Sunday, February 14, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 17

Later in the week the level of sexual activity at Alpha Beta Delta decreased, as the girls became preoccupied with preparing for the open house that Saturday. The entire first floor, which was where the party would take place, was thoroughly cleaned; decorations were put up and a menu planned.

Jenny grew increasingly anxious as the day grew nearer. Life at ABD had brought her out of her shell to a large degree, but the prospect of a house full of strangers still made her nervous. It didn’t help that Kristin was largely unavailable – as sorority president, she had numerous responsibilities related to the big event that kept her busy.

The day of the party dawned gray and drizzly, and Jenny woke up alone in the dorm. All the other freshmen were with their seniors, and Jenny lay in bed feeling sorry for herself. She had barely seen Kristin for the last three days and felt neglected and alienated.

She finally roused herself from bed around 10:00 to find a whirlwind of activity going on downstairs. The kitchen especially was bustling, and Jenny was immediately roped into helping prepare dips and hors d’oeuvres. The day passed quickly after that, and before Jenny knew it the first guests were arriving. They were mostly frat boys who had arrived early to cherry-pick the best food.

Jenny was finally discharged from kitchen duty just before 7:00, the open house’s official starting time. Just as she was starting up the stairs she looked up and saw Kristin on her way down, seemingly floating there in a long, flowing white dress. She had never looked more beautiful – her blue eyes sparkled and her lustrous blond hair tumbled down around her shoulders. As they approached each other, Jenny wanted desperately to throw her arms around Kristin, but knew that she was covered in flour and grease and didn’t want to do anything to tarnish Kristin’s loveliness.

“You look amazing,” Jenny said quietly, feeling dirty and humbled in the presence of such glamour.

“Thanks,” said Kristin, beaming. “Are you getting changed?” Jenny nodded. “Good. I’ll see you down there.”

Back in the dorm, Jenny showered and dressed simply in a pink top and black skirt. The room was full of girls chattering and primping, and there was an excited buzz in the air. Jenny was still a little apprehensive but when the group made its way downstairs, she allowed herself to be swept along with it.

The house was crowded and noisy now, with music blaring and a hundred conversations going on at once. After taking a minute to enjoy some of the food she had helped prepare, Jenny wandered around trying to get her bearings. A couple of boys tried to engage her in conversation; she listened politely for a minute or two, then excused herself at the first opportunity.

As a school-sponsored activity, the open house was officially alcohol-free, but flasks were being openly passed around and a keg of beer had somehow appeared in a neglected corner of one room. Jenny happened upon one of the juniors pouring vodka into a bowl of punch, and decided to help herself to a cup. It went down smooth and she followed it with a second. Jenny was not used to drinking hard liquor and before long her head started to swim. She drifted closer to where the music was coming from, and spotted Kristin at the other end of the room. But she was surrounded by people and there was no hope of getting to her.

Disappointed, Jenny walked out into the garden to get some fresh air. Almost immediately someone handed her a joint and she took a long pull on it, coughing and trying to say thanks at the same time. It was strong stuff, and immediately everything around her seemed brighter and more colorful. She heard a familiar voice to her left; squinting, she saw that it was April and was beside herself with joy at seeing her friend. She wrapped April in a clumsy bear hug, nearly tumbling the two of them over into a hedge. April laughed; her ex-roommate was obviously a little buzzed, but it was good to see her enjoying herself.

A would-be comedian was holding forth nearby, and he was actually pretty funny, or so it seemed at the time. Putting an arm around April’s shoulder, Jenny listened and laughed, then laughed even harder after the joint came around a second time. Soon her throat felt scratchy and dry, so she took April by the hand and led her to the punch bowl, where both girls filled extra-large cups.

Jenny was now officially more loaded than she’d ever been in her life. April led her to the dance floor where they shook their butts to a throbbing, bass-heavy track as red and blue lights flashed in time to the beat. Music had never sounded to Jenny the way it did at that moment; it seemed to rumble up through her feet, resound throughout her body, and shoot out the top of her head.

When the song was over, she leaned up against the wall to catch her breath. She saw Kristin in the doorway talking to two extremely tall, athletic-looking guys; they must be members of the basketball team, she thought. Suddenly an image flashed through Jenny’s head: Kristin was on her hands and knees, her pretty white dress hiked up around her waist. One of the guys was fucking her from behind as the other plunged his cock into her mouth.

Shaken by this vision, Jenny felt lightheaded and decided to look for a place to sit down. After what seemed like an hour she found a dimly lit room far away from the center of the action. The music was barely audible here and the only light was from a couple of flickering candles. Jenny stretched out on one of the several couches in the room and tried to collect herself.

After a few minutes her eyes began to adjust to the light and she realized that she was not alone. Two of her fellow ABD freshmen, Natalie and Rachel, were curled up together on a couch to her right. Natalie looked up at Jenny with heavy-lidded eyes.

“Hi, Jenny,” said Natalie, a dark-haired, dark-eyed beauty with the most piercings of any freshman.

“Hi,” answered Jenny. “What are you guys doing?”

“Oh, just chilling. Why don’t you come sit with us?”

With some difficulty Jenny squeezed herself onto the couch. Red-haired Rachel rested her head on Jenny’s leg and smiled up at her groggily. “You feel nice,” she said.

“Hey Jenny,” Natalie said, holding out one hand. “Take one of these.” Focusing intently, Jenny saw that she was holding a bunch of little blue pills.

“What are they?” Jenny asked.

“Ecstasy!” giggled Rachel.

Normally, Jenny would have been appalled at this idea; her small-town high school had filled her head with all sorts of horror stories about the evils of drugs. But in her current frame of mind she was very receptive to trying something new. Before her better judgment could kick in, she popped two of the pills into her mouth and swallowed them down.


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