Sunday, February 21, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 28

After the second movie the party moved back to the sitting room, where it turned into more of a general free-for-all. Loud music was playing, there was naked dancing, and any remaining inhibitions were dropped. In one corner the Bitch was chained with her arms extended out to her sides, naked from the waist down, being whipped by Elena. The blows were not very hard, mostly for show, to add an atmosphere of kinky decadence to the room; but even so her involuntary cries of pleasure/pain were occasionally audible over the music.

At one point Kristin went to the kitchen and poured herself a big glass of ice water, determined not to drink herself senseless this time. When she returned to the sitting room the vibe had changed. The music had slowed down and the lights had dimmed; Kristins eyes were drawn to Janet, who was sitting on a couch in only panties, flanked by naked Jenny on one side and naked Sophie on the other. She had something in her hand; Kristin couldnt tell what it was until Janet leaned forward and used it to snort something off the table. Janet handed the straw to Sophie, who snorted up a big line of her own and handed it back. Next Janet offered the straw to Jenny, who looked questioningly over at Kristin. Kristin shook her head no and Jenny respectfully said No thank you to Janet, who shrugged and took another turn herself.

The energy level in the room went up after that. Soon Janet was fucking Jenny with a strap-on as Sophie sat on Jennys face. Kristin sat and watched, drinking water, marveling at what a willing and wanton slut Jenny had become. She had been so innocent not very long ago; Kristin wasnt sure whether to be proud or appalled. But she didnt have long to think about it, because now Diana was leaning over the back of the couch Kristin sat on, nuzzling Kristins ear and then kissing down her neck. Kristin opened herself up to the approach, and before long the two blondes were 69ing as Juliet sat beside them smoking a cigarette, sticking a finger in here, jabbing her tongue in there. Elena, meanwhile, had stopped whipping the Bitch and was now on her knees licking the bound womans pussy, which was sticky wet from the torment/tease shed been suffering.

From there things became sort of a blur...afterward all Kristin remembered was Jenny face-down on the floor, hands bound behind her back, being whipped by Sophie as Janet and Elena dripped hot wax onto her. Jenny was moaning pitifully; there may have been some pleasure in it, but to Kristin at that moment it sounded awful. Finally something snapped within her; she stood up and barked “Enough.” Ignoring Janet’s shocked look, Kristin helped Jenny up, untied her, and led her back to their room.

Kristin spent a good half-hour picking dried wax off Jenny’s body, soothing her with kisses in between. Then they curled up on one of the beds together till morning.

* * *

Over breakfast Janet was a little frosty but didn’t seem too upset; Kristin felt relieved, as ABD depended on Janet’s generosity, and the last thing Kristin wanted to was make her angry. After breakfast Kristin and Jenny showered, packed, and said their goodbyes. They were on the road back to Bowmore by 11:00.

Jenny was moved by the way Kristin had stood up for her, but wasn’t quite sure how to express it. Kristin for her part was in a peculiar, distracted mood. So they said little during the drive, just listened to music and stared out at the passing scenery. When they arrived at the college they parted with a long, warm hug and kiss, after which Jenny went to the freshman barracks and Kristin to her room.

There was a note taped to Kristin’s door: “K: Need to see you IMMEDIATELY.” It was signed with Alexis White’s trademark looping “A.”

Kristin’s heart immediately started pounding. Had Janet Lee called and complained about her? After dropping off her stuff she immediately made her way to Miss White’s office.

When Kristin entered Alexis White was sitting at her desk holding a steaming cup of coffee in both hands. She fixed Kristin with a serious look that caused Kristin's heart to drop into her stomach.

“Um...what’s up?” stammered Kristin.

Without saying a word, Miss White picked up the thick manila envelope that was sitting on the desk, opened the clasp, and pulled out the flap. Extracting a stack of papers, she began to array them across the desk. They were all pictures of girls, printed on high-quality photo paper, many in sexual situations. It took Kristin a minute to figure out that she knew all of these girls – they were all ABD Sisters. There was Emma, and Sasha, and Rachel, and Polly, and Eva, and April. Many of the photos had clearly been taken in the public areas of ABD House, and some distinctive items of decor were visible in them.

Finally Kristin came to one picture that particularly caught her eye – it had been taken in dim light and was grainy, but was clearly a photo of Jenny, naked on her knees with her hands cuffed behind her back, leaning into a blond-haired crotch with tongue extended. That’s me, thought Kristin, though her face was not visible.

She looked up at Miss White. “What the fuck?”

“These were delivered to the Dean’s office yesterday. Fortunately I am friendly with the secretary there, and she brought them to me before the Dean could see them.”

“So somebody’s spying on us.”

“Seems like it. Keep it quiet but see what you can find out.”

Kristin walked back to her room feeling worried and perplexed, but in a few minutes all that had faded, and all that remained in her mind was the image of Jenny on her knees. Calling down to the barracks, Kristin summoned the freshman to her room. A few minutes later Jenny appeared and silently stripped and knelt. Pulling off her jeans and panties, Kristin beckoned Jenny closer; Jenny crawled over and obediently took up the same position she had been in in the photo.

As Jenny began to service Kristin, Kristin stood staring out over the grounds of ABD, peering intently into this corner and that, searching for any sign of movement in the shadows.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 27

There was a brief pause as Sophie cued up the next part of the movie, during which there was an enthusiastic round of applause from everyone in the audience – except Jenny, who was on her knees servicing Janet and had again missed most of the entertainment.

* * *

The next thing to appear onscreen was the inside of an empty police station. The door opened and in came Officer Lane, leading the handcuffed Sophie by the arm. She brought Sophie to her desk, where she opened a drawer and produced a red ball gag. Once Sophie was gagged the officer led her through the main room and down a hallway until they came to the door of a cell. There were two bunks in the cell and in the one farthest from the door was a woman in an orange prison jumpsuit. It was hard to make her out in the dim light of the cell.

Officer Lane opened the door and pushed Sophie inside. Fresh meat, Juanita, she said, locking the door behind Sophie.

Juanita stood and approached Sophie. You could see her better now; she was a dark-skinned Latina, rough-looking but not without some beauty, somewhere in her 30s. She took Sophies chin in her hand and examined the new arrival closely. Pretty, she said.

You two have fun getting to know each other, smirked the officer, who then disappeared down the hallway.

Juanita wasted no time getting to know Sophie better, spinning Sophie around and cornering her against the cell door. Knowing that her new cellmate was bigger and stronger and not handcuffed, Sophie didnt bother to resist. Juanita pressed her body against Sophie’s from behind and whispered in her ear, Whats your name, little girl?

Sophie tried to answer, but all that escaped the gag was an unintelligible gurgle. Never mind, said Juanita, youre just a number here anyway.”

Juanita lifted Sophies skirt and ran her hand up the space between Sophies thighs. Soft, she said. Too soft.

Leaving Sophie for the moment, Juanita lifted the mattress of her bunk and reached underneath. When she turned around again she was holding what appeared to be a torn-off car antenna. The camera angle changed to a shot from outside the cell as Juanita whooshed the thin piece of metal through the air. All the color drained out of Sophies face and she began to moan even before the antenna smacked into her ass for the first time; what might have been her trying to say No! turned into a howl of pure torment.

