Friday, July 28, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 54

The sun was setting as Carla and Annabel drove home from the mall. They listened to some mellow music, saying little, feeling relaxed and contented. Annabel yawned, stretched, and let her head fall back onto the headrest. Images of their tryst in the lingerie store drifted through her mind; she could still taste Farah on her lips.

After dinner Annabel went into the living room to read while Carla took her iPad out onto the back deck. But after an hour or so Carla found herself thinking back on the day’s shenanigans and getting incredibly turned on.

Heading into the living room, Carla took Annabel’s book out of her hands and sat it down on the coffee table. After stripping Annabel naked, Carla licked her from head to toe, spending a little extra time on the good parts.

Afterward Carla took Annabel upstairs and fucked her good and hard with a strap-on, after which Annabel rolled over and immediately fell fast asleep. Carla was momentarily frustrated — she kind of wanted to have her pussy licked, and thought about waking her stepmother up for that purpose. But Annabel looked so blissfully content laying there that Carla decided to leave her be.

Instead Carla texted Kim — “Need you here. Now.” — threw on jeans and a T-shirt, and headed out to the deck. On the way she poured herself a tall vodka tonic with lime.

Outside Carla sat watching the water and the moon, idly sipping her drink and letting her mind wander. How long was it, she asked herself, since she and Annabel had gotten involved? It seemed like years but had been only weeks. Thinking of the future she realized, dimly, that eventually this summer was going to have to end. Carla would have to go back to school, and what would Annabel do then? Would she be able to go back to the way things had been before?

Carla hoped not. Annabel deserved more, she was sure of that.

After awhile Carla moved back inside and when Kim arrived she found Carla in the living room, shorts down around one ankle, quietly fingering herself. One look in Carla’s eyes told Kim what was wanted of her, and without a word she dropped to her knees and began licking Carla’s pussy.

It only took a minute for Carla to come, sensitized as she was. Taking a deep breath, she pushed Kim away, taking a minute to feel the pleasure tingling through her body. Then she stood Kim up, took her by the hand, and led her upstairs.

In the bedroom Carla broke out her water pipe and they smoked some of the weed that Carla had gotten from Katya. It was great stuff, and within a few minutes they were both high as kites, a hazy cloud of smoke hovering in the air.

Pulling off Kim’s clothes, Carla laid her down on the bed and climbed into 69 position on top of her. For a long interval they ate each other slowly and blissfully as Annabel slept on right beside them.


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