Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 19

Annabel slept late, and by the time she woke up her husband was already gone, having left for another multi-day business trip. Going downstairs she was shocked to discover that Carla had gotten up before her and was sitting in the kitchen with a cup of coffee.

A look passed between them and, remembering what had transpired in the kitchen the day before, Annabel flushed crimson. All the same, she felt a tingle between her legs and wondered if they might be able to pick up where they had left off. But Carla, after politely pouring her stepmother a cup of java, went upstairs to shower.

When Annabel returned to her bedroom after having breakfast she found Carla going through her closet. Carla had some plans for the day, and wanted Annabel to look just so. She had already laid out a black thong, a red lace bra, and long black-and-red striped socks. Now Annabel watched as Carla went through her wardrobe and picked out her skimpiest, most revealing halter top and her shortest skirt — one she’d bought in a moment of impulsive boldness and never actually dared to wear.

Carla untied Annabel’s robe and let it drop to the floor. Standing there naked, Annabel felt her nipples stiffen and her pussy moisten, but at the moment Carla was all business. After helping her get dressed, Carla stepped back and looked her up and down appraisingly. “Not bad,” she said. “Not bad at all.”

Catching herself in the mirror, Annabel had to admit that she looked hot, if a bit cheap. The straps and sides of the bra were visible under her top, but it made for a sort of saucy, devil-may-care effect. A lot of thigh was visible under the tiny skirt, and Annabel tried to tug it down, but Carla stopped her.

Taking out her phone, Carla snapped a picture and sent Annabel off to shower. Once Annabel was gone, Carla started tapping away at her phone with an evil smile on her face. She could feel herself getting juicy between the legs just thinking about what she had planned.

When Annabel came back into the room, naked and wet, Carla was tempted to rip her towel off and have some fun before they left. But she controlled herself and helped Annabel get dressed, trying to make her look just as she had before.

It was just before noon when they climbed into Carla’s car, put the top down, and headed down the coast. It was a gorgeous day and Carla blasted the Rolling Stones as they rolled south through Santa Monica to Marina Del Rey. There they stopped at a busy grocery store and Carla insisted that Annabel come inside with her to get a few things.

Really, Carla just wanted to make Annabel walk around in public looking as slutty as she did. She enjoyed watching the heads turn; every man in the place and quite a few of the women swiveled to look at them. All of a sudden Carla felt jealous that Annabel might be getting more attention than her. She checked out their reflection in a display case. 

Carla thought she looked sexy, though she was dressed relatively conservatively in a peasant skirt and blouse. But she was definitely put in the shade by all the skin Annabel was showing. Well, thought Carla, I guess that's what I wanted, isn't it?

Returning to the car, they continued heading south, passing through Manhattan Beach and finally pulling up in front of a small house in Hermosa Beach. As they drove Carla casually rested her hand on Annabel’s knee, occasionally running it up her thigh and between her legs. As a result, Annabel’s panties were soaking wet by the time they arrived.

At the door Carla knocked twice, then once, then twice again; after a short interval the door opened. The woman who appeared was in her late 20s, with long, light brown hair and striking ice-blue eyes. She beckoned them inside and closed the door, carefully locking several locks behind them.

“Katya,” said Carla as they hugged. “So good to see you again.”

“My favorite customer,” purred Katya in a husky, Russian-accented voice. “You stay away so long.”

“I know,” replied Carla. “I missed you too.”

Looking behind Carla, Katya saw Annabel standing there, looking awkward and out of place. “So this is your machekha? Remind me of the English word.”


Katya looked Annabel up and down. “You know, when you sent me that picture I thought, this cannot be for real.”

“Oh, she’s for real, alright,” said Carla. “And she’ll do anything you want her to.”

Katya cocked an eyebrow. “Anything? Hmmm, we'll see. But first, we have a smoke."

Katya opened the top of her coffee table and pulled out an enormous ziploc bag full of purple-green buds. Annabel recognized the overpowering smell immediately; she’d smoked a few times back in college, though she’d never really seen what the big deal was.

“Voodoo,” said Katya. “Straight from Humboldt County.”

