Friday, December 18, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 122

The only light in the living room came from the fire in the fireplace and a couple of candles that Marie had lit. Some mellow music was playing; Jessica poured everyone a snifter of brandy and for awhile they all just sat around staring at the fire.

Then a new song started, something slow but sinuous with an African rhythm. Moving as if impelled by a force beyond her control, Celeste stood up and began to dance.

The rest of them just watched, hypnotized, as Celeste swayed and gyrated, firelight reflecting orange on her ebony skin. Her dance was both innocent and sexy, expressing both sensual pleasure and a pure radiant joy. Looking on, Jessica realized that she already felt a deep intimacy with Celeste, although they’d barely spoken and never even kissed. Looking around the room she felt like they were complete, now, as a family. She hadn’t realized that anything had been missing before, but apparently it had.

A new song started, one with a heavier groove and a bassline that made the floor vibrate. Modulating the rhythm of her movement, Celeste began to strip. She pulled off first her shirt, then her bra. For a while she danced topless, nipples jutting out boldly, breasts bobbing gently up and down. Jessica bit her lip, a sheen forming on her forehead, wetness between her legs beginning to make itself known.

Still flowing with the music, Celeste somehow, without missing a beat, got her pants off and let them fall. Now she was dancing in just panties and socks, turning and posing, showing off her assets. Jessica sat and sipped her cognac, wide-eyed with wonder at the beauty before her.

Then Celeste’s panties hit the ground at Jessica’s feet. Her naked body was magnificent, glistening, glowing. She twirled once, twice, three times, and landed in Jessica’s lap. The two of them looked into each other’s eyes from inches away. Something passed between them, some unspoken communication. And then they kissed.

Celeste’s lips were plump, juicy, and pillowy-soft. Jessica chewed and sucked on them, feeling the warmth of Celeste’s nude body against hers. Then their tongues met, probing gently into each other’s mouths. Jessica reached out and gently caressed one erect nipple, then cupped the breast, feeling its weight in her hand.

When they broke the kiss, Celeste quietly whispered a few words in French into Jessica’s ear. She didn’t know what they meant, but they sounded wonderful. Then, in one deft move, Celeste spun and dropped, ending up on her knees in front of Jessica. She untied the sash of Jessica’s robe and let it fall open.

Jessica looked over at Marie. “Tell her she doesn’t have to do this.”

Marie translated for Celeste, who replied with a few sentences in French. “She says she wants to,” said Marie. “She says you’re a very beautiful woman. She says just lay back and let her do the work.”

Celeste raised up on her knees and leaned forward to lick and suck one of Jessica’s nipples, then the other. Jessica sighed and leaned back in her chair, catching a whiff of her own arousal drifting up from between her legs.

Jane and Marie cuddled together on the couch, watching as Celeste lavished attention on Jessica’s breasts, licking every inch of them, taking each one into her mouth, gently biting each nipple. Jessica closed her eyes, savoring the wet softness of the younger woman’s mouth on her flesh.

Celeste kissed Jessica’s sternum, tongued her navel. She traced her lips across the smooth skin of Jessica’s abdomen, pressed her nose into the nest of silky blond curls.

Just then Jessica began to have a sort of out-of-body was like she was floating above, looking down at the exquisite dark-skinned beauty poised between her legs. Her own head was thrown back, arms gripping the chair, eyes closed in a transport of ecstasy. Celeste extended her tongue and ran the tip gently along the furrow between Jessica’s pussy lips; Jessica saw her body shiver, heard a moan emerge from deep in her diaphragm.

Then it was over, and she was back in her body, vibrating with pleasure as Celeste’s tongue fluttered on her clit. Jessica opened her eyes and looked down at Celeste, who met her gaze coolly, and then she was coming – back arching, toes pointing, cunt muscles spasming wildly. She let out a long, throaty moan and went limp.

Marie and Jane looked at each other. Neither of them had ever made their mistress respond quite like that. Celeste was gifted, clearly. She also knew exactly how long to let Jessica recover before starting up again, at first slowly and then gradually accelerating toward another orgasm. In all she made Jessica come five times before she stopped and rested her head on Jessica’s thigh. Jessica stroked Celeste’s hair and caught her breath as she gazed at the crackling fire, suffused by a deep sense of contentment and well-being.

* * *

After closing and belting her robe, Jessica had refilled her glass of cognac, added another log to the fire, and returned to her seat, wrapping a blanket around herself. She had an idea of what she wanted to happen next, and being who she was, she made it happen.

Marie, Jane, and Celeste arranged themselves in a circle near the fireside, close enough that their breasts were touching. All three were naked now except for their socks. For awhile they just kissed, in pairs and all together. Then they began to play with each other’s boobs, stroking each other’s nipples to see whose could get the hardest and longest. Celeste was the winner, and in recognition of this, Marie and Jane treated her breasts to a thorough tongue bath.

At Jessica’s behest, Marie stretched Celeste out full-length on the plush white area rug in front of the fireplace. The darkness of her skin made for a striking contrast against that background; it would have made a nice painting, Jessica thought.

Marie and Jane knelt by Celeste’s feet, bending forward until their heads were at ground level; in this pose it almost looked like they were praying. Each kissed one of Celeste’s feet, and then they began to work their way up their respective legs, kissing and licking ankles, knees, thighs. They met between Celeste’s legs, where Jane went low, Marie high, both tongues extending to make contact with Celeste’s pussy.

Celeste arched her back and planted her feet, lifting her hips slightly to give Marie and Jane better access. Jessica, watching, slipped a hand between her thighs as Celeste murmured quietly to herself in French.

As her orgasm approached Celeste’s voice grew louder. “Baise-moi!” she shouted as Jane tongue-fucked her and Marie lapped at her clit. When she came it was volcanic; she kicked her legs out and accidentally clipped Marie in the side of the head with one knee. Marie sprawled to the floor and Celeste rolled onto one side, gently rubbing the side of Marie’s temple where she’d been hit and repeatedly apologizing in a remorseful tone.

“You OK?” asked Jessica.

“Fine,” answered Marie. “No permanent damage.” 

Celeste said a few words in French and rolled over onto her back again. What she said must have been something like “Let me make you feel better,” because Marie moved to straddle Celeste’s face. Jessica could see Marie’s pussy lips silhouetted clearly in the firelight as Celeste lifted her head and penetrated Marie with her tongue.

Jane, having nothing better to do, went back to work between Celeste’s legs. After a few minutes Marie let herself sink down on top of Celeste and she and Jane once again combined their efforts as Celeste continued to lick away industriously.

Jessica sat back in her chair, sipping her cognac and enjoying the spectacle. In the absence of anyone to toast with, she lifted her glass and toasted life itself, which was treating her very well at the moment.


Friday, December 11, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 121

Jessica sat gazing out the train window at the dark, wintry landscape rolling by. The first rays of sunlight were just visible on the eastern horizon, marking the end of one of the strangest nights of her life. To her left, Jane was snoozing peacefully; across the aisle from them, Marie and Celeste were likewise asleep. Marie had toppled sideways such that her head was resting on Celeste’s right shoulder.

The drive from the whorehouse back to the city had been uneventful. Jessica had sat facing the rear the entire way, scanning to see if they were followed, but the roads were mostly empty and the few vehicles they did see were all headed the other way. They stopped back at the hotel just long enough to pack up and check out. Jessica assigned Jane and Marie the task of getting all their stuff together while she used the hotel phone to make an anonymous tip to the police. She hoped this would help anyone else still being held captive at the mansion.

Josie was at the front desk when they checked out, and nervously avoided meeting Jessica’s eyes. After signing off on the astronomical bill, Jessica said, “Thank you so much for the excellent service.”

Josie looked up at her now and, smiling sheepishly, replied, “It was my pleasure.”

Rocky drove them to the train station and helped them get their luggage to the curb. There were hugs and kisses all around, and Celeste embraced Rocky warmly, kissing her on both cheeks while talking to her in French.

“She says she is deeply in your debt for the way you have helped her,” said Marie. “She will never forget you.”

Rocky tipped her hat and said, “Just doing my job, ma’am.” Marie translated this phrase for Celeste, who looked at Rocky quizzically, unsure of what she meant. Everyone laughed and Celeste smiled, happy to have amused them, though not sure why.

“Come and visit us sometime,” said Jessica.

Rocky looked from her to Marie, to Jane, to Celeste, and then back to Jessica. “I might just do that.” Then she turned and went back to her place behind the wheel, while the rest of them wheeled their luggage into the train station.

* * *

As they approached their home station, Jessica roused everyone and they gathered their things for arrival. The sun was just rising over the trees to their left as they trudged to the parking lot. The air was crisp and cool, and it felt to Jessica like the beginning of a glorious new day. But she was also tired, running on no sleep at all. So she let Jane drive them home as Marie and Celeste sat in the back, Marie pointing out local landmarks, Celeste asking questions about things they saw.

About a half-hour later they pulled into the garage. Jessica breathed a big sigh of relief as she walked into the house – she finally felt safe. And with that feeling a huge wave of fatigue hit her; suddenly she wanted nothing more than to be in bed. She made a beeline for the bedroom, shedding clothes as she went and leaving a trail on the floor, and was down to her panties, ready to dive between the sheets, when she stopped short.

The bed was occupied. Janice was laying on her side, facing away from Jessica; Olivia was on her back, arms thrown back over her head. They were both naked, which just for a moment gave Jessica ideas; but really she was too tired for anything like that.

Jessica put her hand on Janice’s shoulder and rocked her gently back and forth a few times until her eyes popped open. “Oh, hi, Jess,” said Janice, her mouth stretching into a huge yawn. “You’re home.” She nudged Olivia, who blinked her eyes a few times and reflexively pulled the sheet up to cover her nakedness. She immediately felt embarrassed, like she’d been caught doing something wrong, though that wasn’t really the case here.

Noting Jessica’s state of undress, Janice felt a tingle between her legs as she thought of the threesome she assumed was coming. But instead Jessica politely asked them to vacate the bed so she could get in. Five minutes later they were dressed and on their way – though not before being briefly introduced to the enchanting newcomer, Celeste – and Jessica was fast asleep.

* * *

Jessica woke up feeling disoriented. It was already dark outside; she had slept long and hard, having all kinds of crazy dreams. As she woke, the events of the recent days started coming back to her; just for a moment she wondered if that had all been a dream too, if there really was no such person as Celeste.

