Friday, September 30, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 144

After the movie, the atmosphere in the house had taken on a definite sexual charge. Jessica saw erect nipples everywhere, and you could practically smell wet pussy in the air. She knew it was just a matter of time until things got wild.

Celeste was surrounded by a coterie of admirers, telling a story with Ella translating. Jessica met her eyes and tried to communicate the message that she was free to do as she pleased, to enjoy herself as she saw fit.

Jessica saw that Rebecca and Rose had drifted into the backyard, where some of the cheerleaders were passing a joint around. They’d certainly adapted to their new milieu in a hurry.

Tanya was sitting alone, looking a little dazed, clearly overwhelmed by what she was experiencing. She suddenly found herself in a whole new world she’d never known existed, and while it was certainly exciting — her panties were completely drenched — it was also disorienting.

Jessica walked up to Tanya and, without a word, offered her hand. Tanya looked up into Jessica’s eyes. There was such a powerful presence there, such a magnetism. Jessica knew exactly what she wanted, and like so many before her, Tanya was powerless to resist. She found herself taking Jessica’s hand and standing up. Jessica led her to the bedroom and closed the door behind them.

Taking a deep breath, Jessica told herself to take it slow with Tanya; she’d been thinking about this for a long time and wanted to savor every second. For awhile they just kissed, then Jessica reached around and squeezed Tanya’s ass with both hands. Tanya moaned into Jessica’s mouth, feeling her already wet pussy begin to dribble liquid down her thighs.

Jessica pulled off Tanya’s top and pressed both palms against Tanya’s breasts through her bra. They were more than handfuls, with erect nipples pushing urgently against the fabric. Jessica unhooked the bra and slowly pushed the straps down Tanya’s shoulders until it fell off and dropped to the floor.

Tanya’s tits were every bit as amazing as Jessica had imagined while staring at them in yoga class — big, round, and firm, with dark brown nipples just begging for attention. Jessica bent down to take one into her mouth, caressing it with her tongue, then gently squeezing it between her teeth.

At this point Tanya’s knees were starting to feel weak, and sensing this, Jessica held her by the waist and eased her down so she was sitting on the bed. Tanya exhaled and felt herself relax — she could tell she was in good hands. Before this, she’d only been with young girls; being with a grown woman, especially one as experienced and in control as Jessica, was something else altogether.

As she moved to suck Tanya’s other nipple, Jessica let herself sink down onto one knee. She reached down to caress Tanya’s calves — they were exquisitely soft on the surface, with firm muscle tone underneath.

Jessica kissed and licked her way down Tanya’s sternum to her belly button. There was a strong smell of female arousal drifting up from between Tanya’s legs, and Jessica was starting to run out of patience. She put her hands on Tanya’s knees and opened them slightly, sitting back onto her haunches. Their eyes met; Jessica’s were kind but unyielding, Tanya’s wide and compliant.

Taking hold of the hem of Tanya’s skirt, Jessica lifted it to reveal a pair of black lace panties with a little pink bow on top. They were cute, but they were going to have to go. Jessica hooked her fingers into the waistband on either side and began to pull; Tanya reflexively lifted her hips.

Tanya had a heart-shaped nest of black pubic hair that disappeared between the cleft of her legs. Jessica parted those legs and sighed. However many conquests she made, the sight of a new pussy was always special. Tanya’s was perfect: pink and glistening, and open like a flower.

Standing, Jessica leaned down and kissed Tanya forcefully on the mouth. She slowly let her weight fall forward, pressing Tanya down onto the bed, pushing one knee up into Tanya’s crotch. Tanya began to hump Jessica’s thigh as they kissed passionately, mouths gaping and tongues thrusting. Jessica reached down to lift the hem of her dress so she could feel Tanya’s wet pussy grinding against her leg.