Katya and Carla sat on the couch, while Carla gestured for Annabel to be seated in the overstuffed chair across from them. Katya got out a huge green glass water pipe, filled it, and pushed it over to Carla. 

Carla lit up and drew on the pipe for what seemed to Annabel like an incredibly long time, held the smoke in her lungs for a few seconds, and breathed out an impressive white cloud. Katya whistled approvingly and grabbed the bong; after taking a hit she offered it to Annabel, who shook her head no. Katya shrugged and returned the pipe to Carla.

For awhile they just sat and smoked, Carla and Katya catching up on what had happened in their lives since they saw each other last. Both of them more or less ignored Annabel, who sat there studying the house and the woman who lived in it. It was a surprisingly spacious interior, airy and well-appointed, but the atmosphere had just a hint of oppressiveness. All the windows were covered, making the house somewhat dim even at midday.

There was some very strange art on the walls, much of it sexually graphic. There was a picture of a maid spanking her mistress; one of two women fingering each other; one of a nun, bent over with her habit lifted, being flogged by another nun. Annabel realized that she was starting to get a little excited; she also realized that she was getting high just from being in the room, and not in a way that she was used to. Anything she had experienced before paled in comparison.

Looking over at Katya, Annabel found herself focusing in on the Russian’s lips. They were plump and juicy, accented with scarlet-red lipstick, but there was also a certain hardness in Katya’s mouth, just a hint of cruelty. In this it was not unlike Carla’s.

Eyes traveling downward, Annabel saw that Katya was dressed entirely in black, wearing leather boots, skinny jeans, and a tight T-shirt that showed off an impressive set of boobs. Two hard nipples were visible underneath, and Annabel found her eyes locked on them as Katya came toward her. 

Taking Annabel’s chin in her hands, Katya lifted her head and looked into her eyes. Annabel was mesmerized. The Russian woman’s eyes were intelligent, uncompromising, penetrating. Annabel felt like Katya knew everything she was thinking.

Katya took Annabel’s hand and helped her to a standing position. “Come with me, machekha.”

Monday, March 27, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 18

For a long time that night Annabel lay in bed next to her husband, restless and unable to sleep. He had insisted on taking them all out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, and they’d had a reasonably good time. He could be charming when he wanted to. But they’d all had a lot to drink, him most of all, even though he was driving. He never let anyone else drive his car, and when Annabel suggested they get a cab, he flatly refused.

Carla, meanwhile, was having a fantastic time. She loved sitting there knowing that she was fucking her father’s wife and that he had no idea. When Annabel excused herself to go to the bathroom, Carla went along – such a totally normal thing, two girls going to the ladies’ room together. Once they were alone inside, Carla wrapped her arms around Annabel from behind, fondling her breasts and then running one hand down to her crotch. Annabel begged her to stop, and she was so pathetic that Carla relented. There would be plenty of time for all this, she knew.

On the way home, Annabel sat in the passenger seat looking miserable as her husband drove 20 miles an hour over the speed limit, having polished off three brandies over dessert. They arrived home without incident, but Annabel was fuming as she washed her face and brushed her teeth. She was worried that when she went to bed, he was going to try something — she kind of felt like she didn't want him to touch her, but he was unaccustomed to being refused and might make a scene. So she dawdled in the bathroom as long as she could and, fortunately, by the time she got to bed he was already asleep.

She wished she could sleep too, but all she could think of was Carla — so close, and yet so far away. In her mind’s eye she saw herself standing up from the bed and creeping down the hallway to Carla's room. Carla was waiting for her, gloriously naked, having known she’d come. Carla took Annabel in her arms and kissed her, and one thing led to another....

But in reality Annabel didn’t have the guts. She sat there quietly in bed until sleep finally, mercifully, overtook her.


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 17

Annabel woke up at the crack of dawn, the first rays of daylight peeking in through the windows. It took her a minute to remember where she was, and when she did, all the events of the previous evening came flooding back. She felt herself blushing as she remembered all that had transpired.

