Monday, July 30, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 60

Kat had just arrived back home when her phone rang. She didnt recognize the number, and initially her instinct was just to ignore it. At the moment she wanted a nap more than anything. But at the last possible moment she impulsively changed her mind and picked up.

The voice on the other side was quiet and hesitant at first. Kat?

Yeah, this is me. Whos calling?

Um, its, um, me. Ms. Valentine. Maybe you should call me Sara.

A big, wicked grin spread across Kats face and the tone of her voice instantly changed from vague annoyance to friendly greeting. Well hi! said Kat. To what do I owe the pleasure?

I really need to talk to you, said the English teacher.

Kat looked around quickly to be sure that no one was home, then grabbed a sparkling water from the fridge and sat down at the kitchen table.

What about? asked Kat in as neutral a tone as she could manage.

Well...about what we were talking about the other day. I cant stop thinking about it. In fact I can’t think about anything else.

With that Sara Valentine breathed a big sigh of relief. Getting it off her chest felt better...although she knew that she was headed down a dangerous path. All weekend she had been obsessed with the story Kat had written and what shed said. It had opened some kind of gateway in her mind that she was unable to close. Friday night her boyfriend had tried to initiate sex and shed turned him down, saying that she wasnt feeling well. Saturday night he tried again and this time she did her best to accommodate him, but her heart just wasnt in it; she just kept picturing Kat, her soft lips, her purplish blonde hair, her beautiful breasts. It made her wet but when her boyfriend tried to fuck her she felt a sudden wave of revulsion; she ended up giving him a blowjob and asking him to go home, saying she really wasnt feeling good, she thought she might be coming down with something. When he was gone she got out Kats (and really also Kellys) story and slowly masturbated herself to a mind-blowing orgasm.

But that only made matters worse, and all day Sunday Sara felt in a frenzy. Nothing was going to be able to scratch this itch; she felt like she was going out of her mind. After resisting most of the afternoon she finally went into the school and accessed a database that gave her Kats cell number. Now she was sitting at her desk in the classroom, scarcely able to believe what she was doing.

Kat took a big swig of water, her mind suddenly racing, figuring out how she was going to play this. She had Ms. Valentine right where she wanted her, but her pussy was worn out from all shed indulged in that weekend. That gave her the luxury of patience.

Sure, said Kat. Tell me all about it.

Well, Id really... Sara paused a moment to gather her courage. Id really prefer to talk to you in person.

Kat felt a surge of victory and an electric pulse in her nether regions. Her tone turned cold and commanding. OK," she said, heres what Id like you to do.

* * *

At 8:00 that evening Sara Valentine found herself laying on her bed naked, a sleeping mask over her eyes as a blindfold, her heart pounding wildly. This was all so surreal...she was a dedicated teacher and a respected member of the community...what on Earth was she doing? She tried to rally herself to get up and call this thing off, but she couldnt move. She was completely lost and helpless.

She heard the front door open downstairs and her heart accelerated even more, feeling like it was trying to jump out of her chest. She heard noises from the first floor, then footsteps coming up the stairs. Then she felt a presence...someone was in the room. Sara held her breath. The presence came closer...then soft lips were touching hers, parting them, a tongue darting inside.

Then she felt hands on hers, lifting them...moments later both wrists were tied to the bedposts above her head. The mouth kissed her again, more forcefully this time, then moved down to her neck. Sara surrendered. For better or worse, this was her destiny.

That delicious mouth, so soft and warm, explored her breasts and nipples, causing a desperate churning between Saras legs. The mouth moved down her, brushed through her pubic hair, planted a gentle kiss on her vulva...and then stopped. Sara groaned in frustration, and after that nothing happened for several minutes. Finally she spoke up.

Um, Kat? Are you there? Is everything OK?

Her answer was a breast being pushed into her mouth. The sensation was unfamiliar but agreeable. Sara opened her mouth wide and sucked in as much as she could, feeling an erect nipple tickle the back of her throat. The breast was pulled out and replaced with another.

