Saturday, December 13, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 103

Betty Ann Collins was sitting in the kitchen, drinking a cup of tea in her bathrobe, when the doorbell rang. She had no idea who it might be, and upon opening the door was surprised but not displeased to find Kat Bowman, looking pink-cheeked and lovely in the frosty morning air. Betty noted that her hair was now dyed a seasonally appropriate green to go with a tight red sweater that showed off her bountiful bosom.

“Come in, sweetheart,” said Betty.

Kat gratefully said OK and came in out of the cold. Betty offered her a cup of tea and she happily accepted that as well.

“Is Kelly around?” asked Kat.

“No, she has a final this morning and she went into school early.” Kat looked crestfallen. “Is something the matter?”

“Well.....” said Kat. trailing off. She stopped for a moment to think, looking into Betty Ann’s gorgeous green eyes. I might as well say it, thought Kat. Betty knows the score, she won’t judge me. “To be honest, I’m just really horny right now and I was hoping for a quickie before school. To clear my head. I have a final later, too. I’ve been studying my ass off but I feel all scattered.”

Betty smiled. “Yeah, I've been spending all my time getting ready for our holiday party. I haven't taken any time for myself in days.” She took a last long drink of tea and sat her cup down, then took Kat by the hand. “Come on.”

Betty led Kat to the bedroom, where she stripped off the younger girl’s red sweater and bra. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Betty began to suckle Kat’s tits while at the same time unzipping her jeans and pulling them down around her knees. Betty slipped a hand between Kat’s thighs and felt the wetness there. The she slid the younger girl’s panties down and nuzzled into her pubic hair, which was thankfully still its natural blond.

Kat groaned and closed her eyes, trying to forget that this was the bed where Betty Ann slept with her husband — that it might well have been the bed where Kelly was conceived. She tried to just surrender herself to the pleasure of the moment, and mostly succeeded.

When Betty pushed a finger inside Kat she suddenly felt a little weak in the knees, and let herself sink down onto the bed next to Betty, who pulled her jeans and panties the rest of the way down and tossed them aside. Kat untied the belt of Betty’s robe and let it fall open, leaning over to nibble on the older woman’s nipples. Betty ran her fingers through Kat’s hair, which was still soft and lustrous despite the torture it had been put through.

Soon Kat was leaning all the way over and then Betty let herself fall onto her back so they could 69. They had a nice, leisurely mutual licking session and when they had each had a pair of quality orgasms Kat rolled off and took a deep, contented breath. “That was exactly what I needed. Thanks, Mrs.... I mean, Betty.”

“My pleasure,” answered Betty Ann.

Kat glanced over at the clock. “Well, I’d better run.”

“Sure, sweetheart. Good luck on your final.”

When Kat had gone Betty crawled back under the covers; she had no place in particular to get to this morning. Then a deliciously naughty idea popped into her head. Picking up the phone from the bedside table, she dialed Samantha Bowman’s number. When Samantha answered, Betty said, “What are you doing right now?”

* * *

Jessica and company slept late and wandered downstairs to the hotel restaurant for brunch. When the subject of plans for the day came up, Jane suggested that they might want to see her old house, which was currently being prepared for sale. It was not terribly far away so they put on lightweight jackets and set off on foot. It took them about 45 minutes to get there, and though it was cold the sun was out and the walk was enjoyable.

The real estate company had promised to send someone to meet them, and about 30 seconds after they arrived a black BMW pulled up. Out of it stepped a young woman in her late 20s or early 30s, thin and tallish in a crisp but still sexy business suit. “Hi,” she said, approaching them, “I’m Shoshi.” Up close, Shoshi was well-tanned with curly, dark brown hair and big, coffee-colored eyes.

Jessica, Jane, and Marie introduced themselves and then Shoshi let them into the house. It was an impressive place, upscale and well-appointed without being showy. It was not enormous, but big enough to be comfortable, and considering the location its value was substantial. Jane gave them a tour, including Shoshi, who was happy to have the “owner” of the house give her information that she might be able to use in selling it.

Afterward they congregated in the living room and Jane went down to the wine cellar for a bottle.  Technically, everything here was still hers – actually Jessica’s, but Shoshi was not privy to that part of the arrangement.

Shoshi joined them for wine, and as they talked Jessica watched her, carefully sizing her up. Physically, while she had a lot of attractive qualities – dazzling eyes, gorgeously smooth skin, and generous, well-displayed cleavage – she also had pronounced imperfections. Her nose was a little too big, her chin a little too sharp; but she carried herself with confidence, which Jessica appreciated. Still, there was something in her manner that suggested she was not quite as sure of herself as she would like people to believe.

She was a good schmoozer, though, and told some funny stories that got Jane and Marie giggling. The bottle of wine emptied fast and when Jane went for another, Marie insisted on going along to look for something French. This left Jessica and Shoshi alone. Jessica said nothing, looking deep into the younger woman’s eyes. This cowed Shoshi a little and she was suddenly at a loss for anything to say; instead she tapped her foot and toyed awkwardly with her hair. It was quiet in the room for several long minutes before Jane and Marie returned.

The second bottle was popped and Shoshi, Jane, and Marie returned to their conversation. Jessica found herself daydreaming, staring at Shoshi’s breasts. She really wanted to see them, and was thinking how to go about it, when suddenly she thought: Why not take the direct approach?

The next time there was a lull in the conversation she looked at Shoshi and said, “I’ll give you a hundred dollars to show us your tits.”

Shoshi looked taken aback, as was natural. After a moment she started to stutter, “I, um,  don’t....”

“Two hundred,” said Jessica.

“That’s very flattering....”

“Two fifty.”

Shoshi paused, looked at Marie, looked at Jane, then back at Jessica. She shrugged. “Let’s see the cash.”

Jessica produced the bills from her wallet and Shoshi pulled off her top, revealing enormous globes that were barely contained by a high-tech bra. Jessica waved the cash at her, then pulled it back; Shoshi got the message. She unharnessed her monsters and let them spring free. Jessica, Marie, and Jane all looked on admiringly – they were magnificent, and they were real.

Jessica sat the money down on the coffee table. “$250 more if you get naked,” she said. Shoshi thought for a few seconds, then nodded her head yes. Jessica fished out more bills as Shoshi took off her shoes, her skirt, her stockings, and then her panties. Her pubic triangle was thick, lush, and glistening, the fronts of her pink pussy lips just barely peeking out from underneath.

Jessica took a minute to enjoy the sight, glancing over at Jane and Marie, both of whom looked on hungrily, hoping they might get to taste this delectable morsel. Finally Jessica laid it on the line. “$500 if you let Jane lick your pussy.”

Shoshi ran her fingers nervously through her hair and several times appeared as if she were about to speak, but nothing came out. Jessica was never in doubt of what the answer would be, but she enjoyed watching the struggle. When Shoshi finally did speak, it was in a hoarse croak. “OK.”

Looking delighted to have been picked for this honor, Jane walked over in front of Shoshi – who had seated herself on the couch – and dropped to her knees. Shoshi bit her lip in an adorable way as Jane pushed her legs apart and licked along her inner thighs. When Jane’s tongue touched Shoshi’s pussy she shuddered visibly, and a guttural moan escaped from the back of her throat. It had probably been too long since she’d gotten laid, Jessica thought. This would be good for her.

After watching for a few minutes Marie looked over at Jessica with a “mother may I?” expression, and Jessica nodded. Marie took a seat on the couch next to Shoshi and leaned over to take one breast in her mouth. Marie loved big tits, and Jessica could see that she was in seventh heaven sucking on Shoshi’s superb specimens.

Just as they had the day before, Jane and Marie shared a pussy-juice-slick kiss as they exchanged places, Jane going to work on Shoshi’s breasts as Marie tongue-fucked her. When Shoshi came she gasped and stiffened, then let out a long, keening moan that almost sounded like she was crying. Then Jessica saw that there actually were tears in the corners of her eyes; clearly this girl had been in desperate need of a good orgasm.

Scooting forward on the plush chair she’d perched herself on, Jessica slid off her jeans and panties and set them carefully aside. She locked eyes with Shoshi, who was wearing a very different expression now. She would need no further convincing, Jessica knew, to do what Jessica asked her to do.

Jane and Marie read their mistress’s expression and knew what she wanted. They each took one of Shoshi’s arms and lifted her from the couch, guiding her to a position on her knees in front of Jessica. Shoshi looked up as Jessica and said “Uh, I’ve never, ummm....”

“It’s OK, honey,” reassured Jessica. “It’s one of the natural instincts.”

Smiling shyly, Shoshi leaned forward and took a tentative taste of Jessica’s pussy. Then another, and another; in a minute she was licking away with abandon.

“Don’t forget the clit,” advised Marie, and Shoshi obediently ran her tongue across Jessica’s button. Jessica spasmed and opened her legs wider, grabbing a handful of Shoshi’s curly hair.

“Good girl,” said Jessica, and before long she felt the leading wave of an orgasm wash over her. She let it happen slowly, reaching down to squeeze Shoshi’s tits, taking a mental snapshot of the girl’s face buried in her crotch. Jessica came hard and felt a great sense of well-being flood through her; she smiled down at Shoshi, who smiled back before looking down at the floor, feeling suddenly self-conscious.

Reaching for her wine glass, Jessica polished off what was left and stood up. To Jane and Marie she said “Wait here.” Then she took Shoshi by the hand and led the younger woman to the bedroom. She wanted very badly to taste Shoshi’s pussy, and she wanted to do it privately, without distractions.

After closing the bedroom door Jessica laid Shoshi down on the bed and started looking around. In half a minute she had found two belts, a necktie, and a bathrobe sash, which she used to bind Shoshi hand and foot to the bedposts. She did it sideways so Shoshi’s head was at one side of the bed and her legs were spread as wide as possible, almost at a 180-degree angle from each other. In this position Shoshi’s beautiful, glistening wet slit was lewdly displayed, and Jessica took a moment to enjoy the sight before going any further.

Leaning down, Jessica poised her head a few inches from Shoshi’s crotch and took a deep breath. Delicious. The dark brown curls were flecked with liquid, and Jessica ran her nose and tongue through the wiry but soft hair.

She had intended to spend a while teasing Shoshi, but found that she couldn’t hold back for long. She attacked Shoshi’s cunt, jabbing her tongue inside, sucking the clit, licking up the nectar. Shoshi was howling, tugging helplessly at her bonds, her boobs bouncing wildly as she writhed. She came once, twice, a third time, before Jessica finally came up for air, wiping her mouth while trying to regain her composure.