When she tried to get up, she discovered that her left leg was still tied to the bed. After freeing herself she stood up and stretched. Catching herself in Carla’s full-length mirror, she saw was covered all over with splotches of red, green, blue, and purple wax. She shook her head in amazement. Every day, lately, brought something new.

There was no sign of Carla, and walking to the front of the house, Annabel saw only her own car in the driveway. Had Carla spent the night somewhere? Should she be worried? She knew that her stepdaughter was a grown woman who could take care of herself, but she worried that Carla’s wild lifestyle was going to catch up to her someday.

In the bathroom Annabel picked off the blobs of wax one by one and dropped them into the trash can. Then she took a long, hot, refreshing shower, occasionally touching herself between the legs when she had flashbacks of the previous night. Such orgasms she’d had — how many people, she wondered, ever in their lives experienced that kind of pleasure?

Feeling restless, she decided to head into Santa Monica, where the yoga studio was. Her class didn’t start for a couple hours yet, so she killed time just wandering around, window-shopping and people-watching. She ended up at the cafe across the street from the studio, sipping a chai and reading the free weekly.

She was a little startled when she felt a hand on her shoulder and heard a voice saying “Hi.” She looked up — it was the redhead from yoga class; Annabel recognized her right away, despite never having gotten a good straight-on look at her face in class. She was stunningly beautiful, with wavy, flowing hair, perfect cheekbones, and luminous green eyes two shades lighter than Carla’s.

“Hi, I’m Dylan,” she said, extending her hand. “From yoga class?”

Annabel took her hand, struggling to find words. “Right,” she said. “Um, yeah. I’m, uh, Annabel.” Annabel shook her head, trying to get a grip on herself; she felt like an awkward teenager.

“Nice to meet you, officially I mean,” said Dylan. “Listen, it’s totally crowded in here, would you mind if I shared your table with you?”

Annabel’s mind raced. She suddenly felt cripplingly shy, and was still embarrassed at having been caught staring the other day. She reddened thinking of it.

“Actually, I was just leaving,” said Annabel, although there was still a half-hour till class. “You can have the table.”

“Oh...OK,” said Dylan, disappointed, making an adorable pouty face. Annabel felt conflicted; it would have been nice to have somebody to talk to. But she wasn’t up to it just now. She stood and turned toward the door. “See you in class?” asked Dylan.

Annabel nodded, but when she got outside, she wondered: Would she go to class? She had an impulse just to flee, but after a few minutes she calmed down, telling herself that she’d come all this way and that some yoga would be good for her. In the end, she got there right as class was starting and took a space all the way at the back.

Dylan was up at the front, but even so their eyes met a few times during the class. Each time Dylan favored Annabel with a lovely smile and Annabel, flustered, looked away. When class was over Annabel headed straight for the door and then her car.

Back home, Annabel decided that it was a good day for some serious housecleaning. Putting on an old T-shirt and some boy shorts, she started by vacuuming the whole house. Then she did the dusting and polished the brass. After a lunch break she cleaned the bathrooms, swept the back deck, washed the windows, and attended to the plants. 

By now it was getting late in the afternoon, but Annabel was on a roll so she decided to tackle the kitchen too. She wiped down all the counters and the fridge and was on her hands and knees, diligently scrubbing the floor, when she looked up and saw Carla leaning in the doorway watching her. How long had she been there? Annabel wondered. She’d been so absorbed in her task that she'd never heard a car pull up or the door open.

“Don’t mind me,” said Carla, smirking. “I’m just enjoying the view.” For the third time that day Annabel found herself blushing, and for lack of any better response, she went back to scrubbing. Carla got herself a bottle of kombucha from the fridge and sat down at the kitchen table, watching her stepmother slave away.

After a minute Carla stood and walked over to where Annabel was. Reaching down, she took hold of the hem of Annabel’s shirt and pulled it up and off. She was braless underneath, Carla was pleased to discover. “Carry on,” said Carla, returning to her seat.

Now Annabel’s naked boobs bounced as she worked, making it much more enjoyable to watch, Carla thought. After a few minutes, though, she got greedy. She walked back over, hooked her fingers into the waistband of Annabel’s shorts, and slid them off. Now Annabel was scrubbing the floor wearing nothing but socks and rubber gloves.

