Friday, February 26, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 33

As Jodie lay on the floor panting and sweating, Miss White unharnessed her strap-on and put it aside, straightening her dress. Satisfied that some order had been established in the situation, she nodded to Sasha, who untied Jodie and helped her to her feet. Holding Jodie by the arm, Sasha could feel her quiver, little jolts of pleasure still coursing through her.

Sasha sat Jodie down on the couch and handed her a blanket that was sitting nearby. She, Jenny, and Kristin then got dressed and Miss White dismissed them, asking Sasha to go to the kitchen and bring Jodie something to eat and drink.

After giving Jodie a few minutes to pull herself together, Miss White began to ask her questions, which she was only too happy to answer between bites of the sandwich Sasha brought. When asked who had sent her to spy on them, Jodie answered, “Dean Wilkins.”

Miss White nodded solemnly. In her years at Bowmore Miss White had crossed paths with Monique Wilkins, dean of the college, quite a few times. She was a powerful figure on campus, not a person to be trifled with.

Dean Wilkins was an African-American woman who had started in the job very young, and was now in her late thirties. She was highly intelligent and an imposing presence, tall and athletically built. She also had a reputation as a stern disciplinarian. Somehow, it seemed, they had run afoul of her; Miss White knew that this had to be taken seriously, though she saw no reason to panic.

When asked why the Dean had sent her, Jodie claimed not to know much. She had been working in the college’s main office at a boring work-study job when she had somehow attracted Dean Wilkins’ attention. Next thing she knew the Dean was giving her a camera and telling her to gather information on Alpha Beta Delta. It seemed a bit weird, but it got her out of the office and she’d always loved photography.

At first Jodie had been timid, taking a few photos here and there and seeing nothing unusual. But then she’d actually come into ABD for the first time on the day of the open house, and got an inkling of what really went on there.

At first it was just a feeling; there was an intimacy between the Sisters, a sense of physical closeness, that was different from what Jodie was used to seeing in the relationships between women. Then, later in the evening, she wandered down a hallway and into a side room. It took her a moment to parse what she was seeing, which was entirely outside her experience: Two girls were 69ing as a third spanked the one on top with a paddle.

Jodie was both shocked and excited. She’d been attracted to other girls all her life and always been too afraid to act on it. Now she wondered if things like this were always going on just out of sight, if her desires might not be more common than she imagined.

After that she became obsessed, sneaking onto the grounds of ABD almost every day, growing bolder and bolder as she learned her way around. She saw and photographed oral sex, strap-on sex, BDSM, threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes. Night after night she found herself hunkered down in some hiding place near ABD House, taking pictures with one hand while touching herself with the other.

Now Jodie wanted more than anything to be a part of Alpha Beta Delta. She begged Miss White: Was there some way for her to stay? Having had a taste of it, she couldn’t go back to the way things had been. She just couldn’t.

Miss White was hesitant. This situation was unprecedented and had her a little off-balance. To give herself a minute to think, she offered Jodie a cup of tea, then excused herself to go to the kitchen.

It was quiet in the house by now, and Miss White was able to think things through as she boiled water and poured tea for the two of them. The circumstances were fraught but offered a whole host of possibilities, and by the time she returned to the basement where Jodie was waiting, she’d decided to take advantage of them.

Miss White offered Jodie a deal: She could stay there in the basement, but with conditions. One was that she would always be naked when she was there. Another was that she would occupy a position all the way at the bottom of ABD’s hierarchy, below even the freshmen. In essence she would be a slave to the entire house.

Jodie eagerly accepted, her heart pounding as she imagined the things that might transpire in the weeks and months to come. She gazed over at Miss White, admiring the older woman’s beauty, her bearing, her self-confidence. Jodie felt instinctively that she would do anything for this woman.

For a few minutes they sat quietly sipping their tea, and then Miss White spoke up. “If this is going to work, you’re going to have to learn how to eat pussy properly.” Jodie blushed, embarrassed by the older woman’s directness, but knew that she was speaking the truth.

Miss White lifted her dress — she was now wearing nothing underneath — and spread her legs, pointing to indicate that Jodie should kneel between them. Jodie scrambled to obey, and found herself staring into a pair of glistening pink pussy lips topped by a perfect triangle of black pubic hair.

Talking in a calm teacher’s voice, Miss White first had Jodie warm her up by kissing, licking, and gently biting her inner thighs. Jodie could smell the difference as Miss White grew more aroused, and could see her pussy lips grow plumper and begin to open slightly.

Next Miss White had Jodie lick her slit up and down several times, encouraging her to use a soft, fluttering touch; Jodie noticed that the older woman’s thigh muscles clenched and released, clenched and released. “Now stick your tongue inside,” ordered Miss White, her voice beginning to take on a certain urgency. “Deep as you can.”

Jodie obeyed, and Miss White took hold of the younger woman’s head and pushed forward, angling herself slightly for maximum penetration. Jodie let out a guttural “Mmmph” sound, suddenly feeling overwhelmed, completely engulfed in Miss White’s wet pussy.

After grinding against Jodie’s face for awhile Miss White released her and she sat back on her haunches, looking a little dazed. Her head was swimming and she took a few deep breaths to steady herself, leaning slightly against Miss White’s knee.

Miss White took a few seconds to regain her own composure, reminding herself not to rush this process. When the time seemed right, she had Jodie finger her while licking and sucking her clit. With the help of the older woman’s patience and guidance, Jodie was at last able to bring Miss White to orgasm.

When Miss White came her facial expression hardly changed at all, but Jodie felt her body spasm and heard a sharp intake of breath followed by a series of short, staccato exhalations. After a moment Miss White laid her hand on Jodie’s cheek and said, “Good job. We’ll make you one of us yet.”


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