Sunday, August 24, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 97

After Jane and Marie untied Erica, she disappeared into the bathroom for a minute to pee and wash her face. When she returned, she took Jessica by the hand and led the way to the living room. Jessica was only too happy to be guided in this circumstance; Erica was, after all, the professional here. Jane and Marie followed behind.

Erica pulled off what remained of Jessica’s clothes, sat her down on the couch, and hopped up to straddle her. They shared a long, sensuous kiss, tongues exploring and intertwining. Then Erica began to move down. She paid due attention to Jessica’s ears, her neck, her shoulders, then her breasts, licking all around and sucking them down.

Marie and Jane took seats and looked on, pleased to see their mistress being treated the way she deserved. Continuing her journey south, Erica lingered on Jessica’s navel, her hips, and her triangle, then bent over to kiss her feet before spreading her legs. Jessica settled back into the couch and opened wider to give Erica good access.

What followed took Marie and Jane by surprise. They both thought they knew how to pleasure a woman, but Erica was operating on another level. Her technique was flawless; her mouth, tongue and hands incredibly skilled; but more than that, she just had a special touch. She knew when to push forward, when to ease off, when to pay attention to the inner thighs, the pussy itself, or the clit. She kept Jessica going for the better part of an hour, driving her to higher and higher heights, but never over the edge. When Jessica finally came, she orgasmed three times rapidly in succession — making some noises Jane and Marie had never heard her make before — then fell back and lay still.

Feeling humbled but happy, Jane and Marie moved onto the couch, cuddling their mistress from either side. They drew Erica up into their embrace, and for a time all four of them just rested together.

* * *

By the time Lexi finished studying for her math final, it was late. She could hear her father snoring down the hall, but she herself didn’t feel tired at all. She felt horny. And at this hour she wasn’t quite sure what to do about it, until she remembered that she had a good option close at hand.

Moving very quietly — probably more quietly than she really needed to, as her dad was a heavy sleeper and a loud snorer — she crept out the front door and over to Annalise’s. The house was dark but the door was unlocked, and Lexi was sure Annalise wouldn’t mind. As she climbed the stairs she was surprised to see that a light was on in the bedroom, and then she heard a noise: a female moan, a quiet one, but unmistakable.

Walking on her tiptoes, Lexi moved to the bedroom door and peered around the corner. The light from the corner lamp was dim, so it took Lexi a few seconds to figure out what she was seeing. Annalise, facing her, was the top half of a 69. Just at that moment Annalise looked up and saw Lexi standing in the doorway; her pussy-juice-slick face curled into a devilish grin.

All Lexi could make out of the woman beneath her was a wet, wide-open, blonde-haired pussy. Her curiosity was piqued, but Annalise put her finger to her mouth to ask for quiet, then dove back in. Lexi stood watching in the doorway as Annalise and the mystery woman went at it, gripping each other tight and eventually reaching nearly simultaneous orgasms. By the time they finished Lexi’s pussy was gushing and she had one hand on her crotch, touching herself through her jeans.

After taking a minute to recover, Annalise rolled off to reveal the body beneath her. It was a spectacular one: long and strong with huge tits and perfect muscle tone. The woman had long blonde hair and her eyes were closed in blissful contentment. Then her eyes opened and she saw Lexi. Her face registered surprise but not shock; after taking a few seconds to process she smiled at Lexi, quickly seeing the positives in the situation.

Annalise looked like the cat the ate the canary, very pleased at being the one in the know for once, not the new girl on the block. “Serena, this is Lexi,” she said. “Lexi, Serena.”

Lexi quietly said “Hi,” looking down at the floor, feeling suddenly shy — although she was the only one there with clothes on.

“Hi, Lexi,” said Serena, much more loudly and enthusiastically. “I’ve heard about you from some of the other girls. You’re even more beautiful than they told me.”

Pleased with the compliment, Lexi looked up and once again met Serena’s eyes. They were warm, intelligent, and full of life; at that moment Lexi fell in love a little bit. “Thanks,” she said. She wanted to add something sweet, like “You’re not so bad yourself,” but it just felt too cheesy; instead she settled for her most winning cheerleader smile.

After that the two of them seemed frozen, so Annalise took matters into her own hands. She walked over behind Lexi and pulled off her top, then her bra, reaching around to cup Lexi’s tits with both hands. Serena hopped up onto her hands and knees and stretched out to take one of Lexi’s nipples into her mouth; Annalise eased Lexi forward a bit to facilitate.

Now Annalise pulled Lexi’s jeans down and jammed a hand between her thighs. It was very warm in there, and a rather moist as well. Annalise ran her hand along Lexi’s crotch and the cheerleader moaned, her legs going a little slack. She sank to her knees and right there in front of her were Serena’s tits: heavy, ripe, succulent, and irresistible. Why resist?

Leaning forward, Lexi opened her mouth as wide as it would go but still couldn’t come anywhere close to getting a whole breast in her mouth. She felt like a tiny baby suckling on an enormous mother. Suddenly it flashed into her head that Serena looked not unlike some photos Lexi had seen of her own mom. The thought made her feel weird for a second, but she was soon distracted by the surprising sensation of Annalise’s hand swatting her butt cheek.

Lexi looked back at Annalise, who shrugged as if to say, things are different now. Then Lexi returned her attention to Serena’s magnificent boobs and Annalise, having gotten things started, sat back to watch for awhile. For some minutes Lexi moved back and forth from right to left, left to right, eyes closed and a faraway, almost hypnotized look on her face.

Serena liked having her tits sucked as much as anyone, but after awhile she was ready for more. She pulled away from Lexi and lay back on the bed. When Lexi opened her eyes Serena was on her back, legs spread wide, hands on her inner thighs in a very alluring pose. A line from a movie popped into Serena’s head and before she knew it it was coming out of her mouth: “Take a bite of peach.”

Lexi didn’t need to be asked twice. In the blink of an eye she was between Serena’s legs, slurping away hungrily. Serena looked a little taken aback at Lexi’s sudden ferocity; she momentarily raised one hand as if to defend herself, then let it fall on Lexi’s head.

In this position Lexi’s ass was in the air and it occurred to Annalise that her pussy could probably use some attention. She didn’t have a strap-on but she did have a vibrator, though she hadn’t used it for awhile. It took her a minute to remember which drawer it was in, but when she found it, it started right up. Annalise knelt down behind Lexi and maneuvered the vibe between her legs, touching it first to her left thigh.

Lexi’s whole body shook visibly, but she never let up her assault on Serena’s cunt as Annalise ran the vibrator along her crotch and tapped it against her clit. Annalise saw Lexi go rigid and knew it probably wouldn’t take long, so she worked carefully, using the vibe gently and pulling it away from time to time. This way she was able to time it just perfectly so Serena and Lexi came together.

Lexi let loose with one of her patented screams, punishing the ears of the other two women. For a second she wondered if the sound might not wake up her father back at the house. But that was ridiculous, she realized. There was nothing to worry about. She let her head fall onto the bed and let her mind wander, aftershocks of orgasm reverberating through her body.


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