The camera went back to a shot from behind Sophie as Juanita repeatedly punished her thighs and ass with the wire whip. Sophie was wailing helplessly, on the verge of tears, her body quaking every time the antenna made contact.

There was a cut to the interior of the police station, where Officer Lane was sitting at her desk with a phone in one hand. Wait till you see what I caught speeding on Route 24, she said. The person on the other end said something and she laughed. Yeah, a really prime piece. See you in a few minutes.

Back in the cell, Juanita had stopped the beating and stood over Sophie. Listen up, girlie, she said. Im gonna take that gag off now. If you immediately start begging to lick my pussy, I wont hurt you any more. Otherwise it gets worse. You hear?

Reaching down, Juanita unstrapped the gag from the back of Sophies head and slipped the ball out of her mouth. May I please lick your pussy?

Maam, insisted Juanita as she began stripping off her jumpsuit.

Please, maam, may I lick your pussy, please? Sophie sounded very sincere; she really didnt want to get whipped anymore.

Naked now, Juanita sat down on her bunk and spread her legs. Sophie scrambled to get to her before she could change her mind and started eagerly eating her fairly hairly pussy. Juanita laid back on the bed and began to grind her hips, mashing her cunt into Sophies face. Soon Juanita climaxed with a bloodcurdling howl that seemed to take Sophie aback; she sat up, her face smeared with Juanitas juices, and looked around the room as if trying to remember where she was and how shed gotten there.

After recovering for a few moments Juanita opened her eyes and gestured to Sophie urgently. Come sit on my face, she ordered. I want a mouthful of your pussy right now.

Sophie obediently climbed onto the bunk and straddled Juanitas head. Juanita wrapped an arm around Sophie and attacked her with audible slurping sounds, and soon Sophie let herself sink down into a 69. Just then Officer Lane appeared in the corner of the frame; she stood watching for half a minute, smirking knowingly, before noisily running her billy club back and forth against the bars of the cell.

Break it up in there, ordered the officer. New girl, get your face out of that pussy for a minute. The judge wants to see you.

Sophie stood up, her face bright red not to mention very wet, and Officer Lane opened the door of the cell. Juanita let out a groan of frustration and then began rubbing her clit. Hurry back, she said to Sophie.

Officer Lane led Sophie, still handcuffed, half-naked, and disheveled-looking, back out to the main room of the police station. Sitting at one of the desks was a small, dark-haired woman with glasses. She looked Sophie over appraisingly. So this is todays catch, huh? she asked the officer.

A real lead foot, this one, said Officer Lane. And a grade-A slut as well.

So I see, answered the judge. She smells disgusting. Get her cleaned up and bring her to my chambers.

Officer Lane led Sophie to a large shower, where she uncuffed the girl and stripped off the rest of her clothes. There was a quiet, peaceful interlude as the officer watched Sophie shower. Playing to her audience, Sophie spent extra time soaping her breasts and between her legs. When she was done the officer tossed her a large white towel.

The camera cut to show the judge sitting at the desk in her chambers – really just an office not much bigger than the desk itself – gazing thoughtfully at some papers with a pen in one hand. She looked up as Officer Lane led in Sophie, who was wrapped in the towel with her hair still wet.

So what are the charges? asked the judge.

70 in a 45 zone, said Officer Lane.

How do you plead? said the judge to Sophie, who stood looking perplexed. Plead guilty, you can pay the fine and get it over with, explained the judge. Not guilty, well have to have a hearing, and we might not be able to fit you in till tomorrow.

Sophie thought for a moment. Not guilty.

The judge grinned. Excellent choice. She nodded to Officer Lane, who again cuffed Sophies hands behind her back, pulled off her towel, and bent her forward over the desk. The judge stood up. She had changed into her black judicial robe, which she now lifted to reveal a dangling strap-on. Guiding the tip of the dildo into Sophies mouth, the judge pulled her robe up and off; she was naked underneath. Officer Lane likewise began to strip, and when she was naked the judge spun Sophie around 180 degrees. Sophie gasped as the judge sank the full length of the plastic cock into her; a moment later her face disappeared between the officers legs. That was when the credits rolled.


Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 26

When the lights went up it was clear that the dirty movie had had the intended effect on its audience. Kristin was masturbating and Janet and Sophie had their hands up each other’s skirts. Jenny, meanwhile, had clearly not gotten to see the end of the movie – she was sprawled across Diana and Juliet’s laps with her head between Diana’s thighs as Juliet fingered her.

There was a brief intermission during which Jenny brought Diana to orgasm, then very quickly had one herself as Juliet’s skilled hands manipulated her clit. Jenny stood up and wiped her mouth with one hand, her face reddening as she looked around the room and realized she had become the center of attention. Janet thought it very sweet that Jenny could still be embarrassed this way.

After straightening herself up as best she could, Jenny set about refreshing everyone’s drinks and bringing more popcorn from the kitchen. Soon they were all settled in again, and Sophie switched the lights back off and started the second feature.

* * *

The movie started with Sophie driving down a deserted highway, singing along with the radio and looking carefree as could be. She was in a pink Cadillac convertible, wearing a pink polka-dot dress and matching pink sunglasses. Suddenly the music stopped as a siren blared and a red light appeared in her rear-view mirror.

There was a long shot of the police car pulling Sophie over, then a cut back to the inside of the car as the cop walked up to the driver’s side window. It was a female officer, tall and muscular, wearing aviator glasses and with her dark brown hair tied back.

“License and registration,” she growled. There was a shot from the cop’s point of view as Sophie leaned over to open the glove compartment; the dress was very short and showed off her long, tan legs.

Do you know how fast you were going?” asked the policewoman as Sophie handed her the paperwork.

No ma’am,” answered Sophie respectfully.

Pretty fucking fast,” said the cop. After taking a cursory glance at Sophie’s license, she asked Sophie to step out of the car. Sophie complied and the cop had her put her hands on the hood of the car. From a new camera angle you could see the officer’s name tag – it said Lane” – as she patted Sophie down very thoroughly, taking liberties with her tits and ass.

There’s two ways this can go,” said Officer Lane. One, I take you in, and if you have money you can pay the fine. But not until you see the judge, and that might not be until tomorrow.”

Sophie frowned. And what’s the other way?”

Officer Lane responded by flipping up the back of Sophie’s dress and roughly grabbing her crotch. Sophie moaned involuntarily, and that was all the answer the officer needed; she pulled Sophie’s panties down and off and kicked the girl’s legs apart with one foot. Next Officer Lane pulled out her billy club and ran it up one of Sophie’s thighs, then the other. When the end of the club made contact with Sophie’s pussy she arched her back and leaned back into it. The officer grinned and ran the length of the club along Sophie’s slit, chanting rhythmically, Slut, slut, slut, slut, slut....”

Spinning Sophie around, Officer Lane brought her roughly to her knees and forced the tip of billy club into her mouth. Clean off your juice, there’s a good slut.” When she was done the officer tossed the club aside and pulled Sophie’s T-shirt up – she was braless underneath – pinching her nipples and slapping her breasts, then watching them bobble and sway. Unbuttoning her own pants, Officer Lane wet a finger between her legs and gave it to Sophie to suck.

