Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 5

No weekend had ever felt as long to Jenny as that one did. She and April kept telling each other not to get their hopes up, that there was a lot of competition for the ten spots, that it didnt really matter anyway. Deep down they knew they were kidding themselves. They wanted to be chosen, and if they werent it would be a major disappointment. And what if one was picked and not the other? How would they feel about that?

Saturday seemed to drag on forever, and Sunday was even worse. By early evening the girls were bouncing off the walls, so they decided to go to the movies. But they were restless and distracted and in the end didnt even stay for the whole movie. Instead they bought a big bottle of red wine and went back to their room.

Though neither one said anything, both April and Jenny were hoping they would come home to find a note, or a card, or a message spraypainted on their door telling them they were in. But there was nothing, so April popped the wine open, put on some James Brown, and started dancing around the room. Although Jenny was very shy about her dancing, after a few minutes and a glass of wine the infectious music got her up and moving as well. She danced stiffly at first, but after a couple songs and more wine she started to loosen up, moving her hips and dipping low to the floor.

April grinned at her roommate and moved closer. “Get on the Good Foot” was playing now, and she did a little bump and grind against Jenny, just to see what would happen. Jenny didnt seem to mind; in truth, she was feeling as happy and free as shed ever felt in her life, just taking it easy here with her beautiful roommate.

The next song was a slow one, and April grabbed Jenny and held her close. Jenny’s first thought was of the prom, and for a second she felt panicky. But this was so much nicer. April was soft, and sweet, and smelled good – nothing like her asshole prom date. Aprils breasts were pressed against her own, and it felt wonderful. Next thing she knew April was kissing her.

For a moment the world dropped away and it was just the two of them, mouth to mouth, warm and wet and perfect. But then Jenny realized what was happening, all her years of programming kicked in, and she pulled away, averting her face. “I cant,” she said, tears playing at the edges of her eyes. “Its not right. I just can’t.”

“Jen, its OK,” said April softly, reaching out to touch Jennys shoulder.

“No,” said Jenny, shaking her head and edging toward the door while avoiding eye contact. “I...Im going for a walk. Ill be back later.”

“Wait,” said April, but it was too late. Jenny was out the door and gone.

She wandered aimlessly for miles, her mind a mass of conflicting emotions. What were these feelings she was having for her roommate? Was it love, or friendship, or some combination of the two? Was it just the need to feel close to someone, to have warmth and affection? If shed been totally honest with herself, she would have acknowledged that there was an element of lust as well. But Jenny was a “good girl” and that meant denying any sexual feelings she had for another female, burying them deep inside where they could remain a shameful secret.

By the time she got back to the room April was asleep. Jenny crawled into bed and listened silently to the rhythm of her roommates breathing. She herself couldnt sleep at all, so she let her mind wander as late night turned into early morning. The sun had just started to rise when she heard footsteps in the hall. Jenny looked up just in time to see something being slipped under the door.

She got out of bed and tiptoed over to the door. On the floor were two square envelopes, one with her name on it and one with Aprils. She picked them up and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her and turning on the light. She examined the envelopes nervously. Good news or bad news? She was afraid to find out, but on the other hand, what was the point of stalling? Jenny carefully opened the envelope with her own name on it and slid out the card inside. Drawing a deep breath, she flipped it over to look at the front.

“Congratulations, Jenny!” it said. “You have been chosen to join the incoming freshman class of Alpha Beta Delta. Please join us for the initiation ceremony this Friday at 8 PM. Come prepared to spend the night.” A handwritten note underneath said “I cant wait to see you there!” and was signed “K.”

Jenny exhaled loudly, feeling a sense of exaltation that was quickly replaced by anxiety as she considered Aprils envelope. After a few minutes of indecision she decided to open that one too, and if it contained bad news, she would flush both envelopes down the toilet and pretend the whole thing had never happened. That would be the right thing to do, but it turned out not to be necessary. Aprils card was identical to Jennys except for the name and the absence of a note. Jenny immediately ran out of the bathroom and shook her roommate awake, shouting “We made it! We made it!”