Walking around to the other side of the bed, Jessica bent down to give Shoshi a long, slow kiss, making sure she got a good taste of herself. Before leaving, Jessica freed one of Shoshi’s hands so she would be able to untie herself. Shoshi made no move to do so, however, just gazed up dreamily with the free hand resting on her crotch.

Shrugging, Jessica turned, walked back to the living room, and dressed. “Let’s go,” she said to Jane and Marie, and as they left she glanced at the money on the table. “Worth it,” she thought.


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 102

It had been an eventful night already, but Jessica felt restless; she had lots of energy and wanted to go somewhere, do something. She texted Rocky and 15 minutes later she and her minions had dressed and were waiting in the lobby. They cut a glamorous figure in their full-length furs, and Jane and Marie, at Jessica’s behest, were wearing their diamond-studded collars as well. They drew quite a few curious looks, and a fascinated stare from the young Asian woman behind the front desk – who was very cute, Jessica noted for later reference.

When the limo pulled up, Jane and Marie climbed into the back and Jessica walked up to the driver’s side window. When she had explained what she wanted, Rocky nodded. “Sure. I know where to go.”

After driving for maybe 20 minutes through increasingly sketchy neighborhoods, they began to see women hanging out on the corners and curbs, obviously looking for “dates.” The intercom buzzed and Rocky’s voice said “Let me know when you see something you like.”

“Will do,” answered Jessica. She didn’t know exactly what she was looking for, but she would know it when she saw it. They passed hookers of every size, shape, and color before Jessica’s eyes finally fell on a tall, brown-skinned girl with long, straight black hair. She was wearing a tight red dress cut high on the bottom and low on top, along with thigh-high leather boots. Her only concession to the wintry weather was a shawl that didn’t look like it kept in much body heat.

Jessica buzzed Rocky, who pulled up beside the girl and negotiated the transaction. Soon the door opened and their hired help for the evening stepped in. She was quite attractive close-up, with perfect skin and bee-stung lips, and only a little cheap-looking in her slutty getup. Her skin tone could just as easily have been Latin, Middle Eastern, or even Indian; Jessica was a little curious which it was, but also enjoyed leaving it a mystery.

The intercom crackled and Rocky’s voice said, “Where are we going?”

“Just drive around for a while,” said Jessica. Then, to the new arrival, “What’s your name, sweetheart?”


“I’m Jessica, that’s Marie, and this is Jane.”

“Pleased to meet ya,” said Mona, smacking her gum. “This is nice,” she said looking around. She shrugged off her shawl and sat back in her seat, soaking in the limo’s warmth. “So, um, what are you girls into?”

Jessica thought for a moment. “Why don’t you start by taking your clothes off, and we’ll go from there. Keep the boots, though. The boots are working for me. And lose the gum. Please.”

Mona shrugged and started undressing. “Is this one of those limos that has a bar in the back?”

“Of course. Marie, why don’t you fix us all a drink? What would you like?”

“Cosmo,” said Mona. “Make it a stiff one.”

A minute later Mona was naked. Her pussy was shaved, as Jessica had guessed it might be, which was disappointing; she looked like she naturally had a lush black thatch. But her tits were wonderful, nice firm C-cups topped by wide brown nipples.

Sipping her martini, Jessica said matter-of-factly, “Touch yourself.”

Mona obliged, reaching one hand down between her legs while gulping her cosmo with the other. Jane and Marie, who had also opted for cosmos, looked on with interest. Mona pried apart her pussy lips and slid a finger inside, looking over at Jessica emotionlessly. This was what she did for a living, after all.

“Spread some juice on your nipples,” ordered Jessica, and Mona did so, then brought her fingers to her mouth to clean them. She took a last big swallow of her drink and handed it to Marie for a refill. Jessica waited until the glass was back in her hand and said, “Jane, Marie – lick it off.”

Jane and Marie scrambled to obey, taking up positions on either side of Mona and leaning down to lick and suck her nipples. Jessica let her fur fall open; she was naked underneath except for the strap-on, which she stroked idly as she watched. Jane began to work her way down Mona’s body, pausing to tongue her navel, then moving between her legs. Marie continued working on Mona’s tits as Jane ate her pussy.

Mona came so fast and so hard that at first Jessica thought she was faking – but the look on her face, mouth distended and eyes clenched, said it was real. Jane came up looking a little dazed, her face smeared with Mona’s juice, and shared a kiss with Marie before they changed places. Now Jane bit one nipple while tweaking the other between her thumb and forefinger, while Marie licked all around Mona’s soft thighs and smooth mons before diving in.

Mona took a little longer to climax this time, but it appeared to hit her even harder; she dug her (lacquered, fake-looking) fingernails into Jane’s shoulders while furiously grinding her clit on Marie’s nose and mouth. “Fuck,” said Mona, and after a half-minute’s recovery she reached for her drink.

Jessica flicked the switch on her strap-on and slid forward onto the edge of the seat. “Open her for me,” she said. Jane and Marie each gripped one of Mona’s knees and they spread her legs wide apart. Her pussy was dripping onto the leather upholstery, Jessica noted with pleasure.

Jessica got down on one knee in front of Mona and ran the tip of the dildo up and down her slit. Mona groaned and slid down on the seat, taking the first few inches inside her. When Jessica pushed all the way in she let out a loud “Unh” and her eyes rolled back in her head.

Again Mona came quickly and intensely, her whole body quivering in time with the dildo’s vibration. Jessica didn’t pull out but just held still for a while, feeling the buzzing in her own clit. Mona looked up at her dreamily, all pretense of detachment gone, and then began to move her hips. Within seconds she was climaxing again, and in all she came five times before Jessica had her own orgasm and pulled out.

After a few seconds Jessica noticed that Mona wasn’t moving – she had actually blacked out, and it was several minutes before she regained consciousness. When she did she reached for her drink and took a long pull. “Wow,” said Mona. “That was, um, nice.”

Jessica had a sudden generous impulse. She held down the button on the intercom and said to Rocky, “Can you pull over somewhere for a while?”

“Sure, I know a place.”

Jane looked down at the strap-on, then up at Jessica, an imploring look in her eyes. But Jessica shook her off, wanting a minute to relax. Marie refilled everyone’s drinks and put on some music, and they all sat there peacefully for a few minutes until the car came to a stop. Jessica pushed the intercom button down again. “Come join us,” she said.

The door opened and Rocky poked her head in to survey the scene. “I can’t drink on duty,” she said.

“That’s alright,” said Jessica, patting the seat next to her. “Have a seat.”

Jessica took off Rocky’s hat and released her hair from the clip that held it in place underneath. It was dark brown, shoulder-length, and lustrous. With her hair down she looked much more like a girl, albeit one with a somewhat square jaw. Next Jessica pulled off Rocky’s tie and beckoned to Mona to come closer. Once Mona was on her knees in front of them, Jessica used to tie to bind her hands behind her back.

Slowly and deliberately, Jessica undressed Rocky the rest of the way – jacket, shirt, bra, shoes, pants, and panties. It turned out she had quite a nice body hidden under the shapeless uniform, with round boobs, a narrow waist, and wide hips. Her pubic hair was dark and thick.

Jessica opened Rocky’s legs and guided Mona’s head between them. Mona knew what to do, kissing and licking all around Rocky’s increasingly wet pussy before diving in. Jessica motioned to Marie and Jane, who obediently paid lip service to Rocky’s breasts as Mona orally pleasured her.

Jessica sipped the last of her drink as Mona and the girls brought Rocky to a shuddering climax. Her moans were high-pitched and melodic, not at all like her speaking voice. Mona looked over at Jessica expectantly, awaiting her next task.

Jessica had removed the strap-on, so now she spread her legs and beckoned for Mona to approach.  Partly she had the itch for one more good orgasm, and partly she wanted to make Mona work a little harder for the money; she had had it pretty easy, Jessica thought. So she held back as best she could, making Mona put forth maximum effort, making use of both hands as well as her mouth.

In the middle of it Jessica looked over at the seat across from her and saw Rocky laying on her back, with Jane tonguing her cunt as Marie sat on her face. Jessica smiled; this was one hell of a tip.

Eventually Jessica could stand it no longer and she let herself come, gripping Mona’s head and grinding on her nose. She looked up just in time to see Marie climb off and Jane and Rocky move into a 69. For awhile it was quiet in the limo as everyone watched the two of them go at it; their moans built, crescendoed, and gradually subsided.

Afterward they all had one last round of drinks; even Rocky indulged in a small glass of whiskey before dressing and returning to the front of the limo. They drove Mona back close to where they had picked her up, and when the limo stopped she said, laughing, “I kind of feel like I should be paying you for this.” But then she looked serious. “But I’ll take the money. I need it.”

Jessica paid her and they bid each other goodnight. By now it was quite late and on the way back to the hotel Jessica leaned back in her seat, Jane cuddling against her on one side and Marie on the other. As they passed through the lobby she winked at the cute desk clerk, and since no one was around, she opened her fur and gave the girl a quick flash. The clerk’s eyes went wide and she froze in place. But it was so late and Jessica was so tired that she was content with that; she would follow up later.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 101

Gina had gone to the kitchen to work on dessert, leaving Claire and Olivia alone at the table. Both were in a very blissful condition, half-buzzed and full of delicious food.

“You look great in that costume,” said Claire. “Is it comfortable?”

“Not bad,” answered Olivia. “But this skirt is really short. Can you see my whole pussy, or just a part of it?”

Claire made a show of studying Olivia’s crotch. “Only part of it. But I like what I see.”

They both laughed. “How’s Tara?” asked Olivia.

Claire sighed. “Selfish, as always. But she is gifted. Those pictures she took of us are incredible. I usually don’t like photos of myself, but those are breathtaking.” For a minute Claire drifted off into a reverie, thinking of that day, and of the images that had resulted from it. Then she remembered to try to live in the moment, and changed the subject. “How did you meet Gina?”

“I used to babysit her kids. Years ago.”

“She is really something. Gorgeous, and my God, that food!”

“I know,” said Olivia, her voice taking on a serious tone. “She’s amazing. But I’m still in high school, and she’s a grown woman, and I have no idea where this all goes from here.”

Just then Gina emerged from the kitchen with a chocolate lava cake, which she sat down in front of Claire with a flourish. Claire’s eyes went wide. “That looks fantastic.”

“I like to spoil my guests,” said Gina. “I get that from my mother.”

Looking down, Gina thought that Claire looked incredibly beautiful and radiant. She reached over and brushed the younger girl’s red hair back off her forehead. “Lean back in your chair,” she suggested.

