Friday, June 13, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 90

On the train to New York, Jane sat staring out the window, reflecting on the strange and wonderful turns her life had taken. She felt very good about herself just then, very confident and attractive, like everyone who saw her wanted her.

It was a far cry from her younger self, who had been a very shy and insecure person. She had grown up poor and although her intelligence had gotten her a scholarship to a good private school, she never felt like she fit in. The girls at the school were mean and made fun of her inexpensive clothes, and though she was pretty she was awkward and not good at presenting herself, so the boys ignored her. She finally lost her virginity on the last night of high school to a boy that she never saw again, but did not enjoy the experience and was in no hurry to repeat it.

She had planned to go to college but that summer her mother, who had raised her single-handedly, took ill and she was obliged to go to work. She got a job as a legal secretary and after that lived a quiet life, tending to her mother and working lots of overtime to make ends meet. After three years, her mother passed away, but by now Jane (that was not her name at the time, of course) was set in her ways and continued living in their house and following the same routine.

The men at the law firm considered Jane prim and proper and unapproachable, but after she had been there about five years, an older man who was a senior partner at the firm took a shine to her. When he started plying her with compliments and gifts, she soaked up the attention like a parched plant soaking up water. They had only gone out a few times when he asked her to marry him, and although he was 25 years older than her, she readily accepted. He was wealthy, powerful, and handsome in a distinguished, graying way.

He insisted that she quit her job and stay at home, but he himself worked long hours, often not returning home until late at night. They had sex only occasionally, and even less after her husband had a heart attack about a year into the marriage. He recovered well and seemed to show no lingering effects, but after that he became paranoid about sexual activity, saying that he feared it would trigger another episode.

This didn’t bother Jane too much, as their sex had not been very exciting, but she grew increasingly restless, searching for something that she couldn’t name. Her mother had been very religious and very sexually repressed, and this attitude had transmitted itself to Jane. She was aware that women could be attracted to each other, but it was something she had never allowed herself even to think about. So it took her a long time to realize what was happening when she started to become drawn to Agnes, a maid who worked in the house.

Agnes was a dozen years older than Jane, tall and somewhat plain but with a body that attracted attention. What Jane really admired about Agnes was the way she carried herself; she was energetic and self-confident, performing her job with efficiency and a certain amount of grace. She in no way felt inferior to the people she worked for. In fact, her experience with the decadent ways of rich people made her feel somewhat superior.

Jane was intimidated by Agnes, who sensed her employer’s vulnerability. Since Jane’s husband was rarely around, the two of them spent a lot of time alone together, and Agnes knew an opportunity when she saw one. Starting with suggestive comments, Agnes became more and more sexually aggressive, eventually just backing Jane into a corner, kissing and groping her.

They ended up in bed together, with Agnes taking the lead all the way, showing Jane what to do and how to do it. For Jane this was a revelation; she was excited by being desired and manipulated this way, and the orgasms Agnes gave her were unlike any she’d ever had before (not that there had been that many to begin with). When Agnes smothered Jane with her hot pussy, Jane knew she had discovered something that was going to change her life.

Their affair lasted until Jane’s husband, returning home unexpectedly one day, found them in bed together. He fired Agnes on the spot and gave Jane a spanking, which led to the best sex they’d ever had. For a moment, Jane thought she saw a way to make her marriage exciting, but when it was over he was cold and distant. He told her that he couldn’t afford scandal in his position, and that if she did something like that again he’d see to it that she ended up on the street without a penny.

After that they hired an old, ugly maid and Jane’s sexual activities moved more into the realm of fantasy. She devoured erotica and pornography, becoming a connoisseur of lesbian BDSM in particular. She often fantasized of finding a mistress who would take her in hand and satisfy the desires that she could not, herself, truly articulate. She bought a pair of handcuffs and would frequently lock herself in the bedroom, cuffing one hand to the bedpost and masturbating with the other.

All this time she continued to play the good wife in public, accompanying her husband to parties, openings, and fundraisers. In this way she met quite a few people, and over the years she was able to carry on several discreet affairs, often with the trophy wives of other wealthy men. But she never met anyone who really pushed her buttons, no one who could satisfy her deep-seeded craving for submission. So when her husband finally passed away, of a massive coronary while traveling — she suspected, but could never prove, that he had not been alone — she was determined to finally get what she really wanted.

Thinking of her beautiful mistress, and of all that she’d experienced, Jane began to feel an itch between the legs. The vibration of the train, she realized, had been working on her as well. The urge soon grew unbearable, so she excused herself, climbed out into the aisle, and made her way to the restroom, where she fingered herself to a breathless climax. Afterward, returned to her seat, closed her eyes, and let the rhythm of the train’s movement lull her to sleep.


  1. Jane's origin story from her former life and how she came to be. What year is this story in right now, cause I get the feeling Jessica is like the Khalessi from Game Of Thrones in this story when Dany is in charge. Have you ever seen the show and/or read the books?

    1. I haven't yet really gotten into Game of Thrones (access is limited where I live). I think of these stories as more or less in the present day but don't like to get too specific.

    2. You can read the books called a song of fire and ice. It is on HBO it is everywhere if you pay for subscription. Maybe I might also be thinking of Lexi in a more erotic, but lighter version of Dany's storyline cause she went from timid submissive to a domme in the story just like Dany from the show.