Next the officer stripped out of her pants and panties – they were red and lacy, incongruous with the rest of her outfit – and leaned back against the car with her legs spread. Sophie knew what was expected of her and began to lap away obediently. At this point there was a long shot of the highway, empty except for the two cars and two women, one on her knees, her head moving almost imperceptibly. The sun was low in the sky and the sky turning a lovely shade of orange.

Next there was another shot from Officer Lane’s point of view as she looked down at Sophie feasting on her pussy. After a few minutes the officer came with a howl, holding Sophie’s head tight against her crotch; then she roughly pushed Sophie away, sending the half-naked girl sprawling onto the ground. After taking a moment to recover, the officer picked Sophie up like a ragdoll and dropped her face-down onto the hood of the car. Bending over, Officer Lane put one hand on each of Sophie’s knees, spread her wide, and began to devour her ripe young snatch.

The camera cut to an angle in front of Sophie so the viewers could see her face as it contorted in pleasure – pleasure that turned to shock as Officer Lane seized her wrists and cuffed her hands behind her back. After dressing herself, the officer pulled Sophie’s T-shirt back down over her breasts and straightened her skirt, then maneuvered the handcuffed girl into the back of the police car.

Sophie protested. But you said –.”

I know what I said,” the officer responded as she slid behind the wheel. But you’re just too yummy to let go that easily.” She started the car and drove off; as the car disappeared the camera lingered on Sophie’s panties, abandoned on the ground next to her car, while the words To Be Continued” came up on the screen.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 25

The first shot was of Sophie, sleeping alone in a big bed. Then the camera cut to a view of outside the house, where two burglars were jimmying a window. They were wearing hoods but were clearly female, because they had on black, form-fitting catsuits like the one Catherine Zeta-Jones wore in Entrapment. After they had gotten the window open and crawled inside, the camera showed them prowling quietly through the house. The lighting was quite well done, letting you see everything that was happening while still conveying the impression that it was nighttime.

Spotting Sophie still asleep, one of the burglars gestured to the other and they crept into the bedroom. They took a quick look around the room and the next shot was of one burglar tying Sophie’s hands behind her back with a belt while the other gagged her with a pair of panties. Sophie came awake looking quite convincingly terrified, her eyes wide as she struggled fruitlessly against the belt.

Now what do we have here? said one burglar, looking down at the captive, who was wearing adorable pink pajamas that made her look even younger than she actually was.

I think this is a nice little bonus, is what this is, said her partner in crime, reaching down and sliding a gloved hand between Sophie’s thighs. You want to have some fun before we look for the jewelry?

She is a cutie pie, isn’t she?” said the first burglar. She ripped open Sophie’s top and began to fondle her tits, pinching her nipples then slapping each breast and watching it sway. The other continued to rub Sophie’s crotch through her pajamas.

She’s getting a little wet, this one informed her partner. To Sophie, she said, You kind of like this, don’t you, sweetheart? A bit of a hot little slut, are we?

Sophie just stared back at her, still scared, but with a hint of a different kind of excitement beginning to shine through. One burglar leaned down to suck and bite Sophie’s nipples as the other tore off her pajama bottoms and spread her legs. Oh, God, she said, looking down at Sophie’s luscious, pink, visibly wet pussy. We hit the jackpot. She penetrated Sophie with one gloved finger and the girl moaned helplessly through her gag.

The burglar who had been sucking Sophie’s tits stood up and slipped off her black pants, revealing a neatly trimmed patch of blond pubic hair. She looked down at Sophie, who continued to moan as the other burglar finger-fucked her. Now if I take this gag out, are you gonna make a pointless commotion, or are you gonna use your mouth for something good? She climbed onto the bed and straddled Sophie’s head, then reached down and pulled the panties out of her mouth. Sophie looked up at her hesitantly, but didn’t make a sound. The burglar pulled Sophie’s head up into her pussy. Good girl, she murmured.

The camera shot from behind the other burglar as she pulled off her hood, revealing a long black ponytail, and leaned down to lick Sophie. This was the shot for a long while, the black ponytail bobbing between Sophie’s legs as the blonde burglar ground her pussy onto Sophie’s face. Then there was a cut to a new scene. Sophie was alone on the bed again, naked on her stomach with her ass in the air. She had been blindfolded with her pajama bottoms, her hands were still bound behind her back, and now her ankles had been tied to the bedposts. The burglars were ransacking another room, neither of them wearing their hoods now. They were two very good-looking women, a blonde and a brunette, that no one watching the movie recognized except for Sophie and Janet. They were in fact professional porn actresses that Janet had hired. She had also hired a professional film crew to shoot the movie, and had spent quite a bit of money on it altogether.

Suddenly the black-haired burglar called out to the blonde. Hey, look what I found. She showed her partner a drawer that was filled to overflowing with sex toys: vibrators, dildos, strap-ons, and so on. The movie cut back to Sophie and lingered on her for a while as she struggled against her bonds without making any progress. Then the burglars came back into the room; each was now wearing a long strap-on, one black and one white.

The blonde walked around to Sophie’s face. Open your mouth, sweetheart, she ordered, and Sophie meekly complied. The blonde started fucking Sophie’s mouth, moving her hips to drive the dildo in and out. The brunette poised her strap-on between Sophie’s pussy lips and let the force of her partner’s thrust slowly impale the captive girl on her phallus. They fucked Sophie this way for a while, then switched sides, then switched back again. Finally the poor victim had a massive, screaming orgasm.

Now the blonde removed her strap-on and wriggled under Sophie, forcing Sophie’s head down into her cunt as the brunette continued to pound away from behind. The camera cut back and forth between a long shot showing all three women and a close-up of blindfolded Sophie hungrily licking away at the blonde’s pussy. Finally Sophie had her second orgasm and the blonde her first at the same time.

The last shots of the movie were of the burglars leaving the house with a bag of loot and then Sophie, still naked and bound, but asleep again with a happy smile on her face.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 24

Kristin and Jenny hadn’t had their chance to come during the massages, so when they got back to their room they had a long, leisurely 69 and then took another hot shower. It was warm in the room so they curled up in the nude for a little nap.

About a half-hour later there was a knock at the door. Kristin stood up to answer it; it was Elena, who smiled broadly at the sight of the naked blonde. “Sorry to disturb you,” she said. “Janet would like to see Jenny for a minute.”

“OK,” answered Jenny, yawning and reaching for some clothes.

“No need to get dressed,” said Elena. Jenny shrugged and followed Elena out of the room. She should be used to being naked in public by now, she thought – it certainly happened often enough – but she still felt a bit self-conscious walking through the house without a stitch of clothing on.

Elena led her down several hallways and through Janet’s bedroom – which was cavernous, dominated by a huge canopy bed – to her private bathroom, where she and Sophie were reclining in an enormous bathtub. A bottle of champagne and two glasses sat beside the tub. Seeing Jenny, Janet smiled and said “Why don’t you join us?”

There was just enough room for Jenny to squeeze in between Janet and Sophie. Janet put an arm around her and took sip of champagne. “Jenny, we’re really glad you could join us this weekend. Both Sophie and I have become very fond of you in this short time.”

“Well, thanks,” said Jenny shyly. “I like you guys too.” As they spoke Sophie had begun to fondle Jenny’s breasts, tugging on her nipples to make them hard.