Carla found this a delightful sight. She sat back with her drink and took it all in, feeling marvelously privileged and powerful. Annabel, excited by being exposed this way but also self-conscious, worked with her head down, focusing on getting every last speck of dirt off the floor. 

If people could see her now, Annabel wondered, what would they think? That she was completely in Carla’s thrall, with no mind or will of her own. And they’d be right. Her brain told her she should be ashamed, but her body told a different story: every time she thought about Carla watching her, her nipples got harder and her pussy got wetter.

When Annabel next looked up Carla was right in front of her, leaning back against the chrome surface of the refrigerator, naked from the waist down. A look passed between them, but nothing needed to be said. Annabel lunged forward, burying her face between Carla’s legs, which splayed open to admit her. Carla gripped the top of Annabel’s head with one hand and arched her back as Annabel’s tongue pushed inside her.

Suddenly they both froze as they heard the unmistakable sound of a sports car coming up the driveway. Annabel knew instantly that it was her husband, Carla’s father. They had both forgotten that he was due back today. They scrambled to get dressed as his footsteps approached the front door.


Monday, March 20, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 16

Carla picked up the candle from her bedside table, a nice big red one with lots of melted wax inside, and hopped up onto the bed. She stood once again looking down at the naked form of Annabel, tied spread-eagled to the bed, eyes hidden by the sleep mask. Carla was in her element; it always excited her to have anyone, not to mention her stepmother, so completely under her control.

She thought about gagging Annabel, then decided against it; she wanted to hear what this really sounded like, and they had no neighbors close enough to be disturbed. Taking a deep breath and steadying herself, she slowly tipped the candle until a glob of molten wax fell and landed on Annabel’s belly.

Annabel spasmed and screamed, tugging futilely at her bonds, then exhaled loudly. The wax burned, Carla knew, especially when you weren’t expecting it. But it also passed quickly, giving way to a sense of relief that was almost sexual. 

After letting Annabel recover for a few seconds Carla splashed her again, this time on the shoulder. Annabel’s response was similar, but a little less convulsive; she yelped and shuddered visibly, breasts bouncing in a way that Carla found delightful.

Taking her time, moving slowly and deliberately, Carla dripped trails of wax down Annabel’s hips and legs. She varied the timing so Annabel never knew when it was coming, and every time Annabel reacted the same way: she stiffened, moaned, relaxed, and sighed. Changing candles now and again, Carla moved on to Annabel's breasts, then her inner thighs, taking care to avoid her vulva. Carla had learned the hard way that the pink areas really burned, in a way took the fun out of things.

After awhile Annabel’s body was covered with multicolored patches of wax. Between drips Carla had been occasionally reaching down to touch herself; she was sopping wet and needy down there, more so with every minute that passed. Finally she just couldn’t stand it anymore. She put down the candle, stripped off her bikini bottoms, and knelt with her crotch directly over Annabel’s face.

It took Annabel a minute to figure out what was happening; at first all she knew was that the wax treatment had stopped, but then she felt the warmth of Carla’s flesh close to her, and her nose detected the unmistakable odor of aroused female. Once she understood what was wanted of her, she didn’t hesitate. She, too, was more than ready.

It would have been hard for her to believe it just a few days previously, but Annabel had discovered that she quite enjoyed eating pussy. It was a complete sensual experience: the touch, the smell, the taste...even the sounds were gratifying, whether it was the moans and sighs of the woman being pleasured, or the little squishing sounds made by her private parts.

It was harder for Annabel to navigate with her eyes covered, but she was becoming quite familiar with her stepdaughter’s nether regions, and she managed to find her way around. Hearing Carla’s response helped. She was especially vocal today; the long wait and the thrill of domination had gotten her extremely worked up. Her moans were louder, longer, and higher-pitched than usual.

It didn’t take long for Annabel to bring Carla to a mighty orgasm. Her other senses heightened by her blindness, Annabel felt the spasms vibrate through her, as well. Carla paused for only a few seconds before saying firmly, “Don’t stop.”

