Thursday, June 19, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 91

When cheerleading practice was over, Ana still had a lot of energy, so she hung around the gym shooting baskets. She was a pretty good player, had played a lot with her brothers, but hadn’t picked up a ball lately. She had just thrown up an airball when one of the members of the girls’ basketball team arrived early for practice.

“Nice form, cheerleader,” sneered the girl. Ana glanced over at her; she was small but athletic-looking, with her long black hair tied back in a ponytail, wearing a number 23 jersey. Ana had seen her around but never really paid attention to her before.

Ana retrieved the ball and took a few dribbles. “You talking to me?”

The girl smiled, recognizing the reference. “There’s no one else here, is there?”

Ana launched another shot, and this one was much better, dropping through with a swish. “You think you could take me?”

Number 23 raised one eyebrow. “You serious?”

“Sure. Unless you’re afraid.”

Just then the rest of the team started to arrive. The girl pointed to Ana and said, “After practice. One hour. Be here.”

Ana nodded and went to the locker room, where she changed into gym shorts and a tank top. She grabbed a ball and went out to the outdoor court to shoot a little more, arriving back in the gym in time to watch the last few minutes of practice. Number 23 was the point guard on the team, and she was a real player, no doubt about that; she was quick, could handle the ball, was a sharp passer, and had a nice pull-up jump shot. Was she showing off for Ana? Maybe a little bit.

She was also very cute for a sporty girl, Ana noticed. She was thin but strong, with nice legs and small but substantial tits that were not entirely hidden by her sports bra. She had skin that was a little darker than most of the people at their school, but Ana was not quite sure of her ethnicity — maybe she was part Filipina, or Hispanic, or Middle Eastern? Maybe she had one African-American grandparent? It was hard to tell, but it always made Ana happy to see a bit of color in this town.

When the practice dispersed number 23 hung around, wiping the sweat from her face and arms with a towel. Ana rose from the bleachers and approached her. She knew she was going to have her hands full, but it would be no shame to lose to such a talented player, so she felt pretty relaxed.

“I’m Ana,” she said, extending her hands.

“Christina,” said the girl. “Game to 11?”


“Your outs,” said Christina. “I hope you’re a good loser.”

“We’ll see,” answered Ana, who was used to trash talk and not phased by it. Dribbling in, Ana backed Christina down into the post, faked one way, spun the other, and dropped in a layup with her left hand. She saw the expression on Christina’s face change immediately; she was going to have to take this seriously, and her eyes narrowed into a mask of intensity. They were beautiful eyes, Ana couldn’t help noticing — big and brown and full of life.

Ana missed her next shot and Christina got the rebound. She dribbled out to the three-point line and turned toward Ana, bouncing the ball out in front of her, almost daring Ana to try to steal it. Ana knew not to fall for that; the moment she lunged for the ball, Christina would dart by her and go to the basket. After sizing up Ana’s defense for a few seconds, Christina made her move; she went hard to the right, and when Ana chased, she crossed over and went left, easily beating Ana to the basket for a layup.

When Christina took the ball out this time, Ana backed off her, so Christina coolly drained an 18-foot jumper. On her next possession, though, she tried to drive again, and Ana made an adjustment and blocked the shot, recovered that ball, and again went inside for a layup.

This set the pattern of the game; Christina used her speed and shooting ability, while Ana relied on raw power, using her ample butt to push Christina under the basket. The smaller girl had to use all her weight to get any leverage, with the result that her chest was often pressed against Ana’s back. Ana enjoyed that. Once, when trying to grab Christina to foul her and prevent an easy layup, Ana got a full handful of breast; it was an accident, but she let her hand linger there a few seconds longer than it needed to.

They traded baskets for awhile, but Ana was rusty and missed a few easy shots, so Christina went up 10–8. After stuffing another of Christina’s shots, Ana made two very determined forays to the basket, Christina trying to foul her but getting outmuscled both times. Now the score was 10–10 and Ana tried the same approach, but this time Christina poked the ball away and stole it.

Again Christina dribbled back and forth, her body swaying, trying to hypnotize Ana with her body language. Finally, she head faked right and drove left, getting a step on Ana, who pursued doggedly. Christina managed to kiss the ball off the glass just before Ana crashed into her, spilling them both to the floor, where they looked up to see the ball drop through the net for the game-winner.