“I’d like you to do me a favor tonight,” said Janet.

“Sure,” answered Jenny, as Sophie leaned down and started sucking on her nipples. “What is it?”

“Tonight is going to be movie night and I’d like you to be the candy girl.”

“What does that mean?”

“That means it’s your job to serve everyone candy, snacks, drinks, and” – she paused so the double meaning of what she was about to say would not be missed – “whatever else it is they need.”

“I’d be happy to,” said Jenny, jumping a little as Sophie clamped her teeth down on one nipple.

“Thank you,” said Janet. “And be sure to pay extra-special attention to Diana. It’s her birthday today.”

“Wow!” Jenny exclaimed, only partly because Sophie’s index finger had found its way inside her. “That’s awesome.”

“Good, then,” said Janet. “Sophie will take you to the lingerie room and help you put together your outfit.”

* * *

Meanwhile, it had not escaped Elena’s attention that Kristin was naked and alone. After taking Jenny to Janet, she circled back to Kristin and Jenny’s room and slipped quietly inside.

Kristin was waiting, her legs spread, one finger poised provocatively between her pussy lips. Elena quickly shed her clothes and began licking her way up the blonde’s legs; Kristin arched her back and moaned.

Elena’s talented tongue brought Kristin very quickly to an orgasm that ripped through her like lightning. Feeling suddenly energized, she picked Elena up in her arms and more or less threw her down on the other single bed at the other side of the room. Kristin stood for a moment looking down, just appreciating the stunning beauty of the Latina’s naked body; then she climbed on top and they 69ed till they were both exhausted.

* * *

In an anteroom just off Janet Lee’s bedroom was the house’s security center, and after climbing out of the bathtub Janet took a seat and dialed up the camera in the lingerie room. Just as she did so Sophie and Jenny walked in, both wrapped in white towels.

Not for long, though; Sophie had been wanting to get Jenny alone all day, and the moment the door was closed behind her she whipped off Jenny’s towel and dropped to her knees. “You’re so beautiful,” she said, nuzzling between Jenny’s legs. Jenny, flattered and turned on, leaned back against a table and spread her legs slightly to allow Sophie better access.

Fortunately the camera gave Janet a very good angle to watch Sophie tonguing the younger girl. Jenny came hard, gripping the edges of the table, whereupon Sophie dropped her own towel to the floor and began digging through a box full of dildos and other toys. She pulled out an item that Jenny did not recognize; it turned out to be a dildo with a head strap that Sophie fastened on Jenny, so that she appeared to have an 8-inch penis protruding from her face.

This is getting good, thought Janet, and took a moment to lock the door so she wouldn’t be disturbed. When she returned, Sophie had taken Jenny’s place on the table and Jenny was on her knees. Sophie gripped the shaft of the dildo and slid the tip between her pussy lips, grunting with satisfaction. Ever considerate, Jenny began to fuck Sophie for all she was worth, moving her head forward and back as Sophie met the thrusts with her hips.

Sophie and Janet came at about the same time, whereupon Janet realized that she had other things to do and switched off the monitor. Jenny and Sophie carried on in the same vein for an hour, and somehow found time in between to locate a very provocative dress for Jenny. It had a push-up bustier that made Jenny’s cleavage look luscious and a very, very short skirt. Sophie added white lace panties, long black-and-white-striped socks, and a pair of black fuck-me pumps to the outfit, then finished it off with a length of black ribbon tied tightly around Jenny’s neck. When she was done, Jenny looked so delicious that it was all Sophie could do not to tear the clothes off her and have at it. Instead she slowly, carefully removed the dress and panties and buried her head in Jenny’s crotch.

* * *

The house was outfitted with a fairly elaborate home theater, complete with genuine theater seats and a gigantic projection screen. Janet, Diana, Juliet, and Kristin had already taken their seats and Sophie was fiddling with the computer attached to the projector when Jenny walked in carrying a tray loaded with chocolates and small bowls of ice cream. There was a collective intake of breath in the room at the sight of her; she was beyond sexy the way Sophie had put her together. Kristin thought she had never looked so hot, and reflected how lucky she was to have been Jenny’s first girl and regular lover.

Setting the tray down, Jenny returned to the kitchen and returned a minute later with several bowls containing different flavors of gourmet popcorn that Elena had prepared. Then she took drink orders, made another trip to the kitchen to help Elena make the drinks, and carefully delivered the finished product to the theater.

Janet Lee raised her cosmo in the air to toast the assembled group. “Ladies, it’s wonderful to have you as our guests today. I hope you enjoy this latest edition of our home movies.”

At that, Sophie dimmed the lights and clicked the Play button. It was showtime.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 23

Kristin and Jenny woke up late the next morning, feeling a bit the worse for wear. Kristin especially was moving very slowly, cursing herself under her breath; she knew better than to drink so much, or to mix her drinks the way she had, but it had seemed like a good idea at the time.

They dressed and made their way gingerly to the kitchen, where Elena poured them coffee and sat them down while she made Spanish omelets. Before long they were feeling considerably better, and Kristin was able to enjoy the sight of Elena’s wiggling caboose as she sang in Spanish while washing dishes. She smiled to herself remembering the many orgasms that Elena had brought her the night before. 

Jenny still had bits of wax on her here and there, so she and Kristin took a long, hot shower together before going in search of their hostess. They found Janet and Sophie in bikinis, soaking up sun on the lawn behind the house. Spotting a bocce ball court, Kristin suggested a game, so the four of them played bocce, then moved on to croquet. Sophie brought up the idea of playing strip croquet, pointing out that Kristin and Jenny had the advantage because they were wearing more items of clothing. She and Janet were much better at the game, though, and before long Jenny and Kristin were down to just their panties. Sophie was lining up her next shot, smirking confidently, when they heard the sound of an engine approaching the house. 

“Our other guests must be here,” said Janet, setting her mallet down and walking away. Kristin and Jenny put their clothes back on, suddenly disappointed that the game was over, then followed Sophie around to the front of the house. Janet was standing next to a long, beautiful silver Jaguar with tinted windows. A moment later the doors opened and two women stepped out of the car. The driver was a slim, smallish beauty with flowing black hair, and the passenger was a tall, athletic blonde with a slightly butch haircut. 

As they got closer, they began to look familiar to Kristin. A moment later she was pretty sure she knew who they were. The brunette was an actress and the blonde was a highly ranked tennis player, and both had long been rumored to be lesbians. Beckoning them closer, Janet introduced the driver as Juliet and her companion as Diana. Standing next to each other, Kristin and Diana looked almost like sisters, though Diana was slightly taller and her physique was more muscular.

They had snacks and iced tea on the patio, after which Diana proposed a game of volleyball. She and Juliet excused themselves to change into bikinis, which led Janet to suggest that Kristin and Jenny do so as well. Kristin responded that unfortunately they had forgotten to bring swimwear. “That’s no problem,” said Janet. “Sophie, why don’t you take them to the lingerie room?”

