeared.

Without a word Carla took Annabel in her arms and gave her a big, open-mouthed kiss. Their boobs pressed together and Carla reached both hands around to squeeze her stepmother’s ass. Then Carla released Annabel, grabbed hold of her collar, and led her upstairs.

In Carla’s bedroom Luisa was tied hand and foot to the bed. She was positioned sideways so her head was toward the window and her spread legs faced the door. Annabel’s pussy began to lubricate as she anticipated what was about to happen, but instead of leading her to the bed, Carla deposited her on the chair against one wall.

Carla lashed Annabel’s wrists and ankles tightly to the chair, then ball-gagged and nipple-clamped her. Annabel was helpless to do anything but watch as Carla approached the bed and leaned over to kiss Luisa upside-down.

They made out slowly and sweetly, nibbling each others’ lips, tongues darting and probing. Then Carla shifted forward and pushed one breast into Luisa’s mouth, closing her own lips over one of Luisa’s stiff nipples.. Annabel let out a muffled moan, feeling the liquid begin to pool between her legs, but powerless to move.

Carla and Luisa’s tongues traced down each others’ bodies as Carla stretched out, and then they were 69ing. Luisa slurped away aggressively as Carla teased and tested, lapping at Luisa’s inner thighs, gently kissing and blowing on her clit. When Carla penetrated Luisa with one finger, Annabel could see the muscles clench around it.

After a few minutes Carla sat up and held on to Luisa’s tits while grinding down on her face. Annabel watched Carla’s expression change as her orgasm approached, and then it hit her and she moaned, letting all her weight sink down onto Luisa. Everything was quiet until a muffled cry escaped from between Carla’s legs; Luisa couldn’t breathe and was starting to suffocate.

Carla mercifully climbed off her and stood up. After taking a minute to drink water from the cup on her bedside table, she clipped the leash onto Annabel’s collar. “Luisa, dear,” said Carla. “Would you like some attention over there?”

“Siiii,” groaned Luisa, whose pussy was throbbing with need. “Yes, please.”

“Annabel, you’d like to help her out, wouldn't you?” Annabel, still ball-gagged, merely nodded. Carla pulled out the gag, untied Annabel’s hands and feet, and used the leash to pull her to her knees. Annabel started to crawl toward the bed but soon felt the leash tighten, arresting her progress. She looked back over her shoulder at Carla, who was grinning wickedly, deeply enjoying torturing the two of them. Keeping a firm grip on the leash, she gradually slackened it inch by inch as Annabel pulled forward, straining to reach the juicy wet cunt in front of her.

When she finally got there, seemingly hours later, she was eager and voracious. Carla watched with satisfaction as her stepmother dove into her friend’s crotch. Luisa came once almost immediately, then again as Annabel finger-fucked her while licking and sucking her clit.

After the second orgasm Annabel became aware of movement behind her, then grunted as Carla plunged a strap-in into her. Carla leaned down to kiss Annabel, licking the pussy juice from her lips, then pushed her head back between Luisa’s legs.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter Chapter 43

After taking a minute to recover, Annabel climbed out of Carla’s lap and stood there looking a little wobbly on her feet. Carla took off the strap-on and spread her legs; she was soaking wet, lips gaping, obviously in need of attention. Annabel immediately sank to her knees and got to work. Carla smiled; her stepmother's training was really coming along very well.

Katya and Courtney watched for a minute, then leaned in to help by stimulating Carla's breasts while Annabel ate her pussy. Lucia, Kim, and Monica, having thoroughly sated themselves, sat looking on. Everyone's attention was on Carla, which only made her that much more excited; aroused as she was, she came almost right away. No one moved for a few seconds, then Carla took hold of Annabel’s collar and pulled her back in for another go.

When Carla had been serviced to her satisfaction, it was time for dessert. Everyone had been too full to eat it earlier, but they had worked up appetites now. For the next 20 minutes or so the room was filled with naked girls quietly eating gelato; the only sounds were spoons clinking on plates, “Mmmmm”s of enjoyment, and the occasional murmured word of praise for the chef.

Inevitably, some of the frosty chocolate concoction fell on someone’s breast, and someone else leaned down to lick it off. Soon all hell had broken loose again. By the time they were done, Annabel’s pussy was raw, her tongue was tired, and her whole body was a sweaty, sticky mess. She sat back and drank the rest of her wine as Katya, then Kim, dressed and said their goodbyes.

