Friday, November 25, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 147 1/2

Jessica and Marie ate each other furiously, almost desperately, like it was their first time together and might be their last. Nothing else in the world mattered except the two of them, clinging to each other, coming again and again.

When at last Jessica rolled off and sat up on the table, she saw that Claire and Tara had been standing there watching them, overcoats hanging open, touching themselves. She wasn’t quite sure how to react. Of course, she could hardly have expected privacy, fucking on the kitchen table in the middle of a party. And it was actually rather exciting to think that they’d been watched.

But some response seemed to be necessary. Jessica found herself moving without thinking, acting on instinct, making it up as she went along. She stood up and moved over to where Claire and Tara were, near the door. Wrapping an arm around each girl’s waist, she brought them together so that they were standing back to back. Then, pulling the belt from Claire’s coat, she wrapped it around Claire’s right arm and Tara’s left and pulled it tight.

She used the belt from Tara’s coat to tie their other arms, then fashioned a blindfold out of kitchen rags and tied it around both their heads. When she was finished they were a beast with two fronts and no back, blind and helpless, coats hanging open to reveal four breasts and two bushes.

Looking down at Claire’s nest of coiled red curls, Jessica decided that she wanted nothing more at that moment than to taste Claire’s pussy. So she dropped to her knees, pushed her nose into the downy orange fur, and thrust her tongue forward into the cleft between Claire’s pussy lips. Claire leaned back against Tara and opened her legs.

Marie sat up on one elbow, watching, as Jessica reached around and started finger-fucking Tara. She sighed, feeling a little exasperated; the two of them had been having a moment, then next thing you knew, Jessica was off playing with two new girls. Then again, this was one of the things Marie loved about Jessica — her voracious appetite and her willingness to indulge it. In any case, that was just how Jessica was, and there was nothing to be done about it.

After a few minutes Jessica stood up, slipped her robe on, and kissed Marie with lips coated in Claire’s sweet juices. She took hold of the compound creature that had formerly been Claire and Tara and began to lead it from the room, moving very slowly, as neither of them could see and one of them had to walk backwards. When they were gone Marie buttoned up her shirt and went back to cleaning up.


Friday, November 18, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 147

After finishing her snack Jessica headed out again to the hot tub, where she found Tanya, Rebecca, and Rose soaking quietly, looking quite content and relaxed. She shed her robe and slid into the open space between Rebecca and Rose.

Sinking down into the warm water, Jessica looked over at Tanya, who was sitting back with a dreamy, faraway look on her face. Her life had changed in the last 24 hours, she was sure of that; she just didn’t know what her new life was going to be like yet. But at the moment, it was hard to be worried. She looked over at the beautiful young women sitting next to her, then over at Jessica, then up at the heavens.

Jessica followed Tanya’s gaze and let her head fall back, soaking in the sky full of stars, letting her mind wander. For a few minutes there she didn’t think about sex at all. And then Claire and Tara appeared, giggling, wearing overcoats with nothing underneath.

Tara held up and lit what appeared to be a big cigar; but when the first waft of smoke reached where Jessica was sitting, she could tell that it was something stronger. It smelled so good that when Claire took a puff and offered it to her, Jessica took it.

Alcohol was generally her drug of choice; she liked to stay in control, and she drank slowly and carefully. But she was in a celebratory mood, and it was New Year’s, so she said what the hell and took a deep drag.

She could tell right away that this was not your average weed; it tasted different and felt different. In fact it was rolled in tobacco and cut heavily with hash, and Jessica immediately felt lightheaded and tingly all over. She handed the blunt to Rebecca and exhaled a cloud of smoke that hovered briefly over the tub, then slowly floated away.

Looking over at Claire and Tara, Jessica realized that she hadn’t really gotten to know these two gorgeous creatures. Something was going to have to be done about that. But there was no hurry; the night was still relatively young.

* * *

Leaning back against the side of the hot tub, Jessica flashed back to the early days of her affair with Marie. Back then she had lived every second in a state of heightened erotic awareness — constantly thinking about when she would next get to touch, kiss, or caress her young lesbian lover.

The fact that they had to be secretive, hiding their carryings-on from Jessica’s husband, just made things that much more exciting. In a way Jessica missed the special feeling of that time, the mixture of passion and danger. There was no way to recapture the purity of that time, she knew.

