Thursday, March 31, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 132

Late that morning the package Jessica had been eagerly awaiting arrived. She had ordered a second strap-on exactly like Magic, except black instead of blue. She plugged it in to charge and sat back to think about how best to break it in.

An hour later she convened the whole household in the bedroom and instructed Jane and Marie to get into 69 position on the bed, with Jane on top. They obeyed unquestioningly, of course. Jessica got out four sets of handcuffs and cuffed Jane’s wrists to Marie’s ankles and vice versa. Then she unplugged the new strap-on, helped Celeste into the harness, and flipped the switch.

“Ooh,” said Celeste, giggling as the vibration from the strap-on stimulated her pussy. Jessica equipped herself with Magic and they went to town, taking turns filling Marie and Jane’s holes from both ends. When they were finished there was a limp pool of sweaty, satisfied female on the bed, and Jessica and Celeste had each had several orgasms of their own.

Jessica uncuffed Jane and Marie and told them to clean the strap-ons and make sure they were charged. Janice was coming over later, and Jessica wanted to show her an especially good time.

Jane and Marie frowned at each other. It was becoming clear that their mistress had a new favorite, that Celeste was being treated differently than they were. They didn’t really resent Celeste, because they were both already a little in love with her too. But it did seem like they were going to get stuck with all the dirty work.

They weren’t going to say this to Jessica, of course. Aside from the fear of being punished, it was hard to complain too much when you’d just been fucked halfway to oblivion. They dutifully went about their business without a word.

* * *

Olivia had spent the night at Claire’s, and they had stayed up late, eating, drinking, talking, and occasionally fucking. Today was Claire’s day off, so she went ahead and slept in, basking in the luxury of having nowhere to go and nothing to do. When she finally rose Olivia was still snoozing peacefully, so she crept quietly to the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee. As she sipped she screwed up her courage to call Tara.

By the time she had finished her cup of coffee and started on a second, she was ready. She picked up her phone and made the call. Tara answered immediately, sounding genuinely happy to hear from Claire. When Claire explained the situation Tara swore that she knew nothing about it and promised to talk to Mimi and call Claire back. Claire wasn’t 100% convinced but said OK and hung up.

When she walked back into the bedroom Olivia had rolled over onto her side, clutching Claire’s stuffed panda bear to her chest. She looked absolutely and utterly adorable.

Claire slipped into bed next to Olivia and spooned her from behind. She’d never known a girl with skin so soft and creamy. It was a tactile miracle, a pleasure to the touch and taste.

Claire licked Olivia on the back of the neck and worked her way down, enjoying the texture and flavor of her shoulder blades, her back. Olivia moaned, beginning to come awake. Claire traced her tongue around Olivia’s side and into the little crevice above her waist. From there she moved up and around toward the front, gently nudging the stuffed bear aside and taking a nipple into her mouth.

Olivia let out a little “Mmmmmm” sound and rolled over onto her back, wrapping one arm around Claire as Claire moved on to the other breast. It was hard for Claire to pull herself away from Olivia’s tits – they were so savory in the mouth – but she had another destination in mind. She licked her way down Olivia’s ribcage, belly, and hipbones; Olivia arched her back, lifted her hips, and opened her legs. Her pussy was blooming with readiness.

Her patience at an end, Claire slid forward and began to lap away at Olivia’s cunt. She felt Olivia fumbling at the belt of her jeans, and then tugging them off. Soon they were 69ing, locked tightly in each others’ embrace, and the outside world was forgotten.

* * *

Janice arrived 15 minutes early for dinner, looking eager and gripping a bottle of champagne in each hand. She’d been on her best behavior all week, playing hostess to her entire extended family, and was ready to cut loose a little.

All it took was one look at Celeste for her to know it was going to be a great night. The new addition to Jessica’s household was absolutely breathtaking, and Jessica was always so generous about sharing her treasures. From that point on Janice relaxed into the flow of things, popping open a bottle of bubbly and acting the polite guest while anticipating what pleasures the evening might hold.


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dear Readers

“Housewives and Cheerleaders” will resume in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I’ve been experimenting with a new platform: the story site Wattpad. You can see what I’m working on here:

Take a look and let me know what you think.

As always, thanks for reading.



Monday, March 14, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 131

It was Claire who initiated the kiss, but Olivia certainly did not resist. Claire’s lips were plump, soft, and delicious, and Olivia immediately felt her temperature rise – it was like she hadn’t been touched in weeks, though she’d spent half the previous night in bed with Lexi.

Claire’s hand traced up the inside of Olivia’s thigh and explored the wetness between her legs. Olivia surrendered, moaning softly, ready for action. But then Claire suddenly pulled away.

“Let’s not do this here,” she said. “Why don’t you come to my place?”

