Sunday, February 21, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 28

After the second movie the party moved back to the sitting room, where it turned into more of a general free-for-all. Loud music was playing, there was naked dancing, and any remaining inhibitions were dropped. In one corner the Bitch was chained with her arms extended out to her sides, naked from the waist down, being whipped by Elena. The blows were not very hard, mostly for show, to add an atmosphere of kinky decadence to the room; but even so her involuntary cries of pleasure/pain were occasionally audible over the music.

At one point Kristin went to the kitchen and poured herself a big glass of ice water, determined not to drink herself senseless this time. When she returned to the sitting room the vibe had changed. The music had slowed down and the lights had dimmed; Kristins eyes were drawn to Janet, who was sitting on a couch in only panties, flanked by naked Jenny on one side and naked Sophie on the other. She had something in her hand; Kristin couldnt tell what it was until Janet leaned forward and used it to snort something off the table. Janet handed the straw to Sophie, who snorted up a big line of her own and handed it back. Next Janet offered the straw to Jenny, who looked questioningly over at Kristin. Kristin shook her head no and Jenny respectfully said No thank you to Janet, who shrugged and took another turn herself.

The energy level in the room went up after that. Soon Janet was fucking Jenny with a strap-on as Sophie sat on Jennys face. Kristin sat and watched, drinking water, marveling at what a willing and wanton slut Jenny had become. She had been so innocent not very long ago; Kristin wasnt sure whether to be proud or appalled. But she didnt have long to think about it, because now Diana was leaning over the back of the couch Kristin sat on, nuzzling Kristins ear and then kissing down her neck. Kristin opened herself up to the approach, and before long the two blondes were 69ing as Juliet sat beside them smoking a cigarette, sticking a finger in here, jabbing her tongue in there. Elena, meanwhile, had stopped whipping the Bitch and was now on her knees licking the bound womans pussy, which was sticky wet from the torment/tease shed been suffering.

From there things became sort of a blur... afterward all Kristin remembered was Jenny face-down on the floor, hands bound behind her back, being whipped by Sophie as Janet and Elena dripped hot wax onto her. Jenny was moaning pitifully; there may have been some pleasure in it, but to Kristin at that moment it sounded awful. Finally something snapped within her; she stood up and barked “Enough.” Ignoring Janet’s shocked look, Kristin helped Jenny up, untied her, and led her back to their room.

Kristin spent a good half-hour picking dried wax off Jenny’s body, soothing her with kisses in between. Then they curled up on one of the beds together till morning.

* * *

Over breakfast Janet was a little frosty but didn’t seem too upset; Kristin felt relieved, as ABD depended on Janet’s generosity, and the last thing Kristin wanted to was make her angry. After breakfast Kristin and Jenny showered, packed, and said their goodbyes. They were on the road back to Bowmore by 11:00.

Jenny was moved by the way Kristin had stood up for her, but wasn’t quite sure how to express it. Kristin for her part was in a peculiar, distracted mood. So they said little during the drive, just listened to music and stared out at the passing scenery. When they arrived at the college they parted with a long, warm hug and kiss, after which Jenny went to the freshman dorm and Kristin to her room.

There was a note taped to Kristin’s door: “K: Need to see you IMMEDIATELY.” It was signed with Alexis White’s trademark looping “A.”

Kristin’s heart immediately started pounding. Had Janet Lee called and complained about her? After dropping off her stuff she immediately made her way to Miss White’s office.

When Kristin entered Alexis White was sitting at her desk holding a steaming cup of coffee in both hands. She fixed Kristin with a serious look that caused Kristin’s heart to drop into her stomach.

“Um... what’s up?” stammered Kristin.

Without saying a word, Miss White picked up the thick manila envelope that was sitting on her desk, opened the clasp, and pulled out the flap. Extracting a stack of papers, she began to array them across the desk. They were all pictures of girls, printed on high-quality photo paper, many in sexual situations. It took Kristin a minute to figure out that she knew these girls – they were all ABD Sisters. There was Emma, and Sasha, and Rachel, and Polly, and Eva, and April. Many of the photos had clearly been taken in the public areas of ABD House, and some distinctive items of decor were visible in them.

Finally Kristin came to one picture that particularly caught her eye – it had been taken in dim light and was grainy, but was clearly a photo of Jenny, naked on her knees with her hands cuffed behind her back, leaning into a blond-haired crotch with tongue extended. That’s me, thought Kristin, though her face was not visible.

She looked up at Miss White. “What the fuck?”

“These were left on the doorstep yesterday.”

“So somebody’s spying on us.”

“Seems like it. Keep it quiet but see what you can find out.”

Kristin walked back to her room feeling worried and perplexed, but in a few minutes that had faded, and all that remained in her mind was the image of Jenny on her knees. Calling down to the dorm, Kristin summoned the freshman to her room. A few minutes later Jenny appeared and silently stripped and knelt. Pulling off her jeans and panties, Kristin beckoned Jenny closer; Jenny crawled over and obediently took up the same position she had been in in the photo.

As Jenny began to service Kristin, Kristin stood staring out over the grounds of ABD, peering intently into this corner and that, searching for any sign of movement in the shadows.


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  1. Oh, I forgot how much fun this was! This was the first story I read of yours, though it was over on Nifty, before that site got troubled.
    Just went through all 28 chps this last weekend and forgot you had left it at such a cliff-hanger. You now have a third story you're doing currently, which also consumes me, and of course wonder (and dream) you'll come back to this one fine day. Thank you, again.