Ana had landed on top of Christina, her full weight pressing down on the smaller girl, and she made no move to get off. A meaningful look passed between them, and Ana was just about to lean down for a kiss when the custodian arrived to lock up the gym. And just like that, the moment was over. Ana hopped up and Christina scurried away, pausing only to glance back briefly and mutter “Good game” before exiting, looking somewhat red in the face.

Ana considered following her but decided against it. One step at a time. But she did want to get home and masturbate as soon as possible; she’d never realized that basketball could get her so hot.


Friday, June 13, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 90

On the train to New York, Jane sat staring out the window, reflecting on the strange and wonderful turns her life had taken. She felt very good about herself just then, very confident and attractive, like everyone who saw her wanted her.

It was a far cry from her younger self, who had been a very shy and insecure person. She had grown up poor and although her intelligence had gotten her a scholarship to a good private school, she never felt like she fit in. The girls at the school were mean and made fun of her inexpensive clothes, and though she was pretty she was awkward and not good at presenting herself, so the boys ignored her. She finally lost her virginity on the last night of high school to a boy that she never saw again, but did not enjoy the experience and was in no hurry to repeat it.

She had planned to go to college but that summer her mother, who had raised her single-handedly, took ill and she was obliged to go to work. She got a job as a legal secretary and after that lived a quiet life, tending to her mother and working lots of overtime to make ends meet. After three years, her mother passed away, but by now Jane (that was not her name at the time, of course) was set in her ways and continued living in their house and following the same routine.

The men at the law firm considered Jane prim and proper and unapproachable, but after she had been there about five years, an older man who was a senior partner at the firm took a shine to her. When he started plying her with compliments and gifts, she soaked up the attention like a parched plant soaking up water. They had only gone out a few times when he asked her to marry him, and although he was 25 years older than her, she readily accepted. He was wealthy, powerful, and handsome in a distinguished, graying way.

He insisted that she quit her job and stay at home, but he himself worked long hours, often not returning home until late at night. They had sex only occasionally, and even less after her husband had a heart attack about a year into the marriage. He recovered well and seemed to show no lingering effects, but after that he became paranoid about sexual activity, saying that he feared it would trigger another episode.

This didn’t bother Jane too much, as their sex had not been very exciting, but she grew increasingly restless, searching for something that she couldn’t name. Her mother had been very religious and very sexually repressed, and this attitude had transmitted itself to Jane. She was aware that women could be attracted to each other, but it was something she had never allowed herself even to think about. So it took her a long time to realize what was happening when she started to become drawn to Agnes, a maid who worked in the house.

Agnes was a dozen years older than Jane, tall and somewhat plain but with a body that attracted attention. What Jane really admired about Agnes was the way she carried herself; she was energetic and self-confident, performing her job with efficiency and a certain amount of grace. She in no way felt inferior to the people she worked for. In fact, her experience with the decadent ways of rich people made her feel somewhat superior.

Jane was intimidated by Agnes, who sensed her employer’s vulnerability. Since Jane’s husband was rarely around, the two of them spent a lot of time alone together, and Agnes knew an opportunity when she saw one. Starting with suggestive comments, Agnes became more and more sexually aggressive, eventually just backing Jane into a corner, kissing and groping her.

They ended up in bed together, with Agnes taking the lead all the way, showing Jane what to do and how to do it. For Jane this was a revelation; she was excited by being desired and manipulated this way, and the orgasms Agnes gave her were unlike any she’d ever had before. When Agnes smothered Jane with her hot pussy, Jane knew she had discovered something that was going to change her life.

Their affair lasted until Jane’s husband, returning home unexpectedly one day, found them in bed together. He fired Agnes on the spot and gave Jane a spanking, which led to the best sex they’d ever had. For a moment, Jane thought she saw a way to make her marriage exciting, but when it was over he was cold and distant. He told her that he couldn’t afford scandal in his position, and that if she did something like that again he’d see to it that she ended up on the street without a penny.