Sophie led them to a walk-in closet twice the size of Kristin’s room at ABD, which was stocked like three Victoria’s Secrets, stuffed to the gills with underwear and swimwear of every description. Kristin and Jenny stripped and Sophie began to pick out bikinis for them to try on. She helped Jenny into a pink one that turned out to be too big, taking the opportunity to cup Jenny’s breasts as she slipped on the top.  When Sophie ran a hand through Jenny’s pubic hair and between her legs, Jenny flushed red, suddenly feeling shy – though at one point the night before she and Sophie had 69ed as Janet moved her strap-on back and forth between Sophie’s pussy and Jenny’s mouth.

The whole process ended up taking them almost an hour, and when they finally emerged Jenny’s bikini was turquoise and Kristin’s a beige almost the same color as her skin. Teams for the volleyball game were Kristin, Jenny, and Sophie against Janet, Juliet, and Diana. The game was close but in the end Diana’s athleticism was just too much and her team prevailed. No one cared too much about winning or losing anyway; it was enough to jump around in this beautiful setting with these beautiful women, watching everyone’s breasts and bottoms bounce up and down and around.

After the game they started in on margaritas, with Kristin resolving to pace herself and whispering in Jenny’s ear to do the same. Juliet suggested a rematch and the others were game, so they returned to the volleyball court with a slight buzz on. Sophie was the first to remove her top, and soon a full-on topless volleyball match was in progress, a sight that would have stopped the hearts of half the men on the planet.

This game was tied at match point, and Diana, perhaps distracted by all the flesh on display around her, missed an easy shot that would have won it. Kristin suggested a tiebreaker, and Janet responded that they should make it interesting.

“What did you have in mind?” asked Kristin.

“Hmm, let’s see...” Janet answered. “How about the losers give the winners massages?”

Everyone agreed to the bet, and despite Jenny, Kristin, and Sophie’s best efforts, Janet’s team ran away with the third game. So after refreshing themselves with cold beverages, they gathered in the exercise room, where three massage tables had been set up and a table set out with the necessary oils and lotions. After putting on some soothing music, Janet stripped naked and stretched out face-down on one of the tables; Juliet and Diana followed suit. Diana was given first pick of masseuse, and chose Kristin; Juliet selected Sophie; and so Janet ended up with Jenny, which of course was what she’d wanted in the first place. Somehow or other, Janet Lee always got what she wanted.

Jenny expressed ignorance of how to give a massage, so Sophie said “Just watch me and do as I do.” After that it was quiet in the room for a half-hour or so, except for the occasional soft moan, as the younger women spread oil on the older women and rubbed them from head to toe. Following Sophie’s lead, Jenny started on Janet’s shoulders, worked down her back, across her butt, and down her legs to her feet. Janet responded intensely to having her feet massaged, curling her toes and letting out little whimpers of pleasure. Next Jenny saw that Sophie was moving back up Juliet’s legs, gently spreading them as she went. Sophie ran her thumbs up Juliet’s inner thighs, and Jenny could now clearly see the actress’s puckered, black-fringed pussy. Jenny followed suit, watching intently as Sophie gently slid an index finger inside Juliet and began to rub Juliet’s clit with her thumb.

Jenny looked over at Kristin, who had three fingers inside Diana and was working furiously as the tennis player thrust her hips back for maximum friction. Jenny began to diligently finger-fuck Janet, and the moans of the three older women grew to a crescendo and then tapered off as they climaxed almost simultaneously. After that they lay there on the tables with their eyes closed, breathing heavily.

Stepping back from their tables, Jenny and Kristin looked over at Sophie, who was gesturing to them with a devilish look on her face. In her hands she had a pair of handcuffs and a strap-on for each of them. In their current state the older women were completely vulnerable; it was not hard to cuff their hands behind their backs, and they did not resist when the younger girls penetrated them. Even Janet, who was quite accustomed to being the one doing the fucking, surrendered willingly to the moment, urging Jenny to fuck her harder. All three came again, much more loudly this time, and sprawled out looking sweaty and spent as Kristin, Jenny, and Sophie grinned at each other like mischievous schoolgirls.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 22

Janet patted the sofa cushion beside her. “Jenny, why don’t you come over here and sit between us,” she said.

Jenny obediently walked over and squeezed onto the couch between Janet and Sophie. Janet kissed her hard, pushing her tongue into the younger girl’s mouth, as Sophie fondled Jenny’s breasts through the fabric of her dress. Two minutes later, Jenny’s dress was halfway off and her panties were down around her ankles as Janet finger-fucked her and Sophie sucked on her bare nipples.

Kristin felt the wetness flowing between her legs and was about to start playing with herself when Janet suddenly stopped. She licked Jenny’s juice carefully from her index finger and smoothed back her hair. Addressing Sophie, she spoke firmly in a voice made husky by desire. “Bring out the Bitch,” she said.

Sophie nodded and stood. “Kristin, why don’t you give her a hand,” added Janet. Kristin stood tentatively. Between the martinis, the wine with dinner, and the after-dinner drinks, she was much more drunk than she generally allowed herself to be. She was also wearing higher heels than usual, so she was pretty wobbly on her feet as she followed Sophie out of the room. She knew that Janet was just trying to get Jenny to herself for a minute, but in her present state she was more than willing to play along.

Sophie led her down several dark corridors to a small, dimly lit room that Kristin had never seen before. In the darkness Sophie began to take liberties, sliding a hand between Kristin’s thighs, penetrating her with one finger, then several. Kristin knew that Sophie fancied her, and was also a little jealous of her. Sophie treated Kristin’s pussy very roughly and to her great shame, Kristin just took it, leaning against the wall and moaning softly.

As her eyes grew accustomed to the dimness, Kristin realized that they were not alone in the room. There was a figure in the far corner on its hands and knees, but it was hard to make out because it was clad entirely in black. Removing her hand from between Kristin’s legs, Sophie walked that way. Taking down a leash that was hanging on the wall, Sophie clipped one end to the collar around the figure’s neck, then leaned down to unhook the chain that tethered one of its ankles to the wall. Turning, Sophie strode purposefully from the room and the figure followed, crawling on its hands and knees.

In the slightly better light of the hallway, Kristin saw that this Bitch, as Janet had called her, was covered from head to toe in tight-fitting black rubber. The only openings were eye and nose holes and a zipper over the mouth, currently closed. You couldn’t tell much about who was under there but it was unquestionably a woman, because the form-fitted rubber showed off her D-cup breasts and well-rounded butt, which was thrust proudly in the air as she crawled down the hall.

When they got back to the sitting room, things had changed. The lights had been turned off and the only light came from candles scattered around the room. In the middle of the room was Jenny, naked, with her hands tied together over her head by a rope descending from the ceiling. The rope was tightened such that Jenny was balanced on her tiptoes, able to stand but not quite comfortably. She had a red ball gag in her mouth and when she saw Kristin, the expression on her face was one of mild fear mingled with relief.

Kristin’s immediate impulse was to go over and take Jenny in her arms, but she resisted. Things needed to play out the way they were going to play out. And Jenny did look unbearably hot in this vulnerable position. Kristin flopped down heavily on one of the couches to watch, her head swimming from the alcohol and from all that was happening.

Producing a short chain with small clamps at either end, Janet fastened one clamp to Jenny’s left nipple. Jenny trembled visibly and moaned through the gag. Janet then clamped the other end to Jenny’s right nipple. When she pulled the chain, Jenny groaned pitifully and Kristin reached for another drink. She hated to see Jenny treated this way, but she knew that in the end the pleasure would make it all worthwhile.