Putting on a robe, she walked out into the living room, where Jane sat drinking a glass of wine and reading a magazine. Seeing Jessica, Jane put down her glass, thinking something was going to be required of her. But Jessica just walked right past her, drawn by a delectable odor coming from the kitchen.

In the kitchen she found Marie and Celeste in aprons, pots and pans everywhere, several dishes going on the stove. There was chicken and rice, and some kind of vegetable stew. Jessica tasted each and nodded her head, looking over at Celeste, who nodded back. “Bonjour,” said Celeste, and Jessica responded in kind.

Glancing at the calendar on the refrigerator, Jessica remembered that it was Christmas Eve. Time to celebrate. Inside the fridge, Marie had already put two bottles on champagne on chill; Jessica pulled one out and popped the cork. She poured glasses for everyone and handed them out, toasting their good fortune, their beauty, the future.

At Jessica’s prompting, Jane set the table, and a few minutes later they sat down to eat. Everyone was starving; the food was delicious, and they set to it with abandon, saying little until they’d had their fill. By the time everyone sat back in their chairs to breathe, both bottles of champagne were gone and there were only scraps of food left on the table.

Feeling generous, Jessica volunteered to help Jane clean up, instructing Marie and Celeste to start a fire and relax. When the kitchen was clean enough to meet Jessica’s exacting standards, she grabbed a bottle of cognac from the cupboard and headed to the living room.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 120

Kelly’s cousin Sally and her family had arrived that afternoon to stay for the holidays, and as the night wore on everyone gradually went to bed until only the two of them were left. The conversation between them was somewhat awkward; Kelly felt a bit sheepish about what had happened between them the last time they saw each other. She knew that you were not supposed to get sexually involved with relatives. Yes, they were just cousins, and since they were both girls, there was no chance of any two-headed offspring. Still, she felt like she’d gotten a little carried away.

Finally, just for something to do, they decided to head to the video store. (Their town was the kind of place where video stores still did a good business.) Upon arriving they were surprised to find Adriana, of all people, behind the counter. She had recently started a part-time job there, and had stayed behind to work a shift while the rest of her family took off for Christmas. She was supposed to take the train to join them the following day.

“Hey,” said Ana, “everybody’s gone from my house and we close in, like, 10 minutes. Why don’t you guys come over?”

The cousins conferred briefly before agreeing, then killed time browsing the shelves until Ana was ready to go. They walked together to Ana’s house, huddled together for warmth with Ana in the middle, one arm around Kelly and the other around Sally.

Once they got inside, Ana cranked the heat way up, since there was no one there to tell her not to. Then she made some popcorn and took a beer from the fridge for each of them. They settled into the living room couch with Ana again in the middle, Sally on her left, Kelly on her right.

The movie Ana had brought home was a sexy European vampire movie from the 70s. It started with a bang – there were two girls, a blonde and a redhead, naked in bed together. They started kissing, then fondling each other; things were just starting to get interesting when a mysterious figure in black entered the room and shot them both dead. It was shocking – bloody and violent, yet the arousal lingered.

From there the movie cut to a scene involving a young couple and a beautiful hitchhiker, and while this plotline was promising, it moved a bit slowly. About 20 minutes in Kelly looked over to her left and saw that Ana and Sally were no longer paying attention to what was onscreen – they were making out. Ana had turned over onto her side and had one arm wrapped around Sally as they kissed.

Kelly tried to stay focused on the movie, but it was pointless. Ana’s butt was turned toward her, looking delicious in tight denim. By now Ana had Sally’s top and bra off and was sucking on her right breast; Sally’s head was thrown back, eyes closed, mouth hanging open. Kelly reached down and gave Ana’s ass a hard squeeze; Ana grinned back over her shoulder, winked, and moved over to Sally’s other boob.

Kelly used both hands to give Ana’s rear a full and thorough massage; it was a wonderful combination of soft and muscular. She watched as Ana kissed her way down Sally’s chest and stomach, then glanced over at the movie. The beautiful hitchhiker was now in bed with an older man, but this was nowhere near as interesting as what was happening in real life. When Kelly turned back Ana had the front of Sally’s jeans open and was nuzzling into her red pubic hair.

Suddenly there was a loud scream from the TV; fangs were sinking into somebody’s neck, and blood was spurting everywhere. Kelly’s head turned and Sally’s eyes popped open, but Ana was in the Pussy Zone; nothing was going to distract her now. The two cousins exchanged a look; Sally shrugged and then let her head fall back onto the couch. Ana had pulled off Sally’s jeans and spread her legs and was now finger-fucking her through her panties.

Kelly jammed a hand between Ana’s thighs from behind – it was hot in there, and a little wet with some combination of sweat and pussy juice – then she watched as Ana slid Sally’s panties down and off, opened her legs wide, and dove in.

Now loud moaning was coming from both Sally and the TV, where two female vampires were feasting on a helpless male victim. Kelly reached around and unbuttoned Ana’s jeans. They were so tight that it was not easy to get them down over Ana’s hips, but she eventually managed it. As was often the case, Ana wasn’t wearing underwear, so now she was nude from the waist down.

Kelly penetrated Ana with two fingers as she watched Ana continue to service her cousin. It was almost like watching her identical twin get eaten out; she couldn’t tear her eyes away.

The house was getting hot by now. Sweat beaded on Kelly’s forehead as she continued to piston her fingers in and out of Ana, who was licking away hungrily as Sally writhed and moaned. Kelly reached her other hand around to massage Ana’s clit, which was hugely engorged and sensitive. Then Sally was screaming as she came, Ana soon joined in, and yet more screaming came from the television, where another hapless victim was meeting his end.

Afterward they adjourned to the bedroom, where Ana stripped off her top and stretched out naked on the bed. Sally Ann knew that she owed Ana a favor and dutifully took up a position between the black girl’s legs. Kelly just hung back and watched for awhile. She took a seat in a chair facing the bed, lifted her skirt, and touched herself as she watched her cousin’s tongue explore Ana’s pussy.

After a few minutes, though, Ana made a “come here” gesture. “Come on,” she said. “Let’s make a dark meat and redhead sandwich.”

Laughing, Kelly stood and one by one took off her blouse, bra, skirt, and panties and dropped them to the floor. She left on her socks, which were knee-highs with pink and white stripes. Climbing over her cousin’s prone form, she knelt on the bed and knee-walked over to the other side, where Ana’s head was. She held onto Ana’s boobs for support as she maneuvered into position.

For a few minutes it was quiet in the room except for the occasional sigh, moan, or slurp. Then Sally suddenly sat up, frowning. “Jesus,” she said, “I have a, like, tongue cramp.” She stuck her tongue out and moved it around as if to stretch it, then plopped down on the chair Kelly had been in before. “Take over for me, cuz, would you?”

Obligingly, Kelly bent forward at the waist so her head was between Ana’s legs. Ana wrapped both arms around her and held her tight as they 69ed. Sally just sat and watched, tweaking her nipples with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. They all came almost simultaneously, one right after the other like a chain reaction; Ana released her grip on Kelly, Kelly rolled off her, and they just lay there panting for a bit.

Afterward they went back downstairs, still naked, took up their previous positions, and started the movie again from approximately where they’d lost the plot. Ana had been in the mood for something sweet, but all she’d been able to find in the kitchen was a bag of chocolate chips, which the three girls passed around between them. But between the heat in the house and the warmth of their hands, the chips started to melt and eventually Ana reached in and pulled out a whole handful of gooey chocolate.

Impulsively, Ana divided the chocolate between her hands and deposited a big glob on each nipple. She started to lick the remainder off her fingers, then changed her mind and gave one hand to Sally, the other one to Kelly. When they were nice and clean she used them to guide each cousin’s head down to the breast nearest her. Looking down and seeing the two red heads sucking on her tits was one of the sexiest things she’d every experienced; it immediately started her gushing between the legs.

Soon the movie was forgotten again in favor of another three-girl romp. When they were finished this time, they wound the movie back again and this time finally watched to the end – which was the same as the beginning, except now you understood why it was happening.

By this time it was well into the wee hours, so Ana invited Kelly and Sally to spend the night. All three of them nestled into Ana’s bed, with Ana again in the middle. Soon she was snoozing, but even in her sleep, she wore the glowing countenance of a deeply satisfied woman.


Monday, November 2, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 119

When she got back inside Jessica found Marie, Jane, and Celeste sitting in bed together, naked. For a moment she was furious. Had they been...indulging without her? She could hardly believe it, and was ready to punish Jane and Marie right then and there, though this was hardly the time or place for it.

Reading the look on her mistress’s face, Marie spoke up. “Celeste said that sometimes people come to the rooms, to take drink orders and whatnot. It would look suspicious if we were all sitting here with our clothes on. This way at least it looks like we might have been, you know, engaged.”

By the time Marie was finished speaking Jessica was barely listening to her, focused instead on drinking in every detail of Celeste’s breathtaking body. Her perfect ebony skin covered a lithe frame that was toned and muscular, but still unmistakably feminine. Her breasts were ample but high and tight, topped by dark brown nipples that were slightly erect – it was a little cold in this room, Jessica realized. Her hipbones were exquisite, both the shape and the color of a violin; her thighs were powerful but not overly thick. A V-shaped thatch of black pubic hair dove down between her slightly parted legs, where just a glimpse of lighter-colored flesh was visible.

So absorbed was she, it took Jessica a minute to realize that Marie was trying to get her attention. “I’m sorry, what?”

“I said, so what’s the plan?” responded Marie.

“Rocky’s on it. You girls should probably get dressed,” she said, glancing over again at Celeste. “Eventually.”

For Jane and Marie, getting dressed was a simple matter of retrieving their clothes. For Celeste it was more complex. She had no way of carrying anything with her, so whatever she wore would be her only outfit for awhile. It was easy for her to choose her favorite panties and best bra; after that it got a little more complicated. She actually had a fairly extensive wardrobe, as she was expected to look good for the clients.

She started trying on outfits, and the rest of them gave their opinions and made comments. It turned into kind of a fun game, with Celeste as their human dress-up doll giving them a little fashion show. Part of Jessica felt anxious about this. They were involved in serious business here; what they were doing could potentially put their lives at risk. Should they really be playing around this way, giggling like schoolgirls?