Claire complied, and Gina briefly took Olivia aside and whispered in her ear. Olivia nodded, and she fell to her knees in front of Claire as Gina picked up a fork. Time slowed to a crawl as Gina fed Claire warm cake with gooey chocolate inside, and Olivia pulled off Claire’s panties, hiked up her dress, and started licking her pussy.

Gina stood for a moment watching Olivia do her thing. She was eating cunt with abandon, so enthusiastically that it made Gina a little jealous. Grabbing a handful of Olivia’s hair, Gina yanked her head back and kissed her hard, enjoying the taste of Claire’s pussy on her lips. Then she shoved Olivia’s head back between Claire’s legs and pulled down the top of her own dress, removing her bra to release her tits. Then she dabbed a little chocolate on each nipple and fed both to Claire in turn.

That felt so good that Gina repeated the process, pulling down Claire’s dress, tugging off her bra, and smearing her boobs with chocolate. Then she leaned down and licked them clean.

That did it for Claire – she orgasmed so hard she almost started crying. Very pleased with Olivia’s performance, Gina fed her some cake and then they adjourned to the bedroom.

“I almost forgot,” Gina said to Olivia. “I still owe you a spanking.” Once she had tied Olivia’s hands behind her back and bent her over the bed, she turned to Claire. “Want to help?”

“But of course,” said Claire. “Bad girls like this need to be spanked severely.”

They took turns smacking Olivia’s ass and when she had been punished enough, Claire bent down to finger and lick her pussy. It was incredibly creamy and flavorful – maybe the best thing she had tasted all night, and that was saying something. Meanwhile Gina got out her strap-on and took up a position right behind Claire, who was so preoccupied that she didn’t know what was happening until she felt the tip slide into her. She let out a high-pitched moan of surprise more than pleasure, then another, lower one as the full length of the dildo filled her. Claire looked back over her shoulder at Gina, who winked, and then turned and resumed working on Olivia, who had taken the opportunity to roll over on her back and spread her legs.

When Gina decided that Claire had been adequately fucked, she stood up and took off the strap-on, handing it to Claire. Then she climbed up onto the bed and sat with her back against the headboard, looking down expectantly at Olivia, who rolled onto her side so she could kiss and lick Gina’s downy-soft thighs. She didn’t stop there, of course, and soon she was stabbing her tongue between Gina’s pussy lips as Claire penetrated from behind.

Finally, much later, they were all fully satisfied and lay quietly entwined on the bed. Olivia felt incredibly contented laying there with Gina on one side and Claire on the other, but then she glanced at the clock and realized it was past her curfew. She wished like hell that her mother wasn’t so stern about enforcing the rules, but it was a school night, and she had no choice but to wriggle out from in between Gina and Claire and get dressed.

Even worse, Claire made no move to follow her. Olivia really didn’t like leaving the two of them alone together, but what could she do, tell Claire she had to go? That would be incredibly rude, and it wasn’t her house anyway. She was left with no alternative but to kiss them each and say goodnight, stopping on her way out to look back and see Claire rest her head on Gina’s shoulder. Olivia sighed and headed home.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 100

The sun was just dipping below the horizon when Claire arrived at the door to Gina’s house, bottle of wine in hand. She’d been surprised and flattered by Olivia’s invitation. Thinking of the lovely time she’d had with Olivia and Gina in the dressing room, she accepted without hesitation. She was looking to have some fun of her own, as Tara was away at an industry convention with Mimi — the kind of “business” trip that involved drinking lots of champagne and fucking lingerie models. Claire, meanwhile, was left home to mind the store. She felt like she deserved a special treat.

And then all of a sudden one was right in front of her: The door opened and there was Olivia, dressed in an extremely slutty French maid costume that left little to the imagination. Claire was pleased to see how well it fit — she had sold it to Gina earlier that day. All day long Claire had been imagining Olivia in the outfit, and she looked even better than Gina might have expected. Her d├ęcolletage looked particularly appetizing. Gina reflexively licked her lips as she handed Olivia the wine bottle.

Olivia had been hesitant to wear the maid outfit at first, thinking it a little demeaning. But Gina convinced her to at least try it on, and when she saw how hot she looked — and the expression on Gina’s face — she changed her mind. Claire and Gina were dressed similarly, in elegantly sexy black dresses, and this made Olivia feel that much more exposed, and younger — like she was a girl in the presence of women, though Claire was only a few years older than she was. But Olivia’s pussy was already soaked thinking of what might transpire that evening, and this more than made up for any awkwardness she might be feeling.

Gina greeted Claire warmly and they pecked each other on the cheek. Gina praised Claire’s choice of wine — it was an Italian vintage that Gina had heard of but never tasted. Claire grinned mischievously. “I borrowed it from Mimi’s cellar,” she said. “I think it’s worth about $250.”

“Oh, wow,” said Gina. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

Claire shrugged. “She has cases of it. One bottle won’t be missed.”

Gina had really pulled out all the stops on dinner that night, making a warm seafood salad, fried tomatoes, and baked crespelle with bolognese meat sauce. She had timed it perfectly, and she and Claire sat down at the dining room table as Olivia delivered the various dishes to the table. Sipping a glass of wine, Gina playfully slapped Olivia on the rear as she passed on her way back to the kitchen. Olivia mock-glared over her shoulder and stuck out her tongue.

“You’ll be spanked for that later,” said Gina, and Olivia gulped, because she knew that Gina meant it. Another little gush of liquid seeped out between her thighs.

For a minute, Gina thought about making Olivia eat separately for the sake of verisimilitude, but she really wanted Olivia there at the table with them. Olivia looked so delectable that Gina wanted to fuck her right there and then, but she was determined to be civilized, so she made conversation.

“So who is this Mimi?” Gina asked Claire as they filled their plates, throwing a glance at Olivia. “Olivia’s told me a little but about her, but you probably know more.”

“Well, she started off as my employer, and somehow now she kind of runs my whole life,” said Claire, her eyes a little downcast. “Not that I mind. She takes good care of me, and of all the rest of us. Mimi’s just that kind of person. Somehow or other, you always end up doing what she wants you to do.”

“Hmm.” For a moment Gina contemplated what it would be like to be that kind of person. Then she shook it off and started eating. The food was fantastic, and for a while it was quiet except for the sounds of eating and the occasional contented sigh.

Claire was the first to sit down her fork and lean back in her chair. “Oh my God, that was amazing,” she said. “Thank you so much.”

“I hope you saved room for dessert,” said Gina, smiling radiantly.

“Um, well, of course. Give me a few minutes though.”

“Of course,” answered Gina. “We have all the time in the world.”

* * *

After unwrapping the new strap-on and glancing at the manual, which was surprisingly lengthy, Jessica decided to flip a coin to see who would be the first to get fucked with it. She got out a quarter and asked Marie to call it in the air; Marie called heads, and it came up tails. Jane clapped her hands with girlish glee while Marie scowled.

Both of them helped Jessica with the harness, making sure everything was tight and secure. Then Jessica flipped the little switch that turned on the vibration and felt a very subtle but deeply pleasurable little tingle in her clit. She immediately felt like a better person, a warm and benevolent monarch. Turning to Jane, she asked, “How would you like it?”

Jane decided that she wanted to be bent over the couch and fucked from behind. “And I want Marie to spank me while you do it to me.”

“Your wish is my command,” said Jessica, and so it was. Right off, Jane started moaning louder than either of them had ever heard, and she only got louder from there. She had never felt anything quite like it — the warm buzzing deep inside her as Marie’s hand came down again and again on her ass cheeks. She came three times in rapid succession, then forcefully pushed Jessica away, surprising them both.

“I’m sorry,” she said when she’d had a chance to catch her breath. “I really couldn’t take any more.”

“It’s OK,” reassured Jessica, stroking the shaft with one hand while looking at Marie. “Your turn.”

Marie wanted to be tied hand and foot to the bed, and soon she was. Once she was helpless, though, Jessica decided to tease her a little bit. Holding the tip of the strap-on inches from Marie’s mouth, she taunted, “Is this what you want?” Marie just groaned, and a little trickle of drool ran down the corner of her mouth. “How bad?”

Marie talked slowly, as if it was difficult for her to think if words. “So bad. Please, mistress. Just fuck me. Please.”

Jessica pushed the tip of the dildo into Marie’s mouth, and she sucked hungrily, tasting Jane’s pussy juice and feeling her mouth begin to vibrate sympathetically. It was hypnotic, and she would have gladly continued sucking indefinitely; she felt a little frustrated when Jessica pulled out of her mouth, but after having a moment to think about what was going to happen next, she smiled beatifically.

Before going any further, Jessica had Jane blindfold and ball-gag Marie. It just felt necessary. Moving to kneel between Marie’s wide-open legs, Jessica ran the soft tip of the strap-on gently across her stomach, her hips, her belly button, her thighs. Marie was on the edge of orgasm before she was even penetrated, and once she was, she came almost right away. She climaxed four more times, moaning louder and louder each time, until Jessica finally realized that she was begging for no more, and that she meant it.

When Jessica stepped back to release the strap-on from Marie’s cunt, Jane immediately dropped to her knees and took it into her mouth. After sucking it dry of Marie’s goo she rolled over on her back and spread her legs as wide as they would go.

“Please give it to me again. Please.”

Jessica considered for a moment and then shook her head. “No, I don’t think so. Not right now.”


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 99

Jessica called down to have breakfast brought up, and by the time it arrived everyone was up and around. They ate and had coffee, which helped Jessica’s hangover tremendously. The other girls were all in extremely high spirits, chattering, giggling, and telling stories. Eventually they started discussing what to do that day, and after a minute Marie piped up enthusiastically: “Let’s go shopping!”

This idea was met with general approval and Jessica texted Rocky to arrange transportation. “Oooh,” said Erica, “there’s one store I absolutely have to take you to. You would love it.”

They all showered and dressed. Erica borrowed jeans and a T-shirt from Marie; even dressed down like this, she looked impeccably glamorous. When the limo arrived Rocky rolled down the window and tipped her hat to them. “Ladies.”

 They all piled in to the back, Jessica and Jane on one side, Erica and Marie on the other. Jessica absent-mindedly fondled Jane as she looked out the window, taking in the sights, loving that she could see out but no one could see in. Jessica slipped a hand down Jane’s panties and Jane moaned, leaning back in her seat. Erica followed suit, squeezing Marie’s breasts with one hand while sliding the other up her skirt to caress her exquisitely soft thighs.