Janet stood for a moment considering her next move. She rested one hand thoughtfully on the head of the Bitch, who was kneeling now at her side. Sophie walked over to Jenny and tugged again at the chain between her nipples, harder than Janet had, eliciting another helpless moan. She pushed a hand between Jenny’s legs and smiled up at Janet. “She’s very wet.”

“Yes, she’s quite the little slut, isn’t she?” Janet looked over at Kristin. “You’ve trained her very well.” Opening the zipper over the Bitch’s mouth, Janet pushed the rubber-covered head roughly into Jenny’s crotch. “Taste that pussy,” Janet ordered.

The Bitch obeyed, burrowing into Jenny’s snatch like a woman possessed. “Is it good?” asked Janet. The Bitch just moaned, smothering herself in Jenny’s wetness. Suddenly Janet yanked on the leash, pulling the Bitch’s head away from Jenny, and pulled the zipper closed. The Bitch groaned in disappointment as Janet roughly pushed her head to the ground so that she was on her hands and knees again.

Next Janet lifted Jenny’s feet off the ground and rested them on the Bitch’s back. Taking a candle in one hand, Janet approached Jenny from behind, the flame throwing orange and yellow flickers on her face. She pulled the clamps off Jenny’s nipples and tossed the chain aside. Jenny exhaled audibly in relief, but a second later the first drops of hot wax hit her bare skin. Jenny’s eyes went wide with surprise and pain, then relaxed as the heat subsided. Slowly, deliberately, Janet dripped wax all over Jenny’s naked body – first her breasts, then her stomach, then her legs. Finally she trailed long lines of wax onto the sensitive skin of Jenny’s inner thighs, then leaned in to taste Jenny’s cunt for herself.

Meanwhile Kristin, who had been stroking herself as she watched all this, was startled to feel a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to see Elena, who had finished her duties in the kitchen and was now able to join in the fun. Elena crawled over the back of the couch, knelt between Kristin’s legs, and began to skillfully tongue the blonde’s wet hole.

Kristin leaned back and closed her eyes for a minute, and when she opened them again, Jenny had been untied from the ceiling and was now on her knees, still gagged and with her hands still tied. Janet Lee had donned a large strap-on, which she forced into the Bitch’s mouth after unzipping her again. Satisfied that it was sufficiently lubricated, she pulled it from the Bitch’s mouth and slammed it into Jenny’s pussy from behind. At that very moment Kristin orgasmed violently, quaking and gripping Elena’s head with her hands as the servant girl continued to lick and finger her clit.

Sophie, meanwhile, had stripped naked and was ready to get involved. She removed Jenny’s gag and tossed it aside, wriggling underneath Jenny so Jenny could lick her slit. Kristin reached for her drink and tossed back a mouthful, feeling Elena’s tongue work inside her as she watched Jenny, still covered in wax, get fucked hard from behind with her face in Sophie’s beautiful cunt. Yes, there was no doubt about it: Janet Lee knew how to throw one hell of a party.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 21

Returning from class on Monday, Kristin was on her way to her room when she was told that Miss White wanted to see her. As she made her way down the hallway, her mind began to spin out a fantasy of what she would find when she got there. She would open the door and see Jenny face-down on the desk, being fucked from behind by Miss White. Jenny would look up her with a surprised, ecstatic expression, her naked breasts pressed against the surface of the desk. Lifting her skirt and pulling off her panties, Kristin would wade into the action, pushing her pussy into Jenny’s face. When they had both come that way, Kristin would lay on her back on the desk, and Miss White would pound into her as Jenny straddled her head.

By the time she got to Miss White’s door, Kristin was soaking wet. But when she knocked and was told to enter, instead of a naked girl, Miss White’s desk contained huge piles of papers. Miss White looked up from her work and told Kristin to have a seat.

“What’s up?” asked the blonde senior.

“Janet Lee’s birthday is on Saturday,” Miss White said. “She asked me to send up a couple of girls. I thought you and Jenny might want to go.”

Kristin nodded. The name Janet Lee was well-known around ABD. She was an alumnae who had married a wealthy older man. According to what Miss White had told Kristin, they never had sex; instead, Janet indulged her passion for other women while her husband watched. When the old man passed away, Janet Lee became an extremely rich woman. She was now ABD’s most generous benefactor, and sometimes invited Sisters to attend weekend-long parties at her house in the Hamptons. Kristin had attended one such party two years earlier, and it had made quite an impression.

“I’d love to,” said Kristin. “I’ll check with Jenny and let you know.” Technically, she could have just ordered Jenny to attend; but she wanted the younger girl to be comfortable with the idea.

“Fine,” answered Miss White. “You guys can take my car, I’m going to be stuck here all weekend catching up on this stuff.” She gestured toward the clutter on her desk.

When she got back to her room, Kristin was pleased to find Jenny waiting for her, obediently nude and kneeling. Between her little fantasy and the prospect of a visit to Janet Lee’s, Kristin was quite aroused, and she had Jenny go down on her for a good long time before she even thought about anything else. Then she led Jenny into the shower, and it was under the hot water, as she soaped Jenny’s breasts, that she explained who Janet Lee was and what the weekend might involve. “Partly, we go to these things because Janet is very generous to us, and we like to keep her happy,” Kristin told Jenny. “But also because it’s exciting. It’s up to you whether you want to go. I don’t want you to feel like you’re being used.”

“Sure, I’ll go,” said Jenny.

“Awesome,” said Kristin, and as a reward she pushed Jenny up against the wall of the shower and sucked her tits while fingering her to orgasm.

* * *

On Friday morning Kristin and Jenny piled into Alexis White’s black BMW convertible for the journey to Janet Lee’s. It was a crisp, sunny autumn day and after awhile they were able to put the top down and cruise along listening to the mix CD Kristin had made for the occasion. Kristin dared Jenny to flash her breasts at the next truck driver they passed; Jenny, shy as always, demurred, but Kristin kept upping the ante, teasing her more and more. Finally Jenny relented and pulled her top up as they passed a semi with a giant beer bottle on the side; she was braless under her T-shirt. The truck driver gave a long blast on his horn and sped up to catch them; Kristin leaned just a little on the BMW’s gas pedal and moved easily away.

When they finally arrived at their destination that afternoon, they were buzzed in at the gate and proceeded up a long, winding driveway to a sprawling vacation home. It took them a minute to figure out which was the front door, but once they did they rang the bell and were admitted by a dark-haired woman in her late twenties or early thirties. She was outfitted in a black dress that gave the vague suggestion of a maid’s uniform, but was very chic and form-fitting, showing off her generous curves to bold effect.

The woman ushered them in. “You must be Kristin and Jenny. Ms. Lee is awaiting you in the drawing room. Follow me please.” She turned and started up the stairs behind her. Kristin and Jenny followed a few steps behind, hypnotized by the swaying of her ample rear end.

They passed through several luxuriously appointed rooms before arriving at a spacious, dimly lit parlor with a tall ceiling. A figure emerged from the shadows and approached them; it was a small woman with a clear Asian cast to her features, but also exotic and unusual coloring. She greeted Kristin with kisses on both cheeks, and Kristin introduced Jenny: “Jenny, this is Janet Lee.”