It took the groggy April a few seconds to understand what Jenny was talking about, but once she did, she leapt up out of bed and the two girls bear-hugged while spinning excitedly in a circle. The previous nights incident was forgotten in a moment of pure joy, a moment that marked the beginning of an adventure that would change both of their lives.


Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 4

After class the next day, Jenny and April returned to their room to get ready. The girls chattered excitedly as they fixed their hair and donned their dresses, double- and triple-checking themselves in the mirror after every step. April, who was good with makeup, helped Jenny, who wasn’t. When they were done, Jenny looked her roommate up and down and felt sick with envy. April looked so stylish, so elegant; the little black dress really flattered her slim figure.

“You look amazing, said Jenny quietly.

“So do you, answered April.

“No, I don’t.

“Jenny, please. Trust me, you look fucking hot. She reached down and pinched Jenny on the ass. “Hot!

Jenny blushed bright red and turned away shyly. “Thanks, she murmured.

“We should get going, said April. “Don’t want to be late.

The girls followed their map to the north side of campus, walking about half a mile before turning left onto a path through a grove of maple trees. After a few hundred yards they came to a tall iron gate that stood open; to its left were the Greek letters for Alpha Beta Delta.

“Guess this is the place, said April.

Stepping through the gate they got their first glimpse of ABD House, which to Jenny looked more like a small palace than a house. It was a huge structure, four stories, at least 75 years old and covered with ivy. The girls were struck dumb with amazement at the sight of it, though April gave a low whistle to express her awe. Climbing the front steps to the expansive patio, they saw through the open door an enormous room filled with beautiful women. They stepped inside and Jenny felt her jaw go slack. The elaborately decorated room was like something out of a 19th century romance, with a huge fireplace crackling at the far end. And it was filled with a least a hundred gorgeous females of every description.

April saw a girl she knew from one of her classes and went to chat with her. Jenny stood there feeling uglier by the second and was soon overcome with the urge to flee. She turned toward the door and would have made a run for it if she hadn’t just then seen Kristin in a breathtaking purple dress. Seeing Jenny, the tall blonde broke into a wide smile and walked over. She took both of Jenny’s hands in hers and said, “Welcome, Jenny. I’m so glad you came.

Looking into Kristin’s warm blue eyes, Jenny immediately felt relaxed and at home. “Is your roommate here? Jenny nodded in April’s direction. “Good. Well, here’s how it works. On the table over there is a signup sheet. Put your name down, and when it’s your turn you’ll be called into the sitting room over there. She pointed to the right. “You’ll tell us a little about yourself, we’ll ask you a few questions, and that’s about it. In the meantime, just go ahead and mingle. There are snacks and drinks on the table by the fireplace, so help yourself. I’ve gotta go get ready, but I’ll see you later, OK?

Jenny nodded, and as Kristin walked away she found her eyes irresistibly drawn to the rear end swaying rhythmically under tight purple fabric. When Kristin was out of sight she found April and they added their names to the signup sheet, then walked over to the banquet table to drink punch and wait for their names to be called. April made conversation with a few of the girls who were milling about, and Jenny tried to participate, but she had a hard time staying focused. Her heart was pounding in anticipation of hearing her name called; she was going to be called into that room and judged, and she couldn’t see how she was possibly going to measure up. She couldn’t stop marveling at the beauty that surrounded her on every side. Blondes, brunettes, redheads; whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs – it was a veritable gallery of feminine perfection.

Classical music was playing through unseen speakers, and periodically the music would pause and a name would be called. When Jenny heard her own name she nearly fainted; she didn’t think her legs would carry her where she was supposed to go. But then she saw Kristin standing in the doorway, still with that radiant smile, and she managed to put one foot in front of the other, turning briefly to acknowledge April’s “Good luck.

At the door, Kristin took Jenny’s hand and ushered her into a room where about a dozen girls – sorority members, Jenny assumed – sat around on couches and chairs. “Everybody, this is Jenny Baker, said Kristin, and there was a chorus of “Hellos and “Hi, Jennys from the sisters. “Jenny, this is our membership committee.

