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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 41

The girls were ravenously hungry by the time they returned from their swim to the campsite. Little was said as they prepared and ate lunch. Even J.J., fearless as she was, and Kat and Kelly, brazen as they had become, felt a little shy about what had just happened.

They had a long, leisurely lunch, after which Kelly had another brilliant idea. She took Kat aside and whispered in her ear; Kat nodded in agreement, new possibilities already unfolding themselves in her mind.

* * *

When the doorbell rang, Jessica arrested her hand in midair. She was finally getting around to giving Marie the punishment she so richly deserved for the way she had acted the last few days. The French girl was on her knees in the living room, ball-gagged with her butt in the air and her hands tied behind her back, another rope pulling her wrists up toward the ceiling. She was in a very awkward position, her ass bright red, as Jessica halted the riding crop in its motion, wondering who might be at the door. To her left Janice reclined on the couch, watching the action as Jane knelt between her legs.

Opening the door with the crop still in her hand, Jessica found Kat, Kelly, and two girls she’d never seen before – though one of them was a dead ringer for Kelly. Jessica invited them in and led them to the living room, where they found the scene more or less as it had been. A wicked grin spread across J.J.’s face as she saw the bound Marie and the naked Janice with Jane’s head clamped between her legs. Sally Ann’s heart started beating a mile a minute and she felt the urge to flee – until Jessica approached her and looked her in the eye. Something in Jessica’s blue eyes immediately captivated and calmed her, and she raised her hand to meet the one Jessica extended.

“I’m Jessica,” she said. “And you are...?

Sally Ann, hypnotized, said nothing. “This is my cousin,” piped up Kelly. “Sally Ann.

A pleasure,” said Jessica, and Sally managed to nod in response.

J.J. introduced herself and Jessica offered them a seat. “This is Janice,” she said, “and Marie,” lashing out with the riding crop to land an emphatic blow on the latter’s rear end. About Jane, who was still occupied between Janice’s legs, she said not a word.

Gesturing with one hand, Jessica told the girls to be seated, then untied Marie with a few deft moves and pointed her toward the kitchen. “Fix us something to drink. How about mint juleps, we have some mint, don’t we?

Pulling out her ball gag, Marie answered, “Yes ma’am,” and walked into the kitchen without looking up from the floor.

So what have you girls been up to?” asked Jessica.

Camping,” said Kat, and a nervous giggle ran through the other three girls.

Really? Sounds like fun. Where did you–

Jessica was interrupted by a loud moan from Janice as she came and pushed Jane away. Jane looked up her mistress inquiringly, her face visibly glistening with Janice’s juice. Without missing a beat, Jessica shifted gears from small talk to serious business. “Does anyone have any use for the services of a pussy-licking slut? Because one is now available.

The four girls giggled again and looked around at each other until J.J. slowly raised her hand. “Me.

Jessica nodded to Jane, who crawled over to where J.J. was sitting and assumed the position in front of her. J.J. looked down curiously at the naked, dog-collared woman with the “Slave” tattoo and a few days worth of hair on her head. Kat, always helpful, reached over and pulled her cousin’s skirt up around her waist. J.J. sat up slightly so Jane could pull her panties off and then spread her legs, a little embarrassed but also excited to be the center of attention, feeling her pussy rapidly moisten.

Marie returned just then with a tray full of drinks, and everyone accepted one including Sally, who was struggling to absorb everything that was going on around her. She took a taste from her glass; it was minty and sweet, and helped her calm down and breathe as she looked around the room. Janice, naked, was sipping her drink and watching J.J. and Jane. Kat was stroking J.J.’s nipple with one hand while the other snaked its way between Kelly’s thighs. Jessica was drinking and watching while nonchalantly running her hand through the wet furrow of Marie, who stood at attention next to her.