After that they hired an old, ugly maid and Jane’s sexual activities moved more into the realm of fantasy. She devoured erotica and pornography, becoming a connoisseur of lesbian BDSM in particular. She often fantasized of finding a mistress who would take her in hand and satisfy the desires that she could not, herself, truly articulate. She bought a pair of handcuffs and would frequently lock herself in the bedroom, cuffing one hand to the bedpost and masturbating with the other.

All this time she continued to play the good wife in public, accompanying her husband to parties, openings, and fundraisers. In this way she met quite a few people, and over the years she was able to carry on several discreet affairs, often with the trophy wives of other wealthy men. But she never met anyone who really pushed her buttons, no one who could satisfy her deep-seeded craving for submission. So when her husband finally passed away, of a massive coronary while traveling — she suspected, but could never prove, that he had not been alone — she was determined to finally get what she really wanted.

Thinking of her beautiful mistress, and of all that she’d experienced, Jane began to feel an itch between the legs. The vibration of the train, she realized, had been working on her as well. The urge soon grew unbearable, so she excused herself, climbed out into the aisle, and made her way to the restroom, where she fingered herself to a breathless climax. Afterward, returned to her seat, closed her eyes, and let the rhythm of the train’s movement lull her to sleep.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 89

As it happened, Monday was Marie’s birthday, her 23rd. Jessica was in the mood to indulge her, and what Marie wanted for starters was to lick her mistress’s pussy, followed by breakfast in bed.

So Jessica leaned back against the headboard with her legs apart as Marie nestled between them, while Jane went to the kitchen to work on breakfast. All weekend Jane had been wrestling with a decision that was really no decision at all: Her month with Jessica was officially up, but she was happier than she’d ever been in her life and had no desire to leave. All she wanted was to work out an arrangement that would allow her to continue to serve Jessica as she had been doing.

Jane returned to the bedroom bearing a tray of food just as Jessica came, gripping Marie’s head tightly between her thighs with one hand entwined in Marie’s hair. Jessica gestured to Jane, who sat down the tray, stepped forward, and began to finger Marie’s sticky slit. Marie climaxed quickly and intensely, her head still trapped between her mistress’s legs.

As they all ate breakfast, Jane told Jessica of her desires and the matter was quickly decided. Jane would sign all of her assets over to Jessica and join the household permanently. Had this happened one day earlier, Marie might have felt threatened and put out; but at the moment she felt completely content and peaceful, and accepted the idea with sincere enthusiasm.

After further discussion they decided that Jane would go alone to New York to meet with her attorney and draw up the necessary paperwork. Jessica was worried that a lawyer might object to the arrangement, thinking that Jane was being swindled by some unscrupulous person. Having Jessica there would only reinforce that idea, so it would be better for Jane to be by herself. Jessica felt confident that Jane was firm in her conviction and would be able to deal with any obstacles that might crop up. Jessica and Marie would join her in New York later and they would all celebrate together.

After breakfast they all showered together and Marie, feeling euphoric, spent a long time soaping and scrubbing Jane, even kneeling down in the shower to tongue her to orgasm. Then Marie helped Jane get ready as Jesssica looked up train tickets on the internet. Jane’s tattoo was almost invisible now and her hair had grown out enough that Marie could shape it into a facsimile of a chic style. They picked out Jane’s most conservative outfit and when they were done she looked like a regular person, not like a degenerate lesbian sex slave. No one who saw her would be the wiser.

* * *

It was finals week at the high school, the last week before Christmas vacation. Kat and Kelly were both dragging a little bit, having missed out on some sleep the night before. Their first class that morning was English, where they found Sara Valentine looking beatific, wearing a summer dress despite the winter weather. Sara was almost annoyingly cheerful, chatting away about the assignment for that week, a final essay that would make up 33% of their grade. Kat and Kelly both half-slept through class, paying little attention, confident that they had a good grade for the semester sewn up.

It was a long day but they made it through, including that afternoon’s math test, which was not as hard as they’d feared it would be. Cheerleading practice was light, even though there was a big game that Friday; Jackie London was sympathetic to the fact that the girls had a heavy study load that week.

Returning to their lockers Kat and Kelly discovered that they both had messages from Jessica, inviting them over to her house after practice. In fact she was more or less insisting that they come. After conferring briefly they packed up their things and walked over there together, still in uniform.

