Friday, June 6, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 89

As it happened, Monday was Marie’s birthday, her 23rd. Jessica was in the mood to indulge her, and what Marie wanted for starters was to lick her mistress’s pussy, followed by breakfast in bed.

So Jessica leaned back against the headboard with her legs apart as Marie nestled between them, while Jane went to the kitchen to work on breakfast. All weekend Jane had been wrestling with a decision that was really no decision at all: Her month with Jessica was officially up, but she was happier than she’d ever been in her life and had no desire to leave. All she wanted was to work out an arrangement that would allow her to continue to serve Jessica as she had been doing.

Jane returned to the bedroom bearing a tray of food just as Jessica came, gripping Marie’s head tightly between her thighs with one hand entwined in Marie’s hair. Jessica gestured to Jane, who sat down the tray, stepped forward, and began to finger Marie’s sticky slit. Marie climaxed quickly and intensely, her head still trapped between her mistress’s legs.

As they all ate breakfast, Jane told Jessica of her desires and the matter was quickly decided. Jane would sign all of her assets over to Jessica and join the household permanently. Had this happened one day earlier, Marie might have felt threatened and put out; but at the moment she felt completely content and peaceful, and accepted the idea with sincere enthusiasm.

After further discussion they decided that Jane would go alone to New York to meet with her attorney and draw up the necessary paperwork. Jessica was worried that a lawyer might object to the arrangement, thinking that Jane was being swindled by some unscrupulous person. Having Jessica there would only reinforce that idea, so it would be better for Jane to be by herself. Jessica felt confident that Jane was firm in her conviction and would be able to deal with any obstacles that might crop up. Jessica and Marie would join her in New York later and they would all celebrate together.

After breakfast they all showered together and Marie, feeling euphoric, spent a long time soaping and scrubbing Jane, even kneeling down in the shower to tongue her to orgasm. Then Marie helped Jane get ready as Jesssica looked up train tickets on the internet. Jane’s tattoo was almost invisible now and her hair had grown out enough that Marie could shape it into a facsimile of a chic style. They picked out Jane’s most conservative outfit and when they were done she looked like a regular person, not like a degenerate lesbian sex slave. No one who saw her would be the wiser.

* * *

It was finals week at the high school, the last week before Christmas vacation. Kat and Kelly were both dragging a little bit, having missed out on some sleep the night before. Their first class that morning was English, where they found Sara Valentine looking beatific, wearing a summer dress despite the winter weather. Sara was almost annoyingly cheerful, chatting away about the assignment for that week, a final essay that would make up 33% of their grade. Kat and Kelly both half-slept through class, paying little attention, confident that they had a good grade for the semester sewn up.

It was a long day but they made it through, including that afternoon’s math test, which was not as hard as they’d feared it would be. Cheerleading practice was light, even though there was a big game that Friday; Jackie London was sympathetic to the fact that the girls had a heavy study load that week.

Returning to their lockers Kat and Kelly discovered that they both had messages from Jessica, inviting them over to her house after practice. In fact she was more or less insisting that they come. After conferring briefly they packed up their things and walked over there together, still in uniform.

There they found Jessica in the living room, standing over a naked Marie, who was bent over the couch blindfolded with her hands cuffed behind her back. “You’re just in time to help me with her birthday spanking,” said Jessica.

After dropping Jane off at the train station, they had proceeded to the mall for Marie’s birthday shopping trip. They hit all the boutiques and then spent some time at the lingerie shop, where they were waited on by Claire, who didn’t know them but found them an intriguing and attractive pair. Then they had a light lunch and returned home, where their favorite masseuse was scheduled to arrive at 3:00.

The masseuse was a young woman named Maya, a petite brunette with very strong hands. Jessica would have liked to get her to include a happy ending, but Maya was a true professional who didn’t dabble in such things, and she was so good at what she did that Jessica didn’t want to alienate her. So when the hour-long massage was finished and Maya had left, Jessica took matters into her own hands.

Marie was still stretched out on the massage table, breathing slowly and contentedly, enveloped in a post-massage glow. In this state she offered no resistance as Jessica pulled her hands behind her back and cuffed them — not that she would have anyway — and blindfolded her. Gently pulling Marie’s thighs apart, Jessica could see that she had gotten nice and creamy during the massage.

Working slowly and methodically, enjoying the way the girl squirmed beneath her, Jessica stroked Marie’s clit with her index finger until she came. Marie’s gasps of pleasure were soft, melodious, delightful. Jessica had Marie clean the finger off thoroughly, then went back for a second round. This time Marie’s moans were more urgent and Jessica got four fingers inside, feeling Marie’s muscles clench tightly as she spasmed.

Jessica had just helped Marie off the massage table and bent her over the couch when Kat and Kelly arrived. Marie had requested them specifically and so Jessica had texted them during the massage, already planning out the timing in her head.

Jessica invited Kelly to take the first whack and she complied, lightly swatting Marie on the left buttock. Kat hit harder, raising a small red patch on the right cheek. For her turn Jessica used a wooden yardstick that made Marie yelp, her face beginning to redden along with her rear end.

After that they took turns, with each of the last three whacks going to Jessica. When they were done Marie’s ass was nice and red, and Jessica reached down and pulled her up so that she was still kneeling but no longer bent over the couch.

Then Jessica arranged Kat and Kelly as Marie had requested, having them pull off their panties and sit down on the couch with both of their skirts lifted and Kat’s left leg draped over Kelly’s right. Marie had had very specific ideas about what she wanted for her birthday, but was quite content to let Jessica take charge in the moment.

When Jessica pulled off Marie’s blindfold and said “Surprise!”, Marie was staring straight into the two cheerleaders’ pussies, one blonde and one red.

“Just what I wanted,” gushed Marie, and leaned forward to take a taste of Kelly, then Kat. She continued going back and forth as Jessica got out a strap-on and saddled up. Kat and Kelly pulled off their tops so Marie could suck their tits as well, and Marie enjoyed the salty taste of their sweat and the fishy taste of their cunts as Jessica fucked her from behind.

When it was over Marie collapsed onto the floor and lay there looking up at them, a dreamy smile on her face. “Best…birthday…ever,” she said.


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