As Annabel went back to work, Carla stared down at her stepmother’s crotch. She had intended for this session to be about Annabel giving pleasure without receiving any, except what she derived from being Carla’s plaything. But Annabel’s pussy looked sooooo wet, delicious, and inviting...Carla just couldn’t help herself. Pulling off her shirt, she bent forward, pressing her body down against Annabel’s.

Carla ran her lips and tongue through her stepmother’s soft blond pubic hair. The smell drifting up from between Annabel’s legs was strong and intoxicating. Curling an arm around Annabel’s thigh, Carla penetrated her with one finger, then began to lick her. Carla could feel Annabel’s breath on her own pussy as she sighed, then let out a long, full-throated cry of the purest bliss.

Time disappeared as they reveled in the indulgence of the moment. Within this circle there was no stepmother and stepdaughter, no older and younger, no dominant and submissive; just two women enjoying each other’s bodies, and their own.

When Carla finally rolled off, she was completely sated. She lay there head-to-toe and toe-to-head with Annabel, catching her breath, every cell of her body tingling with euphoria. Annabel sighed and let her whole body go limp. She was completely blown away by what she’d just been through. The pain and pleasure were now completely intermingled in her mind, forming a single experience unlike any she’d ever had before. 

Suddenly Carla decided that Annabel, having been such a trouper during the wax treatment, deserved a special treat. So she got out her strap-on and gave her stepmother a good, hard, slow, and thorough fucking. Annabel wouldn’t have thought she could come any harder, but she did, repeatedly and progessively. By the time Carla was through with her, she was completely spent and drained; her head lolled to one side and she lay completely still.

After going to the bathroom Carla returned to find Annabel fast asleep. She took off the sleep mask to reveal Annabel’s beautiful, peaceful, and completely contented face. She was, she had to admit, developing tender feelings toward her stepmother; she’d have to be careful not to let them cloud her judgment.

Carla untied Annabel’s hands and one foot, leaving the other foot bound just for the heck of it, then crawled into bed next to her. She had been there playing around on her phone for about a half-hour when she got a text alerting her that she was missing a really great party. Thinking it over, she decided that she felt fully recovered from the previous night, so she went ahead and got dressed. She checked herself in the mirror, put on some lipstick, and took off, leaving Annabel alone with her dreams.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 15

Annabel went to bed early and woke up early, feeling refreshed and energetic. Before going downstairs she went to Carla’s room and peeked in through the door, which was cracked open. Carla was sleeping on her side with her back to the door, breathing audibly. In her sleep she did not seem like the same powerful person; she looked vulnerable, innocent even.

After having breakfast Annabel went to the gym, the bank, the post office, the grocery store, and the farmers market. When she got back home she put everything away and, just out of curiosity, went upstairs and looked into Carla’s room again. Carla had rolled onto her other side and now had a sleep mask on. A sheet covered her lower half but her breasts were in full view. Annabel bit her lip. She remembered what those nipples felt like in her mouth, and she could hardly wait to taste them again.

Back downstairs, she got her book and set up in the corner of the kitchen where she liked to read. It was midafternoon before Carla appeared in her robe, looking bleary-eyed and rumpled. Annabel offered to make some breakfast but Carla waved her off, saying she only wanted a cup of coffee.

Sitting down at the kitchen table, Carla shaded her eyes from the bright sunlight as she sipped her coffee. “I may have gone a little overboard last night,” she said. “Whiskey is not always my friend.”

“You didn’t drive, did you?” asked Annabel. She was surprised at how parental she sounded, but she was genuinely concerned. Carla, sensing this, answered honestly.

“No, Kim was driving,” she said. “Thank God.”

After finishing her coffee Carla disappeared upstairs, and Annabel didn’t see her again for a couple hours. But when she returned Carla looked like her regular self again, cleaned up and bright-eyed. She was wearing a black string bikini that hid very little of her body, and Annabel found herself averting her eyes in reflexive embarrassment, despite the intimacies the two of them had shared.

