Friday, February 12, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 7

Kristin stood up and walked around the table to stand next to Miss White. They were a vision together, the raven-haired woman in black and the blonde in white. There was a new look on Kristin’s face now, one that Jenny recognized, though she didn't know from where. Had she been more circumspect, she might have realized it was a look she had seen on her dog around mealtime: that of appetite about to be fulfilled. “Freshmen, you will now stand,” she said, and they obeyed.

“Sophomores, take your positions,” she said, and ten girls rose as one. They shuffled around until each one was standing behind one of the freshmen. “Now,” said Kristin, and each sophomore produced a blindfold and covered the eyes of the girl in front of her. As her sight was taken away, Jenny felt a strange combination of sensations: a twinge of fear, and a slight tickle between her legs.

The sophomore behind her took her by the hand and led her away from the table. They walked in silence for a minute, a procession of twenty young women followed by the rest of the Sisters, and finally by Alexis White. They went, it seemed, down a cold, dark hallway. Then they emerged into a somewhat brighter area. When they stopped, Jenny felt herself being turned in a particular direction, then a pleasant wave of heat on her back.

She heard Kristin’s voice again. “Sophomores, stand down.” The girl who had led her there moved away, and Jenny was in her own private darkness. Alexis White spoke.

“A very special part of our tradition here is the relationship between the seniors and the freshmen. Each senior picks a freshman whom she will mentor throughout the year. In return, the freshman serves that senior’s needs to the fullest of her ability.”

Kristin gave another order. “Juniors, prepare the initiates.”

There was a sound of footsteps and rustling fabric as the juniors moved into position, and then Jenny felt a new set of hands on her. They unzipped her dress, pulled the straps off her shoulders, and lowered it around her ankles. Jenny obediently stepped out of it. The hands unbuckled and removed her bra, taking liberties with her as they did so. Jenny felt her nipples stiffen as the hands cupped her breasts and slid down her sides to her hips, where they slid under the waistband of her panties and began to ease them down her legs. Again Jenny meekly allowed herself to be stripped, scarcely believing what was happening to her.

This was certainly not what she had expected. Again every sober instinct inside her was telling her to run, that she was now passing through a door that she’d never be able to walk out of. But she remained rooted in place, feeling a strange mixture of emotions as she realized that all the other freshmen must be standing nearby in a similarly exposed state. She could feel eyes on her naked body, and while it was an unfamiliar sensation, it was not an altogether unpleasant one.

Next thing she knew, the hands were roughly grabbing her wrists and pulling them behind her back. A cord of soft fabric – she guessed silk – was wrapped around her wrists, rendering her helpless as well as naked. She felt the warmth of a body against her, breasts pressing against her back. The hands moved around in front of her, sliding across her hipbones and into her pubic hair. They dove quite boldly between her legs, stroking her inner thighs and briefly exploring the burgeoning wetness between them. Jenny wanted the hands to penetrate her and never stop, and at the same time she was mortified at her own wantonness. But just like that they were gone, and Jenny bit her lip in quiet frustration.

Then the hands applied gentle pressure to her shoulders, indicating that she was to kneel, and she complied. There were footsteps as the girl who had undressed her walked away. Jenny would never know who it was that had violated her.

“Beautiful,” said Miss White, in a whisper that was only audible because it was so quiet in the room. Then, more loudly, she announced, “Kristin, as president, the first choice is yours.”

“Thank you, Miss White,” answered Kristin, and Jenny heard her heels clacking on the wood floor as she circled the group of kneeling, naked girls. Jenny’s heart was pounding. It was silent except for the sound of Kristin’s shoes for what seemed like forever, until finally Jenny felt her blindfold being slipped off and blinked momentarily in the restored light. Kristin was standing over her, smiling down benevolently. In her hand was a black studded collar, which she ceremoniously fastened around Jenny’s neck. She then attached a leather leash to the collar and went to stand behind Jenny, who despite the strangeness of the situation beamed at being so chosen.

“Emma, you’re next,” said Miss White, and a pale redhead with sparkling green eyes stepped forward with an identical collar in her hands. Jenny examined the line of bound freshmen extending to her left and right. April was all the way at one end, and since she was still blindfolded, Jenny took the opportunity to drink in all the details of her naked body. Her breasts were smaller than Jenny’s own, but firm and high and capped by dark brown nipples. A neat patch of black curls covered her pubis and disappeared between her coffee-colored legs.

As Emma inspected the merchandise available to her, Jenny looked around the room. It was the same large room in which they’d waited for their names to be called the preceding week. The heat on her back was from the roaring fireplace, which made the kneeling girls reasonably comfortable despite their nudity. A magnificent chandelier hung far above their heads, and a large bronze statue of the Three Graces stood in one corner. She had been too nervous to notice these details before, Jenny realized, but now she felt amazingly calm.

She turned her attention back to Emma, who seemed now to have made up her mind. Jenny’s heart soared as the redhead leaned over April, removing her blindfold and repeating the same motions with the collar and leash. Jenny wanted badly to look into April’s eyes, to see what she was feeling, but for some reason she felt that she shouldn’t. They were to be separated now, at least for the time being.

One by one the seniors stepped forward and made their choices. One by one the freshmen were allowed to see the scene around them, to see who they now belonged to. The final pairing consisted of Corinne, a senior who looked like she could have been Alexis White’s daughter, and Maura, a red-haired freshman who looked like — and was, in fact — Emma’s younger sister.

“Alright,” said Miss White, “juniors and sophomores, you are dismissed.” The twenty girls filed out dutifully. “Seniors,” she continued, “these freshmen are yours to do with as you will. Good night.”


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