The store Erica had in mind turned out to be an upscale boutique aimed at lesbians, packed with sex toys, lingerie, bondage gear, and anything else one’s heart might desire. They spent a happy hour there and emerged with three big bags full of goodies. Jessica bought herself a new strap-on that was unlike any she’d seen before. Its surface was soft and lifelike — better than lifelike, it was a pleasure just to touch it. It also vibrated subtly, stimulating both the clit of the wearer and the pussy on the receiving end. Jessica could hardly wait to try it out.

She also bought a pearl-handled whip and, for Jane and Marie, dog collars with diamond studs. For Erica, she bought a lovely pair of gold-plated nipple clamps — a tip for superior service, she said. Jane and Marie had picked out a bunch of lingerie and other treats; Jessica hadn’t even noticed some of what went into the bags, but she knew she’d find out eventually.

At this point Erica excused herself; she had to get home and change, and had an appointment with one of her best clients later that afternoon. Before she left to find a taxi, though, she pulled Jessica aside for a moment.

“You have dinner plans for tonight?” Jessica shook her head. “Do you like sushi?”

“Love it,” answered Jessica.

“I know some people who run a service that will bring sushi to your room. The food is great, but the presentation is, well, amazing.” Erica’s eyes glittered mischievously. “Shall I call them for you?”

“Absolutely,” said Jessica. Then there were kisses all around and Erica was on her way.

Jessica, Jane, and Marie spent the rest of the afternoon going from shop to shop, indulging their every whim. It was Christmas season in New York City, and festive extravagance was the order of the day. At one particularly memorable stop Jessica bought them all fur coats. She had forgotten how much she loved fur, how sexy she found it. And these were antique coats, so the animals who supplied them had been dead a long time; even Marie, an animal lover of the highest order, raised no objection. And she looked absolutely fabulous in her coat; it was like she’d been born to wear fur.

On the way home, Jessica was tempted to bust out the new strap-on and break it in right there in the back of the limo. But before she knew it they were pulling up in front of the hotel. Impulsively she asked Rocky to come up and join them for dinner.

“Well, ma’am,” answered Rocky, “I don’t exactly have a good way to park this here machine. I appreciate the invite though. Next time.”

In the lobby one of the hotel’s assistant managers flagged them down. “Ms. Braden?”


“As you requested, we admitted the food service crew to your room. I trust you will find everything in order.”

“Thank you,” said Jessica. She hesitated a moment; was she supposed to tip the guy for this? He was management, so she didn’t think so, and if he was it all disappointed, he was professional enough to conceal it.

When they got upstairs it was perfectly quiet in the suite, and for a second Jessica wondered if the sushi had gone to the wrong room. But then they turned a corner and saw that a large table had been set up in the living room. On this table were two naked Japanese girls laying perfectly still, their bodies covered with an assortment of sashimi and rolls. Both of them were wearing black masks with eyeholes. Jessica, Marie, and Jane shared a look; this was certainly something new.

One of the girls spoke up. “Hello, my name is May,” she said. “And this is June. We will be your sushi platters tonight. You will find soy sauce and wasabi on the table to my left, and the big bottle there is full of hot sake. If you want a beer or some other cold beverage, you will find your suite’s refrigerator fully stocked. Bon appetit.”

After stashing their packages and cleaning up, Jessica, Jane, and Marie pulled up chairs and sat down to their meal. The scene was so artfully arranged, two beautiful bodies decorated with equally beautiful food, that it seemed a shame to disturb it. But Jessica was starving, so after taking a picture she scooped up a piece of unagi.

The three of them worked their way slowly through the food, drinking plenty of sake, often standing to walk around the table and get a different angle on the scene. Afterward, Jessica would say it was possibly the best meal she’d ever had; it was certainly one of the most memorable.

After a while Jessica stopped picking up the sushi and started leaning down to eat them off the two girls’ bodies. There were no objections, so the other two followed suit, and after a few minutes of this Jessica couldn’t resist taking a little taste of May’s nipple. Still nothing was said, so they began to take more liberties, sucking a breast here, kissing a neck or thigh there, even nuzzling into the girls’ sweet-smelling black pubic hair. Eventually the food was all gone, but the meal was not over.

Jessica sat back and watched as Jane moved her chair to right in front of May, and Marie placed hers in front of June. With the food gone the girls could move, and so now their legs were spread, revealing two pairs of glistening pink pussy lips. Jessica fixed herself a martini and sat down to watch Jane and Marie service the two Japanese girls, who whimpered and moaned softly as they squirmed and writhed on the table.

Jessica had just finished her drink and May and June had come with high-pitched squeals when there was a knock at the door. This turned out to be the manager of May and June’s company, come to collect them. She was accompanied by two men who packed up the table and equipment as May and June dressed. Then the four of them quickly cleaned the kitchen as the manager chatted with Jessica and settled the bill.

When they had gone Jessica made herself another drink and thought about what to do next. The night was young and she was just getting warmed up. Her mind turned to the new strap-on; it needed breaking in.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 98

Annalise sat back on her haunches, taking in the scene before her. Lexi was bent over the bed with her head down, eyes open but vacant; she looked very cute dressed in nothing but her long green socks, panties hanging around one ankle. Serena was sprawled out on the bed, apparently unconscious, legs splayed casually apart. Annalise looked down at the vibrator, thinking that it might just be the two of them now. She touched it to her nipple, feeling a pleasant tingle, and noticing that it smelled distinctly of Lexi’s pussy.

But then Serena woke up, and she woke up hungry. She wanted to taste Lexi in the worst way. Standing up, she picked up the younger girl without visible effort and deposited her on the bed face-up. Lexi gazed up wide-eyed as Serena reached down to spread the younger girl’s legs. Her pussy was a perfect pink, glistening wet and delicious-looking.

Serena dropped to her knees and extended her tongue, at first just tracing the surface of Lexi’s labia. Then she licked her lips and went back for more, this time pushing the tip of her tongue inside. Lexi sighed and squirmed, arching her back and pinching her own nipples with both hands.

Annalise, feeling a little left out, climbed up onto the bed and stood for a minute looking down at the two blondes going at it. There definitely was a chemistry between them, and Annalise sort of regretted having brought them together. But it was done now, and all she could do was make the best of it. Moving to stand directly over Lexi’s head, Annalise let herself sink down until her pussy was right in the cheerleader’s face.

She was still holding the vibrator, so she figured she might as well use it. She touched it to her clit just as Lexi’s tongue wriggled up inside her; it was the most delicious feeling. Combined with the sight of Serena ardently licking Lexi’s pussy, it was possibly the most pleasure she’d ever felt at one time.

Annalise continued to stimulate her clit with the vibe as Lexi licked her, and she was amazed at how much she was gushing. She couldn’t remember so much liquid ever coming out of her. She was afraid she was making rather a mess of poor Lexi’s face, but you weren’t going to hear Lexi complaining. For one thing, Annalise’s crotch was covering her face; for another, Serena was in the middle of giving her multiple grade-A orgasms.

When she had come as much as she could stand, Annalise leaned forward and used the vibrator to help Serena bring Lexi to one last massive climax. A few minutes later, when Annalise finally climbed off her, Lexi saw the clock and realized that it was quite late. She needed to get some sleep if she was going to have her wits about her for the math test. Dressing quickly, she said her goodbyes and made her way downstairs.

As she traversed the dark porches back to her own house, Lexi was struck by a strange feeling; was this a pang of jealousy? And who was she jealous of, exactly? She was too tired to figure it out right now. She opened her front door and heard her father still snoring away contentedly. It was bedtime, for sure. The tingling between her legs was giving way to an intense drowsiness. She barely made it to bed before falling unconscious.

* * *

It was almost noon when Jessica woke up, feeling mildly hung over and more than a little disoriented. She wasn’t quite sure where she was or who the beautiful woman sleeping next to her was.

After a few seconds it all came back to her. She was in her suite, and the woman next to her was Erica, the prostitute she had hired. Jessica had found Erica surprising in a number of ways. When the sex was over, they had all put on robes, and Erica had seemed in no hurry to depart. “You’re welcome to stay, of course,” Jessica told her. “I just figured you’d have another appointment, or something.”

Erica smiled. “No, I don’t have another client tonight. And I like you guys. I figured I might spend the night, if that’s OK.”

“Well sure,” said Jessica happily, and called down to room service for a bottle of brandy. Afterward they spent a couple of hours lounging around, drinking brandy and talking.

As they talked Jessica realized that, without being conscious of it, she’d assumed that Erica came from an underprivileged background, that tragic circumstances had led her to a life of vice. But in fact Erica’s family was middle-class and she had gone to (though not graduated from) college.

“My junior year a girl I knew told me she’d been turning tricks on the side for extra money. I had just lost my job at the college bookstore and needed some cash, so she introduced me to some people. By my senior year I was making more money than I ever could have made by finishing my degree, so I dropped out.”

She had a few hair-raising stories to tell, but for the most part she had adroitly avoided the major pitfalls of her profession. She had never gotten into drugs and never had a pimp. “Well, there was a guy who probably thought of himself as my pimp,” she said, “but I thought of him more as my agent. He wasn’t really a tough guy, he just looked the part. But for the last few years I’ve been completely a free agent. The Internet makes that much easier.

“And a couple years ago I was finally able to switch over to taking only women as clients, which is great. Men are so much more difficult. Sometimes they can’t perform, and you have to handle them just right, or they get angry. I’ve gotten smacked around a few times – nothing serious, but enough that I don’t want to go through it anymore. Women are just easy. And, you know, they’re cleaner, they smell better, they’re so nice and soft….”

Erica beamed, and in that moment she looked so sweet and wholesome and adorable that Jessica was struck with a perverse impulse: to bend Erica over, tie her hands behind her back, and spank her while telling her what a dirty whore she was.

And had it been earlier in the day, she would have done it. But it was pushing 4:00, the bottle of brandy was empty and Jessica was tired. They’d had quite a day. Jessica chose Erica to share her bed, and if Jane and Marie found this annoying, they knew better than to say anything. In a matter of minutes all four of them were fast asleep.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 97

After Jane and Marie untied Erica, she disappeared into the bathroom for a minute to pee and wash her face. When she returned, she took Jessica by the hand and escorted her to the living room. Jessica was only too happy to be led in this circumstance; Erica was, after all, the professional here. Jane and Marie followed behind.

Erica pulled off what remained of Jessica’s clothes, sat her down on the couch, and hopped up to straddle her. They shared a long, sensuous kiss, tongues exploring and intertwining. Then Erica began to move down. She paid due attention to Jessica’s ears, her neck, her shoulders, then her breasts, licking all around and sucking them down.