Just then Kat’s phone rang and she looked at it. “My mom,” she said, and stepped out to the pool area to take the call. Kelly Ann scooted over into her place, pulled off J.J.’s shirt, and started sucking J.J.s nipples. J.J came violently soon after, but Jane – as she had been trained – didn’t let up until J.J. physically pushed her away after having a second, even bigger orgasm.

Slumping back onto the couch, J.J. looked down at Jane and said “Thank you.

Jessica spoke up immediately. “You’re thanking the wrong person, sweetheart. And in the wrong way.” She gestured to Marie, who leaned over so that Jessica could whisper in her ear. After a minute of this, Marie nodded, walked over to J.J., and held out her hand. J.J. took the offered hand and stood to follow Marie over to where Jessica was sitting. 

Leaving J.J. for just a moment, Marie returned with a pair of handcuffs that she used to fasten the dark-haired girl’s hands behind her back. Putting a hand on J.J.’s shoulder, Marie pushed J.J. to her knees, then knelt beside her.

Leaning forward, Marie pulled off Jessica’s pants and panties and spread her legs, then guided J.J.’s head to right where Jessica wanted it. Kat returned from her phone call just as J.J.’s tongue touched Jessica’s cunt and stood watching, hypnotized, impressed by the way her cousin made Jessica squirm and grunt. When Jessica was satisfied with J.J.’s work, she lifted J.J.’s head, kissed her, and whispered something in her ear. J.J. whispered something back, and they had a quiet conversation that lasted a couple of minutes, after which Jessica stood and started rummaging through a drawer.

A few seconds later she pulled out a blindfold, which she put on J.J., then bent J.J. over and tied her with her hands lifted toward the ceiling just as Marie’s had been. Next she reached into the drawer again and came up with two strap-ons. Naughty J.J. had asked for exactly this treatment, and Jessica was all too happy to indulge her. She threw one strap-on to Janice and they both equipped themselves.

As Jessica and Janice fucked the bound J.J. in the mouth and pussy – and Kat, Kelly, and Marie sat nonchalantly with drinks in hand – Sally Ann sat bug-eyed, stunned, completely out of her depth. The things that were happening were beyond her conception, but she was gushing wet between the legs. With her mistress otherwise occupied and no one else paying attention, Jane of her own volition crawled over and stripped off Sally’s jeans and panties. Sally made no move to resist, and she felt Jane’s tongue push its way inside her as Jessica and Janice traded orifices. J.J. was moaning and howling as they plunged into her, working against her bonds to no avail. She had no real desire to get away, of course, but the pleasure she was getting from this was explosive.

The doorbell rang and Marie answered it, returning with Samantha Bowman, who stood for a moment surveying the goings-on. There was her niece in bondage, being penetrated at both ends. There was her daughter, laying back on the couch as Kelly fingered her and Marie sat on her face. And there was young Sally Ann being serviced by Jane. Well, the damage was done, Samantha figured; she might as well indulge herself. She walked up behind Jane and looped one finger into Jane’s collar.

Pulling Jane away from Sally’s crotch, Samantha took Sally’s hand and helped her to her feet. After kissing Sally’s mouth, Samantha pulled the girl’s top off so that she was completely naked, then led her to the dining room table and arrayed her spread-eagled on its bare surface. Samantha pulled up a chair and had a seat between Sally’s open thighs. She shouldn’t be doing this; but since she was, she was going to do it right.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 40

Kat hooked her fingers into the waistband of Sally Ann’s pajama bottoms and pulled them off. Kelly and J.J. had gone completely silent, either done with each other or, more likely, taking a little rest. In the quiet Sally’s heavy breathing was clearly audible as Kat spread her legs.

When Kat’s tongue touched her pussy, Sally went stiff as a board and dug her hands into the ground for support. She didn’t make a sound, though, and remained completely mute as Kat licked her thoroughly, then parted her lips and found her clit. Kat was inspired, intoxicated, feeling the pleasure reverberate through the redhead’s body. It was a spiritual experience, almost; Kat forgot herself completely, her own ecstasy and Sally’s becoming as one.

