Monday, July 18, 2011

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 40

Kat hooked her fingers into the waistband of Sally Ann’s pajama bottoms and slid them off. Kelly and J.J. had gone completely silent, either finished with each other or, more likely, taking a little rest between bouts. In the quiet Sally’s heavy breathing was clearly audible as Kat pulled her legs apart, breathing deeply the waft of female arousal that drifted up from her nether regions.

When Kat’s tongue touched her pussy, Sally went stiff as a board and dug her hands into the ground for support. She didn’t make a sound, though, and remained completely mute as Kat licked her thoroughly, then parted her lips and found her clit. Kat was inspired, intoxicated, feeling the pleasure reverberate through the redhead’s body. It was a spiritual experience, almost; Kat forgot herself completely, her own ecstasy and Sally’s becoming as one.

When Sally came Kat felt the power of the orgasm rip through her like an electric shock, accompanied by a very quiet, muffled, but delicious whimper. Kat savored the feeling for a minute – kissing Sally’s nipples, naughtily slipping one juice-slick finger into Sally’s mouth – before diving in again. Keeping her right on the brink, Kat gave Sally a series of explosive orgasms, and by the time she came up for air Sally was unconscious. There was just enough light to make out the sweet and innocent but unmistakably satisfied smile on her face.

* * *

Kat awoke the next morning to the first hints of sunshine and a very pleasant sensation between her legs. Sally Ann, who was very susceptible to guilt in all its forms, had woken up feeling guilty for a new reason: because she had received so much pleasure while giving none. She pulled off Kat’s panties and for awhile just lay staring into the blonde’s crotch. She’d never seen a vagina close up like this before,  and found it fascinating, beautiful, but a little intimidating. Tentatively, Sally extended her tongue and ran it across Kat’s vulva; Kat encouraged her with a sigh and shifted positions to give Sally better access.

Kelly, meanwhile, had risen early, feeling gloriously refreshed and alive. She’d made coffee and decided she would treat Sally and Kat to steaming cups served in their tent. But as she approached, through the tent’s mesh window she made out the surprising sight of her cousin’s head nestled between Kat’s legs. Kat met Kelly’s eyes and shrugged her shoulders, indicating by her expression that she too was surprised by this development. Shaking her head, Kelly took the coffee and left them to it.

Doing her best to respect Sally’s privacy, Kat tried to be quiet, but a long, low moan accompanied the orgasm that Sally finally coaxed out of her. She lifted Sally’s head from her crotch and kissed her, absolutely loving the way her own juices tasted on Sally’s lips. It was going to be a beautiful day.

* * *

The experience of that night and morning had a powerful effect on Sally Ann. Conflicted as she was over these sinful acts, there was no way she could tell herself she hadn’t loved it. Her whole body was glowing, and the world looked different somehow, brighter. She appreciated the beauty of the nature surrounding her – and of the lovely ladies she was with – in a new way. As they ate breakfast no one could fail to notice the luminous smile that never left Sally’s face.

By the time they finished breakfast the sun was high in the sky. The four girls decided to hike to a nearby lake, and by the time they got there it was warm enough to think about going for a swim. Without bathing suits, skinny-dipping was the natural option, and even Sally hesitated only briefly before peeling off her clothes and diving in.

The water was cold but after a while they got used to it, and all four had a good long swim. J.J., the strongest swimmer in the group, pointed to a bank maybe 100 yards away and challenged everyone to a race. Only Sally accepted, and the two of them took off at top speed with Kat and Kelly watching. It was close, with J.J. reaching the bank just barely ahead of Sally, after which the two of them laughed and playfully splashed each other.

Afterward Sally floated for a while, gazing thoughtfully at the sky, while J.J. climbed onto a nearby rock and stretched out to bask in the sun. Maybe 10 minutes later, Kelly nudged Kat and gestured toward the shore where their cousins were. They could hardly believe what they saw next. Sally, dripping wet and naked, crawled up onto the rock next to J.J. Without a word being said, as if acting out a script, they began to kiss. Kat put an arm around Kelly as Sally and J.J. made out slowly and passionately. Then J.J. abruptly broke the kiss and spun around so that she and Sally were both on their sides but facing opposite directions; moments later they were 69ing, right there in front of God and everyone.

Kelly and Kat stood rooted in place, transfixed, for a few minutes before they looked each other in the eye and took off swimming. After that all bets were off, all inhibitions shed; it didn’t matter who was related to whom; it was all love, it was all pleasure, it was all good.



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