On the other hand, another part of her felt oddly calm. Some intuitive sense within her was telling her not to worry, that everything was going to be fine. So she stayed quiet and let things happen the way they were happening. They had time to kill, anyway.

Suddenly Jessica remembered their coats. There was no practical way to retrieve them without looking suspicious. She decided that they would have to be sacrificed – they were just things, anyway – but then it occurred to her, what if there’s something in one of the pockets that could identify us? That would not be good.

After telling the other three to be ready to go when she got back, Jessica headed down the hallway. Turning the corner, she suddenly found herself looking into the eyes of a pretty blonde who was lying face-down on a table in one of the rooms. Her hands were trussed behind her back and there was a black ball-gag in her mouth. Her eyes were wide, with an almost pleading look to them...and then the door slammed shut.

Something about this encounter shook Jessica for a moment, but then she reminded herself to focus, that time was of the essence. She made her way downstairs and told the maid that she had left something in her coat pocket. When she was led to the coat closet, Jessica went carefully through the pockets of all three coats but came up empty. Satisfied, she started back upstairs, passing two security guards who were conferring in hushed tones. The looks on their faces said that something was wrong; Jessica wondered how much they knew.

When she got back to the room, Celeste was wearing a practical all-black outfit – jeans, T-shirt, and sweater. Almost immediately Jessica’s phone buzzed with a text from Rocky: “It’s go time.” She told Marie, Jane, and Celeste to get ready, and put her phone on flashlight mode. A minute later, there was the sound of an explosion somewhere nearby and the lights went out.

The next few minutes were very surreal. Celeste led them out the door, through a hallway, and down the back stairs to the kitchen. It was completely dark in the mansion, save a glimmer of light coming through one skylight. There were sounds of a commotion and raised voices, but they saw only one person in the hallway – and whoever it was paid no attention to them, passing by in a hurry to get somewhere.

For a couple minutes they waited in the darkened pantry, staying completely quiet, hearing nothing but their own breathing and some distant shouting. Finally another message from Rocky came through – it said simply “OK,” indicating that the back door was unguarded.

They exited through the kitchen and out the door. About a hundred yards away something was on fire, and figures were running towards it. Keeping as close to the walls as possible, they moved quickly but quietly around to the side of the house. As arranged, Rocky had the car waiting for them, idling quietly in the shadows.

They all piled in and the car crept away down the driveway, rolling slowly with the lights off. They all held their breaths, expecting the windows to be shot out at any moment; but it never happened. In a few minutes they reached the end of the drive and turned off onto the highway.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 118

After leaving Jessica’s Ella went into town to pick up a few things at the all-night pharmacy. She liked to shop at odd hours, like late Saturday night, when there aren’t many people around.

On the way home she spotted a familiar figure on the side of the road. It was Lexi, looking lonely and vulnerable on a poorly lit side street, her blonde hair peeking out from underneath a pink knit cap. Ella pulled up alongside her and rolled down the window.

“Hey, Lex,” she said. “Give you a ride somewhere?”

Lexi nodded and climbed into Ella’s SUV, which was pleasantly warm and fragrant. “Just home, please.” She’d had a bit of a rough night. Alone in the house, again, she’d decided to attend the party a classmate had invited her to. But she didn’t know anyone there except for Kat, who was preoccupied with Kaci. Lexi felt shy and out of place, and after wandering from room to room for awhile, she eventually just drifted away into the night and began the trudge home.

She directed Ella to her house, which was just a few blocks away, but when they pulled up in front, she made no move to get out.

“Could I ask you a favor?” said Lexi.

“Of course.”

“My dad’s out of town, and I hate going into the house when there’s nobody there. Would you come in with me for a minute?”

Ella agreed and turned off the engine. Inside, Lexi switched on a few lights and poked her head into each room to make sure no intruders were lurking. “How about a cup of tea?” she asked.

Ella hesitated; she hadn’t planned on staying out any later than this. Then again, her husband and kids would be asleep by now anyway, and a cup of tea did sound nice. She agreed and Lexi smiled warmly, putting the various teas on the table for Ella to choose from.

Sensing that Lexi was lonely, Ella lingered over her tea for a good long time, before finally indicating that she was ready to get going. “OK,” said Lexi, “but can you do me a favor first?”


“Well, this is kind of silly, but sometimes I get scared going into my room when I’m alone. I’m afraid there’s going to be, like, a burglar hiding in there or something. Could you come up with me?”

“Sure,” answered Ella, and they climbed the stairs together and walked down the hall to Lexi’s room. Lexi flipped on the light, and no rapists or monsters jumped out at them.

Ella took a moment to look around. It most ways it was a typical teenage girl’s room, kind of messy with beauty products everywhere and band posters on the walls. But she also had some pretty interesting art in there, Matisse and Magritte and Monet, and Ella found herself revising upward her estimate of Lexi’s intelligence. She wondered whether, though a blonde herself, she had bought in to society’s preconception that blondes were dumber than other people.

Returning her attention to the room, Ella was surprised to see Lexi naked on her hands and knees on the bed, looking back over her shoulder. She was no longer the shy and uncertain girl of a few minutes earlier – the look on her face now was one of sly confidence. “I could really use a good spanking,” she said, her voice a husky growl. “Would you mind?”

Ella sighed with mock resignation. It looked like she wouldn’t be getting home for a while longer. How could you refuse such a request from a beautiful, blond, gloriously nude cheerleader? There was just no way.

The spanking had some real force behind it, though; Ella was a bit annoyed with Lexi for drawing her in this way. She had a busy day coming up, and this little escapade was going to cost her some sleep. On the other hand, her pulse was pounding, her adrenaline was pumping, and her crotch was throbbing; she wasn’t going to be sleeping for awhile anyway, so she might as well enjoy herself.

In the midst of being spanked, Lexi managed to turn herself so that she could unbutton Ella’s jeans and pull them down, then slip a hand between the older woman’s thighs. She was nice and wet there. Lexi slid a finger under the crotch of Ella’s panties and into her pussy, then brought the finger to her own mouth for a taste.

Finishing the spanking with decisive slaps to each butt cheek, Ella flipped Lexi over onto her back. For a moment she just stood looking down at the naked girl on the bed – Lexi reminded her of her younger self, except that Lexi was shorter and bustier. But she had that same look of innocence combined with sensuality that had made Ella a lot of money over the years.

Ella stepped out of her jeans and panties, and pulled off her t-shirt and bra. Leaning over the bed, she kissed Lexi on the mouth, then shifted forward a little so the younger girl could suckle on her tits. Lexi obliged with gusto, licking and nibbling on Ella’s nipples, then opening wide to take in full mouthfuls of boob.

Shifting forward again, Ella trailed her long torso over Lexi’s mouth, then pivoted 180 degrees so that her knees were straddling Lexi’s head. Lexi did not hesitate to stick out her tongue and get to work on the older woman’s pussy.

Reaching down to hold onto Lexi’s ample boobs, Ella ground hard against the cheerleader’s face, covering her nose and mouth in cunt juice. The two of them let out simultaneous moans, and then simultaneous giggles in response.

There was a mirror on the wall to her right in which Ella could see the top of Lexi’s blond head weaving from side to side between her legs. She also had a good angle on her own ass, which she had to say, looked fantastic; all the yoga she’d been doing had paid off.

The top half of Lexi’s body was pinned under Ella but the lower half was squirming, her legs spread wide, pussy obviously desperate for attention. Ella reached her arms out and inserted one finger between Lexi’s pussy lips – feeling the girl stiffen beneath her – then used the fingers of both hands to pry them apart, revealing the bright pink inside.

When Ella very gently brushed one fingertip against Lexi’s clit, Lexi shook so violently that Ella almost lost her balance. So she transferred her weight forward, braced herself with both hands, and leaned down until her head was between Lexi’s legs. Lexi wrapped her arms around Ella, digging her nails into Ella’s back, and they licked each other fiercely until both were spent.

Afterwards Ella crawled up next to Lexi and pulled a blanket over them. Lexi rolled over onto her side and rested her head on Ella’s shoulder. Ella generously waited until she was sure Lexi was asleep before sliding out from underneath, dressing, and finally heading home for the night.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 117

When Jessica had finished with Tara and Ashley, she dressed and went back down to the foyer. Marie was waiting there on the couch; Jane apparently was still otherwise engaged.

As soon as she’d sat down Marie leaned over and whispered in Jessica’s ear. “Can I talk to you?”

“Sure,” said Jessica. “What’s up?”

Marie gestured toward the door with her head. “Outside.” Intrigued, Jessica nodded her assent.

They retrieved their coats and walked out through the front door, past the security guards, or bouncers, or whatever they were. When they had strolled far enough down the driveway to be out of earshot, Marie started talking. “That girl I was with...”

Jessica interrupted. “She looked like she was really something. Was she amazing?”

Marie shook her head. “It wasn’t like that. We ended up just talking. She is from Haiti and speaks French. No English. So she has no one to talk to here. And I don’t get many chances to speak French, so....”

“Did you see her naked, at least?” asked Jessica.

“Don’t be so gauche,” admonished Marie, somewhat sharply. Jessica was taken aback – Marie never spoke to her this way. Something must be up. “Listen, she told me that she is a prisoner here. This place is run by gangsters. Those men at the door, if she tried to escape – they would shoot her.”

They walked on for a bit, looking up at the moon. “I knew something was wrong about this place,” said Jessica.

Marie turned and looked her mistress square in the eye. “We have to help her.”

“What can we do?”

“I don’t know,” admitted Marie. “But we have to do something.”

* * *

When they got back inside, Jane, Mimi, Tara, and The Blonde were waiting for them. Jessica informed Mimi, however, that they would not be leaving.

“We’re, um, going back for seconds,” she said. “I’ll pay my own way this time, of course. We’ll get our own ride home.”

Mimi shrugged. “OK, then. We’re going to head back.” There were hugs and kisses all around, and Mimi and her companions left. Jessica found the hostess and told her that Marie had enjoyed her experience so much, they wanted to get the same girl again, and share her this time.

“Wonderful,” said the hostess. “Please sit, she’ll be with you in just a moment.”

Five minutes later she appeared at the top of the stairs, dressed differently than she had been previously, in a peasant blouse and a long, flowing skirt. Jessica thought that she looked even more beautiful than before. There was a sudden tightness in Jessica’s chest and she realized: Something important is happening here. This is going to change things. And I don’t even know this girl’s name yet!