When Sally came Kat felt the power of the orgasm rip through her like an electric shock, accompanied by a very quiet, muffled, but delicious whimper. Kat savored for a minute – kissing Sally’s nipples, naughtily slipping one juice-slick finger into Sally’s mouth – before diving in again. Keeping her right on the brink, Kat gave Sally a series of explosive orgasms, and by the time she came up for air Sally was unconscious. There was just enough light to make out the sweet and innocent but unmistakably satisfied smile on her face.

* * *

Kat awoke the next morning to the first hints of sunshine and a very pleasant sensation between her legs. Sally Ann, who was very susceptible to guilt in all its forms, had woken up feeling guilty for a new reason: because she had received so much pleasure while giving none. She pulled off Kat’s panties and for awhile just lay staring into Kat’s crotch. She’d never seen a vagina close up like this before,  and found it fascinating, beautiful. Tentatively, Sally extended her tongue and ran it across Kat’s vulva; Kat encouraged her with a sigh and shifted positions to give Sally better access.

Kelly, meanwhile, had risen early, feeling gloriously refreshed and alive. She’d made coffee and decided she would treat Sally and Kat to steaming cups served in their tent. But as she approached, through the tent’s mesh window she made out the surprising sight of her cousin’s head nestled between Kat’s legs. Kat met Kelly’s eyes and shrugged her shoulders, indicating by her expression that she too was surprised by this development. Shaking her head, Kelly took the coffee and left them to it.

Doing her best to respect Sally’s privacy, Kat tried to be quiet, but a long, low moan accompanied the orgasm that Sally finally coaxed out of her. She lifted Sally’s head from her crotch and kissed her, absolutely loving the way her own juices tasted on Sally’s lips. It was going to be a beautiful day.

* * *

The experience of that night and morning had a powerful effect on Sally Ann. Conflicted as she was over these sinful acts, there was no way she could tell herself she hadn’t loved it. Her whole body was glowing, and the world looked different somehow, brighter. She appreciated the beauty of the nature surrounding her – and of the lovely ladies she was with – in a new way. As they ate breakfast no one could fail to notice the luminous smile that never left Sally’s face.

By the time they finished breakfast the sun was high in the sky. The four girls decided to hike to a nearby lake, and by the time they got there it was warm enough to think about going for a swim. Without bathing suits, skinny-dipping was the natural option, and even Sally hesitated only briefly before peeling off her clothes and diving in.

The water was cold but after a while they got used to it, and all four had a good long swim. J.J., the strongest swimmer in the group, pointed to a bank maybe 100 yards away and challenged everyone to a race. Only Sally accepted, and the two of them took off at top speed with Kat and Kelly watching. It was close, with J.J. reaching the bank just barely ahead of Sally, after which the two of them laughed and playfully splashed each other.

Afterward Sally floated for a while, gazing thoughtfully at the sky, while J.J. climbed onto a nearby rock and stretched out to bask in the sun. Maybe 10 minutes later, Kelly nudged Kat and gestured toward the shore where their cousins were. They could hardly believe what they saw next. Sally, dripping wet and naked, crawled up onto the rock next to J.J. Without a word being said, as if acting out a script, they began to kiss. Kat put an arm around Kelly as Sally and J.J. made out slowly and passionately. Then J.J. abruptly broke the kiss and spun around so that she and Sally were both on their sides but facing opposite directions; moments later they were 69ing, right there in front of God and everyone.

Kelly and Kat stood rooted in place, transfixed, for a few minutes before they looked each other in the eye and took off swimming. After that all bets were off, all inhibitions shed; it didn’t matter who was related to whom; it was all love, it was all pleasure, it was all good.