There they found Jessica in the living room, standing over a naked Marie, who was bent over the couch with her hands cuffed behind her back. “You’re just in time to help me with her birthday spanking,” said Jessica.

After dropping Jane off at the train station, they had proceeded to the mall for Marie’s birthday shopping trip. They hit all the boutiques and then spent some time at the lingerie shop, where they were waited on by Claire, who didn’t know them but found them an intriguing and attractive pair. Then they had a light lunch and returned home, where their favorite masseuse was scheduled to arrive at 3:00.

The masseuse was a young woman named Maya, a petite brunette with very strong hands. Jessica would have liked to get her to include a happy ending, but Maya was a true professional who didn’t dabble in such things, and she was so good at what she did that Jessica didn’t want to alienate her. So when the hour-long massage was finished and Maya had left, Jessica took matters into her own hands.

Marie was still stretched out on the massage table, breathing slowly and contentedly, enveloped in a post-massage glow. In this state she offered no resistance as Jessica pulled her hands behind her back and cuffed them — not that she would have anyway — and blindfolded her. Gently pulling Marie’s thighs apart, Jessica could see that she had gotten nice and creamy during the massage.

Working slowly and methodically, enjoying the way the girl squirmed beneath her, Jessica stroked Marie’s clit with her index finger until she came. Marie’s gasps of pleasure were soft, melodious, delightful. Jessica had Marie clean the finger off thoroughly, then went back for a second round. This time Marie’s moans were more urgent and Jessica got four fingers inside, feeling Marie’s muscles clench tightly as she spasmed.

Jessica had just helped Marie off the massage table and bent her over the couch when Kat and Kelly arrived. Marie had requested them specifically and so Jessica had texted them during the massage, already planning out the timing in her head.

Jessica invited Kelly to take the first whack and she complied, lightly swatting Marie on the left buttock. Kat hit harder, raising a small red patch on the right cheek. For her turn Jessica used a wooden yardstick that made Marie yelp, her face beginning to redden along with her rear end.

After that they took turns, with each of the last three whacks going to Jessica. When they were done Marie’s ass was nice and red, and Jessica reached down and pulled her up so that she was still kneeling but no longer bent over the couch.

Then Jessica arranged Kat and Kelly as Marie had requested, having them pull off their panties and sit down on the couch with both of their skirts lifted and Kat’s left leg draped over Kelly’s right. Marie had had very specific ideas about what she wanted for her birthday, but was quite content to let Jessica take charge in the moment.

When Jessica pulled off Marie’s blindfold and said “Surprise!”, Marie was staring straight into the two cheerleader’s pussies, one blonde and one red.

“Just what I wanted,” gushed Marie, and leaned forward to take a taste of Kelly, then Kat. She continued going back and forth as Jessica got out a strap-on and saddled up. Kat and Kelly pulled off their tops so Marie could suck their tits as well, and Marie enjoyed the salty taste of their sweat and the fishy taste of their cunts as Jessica fucked her from behind.

When it was over Marie collapsed onto the floor and lay there looking up at them, a dreamy smile on her face. “Best…birthday…ever,” she said.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 88

Kat had tried to be good, she really had. She’d done all of her homework, helped her mom make dinner, and volunteered to do the dishes. After a little TV the whole family had gone straight to bed; this time of year it was getting dark early and a good, long night’s sleep seemed like a great idea.

But an hour later Kat found herself tossing and turning in the silent house, feeling wide awake and restless. She tried touching herself to see if that would help, but it just wasn’t working tonight. Finally she gave up, dressed quietly, and slipped out the back door.

The streets were abandoned, eerily silent; it seemed like everyone in town was sleeping, though it was not yet 10:00. But Kat’s mood brightened considerably when she saw that a light was still on at Sara Valentine’s house. She had her own key now and let herself in; she found the teacher in the living room, watching a movie and sipping a glass of wine.

That afternoon, after leaving the yoga studio, Sara had finally worked up the nerve to break up with her boyfriend. She felt she owed it to him to at least do it in person, so they arranged to have lunch at a quiet restaurant. Sara helped that in a public place he wouldn’t make a scene, and for the most part he took it well. Several times he asked for an explanation and Sara gave him a variation of the old “It’s not you, it’s me,” telling him she felt like she was changing and shouldn’t be in a relationship right now. Which was true, more or less; how could she tell him she was involved in a torrid affair with a cheerleading team and a gaggle of housewives?