Kristin led Jenny to a chair on the other side of the room, set apart from and facing the others, then returned to her own seat. “So Jenny, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Jenny swallowed nervously. “Well, I was born in Hawaii and went to high school in Houston. My mom’s Japanese and my dad’s in the Marines. And I’m really nervous cause you guys are all so gorgeous.

There was a light ripple of laughter through the crowd. “How do you like Bowmore so far? asked Kristin.

“I love it, answered Jenny. “The campus is beautiful and everybody I’ve met has been really nice to me.” She smiled at Kristin. “And my classes have been really interesting so far.”

“What are you planning on studying?” asked one of other girls from the committee, a pale-skinned redhead.

“I’m not sure,” said Jenny. “My dad wants me to study business administration and my mom thinks I should major in literature or art history. I guess I have time to take some different classes and figure it out.”

“Now a personal question,” said Kristin. “What’s your idea of a good time?”

“Hmm, that’s a tough one.” Jennys life hadn’t been exactly filled with good times. “I don’t know...I guess a night at the movies with friends.” She could count on one hand the number of times she had actually done that, but it had always been fun.

The next question came from a girl toward the back with olive skin and short black hair. “Would you describe yourself as being open to new things?”

“Sure,” said Jenny. That wasn’t exactly true, but she wanted to be that type of person, and anyway she was sure that was what they wanted to hear. “I love to learn and experience new things.”

“Great,” said Kristin. “Thanks, Jenny. We have a lot of candidates to see, so that’s all for now. We just need your picture and you can go.” A blonde who could have been Kristin’s sister, except shorter and with slightly darker hair, stepped forward with a camera and asked Jenny to stand up. She did so and smiled gamely for the lens, flinching slightly when the flash went off. After the girl with the camera took down Jenny’s address for the sorority’s records, Jenny headed for the door, taking a last look at Kristin, who winked and nodded conspiratorially.

April was coming in as she went out. The roommates locked eyes and Jenny whispered “Good luck” as they passed. Once the door was closed, Jenny headed straight for the big plate of cookies on the table and ate nervously until April emerged about five minutes later. They compared notes and decided they had been asked pretty much the same questions.

“It was kinda weird,” said Jenny. “I mean how much can they learn about us from that?”

“I don’t know,” answered April. “But look at how many girls are here. No way they could spend a long time on every one of us.” She shrugged her shoulders. “We’ll see, I guess.”

They were just about to leave when an authoritative voice called out “Ladies, your attention, please.” The clamor of voices died down to a murmur, then ceased altogether. The crowd turned to face the voice’s owner, a tall, dark-haired woman in a gray pinstriped business suit. “My name is Alexis White, and I’m the house manager here at Alpha Beta Delta. I’d like to thank you all for coming tonight.”

Jenny craned her head to get a look at this new person. Alexis White was quite striking, with chiseled features and alabaster skin, although she was dressed conservatively and her hair was pulled back in a severe bun. She looked to be in her early thirties and projected an air of serene self-confidence. “As you can see, ABD is one of the more popular organizations on campus. However, we only accept ten incoming freshmen per year. Those of you who are chosen will be informed in writing by 10 A.M. on Monday. To the rest of you, I can only say that unfortunately we have to turn away many qualified candidates, and I wish you the best of luck in your time here at Bowmore.” She nodded curtly, turned on her heel, and strode purposefully out of the room.

In the next few minutes the room started to empty out, except for a handful of girls whose names hadn’t been called yet. Slipping one last chocolate chip cookie into her pocket, April took Jenny by the arm and led her through the front door. They stood on the front porch for a minute breathing the crisp autumn air and looking at the yellow crescent moon hanging in the sky. But they weren’t dressed for the weather and soon began making their way home, walking briskly and huddled close for warmth.

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 3

Comparing notes in the morning, Jenny and April realized that they were heading out to the same class, Intro to European History. They decided to walk together, stopping at the cafeteria for tea and cereal bars. The morning was gray and drizzly, but by the time their class was over, the clouds had parted and a golden sun was shining over the campus.

As they stepped out of Barton Hall, Jenny spotted Kristin across the courtyard. She really stood out in a crowd. Not only was she tall, blond, and beautiful, but she had a glow about her, like the sun shone only on and for her. Jennys stomach gave a funny little flutter as she exclaimed “Thats the girl from ABD!” and pointed in Kristin’s direction.