Saturday, July 16, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 39

For an excruciatingly long time Kelly lay listening to her cousin’s breath, waiting until she felt confident Sally Ann was asleep. Then she slipped off her pajama bottoms for better access and began to quietly finger herself. She tried her best to be discreet, biting her lips in an attempt to be silent, but it felt so incredibly good that a few small moans escaped her lips. A light sleeper, Sally Ann soon regained consciousness and in the dim light coming through the window Kelly was clearly visible under the covers, her hips lifted up off the bed, her eyes closed and a look of intense concentration on her face.

Sally Ann watched for longer than she felt she should have, then clamped her eyes shut and pretended to be asleep until Kelly, a half-hour and several orgasms later, finally rolled over and went to sleep. Feeling guilty but dizzyingly aroused, Sally Ann couldn’t stop herself from sliding one hand down her pajamas. She was sinfully wet down there, and allowed herself to explore her pussy as much as she ever had before regaining her senses and jamming both hands firmly under her pillow. The smell emanating from her fingers drove her slightly crazy until she was finally able to drift off some time later, unfamiliar thoughts and feelings swimming through her head.

* * *

Kelly woke up the next morning with a brilliant idea. She immediately called Kat. “Let’s go camping.”

Kat was skeptical. “Isn’t it a little late in the year for that?”

“The weather’s been pretty warm,” countered Kelly. “And we’ll have the place all to ourselves, I bet.”

Kat thought it over, considering the possibilities that such a scenario might offer. “OK. I’ll talk to J.J.”

Putting down her phone, Kelly went downstairs, where her parents, Sally Ann, and Sally’s parents were all at the breakfast table. Pouring herself some orange juice, Kelly calmly announced, “Sally and I were thinking about going camping with Kat and J.J. tonight, is that cool?”

Kelly’s dad, an avid outdoorsman, immediately endorsed the idea. Sally’s folks agreed; this was just the kind of wholesome activity that they wanted their daughter to do more of. Although they were glad that Sally was an obedient and devout girl, they worried sometimes about her becoming isolated.

Samantha fixed Kelly with a look, but she was hardly going to voice her reservations in this setting. Sally, for her part, just stared doe-eyed at her cousin. She was a little flummoxed by Kelly’s statement, since they had never discussed this idea, but she didn’t care to speak up.

By noon the four girls were on the road, with two tents, a stove, some firewood, and a more than ample supply of food in the back. As expected, they found the campground deserted, and spent some time surveying before deciding which campsite they liked best. After setting up camp they went for a hike, returning late in the afternoon hungry and cheerful.

After dinner they started a fire; by now it was getting dark and a little cold. They sat by the fire for awhile making s’mores and talking quietly; it was a clear and beautiful night. As time wore on and night fell, Kelly Ann and J.J. began moving closer and closer together, especially after they started taking nips from a flask full of brandy Kelly had brought.

Eventually, even unsuspecting Sally couldn’t avoid noticing that something was going on between Kelly and J.J., who omitted several girlish squeals of delight as they fondled each other. Unsure of how to act, Sally announced that she was tired and would be turning in. This idea was eagerly seconded by Kelly and J.J., who were more than ready to get into the tent they were sharing (this had been the arrangement they decided on that afternoon, with Kat and Sally sharing the other tent). After brushing and flossing, Sally went into the tent, changed into her pajamas, and slipped into her sleeping bag. Kat meanwhile attended to the fire, making sure it was out, while Kelly and J.J. adjourned to their own sleeping quarters.

They were quiet at first, but not for long. By the time Kat had stripped down to her panties and T-shirt and eased into her sleeping bag, the sounds of Kelly and J.J. making love were clearly audible. Both girls moaned loudly, making little attempt to be quiet or subtle. Picturing them going at it, Kat felt herself begin to moisten; she wondered what Sally was thinking right now. Laying on her side, Sally was facing away from Kat, though she was close enough for Kat to smell her hair.