Then there was movement above her and she felt knees pressed against her side. The smell that followed was familiar but novel...she had tasted her own pussy plenty of times, but never in so concentrated a fashion. She felt hair brush against her nose and took a deep breath, enveloped completely now by the scent of aroused female. Then a soft wetness pressed against her lips. Without thinking, Sara extended her tongue and took an experimental taste. It was strange, delicious, exciting and frightening at the same time.

The body above her settled its weight onto her, and Sara heard a soft moan as her tongue sank deep inside the moist opening. She didn’t have much expertise at this, but from the sounds she heard and the movements she felt, she was able to judge what was working. She licked all around and then found the clit; it kept getting away from her because it was so slippery, but eventually she was able to accomplish her goal. She felt the knees tighten around her as an orgasm vibrated through the soft flesh and a loud, satisfied yell echoed through the room.

Then it was quiet again and Sara felt the body climb off her. Again nothing happened for a few minutes, and again it was Sara who finally broke the silence. Kat?

Hands pulled off the blindfold, and in the dim light it was hard to see the face in front of her, but the red hair was unmistakable.

Actually, Ms. Valentine, its me, Kelly. But Kat will be here soon.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 59

Immediately upon entering the fitting room, Olivia dropped to her knees and lifted Ginas skirt. For a minute she just sat savoring the scent in the vicinity – Gina had been marinating for awhile, and the smell that lingered around her was like smoked salmon coated in honey.

Olivia picked up a pair of slinky white panties and helped Gina step into them. She pulled them into place and leaned back to admire how they looked, then took hold of them and began to work the crotch up into Ginas slit. Gina groaned quietly and leaned back with her eyes closed. Hypnotized by the sight of Gina’s puffy pink lips peeking out around the white fabric, Olivia had completely forgotten where she was until she happened to catch movement in the corner of her eye and saw Claire standing in the doorway, eyes glittering eagerly.

Keeping eye contact with Claire, Olivia reached down and slid a finger inside Gina, feeling the older womans cunt muscles clamp down on her. Gina moaned louder and opened up, bracing herself against the wall and lifting one leg onto Olivias shoulder. For the moment Claire just watched, bringing one hand to her mouth and biting gently on a fingertip. Then Olivia beckoned her with a slight tilt of the head and that was all it took; Claire took one long stride forward and sank to her knees beside Olivia.

Olivia gulped, her head buzzing with the sudden hotness of it all. She looked up at Gina, lost in bliss, then down at Claire, who stared back wide-eyed, her lips slightly parted. Then Olivia pulled the crotch of Ginas panties aside with one hand and used the other to guide Claires head over into that area. Claire cooperatively extended her tongue and touched it gently to Ginas vulva; Gina arched her back and threw her full weight back against the wall, opening her legs all the way.

For a couple minutes Olivia watched as Claire slowly licked Ginas pussy, then leaned in closer and pushed her tongue inside. Only then did Olivia pull down Ginas top and suck one breast into her mouth (or at least as much of it as she could fit). At this point Gina realized that there were two pairs of lips on her and her eyes flew open. It took a moment for her to register what was happening, seeing the familiar dark head just below her and the unfamiliar red-haired one between her legs. Claire lifted her head to look at Gina, her face wet with pussy juice, and briefly Gina felt embarrassed and uncertain. But what was she going to do, pretend she hated it? It felt good – really, really good – so she pulled Claires head back to where it had been and lifted Olivias up for a kiss.

Olivia reached down to help Claire by rubbing Ginas clit, and in short order Gina started shaking violently, moaning the loudest orgasm Olivia had ever heard her have. Olivia dropped back to her knees to kiss Claire, delighting in the taste of her lover on this strangers lips.