Breaking the kiss, Jessica spun Tanya around, put a pillow under her ass to lift her hips, and spread her legs. They were both breathing heavily as Jessica explored Tanya’s inner thighs; like her calves, they were smooth but strong. Tanya arched her back, pushing her crotch toward Jessica, and Jessica couldn’t wait another second; she took hold of Tanya’s hips and began to tongue-fuck her hard and fast.

“Oh, God,” moaned Tanya, gripping the bedclothes with both hands as Jessica pleasured her, mixing penetration with soft licks and nibbles. Jessica took her time getting to Tanya’s clit, and when she did, Tanya came immediately and violently. Jessica had always suspected that a deep passion lurked beneath Tanya’s goody-two-shoes demeanor, and she was not disappointed; the deep-throated howl of ecstasy that emerged from Tanya’s chest seemed to rattle the windows.

But Jessica wasn’t done; she’d brought her A game today, and she intended to use it. For the next half-hour she kept Tanya in a state of controlled ecstasy, using fingers, lips, and tongue to keep her constantly on the brink of orgasm, then sending her over again and again.

When it was over Tanya lay there in a state of complete stupefaction. Jessica pushed the hair off her face and pulled a blanket over her; she smiled up weakly and stretched. “Don’t move,” said Jessica, but she needn’t have said anything. Tanya wasn’t going anywhere.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 143 1/2

For a while Jessica was content to sit back and watch the party unfold, drinking in the sight of all the lovely ladies, seeing who was talking to whom, and thinking who might make interesting combinations. Her pussy was at a low level of pleasantly tingling warmth — she had no real feeling of urgency, but a strong sense of possibility.

Ana, recognizing Tanya from the video store, approached her and struck up a conversation. Tanya was shy at first, embarrassed; she figured that Ana, having seen her with Rebecca and Rose, was in on her secret. But then again, Ana was here at this all-girl party wearing a cheerleader uniform — obviously she was not going to be judgmental.

After a few minutes, Tanya and Ana were laughing and carrying on like old friends. Seeing this, Jessica decided to keep an eye on them — she intended to have Tanya for herself, at least for starters.

Then she decided that it was time for the world premiere of their little cinematic opus. She turned off the music and gathered everyone around the big screen. The five cheerleaders sat on the floor in front, and everyone else managed to find a seat with an angle on the screen.

Jessica stood at the back, feeling surprisingly nervous. She knew that the movie was good — she and Celeste had watched it during their siesta that afternoon, and it had gotten both of them very hot and bothered. But it was still anxiety-producing to put anything you’d created in front of an audience.

She was especially interested in seeing Tanya’s reaction. It was a little risky putting this explicit video of Jessica’s three servants in front of Tanya, who was still so new to all this. Would it scare her, make her run screaming from the house? Well, it was too late now, the movie was starting.

In its finished form the movie was about a half-hour long, and Jessica spent most of that time studying the faces of the women watching. Everyone’s eyes seemed to be riveted to the screen, including Tanya’s. But a few times Jessica saw Tanya look away from the action and seek out Marie, Jane, and Celeste, connecting the faces in the room to the faces onscreen.

At one point Tanya saw Jessica watching her and turned beet red, turning her eyes back to the screen, where Marie was sitting on Jane’s face as Celeste licked her cunt.

When the movie ended there was a deafening round of applause, then a standing ovation. The director and the cast glowed with delight, coming together to take a bow.

Of course every pussy in the house was soaked by now. Jessica put the music back on and got ready to take advantage of the situation.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 143

Guests arriving at Jessica’s party were greeted by the sight of a table full of delicious-looking food, everything from homemade sushi and crab rolls to ceviche and puff pastry. Across from that table was another table containing Marie and Jane, who were bent over naked, bound, and ball-gagged.

Jessica had written the word “Disobedient” on Marie’s back in lipstick, and on Jane’s, the word “Sluts.” On the table next to them were a selection of instruments of punishment — a flogger, the tawse, a paddle, and two riding crops, along with a handwritten sign saying “Help yourself.”