“I’m going to go lay out,” said Carla. “Listen, I’m kind of partied out, I think I’m going to stay home tonight. Can you make something nice for dinner?”

Annabel nodded, glad that she had stocked up on supplies. As Carla sunbathed she labored diligently on a meal of roast chicken and vegetables, and they sat down to eat just as the sun was going down.

For awhile they were just like members of a normal family having a meal together, talking about this and that. The only off note was that Carla, who had taken off her top while sunbathing, was still dressed only in her bikini bottoms. Annabel found herself distracted and rather flustered by the sight of Carla’s naked breasts, a sheen of sweat forming on her forehead. It came as somewhat of a relief when the night began to cool down and Carla put on a shirt on.

After the meal Carla thanked Annabel and went back upstairs, having made no move to help clean up. Annabel supposed that this was pretty normal, too. By the time she’d cleared the table and washed the dishes, it was completely dark and quiet in the house.

But as she left the kitchen Annabel heard music coming from upstairs – droning and hypnotic, with a throbbing bassline and Eastern-sounding instruments. Something about it drew her in, and she found herself climbing the stairs one by one, the music growing a little louder with each step.

At the top of the stairs she turned toward Carla's room, where the music was coming from. It was dim in there, the only light coming from several candles in various parts of the room. There was a strong smell of incense and a haze of smoke hovered in the air.

It took a few seconds for Annabel to locate Carla, who was sitting in a chair by the window, gazing out impassively at the ocean. When Annabel entered the room Carla turned toward her with a look that gave her a chill: It was cold, imperious, penetrating.

In fact Carla had been sitting there thinking that she’d been going too easy on Annabel, losing her edge. Annabel had a genuine sweetness to her that Carla found charming, but she didn’t want to go soft. A lot of pleasure had passed between them, but there needed to be something more.

When Carla looked at her that way, part of Annabel wanted to flee. But she didn’t. Instead, she found herself walking over to where Carla was and dropping to her knees.

Pleased with this response, Carla took Annabel’s chin in her hands and gave her a good, hard kiss on the mouth. Annabel felt herself melting; whatever Carla wanted from her, Annabel was going to give, they both knew that.

Carla went to her bedside table and grabbed her sleep mask, which she used to blindfold Annabel. Then she stood Annabel up and stripped her; one by one Annabel’s shirt, bra, skirt, and panties hit the floor. Carla left Annabel’s socks on, because she always liked that look.

Now Carla arranged the docile Annabel on the bed and once again tied her head and foot to the bedposts. For a moment she stood there looking down at her bound, helpless, sightless stepmother. She wondered what Annabel thought was coming. Probably not what she was going to get.


Monday, March 13, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 14

When Carla and Kim were through with her, Annabel lay sprawled out on the floor. She looked a sight – eyes two stupefied slits, sweat drying all over her body, hair rumpled, face glistening with girl juice. It was enough to make Carla take pity on her, uncuffing her hands, sitting her up, and giving her a glass of water to drink. Annabel smiled wanly and gazed out at the middle distance.

But Carla soon realized that there was no reason to feel bad for Annabel – she was completely blissed out, in a kind of trance. In fact Carla sort of envied her – under Carla’s sway, Annabel was discovering new avenues of ecstasy every day. Carla, young as she was, had experienced so much that she could be a little jaded. It took a lot to excite her, though this thing with her stepmother was doing a good job of it.

Annabel sat sipping her water as Carla and Kim dressed and took a minute to fix their hair. “So are we going to Blair’s?” asked Kim.

“Sure,” said Carla.

“Are you bringing her?” asked Kim, gesturing toward Annabel.

Carla laughed. “No, she's not ready for that scene,” she said. “Not yet.”

A minute later they swept out the door, Carla mumbling “See ya later,” while Kim favored Annabel with a warm smile. “Bye,” she said. “Thanks for, um, having me over.”

Annabel smiled back and managed a little wave, though she was still in no condition to speak. Once again she heard footsteps going down the stairs, the front door opening and closing, a car starting and pulling away. About 15 minutes later she finally pulled herself together enough to stand up and walk to her bedroom. She smelled all over of sweat and sex, and for a moment she thought about taking a shower. But then she decided she liked it, so she put on jeans and a T-shirt and went downstairs.

