Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 34

After beating a hasty retreat from Casey’s apartment, Jessica and Jane were cruising across town on their way to the hotel where they had a room reserved for the night. Jessica drove slowly, partly because she was still just a little buzzed, and partly because she wasn’t in any particular hurry. It was a beautiful night, crisp and clear and quiet, with no other cars on the road. Jessica had decided to take the scenic route across town, a looping byway that skirted the edge of a big park.

Jessica looked over at Jane — back now in her platinum blonde wig and outfit from before — as she sat staring out the window, apparently lost in thought. There was something about this woman, Jessica thought... some core of grace and pride that remained untouched, whatever humiliations she was subjected to. Jessica didn’t know whether to be inspired or aggravated. What would it take to break her?

Just then they slowed down for a series of speed bumps, and out the corner of her eye Jessica spotted a homeless encampment that had sprung up in a corner of the park. A flickering orange streetlight cast dim light on a rotting wooden picnic table, next to which the last embers of a dying fire sputtered in a circular pit. Tents of all shapes and sizes stretched off in every direction into the surrounding trees.

The black SUV rolled gently to a halt, the roar of the engine piercing the quiet of the night, then slowly dying away. After a couple of minutes the passenger-side door opened and out stepped the figure of a woman, naked, bald, tattooed, and collared. Jane looked around apprehensively, feeling eyes on her from every direction, shivering a little from the cold of the night. She felt lonely and exposed, but she had her orders; there was no point in stalling.

Walking over to the picnic table, Jane found the least dirty and rotten part of the surface and climbed onto it. She leaned back and spread her legs as wide as they would go, exposing the puckered lips of her shaved pussy to anyone who cared to look.

Just then a gust of wind caused one of the coals in the firepit to flare up, casting both light and a small but welcome bit of warmth onto Jane’s crotch. As instructed she began to fondle herself, cupping her breasts and squeezing her nipples, which were erect from both arousal and cold. Then she slid one hand down between her legs, spreading her labia and pushing a finger inside.

Jane was conscious of movement in the camp, of figures creeping closer from out of the dark. It might have been her imagination, it was hard to tell, but a violent shiver ran through her from head to toe. Anything could happen to her now. If she was assaulted, would Jessica come to help? Would she even be able to? And how could anyone say, afterward, that she hadn’t been asking for it?

But she was also aware of Jessica watching her, and tried to focus on that. Her sole purpose in life, she reminded herself, was to please her mistress. Gradually she began to relax and to feel more and more aroused, no longer faking it, penetrating herself with the fingers of one hand while the other circled and stroked her clit.

An orgasm hit her and her body stiffened, her back arching and lifting off the surface of the table. Though she was trying to be quiet, a moan escaped her lips and seemed to echo through the park. Afterward she just lay there for a minute, hearing the intermittent buzzing of the light overhead, the wind blowing through the trees, and the beating of her own heart.

She was tempted to just head back to the car where it was warm and safe, but somehow she was not satisfied, and she got the feeling Jessica wouldn’t be either. So she rolled over onto her knees and, bracing herself against the table with her left hand, resumed masturbating with her right. The fire had gone out completely by now, and the streetlight seemed to be getting dimmer by the minute, so there was only the faintest glimmer of illumination on Jane’s naked body as she pleasured herself.

Then a figure approached her from behind. Jane never saw it coming; she suddenly felt a hand pressing her head down against the table, another creeping between her legs, exploring her inner thighs, moving up toward her crotch. She willingly pulled her own hand away and let the stranger take over, violating her with one finger, then another, then another. The touch was rough but skillful, and the hand itself was surprisingly soft; Jane thought that it belonged to a woman, though she would never know for sure. The stranger was wearing an oversized hoodie and loose pants, so Jessica never got a good look.

The stranger hauled off and smacked Jane twice across each butt cheek, hard, then resumed finger-fucking her. Surrendering herself, Jane closed her eyes and gasped, and then she was coming. She spasmed violently then lay still; she may have blacked out for a moment. By the time she returned to her senses, the stranger was gone.

Mustering as much dignity as she could, Jane walked back to the SUV. Inside she found Jessica in the back seat, naked from the waist down, legs spread wide. The look in Jessica’s eyes told Jane exactly what was wanted at that moment, so she quickly dropped to her knees and got to work.


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