* * *

On her way home, Jackie stopped about a half hour away to text Sara that she was almost there. Over the holiday she had gone off to visit her parents while Sara – who was estranged from her own family – stayed at home.

At first, Sara had enjoyed having some time to herself, spending a lot of time reading and taking long hot baths. But as the days wore on she had grown increasingly lonely and her messages to Jackie had grown increasingly desperate, to the point where Jackie cut her planned trip short by two days.

Jackie didn’t quite know how she and Sara had become so wrapped up in each other in such a short time. Sara drove her crazy, both in a good way and a bad way. On the one hand, Sara was so emotional, so flighty, so unpredictable; on the other hand she was so fundamentally alluring that the more Jackie got to know her, the more she got drawn in.

And there was something about Sara that brought out a hidden part of Jackie’s personality – her dominant side. In Sara’s presence Jackie felt stronger, more powerful, more decisive. This in turn brought out Sara’s submissive side, and the two mutually reinforced each other. Never in any previous relationship had either of them acted the way they acted toward each other.

Pulling up in front of Sara’s house, Jackie took a minute to sit quietly. It had been a long drive and she was tired. But at the same time, she knew that something exciting probably awaited her inside, and she was eager to find out what.

The front door was unlocked, but the house was quiet and dark, though unusually warm. Jackie found Sara upstairs, in the dimly lit bedroom, naked. She had tied her own feet and one of her hands to the bed; her other hand gripped the bedpost on that side.

“Hi,” said Sara. “I’ve been waiting for you. And waiting and waiting and waiting.” Her tone was petulant, but also teasing.

“Well, I’m here now,” answered Jackie.

The sight of Sara’s nude body, bound and at her disposal, inflamed Jackie. Her nipples sprang to attention and her juices began to flow. She stripped naked and climbed onto the bed, laying down full length atop Sara, and they shared a hot, wet kiss.

Jackie moved down to lick and suck Sara’s tits, letting her right leg slide down between Sara’s legs. Sara ground her pussy eagerly against Jackie’s thigh. Jackie could feel the need emanating from Sara’s crotch, and she started to move to give it her attention.

But then she thought, no. I’m going to look after my own needs first for once. She climbed up to straddle Sara’s head, poising her pussy right above Sara’s mouth. In this position what could Sara do but obey? She stuck her tongue out and went to work.

Once Jackie had come a couple of times she felt more relaxed, and more generous. She retrieved a strap-on from the bedside table and waved it in Sara’s face.

“You want this?”

Sara eyes were wide, her breath coming unevenly. “You know I do.”

Jackie took her sweet time getting ready, watching Sara squirm. At one point Sara’s free hand found its way between her legs, and Jackie shook a finger at her. “Not if you want this,” she said, gripping the shaft of the dildo in her fist.

Sara obediently returned her hand to its place on the bedpost, frowning. “Well come on and fuck me then.”

“I’ll fuck you when I’m damn good and ready,” barked Jackie. But she was ready soon enough. She positioned herself between Sara’s legs, teasing Sara’s pussy with the tip of the strap-on. Sara’s free hand moved to Jackie’s ass, encouraging her to go in deeper, and Jackie let it stay there. A long “Unnnnhhhhhh” came from way down in Sara’s throat as the dildo filled her to completeness.

Jackie gave it to Sara long and hard, but also tenderly. She really enjoyed making Sara come, watching her face change from hunger to ecstasy to afterglow. Then, after a minute’s rest, the process started all over again.

Sara was highly multi-orgasmic, and each one seemed to get a little stronger, until finally she went limp and Jackie could tell that she was done. Jackie pulled out and rolled over onto her side, gazing down as a satisfied smile illuminated Sara’s beautiful face.

* * *

Later that night, Olivia and Claire lay naked in bed in Claire’s tiny studio apartment, eating ice cream and talking.

“I guess I’m going to have to ask Tara about this,” said Claire, referring to the web site showing explicit pictures of the two of them. “I think she’s back from New York today.” Picking up her phone from the bedside table, Claire sighed. “But I don’t really want to.”

“I thought you two were close?” said Olivia.

“Yeah,” said Claire, “but lately, I don’t know, I’m tired of that whole scene. Being with Gina is so nice. No games, no hidden’s the complete opposite of being around Mimi. Who, as you can see, does have hidden agendas. And Tara is her right-hand girl, her, like, protege or whatever.”

Claire took a big spoonful of ice cream and handed the carton to Olivia. “And here I am, fucking around on Gina first chance I get. Well, it serves her right for leaving me alone all week.” She sighed again. “I really don’t do relationships very well.”

“I know what you mean,” said Olivia. “Sometimes I think I’m just, like, a total slut.”

“I think so too,” joked Claire, and they both laughed. Dipping her spoon into the ice cream, Claire dabbed a little onto each of Olivia’s breasts and leaned down to lick it off. After all, what was done was done; having a second go-round wasn’t going to change anything.