Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 50

Back in the house, Carla indicated to Annabel that she was to kneel, and hooked the leash into her collar. Annabel blushed again, wondering what Dylan must be thinking of all this, afraid to meet her eyes.

Carla took Dylan by the arm and led her up the stairs; Annabel followed behind on her hands and knees, watching the asses in front of her sway. Dylan looked back at the pretty blonde, leashed and collared, crawling up the stairs led by her stepdaughter. This was one kinky scene, alright, but there was no pretending it wasn’t turning her on; her pussy was dripping.

Once they reached Carla’s bedroom, she handed the leash to Dylan and took a seat to see what would transpire. Dylan slid the straps of her dress down off her shoulders and let them fall; the dress slipped down to reveal a white lace bra, which Dylan reached behind her to unhook, holding the leash between her teeth.

Dylan’s breasts were round and firm and her nipples stood up proudly. She pulled Annabel to her and tugged upward on the leash, bringing Annabel up onto her knees. 

With one hand Dylan guided Annabel’s head to her chest; Annabel went willingly, inhaling the musky scent of Dylan’s flesh. Carla moved from the chair to the bed for a better angle as Annabel closed her lips around Dylan’s left nipple. Dylan sighed; she was highly sensitized, magnifying every impulse from every nerve. The feeling of Annabel’s mouth on her breast went straight to her head, making her a little woozy.

She sat down on the chair Carla had just vacated, again pulling Annabel to her. This time Dylan guided Annabel to her right breast. Carla sat watching intently, enjoying every second of this, yet also eager for the next step.

It came soon enough. Again holding the leash in her mouth, Dylan lifted her hips and slid her dress down and off, leaving her in only sheer white panties. A hint of red hair was visible through the thin fabric. When she spread her legs, it was clear that the thin strip of fabric covering her crotch was soaked in pussy juice; even from a distance, Carla could smell her wetness.

Annabel took a deep breath. She wasn’t quite sure what to do next. She looked over at Carla, back at Dylan; everyone seemed to be waiting on her to make the next move. So after leaning down to place a kiss on Dylan’s mons, taking a moment to savor the delectable scent rising from between the redhead’s legs, Annabel took hold of Dylan's panties and pulled them off.

Dylan had a gorgeous triangle of copper-red pubic curls. The carpet definitely matches the drapes, Carla thought. For a moment she and Annabel just gaped at the lovely creature before them. Then Dylan again tugged at the leash.

Annabel didn’t need much encouragement at this point. As her head moved down between Dylan’s legs her ass raised up into the air, and Carla reached over to lift her skirt. Dylan leaned back in the chair, opening her legs all the way as Annabel began to lick her.

Standing, Carla planted one foot on the floor between Annabel’s legs in such a way that her shin was pressed against Annabel’s crotch. Annabel gasped and rubbed her pussy against Carla’s leg, leaving a snail trail of wetness on Carla’s skin.

Overwhelmed by the sudden rush of pleasure, Annabel dropped her head. This prompted Dylan to hand the leash to Carla, who yanked it hard to lift Annabel’s head, pointing her once again toward Dylan’s cunt. Doing her best to concentrate, Annabel resumed servicing the redhead while still grinding her own crotch against Carla's leg.

Stripping off her T-shirt and bra, Carla leaned forward slightly to offer her breasts to Dylan. Dylan responded enthusiastically, sucking Carla’s hard nipples and then clamping them between her teeth. But after a minute she lost focus as a climax hit her.

Dylan was highly orgasmic, apparently — her whole body quivered, right down to her eyeballs, and she let out a guttural moan as her head fell heavily onto the back of the chair. For a minute she just lay there staring up at the ceiling with a far-away expression on her face.

When she looked down again, she discovered that Carla had laid Annabel down on the bed face-up, blindfolded and nipple-clamped with her hands bound to the bedposts over her head. Carla was holding Annabel’s legs apart and her pink pussy beckoned to Dylan through the crotchless panties. Carla looked over at Dylan and cocked an eyebrow as if to say, Well, you wanted it — here it is.

Dylan positioned herself at the foot of the bed and bent down to kiss and lick Annabel’s belly, pelvis, inner thighs. Annabel whimpered and her body spasmed with pleasure, but Carla held her firmly, pinning her knees to the bed so Dylan had complete access to her crotch.

Dylan extended her tongue and ever-so-gently touched it to Annabel’s vulva. This time Annabel bucked so fiercely that Carla couldn’t hold her, so Carla gave up and let her go. Her hips and legs thrashed as Dylan tongue-fucked her, slowly at first, then with increasing fervor. Dylan wrapped an arm around Annabel’s thigh, spread her pussy lips, and drove inside, intoxicated by Annabel’s heady taste and smell.

Carla tugged on the chain connecting Annabel’s nipple clamps, adding a little dash of pain to the pleasure she was feeling. Annabel gasped but a second later was moaning again as Dylan penetrated her with two fingers. Carla continued to torture Annabel’s nipples as Dylan fingered her, until finally Dylan began to lap at Annabel’s clit, sending her over the edge.

Releasing the clamps, Carla leaned down to suck one nipple as the orgasm rippled through Annabel’s trembling frame. As Dylan stretched forward to suck the other, her eyes met Carla’s and a look passed between them. There was desire in that look, and mutual recognition, but also a little bit of suspicion — they were still sizing each other up. 

Something about Dylan had gotten Carla’s attention. It wasn’t necessarily that she was resistant, or defiant — she seemed content to let Carla dictate how the situation evolved. But there was some core of strength in Dylan that Carla instinctively took as a challenge. She liked a challenge, though, and looked forward to seeing what might unfold.


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