Monday, November 2, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 119

When she got back inside Jessica found Marie, Jane, and Celeste sitting in bed together, naked. For a moment she was furious. Had they been...indulging without her? She could hardly believe it, and was ready to punish Jane and Marie right then and there, though this was hardly the time or place for it.

Reading the look on her mistress’s face, Marie spoke up. “Celeste said that sometimes people come to the rooms, to take drink orders and whatnot. It would look suspicious if we were all sitting here with our clothes on. This way at least it looks like we might have been, you know, engaged.”

By the time Marie was finished speaking Jessica was barely listening to her, focused instead on drinking in every detail of Celeste’s breathtaking body. Her perfect ebony skin covered a lithe frame that was toned and muscular, but still unmistakably feminine. Her breasts were ample but high and tight, topped by dark brown nipples that were slightly erect – it was a little cold in this room, Jessica realized. Her hipbones were exquisite, both the shape and the color of a violin; her thighs were powerful but not overly thick. A V-shaped thatch of black pubic hair dove down between her slightly parted legs, where just a glimpse of lighter-colored flesh was visible.

So absorbed was she, it took Jessica a minute to realize that Marie was trying to get her attention. “I’m sorry, what?”

“I said, so what’s the plan?” responded Marie.

“Rocky’s on it. You girls should probably get dressed,” she said, glancing over again at Celeste. “Eventually.”

For Jane and Marie, getting dressed was a simple matter of retrieving their clothes. For Celeste it was more complex. She had no way of carrying anything with her, so whatever she wore would be her only outfit for awhile. It was easy for her to choose her favorite panties and best bra; after that it got a little more complicated. She actually had a fairly extensive wardrobe, as she was expected to look good for the clients.

She started trying on outfits, and the rest of them gave their opinions and made comments. It turned into kind of a fun game, with Celeste as their human dress-up doll giving them a little fashion show. Part of Jessica felt anxious about this. They were involved in serious business here; what they were doing could potentially put their lives at risk. Should they really be playing around this way, giggling like schoolgirls?

On the other hand, another part of her felt oddly calm. Some intuitive sense within her was telling her not to worry, that everything was going to be fine. So she stayed quiet and let things happen the way they were happening. They had time to kill, anyway.

Suddenly Jessica remembered their coats. There was no practical way to retrieve them without looking suspicious. She decided that they would have to be sacrificed – they were just things, anyway – but then it occurred to her, what if there’s something in one of the pockets that could identify us? That would not be good.

After telling the other three to be ready to go when she got back, Jessica headed down the hallway. Turning the corner, she suddenly found herself looking into the eyes of a pretty blonde who was lying face-down on a table in one of the rooms. Her hands were trussed behind her back and there was a black ball-gag in her mouth. Her eyes were wide, with an almost pleading look to them...and then the door slammed shut.

Something about this encounter shook Jessica for a moment, but then she reminded herself to focus, that time was of the essence. She made her way downstairs and told the maid that she had left something in her coat pocket. When she was led to the coat closet, Jessica went carefully through the pockets of all three coats but came up empty. Satisfied, she started back upstairs, passing two security guards who were conferring in hushed tones. The looks on their faces said that something was wrong; Jessica wondered how much they knew.

When she got back to the room, Celeste was wearing a practical all-black outfit – jeans, T-shirt, and sweater. Almost immediately Jessica’s phone buzzed with a text from Rocky: “It’s go time.” She told Marie, Jane, and Celeste to get ready, and put her phone on flashlight mode. A minute later, there was the sound of an explosion somewhere nearby and the lights went out.

The next few minutes were very surreal. Celeste led them out the door, through a hallway, and down the back stairs to the kitchen. It was completely dark in the mansion, save a glimmer of light coming through one skylight. There were sounds of a commotion and raised voices, but they saw only one person in the hallway – and whoever it was paid no attention to them, passing by in a hurry to get somewhere.

For a couple minutes they waited in the darkened pantry, staying completely quiet, hearing nothing but their own breathing and some distant shouting. Finally another message from Rocky came through – it said simply “OK,” indicating that the back door was unguarded.

They exited through the kitchen and out the door. About a hundred yards away something was on fire, and figures were running towards it. Keeping as close to the walls as possible, they moved quickly but quietly around to the side of the house. As arranged, Rocky had the car waiting for them, idling quietly in the shadows.

They all piled in and the car crept away down the driveway, rolling slowly with the lights off. They all held their breaths, expecting the windows to be shot out at any moment; but it never happened. In a few minutes they reached the end of the drive and turned off onto the highway.

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