There was just enough moonlight for Kat to make out the shape of Sally Ann’s head and the elegant curve of her neck. She stared at that neck for a long time, mustering all her willpower as the sounds of female pleasure echoed through the empty campground, but eventually she couldn’t resist any longer. She had to risk it. Scooting forward, she wrapped one arm around Sally and kissed her neck, then gently bit it. Kat felt Sally’s body go completely stiff, then relax a little, but she didn’t move away or resist. Kat moved up Sally’s neck to her ear, which she blew in and then gently tongued. Sally’s body relaxed even more; Kat could feel her opening up.

Kat rolled Sally onto her back and kissed her on the mouth. She was sweet and delicious, with soft, plump lips. Kat spent long minutes just kissing her, warming her up, melting away any last traces of resistance. Only then did she begin to work her way down. Pulling off Sally’s top, Kat savored the baby-powder flavor of the redhead’s breasts, certain that she was the first person ever to taste them. At that moment she heard J.J. scream; probably Kelly was sucking on her clit.

Taking her time, still not quite believing that this was actually happening, Kat trailed her tongue down Sally’s belly. At this distance she could smell the strong scent of arousal rising from between Sally’s legs; this good little Christian girl was very turned on, there was no doubt about it. Working mostly by feel – there was very little light now – Kat unzipped Sally’s sleeping bag and opened it all the way, then pressed one hand against the crotch of Sally’s pajama bottoms, feeling the wetness seeping through. “Jesus Christ,” Kat whispered, then realizing what she had said, added “Sorry.”


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 38

Initially Thanksgiving Day was full of normal, wholesome family gatherings with lots of cooking followed by extremely large meals. But later in the day, when the dishes had been cleared and the men were occupied with football games and naps, the women began to disappear and to congregate at Jessica’s house, where the vibe was much different.

A long table stretching across most of the living room was covered with many of the standard holiday foods, but the decorations were somewhat unusual. Jane and Marie were stretched out head to head with their feet near either end of the table, stark naked, tied down with their legs spread wide and ball gags in their mouths. The food was arranged around them, the cranberry sauce between Marie’s legs, the mashed potatoes and gravy between Jane’s.

Initially the plan had been for Jane alone to serve as the centerpiece, but Jessica had become so annoyed with Marie’s attitude that day that she decided to put the French girl on display as well. Marie, apparently, was jealous of the attention Jane was getting from her mistress. All morning while cooking she had stomped around the kitchen in a huff, even snapping at Jessica when asked about the cornbread stuffing. Jessica had been sorely tempted to bend her over and give her a sound thrashing right then and there, but many dishes were in progress and there was no time. Instead Jessica waited until the meal was almost finished before ordering Marie to strip and climb up on the table. Now Jessica stood with a martini in hand, surveying her handiwork and waiting for her guests.

The first to arrive was Jackie London, who had elected not to make the long trip home to see her family this Thanksgiving. Noting the unusual table adornment, Jackie began to prepare herself a plate of food, taking some time to fondle both Marie and Jane. The latter, she noted, now sported a covering of very short brown hair both on her head and between her legs.

A short while later Janice appeared at the door, and a devilish smirk spread across her face when she saw the two bound, naked women. She had already eaten and was not particularly hungry, but did take the time to spread some cranberry sauce on Marie’s tits and lick it off, then dab some potatoes on Jane’s crotch and cover them with gravy. She was on her knees in the process of cleaning the last bit of gravy off Jane’s thigh when Ella arrived and began to finger Marie while eating spoonfuls of sweet potatoes with the other hand.

Olivia, Kat, Samantha, Kelly Ann, and Betty Ann all put in an appearance at one point or another. Adriana, unfortunately, was out of town with her family, while Lexi couldn’t get away since it was just her dad and her. By the end of the meal both Marie and Jane were quite sticky with the residue of various foodstuffs.