It was quiet in the house – too quiet, so Annabel put on some music, opened a bottle of wine, and made herself something to eat. After eating and cleaning up she adjourned to the back deck, where she once again sat sipping wine and thinking.

She started to try to tell himself that she was going to stop this thing with Carla, but even in the middle of thinking it she knew that she was kidding herself. She didn’t have the strength, and deep down she knew that she didn’t really want to. She was well on her way to becoming addicted to this new life. It wasn’t just the physical pleasure – though certainly that was a factor – it was the sheer excitement of it, the danger, the forbiddenness. 

Annabel didn’t go to church and didn’t consider herself a believer, but she’d been raised religious and retained a very strong sense of sin. And she knew instinctively that what she was involved in now was very sinful indeed – gay sex, group sex, bondage, sex with her husband’s daughter. And though the connection between her and Carla was more than just sex – it was a kind of fascination – that somehow made it feel all the more like some dark, shameful secret.

At the same time, Annabel was coming to realize just how boring her life had been before Carla came along to shake things up. She couldn’t remember when she’d felt more alive. What on Earth, she wondered, would happen next? Her imagination ran wild thinking of things she might be made to do – wicked, depraved, immoral, wonderful things.


Friday, March 10, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 13

Again Annabel felt like she was out of her body. She watched herself from above as Carla untied her arms and legs from the bed, rolled her over onto her stomach, and secured her hands behind her back with a pair of handcuffs. Kim, meanwhile, was rummaging around in the bedside table looking for something.

Back in her body, Annabel found herself on her knees on the floor, looking at not one but two strap-ons. The one Kim was wearing was a little shorter than Carla’s, but thicker, and white instead of black. Gripping the back of Annabel’s head with one hand, Kim pressed the tip of the white strap-on against her lips. Annabel opened her mouth reflexively, and Kim pushed the dildo in. It had a different texture than Carla’s – it was not as soft, and tasted more like plastic, which of course it was.

Annabel’s mouth was completely filled by the thick shaft, but Kim continued to push in until she started to gag. Then Kim backed off and started to move in and out, going a little deeper each time, enjoying the wide-eyed look on Annabel’s face as she struggled to handle it.

Carla sat down on a nearby chair to watch her friend fuck her stepmother’s mouth. Annabel was a trouper, there was no doubt about it; she had almost swallowed the whole thing by the time Kim was done. 

Now Kim used the hand on the back of Annabel’s head to bend her over. It was hard for Annabel to keep her balance with her hands cuffed behind her, so when Kim released her she fell forward between Carla’s legs. Carla caught her and guided her toward her next task, which was to lick and suck the black strap-on coated with Kim's juices.

As Annabel dutifully ran her tongue up the shaft of Carla’s dildo, Kim moved around behind her. Kim used one foot to push Annabel’s legs apart, then traced the foot up Annabel’s thigh and rubbed it against her pussy. Annabel gasped as she felt Kim’s big toe penetrate her – it felt just like a penis, albeit a small one. Soon it was replaced by something bigger: Kim knelt and filled Annabel’s hungry cunt with her strap-on.

Carla reached behind her to unfasten her harness, pulled it off, and tossed it aside. She spread her legs, presenting a wet, pink, ripe, and ready pussy to her stepmother. Annabel knew what she had to do. In this awkward position, it was not easy for her to focus on pleasuring Carla as Kim fucked her from behind. But somehow or other she managed.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 12

Carla always knew when Kim was about to come because she made a funny little sound, a high-pitched squeaking noise that was equal parts adorable and annoying. She was making it now as she bounced up and down on Annabel’s face, gripping the older woman’s breasts for support.

Annabel was in something of a desperate state. Her whole universe had become nothing but Kim’s wet pussy grinding down on her, demanding satisfaction. It was hard for her to breathe and Kim’s hands kept pressing into the clamps on her nipples, sending little shockwaves of pain through her. But she knew there was no way she was going to be able to come up for air until she had completed the task at hand. So she focused on licking and sucking Kim’s clit, trying to finish the job.

