Sunday, February 14, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 18

The morning after the open house, Jenny woke up in bed with Kristin, who was still snoozing contentedly. Feeling both hung over and floatingly blissful, she struggled to remember what had happened the night before. She had been laying on the couch with Natalie and Rachel, and everything had felt so wonderful. She loved being with the other girls, feeling their warmth and softness and beauty. Hands roamed over her body, and she reached out to feel a leg here, a breast there. Lips brushed against hers and tongues darted into her ears. At some point Jessica, another ABD freshman, joined them on the couch. Faces appeared in the doorway, some familiar, some not, then disappeared again.

Jenny lost all sense of time, and all sense that there was a boundary between herself and other people. She could happily have stayed indefinitely in that warm pile of flesh, but she was suddenly overcome with the desire to share the great joy she was feeling with Kristin.

Disentangling herself from the other girls, Jenny walked back out into the party, which was in its last dying throes. A soft song was playing and there in the corner was Kristin, looking tired but still radiant. She and Jenny slow-danced together in the empty room, then made their way upstairs. Jenny helped Kristin out of her gown and joyfully licked every inch of her body from head to toe. She lingered on parts she normally overlooked, like Kristin’s underarms and knees, savoring the salty taste of her. When she reached Kristin’s pussy it was deliciously wet and willing. Jenny explored every corner of it with her tongue, bringing Kristin to a series of quietly ecstatic orgasms. Afterward Kristin held Jenny close and fingered her clit, which was on fire with need.

This morning everything was glowing slightly, though Jenny’s head felt tender and she badly needed a drink of water. Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door. “Emergency house meeting!” yelled a voice. “11:00. Don’t be late.”

Kristin stirred and looked over at Jenny. “That doesn’t sound good,” she said.

The girls showered quickly and went downstairs, where they joined a crowd of quiet, slow-moving Sisters who were drinking coffee and eating pastries. At 11:00 they filed out of the kitchen, through the main living room, and into the parlor, where a door was open that Jenny had never noticed before.

Jenny noticed that the front door of the house, normally open at this hour, was still locked securely. She followed Kristin through the unfamiliar door and down a long stairwell that led to a cavernous basement room. Something about this place was slightly sinister, almost medieval. Chains were strewn about and there were numerous items of strange-looking furniture whose function was mysterious to Jenny. At the far end several dozen chairs faced a small stage, upon which sat what appeared to Jenny to be gymnastics equipment.

The assembled Sisters took their seats and murmured quietly among themselves, wondering what was the cause for this urgent summons. There was complete silence when Alexis White appeared at the foot of the stairs and strode toward the stage. She had an especially stern, almost angry, look on her face. Jenny felt her stomach tighten and turn.

“Are all present and accounted for?” asked Miss White, addressing Sasha, the Sergeant-at-Arms.

“Yes, ma’am,” answered Sasha, who had been checking names off a list.

Miss White took the stage and addressed the girls in a firm, authoritative voice.

“Ladies, it has come to my attention that some of our freshmen engaged in indiscreet activity during the open house last night. I find this very upsetting. Exhibitionism is not what we are about here. This kind of behavior endangers not only Alpha Beta Delta’s status on campus, but its very existence. You seniors out there remember the complaint filed against us by the Campus Christian Association three years ago, and you remember the difficulty that caused.

“These unacceptable indiscretions must be punished. Does anyone care to come forward and confess?”

There was silence in the room as Jenny struggled inwardly. She knew she should speak up, but she didn’t know what the punishment would be, and she was mortified at the prospect of being embarrassed in front of everyone.

“Very well, then,” said Miss White. “All the freshmen will be punished alphabetically. Sasha, who’s first?”

“April Shanti-Jones,” answered Sasha.

Jenny glanced over at April, who stood up looking apprehensive. At that moment, she made up her mind to do the right thing.

“I confess,” said Jenny, standing and facing Miss White as bravely as she could.

Miss White nodded her head. “Thank you, Jenny. Anyone else?” Again, there was silence. “Very well. Jenny will take the punishment for all of you. I hope you appreciate her courage.”

Kristin quickly spoke up. “Miss White, I should be punished in Jenny’s place. I failed to instruct her fully regarding proper behavior. This is my responsibility.”

Miss White answered her commandingly. “I will decide who is punished, Kristin. Now be seated.”

Kristin obeyed reluctantly, and Miss White nodded to Sasha, who led Jenny to the stage. Jenny was stripped naked and bent over a sort of pommel horse so that her ass stuck out toward the audience. Her arms were stretched out to her sides and her wrists securely chained. Mercifully, Jenny couldn’t see the other Sisters from this angle, but she could see Miss White, who was brandishing a formidable-looking bullwhip.

Jenny’s whole body vibrated with fear. She struggled against her bonds but to no avail. Miss White shook the whip to extend it to its full length, then lifted it into the air and snapped her wrist. There was a whistling sound as the whip traveled through the air, and a crack as it connected with Jenny’s rear.

Jenny cried out. The pain was sharp, and hot, and her face was burning with shame. But she deserved this punishment, she knew it, and that made the pain something different: a kind of fulfillment.

The air sang again as the whip flew, again there was the sound of impact and the groan in response. Jenny might have found it hard to believe, but she was actually getting off easy. Miss White was extremely skilled with the whip, and the stroke she was using made a lot of noise but did not deliver maximum impact. Because Jenny had taken responsibility, she wanted to make her point without hurting Jenny any more than necessary. She gave Jenny a dozen lashes, then dismissed the Sisters.

Everyone filed out quietly except for Sasha and Kristin. Kristin knew what was coming next. Miss White always became highly aroused when administering a whipping, and often indulged herself with the victim afterward. Sure enough, when everyone was gone Miss White put down the whip and buckled herself into a frighteningly large strap-on, even bigger than the one she’d used on Jenny in her office.

She approached Jenny, who was still chained down with her red ass sticking out, and pushed the phallus into Jenny’s mouth to wet it. Mounting the stage, Kristin reached between Jenny’s legs and found a surprising wetness there. Apparently she had been aroused by the punishment too.

Soon Miss White was fucking Jenny from behind with powerful thrusts that made the whole apparatus to which Jenny was chained shake. Kristin leaned down in front of Jenny and kissed her tenderly as the gigantic plastic cock pounded into her. Sasha’s job was to reach between Miss White’s legs and rub her clit as she continued to slam into Jenny’s cunt.

Jenny, for her part, scarcely knew where she was or what was happening anymore. The pain and pleasure had gotten all mixed up into one pure sensation of freedom. She gazed into Kristin’s eyes, trying to express something, but she didn’t know what.

When Miss White came she dug her nails into Jenny’s side and made one last deep thrust as if releasing a load of semen. Then she stood still for a moment, breathing heavily, a look of deep satisfaction on her face. She pulled out and dangled the strap-on between Jenny and Kristin so the two girls could share the duty of licking the juices off it. Then Miss White stroked Jenny’s head, expressing a lot in that simple gesture, and was gone.


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