Marie and Jane took seats and looked on, pleased to see their mistress being treated the way she deserved. Continuing her journey south, Erica lingered on Jessica’s navel, her hips, and her triangle, then bent over to kiss her feet before spreading her legs. Jessica settled back into the couch and opened wider to give Erica good access.

What followed took Marie and Jane by surprise. They both thought they knew how to pleasure a woman, but Erica was operating on another level. Her technique was flawless; her mouth, tongue and hands incredibly skilled; but more than that, she just had a special touch. She knew when to push forward, when to ease off, when to pay attention to the inner thighs, the pussy itself, or the clit. She kept Jessica going for the better part of an hour, driving her to higher and higher heights, but never over the edge. Then, when Jessica finally came, she orgasmed three times rapidly in succession — making some noises Jane and Marie had never heard her make before — then fell back and lay still.

Feeling humbled but happy, Jane and Marie moved onto the couch, cuddling their mistress from either side. They drew Erica up into their embrace, and for a time all four of them just rested together.

* * *

By the time Lexi finished studying for her math final, it was late. She could hear her father snoring down the hall, but she herself didn’t feel tired at all. She felt horny. And at this hour she wasn’t quite sure what to do about it, until she remembered that she had a good option close at hand.

Moving very quietly — probably more quietly than she really needed to, as her dad was a heavy sleeper and a loud snorer — she crept out the front door and over to Annalise’s. The house was dark but the door was unlocked, and Lexi was sure Annalise wouldn’t mind. As she climbed the stairs she was surprised to see that a light was on in the bedroom, and then she heard a noise: a female moan, a quiet one, but unmistakeable.

Walking on her tiptoes, Lexi moved to the bedroom door and peered around the corner. The light from the corner lamp was dim, so it took Lexi a few seconds to figure out what she was seeing. Annalise, facing her, was the top half of a 69. Just at that moment Annalise looked up and saw Lexi standing in the doorway; her pussy-juice-slick face curled into a devilish grin.

All Lexi could make out of the woman beneath her was a wet, wide-open, blonde-haired pussy. Her curiosity was piqued, but Annalise put her finger to her mouth to ask for quiet, then dove back in. Lexi stood watching in the doorway as Annalise and the mystery woman went at it, gripping each other tight and eventually reaching nearly simultaneous orgasms. By the time they finished Lexi’s pussy was gushing and she had one hand on her crotch, touching herself through her jeans.

After taking a minute to recover, Annalise rolled off to reveal the body beneath her. It was a spectacular one: long and strong with huge tits and perfect muscle tone. The woman had long blonde hair and her eyes were closed in blissful contentment. Then her eyes opened and she saw Lexi. Her face registered surprise but not shock; after taking a few seconds to process she smiled at Lexi, quickly seeing the positives in the situation.

Annalise looked like the cat the ate the canary, very pleased at being the one in the know for once, not the new girl on the block. “Serena, this is Lexi,” she said. “Lexi, Serena.”

Lexi quietly said “Hi,” looking down at the floor, feeling suddenly shy — although she was the only one there with clothes on.

“Hi, Lexi,” said Serena, much more loudly and enthusiastically. “I’ve heard about you from some of the other girls. You’re even more beautiful than they told me.”

Pleased with the compliment, Lexi looked up and once again met Serena’s eyes. They were warm, intelligent, and full of life; at that moment Lexi fell in love a little bit. “Thanks,” she said. She wanted to add something sweet, like “You’re not so bad yourself,” but it just felt too cheesy; instead she settled for her most winning cheerleader smile.

After that the two of them seemed frozen, so Annalise took matters into her own hands. She walked over behind Lexi and pulled off her top, then her bra, reaching around to cup Lexi’s tits with both hands. Serena hopped up onto her hands and knees and stretched out to take one of Lexi’s nipples into her mouth; Annalise eased Lexi forward a bit to facilitate.

Now Annalise pulled Lexi’s jeans down and jammed a hand between her thighs. It was very warm in there, and a little moist as well. Annalise ran her hand along Lexi’s crotch and the cheerleader moaned, her legs going a little slack. She sank to her knees and right there in front of her were Serena’s tits: heavy, ripe, succulent, and irresistible. Why resist anyway?

Leaning forward, Lexi opened her mouth as wide as it would go but still couldn’t come anywhere close to getting a whole breast in her mouth. She felt like a tiny baby suckling on an enormous mother. Suddenly it flashed into her head that Serena looked not unlike some photos Lexi had seen of her own mom. The thought made her feel weird for a second, but she was soon distracted by the surprising sensation of Annalise’s hand swatting her butt cheek.

Lexi looked back at Annalise, who shrugged as if to say, things are different now. Then Lexi returned her attention to Serena’s magnificent boobs and Annalise, having gotten things started, sat back to watch for awhile. For some minutes Lexi moved back and forth from right to left, left to right, eyes closed and a faraway, almost hypnotized look on her face.

Serena liked having her tits sucked as much as anyone, but after awhile she was ready for more. She pulled away from Lexi and lay back on the bed. When Lexi opened her eyes Serena was on her back, legs spread wide, hands on her inner thighs in a very alluring pose. A line from a movie popped into Serena’s head and before she knew it it was coming out of her mouth: “Take a bite of peach.”

Lexi didn’t need to be asked twice. In the blink of an eye she was between Serena’s legs, slurping away hungrily. Serena looked a little taken aback at Lexi’s sudden ferocity; she momentarily raised one hand as if to defend herself, then let it fall on Lexi’s head.

In this position Lexi’s ass was in the air and it occurred to Annalise that her pussy could probably use some attention. She didn’t have a strap-on but she did have a vibrator, though she hadn’t used it for awhile. It took her a minute to remember which drawer it was in, but when she found it, it started right up. Annalise knelt down behind Lexi and maneuvered the vibe between her legs, touching it first to her left thigh.

Lexi’s whole body shook visibly, but she never let up her assault on Serena’s cunt as Annalise ran the vibrator along her crotch and tapped it against her clit. Annalise saw Lexi go rigid and knew it probably wouldn’t take long, so she worked carefully, using the vibe gently and pulling it away from time to time. This way she was able to time it just perfectly so Serena and Lexi came together.

Lexi let loose with one of her patented screams, punishing the ears of the other two women. For a second she wondered if the sound might not wake up her father back at the house. But that was ridiculous, she realized. There was nothing to worry about. She let her head fall onto the bed and let her mind wander, aftershocks of orgasm reverberating through her body.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 96

Jessica took her sweet time on her way to the bedroom, and by the time she got there the girls had Erica stretched out nude, her wrists and ankles bound to the bedposts with bathrobe belts. There were actually two large beds in the enormous bedroom, and they had chosen the one closer to the window. A hint of moonlight played on Erica’s gorgeous skin, which was interrupted only by a perfectly trimmed patch of pubic hair.

There was a plush chair against the wall opposite the bed, so Jessica sat down and took a sip of her drink. Marie and Jane were standing on either side of the bed, patiently awaiting further instructions. Erica too was gazing up at Jessica, her big brown eyes expressing a surprising amount of innocence considering what she did for a living.

“Marie, sit on her face,” ordered Jessica. Marie obediently slipped off her panties, leaving on her garter belt, and climbed onto the bed. She turned to face Jessica and slowly sank down until her her pussy was poised over Erica’s mouth. Seeing what the client wanted, Erica extended her tongue and ran it along the length of Marie’s slit.

“Jane, eat her pussy.” Wasting no time, Jane dropped to her knees and leaned forward to get her head between Erica’s legs. For a few minutes Jessica just sat, drank, and enjoyed the scene: Marie bouncing up and down on Erica’s face, her boobs shaking gently; Jane’s head bobbing around as she hungrily licked, sucked, and fingered Erica’s cunt; Erica’s soft moans escaping from between Marie’s legs.

Standing, Jessica crossed the room and opened the suitcase full of toys she had brought along. She picked out a pair of nipple clamps and returned to where the others were. She reached down to rub and pinch Erica’s nipples, and when they were good and stiff, Jessica snapped on the clamps. Erica yelped, temporarily distracted from her work on Marie’s pussy. After a moment she resumed, only to be distracted again when Jessica pulled on the chain between the clamps.

Erica yelped again, slightly louder this time, then sighed audibly as Jessica released the pressure. Now Jessica leaned forward to kiss Marie on the mouth. Just at that moment Erica’s lips clamped down on Marie’s clit, so Marie moaned into Jessica’s mouth, the first hint of an orgasm rumbling through her body. Jessica pulled Jane’s head up from Erica’s crotch and began to slowly, slowly, slowly stroke Erica’s clit with one hand while intermittently pulling on the nipple clamps with the other.

Having climaxed satisfyingly, Marie hopped off the bed and sat down in the chair Jessica had vacated. She watched as Jessica continued to stimulate Erica’s clit and nipples, Jane meanwhile moving up the bed and softly kissing Erica with lips covered in her own juices. When Erica finally came, it was violent; her body quaked and she strained against her bonds, groaning helplessly and gasping for breath.

Shooing Marie off the chair, Jessica sat and picked up her drink, contemplating her next move. Marie curled up at Jessica’s feet, resting her head on her mistress’s leg. Erica, meanwhile, was struggling to maintain her composure. She had never come like that with a client before, and didn’t know what she could say without sounding unprofessional. She finally settled for a loud exhale and a quiet “Wow.”

Absentmindedly petting Marie’s head, Jessica looked over at Jane, who had a look on her face that Jessica recognized. The poor thing had given without receiving, and was badly in need to some attention.

Standing, Jessica gestured for Jane to take her place in the chair. “Make her come,” she said to Marie, and left to refill her drink. Marie was pulling Jane’s panties down as she left the room.

Fresh martini in hand, Jessica stood for a few minutes looking out over the city. It was completely dark now and there were lights everywhere. She remembered the line from that old TV show, “There are eight million stories in the naked city.” She had always liked that phrase, “naked city” — it gave her ideas….

When she returned to the bedroom, Jane had her legs splayed and draped across either side of the chair. Her face was scrunched up into a mask of pleasure as Marie serviced her and Erica looked on attentively but expressionlessly. Jessica could tell that Jane was close, very close; her face had started to turn red, as it often did when she approached orgasm.

Leaning down so that her lips were right against Jane’s ear, Jessica whispered, “Come for me, honey.” With that Jane moaned, gripped both arms of the chair, and humped Marie’s face until a climax wracked her body.