Afterward she’d gone home and sat down to grade some papers, but her heart wasn’t really in it. After doing the bare minimum that she absolutely had to do, she’d opened a bottle of wine and put on the Turner Classic Movie channel, feeling lonesome and confused. What was she doing? Where was she going with her life? She was letting her desires lead her down a confusing road, but when she thought back to the incredible orgasms she’d had, and to the unbelievably sexy scene at the yoga studio that morning, she couldn’t really say she regretted it.

She pictured Jessica on her knees being fucked from both ends with strap-ons, all the other women standing around watching, and felt the moisture to begin to seep into her pussy. She was wearing pajamas, but now she slipped off the bottoms, and she was naked from the waist down under the blanket when Kat suddenly appeared in the room.

“Oh, um, hi,” said Sara, startled but not really surprised.

“Hi,” said Kat, flopping down on the couch next to her. “Whatcha watching?”

“Uhhhh….” mumbled Sara, reddening a little because she had been paying no attention to what was on. “An old Humphrey Bogart movie.”

For a minute they just sat and watched together, but soon Kat’s hand made its way under the blanket. Finding that there was no clothing in the way, it continued down between Sara’s legs and cupped her warm crotch.

Ten minutes later the movie had been forgotten and Sara Valentine once again found herself stretched out naked on her bed, blindfolded, wrists and ankles bound to the bedposts. It was almost the exact position she’d been in in the photo Kelly sent to Kat the week before. Kat added nipple clamps as a finishing touch, adjusted Sara’s legs slightly so her pussy would be more visible, and took a picture.

Adjourning to the kitchen, Kat sent Kelly the picture and helped herself to a drink from Sara’s liquor cabinet. She was watching the last few minutes of the movie when Kelly arrived, shaking her head. “You are such a bad influence,” she said.

Kat shrugged. “We’ll be good starting tomorrow.”

* * *

Upstairs, Kat and Kelly stood looking down at the bound, naked English teacher. They had brought the bottle with them, and passed it back and forth as they talked.

“So what should we do with her?” asked Kat.

“Sell her to the highest bidder?” said Kelly.

“We could put this picture on Craigslist, give the address, see who shows up,” suggested Kat.

Kelly reached down and tugged on the nipple clamps, drawing a low moan from Sara. “Eh, I don’t really feel like sharing.”

Taking seats on either side of the bed, they spent a long while just teasing poor Sara, tweaking her nipples, rubbing her thighs, continuing to drink. Sara’s pussy was wet, hot, and inflamed, gaping open like a hungry mouth.

Kat and Kelly took turns sitting on Sara’s face, the teacher’s dutiful mouth doing all it could to satisfy them. All the while they continued to torment her, stroking her thighs and outer lips until a pool of liquid formed on the bed between her legs.

Finally Kat stood back, holding up her phone as Kelly released Sara’s left hand from its restraint. The resulting video was one that Kat would watch many times, and share with all the other cheerleaders: the naked teacher, slick with sweat and juice, reaching down with her one free limb and masturbating furiously. Sara arched her back and her legs and right arm strained against their bonds as she frantically finger-fucked herself, moaning like a crazed animal, then came intensely, her whole body shuddering, and at last went limp. The video ended with applause from the unseen Kat and Kelly, then a closeup of Sara’s face, still blindfolded, her pussy-smeared mouth hanging slack.

Afterward all three crawled into bed together, one cheerleader on either side of the teacher. Drowsing there enveloped in the girls’ soft, sweet-smelling bodies, Sara experienced a feeling of contentment unlike any she could remember. She drifted in and out of dreams of lush gardens, sunny skies, and windswept beaches.

But in the wee hours Kat and Kelly stirred and decided that they needed to get home. Leaving Sara in a warm cloud of somnolence, they walked out into the quiet streets under a lazy half-moon. The entire town was asleep, from Jessica wrapped up with Marie and Jane, to the housewives with their husbands, to Lexi, Ana, Olivia, and Gina in their solo beds. At their parting point Kat and Kelly shared a kiss, then went off to sneak back into their rooms and get what rest they could before the new week began.