As she came down the stairs she looked at them quizzically, seeming surprised – but not unhappy – to see them there. “Marie,” she said, and added a couple of sentences in French.

“Oui,” answered Marie, and indicating her mistress said “Jessica.” Then she pointed to Jane and said her name. To Jessica and Jane she said, “This is Celeste.”

“Enchant√©,” said Celeste, curtsying.

“Enchant√©,” replied Jessica, taking Celeste’s hand and kissing it. She smelled delicious and had amazingly soft skin. Jane said hi, but Celeste couldn’t tear her eyes away from Jessica’s. Jessica felt immediately that here was a kindred spirit, someone who she shared a connection with on the deepest level. She had to force herself to break eye contact and stand up.

“Let’s go upstairs,” said Jessica.

Once they were alone in the bedroom – somewhat smaller and less well-appointed than the one Jessica had been in with Ashley – Jessica, with Marie translating, asked Celeste a few questions. Starting with, “How did you get here?”

Celeste told them of a life of poverty and hardship in Haiti. She was the oldest of six siblings, and their father had died in an industrial accident when she was 10. After years of watching her mother struggle, and mostly fail, to make ends meet, she decided to do whatever she could to help the family. So she agreed to a deal where she would be smuggled into the United States and work as a maid so she could send money home. But the smugglers had turned out to be untrustworthy, and she’d ended up here.

“How long have you been here?” asked Jessica.

About six months, came the reply. In that time she had not set foot outside the building, nor had she been able to send a single dime home to her family.

“And so you wish to leave.”

Celeste nodded her head and said firmly, “Oui.”

Jessica got out her phone and, after figuring out where they were, called Rocky and asked if she could come get them. Fortunately she was not engaged, though it would take her about an hour to get there.

In the meantime, Jessica tried to think strategically. Before coming back inside she and Marie had walked around to the back of the house. There was a back door, but it was also guarded, though only with a single guard. They needed a plan, but Jessica was finding it hard to think straight in Celeste’s presence. She was tempted to say, well, we have an hour to kill, why don’t we just....

But it wouldn’t have been appropriate in this situation. She already felt a little bit guilty about Ashley, and about this whole setup. She decided then and there that she was through paying for sex. There was a thrill to it, but she didn’t want to do it anymore.

When Rocky finally texted that she had arrived, Jessica went down to talk to her, leaving Marie and Jane with Celeste. As she walked down the stairs in front of the house she felt like the security guards were watching her, like they knew something was up. But how could they?

Jessica slid into the front passenger seat of the limo and took a few minutes to explain the situation to Rocky. When she was done, Rocky replied, “Ooh, an adventure! I’m in. What’s your plan?” Jessica had to admit that she didn’t really have one.

Rocky took a minute to look around at the mansion and its grounds. “First we need to cut the power. That should be easy enough. But a place like this will have a generator, so we'll need to deal with that. And create some kind of distraction, maybe a fire.” She paused. “I have a can of gas in back.”

Turning back to look to her right, Rocky saw Jessica staring at her in utter amazement. She shrugged. “I used to hang around with some bad people who did bad stuff. But I paid my debt to society. I’ve been on the straight and narrow for 10 years. I mean, relatively. But since this is for a good cause....”

They talked over a few details and Jessica turned to go. “Thanks,” she said. “And good luck.”

“Vaya con Dios,” said Rocky. “See you on the other side.”

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 116

After getting home from shopping, Kat had taken a shower and a nap, and then had dinner with the family. Another classmate was having another party that night, so after dinner she borrowed her mom’s car – promising to be be careful and keep the drinking to a minimum – and made her way across town.

It took her a while to find the house, which was in a neighborhood she’d never been to before, on a one-way street that was hard to access. She finally pulled up in front of a somewhat rundown but spacious suburban home with a giant oak tree out front.

The party was crowded and loud and for a second Kat thought, maybe I’m not in the mood for this. But then she saw Kaci, who immediately ran over and gave her a big hug. 

As the two of them walked to the kitchen together to get drinks, Kaci told Kat that she and her boyfriend had had a big fight the night before and broken up. She implied that the fight had been precipitated by Kaci’s flirting with Kat. “He’s such a jerk,” said Kaci. “He said some really mean things about you.”

“Like what?” asked Kat.

“I don’t want to say.”

“It’s alright,” Kat reassured her. “Just tell me.”

Kaci leaned a little closer. “He said you were a cunt-munching whore.”

Kat grinned. “That’s so not true,” she said. “I never take money for it.”

Kaci giggled. “You’re so funny.” Just then new song with a heavy bassline came on the stereo, and Kaci grabbed Kat’s hand and led her to the living room, where people were dancing.

The two of them spent the next couple hours dancing together, pretty much ignoring everyone else around them, getting closer and closer, dancing dirtier and dirtier. At one point Kaci openly rubbed her crotch on Kat’s thigh, and Kat grinned to herself – she knew what was going to happen here, but there was no reason to be in a hurry about it.

Later, during a particularly long and funky James Brown song, Kat saw Lexi across the room. She nodded a greeting, but quickly returned her attention to the matter at hand. Kaci’s tits were bobbing rhythmically, her erect nipples plainly visible under her t-shirt. Kat imagined what they were going to feel like in her mouth, and realized that she was actually drooling. It was time to close the deal.

When the song ended, Kaci collapsed onto the couch in the corner, exhausted. Kat wiped the sweat from her brow and went to the kitchen, where she grabbed two bottles of beer. For a few minutes she and Kaci just sat together, sipping their delicious cold beverages, recharging their batteries. Then Kat abruptly stood, helped Kaci up from the couch, and wrapped one hand around Kaci’s skinny arm.

Weaving through the crowd, Kat steered Kaci down a hallway and up a flight of stairs, then another. She wanted to find a nice private place, and finally settled on a quiet third-floor bedroom lit only by a nightlight in the corner.

After gently removing Kaci’s glasses and sitting them on a bedside table, Kat leaned forward to kiss her. Kaci kissed back aggressively, sloppily, and with lots of tongue. It was a couple minutes before Kat could break away long enough to pull Kaci’s t-shirt off. She was braless underneath, and her tits were perfect little handfuls, so Kat took one in each hand and squeezed, tweaking the nipples to make them even harder.

Sitting Kaci down on the bed, Kat bent down and spent some quality time with her breasts. They were delightfully soft, smooth, and sweet-tasting, with just a hint of salt from her sweat. Kaci whimpered softly and ran her fingers through Kat’s green hair. Kat ran one hand up Kaci’s thigh to her crotch; it was quite damp, the liquid soaking through the fabric of her jeans. She was ready.

Kat unbuttoned Kaci’s jeans and helped her wriggle out of them; they were tight enough that it was a bit of a struggle. Now Kaci was on her back, wearing only a black thong and black-and-white-striped socks. Kat reached down and slid her hands up Kaci’s tender thighs. Then she ran her thumbs along Kaci’s hipbones and hooked them into the waistband of the thong.

Tossing the thong aside, Kat pushed one index finger between Kaci’s pussy lips, feeling her muscles reflexively contract. She was extremely tight – that boyfriend of hers must have a tiny dick, Kat thought.

Kat continued to finger-fuck Kaci as she fell to her knees and ran her tongue gently all around Kaci’s belly and pelvis. Kaci squirmed and moaned, her breathing coming heavy and ragged. When Kat rubbed her thumb against Kaci’s clit, Kaci came like a freight train. This poor girl is on a hair trigger, thought Kat. Poor thing, I bet her man never makes her come.

Kat gave Kaci 30 seconds to savor the orgasm, then got to work with her tongue. Feeling generous, she made Kaci come three more times before she came up for air. Kaci didn’t move for awhile, just lay there with a dreamy look on her face. “Holy shit,” she said as she finally sat up. “You don’t mess around.”

Kaci was eager to reciprocate, and Kat happily let herself be undressed and stretched out on the bed to receive her just desserts. This was Kaci’s first time sucking another woman’s breasts, and she found that she quite liked it – the feel of the soft flesh in her mouth, the hard nipple pressing against her tongue. She got so caught up in that Kat eventually had to push her head down to encourage her to explore further south.

Upon arriving between Kat’s legs, Kaci spent a little time just staring at her pussy from a few inches away. This was all a new experience for her. Is that what mine looks like, she wondered? The smell was familiar, but subtly different too. Finally Kaci bent forward and placed a kiss on Kat’s blond mons, then extended her tongue and took her first tentative taste.

Kat sighed and opened her legs all the way. Kaci was slow at first, exploring the territory, figuring out what made Kat feel good. But after a while she got into it, pushing her tongue deep inside for awhile, then lapping gently at Kat’s clit.

Suddenly something caught Kat’s attention out of the corner of her eye. Out in the hallway, there was a movement in the shadows. She thought she saw a face, but it was hard to make anything out in the dim light.

In fact, they were now being watched by Kaci’s boyfriend – or, technically, ex-boyfriend – Steven. He’d arrived at the party about 15 minutes previously, drunk and angry, looking to find Kaci and tell her a thing or two. When people told him that she had last been seen with Kat, he got even madder and went looking for them. But now that he had found them, he could do nothing but stand and watch as Kaci’s head bobbed up and down between Kat’s legs.

For a second Kat was freaked out at being spied on, but Kaci was doing such a good job, Kat didn’t want to break her rhythm. So she said fuck it, who cares, and after a minute it started to feel kind of sexy knowing that someone was watching them. Just then a car came down the street, and for a split second the light from the headlights illuminated the room, revealing Steven standing in the doorway with his erect cock in his hand. A strange, knowing look passed between them, and then it was dark again.

Immediately Kat was hit with an orgasm that almost knocked her unconscious. By the time she opened her eyes again, Steven was gone. The two girls crawled under the covers and cuddled for awhile. Kat debated whether to tell Kaci that Steven had been there, but ended up deciding against it. It seemed now like some weird dream she’d had; she didn’t feel 100% sure that it had really happened.

By this time it was getting late and the party was breaking up, so they got dressed and said their goodbyes. Kat got the feeling, she didn’t know why, that this was probably a one-time thing. And that was fine; she’d had fun, but there was still a whole world to explore.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 115

Mimi’s limo arrived to pick up Jessica, Jane, and Marie at about 8:30, only a little late. The three of them swept through the lobby in their fur coats, drawing admiring stares from everyone they passed. Jessica felt like the queen of the world. She even waved regally at Josie behind the front desk; Josie waved back enthusiastically and then looked away, embarrassed.

