Monday, June 20, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 36

Pulling off her light dress – underneath which she was wearing nothing – Samantha stepped toward Serena, who looked up at her somewhat blankly, as if stunned by what had just occurred. Samantha drank in the spectacle of the yoga teacher’s naked body, which she had longed to see for so many months. It had been just after the previous Thanksgiving that Samantha had first visited the local yoga studio and been captivated by what she saw there. And thanks to her faithful attendance at Serena’s class ever since, Samantha felt great confidence in the body that she was now displaying.

Serena, for her part, couldn’t help but feel proud of the strong lines that composed the older woman’s shape. This was her handiwork. Only her eyes moved as Samantha walked all the way around to where Serena’s head was and knelt down. She leaned over Serena upside-down and lowered her lips slowly to meet the yoga teacher’s. Marie looked on with satisfaction as the two shared a long, wet soul kiss in this position; she thought briefly of Spider-man and Mary Jane in that movie.

Samantha pushed one nipple into Serena’s mouth and stretched out to finally taste those wonderful breasts she’d been staring at for so long. They tasted better than she could have imagined; a mixture of soap, sweat, sugar, and spice. The two blondes went at it like this for a long time, suckling away like two kittens. Marie had begun to masturbate, awed by the genuine passion on display here. Next Samantha started making her way down, tracing her lips along Serena’s body all the way as Serena’s tongue extended to glide along Samantha’s skin. Then suddenly they were furiously 69ing, tongues and fingers plunging in and out of wet holes as they gripped each other tightly.

Marie said a little prayer for being so fortunate as to witness this, then began to tremble with a colossal orgasm just as the same thing happened to the two women in front of her. She saw both their bodies tense, shiver, and relax. Samantha collapsed, resting her full weight on Serena, and they both just lay there for a minute. They didn’t move from that position, though, just resumed licking each other more gently and playfully. Marie watched them for a while then left the room; no one noticed she was gone until Samantha happened to look up and see her standing over them stroking a big black strap-on.

Moments later the strap-on was in Samantha’s mouth, and from there it went to Serena’s pussy, to Serena’s mouth, to Samantha’s pussy, and back to Samantha’s mouth again. That was when they heard the lock turn in the front door, and a moment later Jessica appeared, followed by Jane. Everything stopped for a moment as Jessica stood looking down at them, Samantha straddling Serena’s face with a mouthful of plastic cock.

Jessica checked her watch and addressed Marie. “Aren’t you supposed to be cooking right now?

Marie looked at Jessica sheepishly as she pulled the strap-on from between Samantha’s lips. “There’s still plenty of time.

Get your ass in the kitchen,” said Jessica sternly.

Yes, ma’am,” mumbled Marie as she removed the strap-on and handed it to Jessica, pulled on her robe, and went to the kitchen.

Hi Jess,” said Samantha.

Sam,” replied Jessica as Samantha stood up to reveal a very surprised-looking Serena. “Who’s this?

This is Serena,” answered Samantha. “My yoga teacher.

Oh, right!” said Jessica. “I’ve heard a lot about you.

Really?” Serena’s face had turned bright red with embarrassment. Here she was on the floor in front of two fully clothed strangers, naked, her face covered in pussy juice.

Yes, it’s nice to meet you finally.” She looked Serena up and down. “Sam was not lying about you.

Samantha and Serena shared a look. “I may have mentioned to her once or twice how beautiful you are,” explained Samantha.

Or a hundred,” Jessica interjected. “Well, we’ve had a long drive, and I’m ready for a drink. Serena, you’re welcome to join us if you’d like.

Jane served Jessica, Samantha, and Serena martinis by the poolside. After some initial hesitation Serena had decided what the hell – what was the point in being shy now? (Though she did take a few seconds to put her clothes on.) And something about this woman Jessica immediately grabbed her attention.

Samantha left after one drink, saying that she had things to do at home. Jane disappeared briefly and when she returned with a second round for Jessica and Serena, her wig and clothes were gone. Bald and naked, she knelt at her mistress’s feet, resting her head on Jessica’s lap. Jessica absentmindedly stroked the stubbly growth on Jane’s head as she tried to focus on what Serena was saying, something about a popular book of the moment. It was hard not to be distracted by the yoga teacher’s ridiculously pneumatic physique. Finally, Jessica just blurted out two words: “Your tits.

Serena stopped in midsentence. “Um...what about them?

They’re magnificent,” said Jessica. “Are they real?

Normally Serena would have been taken aback by such a question. But Jessica’s curiosity was real; there was no hint of judgment in her voice. “They are, as a matter of fact.

Could I see them again?

Serena didn’t know what to say to such a baldfaced request. Knocking back the last of her drink, she shucked off her top and let her breasts hang loose.

Jessica whispered something into the ear of Jane, who then walked on her knees over to where Serena sat. Jane began to suck and lick the yoga teacher’s generous globes as her mistress looked on happily. After enjoying Serena’s breasts for a good long time, Jane pulled off her yoga pants, spread her legs, and went to work between them.