Sitting her drink down on the bedside table, Jessica made another trip to her suitcase and dug out a 10-inch black strap-on. After harnessing up she walked over to Jane and Marie and they obediently leapt into action, running their tongues up and down the thick shaft, putting on a show for Erica.

When she felt ready, Jessica moved over to the bed and poised herself over Erica so they were very close but not touching. She looked down into Erica’s eyes, which were intelligent and warm, but with a steely edge to them that Jessica felt a kinship with. When Jessica began to push inside, those eyes rolled back into Erica’s head and her mouth fell open. Impulsively, Jessica leaned down and kissed Erica on the forehead, feeling a real tenderness that surprised her under the circumstances.

Supporting herself with both hands, Jessica took the chain connecting the nipple clamps in her mouth and began to tug on it as she slid the strap-on all the way in. It was quiet in the room and Jessica concentrated on Erica’s breathing as she moved in and out, pulling on the chain, making Erica gasp and then moan, gasp and then moan.

Planting her feet for leverage, Jessica began to drive up into Erica harder, lifting her physically off the bed as Erica flexed her hips to meet each thrust. When she could sense that Erica was close to coming Jessica eased off, teasing Erica with slow strokes while jerking harder on the nipple clamps.

“Jane, Marie, come!” ordered Jessica, and a second later they were there at the side of the bed. Leaning on one hand, Jessica pulled off the nipple clamps and had Jane and Marie each begin to suckle one of Erica’s breasts. Now Jessica resumed pounding into Erica with full force, and it didn’t take long before an intense orgasm wracked the bound woman’s body. Erica again strained against her bonds and her screams echoed through the suite, making Jessica wonder how close their nearest neighbors might be. Not that she cared that much — she felt like the queen of the world right now, invincible and ready for whatever challenge might come her way.


Friday, August 1, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 95

Upon their arrival in New York, Jessica met with Jane’s attorneys. The meeting went surprisingly well; apparently Jane had been very persuasive in convincing them that this was what she really wanted. The law firm also handled investments, and had been doing a very good job, so Jessica agreed to let them continue to manage most of it. She learned that Jane had asked the firm to sell off her house and all her possessions — she had no desire to revisit her old life — and that the proceeds would be added to the account.

Jessica was a little taken aback to discover just how much money there was. She knew that Jane was well-off, but when she saw the actual numbers in front of her, she almost started choking. She had grown up poor, and although she was relatively comfortable now, this was on a different scale. She sensed immediately that life was going to change; the only question was how.

Afterward she sat in the lobby for a few minutes with Jane and Marie, excited, but also a little confused. Where to go from here? Well, they were going to need a place to stay that night. Jessica had always wanted to stay at the Four Seasons, so she got out her phone and booked them a suite at the Four Seasons. The nightly rate was obscene, but she could afford it now, and was in the mood to splurge.

Now they would need a way to get there, so she called a limo service and ordered a black stretch. Barely 10 minutes passed before the long, sleek vehicle pulled up in front of the office. The driver’s door opened and a black-uniformed figure emerged and came inside.

The driver looked at them and asked, “Jessica Braden?” The voice was high for a man and low for a woman, and the uniform, hat, and sunglasses made it hard to tell much about who was underneath.

“That’s right,” answered Jessica, standing.

“Hi, I’m Rocky, and I’ll be your driver today.”

“A pleasure,” said Jessica, scrutinizing Rocky and coming tentatively to the conclusion that this was a female. Rocky was probably short for “Raquel” or something like that.

Rocky helped them with their minimal luggage and showed them where the bar was located in the back of the limo. Champagne seemed to be in order, so Jessica had Marie pour them each a glass, and they drank a toast as the limo made its way through the city.

When the arrived at the hotel Rocky opened the door for them. The sunglasses were gone, and now she looked much more like a woman; her eyes were a lovely green, gleaming with a sharp but not entirely trustworthy intelligence. Before they parted Rocky handed Jessica her card. “Feel free to give me a call,” she said. “Anything you want in this city, I can probably help you find it.” She winked. “Anything at all.”

* * *

After checking in Jessica, Marie, and Jane sat looking out over the city. They had opened a bottle of champagne and ordered a luxurious dinner from room service. Jessica felt well-indulged and happy but there was a yearning, too, for something more.

She looked over at Jane, whose face was bathed in the orange glow of sunset. Jane looked calmer and more beautiful than Jessica had ever seen her. Her burdens had been lifted, Jessica realized; she was free now to live in the moment.

“Jane,” said Jessica.


“I was thinking, maybe you’d like to go back to your real name now. It would be OK with me.”

Jane shook her head vigorously. “No. I want to be who I am with you, not who I was.”

Jessica nodded. She looked over at Marie, who was stretched out on the couch painting her toenails. “Marie, what would you like to do tonight?”

Marie shrugged. “This is nice.”

Jessica refilled her glass of champagne and started pacing around the suite. The problem with being able to do anything you want, she reflected, is figuring out what you want to do. She idly turned on the TV and started flipping channels. After a football game, an infomercial, and a reality show, she came across the face of Julia Roberts — never a favorite of hers, but it was enough to stop her channel-surfing for a few seconds.

The movie, she soon realized, was Pretty Woman, and suddenly a thought struck her. She had never once in her life paid for sex. She’d never needed to, and she didn’t need to now either; but the idea was immediately exciting. Now where did one find a prostitute? She knew there were certain neighborhoods, but where were they? Or if you wanted a call girl, who did you call?

Then she remembered the card in her pocket, and two minutes later she was on the phone to Rocky, who answered quickly. “Hallo?”

“Rocky, this is Jessica Braden.”

“Well hello there,” said Rocky. Jessica could hear the knowing grin on the other end. “I hoped I might hear from you again. What can I help you with today?”

Jessica felt, uncharacteristically, a little sheepish. “Well, when you said…you could, uh…help with anything…I was wondering….” She took a deep breath, angry at herself for being such a wimp. “Do you know someone who could send a girl to my hotel room?”

“Sure,” purred Rocky. “What did you have in mind?”

“Nothing in particular. The most beautiful one available. Money is no object.”

Rocky chuckled. “Money is always an object, sweetheart, believe me. But I know what you mean. Let me make a couple of calls.”

About 90 minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Jessica had dimmed all the lights to create a romantic atmosphere and instructed Jane and Marie to shower and put on nice lingerie. With soft music playing and the city lights in the background, it made for quite an alluring ambiance. Jessica didn’t know why she was going to so much trouble to impress this person whom she would, after all, be paying, but somehow it seemed important. She felt a little nervous, like she had a hot date, and the tingle between her legs was like the buzzing of bees.

When she opened the door, she was impressed with what she saw. The woman was a little taller than Jessica, with long, straight black hair, generous dark brown eyes, and a creamy mocha complexion. She wore a simple black dress that emphasized her substantial boobs, but not in a slutty way. On the whole she looked gorgeous and classy, but not distant or unapproachable.

“Hi,” she said. “I’m Erica.”

Jessica ushered her in and took the opportunity to check out her ass — it was a little bigger than most, rivaling Ana’s in size, but undeniably exquisite. “I’m Jessica.” Again she felt the need to impress, and wanted to say something clever and charming, but nothing came immediately to mind. She told herself to relax; it seemed like the suite was doing the job for her, anyway. Erica looked around, nodding approvingly, and let out a low whistle.

“This is lovely,” she said.

“This?” said Jessica, waving dismissively. “It’s OK, I guess.” When she laughed, Erica joined in, laughing melodically and sweeping her hair back off her forehead with one hand. It was a charming gesture — practiced perhaps, but charming nonetheless.

They turned a corner into the living room of the suite, where Jane and Marie were each reclining on one of the large chairs. Jessica introduced them to the new arrival, and they smiled up at Erica, wondering what Jessica might have in mind for all of them.

With Jane and Marie in the room, Jessica found it very easy to slip into her usual role. She was the boss, and everything here belonged to her. All she had to do was decide what she wanted.

Walking up to Erica, Jessica put one hand to her cheek. Her skin was deliciously soft, her complexion flawless. Jessica slid the hand around to the back of Erica’s neck and pulled her close, kissing her sensually but firmly. Erica’s lips were thick, rich, juicy. She was going to be worth every penny, Jessica felt sure.

Stepping back, Jessica took a deep breath, determined to take this slow, enjoy every second. She gestured to Jane and Marie. “Girls, come give Erica a kiss.”

Jane and Marie stood and approached the call girl. The three of them shared a long, slow kiss with lots of tongue. Just then there was another knock at the door, which Jessica went to answer; it was a bellman with the vodka, vermouth, and cocktail shaker she had requested. When she returned Erica’s head was thrown back, lips slightly parted, as Marie nibbled on her neck and Jane kissed and licked behind the ear.

Sitting the supplies down next to the ice bucket, Jessica began to fix herself a drink. “Jane, Marie,” she called out. “Take her to the bedroom. Get her clothes off and tie her to the bed.”

“That’s going to cost a little extra,” said Erica as Jane and Marie each took one of her hands and began to lead her away.

“I know,” said Jessica, shaking her martini, then pouring it into a glass. “No problem.”

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 94

Tuesday night Olivia managed to make it over to Gina’s again; the night before she’d had to stay home and study for a final. When she arrived, she found Gina in the kitchen making pasta, drinking wine as she usually did while cooking and singing along to a song on the radio.

Olivia took a seat at the kitchen table and poured herself a glass of wine. She was in an ebullient mood; she had kicked ass on her test and was glad to be back here in Gina’s kitchen, which was quickly becoming one of her favorite places. But as they caught up on the events of the last couple days, an uneasy feeling began to settle over Olivia; there was something strange, almost cold, about the way Gina was looking at her, although she seemed to be talking normally.

Was Gina mad, Olivia wondered? She claimed to have forgiven Olivia for her slutty ways, but maybe with more time to think about it, she’d changed her mind. Olivia sipped nervously at her wine, wondering what was going to happen.

The truth was, however, that Gina was thinking about the feeling of power she’d gotten from spanking and fucking Olivia the last time they’d been together. It was pretty much all she’d thought about for the last two days, and she could hardly wait to have another go.

After finishing the pasta, Gina boiled water and put half of it into the pot. She asked Olivia to watch the pasta and stir the sauce occasionally while she worked on a salad. Eager to please, Olivia took up her post at the stove with a wooden spoon in hand. Gina went to work cutting vegetables but was continually distracted by the younger girl, who was looking particularly adorable today in a tight T-shirt and short red skirt. When she bent over to take a taste of the sauce Gina could see her whole rear end — her black thong barely covered her butt crack — and almost cut off a finger.

