Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 34

Shortly after midnight, Jessica and Jane were cruising across town on their way to the hotel where they had a room reserved for the night. Jessica drove slowly, partly because she was still just a little buzzed, and partly because she wasn’t in any particular hurry. It was a beautiful night, crisp and clear and quiet, with no other cars on the road. Jessica had decided to take the scenic route across town, a looping byway that skirted the edge of a big park.

Jessica looked over at Jane, back now in her platinum blonde wig and outfit from before, as she sat staring out the window, apparently lost in thought. There was something about this woman, Jessica thought...some core of grace and pride that remained untouched, whatever humiliations she was subjected to. Jessica didn’t know whether to be inspired or aggravated. What would it take to break her?

Just then they slowed down for a series of speed bumps, and out the corner of her eye Jessica happened to see a solitary figure sitting alone on a park bench, only partly illuminated by a streetlight maybe 50 yards away. Slowing further, she saw that it was a gray-haired man smoking a cigarette.

Suddenly Jessica was struck with a powerful and irresistible impulse. She killed the lights and let the SUV roll to a stop not far from where the man was sitting. He turned his head slightly toward them, but remained calmly smoking. Behind him were the see-saw and slides of a playground.

Jessica turned to Jane and gestured toward the man. “Tell him you’ll suck his cock for a dollar.”

Jane blinked. “What?”

“I think I was clear enough,” said Jessica coldly.

Jane looked at the man. This came as something of a surprise. It wasn't like she’d never sucked a cock before, but a random stranger? She looked back over at Jessica, whose face conveyed a strange mixture of steely determination, slight anger at not being immediately obeyed, and intense excitement flashing in her eyes. That look started the juices flowing between Jane’s legs and she knew that this was what she had to do. She opened the door and stepped out of the car.

Jessica closed the door behind her and moved to the passenger seat to get a better view. Behind the SUV’s tinted windows, she could watch while remaining completely hidden. Something in this scenario she had devised thrilled her deeply. Not just sending Jane to suck off some stranger, but having her ask for a dollar... If she did it for free, she was just a slut. If she asked for a reasonable sum, she was just a whore. But this way she was the worst of all things, a cheap whore.

Jane approached the man and Jessica saw her lips move. The man hesitated for just a moment, then began to eagerly rummage through his pockets. He produced something from one of them and handed it to Jane, who slipped it between her breasts and dropped to her knees. Obedient slave that she was, she did not fail to make sure that Jessica had a good viewing angle as she unzipped the man’s pants and lifted out his partially erect penis. Jane worked at making him hard, first with her hand and then with her tongue, which she ran up and down the shaft with a glance in Jessica’s direction. By now Jessica was naked from the waist down and fingering her squishy wet pussy as she watched.

The man groped Jane’s breasts, pulling down her bustier, and the bill that she’d tucked into her cleavage fluttered to the ground. Jane slid the man’s cock, which was now as hard as it was going to be, between her tits and squeezed them together; he reached down to pinch her nipples. Jessica had her first orgasm as Jane’s lips closed around the head of the man’s penis. He held on to Jane’s blonde-wigged head with both hands and drove himself all the way into her mouth. Taken somewhat by surprise, Jane did her best to take it all without gagging. Fortunately, he was pretty average in size.

The man pulled Jane’s skirt up and thrust one hand under the crotch of her panties. This triggered Jessica’s second orgasm, and she did not let up on her clit for one second as the man’s rough hands penetrated Jane. But after that it was all over pretty quickly. Sensing that the man was about to come, Jane pulled his cock out of her mouth and let his seed spill onto her breasts, and at the sight of this Jessica had a third, devastating orgasm and let her head slump back on the seat. When it was finished, Jane straightened her skirt, picked the dollar up off the ground, and walked back to the SUV.

Back in the driver’s seat, Jessica looked over with a satisfied smile at Jane, her wig slightly askew, lines of pearly semen glistening on her chest. Jane handed the dollar to her mistress, who took one last look over her shoulder at the man, sitting back in the bench with a look of stupefied peace. Jessica started the car, flipped on the lights, and slowly rolled away.



  1. Glad to see you writing again. Keep it up.

  2. No more guys in this one please. It just jumps the shark, but thank you for writing