Sunday, February 14, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 16

Arriving 15 minutes late for class, Jenny quietly took a seat way at the back. The professor was droning on about supply and demand, and Jenny found herself having a hard time concentrating. Her sore ass made it difficult to sit still; she kept squirming around in her seat, and when she did get comfortable for a minute, her mind started replaying images of things that had happened over the past few days: Being punished with the crop by Kristin; being fucked on Miss White’s desk; being spanked with a ruler in the stairwell. She found herself growing increasingly restless and was relieved when the class was finally over.

Feeling her stomach growl, Jenny decided to go to the campus sandwich shop just across from Donovan Hall. First, though, she wanted to visit the restroom, which was down a short hallway to one side. She closed the door behind her and sat down to pee. Once she was finished, though, she didn’t get up. She could still smell Polly’s juice on her hands and face, and was suddenly overcome by an overpowering desire to cum. She started furiously rubbing her clit and was almost there when a loud knock came at the door.

Startled, Jenny almost fell off the toilet, but managed to keep her balance. “I’ll be right out,” she said, pulling her panties up and quickly washing her hands and face. When she opened the door, she saw a familiar figure lounging in the hallway: It was Eva, a junior from ABD and one of the few Sisters with whom Jenny had yet to have a sexual encounter. Eva had dark brown hair, long legs, and a very liberal fashion sense. Today she was wearing an extremely short skirt that stopped just below her pubis, tall heels, and a halter top that showed off her smooth, tan shoulders.

“Hi, Jenny!” said Eva. “How are you?”


“You look beautiful today.”

“Thanks,” said Jenny, genuinely flattered. She still hadn’t quite gotten used to being thought of as pretty.

Taking Jenny by the arm, Eva led her back into the bathroom and locked the door behind them. Soon Jenny was pressed against the sink with Eva behind her. Eva wrapped one arm around Jenny and pressed her ample breasts against Jenny’s back. Eva leaned over so that her mouth was right against Jenny’s ear and whispered, “You were in here for a long time, Jenny. What were you up to, hmm? Playing with yourself maybe?”

Eva slipped a hand between Jenny’s legs and felt the wetness there. “Yes, I think so. Perfectly understandable. We all get horny in the middle of the day sometimes.” She began to finger-fuck Jenny, who was bent forward over the sink, watching herself in the mirror. Jenny began to moan and Eva clamped a hand over her mouth to keep her quiet.

A minute later Jenny found herself on her knees again, her face between Eva’s spread legs, still watching herself in the mirror as she performed oral sex on this girl she barely knew. How debased had she become? But then there was no more time to think, because Eva was pulling Jenny’s head tight against her crotch and fucking Jenny’s face with her pussy.

Eva was skilled at taking her pleasure quietly; her face was contorted and her breath coming fast, but no audible moan escaped her lips. She softly panted at Jenny, “That’s it, baby, lick my pussy, make me come!” When she climaxed, she quaked violently but made scarcely a sound, squeezing Jenny’s head between her thighs.

Regaining her composure quickly, Eva sat down to pee while absentmindedly fondling Jenny’s breasts. Then she put herself back together, kissed Jenny softly on the top of the head, and said goodbye. Eva hadn’t given Jenny an orgasm, so she locked herself in again and remedied that situation. Then she cleaned herself up and went to get a sandwich.

It was a spectacular, balmy day, so she took the long way back to ABD, strolling down tree-lined paths and across the stream that ran through the middle of the campus. Arriving back at the house, she snuck up the back stairs to Kristin’s room. As she approached the door she heard noises coming from inside – a feminine moan, and then another. Jenny thought that maybe Kristin was watching a porno movie, which was not unusual for her.

Opening the door, Jenny froze. She was looking directly into the eyes of April, who was on her knees on the bed with Kristin fucking her from behind. Kristin stopped in mid-thrust like someone had pressed the Pause button and looked up at Jenny, who looked back in confusion.

This felt somehow like a betrayal, though certainly Jenny had no say in who Kristin slept with or when or where she did it. Kristin for her part did feel a little twinge of guilt. She hadn’t planned this; April had shown up at the door looking for Jenny, and Kristin had invited her in to have something to drink and wait for her. But Kristin was feeling horny, and one thing led to another. Even so, she was not about to apologize to Jenny for this, instead seeing it as another test of Jenny’s loyalty and obedience.

The three girls regarded each other for a long moment, and then Jenny remembered herself and her duty. Closing the door behind her, she took the collar off its hook and began to put it on. Kristin resumed plunging into April as Jenny stripped and knelt on the floor. She watched Kristin giving it to April feeling still kind of upset, but also increasingly aroused. April’s breasts were bouncing sexily and her mouth was contorted in pleasure. When she came, she stared into Jenny’s eyes as the orgasm lit up her face.

Kristin removed her strap-on and leaned back against the headboard with her legs spread wide. She indicated that April was to lay on the bed and lick her, and April obliged. April’s open, glistening sex was facing Jenny now, and she licked her lips in anticipation. But Kristin was enjoying making Jenny wait and suffer, and let things remain as they were for a few minutes. Then she wagged her finger for Jenny to come closer. But when Jenny had crawled forward a couple of feet, Kristin held up her palm to say “stop.” Jenny had no choice but to remain a spectator, smelling sex in the air, her pussy burning with need.

Kristin repeated this several more times, bringing Jenny closer, then stopping her. At last she was right at the foot of the bed, every fiber of her being aching to dive in, but she held firm in her obedience. When Kristin finally gave her the go-ahead, she thrust her face into April’s crotch like she was trying to crawl inside. April cried out joyfully, and Kristin smiled with satisfaction. The three girls enjoyed each other right through dinnertime and into the evening. Later they were joined by Emma, who brought a bottle of wine for them to share as well as Diana, a brunette sophomore she’d passed in the hall. It turned into quite a decadent night – and it was still only Wednesday.


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