Olivia must have been distracted as well, because she neglected to pay much attention to the pasta, with the result that when Gina went to check it it was slightly overdone. Gina felt her heart begin to race, not because she was really upset, but because she saw an opening.

“Well that’s just great,” said Gina in her best stern voice.

“Sorry,” answered Olivia sheepishly, now feeling doubly weird — partly because it suddenly felt like Gina was her mom, and partly because she was a little turned on by the thought.

“It’s ruined,” said Gina, taking the spoon out of Olivia’s grasp and turning her around to face the stove. Although Gina was trying to look severe, she couldn’t entirely suppress a smile as she pulled Olivia’s hands behind her back and tied them there with an apron. She walked the younger girl to the kitchen table and bent her over, raising the wooden spoon into the air; it was still a little saucy, but so much the better.

When she brought the spoon down for the first time on Olivia’s rear, flecks of tomato sauce flew everywhere, but Gina didn’t care; such petty concerns were far from her mind. She alternated blows between butt cheeks, drawing a small moan from Olivia with each one, until they glowed a nice soft pink. Then she reached down to see how wet Olivia was. The answer was very; Olivia’s thong had practically disappeared into her syrupy hole.

Gina ran the side of one hand along Olivia’s slit and brought it to her mouth, savoring the salty taste. Then, feeling wicked, she pulled the crotch of Olivia’s thong aside and penetrated her with the handle end of the spoon. Olivia gasped; the shape of the spoon stimulated the nerve endings inside her in unusual and delightful ways.

Stepping back from the table, Gina took a moment to enjoy the scene. A cute young girl was bent over her kitchen table, hands bound and skirt lifted, a wooden spoon sticking out of her snatch. What would her ex-husband think? He’d want to fuck the girl, of course. And come to think of it, that was not a bad idea.

When she returned a minute later, Gina had a strap-on in one hand and a bottle of lotion in the other. She gently rubbed some lotion into Olivia’s sore ass, then pulled the spoon out and brought the pussy juice–slick handle to Olivia’s mouth. “Get it nice and clean,” she instructed.

Once she considered the spoon clean enough, Gina replaced it with the shaft of the strap-on, which Olivia held in her mouth as Gina harnessed up. When she was ready to go, Gina used her hips to push the dildo farther into Olivia’s mouth, then pulled it out with a pop. Olivia was so turned on now that she could hardly stand it. “Do it to me,” she rasped. “Give it to me hard.”

Gina untied Olivia’s hands and rolled her over onto her back. She pulled off Olivia’s T-shirt, then her skirt and thong, leaving her dressed only in socks. Then she spread Olivia’s legs and rested the tip of the strap-on against her pussy lips. “Is this what you want?”

Olivia nodded and Gina pushed her way in, sliding easily into Olivia’s well-lubricated cunt. Olivia groaned “Oh, God,” and gripped the sides of the table as Gina leaned forward to suck her tits. Gina could feel Olivia’s heart beating like a jackhammer in her chest, and planted a tender kiss right on that spot.

As Olivia’s orgasm approached, the table rattled beneath her and she gripped Gina’s ass with both hands. “Fuck me fuck me fuck me,” she chanted, grinding against Gina to get maximum friction on her clit. Then she came with a force that brought tears to her eyes and lay still, holding Gina tightly against her.

After a minute Gina stood and pulled off the strap-on. By now she was both horny and hungry, so she multitasked by preparing another batch of pasta as Olivia knelt on the floor and licked her pussy. Gina climaxed just as the pasta was finished cooking, this time perfectly.

After that they had a nice, peaceful dinner, both still naked, until Olivia impulsively daubed a little tomato sauce on one of Gina’s breasts and bent down to lick it off. Gina followed suit, and they went back and forth that way a few times, then switched to using a bowl of melted chocolate. One thing led to another and they ended up 69ing in the bedroom, clenching each other tight and slurping away furiously.

By the time they had finally had enough, it was time for Olivia to get going. Gina followed her as she dressed and headed for the door, feeling tremendously satisfied but at the same time hungry for more. She really wanted Olivia to stay but turned instead to thinking about something fun they might do together. Suddenly an idea struck her.

“You remember that girl from the lingerie shop?”

“Claire?” said Olivia.

“Yeah,” answered Gina. She remembered that Claire had been part of Olivia’s adventure with Mistress Mimi. “You have her number?”


“Invite her to dinner.”

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 93

Tuesday morning Annalise got a message from Janice inviting her to yoga class that afternoon. At first she was hesitant; she was a little embarrassed at the way she’s been degraded by Lexi, Ana, Janice, and Ella, and at what a willing participant she’d been. But thinking of it she felt her pussy began to moisten, and she knew that there was no way she could refuse the invitation.

Janice used one of her guest passes for Annalise, who set up in a space between Janice and Ella. Looking around at the class, which was made up of women of all ages, all of them beautiful in their own way, Annalise felt privileged to be there. For a moment she focused on Ella, who looked especially gorgeous today, with her hair pinned back and a black bodystocking that showed off her lithe form.

But even Ella was put in the shade by the teacher, Serena, who to Annalise looked like a creature from another planet. She was tall, athletic, and seemingly glowing with life and energy. As the class began, Annalise had a hard time taking her eyes off Serena, which was fine since she was the teacher and everyone was looking at her anyway.

It was a sunny and warm in the studio, and soon Annalise found herself beginning to sweat. She found it difficult to concentrate on the poses, surrounded as she was by such stunning beauty; she looked around from Janice to Ella, to a particularly lovely brown-haired specimen in the corner, and back to Serena, and lustful, wild thoughts ran through her head. She realized that she was soaking wet between the legs, and was glad she was wearing a dark color that would hopefully serve as camouflage.

Annalise’s sex life had never been that exciting. Her former husband had not been very interested in sex, and though she had sometimes considered an affair no good opportunity had ever presented itself. By the time they divorced, she was almost 40 and didn’t find herself much in demand; and also she was shy and not much good at flirting or meeting new people. When Lexi and her father moved in next door, it had taken awhile for her to get up the nerve to approach them. When she did, the result had been unexpected, but certainly enjoyable.

After class Annalise hung around talking with Janice, Ella, and Serena — though she had difficulty forming sentences, so awed was she by Serena’s statuesque beauty. Janice told the others that she had the keys to Jessica’s house while Jessica was out of town, and invited them over for a drink. All three readily accepted.

At Jessica’s Annalise excused herself to go to the bathroom, and while she was there she became engrossed in the book she found sitting on the toilet tank, which was filled with pictures of women in bondage. By the time she returned to the living room, Ella was naked on the couch with her legs spread, Janice kneeling between them. Serena sat off to one side watching, also naked, fingering herself with her right hand while her left held a glass of Prosecco.

Annalise saw half-empty glasses on the coffee table next to Janice and Ella and a full one on the opposite site, which she picked up and sipped without taking her eyes off the scene before her. Her eyes met Serena’s and Serena favored her with a big smile, green eyes glittering with mischief and vitality. Annalise knew exactly what she wanted to do, and after taking a big gulp of wine, she set her glass down and did it.

She sank to her knees in front of Serena, put her hands on the blonde’s knees, and pushed them all the way open. The mingled scent of sweat and arousal rising from between her legs was truly intoxicating, and just for a second Annalise thought she might faint. But then she recovered herself and leaned down to kiss those firm thighs, running her tongue along the magnificent muscles. Serena tensed and gripped Annalise’s shoulder with her hand, sinking down in her chair so that her legs could splay further apart.

Annalise had had quite a bit of practice licking pussy lately, and for that she was glad, as she did not want to disappoint this goddess. She put every ounce of effort into pleasuring Serena, licking all around and gradually focusing in on her clit, which was every bit as impressive as the rest of her. As Serena’s orgasm approached, her powerful thighs held Annalise’s head in a vise-like grip. Annalise struggled to breathe and just as she thought she was about to pass out, suffocated in cunt juice and ecstasy, Serena came loudly and relaxed her leg muscles.

Sitting back on her haunches, Annalise looked up, her vision blurred and vague. When it finally came into focus, she saw Janice standing over her, massaging lube onto a strap-on. Behind Serena stood Ella, also strapped. Serena took Ella’s dildo into her mouth as Janice knelt down behind Annalise.

Annalise felt her hands pulled behind her back and handcuffed together, then Janice bent her forward so that her head was once again between Serena’s legs. Serena pulled her close with one hand and Annalise resumed gently lapping at the blonde as Janice pried her pussy lips open.

Once Janice penetrated her, though, Annalise forgot what she was doing and rested her head on the edge of the chair. She had been needing this, and the feeling of fullness was incredibly delicious. She gritted her teeth and rocked her hips backward to meet Janice’s thrusts. After a few initial pumps Janice took it slow, holding back a little, making Annalise do most of the work.

Serena, meanwhile, rolled gracefully off the chair and assumed a downward dog position on the floor, pushing her naked rump in the air toward Ella. Grinning, Ella took a step forward, smacked Serena loudly on the ass, then proceeded to give her a good hard fucking. Serena fell down onto her elbows, then her hands and knees, and finally all the way onto the floor as Ella slammed into her.

There may have been a little something extra behind Ella’s treatment of Serena. They were of a similar type, tall blondes, but Serena had bigger tits and was 10 years younger; everyone fawned over Serena, and this made Ella a little jealous, though she basically had nothing against the younger woman. She enjoyed making Serena scream, even though they were screams of pleasure; just to add a little pain, she reached down and twisted Serena’s nipple.

When Ella was done with her, Serena had come violently three times and lay still on the floor, a line of sweat running down her back. Ella walked over and sat down in front of Annalise, who had lifted her head and was now gripping the edge of the chair, grinding rhythmically back into Janice. Ella guided Annalise’s mouth to her crotch and pushed the strap-on into it, giving Annalise another taste of Serena’s delicious juices.

Now Ella pulled off her strap-on and spread her legs, pulling her pussy lips apart for Annalise, who obligingly drove her tongue inside. About this time Serena raised her head and caught sight of a clock, realizing that she needed to get to her evening class post-haste. After dressing quickly she lingered for a moment in the doorway, watching a massive orgasm rip through Annalise, who leaned forward and clamped down on Ella’s clit. Then Ella came too, rising up on her feet to rub her wet pussy on Annalise’s face.