A light snow was falling as they exited the hotel. There was no missing the limo waiting for them – it was the biggest and, somehow, the blackest that Jessica had ever seen. The driver, an enormous black man – at least 6 foot 6 – nodded to them and opened the door.

The three of them sat down facing the rear of the vehicle, opposite Mimi, Tara, and The Blonde. Settling back into her seat – the leather was the softest she’s ever felt – Jessica got the strangest feeling. It was like this was all too much – too decadent, beyond the pale. It was all wrong somehow. But they were here now, the car was pulling out onto the street, so she shook it off.

They all had a cocktail, and then another, as the limo left the city and cruised down a dark, tree-lined highway. Jessica had no idea where they were going, and this bothered her a little bit; she liked to be in control of these kinds of things. She could have checked her phone but made a conscious decision not to – instead she concentrated on her cool, delicious beverage and the five beautiful women she was with. Tara, in particular, looked extremely fetching tonight; she was wearing a chic black dress that showed off her lovely shoulders.

In her mind’s eye Jessica pictured Tara dropping to her knees, crawling across the floor of the limo, and diving between Jessica’s legs. She probably could have made this fantasy a reality just by asking. But at the moment she was content just to imagine, let her mind wander.

By Jessica’s reckoning it was just under an hour later when they made their way down a long, meandering driveway to an imposing old mansion – dating from the 1930s, she guessed. It looked like something out of The Great Gatsby.

After leaving the limo they climbed a flight of stairs to the front door, which was flanked by two imposing-looking men in suits and sunglasses. Mimi nodded to them and the one on the left moved his head, just barely visibly, in response. Apparently they were expected.

In the expansive foyer they were greeted by a glamorous-looking redhead in an old-fashioned red gown. She was tall to begin with and was wearing extremely high heels, so she towered over all of them, smiling pleasantly but a little intimidating nonetheless.

She took Mimi’s hand and kissed her softly on each cheek. “A pleasure to see you again.”

“I’m glad to be here,” said Mimi. “I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to this.”

An older woman in a maid’s uniform took their coats, and their hostess invited them to be seated on a large sofa against one wall. “Do you have anything in particular in mind?” she asked.

Mimi shook her head. “No, let’s see the selection.”

“Very good.” The redhead walked to the corner of the room and rang a bell. Almost immediately, women began to appear, one by one, each one more beautiful than the last. Within five minutes there were maybe 25 of them arrayed across one side of the room, up the stairs leading to the second floor, and on the balcony above. Every race and color was represented, and every size – from a slip of a girl who looked about four feet tall, to a six-foot-plus amazon with powerful shoulders. Jessica shook her head in amazement.

Gesturing toward the gathered throng, Mimi said, “As our guest, first choice is yours.”

Feeling magnanimous, Jessica told Marie that she could go first. After taking a minute to look around, Marie pointed to the top of the stairs. Halfway hidden in the shadows was a black girl who Jessica hadn’t even noticed, but she could tell immediately that Marie had made an excellent choice. This woman was not just beautiful – with dark creamy skin, perfect cheekbones, and a mane of long black hair – but had a regal quality, a bearing that made her seem like mistress of all she surveyed.

The dark-skinned beauty made her way down the stairs, moving gracefully and fluidly, growing more lovely with every step closer. As she approached, Jessica could see that her eyes were an incongruous but dazzling bright blue. Despite her color there was something vaguely Asian about her features; it was almost as if all the best qualities of the world’s women had been combined in one person. When she took Marie’s hand and led her away Jessica almost followed them, but then she thought, no, let Marie have this treat to herself – she deserves it.

Jane chose next, picking a very slim, petite Asian girl who to Jessica’s eye looked Thai. Then it was Jessica’s turn, but she felt a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. After a couple minutes of indecision, Jessica looked over at Mimi and her entourage, who were being polite but clearly growing impatient. Suddenly she was struck with an idea. She walked over and whispered in Mimi’s ear; Mimi shrugged and said, “Fine with me.”

Mimi turned to Tara and said “Your turn.” Tara knew exactly what she wanted; she pointed to a cutie in a plaid skirt with light brown hair and glasses. She looked maybe 19; she could just as well have been one of the cheerleaders back home, thought Jessica. As the girl came toward them, Mimi said to Tara, “She’s with you,” indicating Jessica.

Tara smiled and nodded her head. “Cool.”

“Hi, my name’s Ashley,” said the girl, a trace of Southern accent audible in her speech. “How are you all doing today?”

“We’re doing great,” answered Tara, unabashedly staring at Ashley’s swaying ass as she preceded them up the stairs. “I’m Tara, by the way.”

Jessica introduced herself as well, and Ashley led them to a spacious, luxuriously furnished bedroom. “Would you ladies like a drink? I can have something brought up.” Jessica asked for a martini, Tara for a margarita; Ashley picked up a tablet that was on a bedside table and fiddled with it for a few seconds before putting it back and turning to them. “So...what can I do for you today?” She emphasized the word “I,” stretching it out so it sounded like “Aaaah.”

Tara looked at Jessica, who said, “Actually, I’d just like to watch for awhile.” She took a seat at the table that occupied one corner of the room.

Tara thought for a moment and said, “You know what, me too.” She sat down in the other chair and leaned back. “Ashley, dear, why don’t you get naked for us? Slowly, please.”

Ashley obediently began to strip, starting with her blouse. She had wonderful, full tits that were encased in a black lace push-up bra. She reached behind her to unclasp it, then shrugged her shoulders and let the bra gently slide down and off. Cupping her breasts in her hands, she lifted one to her mouth and licked her nipple, looking Tara straight in the eye.

“Oh, my,” said Tara delightedly. “You’re a bad girl, aren’t you?”

Ashley nodded as she raised the other breast to her mouth, this time making eye contact with Jessica.  Just then there was a knock at the door, and Ashley said. “Come on in.”

The door opened and the lady in the maid’s uniform entered bearing a tray of drinks. She sat the drinks down on the table, glanced briefly at Ashley’s naked chest, smiled at her, and left.

Jessica and Tara clinked glasses and said, “What color panties do you think she’s wearing? I say pink.”

Jessica shook her head. “White, definitely.”

They both looked over at Ashley, who lifted her skirt to display a pair of classic white cotton panties. “Damn,” said Tara. “Oh well, you can’t win them all.”

Ashley pulled the skirt up over her head and off  – it took some doing for her to get it over her boobs, but she managed. “Show us your ass,” said Tara. In response, Ashley walked over next to Tara, bending over so her butt was just inches from Tara’s face. Tara enthusiastically smacked her rump with an open hand, then hooked one finger into the waistband of her panties and began to pull them down.

Once the panties hit the ground, Tara spun Ashley around to face them. Her neatly trimmed pubic hair was a little darker than the hair on her head. Tara planted a kiss right on her pubis and said, “Now go sit down on the bed.” Ashley complied, posing with one finger in her mouth, looking adorably young and innocent.

“Legs apart,” ordered Tara, so Ashley reached down, put one hand on each knee, and slowly spread them. “Mmmm, nice,” said Tara, licking her lips and staring at the younger girl’s sweet pink pussy. “Now finger yourself.”

Ashley pushed a finger slowly between her pussy lips, again gazing into the eyes of each of her clients in turn.This girl is certainly not shy, thought Jessica. She found herself wondering how Ashley had gotten here...or whatever her real name was. She wondered if she should feel guilty about this, if this girl was being exploited. Most likely she was, but what could be done about it?

She looked over at Tara. There were no such doubts in Tara’s eyes; they were burning bright with pure lust as she said to Ashley, “Show me that finger.” Ashley pulled it out of her pussy and held it in the air. “Now clean it off.”

With a knowing grin that suddenly made her seem much older, Ashley brought the finger to her mouth and extended her tongue. She slowly and carefully licked all the girl juice off it, then just sat there with her finger in her mouth, looking at once innocent and debased.

After gulping down the last of her margarita, Tara stood and approached the bed. She dropped to her knees and leaned forward to taste Ashley’s cunt. “Oh my God,” she said, prying Ashley’s labia apart with her fingers. “So good!”

Ashley gazed steadily at Jessica as Tara ate her pussy. Did she feel powerful in this moment, Jessica wondered? It seemed like she did. Tara slurped away hungrily, seemingly intoxicated by the taste of the younger girl’s slit; Ashley’s mouth had formed into an “O” and her breath had quickened a little, but she otherwise seemed calm and impassive.

Finally, though, Tara focused in on Ashley’s clit and Ashley’s eyes went glassy. She let herself fall back onto the bed and let out her first audible moan. Jessica pondered. Her pussy was burning. Should I? she thought.

To hell with it, she decided. There’s no point pretending I’m not a part of this. She stripped off her pants and panties and went to sit on Ashley’s face.


Friday, July 24, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 114

After breakfast, Kat, Kelly, and Lexi went into town together to do some Christmas shopping, while Olivia and Ana left to return to their respective homes. There were warm hugs all around, and a few tears were shed; this was the end of an era, after all.

As she walked Olivia dialed Gina’s number. She was hoping that they would be able to get together that evening, as Olivia’s parents were on a weekend trip, giving her a rare opportunity to spend the night. But Gina hadn’t returned her calls or texts for the last couple days, and this worried her – especially since in her last mental image of Gina, Gina was in bed with Claire.

The phone rang and rang, and Olivia was just about to give up when she heard Gina’s voice on the other end. “Hi, it’s me,” said Olivia, and when Gina answered, she did not exactly sound overjoyed. This worried Olivia further still.

They caught up for a few minutes before Gina finally got around to what she had to say. Olivia had been right to be worried; Gina and Claire had been spending a lot of time together, and soon it was clear to Olivia that she was being dumped. “I care about you very much,” said Gina, “but Claire is an adult and we can have a real relationship. What you and I had could never last, isn’t that obvious?”

Olivia had to agree that it was, though it didn’t make her not feel hurt. When they finally hung up Olivia felt the tears welling up in her eyes, but she was determined to make it home before succumbing. As soon as she arrived she went to her room and lay on her bed bawling for the better part of an hour. She was surprised at the depth of the feelings this turn of events brought out in her. She guessed she had been somewhat in denial about how much Gina meant to her. On a rational level, she knew that this breakup was inevitable; but on an emotional level, it still stung.