“Wow,” answered April, “She’s gorgeous.”

The roommates walked in Kristin’s direction, and as they approached she favored them with a dazzling smile. “Hi, Jenny!”

“Hi, Kristin. This is my roommate, April.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Kristin, and the two shook hands. “So Jenny, will we see you on Friday?”

“Sure,” said Jenny, amazed at how eager Kristin was to have her attend.

“Great. And April – ” Kristin’s eyes moved up and down as she quickly sized up Jenny’s roommate. “Why don’t you come as well? I think you might be our kind of girl.”

“Id love to,” said April, grinning enthusiastically.

“Awesome. Well, I need to get to class, but I look forward to seeing you guys there.”

“Bye,” said the roommates, and as soon as Kristin was out of sight, they excitedly hugged each other. For the rest of the week, all they thought and talked about was Friday night at ABD. What would it be like? What should they wear? Fortunately, since it was the first week of class, they didn’t have a lot of homework to distract them from their speculations.

April tried on every outfit in her closet – and being very serious about fashion, she had brought quite a few – before settling on a simple black cocktail dress. Jenny had far fewer clothes with her, and none that April deemed acceptable for this occasion, so they spent Wednesday and Thursday evenings scouring local thrift shops until they found a dark red dress that fit Jenny perfectly and was in good shape.

Checking herself out in the store mirror, Jenny was amazed at what she saw. The dress was low-cut and tight, showing off her curves to good effect. “I don’t know,” she said to her roommate. “Isn’t it a little slutty?”

April shook her head vehemently. “You have to get this, Jen. This dress was made for you. You look amazing.”

The girl behind the counter, a skinny redhead, spoke up to agree with April. “Your friend is right,” she said. “If I could fill out that dress the way you do, I’d buy it in a second.”

“Well...” said Jenny, turning around to see how her butt looked. “OK. I’ll take it.”

The girls celebrated that night by buying a bottle of champagne using April’s fake ID. Jenny wasn’t accustomed to drinking; the prom had been her first and last experience with alcohol. After one glass of champagne she felt giddy and elated, chatting animatedly as she gazed into April’s glittering golden eyes. After two glasses she felt dizzy and extremely tired. She crawled into bed and lay back with her eyes half-open, listening to April tell a story about her ex-boyfriend.

Feeling sleep tug at her, Jenny thought how lucky she was to have gotten this wonderful girl as her roommate. April was so nice, so smart, so pretty...her eyes were so friendly, her lips so soft...Jenny felt like she wanted to kiss those lips. At that moment, if she’d had the energy, she would have stood up, walked over, and kissed April right on the lips. But she didn’t. Instead she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 2

That evening, Jenny returned to her dorm room feeling exhausted but exhilarated. She switched on the light only to find a giant green suitcase blocking her way and someone she didnt know sleeping in her bed. “That must be my roommate,” thought Jenny, and the figure stirred, awakened by the light.

“Hi,” said the girl in the bed, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. She looked like no one Jenny had ever seen before, with coffee-colored skin, dark, curly hair, golden eyes, and high cheekbones. “Im sleeping in your bed, arent I? I was supposed to get here last night, but the car broke down, and then we got lost, and...” She yawned. “It was a nightmare. So when I finally got here and saw your bed all made up, I just couldnt help myself. Im sorry. Can you forgive me?”

“Of course,” said Jenny. “No problem.”

"Youre a sweetheart," said the girl, and jumped up from the bed, extending her hand. “My name’s April.”


As April unpacked, the two girls got to know each other. April did most of the talking – filling Jenny in on her hometown, her family, her beliefs, her hopes, and her dreams. Like Jenny, April was biracial; her father was African-American and her mother was from India. Jenny mostly nodded her agreement and answered the occasional question, but by the time she was ready to call it a night, she felt like she had made a friend. As she cleaned out her pockets before changing into her pajamas, she found the card Kristin had given her and showed it to April. “A girl gave me this on campus today. She said I should pledge.”

April’s eyes got wide. “You know how I told you my older sister graduated from here? She told me that Alpha Beta Delta girls are the most popular on campus. You are so lucky.”

