Thursday, September 22, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 143 1/2

For a while Jessica was content to sit back and watch the party unfold, drinking in the sight of all the lovely ladies, seeing who was talking to whom, and thinking who might make interesting combinations. Her pussy was at a low level of pleasantly tingling warmth — she had no real feeling of urgency, but a strong sense of possibility.

Ana, recognizing Tanya from the video store, approached her and struck up a conversation. Tanya was shy at first, embarrassed; she figured that Ana, having seen her with Rebecca and Rose, was in on her secret. But then again, Ana was here at this all-girl party wearing a cheerleader uniform — obviously she was not going to be judgmental.

After a few minutes, Tanya and Ana were laughing and carrying on like old friends. Seeing this, Jessica decided to keep an eye on them — she intended to have Tanya for herself, at least for starters.

Then she decided that it was time for the world premiere of their little cinematic opus. She turned off the music and gathered everyone around the big screen. The five cheerleaders sat on the floor in front, and everyone else managed to find a seat with an angle on the screen.

Jessica stood at the back, feeling surprisingly nervous. She knew that the movie was good — she and Celeste had watched it during their siesta that afternoon, and it had gotten both of them very hot and bothered. But it was still anxiety-producing to put anything you’d created in front of an audience.

She was especially interested in seeing Tanya’s reaction. It was a little risky putting this explicit video of Jessica’s three servants in front of Tanya, who was still so new to all this. Would it scare her, make her run screaming from the house? Well, it was too late now, the movie was starting.

In its finished form the movie was about a half-hour long, and Jessica spent most of that time studying the faces of the women watching. Everyone’s eyes seemed to be riveted to the screen, including Tanya’s. But a few times Jessica saw Tanya look away from the action and seek out Marie, Jane, and Celeste, connecting the faces in the room to the faces onscreen.

At one point Tanya saw Jessica watching her and turned beet red, turning her eyes back to the screen, where Marie was sitting on Jane’s face as Celeste licked her cunt.

When the movie ended there was a deafening round of applause, then a standing ovation. The director and the cast glowed with delight, coming together to take a bow.

Of course every pussy in the house was soaked by now. Jessica put the music back on and got ready to take advantage of the situation.

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