Janet took Jenny’s hand and looked her up and down, lingering unapologetically on Jenny’s breasts. “It’s a great pleasure to meet you,” she said, and Jenny returned the sentiment, blushing slightly at being so overtly ogled.

Another face appeared behind Janet, seemingly materializing out of the darkness. Jenny thought immediately that it was one of the most beautiful faces she’d ever seen, with high cheekbones, delicate features, and a certain overall elegance. The face belonged to an ethereal woman in her early twenties with light brown hair and sparkling hazel eyes.

“Jenny, this is my niece, Sophie,” said Janet Lee.

“A pleasure to meet you,” said Sophie in a mellifluous voice with a distinct and very appealing English accent. She and Jenny shook hands, and Sophie and Kristin also exchanged greetings. “You must be tired after that drive,” Janet continued. “Sit down and we’ll have something to drink. Some tea, maybe?”

“Sure,” said Kristin, and Jenny nodded in agreement.

Janet turned to address the woman who had let them into the house. “Elena, would you bring us tea?”

“Yes, ma’am,” she replied, and quickly exited.

For 45 minutes or so the four of them sat on couches in the parlor, sipping their tea and chitchatting. At that point Janet said, “Well, perhaps you’d like to have a chance to freshen up, or even take a nap, before dinner? Sophie will show you to your room.”

Kristin smiled to herself. This was classic Janet Lee: not so much asking you a question as telling you what you were going to do next, though in a very nice way. She and Jenny followed Sophie through a series of winding hallways to their room, which was in a remote, quiet corner of the house. Sophie flipped on a light to reveal a simply but elegantly appointed guest room with their luggage already in one corner. “Make yourselves at home,” said Sophie. “We’ll call you in time for the cocktail hour.”

After she left Kristin and Jenny unpacked, showered, and crowded together on one of the two single beds for a rest. As they drifted off they talked a bit about their hostess. “Is that really her niece?” asked Jenny.

“No, that’s just what Janet calls her. They travel together a lot and that’s how she explains their relationship to people. Plus I think it turns her on. Makes it seem more forbidden.”

“So they’re a couple?”

“Well, I don't know about that. Let’s just say they’re lovers.”

“Sophie’s very beautiful,” opined Jenny.

“Yeah, she is,” answered Kristin, fighting back a surge of jealousy. “But she likes to make trouble.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ll see.”

* * *

At 6:00 Elena knocked on the door to summon them for cocktails. They dressed and found Janet and Sophie reclining under an umbrella on the patio. Elena brought them martinis and the four women sipped their drinks and basked in the glowing light of dusk.

After half a drink Jenny was already tipsy, giggling loudly at Janet Lee’s many anecdotes of world travel. Kristin watched bemusedly. She was quite familiar with Janet’s powerful magnetism, and although part of her felt possessive toward Jenny, the beauty of the setting and the gin had her feeling very open-minded. She tipped back the rest of her martini and enjoyed watching the two of them interact. Like Jenny, Janet was half-Asian, with a Korean father and an Irish mother; they made quite a striking pair. Picturing the two of them naked together, Kristin began to feel hot and bothered, but just then they were called inside for dinner.

They adjourned to the sumptuous dining room, where they were served Steak Tagliata, seared tuna, new potatoes, and surprisingly delicious brussels sprouts. Dessert was a chocolate torte that made the room very quiet.

After dinner they retired to the sitting room, where Elena brought them a sweet apertif. Janet and Sophie sat on one couch while Kristin and Jenny sat across from them. They were enjoying their drinks, talking admiringly about the meal they’d just enjoyed, when suddenly a look came into Janet’s eyes that Kristin recognized. Janet was very disciplined in her pleasure; she liked to take it slowly, wait for it, anticipate it. But now it was time.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 20

For a few minutes Jenny just stood looking down at the handcuffed and helpless April, daydreaming about how best to make use of her. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Kristin returned from the bathroom in a white terrycloth robe and went to answer it.

It was Emma, dressed for tennis in a white blouse and skirt with a racket in her hand. “Is April with you guys?” she asked Kristin.

Kristin nodded and opened the door wide so Emma could see April naked on the floor and Jenny standing over her with the strap-on dangling from her pubis. “You were supposed to meet me on the court 15 minutes ago,” said Emma. “I’ve been waiting there like an idiot.”

“Sorry,” said April sheepishly. “I came to check on Jenny and things got a little out of hand.”

“I can see that,” Emma responded, both aggravated and aroused by what she saw. “Jenny, could you give me a hand?”

Together they lifted April and deposited her on the bed on her knees, with her head down and her ass up. Emma lifted one hand and smacked April hard on the left buttock, provoking a yelp. “That’ll teach you to stand me up,” she snarled. “Jenny, why don’t you give me a hand? You can work on the other cheek.”

Jenny hesitated; April was her friend. But then Kristin spoke up: “You can help or you can get punished along with her.”

Jenny flashed back to her whipping. Her sore ass was in no condition for further abuse. Tentatively she reached out and delivered a soft, almost polite, slap to April’s right buttock. “Harder,” ordered Kristin, and Jenny complied. The plaintive exhalation that escaped April’s mouth sent a chill down Jenny’s spine, but not entirely in a bad way.

Emma and Jenny alternated blows for a while, with Jenny growing increasingly bold, beginning to understand the pleasure of being on the delivery side of a punishment. April’s ass squirmed in the air, sometimes seeming to want to escape, sometimes seeming to beg for more. Jenny heard her name called and turned to see Kristin holding out the riding crop. Emma and Kristin smiled wickedly at each other as Jenny accepted the instrument.

Feeling the spanking stop, April looked over her shoulder and saw the crop in Jenny’s hand. A complicated look passed between them, and then April nodded almost imperceptibly. The crop flew through the air and smacked into April’s tender flesh.

As Jenny continued to punish her friend, Emma slipped off her panties and walked around to the head of the bed. Hiking her skirt up, she climbed on and wiggled under April, pulling the younger girl’s head down into her pussy.

Kristin, meanwhile, just stood and watched with satisfaction. Jenny’s face was lit up with some kind of confused ecstasy as the crop tattooed April’s butt and thighs, and April continued to cry out as she licked her mistress hungrily. Slipping off her robe, Kristin came up behind Jenny and unfastened the strap-on from her pelvis. Taking the crop from Jenny’s hand, she shoved the dildo, still slick with Kristin’s own juices, deep into Jenny’s mouth until she gagged. Then she pushed Jenny’s head forcefully down between April’s legs, stepped into the strap-on, and slammed into Jenny’s cunt with all her might. For a long time there was no sound in the room except cries and moans and the slapping of flesh against flesh.

* * *

Later, when April and Emma had left to play their belated tennis match before the sun went down, Jenny and Kristin lay together in the slanting evening sunlight. The air was still and cool, and a great sense of peace had settled over them.

Jenny stretched, sighed, and rested her head on Kristin’s shoulder. In this atmosphere, she felt comfortable voicing the one question that was on her mind.

“Do you love me?” she asked.

Kristin responded playfully. “Do you love me?”

“I asked you first.”

Kristin wrapped an arm around Jenny and nuzzled her ear. “Then yes,” she said. “Yes, I love you.”