Carla asked Monica to give Courtney a ride home. She was pretty sure that they would end up spending the night together, and she hoped they would; Monica and Courtney would make a cute couple, she thought. Courtney could use the kind of firm hand that Monica would provide.

That left just Carla, Annabel, and Luisa. The three of them cuddled up together under a blanket to watch a movie, Carla in the middle. For awhile they were like any three friends innocently watching a movie together, except that they were naked under the blanket. But there was a sex scene about halfway through the movie, and Carla felt her appetite start to revive. One of her hands found its way between Luisa’s legs, the other between Annabel’s.

After fingering both women for awhile, Carla brought her hands to her mouth and ostentatiously licked them clean. Then she put one hand on Luisa’s head, one on Annabel’s, and brought them together in a kiss. This, of course, brought them close to Carla’s chest, and Carla encouraged them to move their attention to her throbbing-stiff nipples.

Lifting the blanket up over Annabel and Luisa’s heads, Carla picked up her snifter of brandy and sat back to enjoy her nightcap.


Friday, June 16, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 42

When Annabel returned from the kitchen carrying a glass of wine, Courtney was on her knees lapping at Katya’s clit as Katya bounced up and down on Carla’s strap-on. Annabel sat down and decided to keep the wine for herself; she took a long, deep drink and looked around the room.

A few short weeks ago, she’d had no idea that such decadence existed, much less that she would be participating in it herself. To her right, Luisa had removed her strap-on and was now stretched out on the couch with Kim eating her pussy and Monica sitting on her face. To her left Katya was sweating and grimacing as she sat down forcefully into Carla’s lap, taking the full length of the dildo inside her.

There was no mistaking the moment when Katya came; her whole body shook and she let out a resonant, deep-throated moan that was like nothing Annabel had ever heard before. When it was over Katya rolled off and lay still on one side of the couch with a far-away look in her eyes.

Courtney wasted no time in stripping off her jeans and panties and mounting the strap-on. As she began to grind up and down on the plastic cock, boobs bouncing inside her tight T-shirt, Carla looked out from behind her and met Annabel’s eyes. In another example of the telepathy that had been developing between them, Annabel knew what Carla wanted from her without having to be told. She put her glass down and walked over.

Pulling Courtney’s T-shirt up and off, Annabel bent down and began to lick and suck her tits. Her nipples were rock-hard and tasted faintly of vanilla. After making a thorough exploration of that area Annabel began to move south, tracing her tongue down Courtney’s sternum and belly. She paused to kiss and lick Courtney’s navel, then continued downward, running her nose through the younger woman’s soft brown pubic hair. 

The smell of female arousal was strong down there; Annabel took a deep breath and savored it before extending her tongue to lick Courtney’s inner thighs. Courtney trembled, moaned, and grabbed onto Annabel’s shoulders for balance. Annabel took a taste of Courtney’s pussy, finding it creamy and delicious, then started to home in on Courtney’s clit. It was a matter of hitting a moving target, as Courtney was now rapidly moving up and down on the shaft of the strap-on.

But eventually she managed it, and soon after Courtney came violently and fell back against Carla. When Courtney climbed off it was Annabel’s turn; she straddled Carla and positioned the tip of the dildo against her pussy lips. She took a deep breath as the bulbous head penetrated her, then exhaled slowly as she let herself sink all the way down onto the thick phallus.

Annabel closed her eyes and savored the sensation of being completely full. She felt Carla’s hands cupping her breasts from behind, Carla’s fingers teasing her nipples, Carla’s lips brushing her neck. She gently raised up until only the head remained inside her, then abruptly let herself fall; Carla met her with a thrust of the hips that drove the dildo in even deeper than before.

A mouth closed on one of her nipples; Annabel looked down and saw the top of Courtney’s brown-haired head. Then a tongue was exploring her crotch; Annabel caught a glimpse of Katya’s blond mane moving down below. “Oh, God,” Annabel whimpered, biting her lip, “so good....”

When the orgasm hit Annabel felt herself clench and then release, every last bit of tension, fear, and worry leaving her body. There were tears in her eyes and then she was laughing, every inch of her body vibrating with the purest pleasure. She looked at Carla, who was gazing up at her affectionately, and thought: I am the luckiest woman alive.