Serena said goodbye and was out the door, soon followed by Ella, who had to get home for dinner. That left Janice looking down at the naked and handcuffed Annalise, thinking.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 92

Once Kat and Kelly had left, Marie showered again and shaved her legs and pits. Jessica had promised to take her to the French restaurant in town for her birthday dinner, and she was very excited at the prospect of an evening alone with her mistress.

After perfuming and powdering herself, Marie picked out her favorites from the new underwear she’d bought that day and tried on all of her new outfits before deciding on a simple cream-colored dress that flattered her curves nicely. Jessica appeared looking effortlessly chic in a black strapless number and, after complimenting Marie on how beautiful she looked, said that they had better get going or they would be late.

The food was delicious and Marie enjoyed speaking French with the waiter, who flirted shamelessly with her, unaware that all his efforts would get him nowhere. He was a handsome young man but Marie had eyes only for Jessica, who was in top form tonight, making Marie laugh and her eyes sparkle.

Afterward they stopped by #9 for a drink and sat at a corner table, Jessica with a martini, Marie with a glass of champagne. Although it was a Monday night and not very busy, there were several attractive specimens there. Inventorying the possibilities, Jessica asked Marie if she saw anything she liked, but Marie shook her head.

“I just want to be with you.”

So after one drink they went home, Marie nuzzling into Jessica’s neck as she drove. Back home they put on some music and opened another bottle of champagne. Marie asked Jessica to sit and did a dance for her, a dance that quickly turned into a striptease. Off came the new dress, the new bra, the new panties. Still moving rhythmically, Marie dropped to her knees in front of Jessica.

And so for Marie the day ended as it had begun, only in reverse order. After worshipping at the fountain between Jessica’s legs, she curled up in her mistress’s arms and slept like a baby.

* * *

Jessica woke up before Marie and lay for awhile just watching the younger girl sleep, thinking back to when they had first met.

Jessica had a friend whose job was placing exchange students with host families, and several times she’d asked Jessica to participate in the program. Jessica had always refused, but one day her friend was so desperate that Jessica finally relented and agreed to take in a student who would be attending the college two towns over.

Jessica was married at the time, but the marriage was not a happy one. She and her husband got along well enough, but they were both restless. Her husband was an exciting and interesting person, but never seemed satisfied; he always needed to push the envelope, including sexually. Several times he had talked her into threesomes with other women, and Jessica soon discovered that she had more interest in the girls than in him.

She had had several lesbian experiences in college, but had thought it was just a phase. Now she was surprised to discover how excited she could be by the softness of a girl’s skin, the sweetness of her lips, the smell and taste of her pussy.

Also, the girls that they trysted with were usually younger, and Jessica’s husband encouraged her to take a dominant position toward them. Jessica found that she thoroughly enjoyed tying a woman up, playing with her bound body, and making her eat pussy. Then her husband would get involved, and it wasn’t the same after that; Jessica began to yearn for the opportunity to experiment on her own.

So when 19-year-old Marie arrived at her door, looking so fresh and lovely, acting so shy and innocent, naturally Jessica began to have ideas. By now her husband was spending most of his time in the city about an hour away where his company’s home office was located, and where he had an apartment. Jessica suspected that he had a girlfriend there, or several, but she didn’t really care at this point; she was ready to move on to the next phase of her life.

At first, however, she and Marie were merely friends. Marie was very quiet and self-conscious about her poor English, so it took awhile for Jessica to get her to open up and talk about herself. Marie was from a small town in the south of France and she had come to the U.S. partly to study art, but also to escape an unpleasant home situation. Her father was abusive and her mother too afraid to do anything about it, and while he had never raped her, he had sent her to the hospital on one occasion.

Jessica found Marie extremely attractive, but was hesitant to make a move, knowing that Marie was fragile and hesitant to betray her trust. She also worried that getting sexually involved with a student would get her friend in trouble. So weeks passed, but finally, one warm night, Jessica found herself unable to sleep.

This is silly, Jessica thought to herself. I need someone, she needs someone; what’s the big deal? She put on her robe and crept to the door of Marie’s room. “Are you awake?” she whispered.

“Oui,” came the reply. “I mean, yes.”

Walking into Marie’s room, Jessica lit the candle on the bedside table and sat down on the edge of the bed. For a long, powerful moment Jessica and Marie just gazed into each other’s eyes, wordlessly communicating. Then Jessica leaned over to kiss the younger girl. Soon they were making love.

Jessica found Marie intoxicatingly sweet and delicious. For Marie, it was not her first time with a girl, but it was her first time with a woman, and she was excited by Jessica’s confidence and experience. Three hours later they fell asleep in each other’s arms, and they had spent very few nights apart in the years since.

As time passed Jessica began to want to try new things — bondage, spanking, porn, toys — and Marie was always cooperative. Jessica learned that she thrived in a dominant role: a sense of power turned her on, and the more she got, the more she wanted. Marie fit naturally into a submissive role. She liked having decisions made for her and got incredibly wet when Jessica told her what to do.

When the semester was over Marie had no desire to return to her home country, and Jessica invited her to stay as long as she wanted. Jessica’s friend was not happy, of course, because she could have gotten in trouble if Marie’s parents had complained, but they never did. After a while Jessica stopped returning her friend’s calls, and that was the end of that friendship, but Jessica never looked back. Her husband was amenable to a parting of the ways, so they split on fairly good terms; she kept the house while he moved full-time to the city.

This meant, of course, that Marie was technically an illegal alien. Since she mostly stayed at home and rarely interacted with anyone who wasn’t part of Jessica’s circle, this didn’t present much of a problem, and it was one more thing that kept them bound together. It also gave their relationship a little extra flavor of the secretive, the forbidden, that helped to keep things exciting.

Looking over at the sleeping Marie, Jessica was filled with a great tenderness. This girl really was a treasure, and should be properly appreciated.

Marie woke to find Jessica kissing along her inner thighs and let her legs fall open, sighing happily. This was an unexpected treat —it wasn’t ever her birthday anymore! — but you weren’t going to hear her complaining.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 91

When cheerleading practice was over, Ana still had a lot of energy, so she hung around the gym shooting baskets. She was a pretty good player, had played a lot with her brothers, but hadn’t picked up a ball lately. She had just thrown up an airball when one of the members of the girls’ basketball team arrived early for practice.

“Nice form, cheerleader,” sneered the girl. Ana glanced over at her; she was small but athletic-looking, with her long black hair tied back in a ponytail, wearing a number 23 jersey. Ana had seen her around but never really paid attention to her before.

Ana retrieved the ball and took a few dribbles. “You talking to me?”

The girl smiled, recognizing the reference. “There’s no one else here, is there?”

Ana launched another shot, and this one was much better, dropping through with a swish. “You think you could take me?”

Number 23 raised one eyebrow. “You serious?”

“Sure. Unless you’re afraid.”

Just then the rest of the team started to arrive. The girl pointed to Ana and said, “After practice. One hour. Be here.”

Ana nodded and went to the locker room, where she changed into gym shorts and a tank top. She grabbed a ball and went out to the outdoor court to shoot a little more, arriving back in the gym in time to watch the last few minutes of practice. Number 23 was the point guard on the team, and she was a real player, no doubt about that; she was quick, could handle the ball, was a sharp passer, and had a nice pull-up jump shot. Was she showing off for Ana? Maybe a little bit.

She was also very cute for a sporty girl, Ana noticed. She was thin but strong, with nice legs and small but substantial tits that were not entirely hidden by her sports bra. She had skin that was a little darker than most of the people at their school, but Ana was not quite sure of her ethnicity — maybe she was part Filipina, or Hispanic, or Middle Eastern? Maybe she had one African-American grandparent? It was hard to tell, but it always made Ana happy to see a bit of color in this town.

When the practice dispersed number 23 hung around, wiping the sweat from her face and arms with a towel. Ana rose from the bleachers and approached her. She knew she was going to have her hands full, but it would be no shame to lose to such a talented player, so she felt pretty relaxed.

“I’m Ana,” she said, extending her hands.

“Christina,” said the girl. “Game to 11?”


“Your outs,” said Christina. “I hope you’re a good loser.”

“We’ll see,” answered Ana, who was used to trash talk and not phased by it. Dribbling in, Ana backed Christina down into the post, faked one way, spun the other, and dropped in a layup with her left hand. She saw the expression on Christina’s face change immediately; she was going to have to take this seriously, and her eyes narrowed into a mask of intensity. They were beautiful eyes, Ana couldn’t help noticing — big and brown and full of life.

Ana missed her next shot and Christina got the rebound. She dribbled out to the three-point line and turned toward Ana, bouncing the ball out in front of her, almost daring Ana to try to steal it. Ana knew not to fall for that; the moment she lunged for the ball, Christina would dart by her and go to the basket. After sizing up Ana’s defense for a few seconds, Christina made her move; she went hard to the right, and when Ana chased, she crossed over and went left, easily beating Ana to the basket for a layup.

When Christina took the ball out this time, Ana backed off her, so Christina coolly drained an 18-foot jumper. On her next possession, though, she tried to drive again, and Ana made an adjustment and blocked the shot, recovered that ball, and again went inside for a layup.

This set the pattern of the game; Christina used her speed and shooting ability, while Ana relied on raw power, using her ample butt to push Christina under the basket. The smaller girl had to use all her weight to get any leverage, with the result that her chest was often pressed against Ana’s back. Ana enjoyed that. Once, when trying to grab Christina to foul her and prevent an easy layup, Ana got a full handful of breast; it was an accident, but she let her hand linger there a few seconds longer than it needed to.

They traded baskets for awhile, but Ana was rusty and missed a few easy shots, so Christina went up 10–8. After stuffing another of Christina’s shots, Ana made two very determined forays to the basket, Christina trying to foul her but getting outmuscled both times. Now the score was 10–10 and Ana tried the same approach, but this time Christina poked the ball away and stole it.

Again Christina dribbled back and forth, her body swaying, trying to hypnotize Ana with her body language. Finally, she head faked right and drove left, getting a step on Ana, who pursued doggedly. Christina managed to kiss the ball off the glass just before Ana crashed into her, spilling them both to the floor, where they looked up to see the ball drop through the net for the game-winner.

Ana had landed on top of Christina, her full weight pressing down on the smaller girl, and she made no move to get off. A meaningful look passed between them, and Ana was just about to lean down for a kiss when the custodian arrived to lock up the gym. And just like that, the moment was over. Ana hopped up and Christina scurried away, pausing only to glance back briefly and mutter “Good game” before exiting, looking somewhat red in the face.

Ana considered following her but decided against it. One step at a time. But she did want to get home and masturbate as soon as possible; she’d never realized that basketball could get her so hot.