“I love you too,” said Jenny, tears forming at the corners of her eyes. She had never said this to anyone but her parents, and it was a powerful and somewhat frightening feeling. Kristin, for her part, was quietly surprised at the depth their relationship had taken on. She and Jana had been lovers, there had been love between them, but it hadn’t been like this. She wondered what it would be like after a month, or a semester. She dreaded to think of the year ending; but fortunately, that was a long way off.

As Jenny leaned back, she caught a glance of her collar still hanging on the wall. Disentangling herself from Kristin, she walked over there, fastened the collar around her neck, and went back to bed.


Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 19

Once Miss White had left, Kristin and Sasha untied Jenny and helped her into her clothes. She was a little wobbly on her feet, tears had dried on her cheeks, but her mouth was twisted into a sideways smile, like she had been knocked out and gone to a happy place. Her eyes seemed to be looking far into the distance. Kristin put one strong arm around Jenny’s narrow shoulders and half-carried her upstairs.

As they passed through the doorway of Kristin’s room, Jenny instinctively began to strip. Kristin let her – she needed to get her clothes off. She almost fell over twice while getting undressed, but Kristin made no move to help her. It was a point of pride, she felt, for Jenny to perform her usual ritual after what she had just been through. Kristin’s marveled at the strength of this seemingly fragile girl. The moment Jenny knelt, Kristin beckoned her to stand and led her to the bed. She had Jenny lay face down and stood for a minute looking at her. Her ass was bright red, criss-crossed with whip marks. But she had never looked more beautiful; a warm glow seemed to emanate from her. Kristin smiled, remembering her own first public punishment.

She had still been a relatively new freshman, in only her third week at ABD. Her senior mentor, Jana, had been hosting a lively get-together attended by about a dozen Sisters. A card game was going in one corner and a drinking game in another. Kristin felt very nervous and self-conscious in this boisterous crowd; not only was she collared, but Jana had made her wear an extremely short, tight pink skirt and a bikini top that left little to the imagination. She had lost count of the number of times she had been groped while doing her best to keep the guests happy, bringing drinks and refilling snack bowls.

Waving her empty glass in the air, Jana told Kristin in a loud voice to fix her a drink. Kristin scrambled to obey; Jana had a fire in her eyes that night. She had been drinking scotch, and when she did that she got wired and kind of mean. Normally she was nice as could be, but Kristin was a little scared of her when she acted this way. Opening the ice bucket, Kristin was dismayed to find only a single, half-melted ice cube at the bottom. Jana was very particular about having three ice cubes in her whiskey. There was probably more ice in the kitchen downstairs, but that would take a few minutes and Jana was looking over at her impatiently. Kristin scooped the one sad cube into the glass, filled it with scotch, and took it to Jana hoping for the best.

When Kristin handed her the glass, Jana just stared at it. “What the fuck is this?” she said.

“Sorry,” said Kristin anxiously. “We’re out of ice. I can go get more –”

Jana cut her off. “You let us run out of ice?” The noise level in the room dropped suddenly, as people sensed the tension developing and turned their attention to it.

“I’m sorry, I...”

“Don’t say you’re sorry again,” said Jana, standing. She was shorter than Kristin but had an imposing physical presence. Kristin felt a lump in her throat; it was silent in the room now, with everybody watching them. Slipping a finger into Kristin’s collar, Jana pulled her to her knees.

Jana sipped her drink, frowning. She bent Kristin over the chair she had just been sitting in. In this position the short skirt did not cover Kristin’s ass at all, and her white lace panties were on display to everyone in the room. Jana unlaced the back of Kristin’s bikini top, then pulled it off and used it to tie the blonde’s hands behind her back.

Sliding Kristin’s panties down around her knees, Jana smacked her hard on the butt. “Next time you won’t be so careless,” said Jana, slipping off the belt she was wearing. She cracked it once in the air, drawing a fearful glance from the helpless freshman, then brought it down hard on Kristin’s ass. Kristin moaned into her lace gag and her face turned crimson, less from pain than from humiliation. Jana spanked her for several minutes, then invited anyone else who wanted a turn to be her guest. When it was over Kristin was deeply ashamed, mortified, but also dripping wet between the legs. When Jana fucked her that night after everyone had left, she had the most incredible orgasm of her life. She shuddered now just thinking about it.

* * *

Kristin found a nice lotion with aloe in her bathroom and began applying it to Jenny’s poor, abused derriere. A minute later there was a knock at the door; it was April, who wanted to thank Jenny for sparing her a whipping.

Jenny smiled up wanly. “It would have been my turn eventually, anyway.”

“I know,” said April. “But it was still really brave of you to speak up.” Sitting down on the bed, she affectionately stroked Jenny’s head. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Yeah, you deserve a special treat,” concurred Kristin. “Anything you want.”

“Anything?” said Jenny, suddenly cheerful, her imagination already going to work…

* * *

Jenny stood looking down at Kristin and April, both on their knees, naked, hands cuffed behind them. The feeling of power was new and exciting to her. She liked the way having their hands bound caused the girls’ chests to be pushed forward. Both Kristin and April’s breasts looked rounder and riper than she’d ever seen them before; their nipples were stiff and inviting.

Jenny reached down and pinched one of April’s nipples, then gave her breast a gentle slap, enjoying the way it swayed back and forth. She pushed April’s head to the ground, enjoying the sight of her soft, smooth ass thrust out behind her. She slid a hand between April’s soft thighs, feeling the moisture, the heat. Now she put one hand on the back of Kristin’s head and forced it down into April’s crotch; Kristin started to lap away compliantly at April’s pussy.

Jenny stood back and watched for a minute, enjoying this beautiful sight all the more because she had made it happen. Then she hunted around in the bedside table until she found Kristin’s strap-on. It took her a little while to figure out how the harness worked, but soon she had the long plastic phallus dangling between her legs. It was an enormously empowering feeling.

She knelt to push the strap-on into April’s mouth. April looked up at Jenny with wide eyes, already near orgasm from Kristin’s expert ministrations. It gave Jenny a great thrill to see her beautiful friend so helpless, so submissive. April looked disappointed when Jenny pulled out of her mouth; a long line of saliva stretched from her lips to the dildo.

Walking around behind Kristin, Jenny slipped one finger between the senior’s swollen cunt lips. She was wet and ready. Jenny aimed the tip of the strap-on at Kristin’s entrance and paused. Was she really going to do this? It felt unnatural. But then Kristin decided for her; she arched her back and the first inch or so slid into her well-lubricated slit. In response Jenny bucked her hips and pushed the rest of the length in, inducing a low, bovine moan from Kristin. It excited Jenny tremendously to think that she had been the cause of this sound.

Jenny did her best to give Kristin a good, sound fucking, although she was clumsy and kept slipping out at inopportune moments. After a while she switched to short, efficient strokes and reached around to finger Kristin’s clit. In this way she was able to coax the senior to an orgasm, and she watched with pride as the pleasure wracked Kristin’s body and lit up her face.

She uncuffed Kristin, who wiped the sweat off her face and went to get a drink of water, and looked down at April. April wiggled her ass in the air; her pussy was shining with wetness and ready to be filled. “Do me, Jenny,” she begged. “Fuck me. I need it, baby.”

Jenny grinned down at her. “Not just yet,” she teased. “I have something special planned for you.