When at last she felt cried out, Olivia stripped and took a long, hot shower. She felt, all at once, angry, defiant, resolute, sad, and strangely invigorated. By the time she was drying herself off she had come to a decision: she would get laid tonight, come hell or high water. She went through a mental list of possible candidates but came up empty; everyone was busy, out of town, or just not right for the occasion for one reason or another.

After getting dressed she sat down at her computer, got on the local Craigslist, and composed a short but sweet post for the “Women Seeking Women” section: “18 y.o. hottie looking for older woman to play with. Let’s have some fun tonight.” She attached a selfie of her tits and sat back in her chair, hardly believing what she’d just done.

* * *

That evening Samantha, Betty Ann, Janice, and Ella had managed to carve out a little personal time for themselves. The Christmas season was in full swing; they had been busy preparing for the holiday all week and tomorrow would be Christmas Eve, marking the beginning of a long series of commitments and obligations; but tonight was just for them, to rest and recharge their batteries.

Janice had the keys to Jessica’s house while she was gone, so they gathered there, drinking wine and watching bad TV. Everyone was a little horny but also very tired, so nobody made the first move.

Most of them were content but Janice was restless. This night was special, she felt, a few stolen hours that should be used for something. As the others watched TV she sat there with an iPad in her lap, initially watching porn, but nothing she found held her interest. But then she decided to get real and looked on the “Women Seeking Women” section of the local Craigslist. In their little town there was rarely anything of interest there; but tonight there was a post from an “18 y.o. hottie,” and though it was likely just bullshit, where was the harm in giving it a shot? Janice composed a quick response and sent it off, expecting nothing, but happy at just having tried.

* * *

In the late afternoon Olivia had fallen asleep for a couple of hours, and when she woke up the first thing she did was check her messages. She was disappointed, though also maybe a little relieved, to find no response to her post. She made herself a cup of tea and flipped on the TV, then sat watching stupid reality shows for the better part of 90 minutes.

At this point she was starting to feel fidgety, so she went to check her messages again, and this time there was one. “Hi there sweetie pie,” it said. “Come party with me.” The message included an attachment, a picture of a brown-haired beaver, and an address. Steeling her nerves, Olivia sent an affirmative response and went to her room to pick out clothes. She settled on a tight tank top and her shortest skirt, then touched up her lip gloss and slipped on her mother’s full-length overcoat – it was cold outside.

The address was on a street Olivia recognized, maybe a half-mile away, and the whole time she was walking she tried to talk herself out of what she was doing. “This is crazy,” she told herself. “This is how you get murdered, or kidnapped, or sold into slavery.” But her feet just kept moving, seemingly of their own accord.

It was only as she was walking up the driveway that she realized why the address had seemed familiar – this was Jessica’s house. This gave her pause. It would be embarrassing to show up this way, looking like someone who fucked random strangers – which maybe she was now, or wanted to be, but she didn’t want to advertise it to people she knew.

On the other hand, her pussy had been warming up the whole way over, as she imagined all the things that might happen to her – some of them terrible, some of them amazing, and there wasn’t always a clear line between the two. Plus it was freezing out, and she didn’t relish the prospect of walking back home. So she went up to the front door.

Even so, she paused. She could see people inside and couldn’t quite bring herself to ring the doorbell. But just then Janice spotted her and came to the door.

The door swung open to reveal Janice standing there with a triumphant, leering smile. “Well well well,” she said. “Isn’t this a coincidence.”

Janice gestured for Olivia to enter and helped her off with her coat. Seeing Ella, Samantha, and Betty there, Olivia blushed. They all said hi and she said hi back, then there were a few seconds of awkward silence. Finally Janice spoke up. “I knew you were a slut, Olivia,” she said, “but I didn’t know you were this much of a slut.”

Olivia’s face reddened a little more, and she felt an electric rush between her legs. Being called a slut always made her either really mad or really excited, and this was one of the latter.

Janice moved aggressively now. She was a pretty aggressive person normally, and even more so when she’d been drinking; tonight she was on her fourth margarita. She stripped off Olivia’s top and slapped her boobs a little to make them bounce. Then she found a pair of nipple clamps and clipped them on, turning Olivia around and bending her over the couch.

In this position the short skirt did not begin to cover Olivia’s ass, which was now high in the air. Janice gave it a few good smacks, then hooked her fingers into the waistband of Olivia’s panties and pulled them off.

After pausing to take a long pull on her margarita, Janice handcuffed Olivia’s hands behind her back and began to browse through Jessica’s implements of discipline.

“Sluts like you need to be punished,” asserted Janice. “I think we can all agree on that.” There was a murmur of assent from the crowd, and even Olivia nodded her head. Yes, she thought, I do need this. I deserve it. I want it, even.

After a minute Janice settled on the tawse and lifted it into the air, taking a few practice swings and bringing it up against Olivia’s rear to measure the distance. Then the punishment began.

Janice was not as gentle as Jessica normally was. Olivia’s ass quickly turned bright red and Janice kept up a steady rhythm, alternating cheeks, pausing occasionally only to reach down and run her hand across Olivia’s pussy, which was increasingly sopping wet.

Olivia’s cries grew louder and more anguished, and Betty and Samantha exchanged glances, wondering if they should put a stop to this. Olivia was their daughters’ friend and teammate, after all. But the look in Olivia’s eyes said she was OK. In fact, she was glad to have the emotional pain she’d been feeling replaced with physical pain. She was a little sad when Janice finally left off; she had surrendered fully to the moment, eyes closed, completely out of time.

When Olivia opened her eyes Janice was standing over her, naked from the waist down. She grabbed a handful of Olivia’s hair and pulled the younger girl’s head into her crotch. Olivia went happily to work there, breathing in the mingled smell of girl juice and sweat. Janice gripped Olivia’s head tightly, mashing her clit against Olivia’s face, smothering Olivia with her wet hole. Finally the orgasm hit her and Janice released the younger girl, who came up gasping for air but with a looking serene, beautiful, even dignified.

“OK,” said Janice, licking her lips. “Who’s next?”

Betty, Ella, and Samantha all deferred to each other, trying to be polite. Ella finally shrugged her shoulders and said, “I’ll go.”

Janice had opened another drawer and now fastened a collar around Olivia’s neck, hooked a leash into the collar, and handed the leash to Ella. Smiling her most dazzling supermodel smile, Ella slowly wound the leash around her hand, drawing Olivia closer. Olivia struggled forward on her knees, hands still bound behind her back, until she was kneeling at Ella’s feet. Ella leaned forward and gave her a warm, wet, delicious kiss.

Now Ella stood, shucked off her jeans and panties, and settled back down on the couch with her legs spread wide. She tugged on the leash and Olivia scooted forward, bending down to kiss and lick Ella’s wonderful thighs. Her thighs were the best: long, strong, soft, and smooth. Olivia lavished them with attention for so long that Ella finally grew impatient, yanking on the leash to pull Olivia's mouth over to her crotch.

Olivia got the message and ran her tongue across Ella’s slit. She tasted amazing, like candy, and Olivia needed no further encouragement, attacking Ella’s pussy with gusto.

Janice, meanwhile, had equipped herself with a strap-on and now got down onto one knee behind Olivia. She pried Olivia open with two fingers and slipped the tip of the dildo inside. Olivia’s entire body went rigid, then slowly relaxed as Janice eased the rest of the way in.

Ella and Olivia both had multiple orgasms, and when Janice pulled out Olivia sat back onto her haunches, feeling pretty well satisfied. But Janice wasn’t going to let her get away without servicing the other two ladies present. It was getting pretty late by the time the party broke up, and Janice invited Olivia to spend the night there at Jessica’s with her.

Olivia accepted, and when they crawled into bed together, it felt surprisingly natural. Olivia found Janice every bit as tender as she had earlier been strict. She rested her head on Janice’s shoulder and Janice wrapped both arms around her. Olivia felt comforted, and drifted off into a quiet and restful slumber.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 113

Jessica, Jane, and Marie slept well past noon; Josie had slipped out stealthily in the late morning. After a room-service brunch Jessica gave Marie and Jane a half-hour to digest, then announced that they were going to be punished for their behavior of the night before.

Both of them found this puzzling; as far as they knew, they had been acting in perfect accord with their mistress’s wishes the previous evening. She had certainly never expressed any displeasure at the time, but they knew better than to talk back. Instead they stripped naked and adjourned to the bedroom as instructed.

Jessica, of course, didn’t really think that the girls had misbehaved; she simply wanted to punish them, for reasons of her own. Partly, she wanted to test out her new whip. Partly, she felt that they’d all had it too easy lately; she wanted to punish Jane and Marie in a way that no one would enjoy, not even herself. And there was a third reason too.

She had each of the servants stretch out face-down on one of the beds, facing the middle of the room. Then she tied them head and foot to the bedposts and unpacked the whip, feeling its weight in her hand, experimentally swishing it through the air. There was a leather ottoman in the corner, and Jessica used it to test her dexterity with the new instrument, trying to find the right amount of force. With every blow there was the satisfying crack of leather on leather, and she could see Jane and Marie wince, their eyes widen.

When she felt ready she stood between the beds and said, “Eenie, meenie, minie....” The arrow landed on Marie, and Jessica ran the length of the whip a couple times up and down the length of the younger woman’s body, making her shudder and whimper quietly. Then she brought it down with a resounding “fwap” on the soft flesh of Marie’s rear. Marie yelped and bit her lip, then exhaled loudly as the pain subsided.

Turning to Jane, Jessica again stroked her body softly with the whip, letting her feel the texture of the leather on her skin. She dragged the whip across Jane’s back, butt, and thighs, gently, gently...and just when Jane had closed her eyes, surrendering to the sensual pleasure of it, Jessica raised the whip and delivered a solid stroke. Jane’s eyes flew open and she looked up, surprised at the force of the blow. She was also surprised by the look in Jessica’s eyes. Usually Jessica delivered punishment with a sense of playfulness, affection even. Today she just looked cold and hard.

Jessica alternated strikes of the whip between the two of them, each lash just a little harder than the last, sometimes opening up new areas of their bodies, sometimes returning to places already throbbing red. Marie and Jane’s cries grew progressively louder and more pitiful, their bodies stiffening with each impact, until finally they began to beg. “Please, no more,” whimpered Marie, tears in her eyes.