Serena closed her eyes for a minute, savoring the feeling of Jane’s tongue exploring her, and when she opened them again Jessica was leaning against the table, naked from the waist down, legs slightly parted.  Jessica reached out one hand and began guiding Serena’s head toward her crotch. A smaller or less flexible woman wouldn’t have made it, but by extending to her full length Serena was able to reach Jessica’s pussy with her long tongue.

Watching this from the kitchen window as she pulled the guts from a turkey, Marie fumed silently.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 35

Marie had poured her morning coffee, but not yet begun to drink it, when there was a knock at the door that sounded like thunder in her ears. She was a little hung over, having indulged in more than a bottle of expensive French wine the night before in her mistress’s absence. Moving as quickly as she could, lest the knock come again, she went to the door. Opening it she found Samantha Bowman, looking annoyingly chipper and put-together for this hour of the morning.

She motioned soundlessly for Samantha to enter, led her to the kitchen, and gestured toward the coffee. “No thanks,” said Samantha. “I only have a few minutes. Is Jessica around?”

Sipping her coffee, Marie shook her head. “Stayed in the city last night.”

“Oh.” Samantha sounded disappointed. “Well, I guess it’ll have to wait.”

Marie held the cup in both hands and took a long, slow pull. Already her head was starting to clear a little. “What did you want to talk to her about?”

“My yoga teacher.”

“What about her?”

“She’s the most exquisite creature I’ve ever seen. Six feet tall, blonde, lean, tits till Tuesday...but I can’t figure out how to approach her.”

“Hmm,” purred Marie, sipping, the wheels already starting to turn in her head. “What’s her name?”

* * *

Serena was usually completely self-assured, but she was a little nervous as she approached the house. There had been something mysterious and alluring in the voice of the woman who had called her that morning, offering a very nice sum for a private yoga lesson. It wasn’t just the French accent, though that certainly helped...everything that came out of her mouth sounded sexy, even when she was giving the address.

Maybe I’m a little oversensitized, Serena thought. She hadn’t been in a relationship for a while, since her last boyfriend turned out to be a lying, manipulative asshole masquerading as a spiritual, sensitive type. This had shaken her to the core, though outwardly it would have been hard to tell. She’d been celibate since then, for the longest period in her adult life. She was ready to change that, but men were often intimidated by her and rarely made an approach. She’d thought about a few of the women in her class – some of them were tremendously sexy – but was reluctant to cross that line.

When she rang the doorbell, it was answered by a very attractive young brunette in a white bathrobe. “Serena?”

It was the woman she’d talked to on the phone; even from a single word, there was no mistaking it. “Are you Marie?”

“Oui,” answered the brunette coquettishly. “Entrez.”

As Serena strode down the hallway into the house, Marie hesitated for a moment to check her out from behind. She could see why Samantha had been so worked up – Serena was a remarkable specimen, and the tight yoga clothes certainly accentuated her magnificent shape. Marie led the yoga teacher to the living room, where she had cleared out a space sufficient for physical activity.

“Do you have any injuries or restrictions I need to know about?” Serena asked. “Any special requests?”

“Well, just one,” answered Marie, a wry smile bending one corner of her mouth. “I really prefer to work out in the nude. Would that be OK?”

Taken off guard, Serena swallowed hard and didn't respond for a few seconds.

“You wouldn’t have to, of course,” Marie reassured her. “Unless you wanted to.”

“Hmm,” said Serena finally. “I guess that would be OK. The customer is always right...right?”

Marie giggled agreeably and without another word untied the sash of her robe, slipped it off, and dropped it on the couch. She was naked underneath, freshly powdered, shaved, and trimmed in all the appropriate places. “So what should I do?"

Unrolling the mat she’d brought with her, Serena placed it on the ground a few feet from the one Marie had laid out and began the routine. She tried not to be distracted by Marie’s naked body, by her breasts hanging down, by the occasional flash of pink between her legs; but it wasn’t easy. Soon Serena found herself working up a serious sweat, which was only partly due to the fact that Marie had intentionally raised the temperature in the house up near 100. Feeling the beginning of the lovely endorphin rush she always got from yoga, Serena soon threw caution to the wind and stripped off her top. Her breasts took Marie’s breath away; they were enormous but firm and supple, clearly natural from the way they moved.

In a few minutes both women were nude, and the subtle glances had been replaced by full-on mutual staring. They did a pose where they balanced on one leg. Marie held it for a few seconds, then lost her balance, and as she fell she grabbed on to Serena for support. That did it; a moment later Serena had wrapped her arms around the smaller woman and Marie was standing on her tiptoes to stick her tongue into Serena’s mouth. After a couple minutes of this torrid and sweaty embrace, Marie pulled away just enough to get her mouth on Serena’s breasts, as she’d been waiting to do for what seemed like hours. She only had to lean over slightly. She hungrily suckled the blonde’s nipples, then stretched her mouth to get as much of them in as she could.

