Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 31

When she left the basement Alexis White had walked back to her office, sat down at her desk, and booted up her computer. A minute later she was watching the live feed from the security camera in the basement.

She’d had the camera installed a couple years previously, when she’d suspected that one of the Sisters was running a campuswide drug operation out of ABD House. Sure enough, Miss White had caught her on film stashing her inventory of cocaine and pills in the basement. Confronted with the evidence, the girl had tearfully apologized and promised to stop, and that was the end of that. Aside from a few spot checks in the following weeks to make sure the girl was keeping her promise, the camera had sat unused since then.

Now Alexis White sat watching Kristin, Jenny, and Sasha put on a show for the bound girl in the corner. They were doing a good job of it, and Miss White began to lightly touch herself as Kristin fingered, then licked Jenny. But the camera did not offer a good angle on the prisoner, and so Miss White could not see how she was reacting, which was frustrating.

Every so often Miss White checked the time; the hour was passing very slowly. Finally, with about five minutes left, she couldn’t stand it anymore; she hid the window showing the camera feed and headed back downstairs.

* * *

When Miss White came back into the room Jenny was stretched out full-length on the couch with Kristin riding her face and Sasha eating her pussy. All three of them seemed to have forgotten the prisoner, who sat wide-eyed in the corner, mouth hanging open as she watched the action before her. Her face betrayed no emotion, but she was so wrapped up in what she was seeing that she didn’t notice for awhile that Miss White had returned.

When she saw Miss White watching her, Jodie turned bright red. Their eyes met and, in the brief interval before Jodie averted her gaze, Miss White glimpsed a blazing passion behind her outwardly blank expression.

Just then Kristin and Jenny’s moans crescendoed as they orgasmed. After taking a moment to recover Kristin sat back on the edge of the couch with her legs gaping open, revealing Jenny, who gazed dreamily up at the ceiling. Her hair was mussed, her mouth formed into a crooked smile, her face smeared with pussy juice.

Sasha and Kristin looked up at Miss White uncertainly, chewing their lips, wondering if the older woman was pleased or displeased with them. Miss White smiled down at them beneficently; everything was going exactly as she’d planned.

Looking at her watch, Miss White announced, “Time’s up.”

“Jodie,” said Kristin. “Her name’s Jodie.”

“Is that so?” responded Miss White, taking two big strides forward toward the bound girl. “Time’s up, Jodie.”

Taking Jodie’s chin in one hand, Miss White lifted her head and looked her straight in the eyes. “So do you still want to be let go?” she asked. “Or do you maybe want to stay for awhile?”

Looking over at the three naked girls, then back at Miss White, Jodie slowly nodded. “I kind of thought so.”

Walking over to the tote bag Kristin had brought, Miss White reached in and produced a pair of heavy-duty scissors. A look of fear flashed across Jodie’s face as Miss White again approached her, the scissors glinting in the light. That look turned to confusion, then excitement, as Miss White took hold of her collar and began to cut down the front of her shirt.

After slicing the shirt down the front and across to each armpit, Miss White tossed the ragged remains aside. Jodie was wearing a white lace bra through which her erect nipples were clearly visible; Miss White snipped the piece of fabric connecting the cups and then both bra straps. The ruined bra fell aside to reveal a firm, rounded set of breasts, heavy but buoyant.

Jodie began to pant a little bit, obviously highly aroused. Miss White reached down to pinch her nipples; they were hard as rocks. On the couch the three Sisters watched, fascinated, as Miss White gripped the hem of Jodie’s skirt and cut it in half from top to bottom. When she was done Jodie was wearing only white lace panties and blue-and-yellow-striped socks.

Miss White stepped aside and nodded to the girls on the couch. As if choreographed they rose and came toward Jodie, while Miss White took a seat on the couch to watch.

Jenny and Sasha stood by as Kristin dropped to her knees. From inches away she stared right into Jodie’s eyes; there was no defiance there anymore, just desire and complete surrender. Kristin bent forward and they kissed, softly at first, then with more and more intensity. Kristin reached around and took hold of the back of Jodie’s head, pushing her tongue aggressively into Jodie’s mouth.

Pulling away, Kristin raised up full-length onto her knees. She was a good bit taller than Jodie, so in this position her breasts were right at Jodie’s eye level. Kristin guided Jodie’s head to her chest, pushing one firm nipple between Jodie’s lips. Jodie opened her mouth to accept it, then opened further to take a big mouthful of Kristin’s boob.

Miss White had been absolutely right about her. She’d been attracted to girls all her life, but always afraid to admit it because she had been raised by nuns, who’d taught her that homosexuality that was a mortal sin. All the desires she’d been repressing all these years were now coming out as she sucked eagerly on first one breast, then the other.

After a few minutes Kristin pulled away and she and Jodie looked at each other again. Jodie was gazing up shyly from under lowered eyelids, and Kristin realized now that she was completely in control of this situation; Jodie would do whatever she wanted.

Again taking hold of Jodie’s head, Kristin turned it toward Jenny so she was looking straight into Jenny’s glistening nest of black pubic curls. Kristin looked up at Jenny, who adjusted her stance so her legs were slightly apart, and guided Jodie’s head between them.

Jodie breathed in deeply, experiencing for the first time the scent of another woman’s arousal. She was a little overwhelmed by all that was happening, her heart pounding with the excitement and novelty of it all. She took a deep breath; there was no point in being shy now. She extended her tongue and took a taste of Jenny’s pussy.


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