“Im not sure if Im going.”

“What do you mean? You have to go!”

“Im kind of afraid,” admitted Jenny. “Maybe...”


“Maybe youd go with me?”

“Am I invited?”

“Why wouldnt you be? Maybe if I see Kristin again I can ask her.”

“Wow, ABD!” said April. “I am so excited! I just cant sit still any longer. Im going for a walk, have a look around. Come with me?”

“I dont know, I was going to go to bed.”

“Oh, come on, well make it quick. Please?”

“OK,” said Jenny, and the girls donned their coats.

As they strolled under a canopy of colorful autumn trees, April asked Jenny, “So, you have a boyfriend?”

“No,” said Jenny, flashing back to her prom experience with a shudder. “Do you?”

“I did,” answered April. “Then I found out he was cheating on me with my best friend. You believe that? I mean sure, shes hot and all, but...” April shook her head. “Men are such jerks. Ive been thinking about switching to girls.”

Jenny stopped in her tracks. “What?”

“Just kidding,” said April, and the two resumed walking, but April flashed a sly smile. “Maybe.”

Jenny blushed bright red and they walked on in silence for a minute. But Jenny, despite being shy, was also curious. “Ive always wondered, what...well...what do two girls do together?”

“Sweetie, you really have been sheltered, havent you? They can lick each other...or use their hands...or there are toys....”

Jennys prim and proper upbringing suddenly kicked in again. She blushed even harder and looked down at the ground. “I dont think we should be talking about this.”

“Its OK.”

“No, really, I dont want to. Please.”

“So what should we talk about?” asked April.

“I don't know,” said Jenny. “I should really be getting to bed anyway.”

“Alright. Im going to keep walking. I slept most of the day, so Im not really tired. Ill see you in the morning.”

“Good night,” said Jenny.

“Good night,” echoed her roommate.

Back in the room, Jenny put on her pajamas and brushed her teeth. As she brushed, she inspected herself in the mirror, for once taking some pleasure in the process. If Kristin thinks Im beautiful, she thought, maybe I am beautiful. She smiled at her reflection and switched off the light.

As she slid into bed, an interesting smell hit her, something different, exotic...and then she remembered, April had been sleeping here. This was her smell. Jenny had some strange dreams that night, dreams she felt vaguely guilty about in the morning, although she couldn’t quite remember what had happened in them.


Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 1

It was a crisp, sunny fall day as Jenny Baker walked through the gates of Bowmore College for her first day as a college student. She was nervous, excited, and a little intimidated as she joined the throngs of young people crisscrossing the campus.

Jenny had always been shy and quiet, like her mother, who had been born in Tokyo. At 19, Keiko – that was Jenny’s mother’s name – had rebelled against her restrictive upbringing and fled to Hawaii, where she worked as a waitress in a cafe. It was there that she met Jenny’s father, Robert Baker, an army officer. They were married when Keiko was just 20, and Jenny was born a year later.

As is typical for an army family, the Bakers moved around a lot – to Holland, Italy, Panama, the Philippines. Because of this, Jenny had never really felt at home anywhere, and that was one reason that she was so shy. Another was that by the time Jenny’s family finally settled in Houston, Texas so she could attend high school, she was entering her awkward teenage years. Gawky and rail-thin, with braces and thick glasses, lacking a fashion sense, Jenny became the target of her classmates’ mockery.

Stung by the cruelty, Jenny withdrew even further into herself, spending all her time reading and studying. She was a top student throughout her high school years, which did nothing to make her more popular. Certain that she was dreadfully ugly, Jenny had stopped looking in the mirror altogether, and thus was unaware that in the intervening years she’d become strikingly beautiful. The braces had come off and the glasses had been replaced by contacts, revealing her big, luminous brown eyes. The skinny girl had developed into a lithe, athletic young woman with long, lustrous black hair, a perfect oval face, C-cup breasts, a narrow waist, and wide, provocative hips.