Kat, Kelly, Olivia, Ana, and Lexi arrived as a group. They had all been hanging out together that afternoon, and when Kat suggested that they wear their cheerleader uniforms to the party, everyone enthusiastically agreed. Jessica was absolutely delighted to see the five 18-year-old cheerleaders walk into her living room; not a bad way to get a party started.

Jessica saw the girls looking over at Jane and Marie, and said, “I’d appreciate it if each of you would give them at least one good smack. The bitches will never learn to behave if they aren’t punished.”

The cheerleaders happily obliged, first Lexi, then Ana and Olivia. Kat and Kelly were each wielding a riding crop when their mothers walked in. Betty and Samantha shared a brief look of concern — were they possibly not making the best parenting decisions? Then they shrugged and laughed; it was a little late to be worried about that now. Kat handed her crop to Samantha, and Kelly passed hers to Betty.

It suddenly went quiet in the room when Celeste walked in carrying a tray of drinks. She was wearing a tight red dress and looked absolutely ravishing. For the cheerleaders and the two mothers, this was their first exposure to Celeste, and Jessica could see that they were all stunned by what they beheld. Jessica felt her juices begin to flow as she thought about the possibilities the night held.

Claire and Tara were the next to arrive. Olivia had texted them to let them know that this was a party they didn’t dare miss, and seeing the two bound girls and the gaggle of cheerleaders, they knew immediately that she hadn’t steered them wrong. Tara grabbed the paddle and Claire the tawse, and they each laid a couple of token blows on Jane and Marie, whose rumps were glowing a pale red by now.

Tara whispered a few words to Claire, who nodded. Both were amazed by all the beautiful women at the party; it was like being at Mimi’s, except that the vibe was different — less fraught, more joyful. Even the two bound women looked happy. You could see in their eyes that they knew they were exactly where they belonged.

Jaws dropped all around when Serena walked in, looking stately and gorgeous in a white gown that seemed like it had been painted on. With her was Annalise, who had a big, goofy smile on her face. She could hardly believe that she was arriving at this party with this amazing creature. Jessica greeted them with hugs and kisses, again encouraging them to help with Jane and Marie’s punishment.

Annalise picked up the flogger and Serena a riding crop. Annalise flogged Marie softly, almost caressingly. Serena landed three good, hard blows that made Jane gasp, then sat down the crop and went to find something to drink. Annalise dropped the flogger and followed her.

They had just walked away when Jackie and Sara appeared — Jackie in jeans and a T-shirt, Sara in a strapless black cocktail dress that made her look like a movie star. Both of them were more than willing to participate in the punishment, especially Sara, who laid into Marie so hard and for so long that Jessica almost moved to stop her. When Sara was done, Jessica decided that Jane and Marie had had enough — and besides, Celeste was the only one serving drinks, and she was falling behind.

When they were released, Marie and Jane rubbed their sore spots gratefully, and Jessica told them to go get dressed. She had already picked out outfits for them from among their recently acquired lingerie. Soon music was playing, the alcohol was flowing, and the party had started in earnest.

Janice and Ella arrived fashionably late, each of them bearing two bottles of Champagne. One of Janice’s bottles was almost empty, and as a result the two of them were already in full-on party mode. They jumped right into the center of things, dancing with Ana and Olivia as a heavy bassline reverberated through the room.

The last arrivals were Rebecca, Rose, and Tanya. Jessica watched them enter from across the room, curious how Tanya would react to what she saw. She saw Tanya looking around, noting that there were only women there, seeing the instruments of punishment on the table, checking out the cheerleaders and the scantily-clad Jane and Marie.

Tanya didn’t know quite what to make of all this, and for a moment she had the impulse to bolt. She sensed that more was afoot here than your basic New Year’s party, and wondered what she had gotten herself into. But Rebecca and Rose had already disappeared into the crowd, so Tanya took a deep breath and tried to relax into the moment.

Jessica crossed the room and gave Tanya a welcoming hug. “I’m so glad you came,” she said. “It’s going to be a really fun night.”