“What did we do?” pleaded Jane, immediately regretting it. She knew that no answer was forthcoming, and that she would probably be punished all the more for questioning.

In reply, Jessica simply found two ball gags and silenced their protests. In truth, she had been about ready to stop. But she couldn’t go soft on them now. Turning toward Jane, she raised her arm high into the air....

And there was a loud knock on the main door of the suite. Jessica paused, cocked her head, waited. The knock repeated. Finally, Jessica put the whip down and went to answer it.

Marie and Jane couldn’t see anything from where they were, but they heard the door open, and could make out the dialogue that followed:

“How can I help you?” asked Jessica.

A female voice answered. “The hotel informs us that there have been several complaints about noise coming from this suite. The sound of human screams, specifically.”

“Oh,” said Jessica, doing her best to sound surprised. “Well, there’s nothing untoward going on here, officer, I can assure you of that.”

“I’d like to come in and have a look around.”

“Don’t you need a warrant for that?” protested Jessica.

“Actually, ma’am, I don’t. This is a hotel, and all I need is clearance from the management.”

“I see,” said Jessica, sounding chastened. “Well, sure, go ahead.”

It was quiet for a minute after that, and when the police officer finally came into the bedroom, she stood for a moment looking down at the bound, naked women. She looked stunned, momentarily paralyzed. Moving quickly and quietly, Jessica crept up behind her and snagged the gun from her holster.

Marie and Jane gazed on in horror as Jessica turned the gun on the policewoman. Conditioned as they were to obedience, they would have said something or done something, had they been in any position to. As it was, all they could do was moan through their gags.

Jessica bobbed the barrel of the pistol and barked in a commanding tone, “Strip.” After a few tense seconds, the officer began to unbutton her shirt. Worried as they were, Marie and Jane could not help but note that this officer was very attractive – in her late 20s, blond, with long legs and nice full tits that were soon released from her bra.

The officer paused again, and again Jessica waved the gun at her. “Let’s go, blondie.”

Off came her pants, revealing a skimpy pair of pink panties that did not look very professional. She hooked one finger into the waistband, pulled the panties down and off, and tossed them aside. She finished by pulling off her hat and shaking out her long blond mane. If they hadn’t been so shocked by everything that was transpiring, Jane and Marie might have noticed that this was less like someone being held prisoner than a striptease.

Looking her naked captive up and down, Jessica gestured again with the gun. “On your knees.” The officer complied. Moving carefully over to where the pants lay on the floor, Jessica located the handcuffs dangling from them. With the barrel of the gun pressed against the back of the officer’s head, Jessica pulled her arms behind her back with one hand and dextrously cuffed them together.

Flashing an evil grin, Jessica untied the sash of her robe, pulled it off, and let it fall to the floor. Next to the ottoman in the corner was a leather-backed chair, which Jessica now sat on, spreading her legs wide and gesturing toward her crotch with the gun. “Eat my pussy,” she ordered.

The officer crawled forward on her knees until she was between Jessica’s legs. Jessica grabbed a handful of blond hair and used it to pull the attached head toward her, gripping it between her thighs.

Marie and Jane continued to look on helplessly, scarcely able to believe what they were witnessing. Jessica leaned back in the chair and ran the gun through the “officer’s” hair as she was serviced. But of course it was a toy gun, and this was no police officer; in fact it was a prostitute, a friend of Erica’s. Jessica and Erica had cooked up this scenario between them the night before, as she would explain to Jane and Marie when it was all over.

In the meantime, they could tell by Jessica’s face that she was close to orgasm; she sat the gun down on a bedside table and used both hands to tweak her nipples. When she came she released her grip on the blonde, who sat back, face smeared with pussy juice, looking dazed but still beautiful.

After a minute’s recovery Jessica stood and bent the blonde forward over the chair. Then she went to get Magic. Loud as Jane and Marie’s screams had been, the “officer’s” cries as she was pounded from behind were even louder. Jessica half-expected a real police officer to show up.

After fucking the ersatz policewoman senseless, Jessica offered her a drink, then had Jane and Marie lick her pussy. In this way they pleasantly passed most of the afternoon.


Friday, June 12, 2015

A Note to Readers

Dear Readers,

You may have noticed that this blog has been a bit more productive lately, and I am hopeful that this trend will continue in the future. In the meantime, there will be a few weeks of silence while we get some things figured out around here. I am excited about some of the upcoming storylines, and I thank you in advance for your patience.

I hope you will keep in mind that reader feedback is a writer’s lifeblood. I always enjoy hearing from you, whether through the comments on this site on by email at adonlibere(at)

Thank you for reading, and wishing you many happy orgasms.


Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 112

After having some sexy dreams, Kat woke up feeling extremely horny – which was not an unusual occurrence for her, but this was an especially acute case. She had been sleeping on a couch in Jackie’s living room, and on the other couch – perpendicular to hers – Lexi was still snoozing away, naked under a blue comforter.

Sliding off the couch with a blanket still wrapped around her, Kat pulled the comforter down to expose Lexi’s breasts. Her chest rose and fell, rose and fell; her face looked angelic in repose. Kat leaned forward to very softly kiss and lick her nipples, which began to reflexively harden. Lexi let out a little whimper and shifted her position slightly, but didn’t really wake up.

So Kat pulled the blanket down further and kissed her way down Lexi’s torso, across her navel, and down her abdomen to her crotch. When Kat rubbed her nose in the soft blond pubic hair, Lexi curled her toes and whimpered again, still in dreamland.

Lexi’s legs were naturally somewhat open, and Kat eased them a little further apart, then began to gently lick her inner thighs. The skin was exquisitely soft there, but not as soft as the pink flesh between her legs, which Kat now glided the tip of her tongue across. Lexi moaned slightly louder; she was somewhat awake now, aware that something was happening between her legs, though not sure exactly what.

Kat was patient and considerate; she took her time bringing Lexi to a slow-building and delicious orgasm. Then, after generously allowing Lexi a good 30 seconds to bask in the afterglow, she hopped up on the couch and stationed her wet pussy directly over Lexi’s face, clearly indicating that she was ready for it to be licked. Lexi, who was nothing if not fair-minded, was only too happy to oblige.

They were not the only ones having a pleasurable interlude that morning. Jackie and Sara were 69ing in the master bedroom at that very moment. Sara, who was on top, had just had a powerful climax and was resting her head on Jackie’s thigh, not moving. Meanwhile, in the guest room, Olivia, Kelly, and Adriana – who had shared the king-sized bed – were just stirring.

Ana, who was in the middle, woke first and found the other two huddled up against her. She had been sleeping on her left side and Kelly was in front her, butt up against Ana’s crotch, while Olivia was behind her, boobs pressing into Ana’s back. It was a wonderful place to be and Ana stayed in place so as not to disturb anyone; but she did reach one hand in front of her to fondle Kelly’s tits while sliding the other behind her to slip between Olivia’s legs.

They both responded, perhaps unconsciously; Olivia sighed and parted her legs slightly, while Kelly mumbled something incomprehensible and giggled. Ana moved her right hand down to cup Kelly’s crotch and soon she was finger-fucking both girls, feeling them grow wetter by the second. Olivia, beginning to waken, nibbled on Ana’s neck while snaking one arm around to pinch Ana’s nipples. Kelly appeared to still be dreaming, but the look on her face said it was a good dream.

Olivia’s hand traced tenderly down Ana’s ribcage, across her belly – which quivered in response – and down to her crotch. There was an audible squish as two of Olivia’s fingers slipped inside Ana and from there it was a race to the finish. But Ana had a head start and before long Kelly and Olivia came almost simultaneously.

The strength of Olivia’s orgasm took her by surprise – Ana had strong and talented hands – and she completely forgot what she had been doing. But after she’d had a minute to gather her wits she propped herself up on one arm and locked eyes with Kelly. They nodded to each other and together dove under the covers, meeting up between Adriana’s legs. Once there they paid long and careful attention to making sure their sister cheerleader was fully satisfied.

A half-hour later, when everyone in the house had had their fill of pussy, they all gathered for breakfast. Sara made huge piles of pancakes and bacon, while Jackie poured them all mimosas. Technically she could have lost her job for serving students alcohol, but then when she thought back over all the fireable offenses she’d committed that year, it made for quite a long list. And yet here she was, still standing, and having enjoyed pleasures most people couldn’t even conceive of.

They all lifted their glasses and Jackie made a toast. “To the best cheerleading squad there’s ever been,” she said. “And I think, maybe, the best there ever will be. Cheers!”

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 111

Jessica ended up getting trapped in the bedroom for the next two hours. First Chantelle brought a friend in to try out the magic strap-on; then that girl went and brought another friend; then the French girls got involved. Jessica let them do most of the work, but by the time she finally put on a robe and went to the kitchen for ice water, she was pretty spent.

As she stood there sipping the cold beverage, she had to smile at herself. Listen to me complain, she thought. No one wants to hear how hard it is fucking all these lingerie models. It’s good work if you can get it.

There was a loud knock at the front door and since she was close by, Jessica went to answer it. Swinging the door open, she found herself looking at the cute Asian girl from the front desk; standing this close, Jessica could read her nametag, which said “Josie.”

Josie started to open her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Jessica could see that Josie’s eyes were focused on something inside the suite, and turning to look over her shoulder, she saw two girls 69ing on the couch while a third stood next to them, sipping champagne and masturbating. Jessica let Josie watch for a few seconds, then said, “What can I do for you?”

Josie shook her head and refocused on her reason for being there. “I’m sorry to bother you, but we’ve had some complaints,” she said. “About the noise.”

The music was still pretty loud, Jessica realized, and it was getting into the wee hours. “Of course. I’ll take care of it.”

“Thank you,” said Josie, and turned to go. But while her body swiveled, her eyes remained fixed on the scene in the parlor. Jessica could tell that it was exerting a gravitational pull on her, and thought about inviting her in, but somehow the moment just didn’t seem right. Josie at last tore her gaze away and headed for the elevator.

Jessica went to turn the music down; no one was dancing anymore, anyway. A few people had left, and those who remained seemed to be otherwise occupied. There was a cluster of naked bodies in the corner of the living room, soft moans and sighs now audible over the quiet background music.