There was no point in stopping there. Marie continued making her way down the yoga teacher’s long, lean body, licking beads of sweat from Serena’s belly, then dropping to her knees. With her excellent balance, Serena was easily able to shift her stance so Marie could get between her legs and lap up the nectar dripping between them. Gripping Serena’s firm thighs, Marie nuzzled into the blonde’s soft curls and began to suck her clit. Serena’s thighs started to quake as the leading edge of an orgasm rippled through her and she let out a long, guttural moan. Now it was Serena’s turn to hold on to Marie for support as her legs turned to jelly and she sank to her knees, then a sitting position, and finally just lay back on her mat breathing hard and staring at the ceiling. She hadn’t come like that in...God knows how long.

“That was amazing,” croaked Serena, but Marie had already gone to the kitchen. She returned a minute later with two bottles of ice-cold water. Handing one to Serena, who just held it against her forehead without opening it, Marie uncapped hers and sat down to drink. Just then the sliding door to the pool opened, and in stepped Samantha Bowman, who for some time had been watching from the shadows.

“Am I late for class?” asked Samantha.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 34

Shortly after midnight, Jessica and Jane were cruising across town on their way to the hotel where they had a room reserved for the night. Jessica drove slowly, partly because she was still just a little buzzed, and partly because she wasn’t in any particular hurry. It was a beautiful night, crisp and clear and quiet, with no other cars on the road. Jessica had decided to take the scenic route across town, a looping byway that skirted the edge of a big park.

Jessica looked over at Jane, back now in her platinum blonde wig and outfit from before, as she sat staring out the window, apparently lost in thought. There was something about this woman, Jessica thought...some core of grace and pride that remained untouched, whatever humiliations she was subjected to. Jessica didn’t know whether to be inspired or aggravated. What would it take to break her?

Just then they slowed down for a series of speed bumps, and out the corner of her eye Jessica happened to see a solitary figure sitting alone on a park bench, only partly illuminated by a streetlight maybe 50 yards away. Slowing further, she saw that it was a gray-haired man smoking a cigarette.

Suddenly Jessica was struck with a powerful and irresistible impulse. She killed the lights and let the SUV roll to a stop not far from where the man was sitting. He turned his head slightly toward them, but remained calmly smoking. Behind him were the see-saw and slides of a playground.

Jessica turned to Jane and gestured toward the man. “Tell him you’ll suck his cock for a dollar.”

Jane blinked. “What?”

“I think I was clear enough,” said Jessica coldly.

Jane looked at the man. This came as something of a surprise. It wasn't like she’d never sucked a cock before, but a random stranger? She looked back over at Jessica, whose face conveyed a strange mixture of steely determination, slight anger at not being immediately obeyed, and intense excitement flashing in her eyes. That look started the juices flowing between Jane’s legs and she knew that this was what she had to do. She opened the door and stepped out of the car.

Jessica closed the door behind her and moved to the passenger seat to get a better view. Behind the SUV’s tinted windows, she could watch while remaining completely hidden. Something in this scenario she had devised thrilled her deeply. Not just sending Jane to suck off some stranger, but having her ask for a dollar... If she did it for free, she was just a slut. If she asked for a reasonable sum, she was just a whore. But this way she was the worst of all things, a cheap whore.

Jane approached the man and Jessica saw her lips move. The man hesitated for just a moment, then began to eagerly rummage through his pockets. He produced something from one of them and handed it to Jane, who slipped it between her breasts and dropped to her knees. Obedient slave that she was, she did not fail to make sure that Jessica had a good viewing angle as she unzipped the man’s pants and lifted out his partially erect penis. Jane worked at making him hard, first with her hand and then with her tongue, which she ran up and down the shaft with a glance in Jessica’s direction. By now Jessica was naked from the waist down and fingering her squishy wet pussy as she watched.

The man groped Jane’s breasts, pulling down her bustier, and the bill that she’d tucked into her cleavage fluttered to the ground. Jane slid the man’s cock, which was now as hard as it was going to be, between her tits and squeezed them together; he reached down to pinch her nipples. Jessica had her first orgasm as Jane’s lips closed around the head of the man’s penis. He held on to Jane’s blonde-wigged head with both hands and drove himself all the way into her mouth. Taken somewhat by surprise, Jane did her best to take it all without gagging. Fortunately, he was pretty average in size.

The man pulled Jane’s skirt up and thrust one hand under the crotch of her panties. This triggered Jessica’s second orgasm, and she did not let up on her clit for one second as the man’s rough hands penetrated Jane. But after that it was all over pretty quickly. Sensing that the man was about to come, Jane pulled his cock out of her mouth and let his seed spill onto her breasts, and at the sight of this Jessica had a third, devastating orgasm and let her head slump back on the seat. When it was finished, Jane straightened her skirt, picked the dollar up off the ground, and walked back to the SUV.

Back in the driver’s seat, Jessica looked over with a satisfied smile at Jane, her wig slightly askew, lines of pearly semen glistening on her chest. Jane handed the dollar to her mistress, who took one last look over her shoulder at the man, sitting back in the bench with a look of stupefied peace. Jessica started the car, flipped on the lights, and slowly rolled away.