But then again, things were pretty good now. Suddenly missing Marie, Jessica climbed out of the hot tub and used a towel sitting nearby to dry off. As she did so she gazed over coquettishly at Tara and Claire, taking her time to make sure they got ample looks at her naked body.

Putting on her robe, Jessica walked toward the house, pausing when she came alongside the two girls in overcoats. “Are you guys having a good time?”

Tara and Claire looked at each other and giggled. “Are you kidding?” said Tara. This is the best party I’ve ever been to in my life.”

“Good,” said Jessica. “Well, let me know if there’s anything you need. Anything at all.”

Entering the house through the kitchen, Jessica saw Marie facing away from her, loading dishes into the dishwasher. She was alone in the room, wearing nothing but a long flannel shirt that went down to where her butt met her thighs and a pair of warm wool socks. Latin music was drifting in from another part of the house and Marie was moving with the rhythm as she worked, wiggling her rear and sliding her feet across the linoleum floor.

After watching for a minute, Jessica sidled up from behind and wrapped her arms around Marie. Marie leaned back against her and they kissed, at first softly and tenderly, then with increasing passion as Jessica’s hands made their way underneath Marie’s shirt and up the sides of her body. For a minute it felt just like the old days, like a dammed river of desire being released.

Jessica cupped Marie’s breasts and pinched her nipples. Marie moaned into Jessica’s mouth and sagged back against Jessica, who braced herself to support the additional weight. Jessica whispered into Marie’s ear, “You’re”

Wrapping one arm around Marie’s chest, Jessica trailed her other hand down Marie’s belly, across her furry pelvis, and down between her legs. When Marie felt Jessica’s finger penetrating her, her legs gave way completely, and suddenly she found herself being lifted into the air and deposited onto the kitchen table.

Jessica reached down and began to slowly, almost ritualistically, unbutton Marie’s shirt. When the last button was undone the shirt fell open and Jessica looked Marie’s naked body up and down. In the years they’d been together, Marie had lost her baby fat and toned up with yoga and exercise. Her figure now described a perfect hourglass, with rounded boobs and hips offset by a narrow waist.

Pushing Marie back on to the table, Jessica leaned down to suck her nipples. The hard nubs pushed against Jessica’s tongue as the soft surrounding flesh melted in her mouth. Suddenly, somehow, it was like everything was new again; both of their hearts were pounding as Jessica made her way down Marie’s body, licking her belly, tonguing her navel, nuzzling into her pubic hair.

As Jessica spread Marie’s legs and began to nibble on her inner thighs, Marie untied the sash of Jessica’s robe and let it fall open. Marie’s hand slid between Jessica’s thighs as Jessica planted a kiss on Marie’s pussy lips, then pushed a finger inside her. It wasn’t long before Marie found herself looking up into Jessica’s crotch as they 69ed. Jessica adored Marie with all her heart, but there needed to be no doubt about who was on top.


Monday, November 7, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 146 1/2

On her way to the kitchen Jessica passed through the living room, where Janice had organized a game of “Name That Pussy.” Ella, Ana, Sara, Jackie, and Janice herself were lined up, naked, on the two couches. The two contestants in the game — currently Kat and Kelly — were on their knees, blindfolded, moving from one pussy to another, trying to guess by taste which one belonged to whom.

This was a highly entertaining spectacle, but Jessica’s stomach was growling, and she had a very specific craving for some leftover pizza that she knew was in the refrigerator. In the kitchen she found Olivia and Lexi licking whipped cream from Serena’s tits and thighs; she joined in for a quick taste before heading for the fridge.

After putting her pizza in the toaster oven Jessica headed for the dining room to see what was happening there. Jane had been bound to the dining room table with rope; Jessica could tell from the quality of the work that it had been Marie’s. After being tied Jane had been outfitted with a strap-on and a face dildo, making her basically a piece of furniture to be used by anyone so inclined. Right now Tara was bouncing up and down on the strap-on while Claire made use of the face dildo.

Marie was sitting back in a chair sipping a glass of white wine and watching the action. Jessica joined her for a minute, then remembered her pizza and went back to the kitchen. Lexi was now sitting on Serena’s face while Olivia was bent over eating Serena’s pussy. Jessica munched her pizza with one hand while reaching over to finger Olivia with the other. Olivia squealed and looked up momentarily from between Serena’s legs to smile at Jessica.

“You sure know how to throw a party,” she said, and returned her attention to the yoga teacher’s cunt.