After the table was cleared, the ball gags were removed and Olivia, Janice, Ella, and Jessica took turns climbing onto the table and feeding their pussies to the bound women. Only after their tongues were worn out and their faces covered with juice were they finally untied and allowed to forage in the kitchen for leftovers. Still naked, ravenously hungry, they stuffed turkey and stuffing into their mouths with both hands. When they were done, forgetting their rivalry for the moment, they licked each other clean like two kittens as their mistress sat eating chocolate cheesecake.

* * *

Later that night Kat and Kelly decided to go to the movies and invited their cousins along. Kelly and J.J. greeted each other very warmly, with a big enthusiastic hug, while Sally Ann favored Kat with a shy smile. Inside Sally sat on the left with Kat to her right, then J.J., then Kelly. Not long into the movie Kat saw that J.J. had put one arm around Kelly and was fondling her breasts with the other hand. A few minutes later that hand found its way down between Kelly’s legs, while Kelly’s right hand was clamped between J.J.’s bare thighs just below her very short skirt.

Feeling her pussy begin to moisten, Kat looked over at Sally, who was staring at the screen oblivious to all of this. It ended up being a very frustrating 90 minutes for Kat, who didn’t feel able to make a move on Sally and though several times she was tempted to fondle her own cousin, she thought better of it. Instead she tried to ignore the itch between her legs and enjoy herself vicariously through J.J. and Kelly, who were clearly enjoying each other.

After the movie they all said good night. Kelly was extremely hot and bothered and wanted desperately to get J.J. alone somewhere for a couple hours, but couldn’t think of any way to accomplish it. Instead she walked home with Sally, who was analyzing some fine point of the movie’s plot that had completely escaped Kelly. Kelly felt frustrated and irritated; her panties were soaked and there was nothing she could do about it. It was hard to even masturbate with Sally sharing her room; she would have to wait until her cousin was asleep.


Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 37

The night before Thanksgiving, the Bowmans and the Collinses had dinner together at the town’s bar and grill. Both families had guests in town for the holiday. Betty Ann Collins’ sister, Sarah Ann, was visiting with her family. This was an unusual occurrence; although they lived barely an hour apart, the two families rarely saw each other. Sarah Ann and her husband were conservative Christians and tended to argue with Kat’s much more liberal parents. But they had recently decided to try again to get along, seeing as they were family, and agreed to get together for Thanksgiving.

Sarah Ann had a daughter, Sally Ann, who was just two months younger than Kelly. Kelly hadn’t seen her cousin since they were both 13. At that time they’d been almost twins; 5 years later they still looked very much alike, with the same red hair and green eyes, but Sally Ann was a little shorter and curvier.

Kat’s father’s brother and his wife were also in town, and also had a daughter the same age as Kat and Kelly. Like Kelly, Kat hadn’t seen her cousin in a number of years, in this case because her family had moved to Europe and seldom returned. Kat remembered her cousin J.J. (short for Jennifer Jasmine) as a short, dumpy 11-year-old with big glasses, but in the intervening years she’d changed considerably. She was tall and willowy, with medium-length black hair and striking blue eyes (contacts, no glasses).

The restaurant didn’t have a table big enough for the whole party, so the four girls ended up at a separate table together. Initially they were joined by J.J.’s younger brother, a sullen 14-year-old who didn’t say much. In any case the conversation was dominated by his sister, who was worldly, intelligent, and opinionated, and spent much of the meal regaling the others with tales of her travels and adventures. Kelly Ann was especially taken with the vivacious brunette, while Kat found herself oddly drawn to Sally, who was shy and polite and seemed occasionally discomfited by some of J.J.’s wilder tales of sex and wild parties. Kat went out of her way to try to make Sally feel at ease, trying to draw her into the conversation and steer the subject matter into more wholesome areas. 

Between the entrees and dessert J.J.’s brother switched places with Samantha Bowman, who did not fail to notice how Kat was acting toward Sally Ann. After dessert Kat excused herself to go to the restroom, and her mother followed close behind. As they were checking their hair Samantha addressed her daughter.