Lifting Claire to her feet, Olivia leaned her against the other wall and politely helped her out of her clothes, glancing periodically back at Gina as she did so. When Claire was naked Olivia started kissing her way down the blondes slim body, keeping one eye on Ginas rapt expression all the while. Claires tits were nice little mouthfuls and her nipples were skinny but stuck out invitingly; Olivia sucked and bit down on each one, causing Claire to squirm and sigh.  Gina reached out and ran one hand across the nape of Olivias neck as she moved down, arriving finally at Claires wispy nest of rust-colored curls.

Olivia paused and looked back at Gina one last time. Did Gina think her a terrible slut now? The excited look in Ginas eyes said no; and in any case it was too late to turn back. Olivia used her nose to nudge Claires legs apart and burrowed between them. Claire tasted wonderful – a subtler flavor than Gina, but fresh, ripe, and little perfumey.

Gina leaned in for a closer look. She was surprised to find that she didnt feel jealous – just excited, wet, even a little proud of how self-assured Olivia was in this situation. Though she was the youngest of the three, if anyone was in charge here, it was clearly her. When she’d had her fill of Claires pussy, Olivia stood and pulled off her T-shirt; she was braless underneath and her nipples jutted out like twin antennae. Taking Ginas head in one hand and Claires in the other, Olivia gathered both to her chest. She brought one mouth to each nipple, then encouraged them to kiss, then brought them back to continue suckling.

At this point Olivia realized exactly what she wanted next and set about arranging it. She stretched out on her back on the bench that had been conveniently provided, and had Claire go down on her while Gina sat on her face. Soon Olivia was making noises shed never made before as Gina ground down on her and Claire lapped away. Gradually Gina sank forward until her tongue was stabbing at Olivias clit.

After that Olivia wasnt conscious of anything for awhile. Next thing she knew she was sitting up on the bench, slumped against the wall, reverberations from half a dozen orgasms pulsing through her. Gina was sitting in a corner smoking a cigarette. Olivia was surprised – shed never seen Gina smoke – but in fact she was an ex-smoker who always kept a pack in her purse just to prove she was over the temptation. Claire was nowhere to be seen. 

Olivia looked over at Gina and smiled. Wow, was all she could manage to say.

Gina took and big puff and responded, You said it, honey.

Just then Claire returned, but there was more to her than there had been before – a nice big strap-on protruded from between her legs. Olivia caught the look on Gina’s face when she saw it and smiled. They hadn’t used a strap-on in their time together, and Olivia imagined Gina was eager for something inside her. In a flash she saw how things were going to transpire:

Olivia would flip over so her knees were on the floor and her tits pressed against the bench, presenting her pussy to Claire. Claire would give Olivia what for as Gina scooted over to kiss Olivia on the mouth, cheek, neck, and ear. When she was content Olivia would take the strap-on from Claire and put it on herself, bring Claire to her knees, and watch contentedly as Claire licked her juices from the dildo. 

Then shed lay Gina back on the bench and spread her legs. Slowly, ever so slowly, shed tease Ginas opening with the tip of the plastic cock, swirling it around and around, sinking in just a millimeter and then pulling it out again. Then shed give Gina the good hard fucking she so clearly needed while Claire watched from below, occasionally sticking her tongue in when Olivia slowed down enough to let her. 

If Claire played her cards right, she might get fucked too. Olivia pictured her on her hands and knees on the floor, getting pounded from behind, every thrust pushing her face forward into Gina’s pussy.

Later on, at home, Olivia might even model her new clothes for Gina, and who knew what might happen then. Suddenly Olivias head was full of ideas.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 58

Gina Morettis kids were with her husband so she and Olivia had spent the whole weekend together, rarely leaving the house or even putting on clothes. The sexual chemistry between them was intense – the more they went at it, the more they wanted. On Saturday alone they had fucked in the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, and the dining room.

Sunday morning Olivia woke alone in Ginas bed, yawning and stretching, feeling well-rested and content. Making her way downstairs, Olivia found Gina in the kitchen, bending over the oven putting in a tray of biscuits. Dressed in nothing but a white apron, Gina looked every inch the Milf that she was. Olivia sidled up behind her and as soon as Gina had safely sat the tray down, she felt Olivia pressing up against her. She smiled and looked back over her shoulder; Olivia reached down to cup Gina’s breasts, enjoying the feeling of the older womans soft, warm rear.

