Monday, March 20, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 16

Carla picked up the candle from her bedside table, a nice big red one with lots of melted wax inside, and hopped up onto the bed. She stood once again looking down at the naked form of Annabel, tied spread-eagled to the bed, eyes hidden by the sleep mask. Carla was in her element; it always excited her to have anyone, not to mention her stepmother, so completely under her control.

She thought about gagging Annabel, then decided against it; she wanted to hear what this really sounded like, and they had no neighbors close enough to be disturbed. Taking a deep breath and steadying herself, she slowly tipped the candle until a glob of molten wax fell and landed on Annabel’s belly.

Annabel spasmed and screamed, tugging futilely at her bonds, then exhaled loudly. The wax burned, Carla knew, especially when you weren’t expecting it. But it also passed quickly, giving way to a sense of relief that was almost sexual. 

After letting Annabel recover for a few seconds Carla splashed her again, this time on the shoulder. Annabel’s response was similar, but a little less convulsive; she yelped and shuddered visibly, breasts bouncing in a way that Carla found delightful.

Taking her time, moving slowly and deliberately, Carla dripped trails of wax down Annabel’s hips and legs. She varied the timing so Annabel never knew when it was coming, and every time Annabel reacted the same way: she stiffened, moaned, relaxed, and sighed. Changing candles now and again, Carla moved on to Annabel's breasts, then her inner thighs, taking care to avoid her vulva. Carla had learned the hard way that the pink areas really burned, in a way took the fun out of things.

After awhile Annabel’s body was covered with multicolored patches of wax. Between drips Carla had been occasionally reaching down to touch herself; she was sopping wet and needy down there, more so with every minute that passed. Finally she just couldn’t stand it anymore. She put down the candle, stripped off her bikini bottoms, and knelt with her crotch directly over Annabel’s face.

It took Annabel a minute to figure out what was happening; at first all she knew was that the wax treatment had stopped, but then she felt the warmth of Carla’s flesh close to her, and her nose detected the unmistakable odor of aroused female. Once she understood what was wanted of her, she didn’t hesitate. She, too, was more than ready.

It would have been hard for her to believe it just a few days previously, but Annabel had discovered that she quite enjoyed eating pussy. It was a complete sensual experience: the touch, the smell, the taste...even the sounds were gratifying, whether it was the moans and sighs of the woman being pleasured, or the little squishing sounds made by her private parts.

It was harder for Annabel to navigate with her eyes covered, but she was becoming quite familiar with her stepdaughter’s nether regions, and she managed to find her way around. Hearing Carla’s response helped. She was especially vocal today; the long wait and the thrill of domination had gotten her extremely worked up. Her moans were louder, longer, and higher-pitched than usual.

It didn’t take long for Annabel to bring Carla to a mighty orgasm. Her other senses heightened by her blindness, Annabel felt the spasms vibrate through her, as well. Carla paused for only a few seconds before saying firmly, “Don’t stop.”

As Annabel went back to work, Carla stared down at her stepmother’s crotch. She had intended for this session to be about Annabel giving pleasure without receiving any, except what she derived from being Carla’s plaything. But Annabel’s pussy looked sooooo wet, delicious, and inviting...Carla just couldn’t help herself. Pulling off her shirt, she bent forward, pressing her body down against Annabel’s.

Carla ran her lips and tongue through her stepmother’s soft blond pubic hair. The smell drifting up from between Annabel’s legs was strong and intoxicating. Curling an arm around Annabel’s thigh, Carla penetrated her with one finger, then began to lick her. Carla could feel Annabel’s breath on her own pussy as she sighed, then let out a long, full-throated cry of the purest bliss.

Time disappeared as they reveled in the indulgence of the moment. Within this circle there was no stepmother and stepdaughter, no older and younger, no dominant and submissive; just two women enjoying each other’s bodies, and their own.

When Carla finally rolled off, she was completely sated. She lay there head-to-toe and toe-to-head with Annabel, catching her breath, every cell of her body tingling with euphoria. Annabel sighed and let her whole body go limp. She was completely blown away by what she’d just been through. The pain and pleasure were now completely intermingled in her mind, forming a single experience unlike any she’d ever had before. 

Suddenly Carla decided that Annabel, having been such a trouper during the wax treatment, deserved a special treat. So she got out her strap-on and gave her stepmother a good, hard, slow, and thorough fucking. Annabel wouldn’t have thought she could come any harder, but she did, repeatedly and progessively. By the time Carla was through with her, she was completely spent and drained; her head lolled to one side and she lay completely still.

After going to the bathroom Carla returned to find Annabel fast asleep. She took off the sleep mask to reveal Annabel’s beautiful, peaceful, and completely contented face. She was, she had to admit, developing tender feelings toward her stepmother; she’d have to be careful not to let them cloud her judgment.

Carla untied Annabel’s hands and one foot, leaving the other foot bound just for the heck of it, then crawled into bed next to her. She had been there playing around on her phone for about a half-hour when she got a text alerting her that she was missing a really great party. Thinking it over, she decided that she felt fully recovered from the previous night, so she went ahead and got dressed. She checked herself in the mirror, put on some lipstick, and took off, leaving Annabel alone with her dreams.


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