Finally, Annabel felt Kim’s body go rigid above her as the orgasm hit. But after a few seconds Kim relaxed and her whole weight sank, smothering Annabel beneath her. Annabel was on the point of passing out when Kim finally sat back against the wall, allowing her some air.

As Annabel and Kim caught their breath Carla went down to the kitchen and returned with two fresh bottles of beer. When she walked back into the bedroom Kim stood up and strode over, accepting the cool bottle that Carla held out to her. Tilting the bottle back, Kim took a long, deep, refreshing pull.

Annabel watched, finding something quite beautiful in the picture of Kim standing there naked with the ocean behind her, sunlight streaming through the green glass of her beer bottle. She was thirsty, too, Annabel realized, and though she didn’t generally like beer, it looked pretty good just then.

For a minute Carla and Kim stood by the window, conferring in hushed tones, occasionally glancing over at Annabel. Kim nodded and licked her lips, staring over at Annabel’s blond-fringed pussy: it was soaking wet, shiny, delicious-looking.

Kim crossed the room and arranged herself in a comfortable position at the foot of the bed. When Kim’s lips touched the inside of Annabel’s knee, Annabel spasmed and strained against her bonds – she was primed and ready to go. But Kim was in no hurry. She teased and taunted, kissing and licking all around Annabel’s thighs, her belly, her abdomen.

Carla, meanwhile, had taken a seat on the side of the bed. She brought her beer bottle to Annabel's lips and tipped it up; Annabel drank gratefully, lifting her head best she could, then letting it fall back as Kim’s tongue began to explore the sensitive places between her legs. When she did so a little beer splashed onto her chin and chest.

Now that she had gotten a taste of Annabel’s pussy, Kim was through being coy. She lapped up Annabel’s nectar, jabbed her tongue inside, then penetrated Annabel with her thumb while licking her clit. Carla sat watching her friend pleasure her stepmother, occasionally reaching over and tugging on Annabel’s nipple clamps to keep things interesting.

Annabel was just about to come when Kim pulled away and sat back, reaching for her beer where she’d sat it on the floor, leaving Annabel to groan in frustration and pull at the restraints. “Goddamnit,” she muttered, and Carla smiled. Just hold on there, she thought, but didn’t say. You'll get yours soon enough.

Opening her bedside drawer, Carla got out her strap-on, stripped off her jeans and panties, and equipped herself. She flicked the head of the dildo with her finger, making it bob up and down in the air. It was still moving as she walked over behind Kim, who bent over, presenting her rear end.

Gripping Kim by the waist, Carla maneuvered the tip of the strap-on between Kim’s pussy lips and began to ease her way inside. As Carla pressed forward Kim’s head was pushed up between Annabel’s legs, and soon Kim was again licking Annabel’s pussy as Carla fucked her. 

Kim and Annabel both moaned and writhed, Kim gripping the bedclothes, Annabel still struggling fruitlessly against her bonds. Head lolling to one side, Annabel caught a glimpse of them in the mirror: herself, tied naked to the bed, legs spread wide; Kim, tongue working away between Annabel’s legs; Carla, pounding into Kim from behind, mouth twisted into a wicked smile. A few days ago Annabel literally could not have imagined herself in this position; she wouldn’t have had the vocabulary for it. It was all rather surreal, like a dream she expected to wake up from at any moment.

Carla, orchestrating, slowed down the pace, enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of this scene. Then, when she sensed that Annabel was about to come, she bore down – driving into Kim with all her strength, each thrust pushing Kim’s face harder into Annabel's crotch.

Kim’s noise started up again, Annabel was screaming hoarsely, and then they both reached a crescendo, moans echoing through the room as they climaxed. Kim slumped forward, her head coming to rest on Annabel’s thigh; Annabel went limp, eyes glassy, dead to the world.

Carla stood there looking down at them, stroking the juice-slick shaft of the strap-on, thinking, planning. She wasn’t done with them yet.