Gina straightened up and leaned back for a kiss; Olivia slid her hands under the apron and pinched Ginas nipples, feeling them stiffen at her touch. After a few minutes Gina spun around to face the younger girl. Her hands were covered with white flour, and soon Olivia was too. Gina bent down to suck Olivias tits and then leaned her back against the kitchen table, spreading her legs and enjoying the light dusting of white flour in her black pubic hair.

Gina ran her nose and lips through the soft fur, pushing her tongue through to touch the skin underneath. Reaching over to dip her hand into the flour jar, she let a fine coating of powder drift onto Olivias thighs, then ran a finger through it, finishing by easing one thumb between the Asian girls moist pussy lips.

Pretty soon they were 69ing on the kitchen table, fingernails digging into each other’s butt cheeks, completely lost in the moment. Later they had biscuits with lots of butter and homemade apricot jam.

After breakfast they showered and decided to finally get dressed and go out into the world (though by mutual agreement, neither of them wore panties). They decided to go shopping at the closest mall, about 15 minutes away. Gina had just received her alimony check and was feeling flush; her husband made good money and had been good about making the payments, at least. She smiled to herself at the idea of spending his money on her young lesbian lover.

Gina ended up buying Olivia a whole new outfit. First a beautiful black cocktail dress that really flattered her shape; it was short enough to be very sexy but not too short to wear in public. Then a pair of matching heels: high enough to lift Olivia’s ass nicely, but not so high that they were awkward to walk on. Then a necklace and earrings, expensive enough to seem indulgent, but not so expensive that they would be a source of worry.

They finished up at the lingerie shop. By now it was getting late in the day, and just a few minutes after they walked in, the girl behind the counter announced that the shop was closing. Seeing the disappointed look on Gina and Olivias faces, however, she relented. “Im going to lock the door, but you guys take your time. Itll take me a while to get ready to close anyway.”

The three of them smiled at each other, and a quiet and slightly awkward look passed between them. Gina knew that Olivia certainly didnt look like her daughter, and wondered what this girl – her nametag said Claire  – thought the two of them were doing shopping for lingerie together. Olivia simply noted that Claire was extremely cute – a slim redhead in her early-to-mid 20s, dressed appropriately for this venue in a light blue bodystocking.

Claire, for her part, had been having an affair with an older woman – the manager of that very store – for more than a year, and immediately suspected that Gina and Olivia were a couple. Their body language said that they were naturally drawn together, but keeping themselves apart for the sake of propriety. 

Gesturing toward the empty store, Claire said, Help yourselves to everything. The fitting room is right behind you. Yell if you need any help. With that, she leaned over the counter to examine some paperwork, and Gina and Olivia resumed browsing.

Years later, Olivia would be surprised to read this very scenario in several erotic stories. At this time she didnt know that it was almost a cliche – she felt very awake and excited, aware of all the possibilities in play as she and Gina made several trips to the dressing room and back. Each time they emerged, Claire was looking up from the counter, always straight at Olivia, her gaze lingering for slightly longer each time. 

Gina seemed oblivious, focused completely on Olivia, enjoying having her own sexy little dress-up doll. Each time she picked out a pair of panties for Olivia to try on that was skimpier than the pair before; each time Olivia modeled the underwear for her benefactress, for her trouble getting fingered before, during, and after the process; and each time the item went back onto the rack slightly more smeared in Olivias juices. Finally, though, they settled on a simple black thong with a lacy front; then Olivia insisted that they find something for Gina too. Olivia scooped several provocative numbers off the racks and they adjourned again to the fitting room. This time a meaningful look passed between Olivia and Claire as they passed, and Olivia intentionally left the door to the fitting room slightly ajar.