Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 58

Gina Morettis little ones were with her husband so she and Olivia had spent the whole weekend together, rarely leaving the house or even putting on clothes. The sexual chemistry between them was intense – the more they went at it, the more they wanted. On Saturday alone they had fucked in the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, and the dining room.

Sunday morning Olivia woke alone in Ginas bed, yawning and stretching, feeling well-rested and content. Making her way downstairs, Olivia found Gina in the kitchen, bending over the oven putting in a tray of biscuits. Dressed in nothing but a white apron, Gina looked every inch the Milf that she was. Olivia sidled up behind her and as soon as Gina had safely sat the tray down, she felt Olivia pressing up against her. She smiled and looked back over her shoulder; Olivia reached down to cup Gina’s breasts, enjoying the feeling of the older womans soft, warm rear nestling up against her.

Gina straightened up and leaned back for a kiss; Olivia slid her hands under the apron and pinched Ginas nipples, feeling them stiffen at her touch. After a few minutes Gina spun around to face the younger girl. Her hands were covered with white flour, and soon Olivia was too. Gina bent down to suck Olivias tits and then leaned her back against the kitchen table, spreading her legs and enjoying the light dusting of white flour in her black pubic hair.

Gina ran her nose and lips through the soft fur, pushing her tongue through to touch the skin underneath. Reaching over to dip her hand into the flour jar, she let a fine coating of powder drift onto Olivias thighs, then ran a finger through it, finishing by easing one thumb between the Asian girls moist pussy lips.

Pretty soon they were 69ing on the kitchen table, fingernails digging into each other’s butt cheeks, completely lost in the moment. Later they had biscuits with lots of butter and homemade apricot jam.

After breakfast they showered and decided to finally get dressed and go out into the world (though by mutual agreement, neither of them wore panties). They decided to go shopping at the closest mall, about 15 minutes away. Gina had just received her alimony check and was feeling flush; her husband made good money and had been good about making the payments, at least. She smiled to herself at the idea of spending his money on her young lesbian lover.

Gina ended up buying Olivia a whole new outfit. First a beautiful black cocktail dress that really flattered her shape; it was short enough to be very sexy but not too short to wear in public. Then a pair of matching heels: high enough to lift Olivia’s ass nicely, but not so high that they were awkward to walk on. Then a necklace and earrings, expensive enough to seem indulgent, but not so expensive that they would be a source of worry.

They finished up at the lingerie shop. By now it was getting late in the day, and just a few minutes after they walked in, the girl behind the counter announced that the shop was closing. Seeing the disappointed look on Gina and Olivias faces, however, she relented. “Im going to lock the door, but you guys take your time. Itll take me a while to get ready to close anyway.”

The three of them smiled at each other, and a quiet and slightly awkward look passed between them. Gina knew that Olivia certainly didnt look like her daughter, and wondered what this girl – her nametag said Claire  – thought the two of them were doing shopping for lingerie together. Olivia simply noted that Claire was extremely cute – a slim redhead in her early-to-mid 20s, dressed appropriately for this venue in a light blue bodystocking.

Claire, for her part, had been having an affair with an older woman – the manager of that very store – for more than a year, and immediately suspected that Gina and Olivia were a couple. Their body language said that they were naturally drawn together, but keeping themselves apart for the sake of propriety. 

Gesturing toward the empty store, Claire said, Help yourselves to everything. The fitting room is right behind you. Yell if you need any help. With that, she leaned over the counter to examine some paperwork, and Gina and Olivia resumed browsing.

Years later, Olivia would be surprised to read this very scenario in several erotic stories. At this time she didnt know that it was almost a cliche – she felt very awake and excited, aware of all the possibilities in play as she and Gina made several trips to the dressing room and back. Each time they emerged, Claire was looking up from the counter, always straight at Olivia, her gaze lingering for slightly longer each time. 

Gina seemed oblivious, focused completely on Olivia, enjoying having her own sexy little dress-up doll. Each time she picked out a pair of panties for Olivia to try on that was skimpier than the pair before; each time Olivia modeled the underwear for her benefactress, for her trouble getting fingered before, during, and after the process; and each time the item went back onto the rack slightly more smeared in Olivias juices. Finally, though, they settled on a simple black thong with a lacy front; then Olivia insisted that they find something for Gina too. Olivia scooped several provocative numbers off the racks and they adjourned again to the fitting room. This time a meaningful look passed between Olivia and Claire as they passed, and Olivia intentionally left the door to the fitting room slightly ajar. 


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