Katrina Margaret Bowman, don’t you dare even think about it.

Kat flashed her best innocent look. “What are you talking about, Mom?

I saw the way you were flirting with Sally. Her family is very religious, you know. Sarah Ann would kill Betty if her daughter somehow got corrupted.

Kat rolled her eyes. “Jeez, Mom, can’t I be nice to somebody without getting accused of something?

OK, fine,” said Samantha, moderating her tone. “You just better not be thinking what I think you’re thinking.

After the meal Kat and Kelly had been planning to attend a party that a friend from school was throwing.  J.J. was more than willing to join them, but Sally was hesitant. After some cajoling she finally agreed to seek permission from her parents, who consented as long as she promised to leave the party if she saw anyone drinking or doing drugs.

The four girls walked together to the party, and out of sight of her parents Sally Ann appeared to relax a little, laughing loudly at a slightly off-color joke that J.J. made. When they arrived the party was in full swing, with loud hip-hop blasting, people dancing and talking loudly to be heard over the music, and a large group congregated in the kitchen. 

Sally immediately looked uncomfortable, and within 10 minutes she saw a group of girls doing tequila shots in the living room. “I should go,” she said, looking forlornly at Kelly. 

Kelly hesitated. She felt responsible for her cousin, but this was lame...they had just gotten there. She would rather have been related to J.J., who had immediately gotten in line for a shot. Before Kelly could make up her mind what to do, Kat spoke up. “I’ll walk her home.

Kelly gave her friend a surprised look. “You sure?"

Kat nodded. “No worries.” Suddenly she didn’t really want to be here, and even though it was kind of uncool, she actually admired Sally for sticking to her promise. “You have fun, maybe I’ll get back later.

OK,” said Kelly, and went to find J.J., who had already taken her tequila shot and gone to look for more fun. Kelly found her in the back yard with a group that was passing around a joint. This girl certainly knows how to have a good time, Kelly thought.

Soon Kelly was high as a kite and laughing hysterically at a story J.J. was telling about a rock festival in Germany. Just being around J.J. made her feel really good, and for a while she was having as much fun as she could remember having.

Some time later Kelly and J.J. went back inside to look for something to drink. They had just found the door to the kitchen when a figure suddenly blocked their way. Kelly gasped – it was Jeff, her ex-boyfriend, looking very drunk and a little scary.

Well, well, well,” he said. “Kelly Ann Collins. Long time no see. What have you been up to?

Before Kelly could answer, Jeff looked at J.J. and added, “Never mind. I know what you’ve been doing.

J.J. stepped in front of Kelly and said, “Who are you?

Who the hell are you?” Jeff responded. He took one step forward in a vaguely threatening manner, but he was drunk enough to be slightly unsteady on his feet. A very light shove in the chest from J.J. sent him sprawling to the floor, where he remained.

J.J. took Kelly by the hand. “Let’s get out of here.

Bitch,” muttered Jeff from a prone position. As Kelly and J.J. left, he shouted after them, “I’m going to tell everyone about you, Kelly.

Kat, meanwhile, had taken Sally Ann on a long, circuitous route home, enjoying the night air and trying to draw Sally out a little, get her her to talk. It was rough going but she’d made some progress by the time they arrived at the Collinses’ front door. Sally thanked Kat for looking after her and favored her with a warm hug before they said good night. Walking to her own house, Kat was amazed to find that she felt a little lightheaded. What might the future hold?

Kelly Ann and J.J. likewise took a long stroll around the neighborhood, sharing the remains of a bottle of vodka that J.J. had appropriated on their way out of the party. It was well after midnight before Kelly led them to the Bowmans’ door, where J.J. threw both arms around the redhead and gave her a long, deep, wet kiss. “Good night, Kelly Ann,” whispered J.J. “It was very very nice to meet you.