All who laid eyes on her as she made her way to her first college class saw a ripe, exotic beauty on the cusp of womanhood – she had turned 18 just the week before – but Jenny still thought of herself as an undesirable misfit. She was oblivious to the lustful looks that followed her as she picked her way carefully through the crowd, head down except when she needed to orient herself. Jenny had had exactly one sexual experience in her life, and it had not been a good one. By the time Jenny was a senior in high school, it had not escaped the attention of the boys in her class that her body had blossomed, but no one knew how to talk to her. Finally one of the more popular boys, much to her surprise, asked Jenny to the prom, and she accepted.

Jenny had never been on a date before, never been kissed, and knew very little of sex. In her conservative household, masturbation was not discussed; Jenny had a vague idea that it existed, but that was all. She rarely thought about boys, which made her wonder, because the other girls her age seemed to think of nothing else. Determined to do well at the prom, Jenny bought an expensive dress, took dancing lessons, and had her hair intricately styled. And the prom itself had gone well; Jenny’s classmates treated her respectfully for once, and some of the other boys even appeared to be envious of her date.

But after the prom had been a different story. The class had gathered in a local park to celebrate the occasion. Jenny’s date drank heavily, and she herself was even persuaded to drink a couple of beers, which she was totally unaccustomed to. Soon Jenny’s date pulled her off into some bushes and began to aggressively grope her. Thinking that this was just what happened at the prom, Jenny put up no resistance. Next thing she knew, Jenny’s date had pulled off her panties and mounted her right there on the muddy ground. The act itself was painful and quick, and afterward Jenny’s date went to drink more with his friends, leaving her to her own devices. Her dress was ruined, and she couldn't find her panties; she ended up walking home alone, crying all the way, feeling dirty and used. Fortunately, she hadn’t gotten pregnant, and she swore never to put herself in that kind of position again. But word had gotten around, and overnight Jenny had gone from being thought of as a wallflower to being thought of as a slut. She found out later that the boy had stolen her panties and waved them in front of his friends, bragging about having broken her cherry. Jenny was humiliated and thereafter avoided all contact with her classmates, going so far as to feign illness to avoid the last week of school.

By leaving Texas for New England, Jenny felt that she was starting life over. No one knew her here, and though she was still reserved, she walked with a certain confidence. She had chosen her outfit for the day – a silky blue blouse and medium-length black skirt – with care. She still didn’t think she was attractive, but felt that at least she looked as good as it was possible for her to look. Coming to a crossroads, Jenny paused momentarily to get her bearings, and then she heard a voice behind her.

“Can I help you find something?”

Jenny swiveled to see who had spoken. It was a girl, blond and tall – at least 5 foot 10 – with piercing blue eyes. She was gorgeous, with a model’s face and physique, and Jenny was so amazed by her that it was a few seconds before she could stammer, “I...I’m looking for Garvin Hall.”

The girl smiled – a wide, winning smile that showed a mouthful of perfect teeth. “This way," she said, and took Jenny by the arm. Jenny couldn’t believe it. Was everyone here this nice? “My name’s Kristin,” said the blonde. “I’m a senior here.”

“I’m Jenny.”

“Nice to meet you, Jenny,” said Kristin. “I take it you’re a freshman?”


“Well, welcome to Bowmore.” The two giggled girlishly, then Kristin pointed to her left. “That’s Garvin right there. Good luck.”

Jenny said thanks and started to walk away, but Kristin called out “Wait!” and took a couple steps toward Jenny. “Jenny, I hope you don't mind my saying this, but I think you’re an extremely beautiful girl. I belong to a sorority called ABD – Alpha Beta Delta – and we're always looking for quality freshmen. Would you consider pledging?”

Jenny was flabbergasted. “Um...well...sure, I guess.”

“Great!” answered Kristin, flashing her sunny smile. “Wait a sec,” she said, reaching into her backpack and producing a small card. “This tells you where and when. Promise I’ll see you there?”

“Sure,” said Jenny. “Thanks.”

“OK.” Kristin waved goodbye and strode purposefully away, leaving Jenny with her mouth hanging open. She inspected the card; it just said “Freshman Rush, ABD House,” giving an address and a small map. The time was 7:00 that Friday night. Jenny pocketed it and, realizing that she was going to be late, scurried to the classroom.