As she walked into the parlor, Jessica saw that the head at the bottom of the 69 she’d seen belonged to Jane. The ass facing her did not look familiar, but she gave it a nice slap anyway. Its owner turned to look at Jessica – she was a striking brunette with glittering blue eyes – smiled, then dove back between Jane’s legs. Jessica slid two fingers into the brunette’s pussy, locking eyes briefly with Jane, who grinned sheepishly. The she brought the fingers to her mouth and licked off the juice. Delicious. And yet she was strangely uninterested in sex at the moment. For the time being, she’d had enough.

In the next room she found a poker game underway between Mimi, Tara, Erica, and another woman who they introduced as Debra. Taking a seat, Jessica asked them to deal her in. Tara started dealing the cards, but Mimi was looking at her strangely, and she realized, Oh, right, money. She found her wallet and extracted a few bills, added them to the pile of cash that Mimi indicated. Mimi counted her out a stack of chips and pushed them across the table.

Within a couple of hands it was obvious that Mimi and Jessica were the only serious players there. Mimi had been taking it easy up to that point, playing just for fun; but now she was focused and intent. Jessica felt a little silly playing poker in a bathrobe, but that didn’t stop her from being a formidable opponent. The other women stayed in the game to be social, but mostly folded at the beginning of every hand.

Mimi went on a nice run where she won five hands in a row, ending up with most of the chips on the table in front of her. But then the luck changed and Jessica started winning, until she had twice as many chips as Mimi. The next hand was a big one, and Mimi caught an ace on her last card to win it; after that they were pretty much dead even.

The following hand was seven-card stud, and six cards in, the others had folded and Mimi and Jessica each had a pair of jacks showing. Jessica also had a pair of nines in the hole, so she was feeling pretty confident, but Mimi was betting right along with her. The pot kept growing and growing, and Jessica wondered what Mimi had; she was a pretty good bluffer, and might be trying to buy the pot.

Erica dealt the last down card, and Jessica got a third nine to give her a full house. She had a good poker face but might have been grinning as she pushed all her remaining chips into the middle. Mimi followed suit and then said, “Well, I’d really like to raise you, but....” she trailed off. “How about this? Tomorrow we have a visit planned to our favorite house of ill repute. How about you come along with us – you and your, um, staff – and the loser foots the bill?”

Jessica thought for a few seconds, trying to read Mimi’s eyes. Then she said “OK, you’re on,” and they flipped over their cards. Mimi also had a full house, but with three eights. Mimi threw up her hands and smiled wryly. “Well, so it goes. It’s getting late, so I guess we’ll be going.” She stood up and stretched. “Tara, could you go find our wayward Blonde?”

After locating her coat, Mimi handed Jessica a business card and said, “Eight o’clock tomorrow. We’ll pick you up.”

“OK,” said Jessica, and they embraced, not exactly warmly, but sincerely. After that Mimi and her entourage left, as did the rest of the remaining guests. Seeing a couple of tasty specimens that she had not gotten to enjoy, Jessica let out a small sigh of regret; but you can’t have everything, she told herself.

She had just turned toward the kitchen when there was a knock at the door. She thought probably someone had forgotten something, but upon opening the door she found Josie from the front desk. “More complaints?” asked Jessica.

Shaking her head, Josie stepped inside and closed the door behind her. “I just finished my shift.” Jessica smiled. It was obvious from the look in Josie’s eyes what she wanted. Jessica took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom, Marie and Jane falling in behind them. Once there, Jessica pulled off Josie’s uniform shirt and skirt, then unclasped her bra and let it fall to the ground. She had a lovely body, with elegantly formed, handful-sized breasts and an exceptionally narrow waist.

Jessica sat her down on one of the beds and reached down to pull off her panties. She was nervous, Jessica could tell – a good girl who never did things like this. She was risking her job by fraternizing with guests. So Jessica was determined to make it worth her while. She had her girls warm Josie up – Marie sucked her tits while Jane ate her pussy, then they switched places, while Jessica sat by the head of the bed, stroking Josie’s hair and occasionally kissing her on the forehead and mouth.

When Marie made Josie come she shook and moaned most adorably, then said politely, “Thank you.” Jessica picked up Magic from where he had been recharging, slipped off her robe, and got into harness. As she approached the bed Josie looked at her wide-eyed, seeming a little scared. For a moment Jessica wondered if she might be a virgin, but the dildo slid in easily enough. Josie braced herself with her heels and raised her hips to take it in, the apprehensive look on her face replaced by one of raw desire.

As the shaft sunk to its hilt Josie grunted, a primitive sound that belied her refined appearance. But after that, as if she’d reminded herself to be quiet, her cries became soft and breathy. It didn’t take long for her to orgasm and when she did she gripped Jessica tightly, quivering all over and biting gently into Jessica’s neck. After that she came three more times in quick succession and then was still; as she pulled out, Jessica could see that Josie had fallen fast asleep.

After removing the strap-on and kissing Marie and Jane goodnight, Jessica climbed in next to Josie and pulled the covers up over the two of them. Marie and Jane took the other bed, and that long and eventful day finally came to an end.


Saturday, May 30, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 110

Serena couldn’t sleep. She’d dropped Annalise off after the game, determined to spend a quiet night at home and get to bed early. Annalise had looked disappointed, but they’d spent the last two nights together, and Serena didn't want to get into some heavy thing; she was enjoying playing around with all the girls in town.

But she found she couldn’t get Annalise off her mind. It was hard to explain. Annalise was attractive, but not the most beautiful woman around, and she was a decade older than Serena. But she had some essential quality that Serena found compelling.

After tossing and turning for two hours, she finally gave up and picked up her phone. Annalise picked up almost immediately.

“Hi,” said Serena.


“I wake you up?”

“No," answered Annalise. “Can’t sleep.”

“Me neither. What you doing?”

“Well..." said Annalise. “As a matter of fact, I was just laying here having a little fantasy....”

* * *

About a half-hour later, Serena pulled up in front of Annalise’s house. It was quiet and peaceful in the neighborhood. She went around to the back, as instructed. The house was totally dark, so she put her phone on flashlight mode and went in through the unlocked back door.

She crept quietly up the steps, not that it was necessary, but she was in character. She was wearing black yoga pants and a tight black turtleneck, and she looked amazing, thank you very much.

Annalise was curled up in bed, eyes clenched shut, a little bit of ambient light illuminating her tranquil face. Serena knew she was not really asleep, but she was doing a very good job of pretending.

For a minute, Serena stood just looking down at Annalise, watching her chest rise and fall. Then she found a robe sash and a belt and in turn lifted each of Annalise’s limp arms – she was still “asleep” – and tied them to the head of the bed.

Next Serena lit a couple of candles to provide some light in the room; Annalise blinked a couple of times and then opened her eyes wide, mock-terrified. “What are you doing?” she said in her best damsel-in-distress voice.

“I think that’s pretty obvious,” answered Serena. “Where’s your jewelry, lady?”

Annalise nodded toward the dresser. “Top drawer.”

Serena went to the dresser, opened the drawer, and after a second turned around holding a strap-on, smirking. “What’s this?”

“That’s a new kind of necklace,” Annalise wisecracked.

“Funny,” said Serena, and reached over to pull off the sheet covering Annalise’s naked body.

“What are you going to do to me?” asked Annalise.

“I have a few ideas.” Moving slowly and deliberately, prolonging the moment, Serena put the strap-on in place over her clothes. Then she climbed onto the bed and wriggled up until she was straddling Annalise, the tip of the dildo pressed against Annalise’s lips. “Open wide.”

Annalise obediently parted her lips and Serena pushed the plastic cock into her mouth. The look on Annalise’s face made Serena smile – she was doing a perfect imitation of a good girl forced to do something bad and loving every minute of it. Moving her hips, Serena forced the shaft of the strap-on as far as she could until Annalise started to gag, then backed off a little, causing a gush of saliva to pour from Annalise’s mouth.

“You’re a sloppy little slut, aren’t you?” said Serena. Annalise nodded and said something incomprehensible. Serena pulled out so she could speak. “What did you say?”

“I said I’m sloppy down below, too.”

Serena reached one hand behind her to feel Annalise’s pussy. It was sopping wet. “I see what you mean.” She moved to between Annalise’s legs and positioned herself so the tip of the strap-on was just touching Annalise’s pussy lips. “Is this what you want?” Annalise nodded. “What are the magic words?”


“Keep going.”

“Please fuck me.”

“That’s a good girl,” said Serena, and inch by inch sank the dildo into Annalise until she was completely full. Annalise let out a long, keening moan that was stopped only by Serena pulling off her top and pushing one breast into Annalise’s mouth.

As a yoga teacher, Serena was both sensitive and strong, and she gave Annalise the fucking of a lifetime. After five or six orgamsm Annalise finally said “Stop.”

So Serena stopped. “Really?” she said.

Annalise shook her head. “No.”

But at last Serena sensed that it was enough. As she pulled out, Annalise let out a long sigh and smiled a crooked grin. “Go ahead, take the jewels, take everything,” she said, giggling.

Instead Serena stood and removed the strap-on, then pulled off her yoga pants. Her naked body looked absolutely magnificent there in the flickering candlelight; Annalise thought it was possibly the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen in her life.

Moving with catlike grace and fluidity, Serena again straddled the bound woman on the bed, keeping her crotch just out of Annalise’s reach. “You’ve got a real pretty mouth,” Serena said. “Want to show me what you can do with it?”

Annalise nodded. Serena knee-walked forward until her pussy was directly over Annalise’s mouth, and Annalise wasted to time getting to work. She licked all around, slurping up the delicious nectar, then shoved her tongue inside as deep as it would go.

Serena reached out to hold onto the headboard and ground herself against Annalise’s face, her boobs bouncing in a nice gentle rhythm. She couldn’t believe how wet she was – poor Annalise’s face was getting soaked, but what did she care? She was a criminal, after all.

The first time Annalise touched her clit she came, hard. The whole bedframe shook in sympathy with her tremors. Annalise slowed down after that, licking all around Serena’s thighs and hipbones, then gradually focusing back in on her pussy, then returning to her clit. Serena climaxed again, this time pounding her fist against the wall, channeling Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction: “I said goddamn.”

Leaning back and putting her hands behind her, in one elegant motion Serena pivoted and flipped to get into 69 position. And there they stayed, pleasuring each other, until they were both completely exhausted. Then, finally, Serena untied Annalise and they curled up together under the covers. Within minuted they were both asleep, the room as silent and serene as could be.