Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 30

Kristin returned a couple minutes later carrying a tote bag, which she sat down by the door. Jenny, Sasha, and the prisoner all looked at her curiously, wondering what was going to happen now.

From the bag Kristin produced a small box. Inside was a joint that she’d been saving for a special occasion — which this was, though in a strange kind of way. She lit it and took a long, deep drag, feeling a pleasant tingle begin to propagate itself through her body. She then handed it to Sasha, who took a big hit and passed it on to Jenny, coughing and exhaling an impressive cloud of smoke. Jenny toked cautiously, knowing herself to be kind of a lightweight.

When Jenny returned the joint to Kristin she turned it around and brought it toward the lips of their prisoner, who just glared at her. Kristin shrugged and took another pull herself.

Suddenly Sasha spoke up. “Jodie,” she said, snapping her fingers. “That’s her name.”

“Oh yeah?” said Kristin. “Hi, Jodie,” she added, giving a little wave. Jodie gazed back irritably.

They continued to pass the joint around until it was gone. A thick cloud of smoke now hovered in the air, and Kristin felt pleasantly lightheaded, ready to move on to the next phase of the plan. There was a long leather couch roughly opposite from where Jodie was chained; Kristin sat down on one end of it and motioned for Jenny to come join her.

Smiling at her beautiful freshman lover, Kristin leaned over and pressed her mouth to Jenny’s. They kissed for a long time, reveling in the sensuousness of their soft lips, tongues meeting and exploring. The weed had done its job well; every sensation was heightened. Kristin could feel her hardening nipples against the fabric of her bra, the wetness beginning to trickle between her legs.

Looking up, Kristin gestured for Sasha to sit down on the other side of Jenny, and she did. For awhile the three of them made out, as a group and in every combination, with Jenny pressed tightly between Kristin and Sasha’s bodies when they leaned across her to kiss.

Out of the corner of one eye Kristin watched Jodie watching them. She was definitely paying attention, though the look on her face remained neutral. Miss White, after studying the photos, had decided that the photographer had to be a lesbian, probably a repressed one. It would be hard for her to resist temptation, was Miss White’s theory, and after that things would be different. Now they were going to find out.

Kristin took hold of Jenny’s t-shirt and pulled it up and off; she wasn’t wearing a bra so her magnificent breasts popped out proudly, nipples standing tall and eager for attention. Kristin bent down and took the one closest to her into her mouth; Sasha did the same on the other side. Jenny moaned softly, leaning back against the couch and closing her eyes.

She had been feeling a little uncomfortable with this situation, wondering if they were doing the right thing by imprisoning Jodie like this. But now physical sensations trumped all else; she let go of everything but the pleasure of the moment, surrendering herself as she had so often since coming to Alpha Beta Delta.

Now Kristin unbuttoned Jenny’s jeans and began to wriggle them down past her hips. When they were off Kristin tossed them aside and rested her hand on Jenny’s knee, feeling Jenny her tremble at the familiar touch. Slowly Kristin ran her hand up Jenny’s leg and across her thigh, then cupped Jenny’s crotch, feeling the wetness that had seeped into her panties. When Kristin gently pushed the tip of her index finger into Jenny’s pussy through the fabric, Jenny squirmed and sighed, letting her legs fall open.

After pulling the crotch of Jenny’s panties aside to reveal the glistening pink underneath, Kristin returned her finger to where it had been, this time sliding it all the way in. As she curled her finger to stimulate the inside of Jenny’s womb Kristin glanced over at Jodie, whose mouth was now hanging slightly open. Her expression had changed, her features softening slightly, and Kristin felt buoyant – it was working!

Jenny groaned and whimpered, biting her lip, as Kristin continued to finger her. Kristin grinned; how could anyone resist such a delightful creature? She leaned down to kiss Jenny again, then dropped to her knees in front of the couch. She pulled Jenny’s panties down and off and flung them away in the general direction of Jodie, whose eyes followed them as they flew.

Jenny’s breath was coming hard and heavy now as Kristin teased her inner thighs with lips and tongue, taking her time, making a show of it. Sasha for the moment just sat back and watched, unbuttoning her jeans and thrusting one hand down inside.

When Kristin’s tongue finally touched Jenny’s pussy, her whole body shuddered and her weight fell sideways against Sasha. Sasha held her for a few seconds and then eased her back so she was stretched out sideways on the couch. Wriggling out from underneath, Sasha quickly whipped off her jeans and panties and without further preliminaries sat on Jenny’s face.


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